Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking is the practice of stealing or buying organs through exploitation to be sold on a black market for profit, and transplant tourism is traveling to another country for the purpose of buying, selling, or receiving organs (Broumand & Saidi, 2017; Shimazono, 2007; United Nations, 2011; United Nations, 2018).

Chapter 9: Organ Trafficking

“Tales From The Organ Trade”

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19 mrt. 2014

Becky Anderson examines a documentary which explores the legal, moral and ethical aspects of the human organ trade.
sadie elizabeth
It’s not organ trade it’s organ trafficking g
HeyMzz.CookieBlackSoulsistah Echols
They are stealing minorities organs by any means necessary .
The same people telling you this story are the same people behind it. They are all involved
The old guy with dark hair seemed entitled to me,he already lived and something seemed off about him. Even his own daughter refused to give him her kidney.
Ercushka Kulmetov
Us westerners eat too much and that’s the biggest detriment to our health.,Diabeties,Heart disease,clogged arteries,obesity etc… The body needs rest and yes even from food.
Daddy X
This stuff low key scary
mel ford
Tons of kidnapping in philippines just for their organs. I’m surprise they didn’t talk about this.
I love how all the ladies are arguing with each other
Kathryn Harris
There’s a simple solution to have more organs AND against exploitation of the poor: It’s called an opt-out donation system. Win-win.
brian 5
if you allow selling organs you allow businesses to become organ sellers. didn’t china do that and create even greater demand for sustaining the transplant industry and causing a greater demand in the market for harvesting organs illegally?
Elizabeth Armada
Poverty, ,,nothing else is the reason why many Filipinos risking to sell their kidneys. ..sad but true…
shakai handy
the ladies that ended this said some raw shit!
Back when cnn had respectable programming
frank sigwart
sick, justice will prevail.
World of Variety
People are being murdered for their organs
October 10, 2135
God says….. No longer allowed by heaven 💔💔💔
M gdhse3
Needs to be regulated! Too many humans gone missing for sexual predators an organ transplants.
syakir haris
It is hard to believe this, are they really from respected universities in this world? If human organ transplant from inside the family members itself with the mutual clear agreements from all family members then I think it is OK, if someone die, then it is family matter.. but if the organ transplant is from strangers especially from foreign countries, the agreements are always unclear, people is just desperate for money without thinking future consequences, talk different language, different culture, probably a lot more people under their responsibility will suffer more in the long term.. it is always not an ethical act and against human right.
Janice Harden
That’s when Marshall law Comes in ; not by God laws.
This is why all these kids are being kidnapped and not found. Americans that better care of their bodies then these 3 world countries. This bigger then people think. Please keep your kids and young adults close
Upstream Colours
What is the exact name of the organisation? Is it flaun gong? 🤔
hum ams
If it wrre legal ppl wpuld go missing all the time and it would be easy to covet their tracks by justvsaying they sild their organs. This is a all atpumd bad idea. Unless it can be guaranteed noone can exploit this the i dont see how its reasonable. Think about car sales men they are rewarded by money by selling overpriced cars. Where there is mo ey to made ppl will rush in
Anthony Man
Talk about minimizing! It’s 1000s/day and $trillions/year!
Lisa Saytee
24 people who dislike this are people who harvest organs
JJ Made The Lesson
Could you activate subtitles please?
dellboy 84
Transplantation should be banned.
Knowledge Center
As long as you keep people poor you will have donors.
Michelle Soto
So I believe that when someone die they the hospital people will take the dead person organ’s without anyone knowing, that is for every dead person…..
saturday samsooey
Human organ farms big pharmin pharma
Whos selling a pancreas on here?
Bobby Bloodbaths
Justice. Justice is not real
Anne Chester
No such thing as brain dead people..don’t disconnect your loved ones..opt out of organ donation
John Doe
Those people are lucky they got paid an weren’t just killed for there organs
SirEnderLord II
I would do anything to save me life
Love Birds
This is happening right now in my country (Philippines) they kidnapped teenager




gnd08 light
Too busy looking for marijuana sellers 🙈
Pooja Rawat
I want to sell it plz
pink wolf
he’ll yes if i.neededto eat n feed my family
R Peter
Does anyone look into girls trafficked and then taken for mri/cat scan for organ sizing and sales? Maybe starting even in Canada now as well 😢 my friend Wendy Hutton,
Caroline Wong
Not worth it, so many side effects of donating your kidney.. the money the donors receive is so little and the low quality of life that follows… Sorry to those who need a kidney but at this point there’s no gaining.
Charles Joseph
Unfortunately soul is invisible
Kris Jenner turned news anchor I see!
The people in this world are f*cked up.. People around the world will make this a business and force people to do this by either frame, or hostage.
Salomae Pawelzik
People who desperately need the kidney and people who desperately need the money get together and both consenting parties make beneficial exchange that both are happy with… then it’s no one else’s business to stop them. Why should this fair exchange bother anyone but those who loose profits caused by this direct exchange. Whose profits or business is threatened by this? Who stands to loose? The organ traffickers/thieves have a lot to loose. And then the Medical professions and Politicians rush in and stop these fair exchanges, why? Their profits are being threatened, that’s why. They are the real organ harvesting thieves and traffickers.
Nabiha Habibullah
Curse on those hypocrites who predend to rush to stop this deadly trade in order to make more money for themselves and give little money to the donors. They put the rules of this deadly game and should pay a high price for their crimes against innocent poor people.
raw data
Easy answer to this problem. Offer cash posthumously for organs. Men are noble enough to give for the good of their surviving family. This involves the medical industry. People are paid in the process either way. Doctors and hospitals make out very well in the deal. Why not the donors family?
Serena Artista
It would be better if transplantation was ended. Period. If we think of it as natural selection, that’s what’s happening. We aren’t meant to have other people’s organs.
Nicole Haining
theeerreee byyyyyyyy
the boss
as bad as it is to buy an organ, when it comes to our own lives we would all do the same if we have the money.

The Village of Stolen Kidneys

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29 mei 2013

In the village of Hokshe, Nepal, local residents estimate that nearly 70 people, out of roughly 300, have sold their kidneys on the black market. Lured to India by the promise of cash, villagers are tricked into thinking their kidneys will regrow “like a mango in a tree.” Years later the money is gone and so is their means of survival. Watch as we get up close and personal in the village of kidney trade.

Produced by:
Sam Matthews
Michael Byhoff
Tom van Cakenberghe

Edited by:
Alan Capriles
Gianclaudio Angelini

With special thanks to:
Dipak Bhattarai
Nagendra Adhikari
Sarita Sapkota
Sahadev Poudei

Lina Dmer
for the people saying that theyre making a big deal out of having one kidney and that you know people who donated and are okay, im guessing since these people sold their kidney to the black market, they didnt get good doctors to remove it, thus the following health consequences
Di Linh Reichman
OMG This is so heartbreaking. It makes me so angry that there is such evil in this world.
This is why education is important
Krobbkag Destroyer Of Worlds
Saddening, very saddening. Just when I think I’ve seen the worst one human can do to another, something takes its place. 
I feel so bad for them, for us as human.
What hurts the most is the look in his eyes. It’s the look of his pride taken away, of his dream destroyed and left with all the regret. He’s basically a man that’s lost everything. And it is impossible to get that image out of my head. No one should ever have to look like that. 
Aaron V
Wow OMG, thank you so much this video. The world needs to know about this. Thank you again.
kaleb Gonzales
“It’s hip to be square, so hip to be square.”
Tammy Leeder Whitaker
God bless the innocent. 🌹
Rub man
sad one :((. need lots of awareness..ignorant and poor are been cheated of their ignorance mainly a lot from neighboring countries … Thanks for putting this together for us to know about this sad things..
Alice Samuel
Then educate this poor people
These things should be raised…😭🙏
Medical Doll
I wish I could send this man money. 😔😕😞
If I had money and a gun Id take out every evil person I could.
Kelly Larson
Okay, I’m confused because I am pretty sure that you can live a normal healthy life with one kidney. One kidney usually functions just as well as two. People in the US give kidneys to family members all the time. I mean it is still awful. but why do they dramatize it so much and make it seem like they are all destined to die and live unhealthy lives afterwards?
And another sad thing is that the school girl was wearing kumkum it means she is married. 😭😥 ie child marriage is also common.
Radabi Maram
Please tell people to not sell them . Help spread the awareness . Thanks.
Sameer Adhikari
people are to b awared abt the importance abt their organs..the initiation must start now..else its gonna b too late…Rise all
Sanish Maharjan
ASHAMED ACT BY TAKER AND DONNER TOO… This is the reason why we should focus on education and awareness to the real needed people not to those in easy access to go in for so called development agent and change makers….. for those who makes the progress report of awareness to the national and international donor its a big slap……..
kisuna mayan
i need to sell my kidney because i want to buy new ericson…
Imma go there just to flex my complete set of kidneys

1 Asia’s Kidney Black Market | 101 East

7 sep. 2016

In rural Nepal, an entire village shares a secret. Every family here has at least one member who has sold their kidney to traffickers.
Each year, international organ trafficking gangs convince these poor people to give up a kidney. Sometimes the donors get paid for it, sometimes they don’t. But the cost to their health can be devastating.
Most of their kidneys end up in India, often in Kolkata, which has been nicknamed “The Great Kidney Bazaar”.
101 East travels the kidney trafficking route, talking to the donors, police, brokers and doctors involved in this bloody black market.

