Children of a Lesser God!


Kinderen van een mindere God!

Kenden zij de liefde van hun moeder?
Werden ze gewiegd door hun vaders?
Hebben ze hier een levenslijn? Nee!
Ze werden alleen gelaten, om voor zichzelf te zorgen!

Verlaten door de narcistische criminelen
Verloren, zich niet bewust van hun realiteit.
Zij waren de kinderen van een mindere God.
Zij waren krijgers, niet gebroken.

Hun kansen trotserend en dapper strijdend
Ze zingen hymnes, loven de Almachtige
voor hun leven, zonder ooit te beseffen wat ze verloren
Hunkerend naar een klein leven met hoopvolle ogen.

Alleen in deze wereld zijn wij ook
Levend omringd door vele
een leven en sterven alleen
Gezegend zijn zij die het vroeg beseffen;

Anju Devadas

Enfants du Petit Dieu !

Ont-ils connu l’amour de leur mère ?
Ont-ils été bercés par leurs pères ?
Ont-ils une bouée de sauvetage ici ? Non !
Ils ont été laissés seuls, à se débrouiller par eux-mêmes !

Abandonnés par le criminel narcissique
Délaissés, inconscients de leur réalité.
Ils étaient les enfants d’un dieu inférieur
Ils étaient des guerriers, pas des brisés.

Défiant leurs chances et combattant bravement.
Ils chantent des hymnes, louent le Tout-Puissant.
Pour leur vie, sans jamais se rendre compte de ce qu’ils ont perdu.
Ils aspirent à une petite vie avec des yeux pleins d’espoir.

Seuls dans ce monde, nous sommes aussi
Nous vivons entourés de nombreuses
une vie et mourir seul
Heureux ceux qui s’en rendent compte le plus tôt possible ;

Anju Devadas

1 Left In Kathmandu – Longer Trailer

24 nov. 2010

Lifting a fallen country, one child at a time.

2 Street children in the Philippines | DW Documentary

19 nov. 2020

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is waging a brutal war on drugs. Thousands of people have already died at the hands of the police, including children. 
The populist president has ordered the country’s security forces to kill anyone that they think is connected to the drugs trade. Minors have also suffered under the crackdown. Some children have been inadvertently killed during drugs raids, while others have become police targets. Most come from the poorest sections of society. The film makers accompany street children trying to survive on the streets of the capital Manila. They meet adults who are trying to help, but also encounter the forces persecuting the children. 
DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.


3 Street Kids Looking At Food Menu! 

26 apr. 2020

Homeless kids looking at food menu. Walking home from the shopping Mall at 10:00 at night we thought we would help treat these kids to a restaurant meal for the first time! 🙂 Safe and friendly walk home at night in Manila?
arctic braga
My friend you are way to naïve, your questioning shows that clearly!!! I have been many times in Manila most of the street kids have home and family, they are poor and I always help them out when ever I can and you are a good man to do that. They go to school, they are clean and in clean clothes means they have a home, it may not be much of a home but at least they have one and boys this age are always hungry.

4 Street Children In The Philippines

29 nov. 2015

The street children were interviewed in Intramuros, Manila. It gives an overview of the lives of the typical street children in the Philippines. Note: All has been subbed with English.

5 Children of Manila | Future Shorts

15 mrt. 2011

Dir. Alessandro Molatore / Ireland/Italy / 2008 The Philippines are home to an estimated 1.5 million street children, many of whom survive by begging and selling salvaged recyclables from the streets of Metro Manila.

6 The Poor Children of Manila Philippines. Poor Filipino Kids Collecting Garbage for Money. Poverty

17 sep. 2016
Click the link to see more films like this one. Thanks!!

7 Feeding Street Kids of Cox Bazar Bangladesh

3 aug. 2018

After delivering Sawyer water filters to the Rohingya refugees, I spent a day exploring the streets of Cox Bazar. I ran into a group of street kids who I treated to a meal at a local restaurant. I spent some time and got to know a little about their lives. 
Little did I know that I would come face to face with the crushing poverty some of those children have to endure. Despite those conditions, they’re happy and friendly, or at least around me. They seem to hit each other a lot. 
*Bangladesh is home to aggressive Zika tainted mosquitoes. I got bit over 50 times in a matter of days there.

8 Feeding Poor Street Kids & Double Amputee @ Phnom Penh Cambodia

12 feb. 2019

Hey everyone, I’m out again feeding people again, this time street kids and a double amputee in Phnom Penh Cambodia near the Russian Market. Cambodia has one of the world’s highest concentration of amputees due to all the left over land mines from several wars and is still one of the most heavily mined countries in the world (140 land mines per square mile according to UNICEF).

This double amputee was sorting through a bag of garbage and caught my curiosity. He had a single prosthetic arm with a thin metal rod attached to it that he used to open things. What he was looking for? The bag was full of waste from the market so was he looking for food? I love helping these kinds of people. When he looked through a Styrofoam takeout container, I asked if he wanted food.

He said yes and took me to a nearby fried rice stall around the corner. He had a nice bag, seemed reasonably well dressed, and had a hat, and didn’t seem like the typical homeless or poor person who lived on the street so it confused me why he was sorting through rubbish.

I was hoping he could sit and eat with me so we could talk but he had ordered take out. It didn’t occur to me, but with no hands, how could he eat? I figured he must have someone taking care of him. At this point, a few street kids came over. I thought they might just be curious but I offered them food as well.

A nice lady who was there with her son helped me communicate. After asking, the kids said they would share 2 plates, each costing 9000 Riels. The lady was very nice but she had to go to the hospital to take care of a family member. The two street girls finished their plates, which made me happy, but the boy barely ate half. He packed the rest, which also made me happy. They were very camera friendly. When they started doing that Asian pose, I showed them how to do the Korean Sa-Rang-Hae thingie.

After they ate, they went to another stall to get more free food. I figured they would give it to their parents. Maybe the rice dish I got them wasn’t necessary. They didn’t look starving or that hungry but I wanted to help out that night anyways. When they left, they said “I love you” which surprised me since they probably only know a dozen words. **Bless whoever taught them that.

The owners of the rice porridge place were very pleasant so I decided to eat there, and to my surprise, their rice porridge was one of the best things I had in Cambodia! I would later go on to eat there almost every other night. I will definately stop by when I’m there again.

The owner’s daughter came and said hi to me. Apparently, they give free food to street kids on the regular, which impressed me even more. The daughter asked if I was Christian, and was excited to share that she was Christian too and went to a Christian school. Her joy was so overflowing that it felt like a spiritual meeting and a blessing of sorts. It turns out, she is the only Christian in her family. The rest are Buddhist. That reminded me of my extended family who are Buddhist or Christian.

Anyways, after hearing how the people of Cambodia have suffered so much, I’m glad to meet nice helpful people injecting new life. Thank you and may peace be with you.

