Hong Kong

1 Hong Kong: capital of domestic slavery

REPORTERS – Hong Kong: capital of domestic slavery They are mostly Filipino or Indonesian. These women have been driven by poverty to leave everything behind to work as domestic staff in Hong Kong. They wanted to build a future for themselves, but in some cases the dream has turned into a nightmare. Isolated and defenceless, many are treated badly by their employers. We went to meet this female workforce who are exploited at will and hidden in plain sight.

2 Life in Hong King’s Cages | Full Documentary | TRACKS

21 mrt. 2020

The rift between rich and poor in Hong Kong is profound. Despite being the global capital of the super-wealthy, the premium on space has driven 200,000 people to live in inhumanly cramped conditions.

21 apr. 2020

In glitzy and prosperous Hong Kong, thousands live in conditions deemed an “insult to human dignity”. Low-income residents who can’t keep up with soaring property prices have no choice but to cram into homes barely bigger than a coffin or wire cage. More than 200,000 Hongkongers survive in the cramped and squalid conditions of so-called coffin houses and cage homes.
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3 Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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15 aug. 2018

When houses are the size of parking spaces.

Hong Kong is the most expensive housing market in the world. It has been ranked as the least affordable housing market on Earth for eight years in a row, and the price per square foot seems to be only going up. The inflated prices are forcing Hongkongers to squeeze into unconventionally small spaces that can affect their quality of life.

Tens of thousands of Hongkongers are living in spaces that range from 75 to 140 square feet. To put that in perspective, the average parking space in the US is about 150 square feet. And in the most extreme cases, Hongkongers have resorted to homes the size of a coffin.

I spent some time exploring the living situation in Hong Kong to find out why housing has become so expensive and spaces so tight.

To understand how Hong Kong’s housing market turned out this way and see how it’s affecting people’s lives, watch the final episode of Borders Hong Kong.

Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit vox.com/borders.

4 Squalid Living Conditions Of Hong Kong’s Poor Population

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23 aug. 2016

Cage Dwellers (2010): Despite its wealth, Hong Kong is leaving its poor to rot in squalid conditions. With one toilet per floor and just a few square feet to their name, thousands of cage dwellers live no better than animals.

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“Many can’t afford three meals a day or even water, the rent is not even cheap!” says human rights activist Sze Lai. She introduces us to 79-year-old Dai, who has spent 30 years in a cage. Ten other men share his room. Piled up to the ceiling, their cages would look shocking in a zoo. A chief worry is hygiene. 8-year-old Jessica lives with her mother in a cubicle too small to let a grown man stand. She points to the only toilet on their floor: “I hate it. People above throw dead rats down here”. Although the need for public housing is dire, nothing is being done to eradicate cage dwelling. With only half of the government elected by universal suffrage, the poor just don’t have a voice.

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5 How Hong Kong is home to the crazy rich and the mega poor


10 apr. 2019

Hong Kong has more ultra-rich people than any other country, yet 1 in 5 people still live in poverty. Dateline’s Marc Fennell asks why the gap between rich and poor is so extreme.

6 The heartbreaking reality of living in a crowed place! | Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities – BBC

20 sep. 2017


Ade heads into the high rises to find people living in tiny spaces no larger than a cupboard.

Dan Snow, Anita Rani and Ade Adepitan reveal the hidden systems and armies of people running Hong Kong – one of the most densely populated places on earth.

This time, they are in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium and real estate is the most expensive in the world, so Ade heads into the high rises to find people living in tiny spaces no larger than a cupboard.

Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC

7 Why is Hong Kong housing so expensive? | CNBC Explains

6 apr. 2017

Hong Kong consistently ranks as the world’s most expensive housing market. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explains why.

8 How the ultra wealthy travel in Hong Kong | First Class

6 okt. 2017

Hong Kong is a billionaire’s playground and CNBC has a first class pass to all the luxury. Emily Tan is your guide to all the hidden hot spots, including a hotel suite that costs $160,000 a night and an apartment that sold for $65 million. We find out how the truly rich travel, stay and play. Join us as we take you to a restaurant which can charge up to $12,000 for a fourteen-course meal to an invite-only after-hours cocktail bar.