2 Undercover video of human organ traders – BBC News

1 mei 2017

The World Health Organisation says that more than 10,000 human organs are being sold illegally every year. Billions of pounds are tied up in the trade, with the Middle East now considered the global hub, driven partly by desperate refugees eager to make money by selling their organs.

3 Exposing the black market for human organs

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5 mrt. 2013

Many who live in poverty in Bangladesh resort to selling their organs in an effort to make ends meet. MSU anthropologist Monir Moniruzzaman infiltrated the black market for human organs to expose the often horrific experiences of victims and the consequences of trafficking.
Solid Snake
The rich took their money, their future, and now they want their organs too, they want everything.
“This situation doesn’t officially exist.” That is political speech for, “I don’t want to do anything about it, so my strategy is to pretend it isn’t happening.” Yeah, how did that work out for Reagan when he pretended the AIDS crisis wasn’t happening?
Living life!
I’m doing a paper on human organs and this is to sad. I am thankful for all I have, blessed for the love from my children. It’s to bad he became sick…..
of course its hard and complicated to get help from the UN, they’re the ones who are getting a piece of the pie in those organ auctions, its literally the UN’s job to stop stuff like that but they’re in on it
Angeline Nichol
didn’t expect “it cost and arm and a leg” to be literal
PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord
The rapper are always saying that the government wants your mind, body & your soul!
Ur gonna spend more money healing ur self after losing ur organ after selling it
Poor corners of the planet fall into destitution for the government’s familiar cruel practices desperation apparently also comes with a high price tag.
Why is it complicated? That was going to be the most interesting bit!!!
Winter Nunya
The earth IS the place of biblical hell. Those that deny that FACT are ignorant to what goes on on a daily basis. All the religious people who get angry when you tell them that this earth is actually and truly hell. Ignorance really IS bliss isn’t it.
Fishn Giggles
It’s happening in Mexico as well
Husam Gad
Don’t feed your demons 🤷🏻‍♂️
Loans from NGOs? Let me guess at highly inflated interest rate.
Sayema Khatun
Remarkable Investigation!
Joe D
He looks like that detective out of saw.
Nosy Rosie
The beggars now are selling their family members because they forgot to nourish the body with for themselves.
Walter Goodman
Legitcardking on telegram is the absolute best man. Man always delivers without fail no matter the obstacles. Thank you very much blood. Really admire your works
Before this happened to me just today 1/30/20 some guys came up to me, and both offered me $100 dollars and showed them to me! I was surprised! All I had was the uno cross between my jacket while having my hands in the “got em” position, anyways, one guy asked for my uno reverse card cross for $100 (geez the stack was like $3) and I said “…this isn’t for sale…” another guy said the same thing but with my 4 Minecraft books I said no (again) then I said “Why do people think I own a black market? This is just my cult! Let me bring Kermit back from the dead in piece!” And now I own Journal 3 (gravity falls) and NOW I can bring Kermit from the dead! >:3 wait I realized in the show there was an entire apocalypse in 5 seconds… I take it back… anyways now people think i have a portable shop…
Subscribe To Ya Boi
I’m in the USA spending money I stuff I don’t need everyday these folks selling they organs so poor that’s so sad I feel terrible as a society
Nowshin Mostafizzz
I’m a Bangladeshi …and I feel bad for us
Mariam Jabril
May Allah have mercy on us
Mihai S
But if I want to sell my body for organs, how I can do it?
Johnnie McQuarley
Who are the 10 people who dislike this video?
Elizabeth Armada
Ganon talaga ang mangyayari sa katawan ng tao kapag nabawasan ng vital organs…ikamamatay nila yun…they need to eat nutritious foods to survive. ..but, the money will disappear for less than a year. ..
Jason gaming
This kind of things mostly happens in India
Emilio Cristobal
Idiots there have to be some how to get money work work I know it’s tough around the world but there’s always a way to get through it praise Allah and bless the ones who are in need
Run Ima Duck
And this was the last video ever made by him
Talk about selling yourself out😨
The Beyonder
Im starting up a human trafficking mafia if you’re interested
Mx Kat
At least 1/4 of those organs will be rejected. Worse still are the people seduced and tricked into becoming a victim
wolf boi
Im mad as hell on this black market
Beverly Howard
How discussing this world iS PURE EVIL, TOO HARD TO WATCH
Luis Burgos
There’s a black market for everything. It’s all about making profit. They know these poor individuals are desperate for money to support their families and to survive. What do they do? They offer a low price, for example: $30 for a kidney; when that kidney could well be worth $500 or even more. I don’t understand, why would you reproduce when you know your children will suffer? Organs are worth tons of money. Organs can save someone else’s life.
silver sheep
You Like Torture Don’t You!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Powell-Moreno
Whao wants to be a millin’are?!?!
Raju mahadevan
Which is the most dangerous animal????????
Nabi Isa
Sell animal orgam
Saturnina Lopez
How dear the do this you all die .if u dont have youre own organ.God is sad to see this things.say no not to sale youre organs
Boy Gaming
Cody Shepard
Why not force those on death row to give up organs?
Subscribe To Ya Boi
Brah this hit me so different this is not right bro as people we have to stand up for situation like this we all human that’s crazy brah
PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord
America and every other country are doing the same thing!
Karmi A
this is so sad….omg! in which world we live in. I believe Sushant Singh Rajput was about to expose all this and he was murdered.
Flaming Dragon
Hmmmmm but why ……. this isn’t what peope are meant to do ……….. there pissing me off ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Christy Hoover
U.S. had a problem at certain hospitals where patients’ organs were harvested while still alive – ended up dead, reason why not a donor.

4 The Cruellest Cut – Pakistan’s Kidney Mafia

16 jul. 2007

July 2007
More and more Westerners – including Australians, it appears – are travelling abroad to get transplants, particularly kidneys – currently the world’s most sought-after organ. This boom in so-called transplant tourism has caused the World Health Organisation to recently express alarm at the sale of kidneys by poor donors to cater for this surging demand. Manzoor’s kidney was his only valuable position. Selling it was meant to cover his debts. But he ended up even further in debt when he developed post operative problems and had to buy medicine.
Produced by SBS/Dateline
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

5 Nepal’s black-market organ trade | Short Doc

12 jul. 2020

Nepal’s Kavre province is known as ‘Kidney Valley’. Organ traffickers here tempt impoverished villagers with the prospect of easy money, promising that their organs will grow back. At least one family member in nearly every household has sold a kidney on the black market. 
This is a short version of our ‘Kidney Valley’ documentary. For the full documentary, click here –
#RT Documentary offers you in-depth #documentary films on topics that will leave no one indifferent. It’s not just front-page stories and global events, but issues that extend beyond the headlines. Social and environmental issues, shocking traditions, intriguing personalities, history, sports and so much more – we have documentaries to suit every taste. RT Documentary’s film crews travel far and wide to bring you diverse and compelling #stories. Discover the world with us!

6 Kidney Valley: Nepalese villagers preyed upon by a thriving organ black market

28 jul. 2016

Kavre province in Nepal has been dubbed “Kidney valley”: there’s hardly a household in which a family member hasn’t sold his or her kidney on the black market. There is no legal way for patients to obtain donor organs other than from a relative. In the absence of a suitable familial match, the patient’s only chance of survival is to turn to the underground organ trade.
Grim dealers exploit the region’s extreme poverty and the people’s lack of education about health and medicine. Many victims have been told that the process would have no impact on their health and even that a kidney would grow back. Desperate to escape debt and support their families, impoverished villagers have agreed to the irreversible surgery, only to be hugely underpaid and left with their health irreparably damaged.
While Nepal’s transplant patients often have no way to obtain life-saving organs, other than the black market, naïve and underprivileged villagers are easy prey for organ dealers who turn a tidy profit from the devastating trade. Ironically many of them started in the business by selling one of their own organs. RT Doc meets people from all sides of the illegal organ market to ask how and why it has reached today’s appalling levels.

