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1 Top PO Execs proffer Apologies blindly unaware of fraud scandal

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13 apr 2024

Nothing But The Truth
Former Royal Mail chief exec says he ‘was not aware’ …
The Guardian www. theguardian. com › politics › live › apr › p…
23 hours ago — … Post Office Ltd against subpostmasters, either for theft, fraud and false accounting for alleged shortfalls in branch accounts for the …
Post Office scandal: Ex-boss who accused subpostmasters …
Sky News
news. sky. com › story › post-office-scandal-ex-b…
1 day ago — Mr Cook was at the helm when about 200 prosecutions were brought against subpostmasters. Despite being in charge, he said he was “unaware” it …
Ex-Royal Mail CEO casts doubt on Post Office boss’s ‘I did …
The Telegraph www .telegraph .co. uk › news › 2024/04/12 › pos…
23 hours ago — I did not know Post Office prosecuted its own sub-postmasters, claims Crozier. Adam Crozier has claimed he was not aware that lawyers within the …
Post Office scandal: Ex-boss makes personal apology ‘ …
Channel 103
www. channel103. com › news › post-office-scan…
1 day ago — He said he was “unaware” it was the Post Office that had brought criminal proceedings. Hundreds of people were wrongly convicted of stealing …
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Stories that torment the mind, please listen to the complete video of 17 minutes below.
Can you stay indifferent to the way the British Post Office treated these 3 subpostmasters?
At minute 14 a mother of 3 speaking to her oldest she has to go to court and might not come back!

2 Former sub-postmasters share how Post Office scandal affected them

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3 Post Office lies to their OWN barrister to get him to mislead judge; then tries to get judge removed

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9 jan 2024

It goes from bad to worse! Post Office tries to get new judge who doesn’t know what a bunch of you-know-whats they are; and they lied to their own barrister so he could mislead the court.

Because Alan Bates already informed the Post Office clearly in 2000 through letters about the problems with the Horizon Software and this also occurred with other sub-postmasters, the Post Office should have dealt with the real reason in a correct manner, namely that the software was plagued by an innumerable number of bugs and errors.

The fact that the Post Office did not do this was a continuous deception that has caused an inexpressible chain of preventable human suffering.

4 Post Office ‘knowingly withheld’ defence evidence from sub-postmasters | Forensic Auditor

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5 Kid Disappears In Brick Wall Prank – Just For Laughs Gags

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