From the glow of life to hell

In the justice system your life is over ‘in a blink of an eye’, ‘as quick as a snap of the fingers’. Of everything (including the examples in points 1, 2, and 9 on the home page), none of it could have occurred. Even not the British horror story of Jimmy Savile or the Sweet Deal of Jeffrey Epstein (Witness History on the homepage).

What is happening within the justice system: people who have been exonerated since 1989: 3 348 cases in the USA. But it takes an army to get out of prison as Ryan Ferguson, an exonerated one in the list in point 2, told.

Keep in mind the expressions from the bible; am I my brother’s keeper? In that moment someone has your life in his hands. In the justice system a small thing is enough to create a parallel world, abject, ruthless, pro forma, mandatory silence… cfr part 2 of the website (Are you faking data?).