24 On the Trail of the Illicit International Organ Trade

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14 jun. 2016

Organs Across Borders (2009): Delving into the murky world of organ trafficking.

For many Moldovan men, selling a kidney offers quick cash and certain freedom from poverty. But the risks create shocking consequences. A devastating insight to the underworld of organ trafficking.

Business is booming in the criminal organ trading industry. Fifteen thousand human organs are trafficked from the poorest countries to rich Arab and Western regions every year. “‘If you want to make a certain sum of money, give your kidney for 10 thousand US Dollars,”’ says Anatoli. Illegal organ traffickers persuaded him that after the operating table, life would be simple, rich and pain-free. Trusting these lies, he risked death and imprisonment for dreams of a better life. Meanwhile, Danish patient Mads eagerly awaits a kidney transplant. His chances of survival dwindle by 20% each year. He faces the question: ‘Shall I continue to suffer while waiting for a legal transplant or perhaps even die? Or shall I buy an illegal kidney abroad now?’

Danish Doc Production – Ref. 4291

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This is so, so sad. I’m devastated for Andre after losing his wife & having to raise his children alone. The children in Moldova poorest parts, families don’t have enough money to eat. Donating organs for 3.000$ is nothing compared to the doctors & traders receive. Then only to be in the same financial crisis some 2yrs later. It’s sad & sickening. The government know this is going on. 💔
Hate to say it but if I were in dire need and had the finances I’d probably do it. Western Governments need to implement an opt-out system when it comes to organ donation. This would solve a portion of the problem at least.
Brenda Bassman
Make it between the one who needs surgery and the one who traffickers
Christina Massey-Stucki
Business with organ transplants is immoral, diabolical.
Carla Broderick
Would be better to regulate and manage this trade. If people will sell organs for money, at least make sure they do it safely and receive the maximum price.
“Stop! In the name of Love.” The creator adopts the double meaning code giving the transfer of information that stands for both a heart and a gesture of showing me the money, to express that the vivid heart is bleeding black blood. The form of the image texture is derived from the style of brass rubbing. The blue painting ink implys the signature of a hand bleeding that suggests the false surface of the CCP regime manipulating the market of organ donations which causes endless disasters since the deals are relevant with the huge money by organ The creator engages to wake the public to realize the fact that the massscre result is originally from the inner greed, therefore they can further to stop the horrible thought spread worldwide.
Max Grek
Not correct to say “organ traffiking”, coz the traffic is acctually made by the people. By their one decision. Yes, they are not informed about the effects after. There is a lot of fake news like “their kidneys were taken at hospital and sold in other country…”. Thats is not possible
Kelly O'Brien
Exploitation of the human condition
Awww poor guy he looks way older than he is because he has been too so much.
Lao Tsu
what a wild world 🙁
Ivan 333
Wow ….Do we really know what the live is?

25 People & Power – The Organ Traders

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20 dec. 2012

An investigation into the loose but interconnected multi-million dollar international criminal enterprise of human organ trading. People & Power tries to find out how this trade continues to flourish and the challenges law enforcers are faced with.
Shes a very polite interviewer. i like her
Catherine Whitford QHHT
22:36 At this point in the film, in the back, painted on a wall is the symbol for female pedophilia; a heart within a heart. The FBI lists this symbol.
Questionauthority chawasa
she couldn’t keep the $20,000 for herself? that’s so unfair
thomas Paine
Thank you for your coverage…though it’s is from 2012 it still is pervasive..
Silvia Osorio
I purchased a 43″ Computer TV set to watch on my days off when is cold and I do not want to go to the beach. And the operator decided to place black bars on top and gray bars on the extremes to make the size of my TV monitor at 34 and 3 quarters. This is the kind of harassment I keep talking about…
Because it prioritizes financial status as your right to live. Only the rich could afford to purchase organs.
thank to brave people like Jonathan Ratel appointed as new Head of SPRK and many others who are honest and courageros.. victims mother seeking justice ( find hostility and persekution) .. seeking help
Knut Holt
If you get injured here in Norway, you are highly likely to be declared brain dead on false principles and your organs sold on the international market.
victims are victimesed again and again by the system) NL victims mother seeking justice.. seeking confidentiality seeking jonathan R.
I think you’re right…why not sell a non-vital organ like one of the kidneys? If done with safety and dignity. And save lives. People can be so hypocritical if they needed an organ they would think otherwise
Alexander J
The big millionaire is helpless but he wants to live longer and preserve his millions….. he doesn’t want to further help the girl and her family…..
Zombie 187
they are in many coutrys “Dr” Frankensteins..
Jonathan Kressen
My name’s Jonathan Malmis if I go missing ask FBI agent Jay Taft. He knows all about it
Oliver Noah
Greed is gonna end this world. Why people want to live longer while suffering and old?
Leslie thats me
WHO….we harvest organs
Vinícius Ortega Calvo
22 is crazy number taro vnda anda margaretti pepino in reporter canobmle girls. 1,99 brazilian gangs in trafic organs trade too
Ivan 333
Of course donors must receive money, but the problem is that they also must know honestly what will happen with them when selling their organs! Because majority of them are not educated people ,they got lied about the consequences….! The work of the doctor is to operate well and properly ..saving human lives what they studied for….but they are not obliged with detectives work….so there must be a authorized persons to do this job! Finally …of course that the donor and the recipient should be present in the court, even at least as a witnesses (talking about legal doctors and hospitals, not criminals)!
sorry not donate.. selling for 200k… anyone?

