Could you really be Framed for a Crime?

What is the most common crime to be framed for?

Ordinary, law-abiding citizens are framed most frequently for drug crimes or for crimes of violence that they did not commit. “Framing” is a frightening reality for many criminal defendants.

1 Framed For Murder: How Lawyers Freed Me After 17 Years In Jail | Innocence Network | Absolute Crime

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11 mei 2022 #CrimeDocumentaries #TrueCrime #Documentaries

Barry Gibbs, a Vietnam veteran, was convicted of murdering a sex worker in Brooklyn in 1988. After an eyewitness names him as the woman’s killer; the veteran does not understand the conviction or how he came to be involved in the case at all. After being sentenced to life behind bars, Barry gets help from a network of lawyers who make up The Innocence Network, and it’s these lawyers who provide fascinating insight into the case during this special true crime documentary.

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2 Kevin Lane: Hertfordshire hitman case

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Kevin Lane has served 15 years for a brutal murder for which he has always protested his innocence. Duncan Campbell outlines the compelling reasons to reopen the case

3 Hitman or Innocent? – Kevin Lane

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10 mei 2023 Second Chance Podcast

Kevin Lane has been called a gangster, a hitman, and a killer. Kevin was given a life sentence for a hitman murder committed in 1994. He spent 20 years in prison.

He has always claimed that he was not the perpetrator of the crime, but his conviction has never been reversed. In his book ‘Fitted Up and Fighting Back,’ he documents his case and continues to protest innocence.

In this interview, he speaks openly about his experience working for the criminal underworld and the violent life he led inside some of the UK’s most dangerous prisons.

Today, he claims to be a reformed man who uses his life experiences to steer young wannabe gangsters away from a life of crime.

0:00 – Intro
01:20 – Welcome
01:30 – Who is Kevin Lane?
03:28 – Kevin’s early life
05:30 – Working on the doors to the criminal underworld
07:41 – First time in trouble with the Police
08:18 – Lessons learned from the detention centre
10:24 – Life sentence
12:36 – The Hit
13:35 – Corrupt Police officer
14:08 – No daylight for 20 years
14:20 – Maintaining innocence
15:48 – The car in the murder
16:45 – Panoroma
17:55 – Picking up a pen
18:50 – The tariff, 18 years not 30!
19:57 – How did Kevin do his time?
21:34 – 18 years served 20
21:48 – Getting drunk
23:17 – Working on his case
27:20 – 16 years as a A man
31:08 – What did prison do to Kevin?
32:33 – Alcoholic Father
35:05 – Life as a Dad then and now
37:46 – Meeting the characters in prison
38:44 – The prison staff
40:42 – Lane drinks, prison parties
43:44 – Missing Intimacy
46:45 – Getting Out
50:05 – Released on license
50:26 – Recalled to prison twice
52:55 – Life today for Kevin
53:30 – Helping mental health groups
54:03 – Do you want to go to prison?
55:00 – Helping young kids
55:24 – ‘Fitted Up & Fighting Back’ Kevin’s book
57:40 – What does Second Chance mean to Kevin?
1:00:56 – Kevin’s message

4 Mississippi Innocence documentary

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5 Justice After Wrongful Conviction (Crime Documentary) | Black/Current

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5 feb 2022 #BlackCulture #BlackStories #BlackCurrent

When troubled teen Ray Klonsky began writing letters to prison inmate David McCallum, both of their lives changed forever. Hundreds of letters later, Ray graduated from university determined to set his wrongly convicted friend free.

Black/Current is a space to provide both educational and entertaining content primarily by or about Black people. That’s Black Brits, Black Americans, Black Africans, Black Canadians, Black Australians and so forth. There is a really loud desire for diverse voices and stories and we want to be a part of that conversation.

From: Fight For Justice David & Me
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6 Could you really be Framed for a Crime?

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Disgraced former detective Reynaldo Guevara has been accused of framing more than 50 people for murder. Daniel Rodriguez is one of those people: when he was charged with being behind the wheel in a 1991 drive-by shooting, the state’s key witness testified at trial that he had been pressured by Guevara to identify Rodriguez. But Rodriguez was still sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Now, as prosecutors begin reviewing and dismissing many of Guevara’s cases, a reckoning has begun

7 I Was Framed For Murder

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“I spent 23 years in prison.”

The key points of the documentary:

  1. Kennedy Brewer’s Accusation: The documentary focuses on Kennedy Brewer, who was accused of murdering his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter. He is subsequently convicted of capital murder based on bite mark evidence, a form of forensic evidence that has been controversial due to its unreliability.

  2. Bite Mark Evidence: The case against Brewer is built primarily on bite mark evidence, which was used to link him to the crime scene. Bite mark evidence involves comparing bite marks found on a victim’s body to the dental impressions of a suspect. This method has faced criticism for its lack of scientific validity and potential for error.

  3. Innocence Project’s Investigation: The Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals, takes an interest in Brewer’s case. They begin investigating the evidence and methodology used in his conviction.

  4. Similarity to Levon Brooks’ Case: During their investigation, the Innocence Project discovers striking similarities between Brewer’s case and the case of Levon Brooks. Brooks had also been convicted of murdering a child based on bite mark evidence.

  5. DNA Evidence: Through the efforts of the Innocence Project, DNA evidence is reexamined in both cases. This reexamination leads to the identification of another man who is linked to the crimes through DNA evidence, implicating him as the actual perpetrator.

  6. Exoneration: As a result of the new DNA evidence, both Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks are exonerated and released from prison after serving years for crimes they did not commit. Their convictions are overturned, and they are proven innocent of the charges.

  7. Impact and Reflection: The documentary likely highlights the broader implications of relying on questionable forensic evidence and the importance of advancements in DNA technology in ensuring justice. It also sheds light on the flaws in the criminal justice system that can lead to wrongful convictions.

Mississippi Innocence a film by Joe York

Mississippi Innocence tells the story of Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer, two men who combined spent over thirty years behind bars for crimes they did not commit.


Excellent film – needs to be shown far and wide. INNOCENT people are sitting on Mississippi’s death row RIGHT NOW!
This is an eye-opening film for those who aren’t aware of what has been going on for decades in the state of Mississippi– innocent people sitting in Mississippi prisons and even death row for crimes they did not commit. Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks, the two men portrayed in this film, are only the tip of the iceberg. RIGHT NOW there are people sitting on death row – people like JEFFREY HAVARD– who are innocent of the crimes they have been convicted of yet the state of Mississippi plans to execute them. This film is a compelling, factually accurate account of how two innocent men spent a combined 30 years in prison, one of them on death row, before DNA exonerated both of them. This film needs to be shown far and wide because members of the public need to know that this is happening in our courts right now

8 How Do You Know When You’re Being Framed?

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17 mei 2018

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I am a comprehensivist:

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9 Framed as a Terrorist: 14 Years in Jail

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Mohammed Aamir Khan was jailed for 14 years for crimes he did not commit. Watch his ordeals and his optimism.

10 Virgin Mary Comes Alive Prank

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The Virgin Mary steps on a lit candle scaring everyone who didn’t expect her to suddenly come alive. She then proceeds to wink at the victims while the always gorgeous and sexy nun prays god and thanks the holy spirit for this miracle.
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