There is never an excuse or reason good enough for a wrongful conviction

De beelden die we zien van Ryan als een perfect gelukkig opgroeiend kind in een welstellend gezin en dan op zijn 19e als gevolg van een gebrekkig werkend juridisch systeem voor zijn volledige twintiger jaren te verdwijnen uit de levenswerkelijkheid.

Onderstaande video 1 toon het contrast met wat het kind en de tiener Ryan beleefde.

2 Ryan Ferguson: “I wanted to learn and grow” in prison.

Gepubliceerd op 11 dec. 2013

Ryan Ferguson and “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty join the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts to discuss
how Ferguson spent his time in prison, how they overturned his wrongful conviction, and what could be his next step as a free man.
 De tien jaar dat Ryan wrongfully convicted in de gevangenis zat, zijn volledige twintiger jaren, hebben voor gevolg dat hij geen ernstige opleiding heeft.
video 2 belicht wat het gemoed beroert bij een gerechtelijke dwaling

 (5 minuten)

3 Wrongly Imprisoned Ryan Ferguson Murder Conviction Overturned Set To Go Free after 12 yr

6 nov. 2013

Wrongly Imprisoned Ryan Ferguson Murder Conviction Overturned Set To Go Free after 12 yrs. COLUMBIA, Mo. — COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — A state appeals court panel on Tuesday overturned the murder conviction of a Missouri man who has maintained his innocence while serving a 40-year sentence for the 2001 slaying and robbery of a newspaper sports editor.
The appeals court ruled that the prosecutor’s office withheld evidence from defense attorneys for Ryan Ferguson that could have aided him during his trial for the strangling and beating death of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt.
“Under the facts and circumstances of this case, we conclude that Ferguson did not receive a fair trial. His verdict is not worthy of confidence,” Western District appeals court Judge Cynthia Martin wrote in the 3-0 decision.
Ferguson’s case has been the subject of numerous national TV news shows, in part, because his 2005 conviction came after his high school classmate, Chuck Erickson, testified that he had recalled from dreams several years later that the two of them had been involved in Heitholt’s slaying after a late night of Halloween partying.
Erickson received a 25-year sentence as part of a plea agreement for testifying against Ferguson.
But during an April 2012 court hearing, Erickson recanted his incrimination of Ferguson and said his memory of that night was hazy because he had been using drugs and alcohol. During that hearing, former Tribune janitor Jerry Trump also said he had testified falsely during Ferguson’s trial when he identified Ferguson and Erickson as the two men he saw in the newspaper’s parking lot where Heitholt was killed in the early morning of Nov. 1, 2001.
Cole County Judge Dan Green declined to grant Ferguson a new trial last year. Ferguson then took his case to the appeals court, which heard arguments this September. The appeals panel said Ferguson should be released if prosecutors have not filed notice of a retrial within 15 days after the court issues its formal mandate, which could take several weeks.
Ferguson’s attorney, Kathleen Zellner, said she filed a motion Tuesday seeking his release on bond while prosecutors decide whether to re-try him. She visited Ferguson in a Jefferson City prison and later read a handwritten statement from him thanking supporters during a Columbia news conference with Ferguson’s parents and girlfriend.
“We’ve won a major battle, however the war continues,” Ferguson’s statement said. “I need your help now more than ever. Look forward to sitting at the Thanksgiving table with my family if justice permits.”
His parents, Bill and Leslie Ferguson, expressed relief by the court ruling, vowed to try to also exonerate Erickson and renewed a public plea for tips that could help lead to a new suspect.
“We are looking forward to that day when he can walk out of there and truly be free,” said Leslie Ferguson, a retired school teacher.

4 Wrongly Convicted: ‘Bitterness never leaves you’ – BBC News


Gepubliceerd op 16 mrt. 2014

Subscribe to BBC News Raphael Rowe, who was wrongly convicted for 12 years, explains how miscarriage of justice affected him and how he coped. He’s now an investigative journalist for BBC Panorama.
God asks no man whether he will accept life.
That is not the choice.
You must take it. The only choice is how.


