Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking is the practice of stealing or buying organs through exploitation to be sold on a black market for profit, and transplant tourism is traveling to another country for the purpose of buying, selling, or receiving organs (Broumand & Saidi, 2017; Shimazono, 2007; United Nations, 2011; United Nations, 2018).

Chapter 9: Organ Trafficking

“Tales From The Organ Trade”

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19 mrt. 2014

Becky Anderson examines a documentary which explores the legal, moral and ethical aspects of the human organ trade.

The Village of Stolen Kidneys

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29 mei 2013

In the village of Hokshe, Nepal, local residents estimate that nearly 70 people, out of roughly 300, have sold their kidneys on the black market. Lured to India by the promise of cash, villagers are tricked into thinking their kidneys will regrow “like a mango in a tree.” Years later the money is gone and so is their means of survival. Watch as we get up close and personal in the village of kidney trade.

Produced by:
Sam Matthews
Michael Byhoff
Tom van Cakenberghe

Edited by:
Alan Capriles
Gianclaudio Angelini

With special thanks to:
Dipak Bhattarai
Nagendra Adhikari
Sarita Sapkota
Sahadev Poudei

Lina Dmer
for the people saying that theyre making a big deal out of having one kidney and that you know people who donated and are okay, im guessing since these people sold their kidney to the black market, they didnt get good doctors to remove it, thus the following health consequences
Di Linh Reichman
OMG This is so heartbreaking. It makes me so angry that there is such evil in this world.
This is why education is important
Krobbkag Destroyer Of Worlds
Saddening, very saddening. Just when I think I’ve seen the worst one human can do to another, something takes its place. 
I feel so bad for them, for us as human.
What hurts the most is the look in his eyes. It’s the look of his pride taken away, of his dream destroyed and left with all the regret. He’s basically a man that’s lost everything. And it is impossible to get that image out of my head. No one should ever have to look like that. 
Aaron V
Wow OMG, thank you so much this video. The world needs to know about this. Thank you again.
kaleb Gonzales
“It’s hip to be square, so hip to be square.”
Tammy Leeder Whitaker
God bless the innocent. 🌹
Rub man
sad one :((. need lots of awareness..ignorant and poor are been cheated of their ignorance mainly a lot from neighboring countries … Thanks for putting this together for us to know about this sad things..
Alice Samuel
Then educate this poor people
These things should be raised…😭🙏
Medical Doll
I wish I could send this man money. 😔😕😞
If I had money and a gun Id take out every evil person I could.
Kelly Larson
Okay, I’m confused because I am pretty sure that you can live a normal healthy life with one kidney. One kidney usually functions just as well as two. People in the US give kidneys to family members all the time. I mean it is still awful. but why do they dramatize it so much and make it seem like they are all destined to die and live unhealthy lives afterwards?
And another sad thing is that the school girl was wearing kumkum it means she is married. 😭😥 ie child marriage is also common.
Radabi Maram
Please tell people to not sell them . Help spread the awareness . Thanks.
Sameer Adhikari
people are to b awared abt the importance abt their organs..the initiation must start now..else its gonna b too late…Rise all
Sanish Maharjan
ASHAMED ACT BY TAKER AND DONNER TOO… This is the reason why we should focus on education and awareness to the real needed people not to those in easy access to go in for so called development agent and change makers….. for those who makes the progress report of awareness to the national and international donor its a big slap……..
kisuna mayan
i need to sell my kidney because i want to buy new ericson…
Imma go there just to flex my complete set of kidneys

1 Asia’s Kidney Black Market | 101 East

7 sep. 2016

In rural Nepal, an entire village shares a secret. Every family here has at least one member who has sold their kidney to traffickers. Each year, international organ trafficking gangs convince.
More films about crime: Kavre province in Nepal has been dubbed “Kidney valley”: there’s hardly a household in which a family member hasn’t sold his or.
In rural Nepal, an entire village shares a secret. Every family here has at least one member who has sold their kidney to traffickers.
Each year, international organ trafficking gangs convince these poor people to give up a kidney. Sometimes the donors get paid for it, sometimes they don’t. But the cost to their health can be devastating.
Most of their kidneys end up in India, often in Kolkata, which has been nicknamed “The Great Kidney Bazaar”.
101 East travels the kidney trafficking route, talking to the donors, police, brokers and doctors involved in this bloody black market.

2 Undercover video of human organ traders – BBC News

1 mei 2017

The World Health Organisation says that more than 10,000 human organs are being sold illegally every year. Billions of pounds are tied up in the trade, with the Middle East now considered the global hub, driven partly by desperate refugees eager to make money by selling their organs.

3 Exposing the black market for human organs

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5 mrt. 2013

Many who live in poverty in Bangladesh resort to selling their organs in an effort to make ends meet. MSU anthropologist Monir Moniruzzaman infiltrated the black market for human organs to expose the often horrific experiences of victims and the consequences of trafficking.

4 The Cruellest Cut – Pakistan’s Kidney Mafia

16 jul. 2007

July 2007
More and more Westerners – including Australians, it appears – are travelling abroad to get transplants, particularly kidneys – currently the world’s most sought-after organ. This boom in so-called transplant tourism has caused the World Health Organisation to recently express alarm at the sale of kidneys by poor donors to cater for this surging demand. Manzoor’s kidney was his only valuable position. Selling it was meant to cover his debts. But he ended up even further in debt when he developed post operative problems and had to buy medicine.
Produced by SBS/Dateline
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

5 Kidney valley: Nepal’s black-market organ trade

28 nov. 2020

12 jul. 2020


Nepal’s Kavre province is known as ‘Kidney Valley’. Organ traffickers here tempt impoverished villagers with the prospect of easy money, promising that their organs will grow back. At least one family member in nearly every household has sold a kidney on the black market. 
This is a short version of our ‘Kidney Valley’ documentary. For the full documentary, click here –
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6 Organ trafficking | Underreported

5 okt. 2021

In late July, the United Arab Emirates and the Israeli regime celebrated what they described a historic organ transplant exchange. In less than a year after the normalization of relations between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, an Israeli woman donated a kidney to a patient in the UAE, as part of a new cross-border organ donation program. Then a woman in Abu Dhabi underwent surgery to donate her kidney to a woman in Haifa. Yet, regardless of this publicity blitz, both the Emiratis and Israelis have a shady track record when it comes to organ transplant, or in better words, organ trafficking.
Eugen Aleksandrov
It is inconceivable that this problem exists in our time! This is the problem with our consumer society. And only by building a Creative Society will we get rid of this horror. People are already ready to act, and as an example of this – International online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live”. Look it up on YouTube, it not only identifies problems but also suggests a way out!