26 The Cruellest Cut – Pakistan’s Kidney Mafia

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16 jul. 2007

July 2007
More and more Westerners – including Australians, it appears – are travelling abroad to get transplants, particularly kidneys – currently the world’s most sought-after organ. This boom in so-called transplant tourism has caused the World Health Organisation to recently express alarm at the sale of kidneys by poor donors to cater for this surging demand. Manzoor’s kidney was his only valuable position. Selling it was meant to cover his debts. But he ended up even further in debt when he developed post operative problems and had to buy medicine.
Produced by SBS/Dateline Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
12:04, guy tries to act like he uses those books, huge cloud of dust falls off when he drops it
the boss
be honest most of us when faced with death will accept any organ.its human nature.
I was almost going to say: Yeah, especially the commercial that you can’t skip. This new trend really annoys me.
kidney beans r 1 of my favorite legumes.
Hmmm True
very sad on humanity part….
You can lead a perfectly normal life with just one kidney. I work in dialysis…I should know. People need to keep donating! For some of these people, it is their only hope. Kidney dialysis only accounts for 15% of a normal functioning kidney. That is just sad!
wow this country still belongs in the stone age
Mary Kouch
the report on this really piss’s me off, its like they got nothing better to do, so they pik on those with their last resort of living is by selling ther kidney. who cares if its donated or sold, it saves 2familys during the process.. just let them live alteady instead of ripping their trade apart, thus literally killing them.
saman abdulla
excellent documentary…..very professiona.
If the goddamn federal reserve wanted, they could abolish poverty in every way… But that is not their intent. Poor people in debt have no other way out, just as dying people have to take extreme measure!
Kelly O'Brien
The kidneys are a delicate organ. There a reason why we have two kidneys just in case one decides to malfunction. If you are alive and well and thinking about giving one away, think hard because if you do donate and you get sick. That could it for you. Think hard think very hard….
You mean pulses? Kidney beans arent legumes
Because of the conditions stressful conditions that these people live in, the more children they have the more probability of them making it to adulthood which in turn can bring income to the family and help in that aspect. also contraception/ sex education are either frowned upon or not available for many of the areas which you are thinking of.
buttercxp draws
Not the same thing as donating blood JD. Nasty old man.
Benjamin Maggi
Very well at least the could sold it’s body parts, guess what there are mafias that kidnapp people and just cut them out and leave them to die, even their eyes are pulled off, it happed here in Argentina some time in the 90′
@BawJaws232 well my friend, quite simply so that these children can help earn money and help out when the folks get old, I knaw this only because I am a Pakistani, albeit I was born and brought up in England, my grandparents were poor back home and they were quite old and frail from a life time of labouring on farms and such, but had many children who from a young age worked on the farm, went to school and did odd jobs, to help out the aged gramps luckily my old man was hard working
(U know, the one where thugs steal a victims organs in the dead of night and then leave the victim to wake up in a tub full of ice). I wouldn’t be suprised if half the # views were done with that it with that in mind . Come to find out it’s about some poor dude in a 3rd world country who volunteered donation for monetary benefit. As unfortunate and tragic as his story is, losing the shock value of theft, it kills the interests for many of his plight…cont’d…
this flipping human race is a plague
Phone MediC The Hague
Look the child at 7:39-I don’t know y they don’t just ruin the politics-They can do everything together-
…Handing out conditional empathy when it serves their interests or purposes. Sure, it’s all that and more, However, it’s more likely to be for 2 reasons far simpler than that. It’s the same thing that brought me to view the video and comment. Keywords in the title and subject matter. Seeing the title, the shock value of it intrigued me. It’s subject matter seemed like it dealt with the urban legend. of organ theft…cont’d…
Pickle Rick
But he can afford to smoke?
some people get paid absolutely NOTHING for their kidney…less than the operation fees..that’s not right.
Apart from this whole kidney bussiness we should alos look at the feudalism which is so prevalnet in Pakistan. People in west talk about democracy in Pakistan but they dont know that majority of MPs are feudal lords. When they come in power through “democracy” they simply become more powerful and expolit poor people the same way as shown in the documentary.
Sanvi K
@TheFutureLooksGrimm Because when a family is poor they need many children to help support the household and ensure that the parents are taken care of when they are older. It is a privilege of a wealthy nation that one can choose to little or no children because they can support themselves. Unfortunately this is not the case for the rest of the world. Our wealth depends on underdeveloped countries remaining underdeveloped.
Mimshad Karim
most poor people try to have many sons so they could have the parents when they get as old as 8
Waheed Rehman
its v sad for all of human beings.we all users just leave msgs but why dont we help these people financially.even donating £5 will help them…
Tashi Abbasi
long live pakistan
Re: the lack of viewings and comments being posted. Several issues play factors, most of them given in others previous posts. As well as another I’ll add for good measure. Could it be for the fact that, at it’s core, it’s the timeless tale of heaven and hell, good vs evil, the civilized members of the modern world and the uncivilized savages of the 3rd. Or the modernists apathy of those pleading for empathy…cont’d…
I find it ironic that Journeyman Pictures is exposing Pakistan’s kidney mafia, while simultaneously advertising “kidney and liver transplants” in China (see upper right portion of the screen).
Emaad Khan
sad, sad and just sad…
Horror Duck
no sex education, no condoms
Wow This country is a wreck.
These doctors are killing poor people.
vince snetterton
timeless beauty?, havent seen any here
Omer Farooq
Ok, law has been approved in legislative assembly. Noe foreigner are completely ban. But the theme of this video is not correct. the great people who donate are the angles and give patient to miserable life to healthy. while in Austrila and west a person is dying nobody donate the kidney. Every day in USA more than 20 people died due to non transplant. This is an other side you have to show this
fake love
People shouldn’t be scared of death. is being Fred from this wicked sinful world .is also a new beginning for the righteous.
the boss
this is disgusting, us poor in the west do not suffer like these people.
Avram Stefan
Wow this is like the 15th century… and people sad u cannot go back in time, i see here that u can, lol
its sad, but only means of survival is to have more children so that by the time your old, you have a huge family to look after you, back in Pakistan, the grandparents never retire, they are still working, and literally retire when their bodies can no longer allow them to work, their only remaining solace is their big family of children and grandchildren who tend to them 🙂 in my case my old man always drilled it in me son knaw the calue of money and hard work you dont knaw how lucky you are boy
song jiayu
Poverty is a result of subject ordinary people to a social construct they cannot comprehend, which created by aristocracy
squid lin
@16:00 OMG. ashamed…
constance Edmund
Hey a billion dollars for who ever go take both his kidneys out n 10 billion for his heart
Anup K
what is the end and where is the end?
All Pakistanis agreed to eat grass for a thousand years so that they could get 100s of Islamic bombs. Why complain now?
there’s only one cure for stupidity
Marc Nowak
@JACKDANELL why god … people who are hoping for some god are lost
u know something u cant sell kidney in s,pore be sentence 3years jail and $100,000 fine for buyer jail term too
I wonder if the donors landlords are suggesting to them to donate their kidney to get money to pay their debts? I can imagine the constant pressuring by the landlords and the donors giving in just to get their landlord off their backs.It’s odd that they would go ahead with this after hearing all the stories of others in their village who had been shafted by their landlord even after donating.Did the pressure applied by their landlords cloud their otherwise clear judgement?
That’s Absolutely rubbish, plus defaming the name of Islam, that these Innocent have religions motivation to donate their kidney and coming to hospital. Stupid doctors like Dr Waheed sheik and other like him only shining their business. Shames on these
Ayan Hashi
Turn down the loud annoying background music please thanks
squid lin
Karma my friend.
@TheFutureLooksGrimm Can’t afford condoms, and a mans gotta eat.
if Dr.Shah is so seriously worried about the people who need kidneys,( which he buys for next to nothing of poor people and sells for way more) maybe next time he should donate one of his own
polygamous1 Sozou
This world is So sick its actually Real hell for many people,when one is Young n doesn’t know what goes on can be happy, but once we begin to really get to know n understand what this world is its no more happiness for us at all, to think that all these nasty things could a happen to any one of us, Every place on earth has its deep dark secrets,maybe what Buddhist believe we keep coming back till we reach some kind of perfection n then we come back no more to suffer over, begins to make more n more sense to me now days, i feel so sorry for the illions of innocent children born who’s parents try to do the best thy can for them but they are not in a real position to help them in time they really need them yet our all powerful God who can put a stop to all these nastiness does not, why to prove His point that His way is the only way? which parent would put his own child through all this just to prove a point? is this logic?
devoncho sanchez
@theanswerone no allah no non of that
Mushhood Ali
That is a nasty looking surgical scar too, it should be done laproscopic. I have had abdominal surgery, cut in 5 places, you can’t even see the scars at all, less than an inch cut. This is sickening!
The translation was sometimes incorrect. The women at the end was NOT saying what the english read. The woman actually said, why are all you sitting here telling them your tales. you have gathered all the women and men from the village and are sitting here in front of these cameras. Cameras have come before and promised aid but we never go anything, you are not going to get anything from these people as well”
Mapz Hmar Zate
just lock the old man up thing’s will get easier. If there’s a massive benefit for the donor to help themselves financially why he got so mad and didn’t even act like a doctor when she says she visited the victims. If he cares so much about poor people he would work, fight to reduce the medical expenses. Being known as “Father of Kidney Transplant” i swear he could do so many thing even when it requires to deal with the government. 
squid lin
Money is the ultimate authority in the subcontinent. Do not give me any crap about this being a prejudiced point of view. This is the equivalent of the Raj of early days whereby the rich appear the elite.