5 From the 60 Minutes archives: The true story behind “Just Mercy”

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9 jan. 2020

In 1992, Ed Bradley reported that the wrong man might have been sitting on Alabama’s death row. “Just Mercy,” a movie about the case, opens in theaters this week.


Can we all just take a moment to recognize Ed Bradley’s reporting? Absolutely impeccable and impressive.
Shakethia Arrington
The casting for Just Mercy was impeccable
Roger Smith
Sad rest in peace to all the innocent black people who were killed by the system
Travel Heavy Bro
I’m amazed at the accuracy of the movie. Well done. The corruption within the legal system is devastating.
Denai La’cole
This interviewer is on POINT! He’s on everybody’s neck lol.
Okoyé Forever
“All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us.” ~Michael Jackson
Well the white actors impersonating that white convict is good lol
Crystal Roberts
Damn everybody involved with this case was a criminal except Walter
Brian Morris
That attorney is amazing! Thank God for people like him!
Dr. NtAe
I always said that it was a WHITE MAN that murdered this girl and it was somebody that the entire town knew but feared what would happen if the real truth came out!
Tony Smith
The casting for “Just Mercy” was really well done
Digigod Digimon Gamer
No one going to talk about how the Cop that old the Truth was Fired. Jesus how is Alabama still standing. The damn police chief was in charge up until 2019
God bless all the people involving this case that told the truth.
Melanie Anderson
Why would the man want to rob the cleaners when he had a good job.
To knowingly ruin a man’s life is disgusting. How many times has this happened and we didn’t hear about it? That’s the scariest thing.
AJ's Way
Who else is watching this right after seeing the movie, “Just Mercy?”
Fajr Ayanna
I always come to YouTube after watching a true story based movie. It just gives me full satisfaction.
Shakethia Arrington
WTF?!….that damn DA actually got on National tv to call that witness (Myers) a snitch so that he could basically be assaulted in prison!
Charles Williams
For a man to straighten out his own life, he must tell the truth! Well spoken 👍🏿
I miss Ed Bradley and all the other old school 60 minutes reporters.
Barbara Elovic
Justice in Alabama is about convicting any convenient black man. It’s racism pure and simple.
Isaac B
The DA calling him a snitch is scary
Bayou Bully
“Just Mercy” is free on all platforms FYI
I’m more surprised that this is during 1993 not that long ago
This story right here is why there’s so much distrust in our justice system. Right now Trump is appointing federal judges at a record pace to life time appointments. Moscow Mitch can’t pass legislation because he’s too busy confirming Trump’s fed judge picks. Americans and specifically Black Americans can’t afford another 4 years of Trump.
They don’t care about facts when it comes to blacks
Pink Lady
I believe this interview saved his life.
Amy Troutt
I just watched the movie ” just mercy” and I was literally shook up so deeply inside my heart hurt i cried threw out the whole movie. Our justice system is so set up for complete failure. It’s so very traumatic. watching this movie makes me wanna make a difference & to make a change to be wanna be or so I should say to be a better person to know how an innocent person’s life is just thrown away. It’s all based around politics and set up elections its makes you really think about everything in your life how It’s all been a lie everything they have ever taught us or told us we know the difference of right and wrong I think that is something that we are born with it it’s called a conscience I truly believe that at a young age we already know the difference of right and wrong OH HOW WE WALK AROUND WITH OUR EYES WIDE SHUT… I just want to say I was deeply touched by this movie I mean deeply touched I was moved to make a change …. and with that being said may God have grace on the soul for those who have decided whether or not a person should live or die I dont know how you sleep at night but one day as you have judged…. You yourself will be judged….I know that I’m gonna make a difference weather no one sees it or no one knows it. I’ll know it… I dont know where to start in the very cruel world… So