28 jul. 2016

Kavre province in Nepal has been dubbed “Kidney valley”: there’s hardly a household in which a family member hasn’t sold his or her kidney on the black market. There is no legal way for patients to obtain donor organs other than from a relative. In the absence of a suitable familial match, the patient’s only chance of survival is to turn to the underground organ trade.
Grim dealers exploit the region’s extreme poverty and the people’s lack of education about health and medicine. Many victims have been told that the process would have no impact on their health and even that a kidney would grow back. Desperate to escape debt and support their families, impoverished villagers have agreed to the irreversible surgery, only to be hugely underpaid and left with their health irreparably damaged.
While Nepal’s transplant patients often have no way to obtain life-saving organs, other than the black market, naïve and underprivileged villagers are easy prey for organ dealers who turn a tidy profit from the devastating trade. Ironically many of them started in the business by selling one of their own organs. RT Doc meets people from all sides of the illegal organ market to ask how and why it has reached today’s appalling levels.

24 On the Trail of the Illicit International Organ Trade

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14 jun. 2016

Organs Across Borders (2009): Delving into the murky world of organ trafficking.

For many Moldovan men, selling a kidney offers quick cash and certain freedom from poverty. But the risks create shocking consequences. A devastating insight to the underworld of organ trafficking.

Business is booming in the criminal organ trading industry. Fifteen thousand human organs are trafficked from the poorest countries to rich Arab and Western regions every year. “‘If you want to make a certain sum of money, give your kidney for 10 thousand US Dollars,”’ says Anatoli. Illegal organ traffickers persuaded him that after the operating table, life would be simple, rich and pain-free. Trusting these lies, he risked death and imprisonment for dreams of a better life. Meanwhile, Danish patient Mads eagerly awaits a kidney transplant. His chances of survival dwindle by 20% each year. He faces the question: ‘Shall I continue to suffer while waiting for a legal transplant or perhaps even die? Or shall I buy an illegal kidney abroad now?’

Danish Doc Production – Ref. 4291

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This is so, so sad. I’m devastated for Andre after losing his wife & having to raise his children alone. The children in Moldova poorest parts, families don’t have enough money to eat. Donating organs for 3.000$ is nothing compared to the doctors & traders receive. Then only to be in the same financial crisis some 2yrs later. It’s sad & sickening. The government know this is going on. 💔
Hate to say it but if I were in dire need and had the finances I’d probably do it. Western Governments need to implement an opt-out system when it comes to organ donation. This would solve a portion of the problem at least.
Brenda Bassman
Make it between the one who needs surgery and the one who traffickers
Christina Massey-Stucki
Business with organ transplants is immoral, diabolical.
Carla Broderick
Would be better to regulate and manage this trade. If people will sell organs for money, at least make sure they do it safely and receive the maximum price.
“Stop! In the name of Love.” The creator adopts the double meaning code giving the transfer of information that stands for both a heart and a gesture of showing me the money, to express that the vivid heart is bleeding black blood. The form of the image texture is derived from the style of brass rubbing. The blue painting ink implys the signature of a hand bleeding that suggests the false surface of the CCP regime manipulating the market of organ donations which causes endless disasters since the deals are relevant with the huge money by organ The creator engages to wake the public to realize the fact that the massscre result is originally from the inner greed, therefore they can further to stop the horrible thought spread worldwide.
Max Grek
Not correct to say “organ traffiking”, coz the traffic is acctually made by the people. By their one decision. Yes, they are not informed about the effects after. There is a lot of fake news like “their kidneys were taken at hospital and sold in other country…”. Thats is not possible
Kelly O'Brien
Exploitation of the human condition
Awww poor guy he looks way older than he is because he has been too so much.
Lao Tsu
what a wild world 🙁
Ivan 333
Wow ….Do we really know what the live is?

25 People & Power – The Organ Traders

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20 dec. 2012

An investigation into the loose but interconnected multi-million dollar international criminal enterprise of human organ trading. People & Power tries to find out how this trade continues to flourish and the challenges law enforcers are faced with.
Shes a very polite interviewer. i like her
Catherine Whitford QHHT
22:36 At this point in the film, in the back, painted on a wall is the symbol for female pedophilia; a heart within a heart. The FBI lists this symbol.
Questionauthority chawasa
she couldn’t keep the $20,000 for herself? that’s so unfair
thomas Paine
Thank you for your coverage…though it’s is from 2012 it still is pervasive..
Silvia Osorio
I purchased a 43″ Computer TV set to watch on my days off when is cold and I do not want to go to the beach. And the operator decided to place black bars on top and gray bars on the extremes to make the size of my TV monitor at 34 and 3 quarters. This is the kind of harassment I keep talking about…
Because it prioritizes financial status as your right to live. Only the rich could afford to purchase organs.
thank to brave people like Jonathan Ratel appointed as new Head of SPRK and many others who are honest and courageros.. victims mother seeking justice ( find hostility and persekution) .. seeking help
Knut Holt
If you get injured here in Norway, you are highly likely to be declared brain dead on false principles and your organs sold on the international market.
victims are victimesed again and again by the system) NL victims mother seeking justice.. seeking confidentiality seeking jonathan R.
I think you’re right…why not sell a non-vital organ like one of the kidneys? If done with safety and dignity. And save lives. People can be so hypocritical if they needed an organ they would think otherwise
Alexander J
The big millionaire is helpless but he wants to live longer and preserve his millions….. he doesn’t want to further help the girl and her family…..
Zombie 187
they are in many coutrys “Dr” Frankensteins..
Jonathan Kressen
My name’s Jonathan Malmis if I go missing ask FBI agent Jay Taft. He knows all about it
Oliver Noah
Greed is gonna end this world. Why people want to live longer while suffering and old?
Leslie thats me
WHO….we harvest organs
Vinícius Ortega Calvo
22 is crazy number taro vnda anda margaretti pepino in reporter canobmle girls. 1,99 brazilian gangs in trafic organs trade too
Ivan 333
Of course donors must receive money, but the problem is that they also must know honestly what will happen with them when selling their organs! Because majority of them are not educated people ,they got lied about the consequences….! The work of the doctor is to operate well and properly ..saving human lives what they studied for….but they are not obliged with detectives work….so there must be a authorized persons to do this job! Finally …of course that the donor and the recipient should be present in the court, even at least as a witnesses (talking about legal doctors and hospitals, not criminals)!
sorry not donate.. selling for 200k… anyone?

