A really thin case

1. A Rape That Wasn’t: The Wrongful Conviction of Jarrett Adams


Gepubliceerd op 9 jan. 2010

When Jarrett Adams was 17 years old, he was falsely accused and ultimately wrongfully convicted of a sexual assault he did not commit. He spent eight years in prison before he was exonerated by the Wisconsin Innocence Project. Music By Nathan Urdangen Video By John Maki

2. Wrongly Convicted Man Clerks At Court That Gave Him His Freedom | MSNBC

Gepubliceerd op 12 okt. 2015

Jarret Adams is a recent graduate with an usual path to becoming a lawyer – his first experience with the law was as a defendant. Now he’s won a fellowship to clerk on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the very court that overturned his conviction. MSNBC’s legal chief correspondent Ari Melber reports.

3 Jarrett Adams Is Helping Others Wrongfully Convicted After Exoneration | NBC Nightly News

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Gepubliceerd op 3 aug. 2017

Lester Holt interviews Jarrett Adams, who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault when he was just 17 and — as an attorney — is now helping others who are in similar positions as he used to be.

4 Tucker: Not every accuser tells the truth – I should know


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Gepubliceerd op 27 nov. 2017

Tucker’s Thoughts: Remember the following about sex harassment allegations and witch hunts – Anonymous accusations always lead to abuses; not everyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. I know from personal experience. #Tucker

7 Ohio Innocence Project – University of Cincinnati College of Law – 10th Anniversary

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Gepubliceerd op 27 okt. 2014

The Rosenthal Institute for Justice was established at the UC College of Law thanks to the generosity of Lois and Richard Rosenthal. The primary component of the Rosenthal Institute for Justice is the Ohio Innocence Project, which was founded in 2003. Harnessing the energy and intellect of law students as its driving force, the OIP seeks to identify inmates in Ohio prisons who are actually innocent of the crimes they were convicted of committing. Learn more: http://www.law.uc.edu/oip

8 When Jail is No Alibi

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Gepubliceerd op 21 apr. 2014

This video is about Daniel Taylor, who was wrongfully convicted of a double homicide in 1992 despite Chicago police records that showed he had in been in their custody when the crime occurred. He spent more than 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
So… Prosecutorial misconduct, malicious prosecution, witholding of evidence, false imprisonment, perjury anything else there? good thing law enforcement are not accountable to the law they are supposed to uphold.
JIM Short
This is the kind of information when discovered and proven to be a malicious act. The prosecuting attorney and Officers should be in jail. I hope this man SUED THE PISS out of all involved.
And there are white people who will still say he’s guilty solely because he’s black smh.
Glad we have this organization. Cause it shows how much our US justice system fails at times…or alot.

9 Inside Story Americas – How many innocent people has the US executed?

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Al Jazeera English

Gepubliceerd op 18 mei 2012

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More than 20 years after Texas executed Carlos DeLuna, a study reveals he was innocent. Support for capital punishment in the US has been on the decline over the last two decades. We take a closer look at the DeLuna case and what it says about capital punishment in the country, and the flaws in its implementation. Guests: Shawn Crowley, Bruce Fein, Richard Dieter.

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10 Man wrongfully convicted of murder sues Detroit and former detective

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Gepubliceerd op 17 mei 2018

Dontia Patterson, a Philadelphia man sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for killing his friend, was exonerated and released Wednesday following an extraordinary court motion from Philadelphia’s district attorney. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller spoke with Patterson who always insisted on his innocence.

11 Is There Ongoing Racism in Texas’s Penal System?

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Gepubliceerd op 25 jul. 2007
Dead Man Walking (1996):
The struggles of a young black man in Texas convicted of murder

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A Texas- USA prison prepares for the execution of another young black man. Four leather belts will strap him to a white bed as he waits for the lethal injection. Visitors can stand in an adjacent room and watch through a barred window. Glenn McGinniss is on death row and feels like a dead man walking. He describes how at seventeen he stole money for his mother who was in prison with a crack habit. When a young woman started screaming he panicked and shot her. An all white jury condemned him to death by execution. His grandmother shows us photos of him a chubby child laughing at the camera. Prisons crowded with young black men is a national phenomena. Blacks make up 41% of the prison population but only 12% of the American population. White parents of the victims recommend watching the executions. One father says, “they have to be removed from society like a rabid dog.” Judicial prejudice appears to still run deep.

