The Story of The Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia disaster was a tragic event that occurred on January 13, 2012, when the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of the island of Giglio in Tuscany, Italy. Here are some of the key points about the disaster:

  1. The Costa Concordia was a massive cruise ship, with a capacity of 3,780 passengers and 1,100 crew members. It was operated by the Italian cruise company Costa Crociere.

  2. The disaster occurred when the ship struck a rock and began to take on water. The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, had deviated from the planned route and had brought the ship too close to the shore in order to perform a “salute” maneuver, which is a showy maneuver where the ship gets close to the shore to impress passengers.

  3. As a result of the collision, the ship suffered significant damage to its hull, which caused it to list heavily to one side. This made it difficult for passengers and crew members to evacuate the ship.

  4. In total, 32 people died as a result of the disaster, including passengers and crew members. Many more were injured.

  5. The rescue operation was a massive undertaking and involved hundreds of people, including the Italian Coast Guard, local emergency services, and volunteer divers.

  6. The captain, Francesco Schettino, was widely criticized for his actions during the disaster. He was accused of abandoning the ship before all the passengers and crew members had been evacuated, and of delaying the evacuation by an hour. He was later found guilty of multiple charges, including manslaughter, and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

  7. The disaster had significant environmental consequences, as the ship leaked fuel and other pollutants into the surrounding waters. The salvage operation to remove the ship from the coast was also a complex and challenging process that took several years to complete.

3 Sinking of the Concordia: Why Did The Concordia Sink? | History Documentary | Reel Truth History 

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6 feb. 2019

Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Concordia investigates the events leading up to the cruise ship Costa Concordia (captained by Francesco Schettino) hitting a sandbar off the Italian island of Giglio, with devastating consequences. Using CGI, UGC and testimonial, this one-off film recreates a minute by minute account of the sinking – featuring exclusive interviews with survivors, rescuers and world renowned experts. This film examines how after a century of safety measures and technological advances, a ship with so many passengers can sink. 
Welcome to Reel Truth History, the home of gripping and powerful documentaries. Here you can watch both full length documentaries and series that explore some of the most comprehensive pieces of world history.

4 The Story Of The Costa Concordia

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26 jan. 2018

On the evening of January 13th, 2012, the cruise industry was forever changed after the modern, family cruise ship, the Costa Concordia collided with rocks and sank off the coast of Italy. The thought of a modern cruise ships, catering to families and couples on a romantic Mediterranean getaway, would be able to sink like she did, is truly unfathomable. Let’s break down what happened from start to finish and check out the true story of modern histories most famous ship disaster.

5 Terror At Sea The Sinking Of The Concordia 

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7 Raising The Concordia – 2013 – Documentary


Raising The Concordia: What does it take to lift a ship bigger than the Titanic? On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia — one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships ever built — ran aground off the coast of Italy leaving 32 people dead. The hulking vessel still remains where it first capsized � becoming a painful eyesore for locals as well as a growing environmental hazard.


24 jan. 2017

Nova, Documentary Cruise, Ship #Sinking #Inside Note: Title is set based on the content of the video. Note2: Please click the BELL (Next To Subscribe Button) to get notification about new videos. 
Salvaging The Costa Concordia: Cruise Ship Sinking 
NOVA follows the epic operation to secure, raise, and salvage the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground and tragically capsized off the coast of Italy on January 13th 2012, killing 32 people. The wreck stretches the length of three football fields, weighs 45,000 tons, and lies half submerged on the site of a protected reef, with a 160-foot-long hole in its hull. Moving it from its precarious perch on the edge of an underwater cliff will be a huge technical and logistical challenge. Now, NOVA joins a team of more than 500 divers and engineers working around the clock as they attempt the biggest ship recovery project in history.

8 How the cruise ship, Costa Concordia went down

16 jan. 2012

CNN’s Tom Foreman explains how the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia went down.

9 The Cost of Concordia 

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17 feb. 2021

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Ship-a go sink.

10 Cleaning Up Costa Concordia’s 180,000-Ton Ruins 

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8 mei 2015

When a shipwreck the size of the Costa Concordia needs to be removed, experts turn to a process called parbuckling: rolling it underwater with hydraulics, then carefully towing it away.