I’m going to start with myself, I’m going to be a better person starting today… And my deepest sympathy goes out to Herbert and his family the man in the movie who is electrocuted when should have been placed in it psychiatric ward because the system failed him we done that to him in Vietnam in a war we should have never had but that’s another story…. this movie has inspired me… FALSELY-N-GRAVED… to the people of our nation & to the people of our country we need to wake the Fu@% -UP… to those of us who can make a change need to make it… Its never too late to do the right thing… make a difference everybody’s lives matter… We are all Gods children it’s time to come together as one
Meer tonen
Denis Ceballos
Ed Brladley; one of the best ever investigative reporters. Such a pro!
Lexie Frederick
Hooks is a prime example of “all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk”
Hawkins Johnson
Damn the actors playing these folks in the movie were spot on bravo to the whole Just Mercy movie cast
aoteagirl nz
racism just pours out of that “state of Alabama Prosecutor”
Dang the casting in the movie was spot on. On a side note, it’s crazy how current this was. Seeing it In color makes it’s feel so scarily current
Michael Ford
Eyewitness testimony is unreliable and no case should be based on it.
Jacy Dyer
It’s amazing how many times they have convicted Black men without evidence.
Anna Maria Aqui
The young lady family is racist too, where’s the fight for the real killer
Osie Burrell
Injustice, the brother sold his soul to the devil. The so called “brother” had the nerve to act boastful and drink a beer until he was confronted about the money he received.
Rea Jenkins
Wow the casting in “Just Mercy” was spot on.
David Rounds
Ralph snitched but he snitched “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”..he set an innocent man free.. bless him and Johny D and his Family. I hope everyone that were involved in his arrest n first trial found it in their hearts to admit their wrong doings seeked forgiveness from Johnny D before he passed away.
This is so hard to watch. People are so evil
lilly girl
Ive never understood how humans can treat each other so disgustingly just because of the color of their skin. 💔
Hellcat Dogman
When Ed Bradley asked the black witness about the 5k he received from law enforcement, he tried scurrying away, like a little mouse.
duncelle perucho
Just finished watching the movie. Powerful!
Chrissy Dolores
Hooks got a messed up attitude. Seems like he still hiding things.
Tee Deonia
The movie was sooo good , I was emotional the whole time
The prosecutor is as dirty as they come…
peoples champ
If it were 50 years earlier even with all this evidence they would’ve still killed him. What type of country is this? And when was it ever great for ALL people?
David Finley
Ed Bradley was one of the greatest. RIP 🙏🏿
Nice Shot
All the real people look like the actors especially Darnell Houston🤣
Angela Jones
I love 60 minutes, always honest & accurate information!👏👏👏💗
Greg H
It’s a shame that there are District Attorneys who care more about a conviction rate, than justice. Misconduct by the prosecutor should be dealt with criminally.
This has been happening for a long time!! 💯
John Hoffman
I loved Bill Bradley’s investigative work and story telling abilities on 60 Minutes.
Tony Feller
if this story interests you i recommend watching Trial By Fire (2018), The Life Of David Gale (2003), and the Netflix series The Innocence Files. i know something as complex and multi layered as the American legal system cannot be perfect, but there are some times it does not even make an effort to be barely adequate
Smriti Tirkey
Every actor’s acting in the movie was on point. Brilliant work.
Holyshit why isn’t anyone putting the prosecutor in chains.
Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧
I just paused Just Mercy to watch the real life report.
Sweet Cheek
This man said that he’s a “snitch” that is criminal slang. This is system is rotten.
Jesus, they put more effort into keeping this innocent man behind bars than they did trying to catch the actual culprit.
Wray Kimaru Leli
The state procecutor’s Body language tells it all
Tony McCrady
The Racism just leaps from this story. The DA was probably a Klansman and a Deacon
