Stolen Children

The stolen children were raised on missions or by foster parents. They were totally cut off from their Aboriginality. They were punished when caught talking their Aboriginal language. The girls were trained to be servants, the boys to be stockmen. Many of the stolen girls and boys were physically and sexually abused. Many babies born to girls raped by white men were in turn taken away from them, sometimes as soon as they were born. Boys and girls were brought into separate institutions which they (and some experts) would later compare with German concentration camps and the holocaust. Many tried to run away but with limited success. Many never saw their parents again or were told they were orphans.

1 Adopted man learns he was stolen from birth mom in Chile | Nightline

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12 apr. 2022

As a baby, Tyler Graf had been stolen and placed for adoption as part of a government sanctioned plot in Chile. He is now on a journey to reconnect with his biological mother.

2 Chile’s stolen children CNN 29 July 2018

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3 Stolen children of Argentina’s dictatorship search for the truth


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7 okt. 2016

Imagine discovering that your surname, first name and date of birth are all lies? That your family is not your real family? Hundreds of Argentineans born during the dictatorship of General Videla, from 1976 to 1983, have faced this horrifying discovery. FRANCE 24 went to meet them.
In Argentina, during the dark days of the dictatorship, almost 500 babies were forcibly taken by the military junta from their parents, who were left-wing dissidents opposed to the regime.
The parents were tortured and often executed.
The young mothers, accused of “being active militants of the machinery of terrorism”, in the words of the dictator Videla, were killed or thrown into the sea from a military plane.
According to human rights campaigners, around 30,000 dissidents were killed or disappeared during the junta’s rule from 1976 to 1983.
Newborns, who were often born in jail or in clandestine maternity wards, were given as spoils of war to military families or those close to the regime. Once adopted, they were given a new name and a new date of birth: a false identity.
In 1983, as the dictatorship came to an end and a civilian government was democratically elected, one group of women, “the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo”, actively set out to find their missing grandchildren.
Today, forty years after the 1976 coup that brought the junta to power, and thanks to a monumental investigation, witness testimonies and DNA tests, 119 people have discovered their real identity and biological families.
In FRANCE 24’s documentary, our reporter Bertrand Devé went to meet these men and women who have discovered the truth of their past, with some of them finding out the horror of who their “adoptive” parents really were.
We joined them on their journey to reconnect with their roots and rebuild their identities.

4 Argentinians Learn of Their Real Parents After Horrors of Military Dictatorship (2010)

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13 jul. 2016

Returning The Stolen (2010): 32 years after Argentina’s military dictatorship, a heartbreaking legacy emerges. Hundreds are discovering that their ‘parents’ are impostors, responsible for the kidnap and murder of their real parents.

When thousands of political opponents disappeared in the 1970s, relatives were left distraught. “We only want to know where our children are!” – a woman cries in a crowded street rally where sobbing women hold up pictures of the disappeared. Around 5000 were taken to ‘ESMA’ – a secret prison where torture and murder were common crimes. Yet it’ s only recently that the theft of children and babies of pregnant captives has come to light: “We never imagined this was a systematic plan, executed in a perverse manner”, says Estella of the ‘Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo’. They work to recover ‘lost children’ like Huan, who thinks the man who raised him beat him because “every time he looked at me he would revisit the horror of his crime”. He now fights for DNA testing to become compulsory. The children of wealthy media magnate Ernestina Herrera de Noble, may not wish to take part in the inquiry, but “the justice system is obliged to solve the crime”. And for the lucky ones who still have relatives alive, reunion after 32 years is the most powerful revelation of an unbreakable bond: “it was almost the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever had in my life”.

SBS Australia – Ref. 4908

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the director of the grandmothers found her grandson
chris ellsworth
How can I get a list of the disappeared to find my Dad who was a journalist ?
Gabriel Tolosa
Justicia,verdad y memoria….!NUNCA MAS!
Richardo Kehoe
VIVA LA MEMORIA DE CHE GUEVARA!!!!!!!!!!!!POR SIEMPRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why did they do it?
Francisco Aiellovich
Viva el comandante Videla, siempre en nuestros corazones de salvar a la patria Argentina contra las guerrillas zurdas que nos querían llevar a ser como Cuba!!!

5 Where Is My Grandchild? | Retro Report | The New York Times

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13 okt. 2015

Estela de Carlotto has spent nearly four decades searching for her grandson, one of the 500 babies who disappeared after their mothers were taken by the military regime in Argentina in the 1970s.
Grab the embed code for this video at Times Video:

6 The Colony: Chile’s dark past uncovered | Al Jazeera Correspondent

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9 nov. 2013

How did a secret German sect in Chile become a haven for Nazi fugitives and a torture centre for the Pinochet regime?