27 China organ trafficking: ‘I sold my kidney for £4,000’ – BBC News

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16 aug. 2015

A shortage of organ donors has created a lucrative black market in China, a BBC investigation has found. The shortfall is a consequence of China ending the practice of harvesting the organs of executed prisoners. The BBC’s Martin Patience reports.
Act Of Vengeance
China killed more people than any other countries. But they still short in human organs.
………………Meanwhile in America, the top news story is about Kylie Jenner’s and her new adopted puppy, or something about Donald Trump and his beef with Megan Kelley.
Might Guy
Watched this for 47 seconds and can’t anymore. Jesus Christ this is so sad, I’m just never going to have children because I would hate for anyone to be in this predicament.
Paul Reinhard
China stopped organ harvesting? lol. BBC is a joke.
Joaquin Pineda
That’s scary as shit. Imagine going to sell a kidney. Only to wake up missing a eye or a other oran on top of the kidney
Dominik J
I would want at least £50,000 in cash for my kidney. Friend or family I’ll give for free.
Reid Okada
Shit i might do this for csgo skins
danielle Webb
My dear god! What an absolute awful situation for that family wow.
This is so horrible. This reminds me of a story I heard about a man in Iraq who recently sold his organ for a mere $800…. How could the doctors allow such terrible things
Dank Memer
Finally gonna get the ps5 hope grandma dosent mind going to heaven
Foxy Lady
Hope he gets a kidney.
Elizabeth Armada
This isn’t new to me..we have the same problem back home. .some people were selling their vital organs because of poverty. .not sure if they are aware of consequences. .you need to eat nutritious foods in order in can they buy nutritious foods if the money will not last? Anyway, paano po ba nakuha ang ganong mga sakit sa kidney?
Felix Tsang
The toughest coin flipping
I don’t even know what to say. It looks like a bad thing but it saves someone’s life? hmm.
Alexander Schmidt
I hope that China will also accept donations from other countries. Really hope this guy will get a kidney.
Lalathediva12 Land
I just want to say that man is lucky they could have easily took both his kidneys during surgery.
There are herbal treatment in southern India names of people who does it, Mohanan Vaidyar, jacob Vadakkanchery (kerala),they also do treatment for cancer .Krishnamurthy ,Karnataka(cancer).Get treated for $ have to follow the food which they ask to eat.
Jt Jg
Thomas yang sheboygan wisconsin
Kelly Chine
反正一个是为了钱一个是为了命 惊了
Tram D
How silly is it when you take other people life for your problems? How they’re find a kidney ? Kidnapping other people’s and take the kidney leave the body ? ??
Glascoe Bowie
Prevention is the best cure and prevention comes with wisdom living by law
Shameless Antics
Way to start the morning with sad news..
cant think of a more tragic decision a person can make in human histrory.
RIP George Smith
That damn lead in the water smh
Partly Cloudy
For a “unified people who ‘love’ their country and patriots” why don’t the ‘good’ citizens just donate their own organs. For social credit, oh course. Starting with Chairman Jinping. Put your organs where your mouth is, Glorious Leader!
He should go with his brother!
Remind me not to check comments on news outlets. The people who love to talk the most are the people who know the least about the subject.
If he thinks his organ is worth 4k he should have every single right to sell it
Glascoe Bowie
Ballance harmony circulation cleanliness
Apocalypse Averted
Whos watching this in 2020 because of the corona virus
I bought an Armani shirt after selling my kidneyv
Kaiyan Zhao
Can’t UN do something about this?
Glascoe Bowie
Drink the blood of christ means drink the blood of the righteous and healthy
Glascoe Bowie
A nother example of rich people talking advantage of poor people.
Elle N.
Why didn’t the BBC help him get a kidney???!!
danielle Webb
This is why they hang them then? Because a Texas death row inmate wanted to give his organ’s after execution but was told they weren’t going to be any good because of the cocktail of drugs and the damage it would do afterwards.
Only £4000? What.
Glascoe Bowie
Hope the next time they crown the king and queen it with a bomb dropping on there heads.
Hillary for President
Make it legal for every family to sell their dead family members’ organs to save lives.
bigdaddy axe
I would not sell my kidney nor any organ even for a billion
Igor Horváth
Legalize organ trade! It will save lifes of both the poor and rich because the rich get healthy kidneys and poor Indians won’t starve to death.
Wtf is up with people here offering their kidneys or giving phones and emails to doctors that will buy them? Don’t trust any of those organ buyers in the comments. Most likely bots.
They still harvest organs from prisoners, but pander to sell them to tourists instead of its own people, so for Chinese citizens, yes there is a shortage, but not for foreigners
Emily Kate
Does this man still need a kidney??
Glascoe Bowie
Thought China came to help people in the Philippines and save the from these organ thieves.
hippy chic
4,000 for a kidney? hell no, someone can have one of mine for 40,000 minimum.
The things people do for money
Earth Is Boring
I bought skikers after selling my kidney and one eye
The Blasphemous Gospel
Maybe Pollution caused it?
So this is What they dO Selling organs for gaming pc’s?
Carolyn Gaskin
PREACHING IN NYC… DEAR Friend, JESUS Loves you and so do I. You need to REPENT Pray and ask JESUS to Heal you of all sicknesses & disease. The KJV Bible says where two or more are gathered together in JESUS name any thing you ask God will do it. REPENT & Be BLESSED!
Jimmy rui
OMG, I heard once a kid sold his kidney for a iPhone
Babe Joo
I want to sell my kidney too am so poor where can I go 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Only £4,000??
Keith Wilson
the Chinese government forceably steals falong gong practitioners’ organs ….WHILE THEY’RE ALIVE… absolutely documented fact…!!!
Annette youtube
Melamine in the food?
Edgar Vibar
Looks like the Brits have found themselves a huge market for their opium. These kidney patients could sure use some British opium to ameliorate their pain. BBC should drum this issue up some more, to compel China to open its ports to British opium again.
There is a huge organ ranch in China. It is a famous story that everyone in the concentration camp of Uighur is registered with organs. When BBC ordered some organ to the chinese organizer in the other documentary news program, he had delivered it within 48 hours. Uighur’s airport has special lanes dedicated to organs, and fresh organs are always exported
Daniel Aldrich
It should be 80,000 Dollar for 2 kidneys for 1 well maybe 40,000
Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ
Someone give that man a kidney!
Emma Halsey
Hmmm. Those sutures look amateurish and gruesome.
he should have charged more for his kidney
Alex Rodriguez
A4, London WC2N 5DU, UK
Tracy Reznik
Davids Ghost
How many people are going to get the organs of drug or alcohol abusers? I doubt if they are being all to stringent in China.
salah Alali
I am a free donor
selling your kidneys bruh
amy doung
That’s really dumb
Same Old Thing
I’m afraid I don’t believe anyting BBC says either
I’m a done and I would give up my kidney if thaey excepted it
never sell your organ…. u nid medicals need after that… and the cost is… so.. u get 4000$. but later u nid more to survive..
Tara Gragg
Crispr. No problem it’s China.
Monica Raymond
Um hello where? Sell me out Boy Scout
bro i sell my ketne 1 how tik i one to mony ??? argent
Iphone has been called as KIDNEY here,because someone sold Kidney to buy it.
Recession TO
Juana Araujo
I’m in the Bronx New York I would like to say one of my Kik name
Kidneys arnt even worth $4,000…
Kathie Awoyomi
Real is this news ??
Having Tea With the Devil
I can’t imagine the stress of having to make that choice. Jesus. 🤭 there had to of been someway to help them, even if it meant sending him to America to do it. Was that not possible? But, I’m sorry…
Jason Dela Cruz
I want to sell mu kidney or all my organ please
Alistair MacGregor
I’m surprised of all places, that they don’t grow the organs if they can clone sheep then they could grow organs, its a a shame tho as they genetically modify and play with things, if they just cloned the body part and stopped there, but because of the adventurous side it will eventually mess up human and animal genetics, also I’m sure with the correct proteins and amino acids and stem cells you could 3d print organs, I’m even surer if they didn’t have as much pollution or microwaves in ever corner of life they wouldn’t have as many failed organs, if people could freely practice falum gong without fear of organ harvesting the people would be healthier and would have less organ failure, but it’s a loosing battle as falum gong is seen as religion and they don’t want you having religion, they smother the place in technology and microwaves 6G soon and lasers so it’s going to have a big impact on health, no one will listen un till it is too late, even the bible say’s no man shall buy or sell without the mark of the beast, chip cryptocurrency, its also telling you that the mark of the best being digital the beast is AI how would the author of known that thousands of years ago if there was no religion. still no one will listen un till it is too late, its a shame that humanity doesn’t accept these things un till it is too late, the chips and cashless society will crash and be hacked on a Dailey hourly and minutely basis, the AI will run your lives its a shame. I wonder if when the 6G is installed you will see a spike in organ failure and cancer and distorted cells and brainwave disruption that causes organ failure, if your brainwaves are not working correctly with cognition then body and organ functionality cannot be 100% again tho no one will listen,.
I believe in helping people so I am an organ donor
Ninja Gaiden
This is why I don’t like China.
there are lots of herbal treatment in india and 99% success rate but still people follow the modern medicine.Less costly and no need to transplant.
Ali Tarek
Hope he gets a kidney isa
Jt Jg
Message for more info
Coco Butter Barbie
Wait🤔🤨 how does he know it was a small farmhouse if he was blindfolded😧☹😒😞
true wang
shame on BBC. full of lies.
What a stupid world
Cmd 12
Ar the looest in the world
4,000 isn’t alot! Dude u got ripped off. I got offers close to a million dollars for my kidney because my blood type is 0- which is a universal. But I refused because I need to save it in case my son gets ill
fake report since when is a kindney in the stomach ????
Roy Jungco
last decade my friend he sell here kidney wourth off 500k ph money.age off hes 42 year old stil good…
Robert Maki
You can donate a kidney in the US You should be allowed to sell one… lol. 1,000,000 dollars
4000 pounds ..
oh ok
bs this as bs as fly penguins by bbc
Anyone else here to find out prices on kidneys?
Vincent Brewer
Dam that is horrible
A friend of mine approximately 11 years ago had her kidney transplanted in China . The transplant happened on or near the scheduled date four to six months before she arrived in China. The operation cost her about $30,000.
Adolescent Daydreams
4000. I’ll sell ya Illegitimate President Xis for 2000
Star Beam1
Horrible surgeons messy and butchers
Michael Fields
This video is an unfortunate reality for everyone who is currently dealing with kidney failure and dialysis. There is a massive worldwide shortage of organ donors. The only way to fix this problem is if more people become donors. You can either offer your kidney after death, or you can become a living donor. Being a living donor you have several options. You can either do a directed donation, an altruistic donation, or be part of a paired exchange. Living donations are preferred because the kidneys last longer and have less complications.  As a personal aside, I am 33 and I have been on dialysis for 2 ½ years awaiting a donor. I am currently on a list for a cadaver donor, but a living donor would be better in my situation. Due to my disease there is a 30-40% chance of the new kidney failing within the first 5 years of transplant. A living donor would increase my chances of having a viable kidney that lasts longer.
Richard J
This is a crime, Chinese government arrested many people who operate these organ black markets. PLEASE report those who operate this!
Clubber Lane
Okay first off…Why is there an ORGAN shortage?….think about it a…… freaking organ shortage, somehow we claim that our medicine is more advance but I swear we are like the electronic cars now disposable in 5 years.

