A distorted view

Een vervormd beeld. Een verwrongen beeld. Een verwrongen kijk.

blurry vision of a green chalkboard with mathematic calculation on it corrected by the glasses

Distort verb [T] (CHANGE MEANING)

to change something so that it is false or wrong, or no longer means what it was intended to mean:

She accused her opponent of distorting the truth.
The survey methods can distort reality.

More examples

The new movie distorts some key facts.
As usual, the media have distorted my words.
His enemies have deliberately distorted his character and actions.
I believe the press have distorted the situation.


Cambridge Dictionary
What happened to Liam Allan

Liam Allan is a British criminology student who was falsely accused of rape in 2015. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, based on evidence provided by the accuser and a police investigation.

However, it later emerged that the police had failed to disclose text messages from the accuser that showed she had not only consented to the sexual activity but had also enjoyed it. These text messages were only discovered when the defense team, led by barrister Julia Smart, demanded access to the accuser’s mobile phone.

As a result, the prosecution dropped all charges against Liam Allan in December 2017.

The case highlighted serious flaws in the way that evidence is handled and disclosed in the UK criminal justice system, leading to a review of disclosure procedures.

After the case was dropped, Liam Allan spoke out about his experience, calling for reforms to ensure that defendants receive a fair trial and that false accusations are thoroughly investigated before charges are brought. He has also been involved in campaigning for greater awareness of false accusations and the impact they can have on the lives of those wrongly accused.

1 – Debate: Anonymity for Those Accused of Rape? | Good Morning Britain

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2 Andrew Jenks speaks with Ryan Ferguson

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11 nov. 2013

Thank you Andrew for believing in Ryan and being a friend to him!!!! Praying for his release!
Debbie Moore
Thank you Andy for sharing Ryan’s story, and helping get the message out. God bless you.
You ARE going home soon. You WILL be home for Thanksgiving. We stand united with you Ryan.
Normally I won’t listen to things like these, but I’ve heard of this and I think that this case deserves a new trial. I signed the petition.
Grant Vander Laan
You are awesome jenks keep doin what u are doin
so happy to see him freed after all these years..yah!!!
Ashley Bean
Wear this tshirt around, so more people can support him! (50% of the proceeds will be donated to him on Fundly) http://teespring.com/ryanferguson
Dave Cromage
So will his co defendant be released also since there is no evidence linking him to the murder either?!
Mitch Fields
Hang in there it wont be long now…..The Lord has allowed your plight to help so many others in many ways………………
I don’t understand how this shit can happen to good people. The system in corrupt. Keep on fighting. 
Eddie E
HE IS NOW FREE!!  The Missouri AG has refused to retry Ryan’s case!!  Kathleen Zellner is on her way to get him from Jefferson City Correctional!!!
xiomana xoxoxo
I am working on a documentary on innocent people getting framed by police, its pretty common now they just want to nail anyone for unsolved crimes…not sure what the motive is but I will find out , going through the cases now for research, but I have so many its pretty overwhelming.

3 Bra Removal Trick

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22 mei 2011

Woman at the mall asks people passing by to help her remove a shopping tag that is hanging off the back of her shirt. A man shows up and yanks the price tag off… but the lady’s big, skin-coloured bra comes with it! The poor woman is left with her lingerie exposed, as surprised prank victims watch shocked and embarrassed.
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!