9 Meeting Sweetest Homeless Girl ~She’s 6 ! +Update Scavenger Girl Found! Nga & Linh are back!

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2 jul. 2019

Thanks to my first Patreon pledge from Mr. D. Rhee, I went out to find someone to help. That’s when I met a truly homeless family with one of the sweetest homeless 6 year old girls I’ve ever seen at the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

I offered them assistance with anything and we actually ended up at Bun Man 22, a place Mark Wiens reviewed. The price was double the normal amount because that area has many tourists.

I also offered to buy them anything at the convenience store. Seeing a sweet homeless 6 year old girl run around and get everything she wanted was awesome. Thank you Mr. D. Rhee from the bottom of my heart.

I left feeling that was a nice experience for the both of us but I saw them again a few nights later sleeping next to a loud road. They really were homeless! I wanted to help them more.

I took a part of Mr. D. Rhee’s proceeds and decided to give them cash in a special “God Loves You” Tet Lucky Money Envelope with 600k VND (~$26) and a Beatitude inside. Since most beggars there make at least 100k VND a day and can rent a room with that, I thought 600k or about a weeks salary to a successful beggar was good enough but now I wish I gave more…

I found the scavenger girl! Thanks to the Manila Police, we were able to locate her family so she’s not homeless anymore! Full video coming soon. I also found the girl from 7-11 from one of my first videos! Nga and Linh from Troy Nguyen’s videos are back at the Ben Thanh market and will be there until the end of July. Apparently, the police there are cracking down on those walking street sellers at the market and are fining them if they are caught selling within the night market. This has made selling much harder for those sellers.

I can’t wait to show you all the incredible people we met and helped, which would not have been possible if it I wasn’t going out on the behalf of my Patreon supporters:

Mr. D. Rhee,
Ms. J.In
Mr. J. Leaman
Mr. Doorway,
Mr. M. Schneider
Mr. M. Loosli
Mr. D. Applegate, and
Mr. Andrew

I will be posting some updates as youtube posts. You can click subscribe and turn on notifications for posts or click on my channel, then on the community tab to check. While my comments for videos are turned off courtesy of the youtube controversy, you can comment on posts.

You can also email me at:

My Patreon is: Patreon/johnsoh

**Note that I will only be abroad for a couple more weeks so it will most likely be many months before I can use the funds for the poor for any new Patreon pledges. But I will collect it and use it to help the poor people that I come across. For current Patreons, I advanced a few months to hold us over for a little while. If anyone decides to stop their pledge, I’ll cover it. I’m just deeply appreciative that you were moved enough to help in the first place, which encouraged me to go out even more, so thank you!

As always, thanks for watching and Peace Be With You.


John Soh

10 Surviving The Streets Of Africa | Life In The Slums (Poverty Documentary) | TRACKS

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25 mrt. 2021

All his life Bernard has lived in one of Africa’s biggest slums. When he turned 17 he had to leave his home due to overcrowding in his family.