26 The Cruellest Cut – Pakistan’s Kidney Mafia

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16 jul. 2007

July 2007
More and more Westerners – including Australians, it appears – are travelling abroad to get transplants, particularly kidneys – currently the world’s most sought-after organ. This boom in so-called transplant tourism has caused the World Health Organisation to recently express alarm at the sale of kidneys by poor donors to cater for this surging demand. Manzoor’s kidney was his only valuable position. Selling it was meant to cover his debts. But he ended up even further in debt when he developed post operative problems and had to buy medicine.
Produced by SBS/Dateline Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
12:04, guy tries to act like he uses those books, huge cloud of dust falls off when he drops it
the boss
be honest most of us when faced with death will accept any organ.its human nature.
I was almost going to say: Yeah, especially the commercial that you can’t skip. This new trend really annoys me.
kidney beans r 1 of my favorite legumes.
Hmmm True
very sad on humanity part….
You can lead a perfectly normal life with just one kidney. I work in dialysis…I should know. People need to keep donating! For some of these people, it is their only hope. Kidney dialysis only accounts for 15% of a normal functioning kidney. That is just sad!
wow this country still belongs in the stone age
Mary Kouch
the report on this really piss’s me off, its like they got nothing better to do, so they pik on those with their last resort of living is by selling ther kidney. who cares if its donated or sold, it saves 2familys during the process.. just let them live alteady instead of ripping their trade apart, thus literally killing them.
saman abdulla
excellent documentary…..very professiona.
If the goddamn federal reserve wanted, they could abolish poverty in every way… But that is not their intent. Poor people in debt have no other way out, just as dying people have to take extreme measure!
Kelly O'Brien
The kidneys are a delicate organ. There a reason why we have two kidneys just in case one decides to malfunction. If you are alive and well and thinking about giving one away, think hard because if you do donate and you get sick. That could it for you. Think hard think very hard….
You mean pulses? Kidney beans arent legumes
Because of the conditions stressful conditions that these people live in, the more children they have the more probability of them making it to adulthood which in turn can bring income to the family and help in that aspect. also contraception/ sex education are either frowned upon or not available for many of the areas which you are thinking of.
buttercxp draws
Not the same thing as donating blood JD. Nasty old man.
Benjamin Maggi
Very well at least the could sold it’s body parts, guess what there are mafias that kidnapp people and just cut them out and leave them to die, even their eyes are pulled off, it happed here in Argentina some time in the 90′
@BawJaws232 well my friend, quite simply so that these children can help earn money and help out when the folks get old, I knaw this only because I am a Pakistani, albeit I was born and brought up in England, my grandparents were poor back home and they were quite old and frail from a life time of labouring on farms and such, but had many children who from a young age worked on the farm, went to school and did odd jobs, to help out the aged gramps luckily my old man was hard working
(U know, the one where thugs steal a victims organs in the dead of night and then leave the victim to wake up in a tub full of ice). I wouldn’t be suprised if half the # views were done with that it with that in mind . Come to find out it’s about some poor dude in a 3rd world country who volunteered donation for monetary benefit. As unfortunate and tragic as his story is, losing the shock value of theft, it kills the interests for many of his plight…cont’d…
this flipping human race is a plague
Phone MediC The Hague
Look the child at 7:39-I don’t know y they don’t just ruin the politics-They can do everything together-
…Handing out conditional empathy when it serves their interests or purposes. Sure, it’s all that and more, However, it’s more likely to be for 2 reasons far simpler than that. It’s the same thing that brought me to view the video and comment. Keywords in the title and subject matter. Seeing the title, the shock value of it intrigued me. It’s subject matter seemed like it dealt with the urban legend. of organ theft…cont’d…
Pickle Rick
But he can afford to smoke?
some people get paid absolutely NOTHING for their kidney…less than the operation fees..that’s not right.
Apart from this whole kidney bussiness we should alos look at the feudalism which is so prevalnet in Pakistan. People in west talk about democracy in Pakistan but they dont know that majority of MPs are feudal lords. When they come in power through “democracy” they simply become more powerful and expolit poor people the same way as shown in the documentary.
Sanvi K
@TheFutureLooksGrimm Because when a family is poor they need many children to help support the household and ensure that the parents are taken care of when they are older. It is a privilege of a wealthy nation that one can choose to little or no children because they can support themselves. Unfortunately this is not the case for the rest of the world. Our wealth depends on underdeveloped countries remaining underdeveloped.
Mimshad Karim
most poor people try to have many sons so they could have the parents when they get as old as 8
Waheed Rehman
its v sad for all of human beings.we all users just leave msgs but why dont we help these people financially.even donating £5 will help them…
Tashi Abbasi
long live pakistan
Re: the lack of viewings and comments being posted. Several issues play factors, most of them given in others previous posts. As well as another I’ll add for good measure. Could it be for the fact that, at it’s core, it’s the timeless tale of heaven and hell, good vs evil, the civilized members of the modern world and the uncivilized savages of the 3rd. Or the modernists apathy of those pleading for empathy…cont’d…
I find it ironic that Journeyman Pictures is exposing Pakistan’s kidney mafia, while simultaneously advertising “kidney and liver transplants” in China (see upper right portion of the screen).
Emaad Khan
sad, sad and just sad…
Horror Duck
no sex education, no condoms
Wow This country is a wreck.
These doctors are killing poor people.
vince snetterton
timeless beauty?, havent seen any here
Omer Farooq
Ok, law has been approved in legislative assembly. Noe foreigner are completely ban. But the theme of this video is not correct. the great people who donate are the angles and give patient to miserable life to healthy. while in Austrila and west a person is dying nobody donate the kidney. Every day in USA more than 20 people died due to non transplant. This is an other side you have to show this
fake love
People shouldn’t be scared of death. is being Fred from this wicked sinful world .is also a new beginning for the righteous.
the boss
this is disgusting, us poor in the west do not suffer like these people.
Avram Stefan
Wow this is like the 15th century… and people sad u cannot go back in time, i see here that u can, lol
its sad, but only means of survival is to have more children so that by the time your old, you have a huge family to look after you, back in Pakistan, the grandparents never retire, they are still working, and literally retire when their bodies can no longer allow them to work, their only remaining solace is their big family of children and grandchildren who tend to them 🙂 in my case my old man always drilled it in me son knaw the calue of money and hard work you dont knaw how lucky you are boy
song jiayu
Poverty is a result of subject ordinary people to a social construct they cannot comprehend, which created by aristocracy
squid lin
@16:00 OMG. ashamed…
constance Edmund
Hey a billion dollars for who ever go take both his kidneys out n 10 billion for his heart
Anup K
what is the end and where is the end?
All Pakistanis agreed to eat grass for a thousand years so that they could get 100s of Islamic bombs. Why complain now?
there’s only one cure for stupidity
Marc Nowak
@JACKDANELL why god … people who are hoping for some god are lost
u know something u cant sell kidney in s,pore be sentence 3years jail and $100,000 fine for buyer jail term too
I wonder if the donors landlords are suggesting to them to donate their kidney to get money to pay their debts? I can imagine the constant pressuring by the landlords and the donors giving in just to get their landlord off their backs.It’s odd that they would go ahead with this after hearing all the stories of others in their village who had been shafted by their landlord even after donating.Did the pressure applied by their landlords cloud their otherwise clear judgement?
That’s Absolutely rubbish, plus defaming the name of Islam, that these Innocent have religions motivation to donate their kidney and coming to hospital. Stupid doctors like Dr Waheed sheik and other like him only shining their business. Shames on these
Ayan Hashi
Turn down the loud annoying background music please thanks
squid lin
Karma my friend.
@TheFutureLooksGrimm Can’t afford condoms, and a mans gotta eat.
if Dr.Shah is so seriously worried about the people who need kidneys,( which he buys for next to nothing of poor people and sells for way more) maybe next time he should donate one of his own
polygamous1 Sozou
This world is So sick its actually Real hell for many people,when one is Young n doesn’t know what goes on can be happy, but once we begin to really get to know n understand what this world is its no more happiness for us at all, to think that all these nasty things could a happen to any one of us, Every place on earth has its deep dark secrets,maybe what Buddhist believe we keep coming back till we reach some kind of perfection n then we come back no more to suffer over, begins to make more n more sense to me now days, i feel so sorry for the illions of innocent children born who’s parents try to do the best thy can for them but they are not in a real position to help them in time they really need them yet our all powerful God who can put a stop to all these nastiness does not, why to prove His point that His way is the only way? which parent would put his own child through all this just to prove a point? is this logic?
devoncho sanchez
@theanswerone no allah no non of that
Mushhood Ali
That is a nasty looking surgical scar too, it should be done laproscopic. I have had abdominal surgery, cut in 5 places, you can’t even see the scars at all, less than an inch cut. This is sickening!
The translation was sometimes incorrect. The women at the end was NOT saying what the english read. The woman actually said, why are all you sitting here telling them your tales. you have gathered all the women and men from the village and are sitting here in front of these cameras. Cameras have come before and promised aid but we never go anything, you are not going to get anything from these people as well”
Mapz Hmar Zate
just lock the old man up thing’s will get easier. If there’s a massive benefit for the donor to help themselves financially why he got so mad and didn’t even act like a doctor when she says she visited the victims. If he cares so much about poor people he would work, fight to reduce the medical expenses. Being known as “Father of Kidney Transplant” i swear he could do so many thing even when it requires to deal with the government. 
squid lin
Money is the ultimate authority in the subcontinent. Do not give me any crap about this being a prejudiced point of view. This is the equivalent of the Raj of early days whereby the rich appear the elite.