Forty years after the US-backed military coup that brought General Augusto Pinochet to power in Chile, the truth about the sordid abuses and crimes that took place during his dictatorship are still emerging.

The mountains of Patagonia in southern Chile witnessed a particularly bizarre chapter of the Pinochet era; one that is still claiming victims today.

In 1961, a former Nazi corporal called Paul Schaefer fled Germany, along with hundreds of others, to found a sect in southern Chile. In an idyllic rural enclave framed by the Andes Mountains he created a virtual state within a state – one where horrifying events unfolded.

Initially with the ignorance of the government, and then with the complicity of the Pinochet regime, children were separated from their parents at birth and raised in a Kinder House. Men and women were kept apart and often drugged, while Schaefer systematically sexually abused boys and, occasionally, girls.

It also served as a haven for Nazi fugitives – such as Walter Rauff, the inventor of the portable gas chamber, and Joseph Mengele, the so-called ‘Angel of Death’ – who were permitted to hide out there in exchange for overseeing sophisticated forms of torture.

All of this took place with the full knowledge of the Pinochet regime, whose notorious intelligence chief, General Manuel Contreras, would often visit the site.

In The Colony: Chile’s dark past uncovered, the truth about what took place inside the Colony is revealed through the story of Winfried Hempel. Now 35, Hempel was born into the Colony and raised there without any knowledge of who his parents were. When he first left its grounds, he was 20 years old, spoke no Spanish, had no notion of the country in which he lived and had never seen a television, computer or mobile phone.

Although he initially struggled to adapt to the world beyond Colonia Dignidad, he gradually learned to speak Spanish, received his high school certificate and eventually qualified as a lawyer.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman has followed the story of the Colonia Dignidad since 1996 – at one point even being turned away from the site at gunpoint. As a Chilean, she wants to expose the crimes that took place there – crimes that her country was not only complicit in, but an active participant to.

The Colony: Chile’s dark past uncovered | Al Jazeera Correspondent – Blog


7 Houston firefighter stolen at birth returns to birthplace Chile

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11 apr. 2022

Hilda Quezada Godoy was told her son, Tyler Graf, died after birth. Thirty-eight years later, after searching for answers on his birth mother, he got a call that would change his l

8 The Baby Stealers – BBC Africa Eye full documentary

12 uur geleden in première gegaan (16-11-2020)

A year long investigation by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered damning evidence of a thriving underground network in Kenya that snatches babies from their mothers and sells them for a profit. The secretive and highly lucrative trade preys on the country’s most vulnerable, stealing children from the streets and even the maternity ward of a major government hospital. Njeri Mwangi reports from Nairobi.

9 Norway’s Stolen Children?

Gepubliceerd op 27 jul. 2016

Why are so many parents in Norway claiming that the state is kidnapping their children? With a spike in cases in recent years and accusations of racial intolerance, Dateline asks whether these children are being saved, or stolen.
Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia’s beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.

10 China’s Stolen Children (EMMY-NOMINATED DOCUMENTARY) | Real Stories

4 aug. 2016

With extraordinary access to devastated parents desperately searching for their stolen son; a man who brokers the deals and has sold his own offspring; and prospective parents grappling with giving up their soon-to-be-born daughter through lack of options, we are brought face to face with the crisis that such a stringent government policy has created among China’s poorest people.
Winner: BAFTA TV Award for Best Director – Factual & Break-Through Talent
Nominated: News & Documentary Emmy Award for Best Documentary
Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here:

11 Sold: India’s Child Slaves

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20 jun. 2016

100,000 children in India are trafficked into slavery of one form or other every year. Meet Rinki, 13, who was forced to work as a domestic servant and raped, and other victims; as well as those working to rescue them and end the horrific trade, such as Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi.
Watch Part 2 of India’s human trafficking problem here:

12 Rescuing India’s Stolen Girls

30 jun. 2016

“They used to hit me if I asked questions. I was very scared and did what they asked me to do,” Anima, a victim of human trafficking who was forced into prostitution in India. She’s one of 860,000 female sex workers in India. Many are victims of trafficking, and tens of thousands are children.
Watch Part 1 of India’s human trafficking problem here:

13 The kidnapping campaign of Nazi Germany | DW Documentary

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11 mrt. 2020

On orders from Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis abducted children from Poland for forced Germanization. Hermann Lüdeking, Jozef Sowa and Alodia Witaszek have never met, but they shared the same fate.

