Child abduction

Kinderontvoering of kinderdiefstal is de ongeoorloofde verwijdering van een minderjarige uit de voogdij van de natuurlijke ouders van het kind of wettelijk aangestelde voogden.


The crime of removing a child from its rightful home

A special task force to investigate cases of child abduction.

Collins Dictionary

Child abduction or child theft is the unauthorized removal of a minor (a child under the age of legal adulthood) from the custody of the child’s natural parents or legally appointed guardians.

Child abduction – Wikipedia

Father reunited with son snatched as baby 24 years ago in China – BBC News

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14 jul. 2021

A Chinese man has been reunited with his son after a 24-year search that saw him travel over 500,000km (310,000 mi) on a motorbike across the country.

Guo Gangtang’s son had been snatched aged two by human traffickers in front of their home in the province of Shandong.
His son’s disappearance actually inspired a movie in 2015, which starred Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau.
Charles Veitch
There is love And then there is the eternal love of a Father. What a story. What a man. God smiles down upon thee.
dhes nutz
The crazy story is, This father actually reunited 100+ children with their families.
People buying children are as guilty as the kidnappers.
Imagine snatching a baby from a family and selling it, and being able to live with yourself afterwards
He sacrificed himself just for his child Now that’s serious dedication
Pete C
That’s fatherly love, rode a motorcycle for 24 years looking for his son.
Minh Thanh Hoang
Pray for missing children and return them home to their parents
Adesua Eromo Ekwale
I guess we now better understand why the father took the prodigal son back. A good father’s love is profund.
rain 1999
His father also help find other missing children during his quest to find his son (more than 100 children ).
Ragnar Lothbrok
Being a father this story brings tears to my eyes.
I am glad they found him, praise the lord.
nugget dinner
It’s a very touching story… He was robbed many times and had to beg throughout the years just to find his son. Many parents would’ve lost hope but he took action and never gave up…
Daniel X
What a moving story. Persistence is such a rare trait.
musto lourien
Imagine his son watched the movie, sympathized with this ‘man’ and wished him the best.
Anurag rana Rana
Respect from his father.
Pedro Leão
These people should receive life imprisonment as a condemnation. They don’t deserve freedom.
Parent’s worst nightmare. The amount of trauma and shock all these years and now to deal with!
Souvik shome
I’m not eyes are just sweaty today
What a human and parent. Respect ✊
Jack Williams
This is one of the most inspirationable things I have seen and the ending to his story is so wholesome
Mr. S
Hats off to the father for putting in an exceptional effort. As for the perpetrators, they should get the death penalty as soon as possible !!!
Lord Redfern
If those are indeed the people who stole that child from that couple, and they are found guilty, does us all a favour and remove the black bars from their faces. Criminals shouldn’t have their identity protected.
philip law
I’ve seen this film years ago, delighted to see the reality comes to nice ending
Nikola Saratlić
This parents determination is beyond measure… So glad it was all worth it at the end.
Alone Perception
The kidnapper ruined the peace of family . Father’s believe took deeper roots in his hope to find him. “Fathering is not something perfect men do but something that perfects man.’
Justin Luong
before he found his sound he helped about 100 more cases like him, what a legend
kenter Shackle
So the DNA mapping of citizens is justified then. Cant imagine the backlash doing this in Western (individualism) values.
Such affection and passion btn the child and the parent is inborn and innate , they can’t pacify or end it forever wherever snag and impede they put on
Prabindra Maharjan
I was so moved by the movie based on this hero father…by then, he helped more than hundred families in finding their kids but still searching for his kid… Now i am so much happy for him and his family… What a hero father….
Karlis Kristapsons
I almost can see how biggest film studios fight for rights to make this story in movie. 🙂
Shamil Shami
Emotionally the sacred moment had come. Sacrificed himself. Never gave up. Fascinating that eternal love of father.
sam zero
Respect and salute the father love.. 24years..
Sold him?!? 🥺 That’s terrible
Hopefully all the missing children can return to their loving families.