27 Kendrick Johnson’s organs missing

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10 okt. 2013

The body of Kendrick Johnson came back to his parents with organs missing. CNN’s Victor Blackwell reports.

28 A Bit of Math Reveals China’s Horrifying Organ Transplant Secret

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9 apr. 2015

10,000 organ transplants happen in China every year. But in a country of 1.3 billion, only 780 donated organs. So where are the rest of the organs coming from? On this episode of China Uncensored, we’ll be doing a bit of math that reveals a terrible truth – not only is the Chinese regime lying about ending organ harvesting from executed prisoners, the bulk of organs may be coming from murdered prisoners of conscience, including Tibetans, House Christians, and the largest group, practitioners of the Falun Gong meditation practice.

29 Fighting China’s Forced Organ Harvesting (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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29 mrt. 2020
Red Reign exposes forced organ harvesting in China of prisoners of conscience, Falun Gong, who’s tenets are truth compassion and tolerance as told by Nobel Prize nominee, David Matas. The film explores the involvement of the Western World, and the courageous doctors, politicians and lawyers around the world combating this atrocity which effects us all in ways we cant imagine.

30 Has China really stopped obtaining organs from executed prisoners?

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30 mei 2017

For decades, China obtained human organs such as kidneys and livers from executed prisoners, a practice condemned by human rights activists and medical ethicists. China says they no longer do this and have built a new system for organ transplants that now relies on volunteers, not prisoners. Hari Sreenivasan reports.

31 Dying for Life: China’s volunteer organ donors

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The three-episode documentary series “To Live” presents the new look of China’s organ transplant system. The first episode “Dying for Life” documents two cases of voluntary donations after death: 53-year-old Kong Lingfeng and a 6-year-old girl Tongtong. It attempts to reveal the public attitude towards organ donating in China. Also, it tries to discuss the challenges facing China’s transplant industry. 
Rediscovering China is a weekly show on CGTN that offers a unique insight into an aspect of life in China today. With its unrivaled access to the country’s people and places, Rediscovering China brings you in-depth reports on the major issues facing China at a time of rapid change.

