Human Trafficking

the crime of buying and selling people, or making money from work they are forced to do, such as sex work:

International organized crime includes human trafficking, drug running and money laundering.

1 Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America

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10 mrt 2021
Shattered Dreams is a comprehensive documentary that examines the pervasive, dark underworld of sex trafficking in America. Heart wrenching personal stories from survivors of the illicit sex trade and leading experts reveal how vastly misunderstood and disregarded this important human rights issue has been. Will increase awareness finally drive real solutions to save lives or will we continue to let this underground industry thrive in America?

2 What human trafficking really looks like in America: News Special

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22 aug 2022

What is the reality of human trafficking in America? What is myth and what is reality? How can the average citizen get involved in the fight to end it?

In this 30-minute news special, special correspondent Christine Haas breaks down what this epidemic looks like, how DeliverFund is utilizing the latest technology to counter human trafficking, and how you can get involved.

3 TRAPPED IN OMAN – BBC Africa Eye documentary

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In première gegaan op 18 mrt 2024

BBC Africa Eye investigates the plight of Malawian women lured to Oman with offers of domestic work, only to be trapped in a cycle of exploitation, with little hope of escape.

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Through WhatsApp voice notes, videos, and texts, this documentary reveals their abusive ordeals, and exposes the tactics of agents that traffic and then abandon them. The investigation also examines the poverty and desperation that leads young people to seek opportunities in the Middle East, and the weak justice system that often allows their employers to abuse them with impunity.

Intimate testimonies reveal widespread accounts of sexual and physical abuse, or worse, of African workers – and the film follows the work of an extraordinary network of women working across three continents fighting to bring them home, often against impossible odds.

4 Epic Old Man Attacks Police Officer With Ice Cream

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9 aug 2011

A clumsy cop gets his head stuck in the window of his police cruiser. As victims try to get him out, an angry epic old man shows up and attacks the police officer with his ice cream.

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