Just Relax
Great man, great father. 24 years never give up, saved dozens children during searching for his son. ❤️👍 Too few of these stories actually end well, it is a good day. Such a warm story, why BBC managed make it sounds like reporting a funeral.
Chris Cook
so terribly heartbreaking but at least they got the chance to hold him again!💞So many dont…love the solved DNA cases…Dna should be mandatory!
Lee Abe
Now I want to watch the movie about the father’s search for his son, Lost and Love. Hope it is available in English. Parent’s talk about laying down their lives for their children but this is truly heartbreaking and heartwarming.
Tariq Mehmood
This father make me cry, how struggled for son and also reunit other 100s sons to their parents….Pray for missing beloved reunit again😭🤲,🇵🇰
T Rex
God bless the family 🙏
Born in the woods
24 years… “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Sir Winston Churchill
Diana Cazadora
This is pure unconditional love 😭💖💖
Slack Starfish81
He’s choosing to live with the family he grew up with (the one that bought him from the kidnappers) because that’s the family he knows. He doesn’t even know his birth family, which is sad, but it’s understandable how the family he was raised with basically became his family
Every child that was told they were given up for adoption or their parents passed away, go get a DNA test. You never know ….
Ken Carlson
There is nothing greater than the love that father has for his son…
Toma Hawk
Now we know why Kidnapping carries Life Imprisonment/ Death Sentence in many Countries! Thank You Good Gods & Goddesses for Reuniting the Families! 🌷🌿🌍
Unbelievable, truly unbelievable…. beyond inspirational and inspiring….thats the type of person who should win a noble prize, especially trying to help and managing to reunite 7 other families back together.
I’m literally crying. This was so beautiful. He never gave up. <3
flying raihan
Thanks to his father and thanks to Chinese police for this effort.
Two facts: 1. The father said that he could only feel being as a father when in searching for the son; 2. the family adopted (illegally) or bought the son treated him well and gave him a good education. quite complicated
Jesse Dylan
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Heart melted…
Tony Kan
Aww god bless him from 🇬🇧
Zaw Lin
Family:Yes now we can spent all good quality times doing things that we missed as a baby
What a proud Father!
Charles Tran
So happy for them. I cried watching “lost and love” which released years ago before he found his son. An inspirational real life story.
With all the shit going on in the world, it’s so nice to hear good news like this.
Lenita A
How did, now, the Adult Son felt about the reunion? He has Two families!
The movie Love and Lost based on this story is wonderfully moving. Crying tears of joy he finally found his son!
phoebe taylor
Blood is thinker than water. What a touching story happy at the end.
Madeleine deleine
Any man can have a child few can be true fathers, be one of the few
Dan theWILL
Hell or high water….by any means necessary….thats what a daddy suppose to do…dont quit until you find them…awesome
Tait Slong
As a father of a child, this obviously makes me cry
This happens in the US and elsewhere, too!  I’m trying my best to help a friend whose girlfriend at the time got pregnant and didn’t tell him. He loved her, but to her it was a sex thing, wouldn’t consider marrying him (he’s Black and Jewish, she’s Jewish, father forbid it). Baby was born and shipped off to Israel with the sister pretending to be the mother. He found out years later – 22 years he’s been looking! Because they have $, they wrecked his livelihood, blocked the publishing of his book, and have tried to pay him and relatives off to stop looking. He will never accept money, and will never stop, nor should he! He’s doing a TikTok blast soon. Reading this story gives me hope that he will find his son soon, and that these criminals will be brought to justice.Lawyers have let him down big time so far, but my hope is that word will get out, they will do the right thing, and pay for these crimes.
Meer tonen
Islam B
I’m trying not to cry, how cruel. Poor family 🙁
dia dang
May God help them rescue all the children in all Countries, in Jesus name!🙏
that guy who’s selling a 2-year-old kid must be a cannibal W O W W H A T A N I D I O T
Omar Geeh
Disgusting the buyers won’t be prosecuted. It does not matter what the son wants there needs to be a deterrent to people just buying abductees without question
Aniket Jaiswal
