Search for missing Titanic Submersible Submarine

1 Titanic director James Cameron: submarine warnings were ignored


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23 jun 2023

Movie director and submersible maker James Cameron said on Thursday he wishes he had sounded the alarm earlier about the submersible Titan that imploded on an expedition to the Titanic wreckage, saying he had found the hull design risky.

All five aboard the vessel were killed.

Cameron became a deep-sea explorer in the 1990s while researching and making his Oscar-winning blockbuster “Titanic,” and is part owner of Triton Submarines, which makes submersibles for research and tourism.

He is part of the small and close-knit submersible community, or Manned Underwater Vehicle (MUV) industry. When he heard, as many in the industry had shared, that OceanGate Inc was making a deep-sea submersible with a composite carbon fiber and titanium hull, Cameron said he was skeptical.

2 ‘There is no excuse for what happened here’: Director James Cameron on Titanic sub tragedy

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23 jun 2023

ABC News’ Phil Lipof spoke with “Titanic” film director James Cameron and Robert Ballard, the first person to locate the Titanic wreckage, as the search for the missing sub comes to a tragic end.

3 Man who turned down trip on ill-fated submersible says CEO ‘brushed off’ his concerns

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CNN’s Gloria Pazmino breaks down the latest updates in the investigation into the OceanGate Titan, which suffered a “catastrophic implosion” in transit to the Titanic that killed five. CNN’s Erin Burnett speaks with Jay and Sean Bloom, a father and son duo who turned down seats on the ill-fated submersible.

4 Oceangate whistleblower expressed safety concerns over missing Titanic sub – BBC News

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21 jun 2023

A whistleblower previously voiced concerns over the safety of the missing Titanic submersible, court documents claim.

The 2018 documents reveal that an Oceangate employee raised issues about the safety and design of the vessel, named Titan.

Contact with the miniature sub, which has five people on board, was lost on Sunday as it made a 3,800m (12,467 ft) descent to the Titanic wreck.

5 Missing Sub: Former Titan passenger ‘couldn’t get comfortable with design’

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22 jun 2023

A former passenger on one of Titan’s maiden voyages says he ultimately “decided to back off” from the Titanic dive project as he “couldn’t get comfortable with the design”.

Speaking to Sky News, US explorer Josh Gates described how there were system errors during his journey on the submersible in a “shakedown dive” in 2021.

Mr Gates added that some of the systems on board “didn’t perform well at all”, with issues on thrusters and computer controls onboard.

6 Implosion Titan Oceangate How it Happened | Submersible Submarine Parts #3d

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30 jun 2023 UNITED STATES

New Video Nuclear Powered Submarine Link

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What is Implosion?

Implosion is a process of destruction by collapsing inwards the object itself.

Where explosion expands, implosion contracts.

In the case of the Titan Submergible. the Implosion was caused due to very high hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding water, which happen within a fraction of a millisecond, as shown in the animation.

At the depth the Titanic rests, there is around 5600 pounds per square inch of pressure.

That’s almost 400 times the pressure we experience on the surface.

As the submersible is deep in the ocean, it experiences the force on its surface due to the water pressure.

When this force becomes larger than the force hull can withstand, the vessel implodes violently.

But why did this Implosion happen to the Titan Submersible.

(Existing technology is based on) Current hull materials used are steel, titanium, and aluminium. These are what kept other submarines from being Crushed.

But the Titan has had an experimental design. It used mostly carbon fibres, which have the advantage of being lighter than titanium or steel.

The properties of carbon fibres for deep sea applications are, however, not that well understood. It can crack and break suddenly.

7 The Unsinkable Titanic

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15 apr 2022

Everyone knows that an iceberg sank The Unsinkable Titanic leaving more than 1,500 people to perish in what is now known to be one of the greatest maritime disasters in history. But this striking film argues that it was actually a long chain of misjudgements, human errors and misfortunes that sealed the fate of the largest liner of its day, her passengers, and crew. Had just one link in that chain been missing, this historic disaster may have been averted.

The film draws on the latest research as well as eyewitness testimonies to reconstruct the story from the point of view of those involved, and debunk the many myths that have built up surrounding the Titanic.

8 Blind Man At Water Park Prank

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