Watching BEFORE Just Mercy. Bryan Stevenson is so young and exuberant in this clip! He’s a real life superhero.
Rhonda Lewis
Just Mercy is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and many of the scenes were sometimes too much to bear. Many more stories like this need to be told and I applaud Bryan Stevenson’s courage, as well as actors like Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, who were bold enough to tell this story to the world. While this story is disgustingly shocking, this is only one of many stories like this and is still all too common today. I’ve dealt with the state of Alabama’s court system first-hand and personally suffered decades of unjustifiable injustice through their judicial system, because of false testimony from people who I’d never met. Every time I think about the inhumane treatment people of color have received based solely on false testimony and people’s biases, I can’t help but be filled with anger and rage. There are a lot of ignorant and racist bullies and cowards who hide behind the law, who’ve tragically condemned and imprisoned innocent people. Whether they know it or not, God is always watching and he’ll give these wicked people their just desserts one day..
Meer tonen
The Velvet Lounge Life
Evil is always… ‘comfortable”. To ruin an innocent person’s life is the lowest of the low.
Greg Wilbur
They was not ready for that brother Bryan Stevenson … im trying to find where to donate even if its strictly for his pocket i urge EVERYONE TO DONATEVTO THAT MANS CAUSE
The guy that played Ralph Myers and Mr. McMillan and the one that played his son was an exact match. They really excelled in choosing these actors to play these roles. Everyone should go see this movie.
Zara M
I’m currently reading “Just Mercy” after watching the movie few months ago.. this is very infuriating!!!!!!!! Bryan Stevenson is truly an angel.
Sameisha J
I respect the “key witness” 👏👏
Wow seeing the real story on 60 Minutes really puts in perspective how good they did with this movie. I mean they were spot on! “Just Mercy” as an accurate depiction of an innocent man who damn near got the chair
Ugly Hobo
Damn this movie was amazing. Almost cried a few times which is hard to do
AM Degroat
So the parents don’t want justice for their Daughter.. pathetic.
Austin Rude
imagine having michael b jordan cast to play you in a movie…
I've Tue
I’m glad that the DA decided to take off his hood for the interview.
Anonymous Pleasure
I’m ashamed to be fron Mobile Alabama…. We’re still so far behind its ridiculous.
Brandon Pugh
“ you made out pretty good after your statement?” “I did my time” “Well ya got out of jail…got $5k …“ “Well, well you gow’n talk ta sumbody else… Got’em!! Coworkers watching smiling 😂
Meer tonen
Dean Willie
Every DA who orchestrate the illegal conviction of anyone should do TIME….NO APOLOGIES!!!!
Tim Mitchell
BTW the judge who sentenced him to death row was named “Robert E. Lee Key.” Hand to God – look it up. That alone screams an unfair trial for a Black man.
“Good ole Boy” justice in the South has got be held to account!
Bill Hooks is the epitome of a B.A.N. !!
James Mcdaniel
Prosecutor said Ralph Meyers is about as low as you can get ! I beg to differ Mr Prosecutor . Someone get him a mirror 😈😈😈
Geovani 0923
Just got done watching Just Mercy. So glad they made it free for all platforms during this time. Surely to open many eyes.
Q. Amanda
My God, praying the day will come when this all ends. So much injustice and they continue to target our black men.
Ife Love
I paused the movie at One hour fifty four minutes to watch this on youtube. I wanted full immersion!! Praying for every black man in this country!
Angela Myrmel
@12:21. You da man Mr. Bradley!!! Miss watching your interviews. There is no one out there today that comes even close to how you put people in their place. One of a kind!! R.I.P.
Hazel Hardy
Just Mercy , Michael B Jordan, Jamie Fox, thank you for bringing this story to the world 🙏
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Meer tonen
cory stevenson
That D.A. was a demon and its overly sad that the brother backing up false statements wont tell the truth he knows is in him smfh .. Sad AF ..
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett
Ahhh the good old days. Back when us black folks were ACTUALLY discriminated against.. instead of having to lie about supposed acts of discrimination.