Many children, often younger than Bernard, face the same issue. To protect themselves on the streets and to avoid loneliness the children and teenagers form gangs.
Content licensed from ITV Global to Little Dot Studios.
Any queries, please contact us at:
Marian Hanson Self-Esteem Coach
The fact that anyone in the world who has lots of children and then throws them out because of overcrowding is disgraceful! Children don’t ask to be born. Imagine being thrown out at age 6 or 13 and having to fend for yourself. It’s heartbreaking 😞
I hope this Bernard kid made it, and his dreams came true. I would love to see how he’s doing now.
Thank you for your videos and even if it’s old as implied it still does not matter. The issue not about where it is since there are plenty towns, districts everywhere in the world. It’s just a reminder to be happy and appreciate what you have in life. Try to make the best of yourself especially if you have a good start since birth and try to help others who are in need and fight poverty. Poverty is a major problem in the world.
spring cady
I haven’t even watched this documentary yet, but just the look on the face of the young man in the ad, I see his pain, anguish and torment… So sad that anyone anywhere in this world is that broken at such a young age.. 😢😢😢😢
Dan vic
This was definitely filmed in the 1990s. I am close to Mathare and there is a very big difference between the situation then and now. The cars are really old and the I recognize very few things on the streets. The boys are most probably in their fifties or even sixties.
Blu Chips
It’s always wise for professionals to timestamp their work. And good taste to have a real interpreter…and when a few years go by, do a followup of the interviewees instead of rerunning the old film.
JaSon Joshuah
wow the early days of Africa, so amazing how far the content has come in such a short space of time, can imagine how much more it can go on just a few years.
JaSon Joshuah
i watch street and homeless videos from all around the world, its amazing how people live and struggle all around the world yet we pride our selves in being developed and we waste food and we start idle wars and battles to help us ignore the poor and suffering as we amass wealth.
Great video. Thanks for this piece of history, that is as important today, as it was when it was filmed.
Rogenia James
A young child with a big HEART.
Paula Vieira
So sad to know that kids on today’s era is living like this. I pray that the lord blesses me with financial freedom in order to help country and kids like this
ad stix
Please time stamp your videos so that your subscribers can get a proper and more accurate perspective!
Ahmed Ceymis
I feeel sorry 😢 really kids grown up with rough live no future end up jail and the government don’t give damn about it
TOMPPI. onzki on paskin tubettaja
I am so very happy I found this channel today. So many interesting videos.
This video is really old😂… All Kenyans assemble here(the nostalgia in the songs)😂
Okechukwu Nnorom
Sometimes when I watch these true clips of Africa I just wonder how come we live through this kind of horrible n yet we scale through it ,enjoy it…well when u r used to sometime it does not border u anymore.
Achayo Otto
Beautiful documentary
Kim Lighty
St Teresas catholic church in Eastleigh, Nairobi Kenya. Fr. Arnold Grol also started a boxing club for the street boys, i used to train in that gym in the early 2000’s. He helped a lot of street familys. 🙏
Abdirahman Muktar
Kenya, the country which is close to my heart. Despite having the most innovative and creative citizens, is lagging behind because most of its leaders are corrupt.
Mike B
Keep on having 15 children, these people are great grandparents by age 45. It’s insanity. All human population growth is in places of abject poverty, 100% of it. Something needs to be come up with a social security program where they make less money the more children they have? I don’t know..But something needs to change to prevent these child horror stories.
Xtabol X
Damn I’m thank8for my childhood….even if we have the stress of “racism” hunger poverty and slum living is worse the anything I’ve ever seen in America …I think gangstas who can’t conform to the laws should be sent to live there to see what REAL gangsta life is like… smh…
Kewsi Yehboah
Wish Every Member of Da Gang.. And Righteous People Blessings.. In Swahili.. Ubarikiwe – Bless You..
Oz Scalemodeling
Not much has changed for the better unfortunately.
Mwalili TV
Hey TRACKS, I’m also a Kenyan but I am wondering why didn’t you mention in the description that this documentary was produced almost 3 decades ago, or what was the agenda when you published it now, more than 30 years after production.
14 pregnancies?! I’d be beating the next man that ever came near near..! This is so sad.
Jeanette Dias
Africans r very talented n they love music n dance. They truly r beautiful people, if u get to know them better. Plz guys stop rasizam, don’t look at d colour, everyone’s blood is red, love eachother, live in harmony, spread peace. God see’s our heart, not colour, caste or creed. Jesus loves us all equally. Bless u
Tupac Shakur
Thanks for docs like this.
Achayo Otto
God bless the Father
Mahesh Nanjunda
Documentary was filmed in 1986, you can see it at 24:26
Dawood Dawood
Subject: Poor people living in the huts ⛺ Today we see lots and lots of poor people living in huts. Their life is not that much eady and convenient. There may be no separate rooms in Huts. It contains only one portion with no any other extra rooms or a kitchen. They manage with what they have and keep running their life in a way they can. There will be no beds for them to sleep. They manage to sleep on the mud floors on a hand made mats. Their sleeping place and the kitchen, are all comes in one place. They are totally poor so they cannot afford to go out for a good living. They have to manage with what they have and that’s the truth. The needy and the poor people have no leisure, no entertainments, no education, no proper medication and no proper meals. They have to survive with what they have and that’s the only situation they have. The life of the poor is not that much easy as you think. It’s a hard life, they have to work hard for their bread. Each and every day when the sun starts to rise, they wake up early and look for their food by going out. At times earning could be easy, at times it could be difficult, and it depends. Medication and children schooling is rather a difficult matter. In some villages the children has to walk long distance for their schools. There won’t be professional schools but just to support them with little education they have simple and small schools. All in all they have to face problems in their life and there is no end for their frustrations. Poor and needy people are the biggest losers and sinners in this world. They will not get what they want instead they will be facing the fate day and night. Luck doesn’t comes near them but the fate always surrounds them and put them into difficulties. The father as well as the mother in that poor family has to work hard for their living. Some places only the father is able to earn for the family and the mother take cares her children. When coming to food or meals, I think there won’t be a single day where they can fill their stomach with food. At times they will have only a little portion of food for them to share equally. In another day they will have no food even to share. So in that case all what they do is stay in hunger. Starvation is written only for the poor and needy people. They starve, they survive and they manage. These things are quite common for them. There is no strength in their body, no vitamins in their body, no power in their body, no safety in their life. All these things are because they don’t have enough food to eat or drink. If we are rich, if we have sufficient money, if we are very excellent in our financial background, if we have lots of wealth and if we are living a luxurious life, then take little time to think about the people who are suffering from hunger and starvation. Visit them or find a way to help them and do the help without a limit. Look into their empty stomach, look for their hunger, their difficulties and problems. Try to help them and do the needful. The blessings of the poor people are the most valuable and the most precious gifts that you can earn in this world. These blessings, you will take them with you, the time you die, and go to your graves. Remember, the money and wealth you save in this world will never come with you at the time of your death and even to your grave. Once you die, your money and your wealth will go to another hands. Your family will never have time to remember you, even they will never allocate their time to visit to your graves. So remember to give charity as much as you can and earn the blessings of the poor and needy people. Their blessings will follow you to your grave. Be a great winner by giving charity. Charity is alive and there is no death for it. By: Dawood ✍ Written on : 08.02.2022
