The long way home

It is very sad when members of the same family do not talk with each other. The childred suffer for the adult ego. Cousins miss the wonderful opportunity to be together, and al due to a bruised ego.

A long way to go

A lot of work to do or improvements to make:

He has a long way to go before he can present the plans to the public.

Cambridge Dictionary

1 Lost in India at 5 Years Old, Saroo Brierley spent 25 Years Trying to Find His Family | Goalcast

12 feb. 2021

✪5-year-old Saroo Brierley woke up on a train heading 2,000km away from his home in India & thought he’d never see his family again. Accidentally orphaned, an Australian family adopted him but Saroo couldn’t let go of the thought that his family mighty still be alive. 25 years later, he embarked on a quest to find the truth and what happens next is truly unbelievable.

2 Saroo’s incredible journey to find his long lost family | 60 Minutes Australia

5 jul. 2019

Few life stories involve such impossible odds, incredible love, and sheer determination as Saroo Brierley’s. Born into a poor family in central India, Saroo became lost when he was just five years old. A terrifying train ride took him to the other side of the country. And with no way home, Saroo ended up among the millions of desperate kids living on India’s streets. But the love of a Tasmanian couple offered him a new life. He grew up and prospered as a young Australian, but all the while there was a yearning for his long lost family in India. In this 60 Minutes Special, Saroo tells the astonishing story of how he found them (2013).

3 – 60 Minutes Australia: The long way home (2017), part one

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Gepubliceerd op 4 jun. 2017

Joel De Carteret’s remarkable journey proves the power of love can overcome truly impossible odds. There’s an extraordinary ending to this story, but it begins with heartbreak. As a five year old Joel got hopelessly lost from his mother when he wandered away from the family home and into a bustling city market in the Philippines. He searched and searched but couldn’t find her, and eventually was taken to an orphanage. Imagine his despair as for the next 18 months this little boy contemplated a future with little hope. But Joel is plucky and also lucky. He’s adopted by a caring and loving Australian family. He goes on to lead a happy and successful life here, except something is always missing. Six months ago, 30 years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret couldn’t ignore the pain any longer. He had to find his birth mother. But in a country of one hundred million, where would he even start to look? Reporter: Liam Bartlett Producer: Jo Townsend

4 – 60 Minutes Australia: The long way home (2017), part two

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Gepubliceerd op 4 jun. 2017

Joel De Carteret’s remarkable journey proves the power of love can overcome truly impossible odds. There’s an extraordinary ending to this story, but it begins with heartbreak. As a five year old Joel got hopelessly lost from his mother when he wandered away from the family home and into a bustling city market in the Philippines. He searched and searched but couldn’t find her, and eventually was taken to an orphanage. Imagine his despair as for the next 18 months this little boy contemplated a future with little hope. But Joel is plucky and also lucky. He’s adopted by a caring and loving Australian family. He goes on to lead a happy and successful life here, except something is always missing. Six months ago, 30 years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret couldn’t ignore the pain any longer. He had to find his birth mother. But in a country of one hundred million, where would he even start to look? Reporter:

Liam Bartlett
Producer: Jo Townsend

5 – 60 Minutes Australia: The long way home (2017), part three

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6 Little boy lost in market embarks on journey to find family | 60 Minutes Australia

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17 jun. 2020

Subscribe here: Full Episodes: | The Long Way Home (2017)
Joel De Carteret’s remarkable journey proves the power of love can overcome truly impossible odds. There’s an extraordinary ending to this story, but it begins with heartbreak. As a five year old Joel got hopelessly lost from his mother when he wandered away from the family home and into a bustling city market in the Philippines. He searched and searched but couldn’t find her, and eventually was taken to an orphanage. Imagine his despair as for the next 18 months this little boy contemplated a future with little hope. But Joel is plucky and also lucky. He’s adopted by a caring and loving Australian family. He goes on to lead a happy and successful life here, except something is always missing. Six months ago, 30 years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret couldn’t ignore the pain any longer. He had to find his birth mother. But in a country of one hundred million, where would he even start to look?
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Jo Townsend
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

7 – Defying odds of one hundred million to one to find long lost mum | 60 Minutes Australia

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8 – Dance Australia 1×15 Part 8

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9 – 60 Minutes Australia: Lost & Found (2013) – Part One

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Gepubliceerd op 26 apr. 2017

Few life stories involve such impossible odds, incredible love, and sheer determination as Saroo Brierley’s. Born into a poor family in central India, Saroo became lost when he was just five years old. A terrifying train ride took him to the other side of the country. And with no way home, Saroo ended up among the millions of desperate kids living on India’s streets. But the love of a Tasmanian couple offered him a new life. He grew up and prospered as a young Australian, but all the while there was a yearning for his long lost family in India. In this 60 Minutes Special, Saroo tells the astonishing story of how he found them.

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

10 – 60 Minutes Australia: Lost & Found (2013) – Part Two

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11 – Saroo Brierley Went Through ‘Hell On Earth’ Before Reuniting With His Mother | TODAY

Gepubliceerd op 26 feb. 2017

Saroo Brierley, the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated movie “Lion,” sits down with Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss his life story, saying he went through “hell on Earth” as a child before eventually reuniting with his birth mother.

12 The Family Behind ‘Lion’: Saroo Brierley’s Incredible Story | Studio 10


19 jan. 2017

13 – ‘Lion’ Star Sunny Pawar on Playing Little Saroo

9 jan. 2017

“Lion” star Sunny Pawar, who plays Little Saroo, discusses his role and the movie with WSJ’s Tanya Rivero. The 8-year-old boy, who had never acted before, also discusses how he prepared for the role.

14 – Roshani reunites with mother 28 years after she was forced to give her up | 60 Minutes Australia

Gepubliceerd op 13 sep. 2018

For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

15 – Baby accidentally given to wrong couple reunited with real parents – BBC News

Gepubliceerd op 2 jun. 2016

A couple who were given the wrong baby by a hospital in El Salvador a year ago, have finally been allowed to travel home with the correct child. Rich Cushworth – who is British – and his wife, Mercedes – were only given a birth certificate for their son Moses a few days ago. They landed back home in Dallas, Texas this week where they have been speaking exclusively to our correspondent Matthew Price.

16 – 2 sets of identical twins switched at birth reunite

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Gepubliceerd op 10 jul. 2015

Two sets of identical twins are reunited with each other after they were separated and switched at birth over 20 years ago. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin has more.

