To find a stick to beat the dog

It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog proverbial saying, mid 16th century; meaning that it is easy to find reasons to criticize someone who is vulnerable.

Oxford Reference

The expression “to find a stick to beat the dog” encapsulates the idea of looking for reasons to criticize or blame someone, often in a fault-finding or overly critical manner. Here are the key points:

  1. Search for Faults: The phrase suggests actively seeking out or finding faults or problems, even if they are minor or inconsequential.

  2. Unjust Criticism: It implies a tendency to criticize or blame someone without reasonable cause, possibly in a nitpicking or unfair manner.

  3. Negative Focus: The expression highlights a mindset that focuses on the negative aspects of a situation rather than recognizing the positive elements.

  4. Creating Problems: It suggests a readiness to create or exaggerate issues, possibly for the purpose of finding fault or placing blame.

  5. Lack of Objectivity: The expression implies a lack of objectivity or a predisposition to see the negative side, even when it might not be warranted.

Overall, “to find a stick to beat the dog” warns against a habit of being overly critical and emphasizes the importance of approaching situations with a more balanced and fair perspective.

1 Fujitsu boss cornered over Horizon scandal at Post Office Inquiry

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19 jan 2024

After sitting in front of the Business and Trade Committee earlier this week, director of Fujitsu Services Paul Patterson was at the Post Office inquiry this afternoon getting grilled yet again over his company’s faulty Horizon software.

2 I was wrongly convicted of theft before the Horizon scandal, claims sub-postmaster

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18 jan 2024

Former sub-postmaster Steve Marston claims he was wrongly convicted of theft from the Post Office in the 1990s, years before the Horizon scandal. As a result, he became bankrupt, losing his home and gaining a criminal record.

A Post Office spokesman said: “We take very seriously the concerns that are being raised about cases from before the Horizon system was first rolled out in 1999, and we will of course assist in looking into such cases brought to our attention.”

“My Life Crumbled!” – Post Office Scandal Victim HAILS Alan Bates For Rejecting Compensation Offer

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2 feb 2024

Mike Graham speaks to former sub-postmistress Janet Skinner for the Post Office after campaigner Alan Bates said he will reject ‘offensive’ compensation offer after Horizon scandal.

Mr Bates, whose two-decade fight inspired the ITV series Mr Bates vs The Post Office, told The Daily Telegraph the offer was “offensive” and “cruel”.

The Government confirmed plans for “full and fair compensation” to subpostmasters affected by the IT scandal in 2022.

Mr Bates was among more than 500 people who received an average of about £20,000 after a High Court ruling in 2019 and he said the compensation offer had been “around a sixth” of what he requested.

Janet says: “Everybody who had a criminal conviction was excluded from the 2018 group litigation settlement”.

4 Motor Oil Chug Challenge!

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17 mrt 2011


A tired mechanic takes a break and oils his insides with a long sip of motor oil, then threatens to put his bottle of coke in the car.