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1 What’s the right thing to do?

Michael Sandel, American political philosopher, discusses the processes that involve ethical and moral debates. According to Sandel, such discussions do not boil down to the exposition of individual opinions, nor to the search for the correct answer.

Argumentation, persuasion, storytelling and other elements must come into play for groups to learn to resolve impasses about values such as justice and well-living.

2 A sense of purpose



“The world doesn’t just revolve around you”

June 19, 2006  –  Barack Obama was then 45 years old

Barack Obama speaks in an inspired way and with humour of the chalk lines of life.
Walking in someone else his shoes
Growing up from a child into adulthood.
The accountability you owe to a child, to life and to society.
He humbly tells the story of his own life.

“As you go on in life, cultivating this quality of empathy will become harder, not easier.”

A few inspiring lines from Barack Obama’s excellent speech

3 The conscience of a society

Please enjoy the inspiring speech…

When justice breaks the life of a child, notwithstanding children’s eyes, one puts him in the worst possible life situation, whereas every day could be the best in life.

4 The authenticity of others pain 
5 The mother and baby homes in Ireland

The barbarity with which religious people treat the lives of people, especially children, is at odds with respect, ethics and human rights.
It is incomprehensible that those who live a life based on religiosity have such a poor understanding of the reality of life.

This incongruity of human cruelty has persisted for almost a century. Virtually the entire twentieth century.

1 The Magdalene Laundries Ireland – ‘ The Forgotten Maggies’ trailer.

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22 jun. 2009

The Forgotten Maggies is the debut documentary of Steven O’ Riordan and Ger Boland. Launched at the Galway Film Festival 2009. The documentary follows the lives of several Magdalene Women who were incarcerated into Irelands infamous Magdalene Laundries.This is a clip from the documentary which explores the human rights aspect of these institutions. For more information please visit
You MUST watch the entire video…wonderfully organized and heartwrenching! I shed tears for all those ladies, and their strength to survive those horrendous years is amazing. Thank you for sharing, bring it to America and share with the rest of the world.
I only found out about these places a couple of years ago after watching The Magdalene Sisters. I’m not Irish but I was horrified. I think it’s a really resonating story for all women. I’m glad to see Ireland has closed its embassy to the Vatican.
saran love
thats ok, i read books about this, reading one at the moment called for the love of my mother (bridie rodgers) by her son john rodgers, your all amazing. x
I missed this yesterday where can I see the full doc?
@xoDaRyLlLeEox Thanks so much!!! xx
Mary Collins
Thanks saran for your comment .
Mary Collins
lts sad so many women suffered one was my mum who had a prison sentence for twenty seven years in the laundries .And never saw the outside world l have my memories of her and no one will ever understand execept these women.
saran love
write a book about it like many have. x
Lee stevens
@shellywhelan1988 using “putlocker” go to letmewatchthis and search Forgotten Maggies 🙂 hope i dont get in trouble for telling you this 🙂 enjoy
Lee stevens
@spinzes using “putlocker” go to letmewatchthis and search Forgotten Maggies 🙂 hope i dont get in trouble for telling you this

The official Documentary

That was child slavery

Please take the time to watch the horror of the Magdalene laundries

It is shocking. it is beyond words.

A fight for justice.
A corrupt society.

This is a clip from the documentary which explores the human rights aspect of these institutions. 

The lady on the photo of the video says:

    1. I want to do something for it.
    2. I don’t know how long I will have to live.
    3. I want to tell what happened to me.

2 Joni Mitchell : Magdalene Laundries (KCRW 1994)

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This is a rare audio clip of Joni on KCRW radio in Los Angeles, 1994, on a program called Morning Becomes Eclectic. The video begins with Joni answering a question about her tunings and chords, then she sings “Magdalene Laundries” from what was her new release at the time, “Turbulent Indigo”. In studio she is accompanied by her then-husband (separated at the time), Larry Klein, on bass. Joni Mitchell is in a league of her own as an artist. To learn more about the Magdalene Laundries,