17 – Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on ‘GMA’ 

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Gepubliceerd op 11 jan. 2017

Two sisters, each adopted from China by different American families, meet in person for the first time.

18 – Mothers discover their babies were switched at birth | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 2 nov. 2018

It is the impossible choice that no mother should ever have to face: Surrender the child you have lovingly raised for the last four years, to take back the child you originally gave birth to. It’s an unimaginable dilemma that in this day should be the stuff of fiction, but for two mothers this has become a reality after their babies were switched at birth. What makes this case even more perplexing is how the hospital could confuse the two babies – you see one is a boy, and the other is a girl.

19 – The Gatwick Baby – Abandoned At Birth

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Gepubliceerd op 24 sep. 2014
Facebook Page –…

Hi my name is Steve and I was abandoned as a baby on the 10th of April 1986 at Gatwick Airport I was found by a lady that worked at the airport i was found in the ladies toilets, the doctors believed I was around 10 days old, I was given the birth date of the 31st March however I don’t know if that is the day I was born but that is the day I celebrate my birthday.

When I was abandoned I was in the newspapers and all over the news. I was named by airport staff as Gary Gatwick

My first birth certificate states I was named as Gary Laker. I was adopted later on and my name changed to Steven Gary Hydes.

I am searching for any information as to what happened to me. I started my search around 9 years ago where i appealed for help on Meridian Mews, GMTV, and local newspapers, where as I then met the women who found me and other people who were involved in my case I then appeared in a documentary on channel 2 called found, I then stopped my search for a while as i had my daughter and started again 2 years ago when I appeared in a documentary on BBC 3 in April 2011 called The Gatwick Baby Abandoned at Birth.

Following this I went in national newspapers again, this morning and the late late show in Ireland. the documentary also went worldwide but unfortunately I have not found out what happened to me the day or the days before I was abandoned. since doing the Documentary I have had a son and although I have a happy family I want to know what happened to me in the early days as I do not know my name, birthday or if I have any brothers or sisters.

I am looking for any information that anyone might know or have to find out what happened to me you can message me on Facebook or on my email address at the top. I do have someone helping me who has helped me since day one and is happy to talk to anyone in confidence without me knowing if you wish. any little detail is a lot to me as I know nothing.

I was left in baby grows and blankets but no note was left they say I had been well cared for. you can view the photos of my baby grows and blankets in my photos.

You can view my story:-

Guardian –…
Daily Mail –…
BBC Three –
Daily Mirror –…
BBC News –
Metro –…

Keith is the person helping me and if anyone wishes to contact him in strict confidence instead of my self they can contact him on,he is happy to speak to anyone and would pass on a charity s information if they wish to discuss with someone more private however what is said to Keith will not even get back to me if that is there wish.I appreciate people sharing my page as this gives me more chance of finding out information someone out there must know and i want my biological family to know that i have no anger towards what happened as I believe what they did they would have had a very good reason, I understand my mum may have a family where they will know nothing about me or her past and that I understand but I have a whole family out there that I know nothing about.

What happens when children switched at birth aren’t swapped back? | 60 Minutes Australia

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23 okt. 2021

It’s been one of the most extraordinary stories ever reported on 60 Minutes, two boys born on the same day who were switched at birth. Two years later, the mothers discovered the terrible truth: they’d each been raising the wrong child. Then, the agonising decision – should they give back the sons they’d believed were their own? Well, they chose nurture over nature and decided not to swap the boys back. Today, they’re teenagers, having grown up living the other’s life – for one it’s been a tough life on the breadline, while the other has struck it lucky.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Tom Steinfort, Tara Brown, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

Mom’s DNA Test Reveals Daughter Was Switched at Birth | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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1 dec. 2020