That’s why it’s being said that” if you keep on helping, someday you become successful”.
Florida D.Hyuga
It’s a miracle and with a lot of hard work that this was possible, I’m so glad the family reunited. The father searching for his relentlessly, it must’ve been so hard. I wish the family happiness 🙏
Bethany Webber
What a lovely story ❤️😢
Saif Ullah
There is no match for Father’s Love, what a commitment, Salute to Him, Congratulations
Jumai Abubakar
This is such a feel good story. God bless the father and his family.
Ben Wilson
Such an incredible and sad story, happy to see the son found after all of those years.
yam hwee yeo
This is also the bbc. Fact-checks with other non-western media are a MUST.
Arul K
I cried a lot 😭 His sacrifice….. No no… Its a word above sacrifice 😭
zaren Aben
It reaffirms the saying “Where there is a will there is a way” all the more. Bless the family!
A wonderful story that their son was found and reunited with family. Really news of the type I would wish to hear more about.
Waqas Ahmad
Big up to this father he never gave up and his prayers for answered This is a lesson for us all if you believe in yourself then try your hardest and the good times will even come to you Congratulations to all the family members on the reunion
Feyre Lamentation
He helped 100 other missing children be reunited with their families while searching for his own family. What an amazing person!
Funky Doolittle
The father Guo Gangtang is a hero. He also helped find and reunite other missing children with their parents. Talking about being selfless. I just finished watching the move Love and Lost from 2015 based on this story. It got me in tears.
Jim Sweep
May God bless that man who never gave up on his son. That is a miracle… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇪
The way his Baba loves him 😭😇😭😭😭
Vikram Menon
I feel less of a human seeing his passion, drive and focus. Am I okay?
Gulshan Chaurasia
and there are modern people who get divorced and never look back again to the children born through previous marriages.
Cade Sky
When there is love there is way
The Diddler in Chief
It’s lovely that somebody thought to film this very private and personal moment
So much respect for the father. I am happy he finally found his son.
The son decided to stay with the adopter parents and would pay regular visits to his biological parents. Still, it is hard to judge. or it is not fair to judge
raushan kumar
Such a heartwarming story.. 💖
And yet somehow there’re dislikes for this kind of video??!!
Jerome Manoharan
That’s great news for the father. Can you imagine what’s going through the father’s mind, thinking his son was chop suey.
Nothing, not even the vast territory of China’s mainland can prevent the love of a father from finding his lost son ❤ God bless them
Sophien Ben-Achour
Those poor parents 😞 They have such a great resolve ! 👍🏽 So glad they found him! What a great outcome!
Learn With Me
24 years of long struggle of a father Great and no words👍🙏🙏
Corgi Love
What a brilliant wonderful father. This is true and lasting love. So happy that all turned out well finally 💕💕🌈🌈👍👍
Mohammad Khan
It’s odd that people would pay for abducted children in order to “carry on the family name.” I understand that people might want to have biological children in order to further that goal but stealing someone else’s kid and giving them your last name just makes no sense. Really not clear who they’re trying to impress as almost everyone who knows them would know it’s not their biological child.
Ann Bush
There is a God— even in China.
That’s unconditional ❤️
Michael French
Thanks BBC for putting a super depressing ending on an otherwise uplifting story. 🤯
Mohan Vohra
And I think he was there only child because of one child policy
Child abduction is still rampant in China and the government doesn’t do much about it.
Whales Jason
It’s because the law in china which only punish the seller except buyer.
Snow Moon
An extraordinary father’s love. I watched the heart wrenching film and so sad he wasn’t able to find his son at the time, yet he helped to find about 100 other missing children. I’m so glad he has at last found his own long lost son. Hope they finally find peace and happiness.
Bo Sann
What a hero.. They should make a movie about his story
Ed dude
I’m so happy they reunited, I’m grateful for every second I’m with my parents, family members and friends
Christine H
So many parents out there with equal dedication, luck not favouring them 😥😥 prayers
Touching father’s love
cetin Amsterdam
father love 🙌🏼❤️
Cherylee Wilcox
Bravo to this father for never giving up. 💞
Been crying reading up about this story 😭😭😭