Craig Savage
I’m watching this Movie with Jamie Foxx now and cried when he went to the Hole 🕳 still watching till the end
Roy Hudson
His Lawyer, Bryan Stevenson should be awarded the Noble Peace Prize,this is not the only man exonerated off death row,that was wrongly accused
Aaron Grayson
As soon as i heard them speak i automatically knew they were racist.
Arpit Sharma
Seeing Ralph Myers now, and how good Tim Blake Nelson was at playing him in the movie, blew my mind!
Marsha Rowaihy
I’m so Angry 😠 That these men went through this
karen silva
In the week of the protests in US, i decided to watch Just Mercy and this movie moved me. Visiting the Legacu museum will be one of my stops to when i visit Alabama, of course in the future. But does anyone know who really killed Rhonda Morrisson?
God bless that officer for being a stand up guy…
Oliver Lacey
Brian Stevens may God continue to Bless you brother!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Freshtex Blackman
Wow! That prosecutor needs to be prosecuted himself!
Valencia Arnold
God Bless him 🙏🏾
William Jefferson
I just watched this movie of this story and I was extremely moved. It’s unfair how we are treated here
Xavier Rainey
Only in America do we profit off somebody’s misfortune
Chlo C.
Amazon Prime Have Just Mercy for Free RIGHT NOW
Money everyday Villalink
Feels like I’m whatching the movie again. Great story ! I wish justice for the victims family.
soybean legs
watching this after reading “Just Mercy” is so surreal. for some reason seeing the “characters” in the book come to actual life is.. just… crazy
Great story from the legend Ed Bradley CU!
I am never shocked by anything like this that comes out of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. Period!
Rosalind McGill
It’s as if he doesn’t want to hear or receive any facts.
Lex Will
Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent– the LORD detests them both. Proverbs 17: 15
McMillan’s eyes remain stiff during the interview, but Meyers’ eyes dart from side to side and up and down.
Dirk plant
Absolutely 💯, as a retired department of corrections , their is a system within the system that dictates how certain individuals are singled out and dealt with accordingly
How are you supposed to get a chance at justice when all of the prosecutors are all biased? And this applies everywhere.
Joey Gamio
beautiful story it’s about time there could be some defense for people that deserve to be free
R.I.P Jhonnie , just mercy was an amazing sad movie 💔
Noa delarosa
Impressed with how Ed Bradley approached this, wow!
Wow, you can feel his anger and I don’t blame him!!
Cynthia Teal
The prosecutor that is being interviewed know this was a wrongful conviction.
I will show and tell my children that if they lie their mouths we end up like Meyers PERIOD!!!
Heather Adams
The entire world needs the watch Just mercy right now with the state the world is in right now 💔
Ger Mex
Loved that this dude got called out for framing somebody right in front of the dudes co worker.
Yafa A
Wow amazing movie ! Had me in tears !
Pam Hilts
If I was a voter, I’d campaign to get that DA out of office.
Nurse Beauty
God Will Expose all Liars💯-They’Re Many To Expose.
john lee
I’m here after just watching just mercy for the first time. What a great movie. R.I.P Walter Mcmillan. Thank GOD justice was served before you left this earth my friend🙏🙏
Chuse Todd
For everyone who saw the movie, I’d recommend reading the book it was based on by Stevenson himself. Honestly goes more in depth than the movie about other cases
lala lala
i cried during the movie. Brian is a hero of our time. honest, fair, role model!! thank you for your work!
Cyndi Foore
There’s so much injustice in this world. Can’t wait to see the Lord return and make it right.
quinto vicky
“ain’t that pretty good?” 😂
The guy laughing in the green shirt at 12:35 made me laugh too. That man falsely testified to get out of jail and get paid and everyone knows it.
Franchesca Bello
I watch this movie and I literally couldn’t stop crying I’m so happy Walter got justice.
This makes me sooo angry…I wish those responsible love ones would suffer the same fate ‼️
Sir James
Wish it was legal to decapitate prosecutors who know the truth, but lie just to get a conviction.