When Paula Johnson took a DNA test, she received the shocking news that the girl she raised as her own was not her biological daughter. There had been a terrible mix-up at the hospital and two little girls, Rebecca and Callie, were mistakenly switched and sent home with the wrong mothers. In 2001, Paula sat down with Oprah to share her story and how learning the results of the DNA test proved life-changing.
Asher Sampson
As a Mother this story is very hard to digest. I would want the child I raised as much as the child they I gave life to… so much conflict and sadness … nobody wins
it’s so sad knowing that callie will never know her parents and her parents will never know who their real daughter is 🥺😭
Abigail Ireland
This is why babies shouldn’t leave their mother’s side.
I believe that they should give both girls to the one surviving mother AND give the grandparents visitationrights every second weekend two whole days.
Diana Dee
There is a miracle here in that the mom & dad that died, along w/ their children, did NOT have the switched daughter with them! Imagine if Paula Johnson had found out that her biological daughter had died?! That would have been so tragic.
Damn! Rebecca’s life sounds like a movie, I feel so bad that Whitney didn’t get to see her daughter 😭
Victoria Paget
This story is both amazing & heartbreaking. So sad that both families are fighting over custody of both kids. So much time has already been wasted because of the mistake at the hospital, why bother wasting anymore time with fighting?! I understand it must be hard, but damn…mesh the 2 families together and both those girls will be showered with so much love!
Connie Lukens
It seems like this happens far more than anyone realized. I was also switched at birth (back in the late 1950’s), but the mistake was discovered within 24 hours and both myself and the other baby girl were reunited with our biological parents. It’s so scary that such mixups are still happening. How many never find out?
This is exactly why my hospital doesn’t have the baby leave the room during the entire hospital stay.
Knight-elf Mohawk
There is so much more to being a mom than giving birth. Both of these girls have had great moms regardless of dna.
Mizzy's Parrots
Why in the world would this wonderful woman NOT be given her biological daughter after theres proof of the mistake AND the parents have died. That is literally her kid, and belongs with her.
Digby Dooright
Wow, at least when I mess up at work, no one’s life is ruined. :/
I’d love to see an update on what these girls think now that they are grown.
I wish Oprah did updates on these stories
Drew Conway
What a horrible story. I feel so sorry for Callie. Imagine being told at 6 years old that the mother who has been raising you is not your biological mother and that your real mother is dead. That would rock my world, especially to find out that the whole reason things have gone on as they did is because somebody at the hospital was careless.
Carol Mk
I think this mom is hurting and angry.
Kae De Ess
I’m thankful there are security measures in place to prevent mix ups and kidnapping now and when I gave birth to my babies. Our bracelets had matching numbers and the babies also wore security alarms that would sound if anyone tried to cut them off or go beyond a certain point. Also, I was able to keep my babies in my room w/ me each time so I did. When my 1st baby was born an old nurse was insisting that I let him go to the nursery claiming I wouldn’t get any sleep if he stayed w/ me. I told her “If that’s the case then it’ll prepare me for when I take him home now won’t it?! 🤨
Julie D
Since the girl’s parents died, she should definitely raise both girls. 🥰
Natalie Vasquez
I saw another story similar to this but the parents discovered when the babies were 1 year olds. The courts ruled they had to switch back the children to the matching biological parents and the mothers were devastated. It was so sad, what a nightmare to have to deal with. I hope the hospitals composite for their turmoil.
Because I knew about switched babies, I checked my children directly on every little mark, so that I could recognize them if necessary. Sounds neurotic, but I think it was smart. 😀
How that mother just openly admitted to having a favourite child 😂😂
This is devastating. I couldn’t imagine not having either one of my daughters and then seeing them with someone else.
Michelle Quattrocchi
What a tragic story all around 😥 It makes me wonder how many people may have found this out about themselves because they got themselves and their family Ancestory DNA kits?!? Crazy to even think 🤯
Always one of my biggest fears but I chose hospitals that NEVER took the child out of the mother’s room. Not once. I’m so thankful because this is common along with people snatching babies right of the hospital.
Queen Ciara
Wow this is crazy & sad. I know they must want their actual child back since they know but at the same time you’ve become so attached to the child you thought was yours all these years. I wouldn’t know what to do I’d be so lost & hurt
Angela Roberts
When When my son was born by an emergency C-section I remember the nurse was taking him to the birthing table I remember telling the nurse let me see him because I wanted to lay eyes on my baby I didn’t want them to bring him to me later without having seen him first in the operating room because I wanted to make sure I knew what his face look like
Their is something so amazing about Oprah I know all the conspiracy theorists are saying she is part of the illuminati or something but whatever.The way she can talk to any human from any race,gender,background and make them feel comfortable opening up is amazing to see.Truly a gift to this world.
Famously Unknown
It’s a shame they didn’t have the mom take both of them and the grandparents still be grandparents to both girls like a big happy family. Maybe they thought it would be too traumatizing for Rebecca to live with people she didn’t know at all yet though.
Kathryn Billinghurst
It was the biggest blessing when I gave birth to my babies and did not dare to leave their side and watched and cherished every moment. My DOC told us we’ll never have children so when they were born we could not believe it. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life So precious and life changing for everyone ☯
Tin Pimiento
I can’t imagine my biological daughter being raised by other people
Mamabear _
2years ago it almost happened to me and to this day I still blamed myself. I felt like I’ve been robbed.. Yes robbed by happiness with my first bond with my baby… The guilt is kinda eating me out… I felt like a horrible mom… But one thing is mutual on that day both the baby and I felt the same way..
I would have been absolutely hysterical if this happened to me
Ryann Hart
I couldn’t even imagine going through this.. I gave birth to my daughter in a huge city because I was a high risk pregnancy and needed to make sure I was in a hospital that had what I needed and there was about 30 other babies born that day so the second she came out they put an alarm bracelet with my name on it and lock on her so the babies don’t get mixed up and idk what I would even do if I found out my baby was switched. I feel so sad for the people who have gone through this because what do you even do?
C Ewe
I am so glad they keep the babies in the rooms with the moms now. I have a toddler and 3 month old and can’t imagine something like this happening.
Kay Velli
That is crazy as ever. I would definitely want to be raising my biological child after I found out it was switched at birth. The fact that she doesn’t even get to do that and her biological child is with the other family still I know that kills her I know it does because it would kill me.. I hope she gets her biological child back one day too… it is her right
DK Fynn
It’s interesting: she gave birth to one child, and (in a way) ended up with two.
Veronica Haney
The custody problem just lies with western culture. In Africa, custody issues wouldn’t be a problem because we treat our own neighbors like they are our brothers/sisters/parents/children. All the adults in the situation should have just shared the children like they are all family because the girls have brought them together as if they were.