Pastel Clouds
Why would anyone buy a child instead of adopting legally? Is adoption from an orphanage not an option in China?
Apple Bee
Very touching story. Big congratulations to the family finally find their long lost child. Life sentence/death sentence is for the child abductors and for the child buyers.
laleita ram
Wow that is true 💘 never give up hope looking for his son all these years, when you help others or when u do good it will return back to you, i am so inspired by this story I’m so happy for everyone, love from Guyana
David Lawrence
And feminists believe that families don’t need fathers.
Ryan Perkins
so much is happening this year and last….. next it will be maddy being found
Bruce Wang
This is like the first BBC video I’ve ever liked in nearly a decade
potatomato :p
Dad: son, i’m just gonna buy you milk in a moment Son: ok dad!
kid molave
the best lesson here. united nation should established national dna data base for the purpose of finding lost persons on every family on this planet
Bella Nova
Presumably in order to determine if there’s been an abduction, both the child and their birth parents must submit DNA. How would the child know necessarily if they’ve been abducted? For instance, in this case, obviously the birth parents gave their DNA. But under what circumstances did their son give DNA? I read that he was too young to even know he’d been taken. Just curious! Incredibly glad they were reunited–praying that these abductions stop happening. <3
can can
Mr. Guo used up 10 motorcycles in 24 years and help 100 children return their families. Finally his son was found.
I’m glad this video isn’t downvoted with loads of ‘everything from China is fake propaganda’ comments. A little bit of faith in humanity has been restored…
M. Roman
The kidnappers should be locked away for the rest of their miserable lives. They are a danger to society.
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What a real father and fatherly love looks like
What a legend! I would have given up after a year
Kelly Ammon
So happy the son and father reunited, especially DNA match, ❤ but so heart breaking to learn how often this happened and is happening 😥
I’m so sick of VRBO ads – I will never use them! Touching video.
kay brown
Incredible father. Wish my dad could take a page out of this man’s book. The first time I saw him I was six. I was so nervous to meet him I spilled my juice in his car and he yelled at me so hard, I was terrified. He never accepted my invitations to any event in my life. Now that I have established myself, he is hounding me for money but you never hear from him again until the money runs out.
James Oakley
the Farther is an absolute legend 🙌
Anthony Nguyen
who are the 43 jerks that down voted this reunion?
Rykuuda sån
Ohh , this is so heartning, im glad theyre re united ,
Patrice Downey
I’m so happy for their happy ending!
Rezou Nours
Okay great. The drawback of this story is that DNA testing of that magnitude is only possible because of totalitarian regime 😕
M. khan
Good to see some positive news🙂
Carlita Egata
One of the greatest father I’ve ever heard…. ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭
Cass Cass
omg…… goosebumps and tears….. seeing that man on a bike with flags ….wow! extraordinary. He went thru 10 bikes, broke bones, slept under bridges and spent all his money….. Man,,, making me cry.
Joshua Josh
The real life “Hero”
Chase n Laboo
I just watched the film Lost and Love a few week ago… And now saw this news… I’m so happy
Streets Sustenance London.
Wow. Can you imagine the feelings they must be experiencing. The journey the father took to find his son, while the mother was at home. All of them lost out on the life they should’ve had. I hope a GoFundMe gets set up for them and they can all enjoy their time left with each other. My thoughts are with those that’ve lost kids in similar ways. What evil people would stoop so low to want to take another human being.
Narendra Rana
Can not stop crying…God bless tgem
Mr-Mrs Know-it-all
Don’t leave your child on the doorstep.
Up High
Thank you God, I feel so happy for him and his son. 👋
Jimmy Miff
Cracking story my only regret is a watched it on the BBC
mr. s_a_m__
I found what the LOVE is…
Zack Zhang
What an amazing story. The best thing I’ve seen in a long long time. You have to realize, this was in China during the one child policy. Sons were especially thought of as blessings to Chinese families. Can you imagine the anguish of their only son, and they aren’t allowed to have any more children, being snatched from them as a toddler, after enduring the hard work that is caring for a newborn and infant? 24 years of being parents stolen from them, but the father never gave up, and never stopped being a dad. Respect.