Punkanelly Lovejoy
Love how he cornered that Hooks guy the $5000. He quickly manuvered away from Ed Bradley and when he approached him initially you could see the shiftiness of his eyes as soon as Ed announced he was with 60 minutes.
B Sheppard
Shout out to officer Woodrow Ikner for not giving in to the corruption
Travis Maxwell
The Good Old Boy system at it’s finest.
Candace Ontiveros
I am embarrassed to call myself white after watching this and the movie. The injustices that happened to these people were heart breaking and just absolutely awful! 😢 That district attorney and those cops should be in prison 😡
They didn’t give a damn about the girl being murdered. It was about proving a point, Lol.
legend has it, they’re still going back and forth on whether she was dragged or drug to the spot‼️
Fauvestic _Tragedy
As one Monroeville citizen, I will never be used to the way they say the town’s name.
Kool Will
Look at this little lying snitch “They got my statement… if you want to know anything just go and ask them” 🤷‍♂️ Ed Bradley cornered that little snitch and embarrassed him! Just like a little snitch he walked away!
This is why the police system needs to change.
Antony Arnold
I’ve never wanted to live anywhere near Alabama, Mississippi, or Kentucky
Jonathan meyer
Ed Bradley is the best reporter ever!
smalltown 777
When a man fears God he has a good thing inside him .
Beautiful Diva
I love his accent.
Aja Monee
God is real. Thank you Lord.
Rudy J
That man does not care if a innocent man may be electrocuted. And I’m willing to bet he goes to church on Sunday and pray to his God
I love your demeanor. No fear. Right on.
Lady Kay
The African American attorney is so well spoken and intelligent! Makes me so proud!!!!
Ami Stenson
Amazing how the people implementing him were both incarcerated. 🤔 What would he gain from recanting his false confession? 🤷‍♀️ Only people who have anything to gain from him not recanting will be the judge and lawyers involved in the lies that put an innocent man on death row!
Stephen McCollum
Incredibly well cast too.
K. D.
The actor that portrayed Ralph Meyers was SPOT ON! 🎥 🍿
Brian Kiama
I’m more convinced day by day that the devil is a blonde blue eyed monster
Victor Allen Cook
🙏 Prayers for others who pray to be found and set free . Hold on .
Rugged Innovations
I was homeschooled, never taught to hate and I watch this with tears in my eyes. I am so hurt by this. How could my fellow man do this to his fellow human?! I don’t get it. WTF?!?!
Harry Rivera
Mo Draughn
The man you played Myers was spot on!! Great movie, glad they told this story.
Arpit Sharma
I love MBJ!!! <3
Hazel Johnson
Interviewer: “Now that testimony put him on death row. Was it true?” Ralph Meyers: “No sir. Not at all. Nowhere near true.” Chilling words. There needs to be Justice in the Justice System.
Meer tonen
Chris Bridges
The DA in this segment probably still trying to say Johnny D was guilty.
Falicia Marshall
I commend Mr. Meyers ..that’s pretty courageous…God be with him
Abraham Rivera
Really wish the host would’ve asked the DA why he said Myers was nothing but a low life liar but had him as his star witness in the first trial 🤔
Faze Ghassan
I miss the good ole days
J's Fun Life
Wow the just mercy casting was on point
Victor Wilson
12:22 Out of jail and paid $5,000 too? I’d say that’s mighty good.
Juan Barberis
Ed Bradley…what a class act!
Antonio Habersham
You can hear the ” I don’t care” in the Prosecutor’s voice
Felicia Street
The actor who played Ralph Myers in the Mercy movie….spot on !! He had this joker down to the tee !! The mouth and accent was just like the real guy omg !!
That cop on the scene never would have graduated from my high school!