Meer tonen
Halloway North
Im reading the comments and I’m really finding it hard to think that this was filmed in 1987. I was alive and conscious then. Even with outdated cars, I’m thinking that this was 1977. 1987? No way!
Jeanette Dias
Those children life is so pathetic n sad. People don’t show empathy to them. They deserve love, caring n acceptance in society. I can only lift them in my humble daily prayers. Jesus loves u little ones. God bless u all.
Honey Adeniyi
Thanks to the comment section, I wont waste 30 minutes of my life watching a 1980s video about a poor area in Kenya and promoted as if this is today’s Kenya/Afrika. Propaganda. if you ask me.
Carla's Classes
Yeah. It’s outdated. But here’s the thing… we would have swallowed this hook, line and sinker at the time it was filmed. We should be proud of how far humanity has come that we can look at this and instantly know that this documentary company would be raked over the coals if they produced this today. There’s something to be said for that. This is our old story of a small area of one city in Kenya, at that point not distinguishable by westerners from the rest of the African continent. Hey guys, our reactions to this video shows our progress. Let’s really celebrate that. It’s like looking at a “before” photo to measure our progress.
Ebony Stone
If you Google this documentary apparently it was filmed in 1987. This boys are big grown men now. Hope they are all ok and well.
Nick Sawyer
Father Arnold Grol was a fixture in Nairobi’s slums and streets for nearly 30 years, until his death at 73 in August, 1997.
Grammatical blunder: Your title should have been: “A Story of Africa’s Street Children” not “A Story of African Street Children”. The story was about Street children located in Africa, not in African which obviously doesn’t exist. People from Africa are referred to as Africans. It is imperative to know the difference between Africa and African, which are two different words entirely that cannot be used interchangeably.
Me and my 6 year old would suffer together. I would not be able to sleep at night not knowing where my kids are at. We would live and die together before I would put my kid out to fend for itself.
Dingile Banda
This is a very old documentary. Please timestamp what you document viewers in the Western world may perceive Africa / Kenya as underdeveloped.
nJeffu Mwaura
That matatu KTT, the mobile cinema, the Miranda sodas, and boflo buses, this must be the mid-80s. And HIV/AIDs was still a mystery then. Nostalgic!
Aleph Seskhet
This is like going to one of the many ghettos created by white french people in France and saying “surviving the slums of Europe”💀💀💀
richard gachihi
This is so real in kenyan slums, however the video may be older
Ms bruce
Docu look really old These boys must be grandfather’s by now
Trusty Shooter
These people will NEVER change because they are incapable of that
Godfrey Too
this seems to be ALMOST 20 YRS A GO i can tell from the car number plates ,,nowdays atleast things are not so bad
otieno sylvery
Looks like an early 20th century documentary this one
Brian Tuitoek
We have lost touch with reality, sadly people still live like this. While others fly on jest. Hard to believe it’s one world, one life
Mufunyi Ibrahim
Nimu Kim
This video is extremely old! Looks like the 80s, judging by those old cars…
Abdirahman Muktar
Father Arnold grol. The dutch humanitarian whose language school i did my tuition in Nairobi back in 90s. Rip
Ademola Adesina
This is a one sided story. Documentary should be comprehensive and try best to tell the full story because not everybody that lives in the area been shown in the documentary lived in abject poverty. There is affluent areas as well but Caucasian preferred the narrative that all Africans are poor. White people also have lots of people who are homeless and lived in abject poverty.
Shirley Owens
Why does it matter that it’s old? It’s true.
west max
This seems to be an old documentary
mini disc golf guy
He has a door to shut. It’s a home. It’s not on the streets. It’s the slums ya. But not to them. It’s home. Happy Ness and smiles.
Mr Fade
So you have money to go film in the deserts but decide to use a 90’s old documentary to depict kenya
Made in 1987! When Moi and his gang had let the country go to the dogs. Kibera was by then a small slum. Mathare has really improved but we could have done better. I bet they are all dead.
Doctrine Ridge
when was this shot? Because there are so many things that have changed.
Wanjiru Kamau
2 shillings and 50 cents were valuable in Kenya by early 1990’s. Chang’aa is not made from sugarcane!
4:54 the accent is nothing like a kenyans accent lol
Ji En
Looks old 🙄never even seen those buses entire time I lived there. Nganya zilikam through 😩
Monel R
Can someone please explain to me why they are still try to push this narrative about Africa? 🙄
Al Johnson
There’s too many people on this planet sadly
Lynn scotland
How can there government let these people live like this bet they don’t do without .🇬🇧
Moseti Moseti II
This Doc must be from the 80s
k 1
Those children are now about 50, I wonder if they are still alive
Marlene Holly
30 years ago this documentary..smh
A certain part of humanity is obsessed with money, power, stardom, materialism, luxury, awards and recognition. Like it‘s a rat race of who has more Millions and Billions of $, who has the biggest mansion, the biggest social media, who is the biggest superstar in Hollywood, who wears the most expensive dresses, who holds the highest position in politics or in big corporate. And i am just here and thankful to live a stable middle class lifestyle and not the life displayed in the video.
Sam Jones
They’re in desperate need of contraceptions!
Musab Muslim
How can I help those children in Kenya please contact me
Hameed Abdullah
Looks like it was filmed in the 80s and only been released now
Tonny Anthonys
😅😅Poverty Documentary 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Malcolm Odoy
Another piece that the West enjoys, an unbalanced reporting about Africa. Furthermore Africa is a continent bigger than USA, CHINA, western Europe and Canada combined. Let that sink in.
Abdirahman Haji
These video is early 1980 and why are they showing us 2021 red flag men and why are they calling those street kids a gang …..
mini disc golf guy
That’s child labour extorting them on false hope and dreams. Just to drive a car. Like how about a pention.
Renn Rodriguez
I don’t feel sorry. All those people. Yet they bow down to Westerners. They have most of the wealth right under their feet.
Dee Owako
How did this show up now. This was more than 30 years ago, before I was born. Math are Valley is now a different place.
Bemohel TV
A very old documentary since times of the late president Moi .the kids have grown up now and may be got out of street to be good citizens of the country .anyway thanks for reminding us good old age .
george ikinya
During that time when kbs buses existed. Long time ago.
Haweyo Rashid
1980s video African has changed so much nw
John Mwangi
This is a very old story. We comes from Nairobi and urban villages Have been upgraded. This is outdated news.
EB Bek
I could make this documentary in the United States in 2020. There are society that sleep on the street, 10% of some cities are homeless. The west is always quick to shade light on Africa’s venerability. Shame on you.
KB family
Old day documentary.
You have got to be poor to get rid of a 6 year old. That shouldn’t be the case anywhere in the world.
johny kiddy