9 Extreme poverty in Hong Kong: homeless life on a footbridge

5 sep. 2018

Nguyen Van Son and Eppie Yip were among the 17 homeless people who lived on a footbridge in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong’s poorest district. After packing up their shelters in mid-July, some of them have moved to a nearby park. But the homeless problem still persists in the neighbourhood.
Hong Kong property is the most expensive in the world. The monthly rent for low quality subdivided flats even smaller than a car park space can cost more than HK$4,000 or US$509, while public housing has a five and a half year long waiting list. Soaring rents, and inadequate public housing force the city’s poorest inhabitants to sleep rough.

10 Get Rea!: Hong Kong’s world of cubicle dwellers | Full episode

18 feb. 2014

54-year-old Yeung Suen is one of Hong Kong’s 100,000 cubicle dwellers. He lives in a 35 square foot windowless space barely bigger than his bed. The irony is, he pays more per square foot in rent than someone living in a luxury apartment. In this episode, Get Real enters Hong Kong’s world of cubicle dwellers, and asks if living in a cubicle is their only option.

11 Why Does HONG KONG Have World’s MOST EXPENSIVE HOMES? – VisualPolitik EN

4 jun. 2018

Did you know that Hong Kong is the city with the smallest and most expensive homes in the world? With seven and a half million inhabitants and more than 1200 skyscrapers, homes in Hong Kong are terribly expensive. In this video we’ll tell you why.
And don’t forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: http://www.reconsidermedia.com/ CC BY 3.0 licensed content used and adapted by VisualPolitik for this video: Two days in Hong Kong by JPS – https://vimeo.com/18748590 Hang Seng Real Estate by Orange Suen – https://vimeo.com/45716870 The Way We Dress by Fashion Film Festival Milano – https://vimeo.com/185332735 Hong Kong Tram Ride by Silvio Carrillo – https://vimeo.com/13334921 A trip to Asia by vimeo – https://vimeo.com/70119559 The Factory Of The World by Hackaday – https://vimeo.com/133534280 Link to the terms of the license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…

12 WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chinese spy spills secrets to expose Communist espionage | 60 Minutes Australia

24 nov. 2019

A Chinese spy defects to Australia. His shocking revelations are guaranteed to infuriate Beijing. How China conducts questionable activities around the world, including its attempts to infiltrate the Australian government. Subscribe here: http://9Soci.al/chmP50wA97J Full Episodes here http://9Soci.al/sImy50wNiXL

13 China’s interference into Australia ‘shouldn’t be surprising’

25 nov. 2019

The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan says it is clear “aggression in China’s interference has been growing” and that recent “shocking” reports about an espionage ring in Australia are “nothing to be surprised about”.

14 Australia ‘shouldn’t jump at shadows’ over increasing Chinese influence

24 nov. 2019

Sky News host Peta Credlin says as a nation, “the last thing we should do is jump at shadows,” as Australia’s security agencies grapple with allegations a Chinese espionage ring attempted to install a spy in Canberra.

15 Attempts to plant Chinese spy MP in Canberra ‘very serious allegations’


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24 nov. 2019

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says claims a Chinese espionage ring attempted to install a spy in a seat in Australia’s federal parliament “are very serious allegations” and “investigations are continuing”.

16 China attempting to plant a spy MP in parliament would ‘shock’ Australians

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24 nov. 2019

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says the death of Bo ‘Nick’ Zhao and his link to a Chinese espionage ring which allegedly attempted to install a spy in a seat in Australia’s federal parliament would “shock individuals”.

17 Australian authorities investigate claims of Chinese espionage

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24 nov. 2019

Australian authorities are investigating claims a Chinese espionage ring tried to install a spy within a seat in federal parliament.

18 Australia is ‘almost obliged to give protection’ to self-proclaimed spy Wang Liqiang

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29 nov. 2019

According to senior members of the Australian Intelligence community it is “highly dubious” that Wang Liqiang, who claimed he was a high-level Chinese spy, was “major player in the espionage space,” according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.

19 Hand Made Ice Cream

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11 mei 2011

This blind ice cream salesman is just trying to make a living by selling cones in the park. Instead of a scoop, though, this gross man uses his fingers. He dips his dirty digits right into the tubs of ice cream and scoops up the balls with his bare hands, to everyone’s utter disgust. 
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