Above Suspicion


A belief or idea that something may be true:

[ + that ] I have a suspicion that he only asked me out because my brother persuaded him to.
She had a nagging/sneaking suspicion that she might have sent the letter to the wrong address.


A feeling or belief that someone has committed a crime or done something wrong:

“I’m arresting you on suspicion of illegally possessing drugs,” said the police officer.
In these cases, the parents usually come under suspicion.
usually UK She is under suspicion of murder.
In this particular case, they are above/beyond suspicion (= cannot be thought to be guilty).
His strange behaviour aroused/raised his neighbours’ suspicions.

Cambridge Dictionary

1 Russell Williams – Above Suspicion – the fifth estate

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CBC News

 Gepubliceerd op 5 sep. 2014

He piloted prime ministers and royalty and later commanded our country’s largest air force base in Trenton, Ont. Today, Colonel Russell Williams sits in a prison cell convicted of multiple charges including two murders, sexual assaults and dozens of break and enters. This unbelievable story has captured the country’s attention and left people asking the same simple questions: What really happened? Who is the man behind the headlines?

To answer these questions, the team from the fifth estate conducted an exhaustive journalistic investigation over many months as they chased down a multitude of leads, knocked on countless doors and asked many difficult questions of the people who agreed to talk.

In exclusive interviews with those who know him best, host Bob McKeown reveals, in intricate detail, the story of Colonel Russell Williams — career military man, respected community leader, husband and, now, convicted murderer.

Original airdate : September 24th, 2010

Also watch The Confession where Bob McKeown deconstructs the interrogation and shocking confession of Russell Williams :

2 Russell Williams – The Confession – the fifth estate

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Gepubliceerd op 5 sep. 2014

Bob McKeown deconstructs the interrogation and shocking confession of Russell Williams. From his initial denial to the full declaration of guilt, the fifth estate deciphers one of the most compelling and distressing confessions in Canadian criminal history with the help of people who know the art of interrogation better than anyone else. For many months, the fifth estate has been following the story of Russell Williams and now is able to piece it together from the early clues to the final confession.
Original airdate : October 22nd, 2010

3 The Interrogation of Col. Russell Williams

Gepubliceerd op 3 aug. 2019

The psychological disintegration of David Russell Williams
Jim Can’t Swim Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/jimcantswim

4 Women married to monsters blindsided by their disturbing crimes | 60 Minutes Australia

27 nov. 2019

In Australia there has been an explosion in the number of cases of men arrested for trading child sex abuse material online. It’s a sickening crime and those involved in viewing, producing and peddling sexually explicit images of children on their computers face substantial penalties, including prison, if caught. On 60 MINUTES, Peter Stefanovic meets some of the hidden victims of these crimes – the unsuspecting partners of the perpetrators. They are women whose lives have been ruined because the men they loved, and thought they knew, were really monsters.

5 Chicken Pig Cop Prank

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27 mrt. 2011

Police officer stops some drivers and they are tricked into looking as if they are making chicken, pig and sheep noises at the cops. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!