Without a hitch

Go (off) without a hitch

to happen successfully without any problems

To the bride’s relief, the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.

Cambridge Dictionary

The expression “Without a hitch” is used to describe a situation or process that occurs smoothly and without any problems or difficulties. The key points of this expression include:

  1. Smooth Execution: The phrase indicates that an event, task, or process has been carried out seamlessly, without encountering any unexpected issues or complications.

  2. Efficiency: “Without a hitch” implies that the process was efficient and well-organized, leading to a successful outcome.

  3. Lack of Obstacles: It suggests that there were no significant challenges, obstacles, or disruptions that could have impeded progress.

  4. No Delays: The expression conveys that the activity or task was completed on time or within the expected timeframe, without any delays.

  5. Successful Outcome: When something is done “without a hitch,” it often results in a positive and desired outcome.

  6. Ease and Simplicity: The phrase reflects the idea that the process was straightforward and uncomplicated, requiring minimal effort or complications.

  7. No Need for Adjustment: It implies that there was no need to make last-minute changes, modifications, or fixes during the process.

  8. Satisfaction: Using this expression can convey a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when describing the successful completion of a task or event.

  9. Flawless Performance: “Without a hitch” suggests that everything went according to plan and without any mistakes or errors.

Overall, the expression “Without a hitch” emphasizes the idea of a smooth and trouble-free experience or process, highlighting the absence of problems and indicating a successful and efficient outcome.

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24 feb 2011

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