This video is more than 2 decades old, what is the motive?
kingocho kingocho
So what do the little girls do or even stay 🤔🤷🏿‍♂
This was in 1987..I wonder where they are now?
John Mwangi
it must be an old documentary
Achayo Otto
This appears to be late 80’s
James Smith
Well all the bad people go to the moonlit streetcorner and sell their soul to the Devil for money (Warning: Do not do this. I’m not responsible for what happens. All at your own risk.)
Helly Delly
The thumbnail looks like a young Raderic Davis.😂😂😂😂😂
Dennis Mungai Kinyanjui
The gang🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Vanessa Sumner
The narrator’s voice sounds like Jeremy Clarkson
Maggs Bufton
SERIOUSLY, DID YOU DO ABSOLUTELY NO RESEARCH INTO TRADITIONAL AFRICAN SOCIETAL AND CULTURAL NORMS? This is just traditional African culture, and the way they organise their society and villages…. The boys have ALWAYS lived apart from their mothers at a very young age, and are sent to live with the MALES of the village and learn the ways of men.. They would traditionally learn to track and hunt game, ..and learn to fight and the art of war…. There are no traditional “ Christian” families , with mother and father family groups..raising their children together. The boys live with the men, the girls live with the women. …and their roles are clear and severely delineated..The women farm, grow and gather food from the land, build huts , cook and have babies and care for them; the girls remain with the women and take care of all the everyday life necessities…and feed, clothe , provide shelter and take care of the everyday needs of the men and boys.. The men are warriors, they defend the tribe, capture slaves, kill their enemies and hunt wild game to feed all the villagers…. But …these firm societal structures are floundering…but they still exist. But it is NOT “ overcrowding “ that forces boys out of their mother’s hut and society, it’s his MALENESS …it’s just how the tribal structures of African cultures work…and they’re not easily changed or adaptive…and they’re caught betwixt western and African societal structures, values and cultures…
Meer tonen
L Mueni
This is an old video, I can tell by the vehicles.
Victor Souza
Hi You Has VHS Documentaries Of lions Of serengeti And Leopard Of Serengeti Of Years 1960,1970,1980-1989 ?Thanks!!!!
How old is this ridiculous video? Africa is a continent with many diverse countries and cultures and economies. I can’t even watch this!
wakenya manze si tumetoka mbali walai hahahaha kama hawa ndio our ancestors…. nani alicheki vile hawa wame dress haha
Mary Mary
I found this story strange because there is no one with a mask and nairobi you can not go anywhere with out a mask this is old story coz there are same changes
Sly aka
Very old video. So much has changed
Bernard Wanjohi
How old is this documentary again coz there seems to be an agenda here
Why does tracks not do a documentary on Europe poverty, clearly nowadays Europe is also poor as any other country
Itsme 23
Beatrice Muriuki
Khai!why would give us an old clip to watch?😢
alan whaats
This is 80s to 90s video
suzette mclachlam
smh…this is not 2021
Achayo Otto
You can tell it’s old by the narrators voice and speech pattern which is an old as the color of the video.
Jane Ndegwa
What do you mean gang say they heard together please that’s how they get killed by calling them names
Edward Mcgee
Bruh looked just like 06 Gucci Mane in the thumbnail
Jud 05 official
how old is this film? it looks like the gods must be crazy.. so old, please timestamp it.
Doru Radulecu
Paper Brown Bag
This video is so misleading. Content of this nature should have the proper date of production in the caption. You should be ashame
Aashish Kc
I don’t understand they are so poor and they had 14 children’s what’s wrong with them ?? They should control the birth first so they can take care of the children. They can still be happy with 2 children’s Atleast they can get a good food and school
Paquito Poe jr
Zombie politicians before and after
Kanairo TV
Kitambo sana🤣🤣🤣
Surungai, K. Samuel
This is a very old documentary probably shot in 90s. Just seen the portrait of the then president Moi…even the quality of the video is very poor
james kinuthia
How old is this my goodness
Jelagat Kimosop
This is very inaccurate and outdated… especially the interpretation.
But why do they always show poverty, drugs, violence etc. There’s alot if good in Africa
Gunman G
No face mask 😷
Kathleen McCallum
This video was filmed last Century. Leave it on the shelf, it’s not timely.
Jorge M Rivera
How come but people said only in USA medical and basic care is to expensive …
Just wanna know my roots
Ted Bundy 🇺🇦
Very old documentary,all of these people are dead by now
Why have so many kids if you cant afford it
Im not sure but this might be Fat Alberts gang, what year was this? The seventies?
Blue Rain
Veeeeeery old documentary, agenda detected!
What year was this filmed ?
neme brown
II Chronicles 7:14 NKJV if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
Charles Moore
Y tat lil kid looking Gucci mane in the beginning 🤣🤣🤣
chang’aa, ng’ombe… ng’o! ng’o! ng’o!
Savoeurn Srey
Knowing that they are poor and can’t provide enough food for their kids. They continued to have so much more kids . Do they not have condoms or know what safe sex is? Or are they depending on sympathy and sorrow from the world to help them. These adults disgust me. I only feel bad for these innocent children that never ask to be born to this condition.
Yanni's Way97
I thought this was the Gucci Mane biopic…hmmm sorry guys
Thank god my parents left Africa for the USA around this time or this could have been my fate
Norah Norah
Why should you be using old videos ..we know you people are fond of painting Africa more black than it is ..
Purple 44
Old, old video!! Why??
My question is Africa is a country or continent???
Rikotek TV
What is this? I thought TRACKS is an authentic channel, but that’s not the case. I must unsubscribe NOW!
payitforward Power
The white savior 😂🤣
This is the worst and most ignorant title I have ever seen in my life but it’s not like I expected better from this company
milkah wangui
Concentrate with north Africa……leave our motherland alone just don’t bring poverty issues in your channel…..we know we have gaps but again we r trying to handle….less effort from outside we do get and therefore stop showing the world our nakedness 🙄🙄🙄😟😟
Brian Campbell
The problem in Africa, is you need to stop worshing the European god
Female lion king
🤔👈 How many of them kids did that white men 😡👈
Why a group of friends is called a gang. Black people don’t call themselves gangs so can ya’ll story tellers learn that
Abdure Graphics & Design
Wrong title africa is a continent not s country so just change the title to the name of this place
luther sembi
this a very old production,things have changed
Amma Kujji
Hello sir how to help
Of course a homosexual priest takes care of the poor african boys
When was this
Amos Munezero
These kind of old videos potraying worst of the worst in Africa should be deleted, this is not documentary, it doesnt even say when it was filmed, what is the point, it is very obvious, there is no city in Africa with those old looking car, such a foolish!!!!!!!
Gilbert Franklin
Birth rate of Africa is 32 per 1,000 people, N America is 12 and Europe is 4 per 1,000 people. How can the poor countries in Africa afford to raise so many children? At that rate there will always be suffering among families. The women need to receive help with birth control. 🙄
That 17 year old boy is now a millionaire
Nairere Tomas Sjoo
This documentary is old and why is it documentaries of Africa always show how poor the continent is. Africa is rich and there are many beautiful and affluent cities all across Africa…HOW ABOUT SHOWING A DOCUMENTARY OF THE RICH CITIES AND LANDS OF AFRICA??????
Sally Sarch
Very old video. Nkt!
Benyamin Yisrael
Its also noteworthy to mention, this video is sponsored and created by a white man so..take it with a huge grain of salt.
Nana Owusu
pure ignorance, Africa is not a country
Johny Darko
They throw the children out and then straight after they make new ones.
Imagine saying surviving the steets of Europe. This is so stupid. Africa is not a country. A problem somewhere is not a problem everywhere.

