Trust in justice


To protect someone or something:

She held her hand above her eyes to shield them from the sun.
They are accused of trying to shield the General from US federal investigators.

Cambridge Dictionary

In an era of fake news, are we living through a crisis in trust?
Without trust society couldn’t function.
We need to know that individuals and organizations are competent and reliable, that they’re not corrupt and that they’ll honour their word.
But now we have digital manipulation, allegations of fabricated news stories and ubiquitous social media spewing out much that is bogus and emotionally manipulative.
What, then, can be done to counter these developments? And how much of a threat do they pose to democracy? We speak to the most trustworthy of philosophers, Onora O’Neill.

Presented by David Edmonds – BBC World Service, The big idea: the new distrust

Short Summery of the BBC podcast

What is trust?

Trust is a judgement that someone else can be relied upon or that some institution can relied on.
It isn’t proof. Trust is what we do when we need a shortcut.

Why is it so important?

There isn’t time in this life to go and to get complete evidence and a proof for everything.
We often have to rely on other people, so we have to have quick and reasonable ways of judging, whether they can be relied on for a particular purpose.

So it lubricates life, it makes life easier, easier quicker friendlier, all sorts of good things.

But the down side is, if you misplace trust, if you place trust in somebody who is untrustworthy.

Society can’t function efficiently without trust.

There is a distinction between trust and trustworthiness

Trustworthiness: three ingredients

• Honesty
• Competence
• Reliability

Reliability: that is be honest and competent each time
Trustworthiness: the paperwork is only the evidence of reliability


Trust is a judgement

1 What would it really take to ‘rebuild trust’? Baroness Onora O’Neill at TEDxHousesofParliament

28 jun. 2013

Baroness O’Neill, one of the UK’s leading philosophers, explores how poorly we attribute or understand trust and the steps we can take to fix this.
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3 Man vliegt 13 jaar zonder brevet

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22 apr. 2010

Atilay Uslu, oprichter van Corendon Airlines, had een Zweedse piloot in dienst die 13 jaar lang zonder brevet blijkt te hebben gevlogen.

2 Trust Me, I’m a Politician

24 dec. 2018

This Michael Cockerell documentary was shown in early 2003 and deals with the issue of trust in politics. Features some behind-the-scenes video from the original ‘State of Play’ and an interview with star David Morrissey.
Other interviews: Nicholas Soames, Oona King, Kenneth Clarke, Deborah Mattinson, Tony Benn, Michael Portillo, Clare Short, John Humphrys, Michael Heseltine, Max Clifford, Tim Bell, Piers Morgan, Edwina Currie, Neil and Christine Hamilton, Max Hastings, Geoffrey Robinson, Peter Bazalgette. Transmitted 8 February 2003.

4 How to beat a lie detector test | Amit Katwala | TEDxAthens

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12 jul 2022

Amit Katwala, journalist and author of Tremors in the Blood: Murder, Obsession and the Birth of the Lie Detector, explains the dark history of lie detectors, from the true crime stories behind the invention of the polygraph to the new wave of lie detectors based on brain scans and AI.

Amit Katwala is a senior writer at WIRED with a focus on longform features, science and culture. His work has appeared in The Times, the Guardian, FourFourTwo and Sport magazine, for which he interviewed some of the world’s most iconic athletes.

He graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Experimental Psychology and is the author of two books: a WIRED guide to quantum computing, as well as “The Athletic Brain”, which is about the rise of neuroscience in sport and weaves together cutting-edge science and interviews with elite athletes.

Katwala has appeared on the BBC, CNN, Sky Sports and BT Sport and has spoken at the SXSW conference and other events.

His upcoming third book, “Tremors in The Blood”, blends true crime stories with the birth of the lie detector. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

5 Beyond fake news: how to heal a broken worldview | Jodie Jackson | TEDxLondon

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2 nov 2022

The news paints a powerful and often painful picture of the world – But does this reflect our full reality? And might the world be better than we are led to believe? Jodie Jackson, an author and news literacy advocate, helps us understand what’s preventing us from being accurately informed, beyond fake news, and provides a simple but powerful strategy to heal our broken worldview. Through her compelling insights, Jodie shows why improving our news diet is vital for improving our individual and collective wellbeing. Jodie is founder of the News Literacy Network, author of You Are What You Read: why changing your media diet can change the world and of the children’s book, Little Ruffle and The World Beyond. Jodie has devoted the last ten years to researching the damaging impact of the negativity bias in the news on our mental health and the health of our society, as well as investigating the impact of solutions-focused journalism. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community

6 Is Trump the Worst President in History? | Robert Reich


27 jun. 2018

Robert Reich compares Trump’s presidency to the worst presidents in American history.

7 PA Attorney Gen. Calls Republicans’ Unwavering Support Of Trump A Cancer On This Country | Deadline

12 dec. 2020

Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro blasts the Republican attorneys general and lawmakers who ‘act as though they swore an oath to Donald Trump’ instead of to our country, with their support of the Texas lawsuit that is challenging votes in 4 battleground states, one of which is Shapiro’s own state of Pennsylvania. Aired on 12/11/2020. » Subscribe to MSNBC:
About Deadline White House: Before getting into cable news, Nicolle Wallace worked in politics, including as President George W. Bush’s communications director during his administration and for his 2004 re-election campaign. Those experiences helped contribute to the knowledge and unique point of view she brings to this program. Wallace leads dynamic discussions on the political stories driving the news cycle with Washington insiders and well-sourced journalists. She also provides in-depth reporting while delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news to viewers.
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8 How diagnosis can get us wrong | Dr Jules Montague | TEDxLondon

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2 nov 2022

Diagnosis is just a label, explains investigative journalist and former consultant neurologist, Dr Jules Montague. A diagnosis helps explain your symptoms and should get you the right medical treatment, but what happens when your diagnosis is affected by factors outside of science? It’s this thorny question that Jules tackles in her talk by sharing stories about three different diagnoses where bias fed into how these patients were treated. Luckily, Jules believes we can tackle bias within diagnosis and shares two ways forward to remove harmful biases and better protect patients.

Jules is an author, journalist and former consultant neurologist. She writes regularly for leading media outlets with a focus on humanitarian and investigative reporting. Her stories have led to big tech companies and international corporations withdrawing misleading or deceptive pseudoscientific adverts and claims. Her new book, The Imaginary Patient: How Diagnosis Gets Us Wrong, investigates how medical diagnosis is tainted by the forces of imperialism, politics, discrimination and Big Pharma. Her first book, Lost and Found, was published in 2018. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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