32 Harvested alive -10 years investigation of Force Organ Harvesting in China

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19 feb. 2017

Harvested Alive -Ten year’s investigate of force organ harvesting in china As a doctor, Zhiyuan Wang spent 30 years studying how to save lives. He never imagined that he would spend another 10 years investigating how doctors killing innocent lives……
This film has won five international documentary awards.
Everyone needs to stop buying “made in China” where they can
It’s been 3 years since this was posted, it seems like no one cares.
debbie journigan
this is so horrific my heart goes out to these people they are in my prayers
krissa sams
if CHina become the world superpower we will all be doomed.
Narrow Path
Anyone going over there to get organs is just as guilty your complicit to the murder.
Rani Chalupsky
This shows the Chinese treat humans like animals
Ed Rodriguez
I have been to China twice and on my second visit in 2015, I was told of the organ harvesting by the Chinese government but did not want to believe it. Thank you for posting and sharing this very important story.
Fuz Capp
The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who can know its depths? (And yet – still we refuse to listen …)
With everything going on in China, we need to share this on our social media to shed light on how evil this government really has become.
lassus prophetam
This man has courage.
Horrible, just horrible. I am speechless. Documentary was well done.
German Bro
This is such a huge issue, but often when I tell people, they don’t seem to really care. This has to stop!
eye see
Hearing and watching this breaks my heart. Planet earth needs a reset.
Mariel Kraus
Barbi Button
Rich old man Rockefeller had something like 7 heart transplants. Now WHERE do u think they found 7 matching hearts for him?
N Ryan
amazing documentary, the world needs to see this.
Barbara H
Even so, come Lord Jesus, and avenge these innocent people.
Zibbe Zabba
This has to be humanity’s darkest hour. If this is the future, I think an huge asteroid impact would be a blessing to all of us. We don’t deserve to live.
Truth Factors
So sad. These people were tortured to death. So horrible and that one called himself the Butcher. The song in the end is sadly beautiful.
space Anon
Thank you for caring about the MURDER of these people.
Juliana AmericanChild
God has a special kind of HELL for all those involved in this!!
Bucket list scratch the “Trip to China”.
Grace Espejo
Was crying a river after watching this as the song could such evilness happens…
Frances Larsen
“”It was beyond my common sense as a human being…” That’s because you ARE a human being, I don’t know what these others are…
Robert Devino
What a joke of a question “Is the top level of the CCP aware of the situation?” Are you kidding me! If we know about it so do they!
Katerina S
How is it that this is not spoken about on mainstream media?! How is the world not outraged at this!!!
welcome to communism in action..think of the monsters who do this act….all for $
Kass Arthur
My heart is breaking for these people. If I had the names of the people in Canada who received organs in China I would expose them
Gary Pansey
Chilling! Well-Researched!
Delilah Rainelle
That’s how these evil beings get away with their wickedness. The crimes are so heinous that the ordinary person just can’t comprehend that such evil exists! Satan lives and he comes to destroy and kill.
Marie Carton
Well I’m Irish and I’ve seen a young man 21 yrs who had a minor accident when he knocked himself out one night when he took a bend a bit too fast. Within one day his mother was approached by a Dr looking to harvest his organs. The second day he was more forceful and his mother began to cry saying but it’s only been 2 days. This was also told by the man who could hear everything that was said and he was screaming don’t let them take my organs. Of course he was unconscious and couldn’t be heard. Afterwards when he recoverd he couldn’t get back to normal life and has since spent his time going to schools to warn young ppl about the dangers of ending up like him.
Only a satanic animal could do something so heartless to someone who is still ALIVE!!!!!
Gloria Redmon-Booth
This breaks my heart. I am a nurse and can’t imagine how people could be so evil. Thank you for speaking out.
Ginalyn Orosa
Lot of people in people in Philippines are missing every year.
Alex Klatt
“There is nothing carefully concealed that will not be revealed and hid, that will not come into the light.” (Holy Bible). We will all stand before God on Judgement Day and give an accounting of ourselves.” (again Holy Bible). Everybody is getting exactly what is coming to him!
A Mac
Communism breeds disgust for human life. China does not even value the unborn.
This was one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen. I think that the US should make it illegal to give post care to transplant recipients that go to China. They should be told to go live there in China. This is right up there with the Nazi’s and other holocausts. How can we treat fellow humans like this ?
Margaret Lee-Reed
When good people step forward. Humanity restored another drop.
Viki Banaszak
People are a disposable resource. We have become the test rats.
Levi Ackerman
I am happy that i never step my worthy feet on that dirty land
Susan Mazzella
Lawyers make justice irrelevant.
What an incredible expose, this madness cannot continue.
Man’s inhumanity to man continues to shock me and hopefully the world!
You can see the pain in his eyes.
This is so disturbing. Such evil! Such corruption! Sadly, this may be just the tip of the proverbial iceburg.
Bbug Kim
Can’t believe how proud that “butcher” was to murder innocent human, what evil man.
Ampire Prossy
Just by watching this mi heart is beating soo fast,it’s like am watching a scary movie lord have mercy.
Tonia Rayfield
The music at the end. The words. No dry eyes here.
Janice Meyer
I’ve heard rumors of harvesting organs before death. I’ve even heard that thieves would cut out kidneys and put the donors in a bathtub full of ice. This always sounded too unreal to believe.
Marie Ewican
Ye Wu
the defend minister asked, who am i talking to, and the investigator didn’t answer and just gave him a such long question, and surprisingly he listened and taked time to talk with the investigator, he was so urgent to tell the world about their dark sercet even revealed what they talked about in top military meeting. the organisation claims that they successfully use such trick to deceive 5 top leaders in china, the ccp is not only evil and more stupied than i expected. A great video, i hope all the people can see this. chinese student from german.
This was hard to watch and listen too.
Jery Lin
Dyson Golf
Outstanding research!!!🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾
Windy Hicks
I think the people are going to have to rise up obviously the courts won’t. Don’t let them take your guns away
Souta No1
These people just live in a complete different world with a different culture, this CCP have been doing atrocious things for so long that it’s just normal to them now and they have no human emotion. It’s just money and power that’s all that matters nothing else.
LadyByrd Wong
Amazing group of people standing for human being ending suffer! Thank you Dr. Wang and your team!
P. W.
They have a LOT to answer for and seek forgiveness from God! We hope they’ll DILIGENTLY seek forgiveness for these atrocities!!!💕💯
Be careful of who collects your DNA or blood type/etc for ANY reason. Your name just might be put on a list.
They followed Squadron 731’s lessons well…
alan zhang
It’s the unprecedented evil in this planet. I feel really sad and shamed to live with these monsters in the same country
Bill Tsirtsis
Well the Democrats agree with China; it’s totally politically incorrect to discuss these medical issues.Remember the Chinese are our friends.
Ian Tawse
The people who do this have no empathy or compassion for others 💯🙏🏻
King James
And trudeau is quietly bringing them into Canada God help us
christy castro
Wow, I heard this was happening there now I KNOW. I never could have imagined it on such a large scale. It’s like the entire world knows of this and yet they are so willing to go to bat for China and propagate all their lies. Its sickening and I am saddened and scared for those poor people living there.
Caramelle Montserrat
57:15 “If you dare to stay in front of me I’ll take your organs too… You can call me butcher” LOL WTF
Ed Whalen.
This leads question too who’s missing which could be used as a scape goat that CCP could use to hide the amounts of transplants by saying those people left the country or ran away,and could had been used for unprovable measures in transplants.
In all cases of “brain-death” (on life-support), the healthy (at least viable) “patient” is intubated (silenced), then hyperventilated into motionlessness (while fully awake and aware and feeling all pain)…This process began in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1963, thanks to the teamwork of Richard Mellon Scaife (UPMC) and District Attorney Robert W Duggan…
Matti Suutarinen
i think rockefeller had 8 heart transplants. wonder where his hearts came from. well he can rest in hell now together with the other subhuman briezinski who died this year
Melinda Hsu
My heart is bleeding!….
Aunty Ro Knows
Some countries grow coffee beans, some export oil, some grow an enormous population and use the people for spare parts.
Mike Q
I like when such things happen because it so powerfully reveals the hypocrisy and greed of certain people. Fuck trade agreements! You stand for what is right. I am not buying anything made in China, nor am I supporting companies who in any way support China. The people are caught in the middle, but I would rather strangle the beast through my purchase choices. Deplorable!
Robin Luich
I would choose death over stolen organs.
Evelyn Kwagala
“I have a nickname Butcher”. So heartless..
THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS COMPELLING EVIDENCE! I only wish MORE PEOPLE WOULD EDUCATE THE MASSES AND SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS! With the pandemic going on, we have one more reason (this one alone was enough) to END ALL TRADE WITH CHINA to force a toppling of this regime!
jesuit, jesuit, jesuit. When will you people get it?
Patti Franks
This is the utmost inhuman treatment of people I could imagine. Murdering innocent people. What will it take for the decent people of China rise up against the evil communist government?
Wouldn’t it be “forced organ harvesting”?. And why would it be capitalised, whilst “investigation” and “chima” are not?
Ellen Campbell
The entire world is watching and learning what is true. Finally.
It’s worth remembering that the Chinese people are also the ones being persecuted here. I am angry too about this barbaric practice but it’s the Chinese Communist Party at fault and their belief system. My heart goes out to the people this is happening to. Let’s pray for them.
I had about 250K in two China stocks, Alibaba and I sold all of it. I can no longer deal with these monsters.
Jessica Stern
Very sickening. Especially the years that have passed since this investigation with NO ACTION TAKEN! Shows you our government is equally culpable.
Unbelievable! People need to know about this
none no
< Woke . Respect to you and the crew people who did this. Thank F there are a few awake people. Go you good things. “the truth sets us free”
Please have compassion viewers, and pass this video onward. So, unethical. True compassion actually is actually being able to care about strangers. Thank you to Dr. Wong Zhiyuan and his team for the investigation.
Ryan Gibson
“Here be Monsters”
patrick Frawley
It would be interesting to know what percentage of people going to China know exactly what is going on and where their organ transplant comes from. If they do then they are as guilty as the people doing the organ harvesting.
This was had to watch and listen too.
remember the bodies display from Chinese prisoners that passed thru museums?
they will make merchandise of you…Jesus Christ
Miss Irene
Who will end this type of crime. Oh God Almighty have mercy on us. Lord come soon to stop this.
kk 5579
When you realize your grandparents were liver transplant surgeons in china…💀
Robin Luich
Can you imagine being strapped to a table knowing you are about to be killed for your organs? What demons They are!
Marie Jones
Absolutely disgusting! They will all know the lake of fire!!!
Nancy Griffin
I thought that this was a North Korean issue only. I’m shocked that China did this too. It’s brutal.
Mec The Great
This has been stated for years… This is now just used as a distraction.
Janiter Inadrum
This is the result of “more” government,,, then the “people” can’t stop it, Complete power corrupts completely
Violet Carroll
And this is the country that Trudeau loves and want to be bring to Canada to be in power here.
🪖Dae Dae👑
Think about why the riots in China now and what they doing with the bodies
tirzha prinsloo