27 China organ trafficking: ‘I sold my kidney for £4,000’ – BBC News

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16 aug. 2015

A shortage of organ donors has created a lucrative black market in China, a BBC investigation has found. The shortfall is a consequence of China ending the practice of harvesting the organs of executed prisoners. The BBC’s Martin Patience reports.

27 Kendrick Johnson’s organs missing

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10 okt. 2013

The body of Kendrick Johnson came back to his parents with organs missing. CNN’s Victor Blackwell reports.

28 A Bit of Math Reveals China’s Horrifying Organ Transplant Secret

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9 apr. 2015

10,000 organ transplants happen in China every year. But in a country of 1.3 billion, only 780 donated organs. So where are the rest of the organs coming from? On this episode of China Uncensored, we’ll be doing a bit of math that reveals a terrible truth – not only is the Chinese regime lying about ending organ harvesting from executed prisoners, the bulk of organs may be coming from murdered prisoners of conscience, including Tibetans, House Christians, and the largest group, practitioners of the Falun Gong meditation practice.

29 Fighting China’s Forced Organ Harvesting (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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29 mrt. 2020
Red Reign exposes forced organ harvesting in China of prisoners of conscience, Falun Gong, who’s tenets are truth compassion and tolerance as told by Nobel Prize nominee, David Matas. The film explores the involvement of the Western World, and the courageous doctors, politicians and lawyers around the world combating this atrocity which effects us all in ways we cant imagine.