Meer tonen
Ng may
Great news, come back after 24 years safety , Thank you very much for police officers having hard times finding all the missing children. God bless the family reunion after 24 years, young man return to his family healthy and happily.
The Last Ringmaster
This is incredible ❤️
Nothing special, can be happened in any city in the whole world.
Thank You Lord🕵🏽‍♀️🙏🏽💚
Centrist Philosopher
Incredible perseverance.
No nonsense
Just incredible.
rex minz
😢😢😢 ❤❤
chimken Nugget
my throat hurts so bad :’)
Sui Loong Yong
Fathers day should Be a public holiday
Respek from Staines
Mareyke Politeknik Neg.Manado
😭😭😭😭unfailing love…
Judy's Santos a luuu
God’s blessings 🙏🙏❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏 you 😇🙏🙏❣️🙏😇😇🙏🙏 our hero’s together as one family’s family
Paul Shutt
Dad’s rule 👍🏻
Moshe David Dyion
David O kelly
Worlds worst country for H.T… I’m boss! China: 🇨🇳 hold my wuhan beer
Damn he loved his son
aiya du
Angel Zainam
Wonderful human ❤
Omar Geeh
Arrest the people who bought him too!
SL puah
Sad! Sedih!
Tariq Sheikh
Internal emotions please don’t export
Rashed Abdi
Amazing dad.
The Black Freighter Tattoo Co
It’s a massive issue in China.
Naidu Sreemaan
Health for all!!!!
What a lovely story
Tara Gurung
Time for celebration 😢😢😭😭
Hiya Champ
Hats off sir!!!
Karma a little slow, but glad she arrived. Beautiful to see them reunited, after so much.
What a father!
Magnificent fantastic and beautiful
Why are the 2 suspects got their eyes blocked out? 1:33
Wow I’m happy for you both😢xxxx
Bee M
Wonderful 😊
saeed basabain
Great father
Joseph Santos
No one wants the baby girls 🤣
mystic cat
Another person was missing for 61 years!!!!
Tepuranga Heremaia
No different to what happens with the White peeps trafficking in the West.
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Roshan Mashoor
Father’s love is Father’s love😢😢😢😁😁👍
Humanity still exists
mi li
heyoka Ikaggen
Is this a side-effect of the one child policy?
Marium Rajah
No words Wow !!!
أختكم  من اليمن , أبي متوفي من  3سنة بسبب الحرب وعندي 4أخوات وحالنا يعلم الله فيه واني متكفلة فيهم , واني الان قمت بعمل قنات وربما أربح منها لكن ينقصني الكثير من المش تركين  . واتمنى ما تسخروا مني , وأعرف إن هذه الطريقه غلط لكنها الطريقه الوحيده اللي اقدر من خلالها اكسب نقود حلال 💔💔 لا سامح الحرب اللي وصلتنا لذي المراحل..
prasanta behera
God Bless You
Inger Midling Michel
Was this happening because of the one child policy? Were mainly boys kidnapped? Just guessing here.
Ronald Pallaya Channel
sounds funny US estimatedchildren abduction in China, how?
Ashiq Yusuf
awh so sweet
Pacifique Tumu
I thought BBC could relate this to Uyghur genocide since parents are separated from their children
Debra Evans
Kidnappers and pedophiles should get the death penalty
2:24 perfect censorship not
He reunited 100 children with their families
The sword Son
And we stills can’t find madeleine mcann
Samuel Bailey
who dislikes this?
Could that second reporter speak any slower? I had to check if my settings were on x.5
Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2
Do not comply,. No to vaccine passports, no to mandatory vaccines. No to masks, no to tests, a total disgrace.
زهراء محمد
شنو صاير ؟؟؟
The man is a stud.
Liala Liala
Happy ending ☪️
china push for big surveillance does have its uses, whether its good or bad. For example, using their user data to help the dad find their son.
science world
Very nice information love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳China from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳India
Meer tonen
ray z
川木 張
Morgan Mendieta
The movie is good too.
Choong Jian Cheong
This is a very good video
Jake Baker
Never give up
Mica Chessa
Let me guess, this is only happening with boys?
Singapore Exposed
Some sold to the UK. Many from south east Asia. Last time many Korean and Vietnam sold to Uk
Sharon Phoenix Queen