11 Sinking Cruise Ship – Documentary [HD] 

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22 jan. 2017

Nova, Documentary
Sinking, Ship
#Alien #Inside 

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Sinking Cruise Ship 

Are you safe aboard a modern cruise ship? Twenty million passengers embark on cruises each year, vacationing in deluxe “floating cities” that offer everything from swimming pools to shopping malls to ice skating rinks. And the ships just keep getting bigger: The average cruise ship has doubled in size in just the last ten years. Some engineers fear that these towering behemoths are dangerously unstable, and the recent tragedy of the Costa Concordia has raised new questions about their safety. Now, NOVA brings together marine engineering and safety experts to reconstruct the events that led up to famous cruise disasters, including the ill-fated Concordia, the Sea Diamond, and the Oceanos. Are we really safe at sea–or are we on the brink of a 21st century Titanic?

12 – 04 Sinking of the Concordia caught on camera Documentary

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2 aug. 2019


16 aug. 2019

Documentary taking a look at some of the most terrifying disasters in recent history, from horrifying dramas at sea to one of the worst air disasters in British aviation history, using eye witness testimony and footage taken by those involved telling the human stories behind the events. A cruise ship sailing off the coast of Norway is caught in a dangerous storm, and a passenger witnesses the casing of an airplane engine being ripped off mid-flight. Travel disasters through eye-witness testimony and footage.

13 When Cruises Go Wrong – cruises from hell

20 mrt. 2020

When Cruises Go Wrong – cruises from hell🌊🌊 PLZ SUBSCRIBE 👇 

14 Ghost Ship: Looking Back at the Costa Concordia

16 feb. 2013

As victims rebuild their lives and recover loved ones, what’s the latest on the captain?

15 Inside the Costa Concordia Disaster

21 jan. 2012

The latest on the cruise ship tragedy.

