Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

The English equivalent of the Dutch saying

“Ledigheid is des duivels oorkussen” is

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

This expression conveys the idea that being idle or having nothing to do can lead to mischief or trouble.

What does the saying “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” mean?

This is an old, old saying. Many variations exist in different languages, so it is a common saying. My Mom would tell me on rare occasions that my idle hands were the devil’s workshop.

As Mom was from England, I assume it is an English saying. I know from my reading that the people of the Middle Ages were terrified of the devil and saw the devil or his minions in many natural events. Rain spoils the hay harvest; The devil did it. The milk sours in the summer heat; the devil spits in it.

The medieval monks tried to make the devils in the manuscripts as horrific as their imaginations could devise. I wonder which Brother the monk who drew this.


The saying “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” conveys a few key points:

  1. Inactivity leads to trouble: The phrase suggests that when people are not busy or engaged in constructive activities, they may be more prone to getting into trouble or mischief.

  2. Productivity and purpose: The saying implies that keeping oneself busy with meaningful tasks or work is a way to avoid negative influences or behaviors.

  3. Warning against idleness: It serves as a cautionary statement, advising against being idle or having nothing to do, as it may lead to undesirable consequences.

In essence, the saying encourages people to stay active, productive, and engaged in positive activities to avoid falling into trouble or engaging in harmful behaviors.

1 GB News Breakfast 28th Jan 2024

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28 jan 2024

2 Developers Blamed For The Post Office Horizon Scandal?

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17 jan 2024

What was the root cause of the Post Office scandal in the UK? Are the software developers who built the Horizon IT System to blame? And if not, at what point if any do software developers have a professional duty of care for the systems that they build?

Is it enough for Fujitsu who built the system to claim to be “sorry” while making billions in government contracts and producing software that couldn’t achieve its basic goals of keeping the accounts?

Big Distributed software systems are genuinely complex things, we are always close to complexity and so prone to mistakes, but the commercials of software development often mean that projects like these are complex at the social and commercial level too. The Post Office Scandal has exposed all of these issues and innocent people have paid the cost over two decades.

At its roots though this was the result of technical failures of some software, so in this episode, software engineer, author and software thought leader, Dave Farley dissects the more technical parts of this story. Why and how did this software fail and what questions should we be asking? beyond questions about the reasons behind the scandalous blaming of innocent people for software failures that were known not to be their fault.

3 Eastbourne former sub-postmistress conviction quashed

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Mrs Crane’s lawyer said the sub-postmistress had “suffered in silence” since her conviction
Horizon ordeal Published 1 February
By Juliette Parkin & Tanya Gupta, BBC News, South East
A former sub-postmistress who “suffered in silence” for years after she was wrongfully convicted in 2010 has spoken out about her ordeal.
Kathleen Crane, who ran a branch in Eastbourne, was ordered to repay more than £18,000 and given a 12-month community order when she was convicted of fraud.
She was prosecuted based on evidence from the faulty Horizon IT system.
Her daughter has called for those responsible to be held accountable. Katy Crane said: “They should feel what it felt like for her – terrified that she was going to go to jail. I think they need to feel how that felt.”
Post Office scandal victim who was ordered to repay £ …
The Mirror www. mirror. co. uk › News › UK News › Post Office
25 Jan 2024 — Kathleen Crane was handed a 12-month community order and ordered to repay the money she was accused of taking from her branch in Eastbourne, …
Kathleen Crane, who ran a branch in Eastbourne, was ordered to repay more than £18,000 and given a 12-month community order when she was convicted of fraud. She was prosecuted based on evidence from the faulty Horizon IT system. After her conviction was quashed last week, she said her stomach “dropped”.1 Feb 2024
Eastbourne sub-postmistress speaks out about Horizon ordeal
BBC www. bbc. co. uk › uk-england-sussex-68173387
Sub-postmistress ‘over the moon’ to have almost £ …
ITVX www. itv. com › news › sub-postmistress-over-th…
25 Jan 2024 — Kathleen Crane, 68, had her fraud conviction quashed at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Thursday. She is the first in England to have …
BBC South East
X · bbcsoutheast
2 weeks ago
A former sub-postmistress from Eastbourne who was convicted of fraud based on evidence from the faulty Horizon IT system and ordered to …

4 Post Office Horizon scandal

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31 jan 2024

The ITV drama “The Post Office V Mr Bates” has brought the scandal facing the Post Office over their Horizon computer system to wider public attention.

In Wigan one of our own sub-postmasters formed part of the original campaign with Mr Bates but lost his own Post Office and nearly lost his reputation.

Animal Concerto Prank

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30 mei 2011

If you like to see kids prank adults, check out the Just Kidding Prank channel:

Mini Mozart kid trained a bunch of birds to sing classical music. The little musical genius boy conducts the birds to perform in their cages for prank victims passing by. Then he walks off like a boss.