Florence Smith
When I had my son and my twins I wouldn’t let them take them out of the room without me in the hospital this was why I had heard to many horror stories I was like eh were do you think your going lol 😂😂
Pury Sambi
the girl with no parents eventually got a mom. ..
HolyLand Fan
I was hoping the mother could raise both, the grandparents visit, and they all live happily ever after. Especially since, Callie could have been in that car, even though Rebecca wasn’t…who knows?
Life With Camille
I’m not leaving my biological child even if I found them as a teenager. I want my birth child with me.
stephenies pet care
This is one of the many reasons I never let the midwives take my babies anywhere. They stayed with me 100% of the time. Both of them.
Leia Sophia
The grandmother would always prefer her biological granddaughter especially now that her daughter is gone. Poor Rebecca 😢
Lana León
I have a friend that now is a doctor…. she told me when this happens in hospitals they don’t even check, they just choose one baby to give to one of the mothers, they don’t care!!!!!! I felt so angry and sad about it. I mean, tell the parents!!! and made a blood test. BE 100% SURE!!! DON’T RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES.
Belltown Daisy
We need an update! I hope the girls grew up to be well-adjusted.
She did not want to be sitting there talking to Oprah, I could feel it.
The little girls looked just like their Bio mothers
sandra mcdonald
Poor Rebecca having to grow up knowing that her mum preferred someone else’s child over her.
Jasmine Bell
I am so glad that it all worked out.
Lena Schweizer
It‘s crazy to see how much these two girls looked like their birthmothers
When my mom was pregnant she was scared that me or my siblings would be switched so she wouldn’t let us leave the room unless we had too (none of us had too thank goodness). She said she watched a lot of lifetime movies when she was pregnant with my brother and that’s what made her so scared.
tomi olunuga
im now obsessed w/ OWN anyone else?
Taylor Bowman
Imagine knowing you now cant raise your biological child as well
Bri Green
I feel the grandmother wants her biological daughter because of loosing her own daughter. I feel courts must have told her it wasn’t that simple and that they have to ease in to custody for the sake of the children but i just feel like grandma didn’t want to hear that and wanted her way so it created tension. As much pain as this mom has gone through, she’s being strong. Some may not agree with what I’m going to say but mom’s feelings override grandmoms. I’m not saying hers don’t matter but its big of mom to take on this step of custody arrangements and that she’s not the one being problematic
I sort of feel that mother should have had custody of both children since both of her biological daughter’s parents died. The grandparents of course should have rights to the children and be involved, but 1 weekend a month doesn’t seem like very much for either side.
Julia Blake
from a legal perspective it’s strange that Paula wouldn’t be awarded sole custody of her biological daughter.
Angela Coburn
The parents had only been dead a few weeks when this was discovered. I lived in the county where it happened and it was so tragic. The parents were very young, early 20’s if that and were driving with 5 other kids all young teens or early 20’s all died. 7 total. A big rig crossed the highway and ran over them. The parents also had a baby that was left orphaned too.
How can they be “accidentally” switched when they were identification tags on ankles and wrists
I was born in 1993 and the whole time my mom was pregnant dr’s said it would be a boy. Up to the very last ultrasound. When she gave birth to me she was able to see me and just knew it wasn’t a boy but a girl, she always knew all along. But when my dad showed up they gave him a boy and was convinced he had a boy even when my mom argued against it. They brought the boy in to be breastfed and she went ballistic! Luckily, she caught on to it and so did the other mom. I even had the other moms bracelet and vice versa. They were ready to send us “home”. It’s insane all they had was an apology and I always wondered how the hospital could be so neglectful and impact someone’s life without a care.
Mikey D
OH when Oprah said the other family had perished in a car wreck. Can’t help but feel so sad about this. LOVE WINS!
It’s too bad they all just couldn’t agree and get the girls together more. Obviously the grandma loves both and feels connected to both. Especially having to lose her daughter so tragically. Of course by now these girls are probably grown.
Vanessa Willis
Just found their Facebook pages. Paula shouted both girls out on daughters day. They all seem to be happy and say they wouldn’t change what happened to them.
Imani Kingel
Main reason my son was not able to leave the room from me for 4 days except for his snipping and that was literally 45 minutes and I left out of my room to find him to ensure he was still safe ☺️ And same for my daughter that’s on her way here she can not leave my side.
DD Bears36
You know that’s so sad. But we’re all connected in a spiritual. And I am so sorry of the loss of the biological mother and I hope that the other mother that she’s known as her mother continues to be in her life and is allowed to be in her life
I remember watching Switched at birth based on these girls…i liked the show very much
They could never switch my babies. They have all been the spitting image of my husband. If they hand me a baby that doesn’t look just like him, I know that they have switched my baby with someone else’s baby.
Bear Kiels
This is exactly why I insisted on my baby being in my bed after birth.
Detroit Skidrow
I just love Oprah!!⭐🌟🌠❤
julie gutierrez
i feel so bad for the kid who was with the mom who died like why cant they both just be like sisters?
Damy Li
Wow this case also happened in Philippines recently probably one month ago and thanks to the mother who noticed the baby was not her own baby and now the babies back to their right parents
I had my oldest around the same time and an ankle monitor was placed on the baby immediately after birth which synced with a wrist monitor on the parents that would sound an alarm if the baby was taken out of range of the parents.
Deep Dysforia
My aunt almost got switched to an other baby when she was born. The nurse brought the baby to my grandmother, and she said that this is not my baby.
Beauty In The Boondocks
How does this even happen? They typically let you see the baby before they take them to the nursery. 🤔
Nancy Howard
Blessings 🙏. Pretty little girls
Interesting fact Carlton who is one of the girls father married the deceased Dads sister,and was able to raise his biological daughter together with his new wife.This daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her biological mother for reasons unknown.The other girl with the blond hair stayed with her nonbiological mother but still has a relationship with the other side as well.Sad
Soraya Nasser
No the grandparents have a right to their grandchild and nobody could live her more than they will because she is a surviving part of their daughter.
When oprah asked her if she thinks of Rebecca as her child I noticed some hesitation.
Being Family isnt only blood, the Extension of your Love…
Rebecca Day
I don’t understand why the grandparents don’t let the daughter be raised by her biological parents – they are too old and that’s her real mum. I bet they would have no issue with visitation. I wish they put the children’s needs before their own.
Bumble bee
This is a WOW story!!!!!
Please do an update, I want to see them now and how this affected them
shrgh 18
In my grandma’s time it was home births, but when the next generation changed to hospital births she would say, I’m glad babies in our family are born with clear family features, no risk of switching.
Sundraw Sun
In our hospital (Germany) the baby stays with you in your room from the first second on. Never left alone by any of the parents.
This is not the first time this has happened. Doesn’t anyone remember the case of the girls switched at birth in Florida in the late 70s? There was even a movie about it.