30 Has China really stopped obtaining organs from executed prisoners?

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30 mei 2017

For decades, China obtained human organs such as kidneys and livers from executed prisoners, a practice condemned by human rights activists and medical ethicists. China says they no longer do this and have built a new system for organ transplants that now relies on volunteers, not prisoners. Hari Sreenivasan reports.

31 Dying for Life: China’s volunteer organ donors

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The three-episode documentary series “To Live” presents the new look of China’s organ transplant system. The first episode “Dying for Life” documents two cases of voluntary donations after death: 53-year-old Kong Lingfeng and a 6-year-old girl Tongtong. It attempts to reveal the public attitude towards organ donating in China. Also, it tries to discuss the challenges facing China’s transplant industry. 
Rediscovering China is a weekly show on CGTN that offers a unique insight into an aspect of life in China today. With its unrivaled access to the country’s people and places, Rediscovering China brings you in-depth reports on the major issues facing China at a time of rapid change.

32 Harvested alive -10 years investigation of Force Organ Harvesting in China

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19 feb. 2017

Harvested Alive -Ten year’s investigate of force organ harvesting in china As a doctor, Zhiyuan Wang spent 30 years studying how to save lives. He never imagined that he would spend another 10 years investigating how doctors killing innocent lives……
This film has won five international documentary awards.

33 Doctor reveals reality of organ harvesting in China

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6 jul. 2017

A Chinese doctor who performed an organ harvesting operation in the 1990s was among the panel of experts who gave evidence at a Dáil committee today.

The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence heard evidence from experts including David Matas and Ethan Gutmann, who have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work investigating organ harvesting in China.

They made a series of recommendations at committee today, including to urge the government to ban ‘organ tourism’ – where citizens travel abroad to receive an organ transplant.

Such bans are already in place in Israel, Taiwan, Italy and Spain. He said that these countries did so out of a sense of “integrity, a highly-developed sense of tragedy, a historical wisdom to know that the big players, [such as] the US the UK, may not interfere in a world tragedy.”

“If you’re going to act, this is the critical moment, this is the critical time,” Gutmann told the committee today.

The committee also heard strong evidence from Dr Enver Tohti, who gave an account of how he was led to perform organ harvesting on a civilian in China. is an Irish news website that invites its users to shape the news agenda. Read, share and shape the day’s stories as they happen, from Ireland, the world and the web.


Paul Nelson
Why is this not on everyday news talked about on a daily basis? People are more concern about free trade??
Conservative Movement
All US citizens DIVEST FROM CHINA!!!!
Preeti Sawant
Almighty shall destroy china completely for the cruel sins they are doing against falon gong practitioners.
And still happening in 2020 Prisoners (cover story) Falun Gong 1st Uyghur 2ond Christian ? Political enemies In English, the name is officially spelled “Uyghur” by the Xinjiang government but also appears as “Uighur”, “Uigur” and “Uygur”.
John Yohann
The UN should issue a ban on any sales or purchases of human organs from China. Have a joint resolution.
People have known about this for years and nothing ever gets done. It’s horrific beyond belief
Anne-Marie Willingham
The World should be awear of this
John Prudencio
WHO is not biased?
China need revolution
This is happening in Ireland too. Corrupt Irish Surgeons feel that they have the right to take organs as they need them… I got this straight from one of their Mouth Peices.
Alicia Torres
This is horrible, May the lord bring judgment to this evil people. God is watching and tired of their darkness evil work , This will come to a end . Men punished him self. God justice is on the way🙏🏼
Anthony Gallegos
85,000 views and only 35 comments… in other words, 1 person out of 2500 who watches this will comment. What is going on here? Fake views or purging comments?