Keep on crying with tears … humanity? Can you ever do this to others just because money or anything make you benefiting? Deeply deeply sadness painful why ? Non stop hurting people, children women abuse , one word hell warriors please send them all to hell ! The worse Shame in the world if your parents , your relatives ,your family or your friends are involved with this kind of evil just because money , if you receive this money for your everything enjoy life happiness , you know but silence, please god returns all the innocent souls painful suffering 20 times to this kind of people let them taste yourself how is people feel ! Horrible horrible unbelievable childhood memories been destroyed by all the desires crazy money materialistic devil fake human being, hell warriors full strength on earth please send them without miss out anyone , can you imagine if a child already use to the parents behave out of morality, with this kind of environment growing up, one generation worse than one generation if they never wake up, father kill one son kill two come to grandchild kill more more possibly because common sense, tiger eat up human being can tiger feel sorry about? Very very bad bad oh god can’t believe , all are human being equal respect forgiveness peace love . Watching This news with crying…. and crying . Sorry for any impolite words 🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏻😢
Meer tonen
School stabbings in China is pretty high. Parents see their children as a retirement fund, so disfranchised teachers will often kill the kids they’re responsible for to get back at whoever slighted them.
cynthia kent
What people do for money.
mark robinson
20,000 children a year go missing, I am gobsmacked. Why is this not reported more??
wild turtle
Arabic Reja
Of the 10 countries that snatch the most from the world, -China🇨🇳 is at the top.
he reunited 100 familys not 7 south china daily post did a better explanation of this
Punish the buyers too
Cherylee Wilcox
800 000 children go missing in the USA every year.
There was a famous movie about him
Margareth Nyamushonongora
To never give up. Never ever give up
Pierce Ryan
Dhu l-Qarnain
Bring me a better way of life i will join you. but remember i bring you the truth. One Question, Where are you going ?. How you will say that you dont recekt this message. Thats not the first time, Allah warn you many times, how many chances you will get ? Life is Like that : Imagine Thanos snap with his finger. You can die today, tomorrow who knwos when it will be? Allah knows. so for wath you wait you watch a Film like Avengers Endgame wath take 3 hours for an example, so why you cant make 1 hour research, to get real information about islam ?. Allah will ask you, why you have dont take this time, Allah give you so much time in This world so many chances, But you prefer this world wath is nothing, to the hereafter and all the time and work that you invest in this world will be for nothing. Its Your choice and no one is forced, but know this Life is a test and everything have his consequences. If you have an school exam for an example you also pre pare for it, so why you dont pre pare for your Death ? Wath are you fear ? Every one has Questions to which he does not know the answer or maybe does not want to know the answer, but Allah give you the guide for life whether you accept it is up to you. Maybe you think you know about Islam, from things that you heard or saw, but let me Tell you, if you want to learn about Islam you need to learn from Proven Books and Proven Scholars, other wise you can own wrong knowledge. My Allah guide you Inshallah ( Allah says come to me and i will run to you) i hope you understand. Quran 17:15 – Whoever is guided is only guided for [the benefit of] his soul. And whoever errs only errs against it. And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. And never would We punish until We sent a messenger. More Information, Videos, Links about Islam on my Channel(Playlists)
Meer tonen
Mike Pict
I wished I lived in China 🇨🇳
Zeama Gogu
What about the uygurs? Will they get reunited?
Francis Vincent Cabalatungan
Ms. Putty Tang stole the baby
Judy's Santos a luuu
Yes yes yes yes 🙌🙌😁🙌😁🙌🙌👍👍🙌😁 awwww thumbs up
Hot Girls Video XXX
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Hot Girls Video XXX
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Omg,, its NOT Easy for Searching kids in China ,,because they All looking same
Old head eyebrows 😂😂😂
Yannick Mousso
He reunited 100 children with their respective families, not 7, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, or AT LEAST WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE!
philippa wajcman
Yet all the mothers…
الاسلام دين حق
When would I find my lost watch
yvonne s.
They need a back story as to who the boys adoptive famly is..? and did they know if he was a kidnaped baby? Was he sold several times and the people that raised him know the truth…??? His true name must be changed, and did he remember at 2…what it first was..??? And also, the boy now is 26…how he feels… about both set of parents..???? Will he have to go into trama counselling…??? to deal with his actual bloodline…??? Will the boy now be able to share photos of himself of him growing up…. with his true parents..??