Leoni Ward
Wow they both look like their real mothers this is so sad but i hope they end up with some sort of happy ever after 😥🥰
ashley wilson
This breaks my heart because she will never get to know her biological parents
Rolande Morgan
There’s no way a mistake should continue. I want my own child. Hospital should pay for me to get it back.
This may be an unpopular opinion but I believe they should stay with the women that aren’t their bio mothers. Imagine your raised by a woman and have grown to love her and she knows everything about you, but then they just switch you with a random girl you don’t know and hand you off to your grandparents who don’t know a thing about you.
I am not a mother so I have no idea how this feels but honestly I think I would still want to raise my biological child and visit the child I raised up until that point. A relationship like this is only going to get more complicated as the girls get older.
Andi Leigh
HOW DO HOSPITALS ever make this “mistake”? It’s so much worse than a MISTAKE!!!
Wow I’m surprised they didn’t switch them back (I wonder if the other mother had been still alive if they would have) There was a very similar story in Sourh Africa years ago with boys. They decided NOT to switch the boys back.. it ended up in disaster as one family was wealthy and one was very poor so the poor boy was resentful of not having the life he felt he deserved. It’s on 60 minutes Australia. An extremely sad story
Ramona Gidley East
I feel like we all thought this had happened to us.
African Girl
I need a DNA test done to find my dad
Tessa Teilor
I don’t understand why the alive mother doesn’t raise both children. For the daughter shes raised as her own, that’s the mother she knows with no biological mother to go back to. For the biological daughter, that’s her biological mom. If the grandparents are okay with such sparse visitation rights to their bio grandchild, they should be okay with the same for the grandchild they didn’t raise but thought was their bio. It’s not like they saw their Not Bio grandchild all that often either, in terms of not 24/7 because they weren’t raising the child. I also understand the kids were a little older by then but Rebecca had a biological mom to go back to. Turning Grandparents into parents when the orphan has a safe biological family to go back to makes no sense.
It seems like the timing of Paula finding out was actually meant to be so that she could be mother to both girls with the loss of Whitney.
Those girls were born only two months before I was! If i were that mom i’d right tooth and nail for custody of my biological daughter. She only saw her once a month. That’s so messed up
Tinker Stinker
I was born in a military hospital in the ‘70’s. The lady who was sharing a room with my Mom also had a baby the same day. They switched us, and thankfully my Mom spoke up… Granted they would have figured it out eventually. One of us babies are Caucasian, and the other is African-American. 😳 Oops!
Fanny Ortiz
How did the father knew that was not his daughter?
Shanie Cakes
That gma that lost her daughter first saw callie….omg its her daughter right there
I feel like in this situation one child is always favoured by everyone more than the other. Callie is the start in this story and I feel bad for Rebecca.
Jamie Angel
I dont know about anyone else, but I knew my daughter’s face from minute 1. If someone had brought me a different baby, I would have known straight away
And this is why my husband is staying with our baby when she is born. Our hospital offers that if baby has to leave my side for any reason that we can have husband/support person stay with baby while they do anything medical with her. My baby isn’t going home with a stranger. I haven’t even given birth and I feel very protective of her, im glad the mom took this in stride but I would be absolutely wild if I found out the kid wasn’t the one I gave birth to.
LJ Schade
That was mind-boggling wow…
Tameka Morrison
How does something like this happened? I would sue the hospital
If everyone were not so selfish I think something more favorable to everyone would have happened.
Nokuthula Makhanya
This is madness because the EXACT same thing happened in South Africa few yrs back.. even the child support detail
lauukik mhatre
it’s really sad, the kid has real parents still staying with other grandmother. why dont she take back her daughter and grow both the girls together.
Roxanne Emiliano
Please tell me that in fighting for the other kid, no one is loving the kid that is with them any less 😢
Amélie Malloy
Funny thing is, is that I actually made my parents take a dna test because I look absolutely nothing like them and so I made them take one and they are my parents lol but I just look like one of my great great grandparents which is weird
Sole Gonz
The emotional stress put on the living single mother most be a mountain. Hope she sued that hospital & got $$$$ to help her out. What a nightmare
Adriana Vargas
It would be great if they could have let Rebecca live with Cali 💝💝
Lord this is so messed up. I would of wanted both of the girls 😔 I know that may sound selfish.
Shane C
Mamma looks like she is checked all the way out.
This is psychological traumatizing and really messed up happening.
Susan Weston
They should be given an medal for the best actors in the world at covering g up MURDER
Szűcsné Fekete Krisztina
How on Earth did the new moms not recognise their own baby in the hospital? How is that possible?
Carole Landry
I think that the mom should get both children and the grand parents could have them some weekends and a month in the summer something like that, cause I know what it’s like as a mother.
Omg please tell me this isn’t my real mom and I was switched at birth 🥺😭
nana kazondo
I think she should have been allowed to raise both girls
In 95 a nurse came on with an infant and tried to give her to me. I’d gotten a very good look at my daughter and had noticed 3 little bumps on her face. This baby the nurse was trying to hand to me wasn’t mine. We went back and forth for minute and she finally put the baby down and picked up the baby that was in the other bed that she had. That was my baby. Both girls had dark hair and dark skin. I’m thinking that the little bumps on my baby’s face saved us all from this happening to us. Which my baby looked just like my brother when she was born also. This would be awful. I think that mom should have both girls and grandparents have regular visitation. At the same time, whatever happens they need to think about what is best for the children. I couldn’t imagine loosing my daughter and to then find a little bitty mini her running around out there. This is so sad
Meer tonen
Eden Eden
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh why does the deceased family have any rights to keep the child of HER OWN parents?
Shawn Plus One
I’d love to see a an update.
shannon miller
I would love an update on this story Oprah .
Oprah, what happened to me? I need your help. Something happened to me at birth and no one is telling me the truth. It’s Important for people to know the truth! Oprah …where are you? We need you Oprah.! 💜
I wish there was an update on this story
Clare O'Brien
I wonder how many times this has happened and it’s never actually came to light.
Aime Brewer
the fact the two babies look nothing alike
I can’t get over that I have the same birthday as them down to the year!
Nancy Howard
The hospital workers should be held accountable and criminally charged this should never happen.
Stacy G
Just one of the many atrocities that happen in hospital births. So glad I birthed at home.
Madeline Vance
I got a DNA test done recently and will soon know the results. My parents are both very white, but when my mother was born she came out quite dark and her mother gave birth in the same room as a Native American woman. My grandfather became convinced that my mom was switched at birth, but no one ever took any tests. My mom looks very much like all her siblings, though she is much taller than her sisters. She looks very white, and so do my siblings and I, apart from my brother who could pass as Hispanic especially in the summer. I’m a little nervous for the results. We all think it is highly unlikely that my mom was switched at birth, but it’s still a possibility. Maybe I’ll update when I get the results. They should come within a week.
Katherine Poltoratzky
So the father said she wasn’t his child even before the DNA test to absolve himself of responsibility?
deano Laurence
Love an update on this story
Mary Jane
Very Sad Story . . But ii love the fact that both families decided to let both little girls know early on that they was adopted . . . What’s the update on both families and little girls now ? 💜
John & Rhonda Boyd
There needs to be (and maybe there is and I haven’t seen it) a where are they now follow up. How did it all turn out?
Ughhh!!! What is the update???? I REALLY pray the adults were all able to work things out. To be fair, at the time this was filmed, it was still fresh and UNDERSTANDABLY EMOTIONAL for everyone. Hopefully they got past that and realized they were ALL victims of a HORRIBLE mistake.
E Arnold
This has happened so much. There are some sicko nurses out there. Could have been done deliberately. It’s so shocking.
Kasper Kasper
And Withney died and didn’t found out about switch 💔
Steven Cheverez
In some hospitals now, what they do is put a gps bracelet around the ankle of the baby as soon as the mother gives birth with the baby’s and parents name, with address and phone number. So it would be impossible to have a mix-up…. Hell of a lawsuit though.
Donna Stanley
I remember all of this. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN CHARLOTTESVILLE . they killed one of my TWINS. My only Son at age 26yrs. 11 months to the day he would be 27 with his twin Sister..
Esther Dommerholt
Wow, and the sad story continues: “Paula Johnson says she has never been able to let go of the hate she feels from her ordeal and the fact she has no relationship with her biological daughter”
Kirsty nicole
Crazy that this happens it’s a future fear of mine if I have biological children myself and my heart breaks that they can’t go back to their own families but they have already been with their “adoptive” families since birth so I guess that takes prescient I want the best for the girls but I feel they should be with their own families and they were so young they probably could’ve adjusted okay so sad Callie’s biological mom died never knowing the age heartbreaking.
Tatiana Granger
I was so scared of this that I bought nail polish and painted my baby’s big toes. Then I knew. They never took my girls anywhere without me. My son was removed so he could get circumcised.
Carrie Bizz
An unbelievable story
Imani Carlisle
I’m not understanding why they didn’t go to their biological parents after they found out n just kept contact because they where young
wisp girl
This is a sad story. Paula’s husband left her and married Callie’s biological aunt who was raising Rebecca, Callie’s birth family cut of contact with Paula for a long time, eventually Paul had contact after Rebecca grew up, but Callie’s bio family is still distant from Callie and Rebecca’s contact with Paula is not much. I can’t understand how Callie’s bio family (grandparents, aunts and uncles) did not want Kevin(callie’s dad who died in the crash)’s daughter back in the fold. Its very strange. Callie has a biological sister, but her contact with Callie is also not much. Very weird story
S. Annalese
I think a free DNA test should be available as an OPTION to all parents and children before leaving the hospital. Just a thought…. And to those saying “babies shouldn’t leave moms side after birth”….umm sometimes baby needs to be taken from mom for further evaluations, especially if it’s an emergency. My son was taken away after birth and returned 30 minutes later all fine. Also, some parents do let baby go off after birth if they’re exhausted. You have to remember not everyone in labor & delivery has a partner or some kind of support system when baby enters the world. Just sayings
Meer tonen
helen donohoe
Maybe it’s a blessing for both family’s
ok love
So happy my baby isn’t leaving my room, my biggest fear
Dinah Kruppa
Fortunately my son’s were the only boys in the nursery. But bracelets were put on me and my sons in the delivery room. Why isn’t this done everywhere?
Hafsa Abdulwadood
Why did they switch they girl BACK like give each parent their child omg I would want my baby 😭😭😭😭
Stephanie Coates
I spent my entire childhood hoping this had happened to me. I prayed a call would come in from my “real” parents to pick me up from the narcissistic mentally ill crap that unfortunately did actually have me. If I could afford rhinoplasty I’d used plastic surgery to remove two of the biggest jerks off my face.
Hilary Garstang
Why is there any custody issue with the living biological mom if it was the hospital’s mistake and there is dna proof? I understand that the kids can’t be torn from the people they’ve grown up with, but “custody” implies that the law is involved.
Stefania Pedrosi
So much grief because of nurses’ carelessness
I would never let them take my baby and if I couldn’t be there I would make sure a family member was always with the baby. HTF could this happen?
I’d like to say this happens far too often for hospitals not to be sued into oblivion because of it. Too many times has this happened because of idiotic nurses. Either the hospital gets sued or the nurse gets sued YOUR PICK.
Doesn’t it make you wonder how often this might happen and no one has a clue?
Matea Aetam
What a Destiny😳😳😳!!! Like a movie 🥺
Sounds like grandma knew the little girl she is raising wasn’t her daughter’s child. When she said with the dna,now I have a piece of my daughter with me. That family also had their suspicions about the daughter. N has probably been treated differently
Lindsay Greer
Rebecca’s bio dad ended up marrying Callie’s aunt 😮
Saucedrip Kidd
The girls need to make thier own descions they deserve it
Susan Weston
If I am wrong I will gladly eat humble pie and keep my opinions to myself in future but I strongly believe that they panicked and covered up Madeleine s body
Stanley Hood
This happens all too frequently.
This is why my baby will never leave the hospital room
if my baby isn’t in my sight, then they will be in the sight of a trusted friend or family member.
winky doo
oh my gawwwwddddd i felt so frustrated after watching this 😭
I am soooo glad my hospital didn’t remove babies from the mom’s room so I had my daughter all the time and the doctors checked her in my room
I think they should just be one big family, then they all gain and don’t lose. Why not live beside one another? They’re older, they lost their daughter, the mother. Leaving them to raise a young child in their late years and this lady is the other mother, who I think could use the help the grandparents are willing to give as much as they could use hers.
QuesoCAT 🐱
Wow, that little girl thought her mom died and got another mom! Crazy how things happen!
Sacha Flovers
I wonder if the nurse that did the switching of these babies and other cases too not feel guilty for having made such a terrible mistake that affected so many people and physiological trauma they cause to both parents and children
Well, at least thanks to the parents who told the children early on.
love life
Here in Holland the baby only leaves the room with the father or an other familymember.. just in case I think..
This is so unfair to biological mother that her own child is not living with her. Just crazy
N Corp
I wonder how well the child knew the grand parents. Unless they were close, that child should be raised by the mom.
Melanie Brooke Kiser
this was my all 3 of my cousins that got switch at birth the mother and the dad was also my cousin they never knew that the kids was switch
I get a bad vibe from this mother. I feel as she don’t care as much for her biological child..I would be devastated and want both girls in my life.everything to her is about Cali.
Lady Rae
Life is insane . Wow .
Lila 1978
I love my sons but my daughter was extra special……nice🤦‍♀
Lola D
Lifetime worthy plot twist the other mother was killed in the car accident by mother Paula . Paula seems to Golden child her non biological daughter. Maybe she didn’t want to let her go.
Entropy Deregan
I couldn’t not want my own child. It’s weird how they keep opposite child. Wow
At Home, with Chi Phan
