The Erosion of Trust, Closeness, and Compassion in Justice

Trust is a judgement

that someone else can be relied upon or

that some institution can relied on.
It isn’t proof.
Trust is what we do when we need a shortcut.

Please listen to the BBC MP3 of philosopher, Onora O’Neill.

The big idea: the new distrust (about 10 minutes)

Trust in justice

Paula Vennells Denied Review That Could Have Uncovered Post Office Scandal

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24 mei 2024

Paula Vennells’ Decision Delayed Horizon IT Scandal Exposure – Inquiry Reveals Shocking Details”

Post Office Inquiry: Fujitsu boss labels editing of witness statements in prosecutions ‘shameful’

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Post Office Inquiry: Audience moan as Paula Vennells can’t recall key details | ITV News

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Paula Vennells accused of ‘keeping a lid’ on Post Office scandal during grilling by victims’ lawyer

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Begging Hobo Drives Off In A Sports Car

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