When push comes to shove

Idiom (also if push comes to shove)

When all the easy answers to a problem have not worked, and something else must be tried:

Only a few people were there to help me when push came to shove.

Cambridge Dictionary

The English equivalent of the Dutch saying

“Als punt bij paaltje komt” is

“When push comes to shove” or 

“When it comes down to it.”

It is used to convey the idea that, in the end or when the situation becomes critical, decisive action or a clear choice will be made.


When matters become critical; when a decision needs to be made

in American English
if push comes to shove

When or if matters are ultimately confronted or resolved; when or if a problem must be faced; in a crucial situation

If push comes to shove, the government will impose quotas on imports


The expression “When push comes to shove” encompasses several key points:

  1. Critical Situation: The phrase is used to describe a moment of truth or a critical situation where decisions or actions must be taken.

  2. Decision Time: It implies that a situation has reached a point where it demands a resolution or a firm decision.

  3. Pressure or Difficulty: The use of “push” and “shove” suggests a sense of pressure or difficulty, indicating that the circumstances have become challenging or demanding.

  4. Revealing True Intentions: It often implies that people’s true intentions or reactions become apparent when faced with a challenging situation.

  5. Action is Inevitable: The expression suggests that, ultimately, action or a decision is unavoidable. It emphasizes the need for decisive steps or choices when confronted with difficult circumstances.

Overall, “When push comes to shove” encapsulates the idea that in challenging or critical moments, individuals must take action and make decisions to navigate through the situation.


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The most significant correction is with his ‘limited’ relationship with Gareth Jenkins becoming much more substantial.

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