3 VIDEO: Enda Kenny’s biggest Dáil moments as Taoiseach

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23 feb. 2017

We’ve compiled some of Enda Kenny’s biggest Dáil performances since he took over the role of Taoiseach.
Micko Hughes
Dark period in Irish political history
Gerry Sonofmick
More words with no action he won some people who where destroyed by what was done to them but lost them with his lack of action ; shame these moving speeches where lost and waisted by that man
Christine Daae
Goodbye Enda, you left Ireland in a better place then you found it.
History will remember Enda as a good Taoiseach.
Marion Loesch
Dude I hope he comes to america.
Michael Lee
A fine headmaster
Richard Martin
A man of integrity.
Deadpan Barry
Yes it’s true………this man (enda) has no balls.
6 Wrongly convicted and wrongly imprisoned

Someone who is not the type, who does not have the profile him having a run-in with the law and that type of person is convicted and spends years in prison unjustly, not because something was unclear or because there was doubt about an issue,
but because you end up in a wrong or malfunctioning justice system.

One cannot imagine being framed for something that, without a doubt, you have nothing to do with.

Then after years in prison you are released because it is established that the person indeed has nothing to do with it!

They are probably the most serious examples of unique but for reasons that are very similar the most serious examples of what the state, our state, can do, does, has done and if we won’t stop, it will do again when it want to use and abuse and manipulate every ounce of power that it possesses and there isn’t one way in which one can say what happened to someone was an accident.

It wasn’t an accident and if the terminology gets somehow softened and the word miscarriage of justice is for what happened to someone which isn’t a miscarriage if miscarriage means accident.

7 A much wider system 

8 Trapped in the perversion of justice to put a different spin on the issue

The purpose of justice is to provide a solution.
However, the weakest link is honesty.
When there is no honesty, it is incorrect justice, like an faulty war.
Wrong legal action.
Even when the reality is known by everyone, the justice system can create a pointless text and a file based on delusion.
This does not correspond to what justice is and should be.
A kind of plaything that has the effect of dragging justice through the mud.
When someone in a weak situation is used  to do the wrong thing, everything is blocked and you get something that cannot be imagined.
People who throw everything overboard and become part of something that could not arise and yet becomes reality.
One can see a pattern in all the issues mentioned on the first page of this website.
There are things that do not bear the light of day.
E.g. In the past it was not allowed to say that there were innocent people in prison, as Barry Scheck and Peter R. de Vries say.

4 Post Office – Inside Out South, BBC 1 – First transmitted 7 Feb 2011

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A special investigation by the Inside Out South team into the sub-postmasters who have fallen foul of the Post Office’s Horizon computer system.
9 Acting as the Samaritan of the day

I was told, about Lucia de B. The bell, the clapper and the whistleblower

5 Oud-hoogleraar Ton Derksen: ik besef nu pas hoe Lucia de Berk leed


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2 apr. 2014

De film over Lucia de Berk, Lucia de B., gaat donderdag in première. Het is het verhaal over de nachtzuster die in 2004 onterecht werd veroordeeld voor moord op baby’s en bejaarden. In 2010 werd ze alsnog vrijgesproken.
De Nijmeegse oud-hoogleraar Ton Derksen is een van de mensen die Lucia destijds vrij kregen nadat ze al 6 jaar onterecht in de cel zat. Door zijn boek kwam de zaak weer voor de rechter. Derksen heeft de film al gezien.
‘Ik vond het een heel mooie film. Wat het voor mij zo mooi maakte, is dat ik het lijden van haar voor het eerst eigenlijk goed besefte. Ik heb altijd geprobeerd mij niet te richten op de persoon zelf. Ik heb nooit kennis met haar willen maken, juist om er blanco tegenover te staan. En achteraf zie ik dat het heel verstandig is geweest. Ik zou veel te geëmotioneerd zijn geraakt’, aldus Derksen.Oud-hoogleraar Ton Derksen: ik besef nu pas hoe Lucia de Berk leed

6 Klokkenluider Metta de Noo uit Diepenheim teleurgesteld in film Lucia de B.

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31 mrt. 2014

Teleurgesteld is ze, Metta de Noo uit Diepenheim. Jarenlang was ze als klokkenluider druk bezig om de onschuld van Lucia de Berk (toen bekend als Lucia de B.) aan te tonen, die vastzat voor de moord op zeven ziekenhuispatiënten. Volgens haar klopt het verhaal dat in de film ‘Lucia de B.’ wordt verteld, niet met de werkelijkheid.