11 The rich, the poor and the trash | DW Documentary (Inequality documentary)

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8 jun. 2018

Inequality is growing. The rich consume much more than the poor and produce much more waste. Trash has become a symbol of our times.
But what some people throw away, means money to others and a chance to survive. The amount of waste we generate and the way we deal with it speak volumes about our consumption and prosperity – and also about our levels of social inequality. In the documentary, “The Rich, the Poor and the Trash,” co-directors Naomi Phillips and Thomas Hasel explore the lives of people both working with and living off trash. Twenty-eight-year-old Godwin Ochieng lives in Dandora, a slum in Kenya, where one of the largest dumpsites in Africa is located. He spends his days combing through endless piles of garbage coming in the truckload from the city’s wealthier districts in the hope of finding something to sell: for him, the mountain of trash is a lifeline. One person who tries to help youths in the slum is Godwin Ochieng’s role model, hip-hop star Juliani, who also comes from Dandora. The founder of the youth club wants to radically change Kenyan society. Meanwhile, halfway around the globe in one of the world’s richest and most expensive cities, Pierre Simmons searches the streets of New York for cans he can sell to recycling companies. In 2014, Pierre Simmons gave a speech about poverty to the United Nations on behalf of “Sure we can”, a non-profit recycling center in New York. “I don’t think anybody here at Sure We Can wants to live like Wall Street people,” says Pierre. Both men live in countries where the gap between rich and poor is vast. But the social gap between the US and Kenya is also huge. Economists Lucas Chancel and Kate Raworth warn against the consequences of a huge imbalance at both the national and international levels. They believe it poses a great danger to our entire system of values in the West, to our understanding of democracy and, ultimately, to our economy.
It’s hard to watch , But it’s REAL
This documentary makes me realize how lucky I am. I wish I had enough wealth to help everybody in need all over the world!
christine aygin
the guy that collects trash is VERY wise – he speaks from the heart and has an insight that many lack – bless you
Osman Mukisa
This really breaks my heart. I grew up as well struggling, was lucky to leave East Africa for Europe at the age of 16 for football, now 24. I’ve been exposed to the better side of life. I truly understand what these people are going through. Being exposed well, my ambition now, is to help these people and speak to the young ones and fill them with hope and make them attain education, i wanna come up with the biggest program in the region. God bless the move.
Absolutely one of the most informative documentaries I’ve ever came across on youtube, it amazes me how educated the homeless gentleman is yet the struggles he faces day in and day out… Keep fighting my brothers and sisters…
This guy is a very smart man, just imagine if he had opportunities available to him to receive an education and like he said the resources to adequately meet his needs.
Angelo Bugini
The rich, the poor and the trash is definitely a stupendous documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!
Sarahi Flores
My respect goes out to all these hardworking people
Thank you for this documentary! This should be shown to young students…so children learn compassion and the importance of human dignity.
Sonam Jordanma
Story is same. If these poor become rich, they also do the same. Unless people change their mentality there’s no hope. Children should be taught in schools the difference between need and want and the importance of minimalism.
what an amazing documentary exploring real heart breaking issues. Literally watching them pick through that trash to find food made me cry, its truly awful to see people living like this. To know that ive been privileged and lucky to have the simple things in life humbles you even more. So sad to think that you can be completely against this horrible life but yet you really have no idea how to get involved in the change. I always find myself frustrated that i dont really know how to help, especially with these types of issues being a problem throughout the world (in its own way). However, obviously this is a sad extreme case of poverty, that nobody should have to endure
The guy from Bronx is right about him saying that the ppl looking down on him are most likely 1 paycheck away from being homeless. themselves. Its a big percentage in America that is like this..
Maina Gakere
This was one of DW’s best documentaries show the struggles of different individuals from different parts of the world. Unfortunately inequality is a bitter pill to swallow and will always be there and has been there even in the past. The gentleman, Pierre is an orator and knows what he is talking about, I wish all the best for him. My country Kenya indeed has inequality and always has been there. I just pray our government could come up with a system to rehabilitate people who leave in the streets as well as those in informal settlements and train them with skills that can sustain them for the rest of their lives. Education is not enough to help someone through life..they need people skills as well. By doing that the economy gradually grows as youth unemployment. Lastly, Health care is also another issue.
Meer tonen
Esther S
That “canner” is a true man..he does what he has to do (legally) to make his way…without begging. It’s such a shame decent people like him end up homeless.
Athena Baldwin
God bless these people that are struggling but also surviving,living strong and not giving up
Rahab Ngugi
Your documentaries are excellent! Thought provoking! Candid! Raw! Informative! I love them! I’m Kenyan and as much as I have heard of what happens at the garbage dumps, watching it puts it in a whole different perspective. We may not be in a position to do much now but opening our eyes to what is happening will continue to stir our collective conscious and prompt us to taking action that will re calibrate our society’s wealth distribution patterns . Keep up the good job DW!
It’s heartbreaking to see that man holding a chicken bone and eating it after someone has already eaten it. While most people think it’s disgusting and you can get sick eating someone else’s germs, for him it’s about surviving.
Hello Yosep
That black man who collect trash in New York is sooooooo sooooooooo soooooooooo admirable. The way he thinks, bless him. I feel if given a chance, he really can change the world. He is amazing. I wish him the best ❤
Theroro Ned
23:2725:00 Amazing, amazing speech. This man is one of the greatest thinkers of the century.
Noel Collins
There is a legend that when you get hooked on DW documentaries, then you can’t miss any upload. Hands down you guys are the best documentary team on the entire planet right now. And to my fellow citizens of the earth, you can’t have both freedom and equality, they are mutually exclusive.
Alex Ndegwa
I am in Kenya and I would love if DW crew would come and focus on corruption. Political and public servants are very corrupt and there is no way a country can have economical equality if 60% of revenue goes into paying salaries and recurrent expenditures, 30% is stolen directly through tenders that nothing is delivered !
simi fili
This documentary makes you appreciate what you have. This made me emotional at the end. Thank you to the maker’s of this documentary.
Poisonivy Heart
There’s always gonna be inequality but the extreme between them is deafening. Especially when a majority of the mega rich are in that bracket because they are taking from or using the poor. It’s soul destroying
$75 a day from collecting recyclables ? thats not bad. below minimum wage but he isnt sitting on his ass and isnt robbing anyone or doing anything shady. respect that man.
Samantha wilson
Thank you for this documentary. You have opened my eyes to a new world, a new perspective on waste, what is considered waste by myself and my surroundings, and what can be repurposed. Thank you 🙏
It breaks my heart to see ppl living like this. 💔😞
Amazing. So very well done, compelling and engaging the whole way through. Beautiful work on such a massively complex set of issues.
Lavish Elite Lifestyle
My husband and I just moved from NewYork back to the south of America. We’re both college educated but it was extremely hard living in NewYork. The world will never learn. Poor people who become rich look down on the poor forgetting they were once poor. Rich people just don’t care. No other way to say it.
Tiny Girl
This documentary was so inspiring to the core s/o to both men 💯💯💯💯💯
Thank you for these documentaries. I hope to help create as much positive change in the world as possible and your videos are helping me better understand how to do that. Thank you
This Candy
I enjoyed watching this… Very educational and opens my eyes more on life and gratefulness 😊 Bless those who in need also!
inter-dimensional horror
24:24 this man is a gem. it’s so weird to be glad that a stranger exists but i’m glad he exists. i’m glad he’s here, the world needs more people like him.
Hajar Renate Midbrød
Pierre Simmons the guy from New york is a genuinely pure and good soul , he is hope for the future , He has such positive attitude , intelligent , wise and huuuuge heart … the world needs people like this man …he is my new Hero <3
This was incredibly informative. Thank you DW for producing SUCH valuable content.
Ian Momanyi
I’m Kenyan and I can testify. The inequality is great
I am always amazed at the amount of electricity that is wasted in advertising in places such as New York City, Las Vegas and other places similar. We are so wasteful; we really are. Do we have the right to be wasteful; morally, no.