16 Dancer admits affair with Costa Concordia captain

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30 okt. 2013

A Moldovan dancer who was on the bridge of the Costa Concordia with Captain Francesco Schettino has admitted she was his lover. Giving evidence at his trial, Domnica Cemortan refused three times to say whether she was having an affair, before the judge threatened her with criminal charges. 
Finally she said: “Yes, I had a relationship with him. Stop. Now, could we please move onto more important things.” 
The captain has acknowledged fault in the trial, but his defence team is arguing the ship sank in part because watertight doors did not function on the ship. Thirty two people were killed when the cruise ship hit rocks of the Tuscan island of Giglio in January 2012. 
Captain Schettino faces multiple charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. If convicted he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. Report by Sarah Johnston.
The captain said he slipped and fell into the rescue boat, and that’s how he supposedly “abandoned the ship involuntarily”. Maybe he also slipped and fell into this chick.
Balgran Tango
she died twice???? 32 people died…she wasn’t one of them….
in other words… what she is saying is they both are married and having an affair. but forget the 32 people who died, because its only about her and her “psychological feelings.” we in america call this white trailer trash!
Adam Lauina
Yup. No wonder she got on well with the captain, it’s all about me. It’s not her fault really but she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught doing the wrong thing.
Papa Bear
Its crazy no one else in the crew had the brain power to stop the captain from moving that close to the shore
Only a disgusting narcissist would say she died twice when her choices make her partly responsible for the tragic real, actual death of 32 people. For her to pretend what she is going thru is anything as horrible makes me sick. She should consider her actions before she does them, not after and then plead for her privacy.
Pen Name
Those 32 poor souls, some stranded, waiting, watching from inside the glass elevators. Mercy.
jo Brown Smith
“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” She clearly didn’t get the memo.
Johnny Barton
The face that launched a thousand ships versus the face that sank one ship
Stephen Parr
I wouldnt trust the word of this woman. She previously denied it
hearing “GiGlio” felt like pushing needles in my ears even as a Hungarian.. Im totally certain thats not even close to how they say it 😀
Mu Mi
I heard she and her captain drank 30 minutes after the crash a drink in the ship bar. A real lady
Roberto Pesenti
Apart from everything, the presenter pronunciation of Schettino (Skettino) and Giglio are terrible.
0:56 wtf I think I just lost a load of braincells hearing that
Sylvie Bee
Guys, the pronunciation is “Sketino”.
The face that sunk a ship with thousands
Roshan Manilal
The captain thought it was a Ferrari, he can pop a wheely to impress his girlfriend
Biju Kalita
Her English reminds me of Borat.
Frank Gunnar
No honey.. You did not die once or twice. The people that had their heart stop beating that night actually died.
Mike Mancini
Gotta say, I’m down to 4 braincells after watching this video.
james thomas
She was not a dancer, she was a Russian host!!
Ah right, i thought you meant in the crew room. Well he said he purposely drove close to the rocks so the passengers could do a wave or something on the way past.
Whenever I hear or read “a dancer/actor/model ADMITTED an affair with…” – would rather read the same text as “a dancer/actor/model ACCUSED of having an affair..” I don’t really see the difference – it happens all the time and if they can get some money – they’ll “admit” that.. So it’s if anything – an accusation rather than admittance.. And they get away with it anyway, so, what’s the point in admitting when only one of them will pay for that.. Kinda sad though.. The captain’s accused already, why do they need to go further than that
Is it just me? No disrespect to the victims and the heinous crime committed by the former Captain Francesco Schettino but one is commenting the hearing is conducted in what looks like a stage, and theatre, making it feel like you are watching a play.
Vincent Torrieri
Horrific pronunciation of the cowardly Captain
Reporting on this tragedy must have been a real tough Gig-lio. lol Jeeeee-Leo
Gregory Wheeler
Sinking his vessel with the young lady was the vessel with seamen that was acceptable he just didn’t keep his wits afterwards and fucked up
his excellency trump
Shes loving the attention!!
Crusty Cobs
Shipmate; Why is the ship listing? Captain; It’s only the generator
jim regan
I think he got 16 years. Is that right?
Even if it was a 6 man crew, there still would have been more than 1 crew member in the room, there is at all times. So unless another crew member was watching them do it, then it didn’t happen in the crew room.
Sara Restivo
Mr Grinch
That’s a new meaning of going down ….
Aww. That’s messed up.
Andres Roldan
Welcome to the cruise ship life…
the judge needs poontang too
Crusty Cobs
Schettino, a disgrace, not to Italy so much as to maritime history, and responsible Captaincy. It seemed very much that being Captain was not a hands-on experience and he didn’t care.
A one hour affair.
Renee p
I came here to see the comments by fast food workers, loading dock grunts and seasonal grass cutters!
I will raise this ship and tow it out of there. I have the technology. I am salvage engineer nick SLOANE.
Australian Turk
Her career was going down, instead of keeping quite , lets be on tv and even make some money from tv n magazines , Yayyy, on top of it, she is from Moldova , it cant get any better LOL
teeth grinder
Most expensive affair
I’m confused, why is this woman relevant, did the captain abandon the ship to have some kind of intercourse with her or something
Jerry Traveler
Quit calling him Captain. Francesco Schettino that is it. It is nothing wrongwith him having a girlfrind. But A Capatin that jumps ship is not worth in weight in salt. A Captain goes down the ship period.He helps people get off the ship or dies trying.
Kim Ill Sung
She must have been desperate
Peaches & Cream
Wow… Is this relevant!?
P Kilan
Why judge threatened her with criminal charge. In every civilized Country every witness has right to refuse make the statement
mikhail gorbachev
These ship captains always have mistresses on the ship. They’re alone away from family on a big ship. There are a lot of pretty women on the ship who are dancers or service people. The temptation is too great.
Denis Garbin
Captain says watertight doors did not function that is also his responsibility and he is responsible for that by SOLAS.
Nancy Presto
God has a purpose why He allowed this accident to happen….. Is the coward captain her baby’s dad…..???
Dino Saur
She said she has a baby? Did someone say DNA test?
Jared Tyler
he is not cute what was she thinking? and did she just say she died? twice? 😮
He was in his 50s … what did she want with that old fart?
man just my type
I don’t see what a ship fling has to do with the captian’s bad actions. All crew get involved with each other.

17 Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino’s Fate – the fifth estate

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More on the trial and sentencing of Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino.

17 Coffin Blocks Cars from Driving By

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7 nov. 2015