For more information, visit https://www.journeyman.tv/film/226

ABC Australia – Ref. 0226

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5 jaar geleden
This is about class not race. Poor people are more likely to get the death sentence


4 jaar geleden
I believe in the death penalty but it pisses me off that this young man put to death for a crime he committed when he was 17 but the young white man sentence was commuted to life because of the fact he was 17 when he committed murder smdj

12 Innocence Project of Florida: Unlock the Truth

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Gepubliceerd op 19 mrt. 2010

Learn about the Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) by hearing from two of its clients, Jamie Bain and William Dillon, and their families. Help IPF unlock the truth by visiting www.FloridaInnocence.org. Enjoy!

13 William Michael Dillon – DNA Exoneree


Gepubliceerd op 14 nov. 2011

William Michael Dillon was released in November 2008 after spending more than 27.5 years in prison for a murder that DNA testing proved he did not commit.Meet William and his family. Learn more about his story.

14 Wrongly convicted for 24 years. Big payday? Not in Wisconsin.


Gepubliceerd op 5 okt. 2016

Daryl Dwayne Holloway had his 120-year sentence for rape and armed burglary vacated after serving half his life in prison. New DNA results set him free. Now that he’s out, the most compensation Wisconsin could give him adds up to about $1,000/year. The state’s innocence project thinks it’s a second injustice.

15 The Story Of Oliver Campbell

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Gepubliceerd op 28 mei 2016

OLIVER CAMPBELL was convicted of the murder of a shopkeeper in 1990. He then served over 10 years in prison.

The evidence against him was only a confession which he made to police officers, but it must be borne in mind that due to an injury which he suffered when he was four, he has severe learning difficulties.

The BBC’s Rough Justice did an in-depth programme on his case which revealed clearly that the conviction was unsafe.

During the course of the programme, another individual came forward to say that he was involved in the murder but that Oliver Campbell was not.

“Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming quantity of evidence establishing doubt about Oliver Campbell’s conviction, the CCRC to date have declined to refer his case back to the Court of Appeal,”



OLIVER CAMPBELL is a community activist and socialist who was framed and imprisoned for a murder he did not commit.

Kirsty Wark, presenting a BBC Rough Justice programme on Oliver’s case, handed a letter to the then Home Secretary David Blunkett stating that Oliver “should not have to wait a moment longer for justice”. Over a decade later Oliver is out of prison on parole still campaigning to clear his name.

In July 1990, during a robbery in Hackney, London, a shopkeeper called Hardip Hoondle was shot and killed. The two men who carried out the robbery were described by witnesses as black and around five feet ten inches tall. Oliver is a gentle giant of six foot three inches.

He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment despite his co-accused, who admitted the robbery, giving a written account confirming that Oliver was not involved in the robbery and naming the person who shot Hardip Hoondle. The jury was never told this.

How Oliver was framed

Oliver was arrested simply because he’d owned a baseball cap similar to the one worn by the murderer. The police put enormous pressure on him to make a ‘confession’ for the shooting. Eventually Oliver agreed, but crucially his solicitor was not present at the time, despite Oliver’s learning difficulties and specific instructions to
the police to call his solicitor if they were going to interview Oliver again that day.

● A psychologist concluded that Oliver was susceptible to police pressure because of his learning difficulties. Oliver later retracted the confession. But the trial judge allowed it to go to the jury without a caution due to Oliver’s mental disability.

● The police insisted that they would find incriminating forensic evidence, including his fingerprints on a drink can found at the crime scene and his hair in the baseball cap. THEY FOUND NEITHER.