Speaking to the world. I know you have a good life, money, cars, homes, etc. Have you thought about where you would spend eternity if something was to suddenly happen to you and you died? Would your money and material things be able to save you from where you would go if you leave here without Jesus Christ? Have you thought about it? Does it even cross your mind at times? Do you try to hide the fact that one day you will leave here ready or not? Do you really care whether Jesus Christ loves you or not and that he died for your sins and rose again for your justification to free you? Are you thinking about obeying his plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38, John 3:5? Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Do you have time in your busy schedule to really seek him? Isaiah 55:6, Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. Many are leaving here every day. Well, my friends, no matter who we are, no matter what we possess, we can’t take it with us, but we can take Christ’s love and mercy and grace with us. Don’t let the love of this world block you from the love of God. The love of God will always outlast the love of this world. 1 John 2:15, Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Remember, you don’t have to spend your eternity with the devil. I just thought I would warn you before it’s too late! God bless you!
Meer tonen
Brian Stevenson (the lawyer) spoke on the radio about death row cases and he’s amazing- really one to watch.
Ann Murdock
It is shameful that this BLACK MAN would LIE for his own selfish reasons and have another BLACK MAN sentenced to DEATH!!!
Karen Young
I miss Ed Bradley’s reporting
Marie Charles
What a powerful movie I cried …..
Eric Muschlitz
“thangs got pretty good for after you gave that testimony”
Vaughan power
Tommy Chapman was having his strings pulled.Thanks Tommy for breaking the chain
Black people, stay out of Alabama and Mississippi.
Omen Nemo
I like how Ed Bradley went up to Hicks to comfront him about his testimony. hahahaha dude tried to walk away when he checked him on his testimony.
joshua chad morris
Just got done watching the movie and I shed more tears than I have in a long time . The scene with herb really got to me . And this was a very good movie and I don’t know if I can watch it again . Was very good everybody in the us should watch it
“Just Mercy”, read the book, please.
I love me a fish fry!
This is what we mean when we say modern day lynching. Black people have been systematically railroaded by a racist criminal JUSTUS system. From children to adults. The Central Park 5 was not an isolated incident. In fact it is common practice.
Fiadh Almohanna
Watching this right after the Emmett Till story, I cannot describe the anger I feel right now.
Sakhi Mhlongo
The policeman that retired in 2019 must be brought to book
The Grand Coffee House
Woah, this is an eye opening to the racism and problems with the legal system in Alabama
VA Sheppard
Did they need to have a backup for when Authority tries to pressure you into like a guilty plea or omitting or being a witness like this guy’s case because it happens all the time
They All KNEW… this man was innocent.
Messi 66
Have you seen walter after he got released. He was done. He looked 20 years older in 6 years. He had to live 6 years in death row every day thinking he could die any day.
This was a sad experience. As a mother I can’t even imagine what his mother went through. All that time waisted, and the prosecutor is so cold😤 I wouldn’t know what to do, but pray which is the only way our black community could survive 🙏
William Gentry
Okay so the movie did an outstanding job with the casting except…I guess they were being really generous with casting the actor who played the prosecuting attorney.
Hugo Damián González Ledezma
I loved the movie! Really sad the way racism has developed in USA, even now…
Heather Shuemaker
The original prosecutor’s conduct was so far out of line, he should’ve had his law license revoked immediately & the judge should have been removed from office. Cops involved also should be fired. Sad how many cases there are like this & it’s an example of why we need reform in the CJ system.
Savannah Oshun
Bryan Stevenson is one of the greatest heroes this country has seen.
Josue 7
It’s always the ones who get caught with facts that get the maddest the most , lol 12:20
Mayor Rodgers
Just got done watching a movie. Intense. It’s crazy to me to think that the stuff goes on. I’m isolated in the north west where this mindset is just foreign to me.
Crystal Bailey
What if it was one of the cops doing the investigation was the one that actually murdered her and their pinning it all on him.
Ken Wiggins II
My skin is my sin. – Ice Cube
in this case, the ABI (AL), in the wayne williams case, the GBI (GA).
The Cast looked extremely like the real person, not just physical but also the way they talk and behave, very well casted team.