34 ‘Overwhelming’ evidence of Chinese government is running organ harvesting

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21 nov. 2019

Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh says there is no doubt that the Chinese government is forcibly harvesting the organs of Falun Gong practitioners, stating that the “evidence is overwhelming”.
Removing organs on LIVE HUMANS including pregnant women and babies , removing while alive…. just let that sink in…
Jewely H
This practice is happening worldwide but is especially bad in China. I would never accept a transplant unless I knew where it came from. I do not want to be part of cannibalizing others to benefit myself. Horrific!
There isn’t an awful lot to like about China.
Snoozoes No
THANK YOU for reporting on this!!!
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
Is this the reason why there are lots of missing ppl? Without a trace.
I heard they have a six story underground prison below the one “hospital”.
“It’s shameful’ understatement of the year.
David Hughes
Falum Gong are kept in “camps” close to the hospitals😱
Imagine getting a transplant and then finding out a few yers latter that the organ came from someone who was murdered so you could get the organ transplant. How would you be able to live with youself?
Ginger T
Thank you for exposing this evil practice.
S Darocka
Hard to crack a case when u call and just order an organ
indigo jones
Thank you for this important report Mr Bolt!!!!
Reasonable Guy
I wonder if China is concerned about LGBT rights?? (Rhetorical question) Western world doesn’t look so horrible and oppressive now does it??
Iam a Masterpiece of the DivineCreator
The Chinese would “sweet & sour” anything with 2-4+ legs – what stops them from going after 2 legged humans…
HauptuhrDotNet blog
It is an outrage and a disgrace that Australia has anything to do with Communist China. None of us should be surprised that a Communist country would behave in such a immoral manner. Two world wars and 21st century Australia is kowtowing to a Communist dictatorship. An absolute disgrace.
In a clip from 60 Minutes posted to social media on Saturday, Mr Wang said, through a translator, that he was “responsible for organising the cyber army to attack people online”. hey 50 cent army get out of the comment sections, communism is a temporary setback ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM
Toni Smith
Much info on you tube about this…unbelievable 🙏
IMO Reviews
Good work, reporting the facts Sky news
Why do we have anything to do with this evil country? How is this possible? It’s horrific that this kind of thing is happening.
Black Sheep
Found this out from years ago.
gustavo garcia
And the fact that there’s this pandemic going on there are a lot more bodies who are more than ready for harvesting 🙁
Naughtius Maximus
Watch “China Uncensored”
Martin Price
How come they haven’t been charged with crimes against humanity?
Zu zoon
Alex Jones ones about it long before
Ah yes, the floor is made of floor.
AFWO 2020
As a victim I can confirm this news. Damn CCP took away my brain!
Sagily Amalraj
What Tedros telling about human harvesting in china? It is connected with people’s welfare.
Every chinese student I spoke to about this got agitated and said this wasn’t true. They consider it a ploy against the CCP and don’t trust any media but the Chinese media.
Jazzy E
That’s why I won’t donate my organs or my family’s organs
Bad Dog
There should be a Blockchain registry for Organ Donations.
Pete Kalibo
If you do need an organ replacement, don’t buy it from China, they make fake everything !!!
And the Chinese consulate in Perth demands that Falun Gung not participate in the annual Christmas Pageant – and succeeds.
Sherilyn Chua
News: organ harvesting in China People: let me just bring up this completely unrelated societal topic that i disagree with in my country and ignore the topic that China is harvesting organs If you’re offended, you know why.
Conservative Movement
DIVEST FROM CHINA. Help to free the Chinese people. Invest in US self-sufficiency and it will soon bring us the greatest economy in history!
John Linnon
China citizens- revolution!
Send AOC and Bernie one way ticket to China to “enjoy” socialism.
Rick Hall
There is supposed to be a trail from doner to recipient. Paper work. This is the issue not the people it comes from. This needs tightening so the demand stops so supply stops. The system is floured and needs to be re vape. Its money that makes this work so take it out of the eqastion.
Fishn Giggles
Cartels are doing it in Mexico as well
Matthew Stewart
Who is supplying the anti rejection drugs?
Natasha Hynes
Its called “overwhelming evidence” and contains zero evidence.
Reasonable Guy
Western Feminists: “You have NO idea how much we are victims of oppression!” Chinese organ victims: “Hang in there ladies!”
Nick 2x opoku
China must pay for what they have done
China has “Drive Through” organ outlets. “You can get fries with that”
Alvin CA
right evil is barking. I can see you exhausted.
Dis Information
Are you being payed by the Falun Gong?
Stell Tame
Thankyou for sharing the truth…. now what do we do about it?
Gods going to snd them more and more plagues. He has verses about a winepress. How dare they run a death factory and call it a prison for the good of society.
Nick 2x opoku
The whole world needs to take their manufacturing back from China.
Leslie Sylvan
Sounds like Victorian England’s grave robbers.
David Heath
Please say we can mirror this.
Chinese government- The US second amendment is a serious problem US- Stop harvesting your peoples organs… then you can talk to us about problems
Fred Bread
MSM is too scared to report this
This is a new slant on the Chinese takeaway
Natasha Lion
Southern Air Transport ran into money trouble and it’s route was taken over by Evergreen Aviation, which also had a history of connection to the CIA. Evergreen, despite it’s own recent financial problems, still keeps one Boeing 747 in Columbus and still maintains regular service to Hon Kong. The only terminal that can serve that aircraft is owned by Landmark Aviation.
Frank Stahl
China and Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot are exactly the same.
oscar chute
According to Benjamin Perry, an expert of religious and spiritual movement in China and a professor at Australia National University, told the ABC that he does not think organ harvesting is an ‘ongoing practice’.
Tom Laureys
This is what “a boot stamping on a human face forever” looks like.
Pan- Shot
The US can point fingers? we should clean up our own mess.
Roah Nosh
China Harvesting organs Australians going in China for organs 🤦
Bobo Jojo
the overwhelming evidence: some people on the phone said so
John Yohann
The UN should issue a ban on any sales or purchases of human organs from China. Have a joint resolution.
Frank Stahl
How can the Civilized world ignore this?
Kenny McCormick
Damn China hate from 🇺🇸
Veld Brand
Gives a new meaning to chinese mass production now doesn’t it? A little bit of socialism or communism anyone? No takers? Oh come on don’t be stingy with your organs now. That wouldn’t be politically correct.
Western feminazies: You have no idea the hardships we go through Victims of China: Hold my liver…
Desmond Damsko
You all are takin about this Cause they want you to Think about that 👨🏽‍🎓
Actually It IS rocket science
Religious persecution, organ harvesting, and now covid 19!
July Chris
This sound exaggerating but when someone asked me how powerful China is I said: “You see every year, the world still remember what happened in Hiroshima. But as of right now, If China nuke any country, the world will act as if nothing happened.
Yay! Let’s let theses people dump in to the country and buy! They will bring their beliefs and behaviors to your home. Hummm?
Scott Norris
Nothing is going to change.
Christi P
They put no value on life, which is the same direction that the Democratic Party is heading in the US.
Neil Revhead
Communist China Very much like Stalin Russia era. Poor workers are expendable and prisoners are worse off
T Sqz
I can’t imagine why people have an qualms about a free democratic country turning to communism. Capitalism is evil! Not communism..! 🙄
And it doesn’t stop anyone from buying Chinese goods.
Prince of Sun
The worst is removing without any anesthesia ..not human anymore
Malcolm Canning
You’re just poms just more ridiculous
Don’t forget to mention the hoards of Chinese students coming to Australian universities (especially Bond) to study & major in organ transplants. Our government & professors know about this but keep it under the radar. Appalling!
chard athi
And China is only getting started😱
Companies that continue to do business with the CCP are complicit with this crime.
African Electron
Why do you think the west is so accepting of immigrants….spread this.
Satan Official
Cannibalism. Using others as prey in one way or another is just as much an act of cannibalism as the eating of human flesh.
Kris Kris
AndrewBolt SkyNews should resign for making baseless accussations and biased speculations and slandering of CHINA
Nick Heath
This is a disgrace killing innocent people like this.
karunanithi n.ramachandran
She said people from the Arab region went to China for organ transplant. Maybe professor Singh doesn’t have evidence so I will say it for her. Every rich person who can afford it will, unless of course that person is God fearing or one who will not compromise his integrity, will go to China if a family member is in need and there is no DNA match elsewhere. And some people are so afraid of dying ( leaving all that wealth behind is not an option for some ) that they will do anything to live if they can afford it, So you can include the very rich from all over the world as future patrons of the China murder and save transplant policy.
cake pie
I saw a horrifying video on worldstar , its a chinese woman being kidnapped maybe for this reason.
EL Dinamita
Theres also a lot of chinese syndicates lurking around the philippines…kidnapping kids to harvest their organs
Natasha Hynes
Whats the evidence? Shes just telling a story with zero actual evidence.
Cat Face Poetry
China, the best and worst of human civilisation at its finest.
Goo gle
I know eveveryone beleives in vaccines but all across the country woman ate getting their kids taken away for not vaccinating Doctors were recently arrested after they were secretly videotaped. .I worked in a hospital and 90 percent of doctors and nurses and tech in the er department were against vaccines. I cant say the same for any other place
Richard J
This is bullshit. Who are those surgeons? U only need to wait few weeks to get an organ in China??? WTF? Getting an organ in China is much more difficult than in Australia.
Williem & Rebekah MaClutchie-Evans
ok,uigar musslims be getting lined up then they look healthy for parts mmmm.
Sum Good
Jesus of America! Horrible to think of actually. Unspeakable HORROR! Worse than anything humans have ever, ever done.
Marzer Fυckerberg
You are getting a transplant so quickly, so you must be killing people on command to get it. WTF is this logic? We want real proof, not your feminine intuition, woman.

