The Justice Paradox

Fairness is what justice really is

Law is derived from logic and experience. It has rules to govern its application, penalties for its violation, and remedies for those aggrieved. Yet it tends to be slow, unpredictable, unnecessarily complicated at times, and selectively enforced at others. And then there are the paradoxes that make law even more enigmatic.

Lady Justice represents fairness:
she is carrying scales that represent balance in all things.
she is blindfolded in order to be fair to EVERYONE.
she has a sword to defend everyone’s rights.

Justice does things that are completely absurd.
It is something to worry about.

1 Fouten bij justitie, wie controleert het Openbaar Ministerie?

11 nov. 2019

Het Openbaar Ministerie heeft een belangrijke taak in de maatschappij: het brengt verdachten van strafbare feiten voor de rechter. Maar als het Openbaar Ministerie zélf fouten maakt, kan dat grote gevolgen hebben, want mensen kunnen onschuldig vast komen te zitten. Kan het Openbaar Ministerie ongestraft de regels overtreden? Ingewijden maken zich zorgen en zien een lacune in het toezicht.
ZEMBLA onderzoekt: wie controleert het Openbaar Ministerie? Lees meer:…

2 The Dark Side of UK Justice – Miscarriage of Justice

12 jun. 2020

The reality behind the unfair UK Justice.
How easily lives ruined.
Miscarriages of justice: When the innocent man gets sent to prison.
We pride ourselves on our upstanding legal system in Britain. Yet many times the same system has got it wrong, and an innocent person has been wrongly imprisoned (or worse lost their life) for a crime they did not commit.


3 Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent | 101 East

6 okt. 2016

Japan is famous for having one of the safest societies in the world, with exceptionally low levels of crime.
But does this clean image hide a darker side?
The country’s criminal courts have almost a 100 percent conviction rate.
But justice in Japan relies on confessions, and police and prosecutors have been accused of abusing their authority.
With advances in forensic and DNA technology, an increasing number of wrongful convictions are coming to light, proving that innocent people have been imprisoned, sometimes for life.
101 East asks: Is justice being served in Japan?

4 How Bad Lawyers Get Rich Off People in Houston Jails

15 feb. 2021

‘It makes me feel like they’re playing a game with us’ — Some incarcerated people in Houston wait in jail for years, only to get poor representation from ‘terrible lawyers.’ Here’s how the situation got so bad.

5 Peter’s journey through our broken criminal justice system

29 jan. 2019

Our video tells the story of poor Peter, a nurse, who is on a night out with friends when a fight breaks out. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit he has a nightmare journey through our broken criminal justice system.
Due to many years of underfunding our criminal justice system is crumbling. Things are going wrong at every level and every stage. It has become a distressing journey for victims, the accused, solicitors, barristers, court staff, judges. Write to the Lord Chancellor now to tell him to take action…

M.a.w. dit is de  justitie paradox vernoemd in punt 2 

6 Granny Catapulted In The Garbage

27 mrt. 2015

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec