A poisoned chalice

Something that seems very good when it is first received, but in fact does great harm to the person who receives it.

The leadership of the party turned out to be a poisoned chalice. 

Cambridge Dictionary

Een vergiftigde kelk

“A poisoned chalice” is a metaphorical expression that refers to a gift or an offer that seems desirable, but that is likely to bring unforeseen problems or troubles to the person who accepts it.

Here are some key points about the expression:

  1. Origin: The phrase “poisoned chalice” comes from the medieval practice of offering a chalice filled with poison to one’s enemy or rival, as a means of assassination or treachery.

  2. Meaning: When someone offers you a poisoned chalice, they are offering you something that may seem attractive, but that will ultimately cause you harm or trouble.

  3. Examples: The expression can be used in various contexts, such as politics, business, or personal relationships. For example, a job offer with a high salary may come with long working hours and a stressful work environment, making it a poisoned chalice.

  4. Warning: The phrase is often used as a warning to be cautious and consider the potential consequences of accepting an offer or a gift.

  5. Shakespearean reference: The expression “poisoned chalice” is famously used in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth,” where Macbeth is warned that the crown he is about to receive is a poisoned chalice that will bring him nothing but trouble.

1 This Is How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life – The Fake Reality

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16 jul. 2019

One of the most important videos I’ve made. After everything that happened to me in the past 2 years, I wanted to touch on an important subject. Social media isn’t evil by itself, but it’s fake and we need to open our eyes and realize that. The lives people share on social media, don’t reflect the reality they live in. After the privacy crisis in the past year, Mark Zuckerberg had to speak in front of congress.
Social media effects on your mental health are scary and we need to do something about it.

2 Bryan Stevenson

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Gepubliceerd op 28 feb. 2012

Ford Foundation Visionaries Award recipient and founder and executive director of Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson challenges the fundamental injustice of poverty and fights bias against people of color and the poor in the criminal justice system. Learn more at fordfoundation.org/about-us/visionaries-awards#bryan-stevenson-
“You change the world with a convision in your heart”

You have to do the things which haven’t been done

Important video
2 Miscarriage of justice in the UK

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Crisis in Our Justice System

Whenever a miscarriage of justice hits the headlines, it is tempting to dismiss it as an anomaly – a minor hiccup in an otherwise healthy judicial system. Yet the cases of injustice that feature in this book reveal that they are not just minor hiccups, but symptoms of a chronic illness plaguing the British legal system.

Massive underfunding, catastrophic failures in policing and shoddy legal representation have all contributed to a deepening crisis – one that the watchdog set up for the very purpose of investigating miscarriages of justice has done precious little to remedy. Indeed, little has changed since the ‘bad old days’ of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six.

Award winning journalist Jon Robins lifts the lid on Britain’s legal scandals and exposes the disturbing complacency that has led to many innocent people being deemed guilty, either in the eyes of the law or in the court of public opinion.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Crisis in Our Justice System

Op de foto op pagina 3 in het document op bovenstaande link zien we Liam Allan speaking at the Meeting on 25/6/18

Something had gone seriously wrong

A recent BBC survey revealed that 97% of criminal defence lawyers had encountered disclosure failures in the last 12 months.

Dit is de eerste zin in het document in bovenstaande link. Het artikel gaat verder met:

Since the botched prosecution of Liam Allan collapsed before Christmas, the Director of Public Prosecution’s disclosure nightmare seems to be getting worse by the week.The case against the 22-year-old criminology student was dropped three days into the trial at Croydon Crown Court when police were forced to disclose a wealth of digital evidence comprising some 40,000 messages which revealed, amongst other things, that the alleged victim had pestered the young man for ‘casual sex’

3 Innocents Database Sorted By Name Of Exoneree

Innocents Database

2017 Innocents Database Exoneration Report

Het document in bovenstaande link begint met het feit dat er in 2017 ongeveer 22.000 US en ongeveer 100.000 international Exonerations zijn (het exacte cijfer staat in het document).

Wrongfully convicted is een wereldwijd probleem met schokkende omvang waarvan de impact op het leven van de individuele persoon en zijn omgeving, voor gevolg hebben dat het leven van de persoon gebroken is als je 10, 20, 30 of 40 jaar in de gevangenis zit voor iets wat je niet hebt gedaan.

Justice Denied

Wrong is wrong even if everone is doing it. Richt is right even if no one is doing it.

Clumsy Toxic Waste Management

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26 mrt. 2011

Two masked scientists walk by a public pool with some toxic material in a barrel and mistakenly dump it in the water. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!