There’s two reasons I love watching these documentaries. 1: I’m fascinated by what goes on around the world and 2: it brings be right back down to earth and shows me how privileged I am!
Ken Makau
I been born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya … currently living here … everything said here is true. Sad state of affairs. We still gon’ soldier on … Nobody cares not atleast even the government. POOR YOUTHS
one love
Very interesting and educative thanks DW for put your afford to publish this wonderful documentary..
Phenomenal documentary as always DW – what a good job you are doing with your profound and insightful documentaries. Thank You.
Jo Alex Sg
Yes, this is an excellent doc, no doubt about it. However, it should also be pointed out that our planet is a complex, organic web of ecological systems which have been pushed beyond their limits by the overgrowth of the human population, which, of course, has polluted most of the planet, but also represents a threat to the environment by the overuse of natural resources which cannot supply such an absurd amount of people with so many daily needs, and especially fresh water. Responsive but humane birth control (and by this I´m not advocating absurdities like late abortion at all!) is not a matter of upper classes imposing limits over the lower ones on the number of children they may or not have but a crucial concern which should be a duty to all social classes in truly civilized societies. Also, although I am a vegetarian for the sake of Animal Rights itself, it should be pointed out as well that the meat industry is one of the actual responsible factor for both the destruction of the environment and world hunger itself.
Meer tonen
Zuby Duby
I became a fan of that old gentleman’s wisdom. Every single word he said is the reality of today. Wish our politicians had such clarity of thoughts. Respect sir!
mark norris
gut wrenching , horrifying , a documentary masterpiece
Every word that man said when speaking to that artist who repurposes items, such as cans, is so compelling!! No truer words have EVER been spoken.
Theresa Murphy
This guy is so humble, I freaking love him 💯 he is truly rich💯
Freddie Stone
My heart goes out to the ppl struggling!💖
The black man from NY is well spoken, very articulate.
Rebecca S.C
As a fellow teacher in my economics class once said, ‘The rich are getting richer, the poor will get poorer.’
I spend quite a bit of my spare time watching random videos on Youtube, but rarely have I been as impressed as I have been by that bloke in the NY cap, his compassion, humanity and vision have given me something to ponder as I go about the society that immediately surrounds me.
Kathleen Ozbek
This guy is really smart. I am deeply moved by what he said. he has true wisdom
zunai andre
My tears just dropped when I see them eating the bones😥😥wow!this world we live in.
I wish I could give these people some gloves….imagine getting stuck by a needle or broken bottle that’s all I keep thinking as I’m watching them picking through the garbage.
Horsnblood EGY
Perfect…This American old man is awesome…..Really very wise man. I loved him.
Dottie Land
I love those two men, I just wish someone who fulfill some of their wishes, it’s not about money, it’s about equality.
Amazing how they do their jobs from the heart. Big RESPECT for you all brothers & sister.
Lionel M
As a Kenyan I love the interconnectedness between the two poors.
Millie Sunshine
DW thank you so much for airing this. Especially the Kenyan bit, i come from Kenya and i cried when i watched this. It saddens me that most of this few rich people have earned their wealth from our tax money. They have really sabotaged our lives so that i we will forever be their slaves. The situation is pretty much the same in all sectors including the most vital sector like health. Thank you DW
Nichelle Morgan
This is such a serious issue that affects a lot of people, especially in third world countries. The man from NYC is speaking the truth, we have to do better to help our brothers and sisters in poverty and also help save the environment.
ጸጋዘአብ መኮንን
I am in love with you DW, you keep stuff real. Amazing work
Smileh Posas
So much lessons learned.👏🏻 Really an eye-opening documentary👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Bev Clm
Very interesting interviewees, as usual. Grateful to have these episodes for free.
So much insight and positivity in a tough situation. I really admire the New York City bottle collectors attitude toward life.
Theroro Ned
Love and respect to all the poor ppl foraging in the dumpsites for food for themselves and their families. I promise I will help wherever and whenever I can.
Linarria H
“Americans work to buy stuff.” Makes me look at the way I spend my money.
Excellent documentary. I really liked the fella in New York who collects the bottles. He’s wise, intelligent and decent. I wish him all good things.
Kat Tarra
“For me to be happy, I need peace with God”…simple man with simple expectations.
It does not take much to become desperately poor in the U.S. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck. One major illness can ruin a family overnight.
I think this is the most reasonable video have watched talking about Kenya vs America. Like DE producers are too fair, saying the truth and comparing both sides without lying, but showing the truth to the camera! Keep it up
Ms Gem
Wow this was a great watch! Makes me feel humble and gives me the energy to help anyone in need…
Andreas Magnusson
I believe the key is for regular or wealthy people to start “simple” businesses to hire the homeless / ultra poor. These people already work insane hours to survive day to day, they would provide a great workforce for employees, and would work regular hours and contribute to society with their full potential. This is how it is solved, not through “higher taxes” ..
Great documentary (DW). Real without biased all facts love it. Education is the most powerful weapon for everything.
Lil' Sarah Starr
This is so messed up. I wish I could help them all. No one should ever live like this.
I came to the US from a poor country, with no money, no contacts, no knowledge of my way around here and 15 years later I’m making a good living for myself, realizing my dreams. Inequality is a reality anywhere you go and there will always be the rich and the poor, that’s how it is. The difference between the have and the have nots in the developed countries is a matter of freeing yourself of your negative state of mind and laziness. Have a plan, work hard and smart and you’ll make it. It bothers me when I see Americans complaining about inequality while living in the most prosperous nation in History. If you can’t make it here, you can’t make it anywhere.
Great documentary. I have lived through the poverty he is talking about. Not quite in the streets as the Canadian welfare system used to protect most people, but the rice and onions, bologne and Kraft dinner. Ripped clothes (BEFORE they were considered cool) to school. I’ve been fortunate to be VERY hard working since those days and have supported the food bank as well as poor individuals during that time. My point is that if EVERYONE that can afford to have a little bit to help someone else out, the amount of extreme poverty would be eliminated. It’s not that unrealistic to say that either. Considering one guy in New York rents a room for his family for $35 a month, me or someone else like me could easily pay that and then he can focus his resources on food instead. God help us though. The poorest people seem to give the most. God forbid a middle class or even rich person give up $35 a month to help another. That half a tank of gas or a movie and snacks for one. I’m currently unemployed and receive a very small amount of assistance each month. I was actually able to buy $60 in groceries a week ago. There was a poor Muslim lady outside asking for food. I gave her a bag full of my food because I know when I run it this week, my parents and friends will help me with no questions asked. She has kids but was still trying to refuse the bananas and pudding I was giving her because she didn’t want MY daughter to do without. I insisted anyways. Such a small sacrifice but it made such a huge difference to her. The re-distribution of wealth, even a tiny fraction of it can change lives for the better. Side note, the beggars who sit outside the liquor store and beg for change piss me off. I always offer them food, granola bars or cookies that I keep in my car. If they refuse, FUCK them. They’re looking for whatever their next high is, whether alcohol or drugs. And most of the time they do. Several 25-35 year olds do this, and there’s no reason they can’t work. If you’re that sick, get your fix, work for a few hours and earn enough to get high AND buy some food. If I asked any of the liquor store beggers to come to my house and cut the grass or shovel the walk in exchange for a meal and $10, theyd swear at me. Anyways sorry for the rant. God bless you all.
Meer tonen
You’ve really outdone yourselves with this one, DW. Kudos to all of u.
lalo rc
We are one paycheck away from being homeless ” so dam true
richard george
thank you for such a heartfelt film, there will always br a divide between the rich and the poor because thats what so called society is, well things will change when the rich run out of money
Small Mans
I have so much respect for these people. They are still trying their best to survive and making the best out of their situations. Praying for their success.
Diane Fitzpatrick
We must learn to repurpose as much as we can. These individuals are resourceful survivers….
Linda's Jikoni