Meer tonen
Pub Comrad
This is China🇨🇳: If it was a girl, there wouldn’t be even an abduction to begin with.
الاسلام دين حق
I don’t care about Chinaah
Malaysiabangsat Bersepahbabihutanpartysultanbabi
Have movie and great, kick human trafficking
Karim Sadouni
You never know God what show. You
The whole of China is run and operated by triads.
It’s coming home
• • • — • — — • — —
2:03 I legit thought that was Alex Jones for a sec
Fa Mo
Snatched????!!!! Ooh
Google Doodle
BREAKING NEWS : Father and son reunited after 24 years.
Last Chang
The world must make sure Chinese🇨🇳 Xi Jinping, the mastermind of the Uyghur genocide, – won’t get away with THIS crime
Bruce Liang
Chinese-style human trafficking is also part of Chinese-style socialism.
C007PS #1
If that Aus spoke any slower he would start talking backwards
Khd Mhd
This is a beautiful story coming out of China. Wish it’s ppl felt the same way about what their govt is doing to the uygur ppl. They’re snatching children, torturing women, and are actively engaged in genocide. I hope the ppl of China can stand in support of those suffering under their govt
Joseph Travers
(news broadcaster pronounces every name and surname incorrectly, then pronounces ‘Beijing,’ correctly, which speakers of English almost never do)—- SCORE!
Leona Bastet
So much for the perfect society – as envisioned by communists.
All people around the world are suffering from China.😧😧😧💔💔
Anime Bear/gameplay
think about canada kill 215 kid ,bbc blaming your westen :3 BBC
Winston He
I’m so surprised that bbc is interested in these sort of things that happened in china
I’m happy for them but hopefully the Ughyer families can also reunite
Dave Ken
Quiet Jagung
This is such a heart warming story but BBC just need to slip in negative propaganda since it is about China.
Jamey Collins
Honestly, he is not his real father, just blood father. He was not in his life for so long and how could the son love his father back. He does not even know him!
Andrew 82
Just leave it to BBC to make a happy ending sad. 2015 stats show 20,000 children kidnapped? Why 2015 US estimate? Why don’t BBC show the current stat or 2020 stat from the Chinese.
Aal-E-Ahmad Hussain
This is a good story. But seems to have been politicised into an anti-China thing. We have our own serious problems here in Britain which we need to problematise and address; problems just as serious and some more-so. Being distracted by how other nations are “lesser” than us is unhelpful, especially when there’s no suggested path to bring remedy (besides perhaps painting a years long narrative to our population to justify overseas intervention) When you raise your finger to point at others, three of your own point back at you. Glad to see family reunited and some sense of justice being aspired to.
Meer tonen
sanchita star 💖
चीन के पास ‘शी जिनपिंग’ है और कोरिया में ‘किम जोंग’ है तो हमारे पास भी फेकिंग फॉकिंग किंग ढोंग है 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
Meer tonen
umair Jani
Who is biggest fan of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) 🌹 حضرت محمد غریبوں کی مدد کرتے تھے.مجھے ایک سبسکرائیب چاہیے آپ سے
G June36
I’m certain British anchors can’t read. How does he get every chinese word wrong. Just use google translate to learn how the words are pronounced.
why can’t you just show the beautiful moment? why can’t you stop talkin, stop editing, and just play something pure with no froth added?
China will deny this ☝️
big joe
Bbc has gone mad
Amo Shan
Stop racisms and skizzms
China China China… The Flip flop mainstream media propaganda war machine deflection news at its best 🇨🇳
L wal
Trust BBC to make it as negative as possible…
here bias BBC comes again, haha
The son was not snatched. He was kidnapped. Kidnapping children used to be very rampant in China.
Lenmar Fox
I’m sure it was probably the authorities who stole him. Seeing how they like to control people and their lives.
Slow Motion Biden
BBC is so liberal not to show those traffickers faces. 🤷🏻‍♂️
This presenter doesn’t show emotion when he talks. You can tell he is just reading a script. He also looks too serious and emotionless
Marc Jackson
Stop using US State Dept propaganda
zhongming wang
In view of the BBC report, is it about apartheid and genocide?
Neil Wilde
Defund the BBC
How do Chynamen name their Children??. They toss forks and spoons down the steps.
It’s coming Rome
He won’t even know him why is he crying? Be like hugging a stranger
Peter Petkanov
Ridiculous! Wouldn’t be much easier for this “father” to just save on a condoms again, instead of 24 years motorbike riding?!?