i think you should be allowed to take back your biological child if thats what you want. i think its heart breaking and the hospitals should be made accountable. This sort of thing wouldn’t happen if the children were banded whilst still with the mother at birth. oh so tragic and inconceivable.
TaiTai Toni
Grandma is happy, becsuse she got her daughter back, except, she isn’t the daughter but the granddaughter and she isn’t her mom but a stranger. Both should be allowed to live with the survivong mom! God, the poor, poor girls, what a tragedy! I told my husband, wherever they go with the baby, you go too! But my daughter had a baby-basket right next to my hospital bed anyway.
Cali Girl
She needs a real lawyer
Hailey Horn
Why did the grandma never talk about Rachel only Cali whereas Rachel bio mom talked about both and how much love she has for both
Bri Green
Mistakenly switch? No you mistakenly lock your keys in your car! You mistakenly leave your windows open on your way to work and you knew it was going to rain but you FORGOT to close the window. Those are common mistakes. This incident involving children is UNACCEPTABLE
Trap Angel
nah see I would’ve been like excuse me give me my child
Robin Nelson
So, WHO switched them? Was it an accident, or intentional? After my youngest was born in a hospital, by C-section, they brought in a baby boy. I took one look at him and said, “This isn’t my baby”. The nurse looked shocked and took him away and brought me mine. I often have wondered if it was done on purpose, or if it truly was a mistake. He had a bracelet on. I thought they were supposed to check them.
Think of the poor girl who had just lost her mother in a car crash just to find out that she wasn’t your biological parent and your biological parent had mothered the girl who’s biological parent had been killed!
oumaima abcde
I am questioning if I am my moms daughter right now
Lien Bijs
Very strange to let the girl to live with the grandmother while there is a sweet and caring biological mother who loves to raise her. Why the granddmother doesn’t agree to be a real granddmother for both girls? You know, sleepovers, baby sitting. I would try to connect as family with eachother in the benefit of the girls.
Roberta Hubert
When my first son was born I went to the nursery to see him and they brought another baby to the window and I was saying how beautiful he was when my husband interrupted me and said that’s not our baby so he asked the nurse to check his hospital ID tag and he was not our son. They apologized and brought us our son. And my husband said yes this is my son he is just as ugly as you that other baby was to cute to be ours. ( my husband has a sick sense of humor)
Give the mom her real daughter!
purple stripes
Oh interesting. So, things must’ve gone south with Rebecca’s mum’s mum, cos she doesn’t have visitation rights for Callie
Stella And kids!
Jeez that was intense! And on a side note, that’s just way too many ads for such a short video.
Gussy Gatlin
I think I was switched at birth… I don’t get along with my family at all… lol
I feel that the baby should have a bracelet with her name on it. And that after mom gets home with her baby, she should go see her house doctor and do a blood test for in case.
Patty Hudson
Does anyone know about the two boys i believe in Georgia was switched one was adopted the other was African American and the father kept accusing his wife of cheating eventually they found the boys were mixed up in the hospital i saw only one interview about them and the biological mother had both the boys i just have always wondered what happened to all of those involved in away it’s a sad situation for everyone involved
What a Mind F! What happened after? Now today ? Where are the girls
Very sad that Rebecca doesn’t speak to Paula.
Jaritza Curet
I seen These Girls Facebook Profiles And Rebbeca Is Married And Having Her First Child At 25 Been A Home Owner For 4 Years And Callie Became A Mom At 19 And Has 2 Kids And She Is Married.
Kimberly McDonald
They should treat the girls like twins and let the moves like twins between family visitation . It’s enough love to go around.
Linda Kincaid
I kinda agree with this mother. It’s sad they were switched at birth, but both families loved them as their own. there might be questions as the girls got older and adults, but not as children. This just makes it complicated.
Filiz Booday
How Can she live with not raising her own daughter too. Thats ridiculous
It seems like Whitney would want both her daughters to be raised by their other mother with visits to the Grandparents. She is young and really they are both her children too.
Donald Harlan
Those people are evil for doing that. I don’t believe those families, something is wrong.
Mandy Candy
So “Rebecca” was supposed to be “Cali” and “Cali” was supposed to be “Rebecca”
This poor women went through so much after this. She lost her biological child, lost her husband, who then shacked up with an aunt (who was raising Rebecca) of the other family, Rebecca said she wants nothing to do with Paula and sees the aunt as her mom. The biological father should be ashamed of himself for not even trying to reunite Rebecca with her bio mother somehow.
Mark Enns
This is not the 1996 set . . . This set was used starting in 1998.
Melissa  Colon
I cant imagine, wonder how are they now?
Why doesn’t Whitney’s parents have visitation to Callie?
Melanie Melendez
The mother tried to get rebeka back but the judge ruled the children will stay with the family who has been raising them, they tried to work out a visitation schedule however it did not work and both children grew less eager to meet relatives they only knew as strangers.. I pray for healing in all involved ***paula sewed the hospital and was awarded a little over 1 million dollars
k Ritah
Am confused with this story,I have to watch over and over to get it straight
Monae Samone
The girls are young enough, the girls should just be raised by their own biological family & occasionally see each other for a bday or something 💁🏾‍♀
It's The Anointing Ministry
Whoever is reading this, always remember the only way to God is through his son Jesus Christ Lord and Savior. Love you beloved. Trust God no matter what.
Imagine going to heaven and God letting you know BTW the kid you are raising that’s not your actual kid. And then God shows you what happened 😲😲😲
Saved Sinner YouTube
The gospel by which we’re SAVED. We’re under Paul’s ministry today. Therefore we’re not under the law of the old testament. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV)(1) Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the GOSPEL (good news) which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; (2) By which also ye are SAVED, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain (self). (3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that CHRIST DIED for our SINS according to the scriptures; (4) And that he was BURIED, and that he ROSE AGAIN the THIRD DAY according to the scriptures. And that takes us back to John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH in him should NOT PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE. Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) (8) For by GRACE are ye SAVED through FAITH; and that NOT of yourselves: it is the GIFT of GOD: (9) NOT of works, lest any man should boast. So it’s only by GRACE that we are SAVED not by works. JESUS did all the work and gave us GRACE (unmerited favor) as long as we have FAITH (believe) in the DEATH, BURIAL, and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ for SALVATION (trust in his BLOOD ATONEMENT). That’s the gospel. JESUS said, Ye must be BORN AGAIN to enter into the kingdom.(accept Jesus as your SAVIOUR)  READ, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE (from the heart by FAITH) and be SAVED
Meer tonen
Juliana King
I de want my daughter back!
c cc
I would be livid!
DJ Holliday
I don’t understand why this grandmother wouldn’t let this MOTHER raise both girls, after the other mother died. How selfish. She should be facilitating Rebecca’s relationship with her birth mother. This is horrible, however, God does not make mistakes. There is a reason this happened. I hope it worked out better eventually.
Jeffrey Cline
we need an update on this