● In his ‘confession’ Oliver said he’d dropped the baseball hat in the shop. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

● Oliver talked of a string holster for the gun. THIS WAS LATER DISMISSED AS IMPRACTICAL BY EXPERTS



Despite the overwhelming evidence of Oliver’s innocence, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which was set up to investigate possible miscarriages of justice, has refused to refer Oliver’s case to the Court of Appeal.

Until his name is cleared Oliver will always be a target for future frame-ups by the police because of his criminal record. In February 2003 there was an attempted armed robbery near the bail hostel in Ipswich where Oliver was living. Despite witness descriptions of a man five inches shorter than Oliver, the police saw Oliver’s criminal record and colour of his skin and tried to pin the crime on him.

Why have Hackney police refused to reinvestigate the murder of Hardip Hoondle?

How many more times must Oliver be the victim of police laziness, racism or corruption?


Support the campaign to clear his name, What you can do:

●Get people to sign a petition/send a postcard to The Home Secretary.

●Organise a meeting to show a DVD about Oliver’s case.

●Share this everywhere to support the campaign.

16 Wrongly convicted Brooklyn man speaks after 24 years in prison

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17 Rape victim now friends with man she wrongly convicted

A rape victim testified in court for more than two days. When asked to identify the attacker, she pointed at a man and said, “I’ll never forget that face for as long as I live. Ever.” That face, that man, was not the rapist. Read the story at http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/…

18 Man exonerated for rape that never happened



Gepubliceerd op 25 mei 2012

Brian Banks was a star high school football player who was wrongly convicted of raping a young woman. Years later, she confessed that the crime never occurred, and he’s been exonerated. Lee Cowan reports.

19 Man on death for 15 years exonerated due to DNA

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Gepubliceerd op 28 sep. 2012

A man convicted of murdering and raping his 14-year-old step cousin was ordered to be released by a Jefferson Parish court.

21 Exoneree Joe D’Ambrosio Talks Ohio Death Penalty Reform

6 feb. 2015
At an OTSE Voices Of Experience event: Ohio Death Row Exoneree asks attendees to urge their legislator’s to adopt 56 recommendations that would reform Ohio’s death penalty.

Gepubliceerd op 19 apr. 2013

Joe D’Ambrosio spent 22 years on Ohio’s death row protesting his innocence before a judge ruled that he had been wrongfully convicted and the charges against him were dropped. Joe describes what life is like as a free man after losing decades to prison.

22 Pt. 1: Man Wrongfully Convicted in Friend’s Death – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2018

Desmond Ricks was an excited new dad when he was accused of murder. A trip to the burger joint with a friend ended in that friend’s murder, and the blame was placed on Ricks. Nerissa Knight has the story of Ricks’ determination to prove his innocence.

23 Pt. 2: Man Wrongfully Convicted in Friend’s Death – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2018

Desmond Ricks was an excited new dad when he was accused of murder. A trip to the burger joint with a friend ended in that friend’s murder, and the blame was placed on Ricks. Nerissa
Knight has the story of Ricks’ determination to prove his innocence.

24 Pt. 3: Man Wrongfully Convicted in Friend’s Death – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2018

Desmond Ricks was an excited new dad when he was accused of murder. A trip to the burger joint with a friend ended in that friend’s murder, and the blame was placed on Ricks. Nerissa Knight has the story of Ricks’ determination to prove his innocence.

25 Man wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years breaks silence

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Gepubliceerd op 26 jun. 2015

Imagine being framed for a crime and locked up for more than 17 years of your life; one Grand Rapids man lived it. (June 26, 2015)

26 Price of Life – Wrongful Imprisonment Part 1

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Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2012

Nearly half of states in the U.S. do not compensate people wrongfully sent to prison. CNN’s Kaj Larsen reports.

27 When Prosecutors Withhold Information, Innocent People Go To Prison – or Worse.

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Gepubliceerd op 28 jun. 2016

When it comes to deciding what evidence a jury should hear when deciding innocence or guilt, the American criminal justice system entrusts prosecutors with extraordinary power.



