Take someone for a ride

Take someone for a ride

Idiom informal

To deceive or cheat someone

I think we’ve been taken for a ride.

Cambridge Dictionary

Take someone for a ride

To deceive or cheat someone

You’ve been taken for a ride. Why did you give him five thousand francs?

Collins Dictionary

Take somebody for a ride

Spoken to trick someone, especially in order to get money from them

I’d just begun to realise he was taking me for a ride.

→ ride
Examples from the Corpus

take somebody for a ride
• Opo would ease between her legs and take her for rides.
• After the deal was signed, I felt like I’d been taken for a ride.
• Nicola explodes with anger when she discovers stud boss Andrew has been taking her for a ride.
• I wish I could take them for a ride in my little airplane and show how beautiful the world can look.
• Well, at least he’s not going to take her for a ride, like her first husband.
• He wanted to take her for a ride.
• I’d already given him £50 when I realized he was taking me for a ride.
• We took it for a ride.

Longman Dictionary

“Taken for a ride by the justice system”
conveys the idea that someone feels deceived or mistreated by the legal system.
It suggests a sense of being manipulated or experiencing unfair treatment
within the context of the justice system.

The Dutch expression
“Erin geluisd worden”
can be roughly translated to English as
“to be taken for a ride“
or “to be fooled“.
It implies being deceived or
tricked into something without being aware of it.

(iemand) slecht behandelen of misleiden waardoor hij of zij in de problemen komt
Voorbeeld: ‘Wat een waardeloos product.

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