Tears still come to Jozef Sowa’s eyes when he talks about his life. His parents were murdered by Wehrmacht soldiers in Poland in 1943, and he and his four siblings were taken to Germany. Four of them managed to return to Poland. But his younger sister Janina was given up for adoption – as a supposedly German child. She still lives in Germany today. This kidnapping was planned. In 1941, Himmler, who headed the Nazi SS, gave the order to “gather young children who are especially racially suitable from Polish families and for us to raise them in special modestly-sized kindergartens and children’s homes.”

Professor Isabel Heinemann explains, “By so doing, he aimed to build up the German race.” For years, the historian has been researching the fates of the estimated 50 thousand children in Europe who were snatched. The largest group comes from Poland. Without their biological parents to protect them, the children were given to German families by the “SS Race and Resettlement Main Office.” Their names and dates of birth were changed to obscure their true identity.

After the war ended, those whose origins could be traced returned to their homelands. But their native countries had often become foreign to them and being singled out as a German “Hitler child” made reintegration difficult. Those responsible for the kidnapping were never brought to justice.

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14 Hitler’s Brainwashing of Youth – Hitler’s World: The Post War Plan – S01 EP04 – History Documentary

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23 nov 2023

Explore the dark secrets of Nazi Germany as we delve into the episode Hitler’s World: The Post-War Plan. Discover the enforcement of anti-Semitic clothing laws, the sinister SS bride schools, and the chilling breeding programs. Learn how over 400,000 children from occupied Europe were stolen from their parents. Uncover the disturbing role of the Ordensburg schools in shaping future Nazi leaders. This episode delves into the horrors of the past, shedding light on the Nazis’ quest for racial purity and control.


Uncover the ominous truth of Hitler’s astonishingly detailed post-war vision for global dominance in this riveting historical series. Delve into meticulously researched evidence, recently declassified documents, and newly unearthed materials that shed light on the Nazi regime’s concrete ambitions. These were not mere fantasies; they were real, meticulously planned, and could have rewritten the course of history. Join us as we unveil a chilling chapter of the past that still haunts our world today.


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15 France’s Stolen Children – BBC Newsnight

30 jan. 2018

In March 2018, a French government-appointed commission will outline what happened to more than two thousand children at the hands of the French state between 1963 and 1982. These children, from the island of Réunion, a French overseas department, were resettled in rural parts of France where populations were in decline. With France facing up to a scandal that robbed these children of everything they knew, Katie Razzall travelled to Réunion with one of those involved, in search of the family she lost more than five decades earlier. 
Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews. 


3 feb. 2015

This is a BBC documentary )BBC South East) inside out about forced adoption. Children are been stolen from their GOOD parents and given to strangers. Been a parent is our fundamental freedom. Stealing children IS A CRIME.
Judges and social workers are committing crimes against humanity for stealing thousands of children from their parents to banroll a private foster care industry worth £8 BILLION per year stealing the British Taxpayers money and family court Judges have invested in this private foster care industry so it is obvious that they will protect their investment by taking the children from their natural parents and hand them over to strange money makers child traffickers.

17 China’s Stolen Children (Kidnapping Documentary) | Real Stories

20 nov. 2018

18 Child trafficing in China | DW Documentary (crime documentary)

5 nov. 2018

For years, Tan Jingjing from China has been searching for her son, who she believes was sold to traffickers by her ex-husband. She’s threatened to kill herself if the authorities don’t help her.
Tan Jingjing’s son went missing after her divorce. She believes her ex-husband sold him to traffickers and he ended up adopted. She’s tracked him down to a village and has been desperately trying to enlist the help of the authorities and the police. A court has finally offered a glimmer of hope. Will Tan Jingjing see her son again? A Report by Mathias Bölinger.
More on the beginnings of Tan Jingjing’s story:
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19 China’s Huge and Hushed-Up Child Trafficking Problem (2009)

21 jun. 2016

Kidnapped (2009): Chinese authorities refuse to acknowledge the extent of child trafficking in their country, leaving many parents to take matters into their own hands.

20 Famous By Accident Prank

23 mei 2011

Prank victims are innocently having a coffee on an outdoor terrace, when they are suddenly thrown in the ruthless world of politics. They are recognized on the street and asked to pose for photos. Confused by their suddenly fame and celebrity, it all becomes clear when a van drives by with campaign advertisement pasted on the side, including a picture of their face and their supposed campaign slogan. It turns out, they’re famous politicians running for mayor…and they didn’t even know it.
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