Disappointed she is, Metta de Noo from Diepenheim. For years, as a whistleblower, she was busy trying to prove the innocence of Lucia de Berk (then known as Lucia de B.), who was imprisoned for the murder of seven hospital patients. According to her, the story told in the film ‘Lucia de B.’ doesn’t match reality.

As a nursing home doctor, De Noo was convinced that the evidence against Lucia was incorrect and kept insisting that the criminal case against the convicted nurse should be reopened. That happened in 2008 and in 2010 Lucia was acquitted.

Whistleblower written out of film’.
This week the film about the story of Lucia de Berk, simply called ‘Lucia de B.’ is released. The film tells the story of the nurse, but Metta de Noo is written out of the film. De Noo finds it disappointing, especially because the whistleblower in the film is an employee of the Public Prosecution Service. Even though the newcomer at the Justice Department is dismissed in the film, according to De Noo it doesn’t reflect reality very well: “Given the very tough battle against the Justice Department, which so many ‘outsiders’ have waged for Lucia’s acquittal, it’s a very crude ‘poetic license’ to now give the Public Prosecution Service the credit.” De Noo also thinks that only someone with a medical background could have solved the case.

10 A wolf in sheep’s clothing
11 Walking in someone else his shoes

“That woman could’ve been my grandmother, Barack.

She spent her days cleaning up after somebody else’s mess.”

An excerpt out of the inspiring speech of OBAMA TO GRADUATES: CULTIVATE EMPATHY

And once, after a particularly long night of partying, we had spilled a little too much beer, broke a few too many bottles, and trashed a little too much of the dorm. And the next day, the mess was so bad that when one of the cleaning ladies saw it, she began to tear up.

And when a girlfriend of mine heard about this, she said to me,
“That woman could’ve been my grandmother, Barack.
She spent her days cleaning up after somebody else’s mess.”

Which drove home for me the first lesson of growing up:

The world doesn’t just revolve around you.

12 The cracks in the justice system

Sometimes it is about developing a case against someone, regardless of the known true facts. According to examples on the website, it is done in an extreme way. For this reason, crucial data are shameless withheld, data that make it clear that the person in question cannot be classified as a perpetrator.

We are dealing with a wrong legal system, just as we can speak of a wrong war. In the wrongful conviction case of Lucia de Berk in The Netherlands, nursing home doctor Metta de Noo says the doctors gave wrong information to the court and doctors are trusted. 

Something similar happened in the large-scale Post Office wrongful conviction scandal in Great Britain.

The mistakes that are made are extreme, even about something very simple.
It is clear you cannot imprison someone, especially in a simple matter, when the person has nothing to do with it.

Video above ‘Klokkenluider Metta de Noo uit Diepenheim teleurgesteld in film Lucia de B.‘).

A beautiful speech by Jonathan Roberts | Harvard Commencement 2017

Please have a look at some highlighted sentences in the transcript of the speech on the link above and enjoy listing

… I recognize that, we are now not yet ready to inherit this world. … 

“Now we need to act beyond ourselves and think what is possible for others.” …

13 The law of nature, civic duty, empathy, solidarity and touching human emotions

7 Vriendelijke daden – Echte helden – Goede mensen goede daden #2

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20 dec. 2021

Vriendelijke daden – Echte helden – Goede mensen goede daden #2 (WITH DUTCH SUBTITLE) random acts of kindness, faith ini humanity restored, good deeds, good people good deeds, real life heroes, kind and touching actions, acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity, unexpected kindness.

8 Baby Bubble Gum Prank

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22 mei 2011

Mom walks her little baby in a stroller in the park. She tops to give the child a piece of bubble gum and then walks away to talk on her cell phone. Then the baby blows the most impressive bubble gum balloon anyone has ever seen – right before the bubble pops in the baby’s face!
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!


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