Sara Harman
Why not switch them back permanent after gradually getting to know one another more? They are young enough.
T Marie
So…legally when the girls turn 13, they can actually choose which home they wish to live.
The grandmother should have just let her have her daughter then both girls could go stay with grandma once a month.
This story 🥺😩😭
Rosie Whitfield
One of the worst things to happen to a mother after giving birth to her daughter. I had one daughter and I was so lucky to not have had her be mixed up with another woman’s baby girl. This story for the two mothers is horrible. Young Cali lost out because her biological mother Whitney and dad Kevin sadly passed away before the poor kid knew she was someone else’s daughter and not Paula who raised her from a little baby. Very sad story this one sure is. In recent years more so in my part of the world the mistake of being switched as a baby is extremely difficult to do. My oldest was a half an hour old when he had his hospital name band on him. Straight after my daughter and youngest child were born both babies were hospital name banded and no way did I go home with a baby that was switched accidentally or on purpose. I hope Cali and Rebecca Grace are healthy 20 something year old women. Hopefully the mistake of being switched as infant baby girls hasn’t destroyed their lives and mental health either. Horrible ordeal to go through it would be for both these kids 💔💔
Meer tonen
Peter Gabriel
I just found out my son is actually my mother.
PKwan S
I give birth to my son in Belgium hospital in 2014. I stay in a standard room, the cheapest one. My son stay next to my bed the whole stay. He turned yellow, the doctor give him a uv light therapy next to my bed. One time 2 nurses took my son away for a test. They asked me first before taking my son and my husband can go with them to the test room. They don’t have a glass room where all the babies stay together, all babies stay with the mother. I feel like in us they should let all babies stay with the mother too. All newborn need their mother. The glass room is cute but creating a loophole for the nurse to accidentally switch babies, or the fake nurse to kidnap babies. If the babies need to go away from the mom room alway send 2 nurses and let one of the parents go with them to prevent babies kidnapping.
Meer tonen
This is very depressing. I don’t get why they have such limited visitation. The girls should have just been raised as sisters full time. Why such conflict? They could have all worked together on this.
Smart Kookie
She knew damn well that baby wasn’t hers! Those features look nothing like her.🙄
Family Video Vault
From the second my son was out of my womb he immediately got a bracelet put on him before I was even sown up from the c-section so I don’t understand mix ups
Erica Hensley
So did the girls get to go to their real families after the discovery or did they stay in the same homes?
Marsha Vaughn
Im just wondering why you wouldn’t want you’re actual child
What a tragedy that became a hot mess on top of it. She was going to tell the girl, but changed her mind 5 minutes later.
Shaneca René
Awww I share a birthday with Kevin Worth Chittum February 21st 🙏🙏🙏
Luan Penna
Wait a minute, the tombstone says 1998 (3:35) but the video is marked as 1996. Something is not right.
Aneta Welsh
I have heard about the 2 boys in South Africa,,,it was thru the courts and a DNA test that the parents found out,,how many switches are out there,,do these things happen all the time,,,Bittersweet
h mar
Geez, just leave well enough alone.
Jaritza Curet
I feel like they should of switch the kids. Callie should of been with the grandma. And Rebecca should have been with her mother.
BellyDance & Yoga w/Indigo
‘I love my other children, But’
Kay Cook
Having a sister who adopted that is her daughter.
Vivian Vu
I love you
choon choo
Give rebecca back to her biological mother and with callie too. Her grandmother should be give this girls to mother who love both of them. A grandma still able to visit them.
Grace Wilkinson
I hate the way she always uses words like killed, murdered, tortured, etc. it’s really devastating for these kids/ anyone in these situations and saying she was KILLED is just really insensitive
Latrease Leah
I’m sorry but if that’s biologically her daughter and the hospital made a mistake they need to give her child to her and allow the other family to have their granddaughter! This story is crazy I wouldn’t be able to go on without having my daughter!
Diella Notes
Where are they now?
Wendy Norton
I think nurses do this on purpose as part of a god complex.
Liane Cornils
My dad should expect protection of my life by family since the police can’t offer it. Then I’ll have to protect my way of dying myself we lf. I cannot be subject to hospital murder like my mom , and dad were.. isolated under the guise of police racist brutality.
Jayne Smith
why cant the living mother have custody of her own daughter
rika love
Wow they look just their mothers.
They should have sued the hospital
I. Y.
there are bored and angry nurses walking around and switching babies just for fun
This mother could take custody of her biological child…..and have a case to keep the other as well as long as she kept in touch with the grandma
Their sisters in the best possible way, God sisters.
Maryka Roy
Rebecca’s a little slower? Hummmm what?
Haley Fountain
How do you not know what your own baby looks like!??
Bheena Choytooa
God, how many mixed up people have to suffer since hospital was opened?
Shane Calvin TV
Definitely NOT 1996 but ok
J Jim
Any updates on this case?
Jenny Misteqq
Gee, Oprah and Harpo Studios didn’t make enough money while on air? They feel the need to jam pack this small video with ads? The greed.
Old Yeller
Oprah, there are only two sides, two choices in life. You are backing the wrong horse. You’re on the wrong path. Stop and change direction now
Rachel Johnson
The mothers do look a lot alike.
I kinda feel sorry for her sons. She didn’t speak that well of them, in fact the way she said “boys” didn’t sit well with me at all.
kellie taylor
These kids were so young why didn’t they switch back or let the young mom have both and give grandma visitation
Nurses do this all the time.
Jillian A
I wonder if that baby ended up with her so she could be with her when her bio mother died. Maybe it just ended up like that for some reason. They say everything happens for a reason. Now they both have a mother in a way that’s still alive. Sad though. This kinda shot could make a Hollywood movie.
- Reagan
You’ll never believe this, but Rebecca Grace (the child raised by her grandmother after her mother (actually both) parents died in a car accident, she doesn’t have anything to do with her biological mother, now – Rebecca’s birth mother tried to win custody of Rebecca but a judge ruled she should stay with Callie’s family, with visitation rights. WELL.. Pam Miskovsky, Callie’s aunt helped bring up Rebecca and is now married to Callie’s biological father, Carlton Conley!!! I wonder if the father had anything to do with driving a wedge between her and her mom or if he had anything to do with the switch at the hospital. It just seems very sus to me for so many coincidences to involve him. He was also the one who initiated the divorce shortly after the girls were born and claimed that the baby wasn’t his – and a paternity test would have backed him up, if they had not also done a maternity test. It just makes me wonder if he was trying to get out of child support and he switched the babies ankle bracelets in the nursery. Back then, a father was allowed inside the nursery with the other babies in some hospitals and they didn’t have the digital tags and alarms and all the security that they do now.
Meer tonen
What a sad story
Harry Zhu
Accidental adoption basically damn
Nancy Howard
Looking beautiful Oprah
Robertino Yanzanny
DNA Testing is a blessing, many innocent people have been exonarated from crimes they didn’t commit. Locked up criminals who committed to them. The truth of DNA is a blessing.
Abel Tesfaye
Let’s get the nurse who switched them by accident
Killa Jay
And that all was filmed 20 years ago, crazy
what if the parents are psychopaths.. omg.. you endanger the life of the children..