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Million Dollar Ticket Prank

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22 mei 2011

Drivers are given a free scratch to win instant lottery ticket, a million dollars, but before they get to scratch it, a sneaky cop shows up to give them a parking ticket. The cop offers to rip up the ticket in exchange for their scratchy ticket. Everyone obviously takes the deal, thinking this cop is crazy – but when the cop scratches the ticket and actually wins a million dollars, the prank victims can’t believe their bad luck and try to switch back! Read his lips, a deal is a deal! 
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!
Emotional rollercoaster for the victims..! First happy to get a free lottery ticket .. then really pissed that they got a parking ticket … then relieved that the parking ticket was voided .. then extreme sorrow and anger that they lost a million dollar .. finally, relieved with laughter that all was for JFL …
1:13 that is the face of a defeated man
Dark Lord
man man man hats off to your creativity guys….Seriously Rolf
HAHAHA, The black dude was hilarious 😀
Matthew Sagliocco
I hate to say it, but I would have grabbed the ticket and run.
1:23 rubbing salt into the wound 🤣🤣