This is so sad This speaks to my soul because I grew up in the Eastlands of Nairobi. My case wasn’t as severe as Ochieng’s but we still had to survive in the slums of Nairobi. My dream is to go back home and create a non profit to help people add value in their lives, whether by education, skills etc..
We take a lot for granted
Joel Ahmed
DW. Thank you for creating such informative documentary. Keep up the good work.
Helen Fein
Very good story DW. In Kenya they could pick up food from stores and shops to redistribute it. They could build a trash sorting business and employ people. Jobs are becoming harder to find especially depending on a person’s age. Everything is going up in the U.S. Catching up is part of the struggle. I collected cans in Brooklyn for a little while. I got outside everyday rain,sleet or snow and made some decent change.
Thrifty Shirt Picker
I really liked the brother from New York. He is very smart, wise and truthful. He has a beautiful soul. I wish I could somehow be a blessing to him. He would do good things with things he was blessed with. May God richly bless that man.
man, what is said starting at 19 minutes in… he’s absolutely SPOT ON. this was great. thanks for sharing it.
OMG! I love Pierre…..what an articulate, wise, sweet soul he is! Is hope he is doing good. Prayers send to all the people in this video. May God Bless you all. Peace from Canada.🙏🏼❤🍀🇨🇦
Aboalgasim Mohammed
Thanks DW for such amazing work .
Great documentary.Be thankful.We gotta work together but some need to be hold accountable for this madness.
Watching this video reminded me of how far I have come and how thankful I should be. I used to be poor in a third world country but sometimes I get so caught up complaining about my job and other dumb stuff in life such as not having as large a back yard as my neighbors so that my kids can run around and play that I forget about the times I went to bed hungry. I feel for these people. I just don’t have enough for my family right now to be stable so it is hard to donate.
Seo Yeon Jang
It’s sad to see how these people started off differently and therefore ended up differently as well. This also tells us that our financial situation don’t speak or tell anything about how wise and righteous we are as people. Big respect for the man who collects trash!
Nickson Bokello
We are based in Kenya.We will try looking for kelvin to donate something for his family.May his efforts be rewarded.
Jesus!. This is so sad to watch. I can’t believe this is my country. Thank you DW for highlighting society unfortunate inequalities
God bless that beautiful man who recycles bottles at 4am. Very wise man.
Another outstanding and informative DW Documentary, countries who invest more into their populations education should be rewarded for it and get very low interest rates with longer extensions in paying it back when they borrow money from the world monetary fund. Double the price of recycled materials 5 cents for a can, no lets try 10, the people that collect these materials usually spend their money straight away, which goes straight back into their economies. a win win for both sides.
Man goes out and recycles cans and bottles and makes $75 a day…he’s not a bum
Sonny Featherland
Throughout these years I have changed my mind completely. This man is so right saying people work to buy useless stuff. Who needs the newest phone every year if you have one that works? Who needs the newest TV if you have one which works perfectly? Even clothes. I‘ve looked at people who can’t get enough of accessories, clothes, new watches etc. Poor people are happy to have 2 shirts to wear and there we are buying products without giving it a thought if we really need them. When I am going to a mall I get mad at those advertisements everywhere, trying to force me to go in and buy all the crap things. I‘ve learned to just ignore all of this and not spending money. If I get the chance some day and I will be blessed with lots of money I will definitely come up with an idea to help poor people or people in need in general.
Meer tonen
Jennifer Akinyi
Very informative documentary.the only people who can help themselves are the poor those who have made it out to go back and help just one person n start that cycle.
Jane CK.
24:50 this guy is marvellous, I wish all people would have such wisdom.
Khaya Siya
the Kenyan boy made me sad but also made me stronger to face the world
James R
We live in a ‘consume to landfill’ culture and it also includes people. I lived and worked in Kenya for 3 years in the early 90s when the population was 25 million. It was just like in this video. There was an effort by the government to let people know that having 2 children should be the limit, but the population is now 50 million and any economic gains the country has made have not trickled down to the poorest of poor. Large families, multiple wives is still the culture.
Lance Beamon
This is real journalism.
Maggie E
15:00 As a New Yorker, I can testify that people throw out a lot of stuff that would blow your mind. The issue is that with limited space/ no car/ stairs a lot of people find it easier to just throw things away. I have seen pretty nice furniture on the side of the road but had to leave it because I had no way of transporting it.
DSG - Dandora Supreme Gang
Great Documentary, I see our Friend Ochide over there. We are really grateful you got a chance to tell our stories. Dandora to the world. 🇰🇪
Ashley Apondi
I felt it when he said he does not want to be rich but wants rich people’s resources to provide better education ,healthcare … and also the comparison between the garbage collector in USA and Kenya is quite big you just can’t compare them they are incomparable.
dreyfus zola
Its hard, but, gotta see this to love what you got and the way you live. Maybe you are not happy with the life you have got, but, watching this, its a fact that perhaps a lot of people would like to have the life you got.
I have seen filthy rich people in my life…. But not one come close to that of that old man. That man possesses a great deal of God given wisdom, and his desire for survival and the way he interprets all events surrounding his life is very unique. I owe him a big pat on the back.
“The computers as soon as you take them out the box they are obsolete” He is a SAGE
Courteney Clark
20:12 made me tear up 🙂 “I don’t want to judge them” coming from a guy too often wrongly judged.
Eddie Coyle
What a fantastic documentary!!…The insights of the people interviewed especially Pierre are spot on, just like the late great poet/musician Gil Scott Heron song:” The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”…..
NativeSun Nation
That ending song is so beautiful…..Also, these people are speaking the unequivocal truth.
Deeply thought provoking. Thank you…
Corey Plunkett
I wish I could make a difference. I’m poor barely survive and would try to give anything to these guys. It hurts to see all the countries not caring
Sultan Ali
i love the documentaries, amazing & transparent, keep it up.
I think the inequality will really do big damage to our world one day.
Marwin Smith
Life is hard its good to see people still fighting the struggle keep fighting my brothers
F. I. Medina
Mind-blowing documentary, this fast speed society is driving everyone crazy, poor and rich. A bit of a critic, it feels is also kind of unequal not to put the names of both guys who collect trash, but just label the two economists speaking in the documentary.
Cynthia Arons
I have always asked that question. I try to help in the best way that I can. Some people claim to be a humanitarian, but their spending is unnecessary (ie: thousands of $ for one day dress, or jacket, or handbag). There is the same poverty in the Philippines. It breaks my heart. My dream is to win the lottery so I can help the poor. God bless you, Sir!
mogaka samwel
our problems in Kenya are our own making. we know where the barrier to provision of infrastructure for the poor to better their lives is. we know who is standing in the way of progress. the same people hindering progress today have been lying to Kenyans since our parents were young. yet somehow we align ourselves behind them every election. every election we deny better leaders a chance and choose ignorant billionaires whose fathers (fake freedom fighters) are responsible for our problems to feed our tribal ego. 57 years after independence we are yet to learn that politicians no matter their tribe or political affiliation are collectively ignorant of our needs. not just in Kenya. all over Africa genuine leaders have stood out but citizens overlooked them to elect the same people who sell us out to the west either through corrupt utilization of African resources or irresponsible borrowing and playing puppets to western masters. I am afraid but we will sufferuntil we open our eyes to this fact.
Meer tonen
“Stop buying stuff!!” We should all be thinking about this!
jessica veltri
being a “refuse” manager is actually a great job! Bless these men who were ahead of their time!
Mike M
This video is rich The two guys are geniuses in their own way … wow… “They who have ears , let them hear”
Lina Noah
I’m proud of how these men all quote their moms…..when I was young my momma told me this…..👍
Syed Arman
It was sad to watch this but cant deny the reality.We all have stand up for a change. Great documentary
Jambo Jambo
What a humbling & well produced piece of journalist – excellent.
4:28 she got her own dreams she’s a victor by her words,ladies you don’t have to part with your personal pride to make a living she made my day….God bless you lady it’s only a storm of life….
Frank Winter
I respect these people. They work for themselves not look  for handouts. These people seems not into drugs drinking and taking care of there families.
Gikuyu Bulletin
The Kenyan story is so inspiring.