The Private Eye Trying to Prove an Innocent Man Was Sentenced to Death


Kenneth Clair has spent more than three decades in prison for the rape and murder of a young woman in Orange County, California. But he’s been seeking a retrial since ever since private eye CJ Ford uncovered the fact that the county DA had tested DNA evidence found on the scene and that it didn’t match Clair.

But the DNA testing isn’t the only piece of information the county withheld in this case. Prosecutors failed to disclose that the county had offered deals or incentives to multiple witnesses who testified against Clair.

In the case of Kenneth Clair, who lost when facing a prosecutor who purposely withheld information in multiple cases over the years, Sanders believes there are lingering questions that only fresh examination of the evidence can address.

“What else wasn’t turned over?” asks Sanders. “In a case like Clair, the right outcome, at the very minimum, is to give him a new trial.”

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Kenneth Clair’s death sentence earlier this year for murky reasons unrelated to evidence disclosure. He continues to serve a life sentence and is seeking a new trial.

Watch the full video above. Visit http://reason.com/reasontv for downloadable versions of this video. Subscribe to Reason TV’s YouTube channel for daily content like this.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Music by Kai Engel. Approximately 10 minutes.

28 Wrongly Accused Man Freed After 18 Years

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Gepubliceerd op 21 aug. 2008

DNA and some University of Cincinnati students were behind his release.

29 “12 Years Taken From Me”: Help End Wrongful Convictions

Gepubliceerd op 14 aug. 2007
When the innocent go to prison, the guilty go free. Hear Herman Atkins, a man exonerated by DNA evidence after serving 12 years in prison, tell his story of injustice and hope. Join him in the cause for freedom by taking action and urging the California legislature to help end wrongful convictions. www.aclunc.org/justice

30 Wrongfully convicted man released

Gepubliceerd op 20 jun. 2014

A man who was wrongfully convicted of rape has been released after serving 7 years in jail.

31 Wrongfully convicted Tenn. man fights for compensation after 31 years in prison

12 dec. 2016

Lawrence McKinney was convicted of rape in 1978 and spent over 31 years in prison until DNA evidence proved he was innocent in 2009. Under Tennessee law, McKinney may be owed up to $1 million for the wrongful imprisonment. But the state’s parole board has refused to exonerate him, despite the evidence, reports Omar Villafranca.

32 Attorney: ‘The worst miscarriage of justice ever witnessed’

Gepubliceerd op 19 aug. 2010

Darrell Houston is now a free man. Prosecutors asked for the dismisal of charges because they felt they could not proceed with the case.

33 Michelle Malkin Investigates: Railroaded- Surviving Wrongful Conviction

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Gepubliceerd op 13 mei 2018

On April 29th, the documentary, “Michelle Malkin Investigates: Railroaded-Surviving Wrongful Conviction” aired in Cinema Village. Jeff makes an appearance in the documentary, as do exonerees Brian Franklin and Ray Spencer in the course of Malkin examining the Danielle Holtzclaw conviction. The film won the “Film Heals Award”, which is given to filmmakers that use the power of film to promote peace, justice, equality, and humanity. A talk back session was held afterwards in which Jenny Holtzclaw (Danielle’s sister), DNA expert Eric Fuchs, exoneration attorneys Craig Cooley and Oscar Michelin, and Jeff participated in, is also attached.

34 Daniel Holtzclaw’s Fake Victims

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Gepubliceerd op 5 jul. 2018

Daniel Holtzclaw’s Fake Victims

35 Sexy Girl Lost Phone Number Prank

6 apr. 2011


The opportunity of a lifetime arises when an unbelievably hot girl says hi to the boys and writes her phone number in their windshield. That opportunity is ruined when a squeegee comes out of nowhere and RUINS everything. He wipes away the number before they get a chance to write it down… guess he’ll have to wipe away their tears too, I suppose

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