35 Child’s organs allegedly harvested without permission

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22 feb. 2019

A grandmother in Lubbock says she has a lot of questions after she found out doctors may have harvested her 10-year-old granddaughter’s organs without permission.

Rebecca Villarreall says that four days after her granddaughter Elaina Castilleja died, a memo was sent to the doctor who would perform Elaina’s autopsy, giving instructions to harvest her organs.

The letter, signed by chief medical examiner Dr. Sam Andrews, instructs the doctor to preserve the brain, but remove the cervical spine, eyes, lungs and more.

“We did not sign up for this. I knew she had to have an autopsy but this is remove her, remove this. She was 10 years old,” Villarreall told KLBK.

Villarreall adopted Elaina when she was one year old. Elaina suffered most of her life from the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Villarreall said she was told that because of the syndrome, an autopsy needed to be done, but she never agreed to organs being harvested.


These are demons not doctors, Karma will get them.
Dalea Lugo
He made money off this organ black market designation. Sue. Sue. Sue. Arrest that doctor.
Sue B
Some bastard is getting RICH off of her dead child! Poor woman .. so sad.
Goldfish Fishysons
Happens more often then you would think….this is sick…
Luna Bomber
Happens all the time. Even children murdered for their organs. Especially in Syria, China and even in America
Jazzy E
how do they know that they didn’t kill her for her organs? That’s why I tell people not to sign up for organ donation. I’ve given strict orders to my children that I will NOT donate my organs or any organs of my family.
Tmo bey Gee
Organs from dead donors are useless. The organs must be removed while alive to be useful for donation.
Daisy usa
I encourage you to seek legal action against the chief medical examiner who had the organs preserved and removed. Find out what they did with her body parts.
Hans Q Fragata
I want to sue the doctor for atleast $50,000,000
Sean billones
i just wanna avenge every kid by murdering kidnapers and save the kids they kidnapped
This is a sad sad thing, damn those people.
I hope there will be an update on this story very soon!!!
Nina La Bella
What can we do to protect ourselves against these Doctors and hospitals illegally harvesting our organs? How can we fight against this?
Christy Hoover
90s U.S. has problem with certain hospitals harvesting patients while still alive, reason not a donor.
The Meek
Its a billion dollar industry, this is the epitome of humanities evil capacity.
-Died From No Brain -Died From having no lungs -Died From Having No Heart
The Full Scope Sports
Did she even really die or did they kill it is crazy
Absolutely sickening. Sadly, this probably happens a lot
Missy Aona
I’m sorry that you’re going through this
el jefe
They organ harvesting 😔
Aramis Y. Cajigas
“Who us this?” “Just a case.”
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
They do this a lot. It just is being exposed more. This is so sad. They also do an honor walk for patients who die and are giving their organs. They were all very young I didn’t see one patient over 18.
Aight so when my mom passed away she’s gonna allow her organs to be donated and removed for science
Holy shit. I feel sorry
Official Roses
i’m so disgusted. wow, i feel so sorry for her
B Ndlangamandla Nkosi
What a sick pathetic world we live in😭😭🤮
Partly Cloudy
Formalin is used to preserve for forensic analysis. It cannot be used to preserve for later donation to recipients in need.
Partly Cloudy
While I understand the need for forensic due process, this is absolutely devastating. Mother should NEVER have received such a technical and impersonal description of this process. Deeply sorry for her loss and the cruel pain that this “behind the scenes” documentation has inflicted on her and her family.
The promised neverland
bug spray
The doctor must be investigated.he could kidnapped children and did the same to them or even worse.
Amanda Knox
expecially in foster care….
Dazmon Womelsdorf
Things worth fighting for in this world!
live and let live
So so sad. The world is so unjust.
Praying in the name of Jesus. Justice!
Beverly Cook
That is so unfair…. I am so sorry <3 someone did that to your FAMILY. HORRIBLE CRIME !!!! Tell PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! They should be PROSECUTED…. He is working on all kinds of EVIL… I AM SO SORRY … 🌹🇺🇸
Kandy Gurl
When my mom passed back in August, after going to sign papers to release her body to the funeral home. I received a phone call 2 minutes after walking in to my home, from a company asking me could I donate my mother eyes. They sent their condolences. This world is SOOOOOO evil and corrupt, smh
Kb Flawless
I can believe this I really can. We live in a sick, greedy money hungry world.
My dude needed his organs back.
Johnren .B
I know the names of this killers Doctors theres “they” and “go” “to “hell”
xx zx zxzxx
Absolutely disgusting that this happened
Oscar L. Batts
They gone bust the bottom out of Hell ya herd me?_💯🤠
Parted out like an old Chevy monster !
Atticus Mazerac
i know youre back home with heavenly father fly high elaina
hermeditation Hawthorne
Ok!!!!!!! So first she gets a vaccine & started having febrile seizures, encephalitis and bleeding of the brain- the label her with shaken baby syndrome (HAPPENS ALL THE TIME). & then they take her organs!?!?!?!?
What caused her death tho
Mike Jinx
Demons!!! JESUS will have his day. GOD bless her and her family. And whoever else is effected by these wicked demons.
Suga's hoe
Jesuscry 😡🥺💔😭god bless that poor soul and poor mother….
Sad Rat
at first I thought she got kidnapped and then her organs were harvested
Michael Rzeppa
