Paula Vennells: I Do Wonder What God You Worship

Paula Vennells speaking at the start of the inquiry saying 'I would just like to say - and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do this in person.'

Paul Vennells was the CEO of the Post Office from 2012 to 2019, during which time the Post Office scandal unfolded. The scandal involved hundreds of sub-postmasters who were wrongly accused of theft and false accounting due to issues with the Post Office’s Horizon IT system. Many innocent people faced financial ruin, criminal charges, and even imprisonment as a result.

About Sir Allen Bates, it’s important to clarify that Sir Anthony Hooper, a former judge, led an independent inquiry into the scandal and concluded that the Post Office had shown “extraordinary complacency” in its handling of the issue. The inquiry found that the Post Office had aggressively pursued sub-postmasters based on faulty evidence from the Horizon system and had failed to properly investigate or address concerns raised by those affected.

While feedback from individuals like Sir Allen Bates might have highlighted issues, it seems that within the Post Office hierarchy during Vennells’ tenure, there was a systemic failure to acknowledge or act on these warnings effectively. This failure ultimately led to significant harm to numerous innocent individuals and severe damage to trust in the Post Office’s operations.

In April 2021, after the extent of the scandal became widely known, Paul Vennells publicly apologized for the distress caused to those affected, although she (Vennells) had left the Post Office in 2019.

Post Office Horizon Inquiry Paula Vennells & Jason Beer PART 4

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28 mei 2024

71 minutes cut to 58 minutes, I never rearrange or edit out of context, annoyingly this time as I never go backwards I forgot to change the first caption from XX to 58 OOPS!

00:00 Intro & thank you for keeping interested in the inquiry the SPMs waited a long time for this to happen
00:27 Mr Beer wastes no time and is back to the point
07:16 The Wrath of Tim McCormack part 1 uff!
14:29 The hub that was meant to collate Horizon problems and Branch Support
20:52 When MP’s write in, this is how POL and Vennells do things
30:03 The Wrath of Tim McCormack part 2 What Kind Of God Do You Worship
37:57 Paula Vennells & Remote Access from 2008
56:10 Exculpatory evidence

By the way I have cut 39 minutes out.

Post Office Horizon Inquiry Paula Vennells & Jason Beer PART 5

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28 mei 2024

Paula Vennells Day 1 parts 1,2,3,4&5 I have edited out 49 Minutes, all that time and DATA saved for you lol. I have also timestamped, making it easier for you to jump in and out to keep up to date with what is going on.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Post Office cherry picking the Deloitte report on Horizon that POS made difficult for them to do
16:05 The Select Committee – you may have seen this or seen it depicted on the drama
34:53 The contradictory & to the SC and/or Inquiry Lies?
40:09 The change Of Position & Super Users
44:18 Sir Wyn makes Vennells “cry”
46:58 A kind warning from Sir Wyn Williams

Drunk Helicopter Pilot Prank

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