Praise for the righteousness of The Dr who was investigate this crime, and for the Canadian Ministers as well as the USA. The Word of God tells us in the Last days the Righteous will sit down and establish a reign that will stand for God’s (Jesus) righteousness and will last for eternity.
Anonymous Anonymous
I watched this. I suspect there are things like this going on because there’s so much money involved.
omg… this is shocking…
This is beyond inhuman and evil. It’s just making you sick. Can you imagine walking around not knowing that your transplant organ was from live person?
Matti Suutarinen
what is an armed guard doing inside the operation room????
Rod Yarger
It makes me wonder if the multi million dollar deal that vice_ president Biden did with China has to do with this matter?
Ultron Rocko
So basically John Q did all that for nothing…
Karla Shmeeda Vlasta
Now you know how chinese meds helped kim jong un.
Wow..Thanks For Being Real..Loads Of Love..Thanks***
Cyber Geek
Now we know where these journalists who stand up to to CCP Regime go
Loani Castillo
I am against such atrocities, but I must remember many other countries legalized the killing of unborn children (so that you do not lose sight of what is going on in your own country)…
Love Zion
God bless you and may we be a blessing to Jesus Christ 🔥👥🔥
Gigi Devoe
Peter Robinson
Remember to share this to tell to rest of the world!
Jessica Stern
How do you increase your donations by 180% and not scratch your head??
Big Tone
can’t believe this is still going on.
Peter Berezny
All the information is shocking to learn. However, one thing that stroke me was how easily this information was given out via phone in China? Like I call a former minister of some department or a doctor etc. and ask them on a supposedly horrific and illegal practices and they just give out all the information? Am I missing something?
Irma Vela
Is there anything the world community can do about this?
We need to share this information, pure evil!
soft raga
I am just amazed at how shameless these people are. They cant stand against evil govt. How people live with such heavy sin bearing on their sholders.
Joseph Marcello
Many centuries ago now, China began to lose its soul, in the attitudes of almost clinical logic and mechanical obedience to authority add to this and almost animalistic level of being, socially speaking, in which the lack of true compassion or feeling became a high art, and was mistaken for self composure or Oriental inscrutability. Alas, the soul body of the Chinese remains dangerously shrunken and stunted
Gigi Devoe
Dick Chaney should have never gotten a heart transplant. Only allowed that killer to continue his EVIL.
Explains why there’s no better animal to represent China than🐉 Dragon .. #Vicious and #Monsterous .. The only good thing about china that I can think is their babies.. Yea, I love Chinese babies.. They’re the most cutest n adorable..
Frank Odilon
When the rich enjoy their health away. They go any length to get their organ replaced no matter the cost
Looking Beyond
April ST Chung
This revelation is the worst horrendous news I have heard and seen on media! How can this go unpunished? Bring the culprits to justice!
Lígia Bastardo
made me think of the Wuhan people, forced and locked in a 3 floors hospital with bars on the windows… and burned in days..
Wendy Qiu
everything is truth
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul
Robert Parsons
Why no protest from the WHO about this horror?
What is the World Health Health Organisation doing about this. ???? I know. Closing their eyes whilst the palms getting greased . This Evil Evil Regime must be held to account. NOW
Cindy Wagner
I know it was hard and dangerous but 10 years? Your first witnesses were the boilers burning bodies. The hell for these people is going to be spectacular!
Sugumaran Periasamy
Next will be people of Hong Kong for organ harvesting. Take my word.
Patricia Palmer
Makes you want to relocate doesn’t it? Great country.
Dale Cain
Isn’t Communism wonderful!
Ephesians 6:12 “… because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”
Kristine Baker
And people complain about the deaths from the CCP virus.
Ditlof J
They will not escape the judgement of God.
Sarah Boan
Prayers from NV USA, as bad as it is, is even more Evil what they do with the rest of the body’s .
sandy Jones
Bottomline by own words look how long does it take b4 unplugged something.GJONES
Falun gong must be exhausted now……so they’ve got the Uighurs.
tam tran
WTF….The worse part of this is that the rest of the civilized nations’ governments know of this and are too cowardly to do anything other than cow tow to the CCP.
Hit Music Society
The Chinese have been butchering EVERY animal under the sun in inhumane ways… I would only think they would treat people the same. I’m glad a lot of people are talking, sharing, and becoming aware of this. I was TOTALLY unaware of this.
Praveen Sinha
My cousin in India had to wait for 10 years before getting a kidney donor. My friend in Seattle has been waiting for 2 years, and no kidney donor yet. Unbelievable.
Every time I see one of these people speak out to tell the world, I know they are lives on the line to tell their truth. Every time I think things like this are going to stop it just gets worse.
Randy Scherer
And yet China gets a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission?!?!?!😡😡
ida b
That intro screen is straight out of a 90’s educational elementary school film lol
Uhaten TooMuch
Omggg they talk about this like it’s about wall street
Amina Kishk
Do not place an order and in a pretend order to catch them as they will indeed kill some person to get you that order….
Nutritionist Liz
The US and allies have done nothing? Way past unbelievable! To stand by and let this happen is just as bad as taking part in the practice!
This is how it works here, The person is still kept alive, they are not dead yet, PLEASE if you can watch the person that is so called brain dead and there is no chance of surviving make sure they take there last breath, do not let them take them away before that, and you call the funeral home of choice and respected of your loved one or your family and let them pick them up, sorry to be so insensitive but I had to deal with this first hand experience and not a nice thing! its very evil! and thats here in the states.
Susie Kilby
What can we do to stop this? Until we are directed on what to do, we need to write to our poiticians pleading to find a way to stop this!!!
Eilene Kellogg
Wow to the earth and those who reside on it, for satin the dragon has been thrown to earth. Satin took a third of the other angels with him, they are ruling over the earth at this time.Jehovah God is going to correct all the ills of the earth.
This is insane!!!!! What’s wrong with people!?!?
Karen M
OMG David Rockefeller had 5 heart transplants! Now we know where they came from. 🙁
Lara O'neal
What is the main reason today for needing organ transplants. Why are these organs failing. Any common denominator?
peter davis
Nothing gets done because the organs get bought by the wealthy who don’t care where they come from as long as it saves their lives😔🙏
Its about greed and denouncing ‘’bad’’ people! Hardly any difference it can be done in America soon.
Jelina Ross
Praises to God almighty is still on his throne ! He is bigger then china in Jesus Christ name amen
Could this be true? I have heard a lot of anti-China propaganda lately, including two mailers to my house about the coronavirus that called it the “CCP Virus.” There was an article that I recalled in Harpers some time ago (which I find credible) about Chinese people whose relatives had been taken, imprisoned, and never heard from again. The article also described a seasonal organ transplant trade where surgeries were performed in the new year.
Sigrunn Chidester
I agree, don’t buy anything from China. But, if you order merchandise on line, do they even say where the product is made? I don’t think I have seen that.
Blingy Burger
I am weeping …. why is this atrocity not STOPPED!!!!! That poor woman
No wankers allowed
Harvest is also a biblical term. It’s quite possible that biblical terms were being used as code words. It’s also a farmer’s term. A seemingly innocent message isn’t always as it seems.
Wow! Think about the unwanted baby girls. I’m sure they’re up for harvesting for sick baby boys.
Debra Dupra
Omg this is insane.cut China off
Tulock the Werewolf
This guy is going to end up on the slab
Darius Jaeger
By I think it may be possible to alter DNA with other organs. It is the only reason for so many organs fail.
Bat-em- Abu
how is this Chinese doctor even alive in China
Carol Ann Rompca
Please GOD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN take these ppl down,,,…
Jaya Karuppiah
Is this doctor still safe?
Jiffy Alls
The world had lost it’s moral compass.
Sivia Juseng
Can you imagine that they do such evil things. One day they will receive punishment from God. They are just evils.
Stephen Smith
Evil needs addressed in the name of Jesus. Perpetrators must be brought to justice!
Darius Jaeger
Maybe the queen has an organ from the real royals!!!!!
Lori J
I thought what Hitler and Dr. Mengele did was horrifying. Apparently devious acts on humans have never ending. I see the beauty in my own small world. Evil is everywhere, even our politicians and celebrities are involved. Waiting for GOD to put an end to this.
Frank Walton
and we (USA) gave them “most favored nation” trading status.?????
Pamela Funk
The world must know ~ the people in prison being forcefully murdered must be helped ~ Stop communism and help the Chinese people.
Tony Ryan
片尾曲:Sonic Belle Lambs to Slaughter 待宰羔羊 ft Rise Ascend
michelle rosemarie flynn
Gayle Earnhart
And yet the world continues to do business with China.
alexandra Da cunha
Where was the WHO?? Eyes closed as usual?
Evareth Suarez timbang
My God. What can we do? Please tell us what we can do to help stop this.
Wonky Donkey
Its a human sickness… greed, power and money. I need a new liver and would rather die with what I have than to kill an innocent for my human experience here. You can kill the physical body but not the soul.
Mang Kanor
Where is the proof, we need to see the proof. Just like another WMD in Iraq?
Lao Tzu
I’m sure it’s just China. 😂
Vic Tiv
Pure evil. May those murdered rest in peace. May the recievers of the organs die in a horrible way.
There is nothing that the criminal Nazi regime did in WWII that isn’t being done in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) today.
How can so many people NEED organ transplants?!?
Shawm Demonica
We should be vary worried about China’s expansion
leslie smith
Am I surprised, NO ! Lots of evil goes on in China
Bruce ADAM
Please do not confuse the Chinese people with their government the CCP. We need to rise against the CCP.
The most chilling thing in this video isn’t the live human harvesting, it’s the way that CCP cop was so casual about beating and torturing a young girl nearly to death, like it was just part of his job. Good grief I hope these people find God before they die or its going to be a real unpleasant eternity for some of them.
michael smith
If the doctor has been in USA since 1995 why is he speaking Chinese?
Abraham Lincoln
Maybe Japan was right about China
Eunice Bryan
This is brutal torture! China should be held accountable in the World Criminal Court!
James Quinn
Mary S
And…here we are in 2020. Still going on. Countries around the world must boycott China. Imagine being cut apart with no anesthesia.
Emma Pirie
Hunters are approaching. These hidden doors will be ripped open. This evil ones hunted!
Lara O'neal
Fulton Gong. What is exact meaning of term?
Patti S.
one must wonder why so many people need organ transplants.
Keep Kalm
Despicable, truly.
Gigi Devoe
Dee Dee
Why was China given most favored nation status?
Amina Kishk
Indeed, the awful real story…my heart and soul and prayers are here, and my prayers are powerful…I am Muslim… I will pray so hard for this problem , now …sending love and better living and to live and live well, from now on…it will come to,pass that this will pass and be taken out and evil ones will be arrested, now….you pray m we pray it will be solved and arrests will happen …
dont be an organ doner on your driver’s license you are dead 15 minutes quicker folks thats just the reality of it
🤔 …So….this is why they invented this deadly virus?
Andrew Newton
These people will be running the USA soon.
Aji Sabaki
Harry Wu first publicized the forced harvesting of organs in 1992.
Gail Goodwin
So So Sad. 😢😢😢😢
Maree Brazier
America does this as well.
Jay A Errington
I read something about tons of discontinued mobile numbers and they questioned why….I wonder if this has something to do with it….
REDDIT people, unite!
Ginalyn Orosa
Lot of people in people in Philippines are missing every year.
Now, people who have traveled to China for organ transplants should be concerned that they have COVID-19, HIV or hepatitis.
mike peine
the usa does the same
Evil Empire, the world needs to punish all of those involved for Crimes against Humanity.
William Porras
it’s ready? and published thanks to united way who knew.
vicki Lawrence