Was she really dead?
xx zx zxzxx
This is so heart-wrenching on one hand the girls already dead and those organs can hopefully keep somebody else alive Yet at the same time they didn’t have permission to remove those organs so it’s just I don’t know
alexandra reszka
Sue the hospital, Doctor and anyone involved. Appalling!
Money, Money and Money
Dave Shapel
What ended up happening???
Ridiculous illegal harvesting😡😡😡☹️👎……. Sue them
Well it’s not like she needs it anyway ?
Looking for Wyatte Earp
She wasn’t a Lego set for crying out loud.
I Urgent you to get a good layers and file a lawsuit to the hospital ASAP
1O310_shreya Gupta
Doctor should be arrested
Owen Wilson
Can you put down syndrome parts in normal people?
Body has to be alive in order to effectively use them..correct?
Reyo Rehan
Regardless… Villarreal…‘‘tis better for the child to have given her organs in service to others …counts in favour of the child’s soul.
Rustyben nineoneone
She needs a good lawyer breef
Pol Kim
Some rich person needed it
Marie-eve St-louis
Yes, and soon world wide in depopulation plan, kids that are not rich, will become property of the stat
I believe in organ donation but approved organ donation. Stories like this makes people less likely to choose organ donation when so many people are waiting for a chance to survive.
Serena Artista
Oh no. This is absolutely horrific. I’m so sorry that doctor did such an horrific act to your child. 😢 May she Rest In Peace 🕊🕊🕊
Carlos Sijabat
They all Care about GODDAMN MONEY and not Safety 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
And that’s how you end a horrible nightly news broadcasting 😳 Shits twisted fr though!
Repent & Believe
so why are major organ harvesting organizations in Chicago and drugs and guns just happen to keep finding it way there? hmmmmmmmm
Theyre all in on it
Asenath Dagraca
Dolkar Gurung
“without permission”
Barney Rainbow
Tens of thousands of refugee children have there organs harvested dead or alive.
This is just inhumane its crazy to see the path humanity is migrating to and how its becoming more common and less publicized
They weren’t wrong!
Garrett Patterson
No People not just for Money for Power
Loisa Santiago
Not cool just like in general but also what was she going to do with them?
Sergio Rodriguez
That’s Texas for y’all
Edmund Janas
Seems like the best and the worst people become doctors. Zero respect for the family and the child. Sad
Jimmy Strudel
This is way more common than you think don’t ever say you’re an organ donor and put that on your card you may get injured one day and they take your organs and harvest them and there was no reason to do that
Tracey P
At least they were used for reach or other things. She was dead anyways.
Absalutely terrible ,a baby being shaking so violently that the soft tissue Brain is permanently Damage 10 years this human being lived with this Completely preventable parent or parents injury ,No Different from Straight up murder in my eyes. Godspeed to the little one. Amen
ew filthy
And these people silence Alex Jones. I’m here because of Alex Jones. Now I know that there is a sick sick world of people in power.
Barack Obama
In Deutschland werden die àrzte beschûtzt die organ Handel machen
well her organs is at least being used for research and possibly saves some future lives. its not right but it is a positive way to look at this horrible situation.
God forbid my loved one died I hope they harvest their organs to help someone else, Same with myself, You’re not going to be using them after your dead so why not let someone else have a chance to live
Apocalypse Averted
It’s messed up and all but people need their money without it the world would come crashing down
Sierra Galloway
This is horrible …
- Webster
ok…I don’t really care so much for the permission part of it but she’s hugging a damn vase! IMO and it’s only MO but it’s kinda selfish to be this upset that the ashes of a dead body “isn’t all my baby”. Again…permission aside, the better part of her death is the life extended by the harvested organs. And as far as the damage done by vaccines…seriously? Try and escape that? The person they’re going into is probably going to get a flu shot next month.
The girl won’t feel it, trust me. Calm down….and get your cut of the money. Sue the doctor and get him in the pocketbook. We all praise donors who do it with consent, and we forget that even if you are Christian or not, the body is just a body once dead. Yes, permission should be granted first, but the grandmother is worried about her relative who is DEAD, and should not be that freaked out. Just be glad her death saved someone else.
Guys please chill. These are standard procedures for post mortems. They are preserving the tissues in formalin for histological processing. This solution is meant to “fix” tissues in place and eventually be produced on a microscope slide for pathological analysis. Formalin is carcinogenic and tissue is unable to be used for organ transplants.
Geoffrey Bronson
…but it’s used to save others. Why care? The spirit is important not the body.
Chrissie Moore
Unpopular opinion but it’s more selfish just to destroy those organs that’s fine rather than go to sick children.
Ryan Underhill
I’m sorry that your baby is dead, but these body parts are going to ROT AND DISINTEGRATE otherwise. People gotta stop being so selfish. Just because you want her organs to go to waste, doesn’t mean they should. All organs that can be salvaged and donated SHOULD BE. do you want her life to have more purpose or just end it with her death so that you can say that your WHOLE. Child is rotting away in a grave. She can live on through others!

36 Skewer Danger Prank

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7 aug. 2016

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.