1 Abducted (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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15 sep. 2018

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, a child snatched and smuggled overseas. The number of children abducted by an estranged partner has doubled in the UK in the last decade.

2 Trafficking of Haitian children: A border where childhood is lost

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3 nov. 2010

The smuggling problem has worsened along the Haiti-Dominican Republic border, with money passed to officers and traffickers willing to sell children. Video by Jose Iglesias and Mar Cabra / Miami Herald-El Nuevo Staff
Deb C
Please Father God, send your angels to guard, protect and comfort these children. Lord wrap your arms around them and keep them, until you can get them to safety and people to love and care for them. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray! Amen.
Peace Maker
Here’s another report we’re supposed to believe we have no hand in.
Mary Guy
this is horrible This puts on whole new spin on the term “Money is the root of all Evil” It surely is. Jesus said, “What you do to the least of these little ones, You do also unto me”. Damn this should make all of us mad as hell. God help Haiti!
April Dickson
When God get ahold of them
lmaooooooooo!!!! I was thinking the same shit…lol these haitians coming to the dominican republic is making me sick to my stomach
Maikol Castillo Minyette
por dios vaya situacion la de haití. mientras los ricos mas ricos, los pobres mas jodio eso es lo que es el capitalismo -el pobre viene siendo un esclavo-dique`Libre- Muy buuen reportaje,me gustaria que lo tradujeran al español si es que se puede muuchas gracias.!! espero que reportajes como este sigan haciendose, para que el mundo tome conciencia y humanidad sobre lo que se esta viviendo en Otros lados del mundo. Un lugar puede estar biien pero a la vuelta de la esqina ya es otro mundo.
Loves Animals Hates Rats
I forgot where countries are I didn’t realize Haiti and Dominican Republic were beside each other.
i don’t understand why the children are left in slums?
Mark Torres
Son los padres de los ninos q lo mandan a buscar para tenerlo en rd
Carmen Crosior
coughs CLINTONS cough got that rona bad 😂😂
gwen anevil
Don’t y’all Dominicans forget , that it was HAITIANS that liberated the entire island from colonialism. Haitians used to own the entire island. Before juan pablo duarte thought lighter skin was better.
Derek Leaberry
Haiti’s government should ask France to make them a colony and then disband.
Carlos Santino
Stop this please stop this. Save DR. Stop the Haitians.

3 Disgusting Food Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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6 dec. 2015

Food has GOT to be everyone’s favorite prank prop !

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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