john lee
I’m here after just watching just mercy for the first time. What a great movie. R.I.P Walter Mcmillan. Thank GOD justice was served before you left this earth my friend🙏🙏
Project BaBy
Perfect example of standing on your own work RIGHT OR WRONG
D Day
Unfortunately this happens far too often in the Justice System.
Spc Murdock
So Sad!! I pray God vendicates this young man.
Patti Frey
I believe him 💯
K Swanson
This is one of the many reasons why I don’t believe in the death penalty.
gale chax
It’s sad how slavery is still a factor on decisions made by the justice system about black lives. It’s like knowing you don’t matter.
W.M Truesdale
Everything was going good until he brought up the reward money he want to burn up out of there
I agree with all who said great cast. They all played their roles to the T. The movie was so great it seemed lore like a real life documentary
josh oxford
Watch the eyes of the investigator. He just wants someone to get life.
⮚ Just Mercy (2019) f’u”l’l M’o’V’i”E ⮘ Watch Here : 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`’守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的 生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和 慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候
Meer tonen
Went to go see the movie over the weekend. I couldn’t stop crying! So glad he was freed!!❤ The color of your skin in some people eyes automatically makes you a guilty man!! Smh!!
Betty Spencer
Thank God for honest cops
augustino munika
Came here after watching ‘Just Mercy’s. Funny how the depiction from the movie almost real
Shayla Yonce
I just watched the most powerful movie. It deeply saddens me that this man lost 6 years of his life. And another one lost 30 years!
Jaedynn Sucks
I cried so hard when Herbert died 😭😭
Makkah El
He snitched on the police. Free this man. Racism is real in america. Hate will be the demise of those that hate themselves. Disease in the body is formed from hatred. So pitiful.
Ileana Figueroa
What is the real meaning of “the truth shall make us free”?
Karen Bianchini
Ranielly Rezende
I saw this on the airplane and I cried from the beginning and end. Beginning because of the hatred, treatment, fear that they faced nack then and STILL FACING TODAY. Racism I believe is worse now than before because we have more technology,history,knowledge,education from the past mistakes and we still continue to CHOOSE to ACT like this regardless. Not just color but Gender, Nationalities etc. This broke my heart, I cried in the end for his freedom,his patience through it all.His sanity. If I we’re there I probably would have gotten arrested for flicking the racist off after his freedom. The dedication of that Attorney,love,passion,dedication,risk He was followed,shook down,threatened and more and continued to free these people for not a dime. We need More like that, have that same heart for our neighbors, we turned greedy,selfish,self centered. He took on the fire and odds against him. This movie moved me and disgusted me. A wonderful movie that was much needed reminder of the progress from past to now but the reminder we still NEED WORK This should not be happening now .
Meer tonen
starving artist
That prosecuter is the one thats lying , and otta be behind bars as we speak ! He would do anything to win his cases at any trial .
Blair Minyard
Today I saw the movie JUST MERCY based on this story. Glad I found the 60Minutes story that’s referenced in the movie. Excellent film. Jamie Foxx is masterful as always. Michael B. Jordan does a fine job as well. Supporting actors play their roles wonderfully also. And the script is full of thought-provoking lines. “The opposite of poverty is not wealth, it’s justice.”
La Savine Givens
No one can convince me to destroy a man’s life. Bill Hooks if you are alive, I pray you make your peace with God and this man family for the pain you caused.
JlmmleLee Allen, Jr.
Elijah Muhammad told Us that these are Devils and their actions and deeds proves that they are…!!!
Pale Zombie
I will cherish the old rugged cross… 🎶 🎶 🎶
Alden's World
Bryan Stevenson and Ralph Myers are true heroes. Bless Mr. Mcmillian and his family
thyey were SPOT ON with the casting in “Just Mercy”
I just got done with the movie! #wow
Lisa Hil
The movie was excellent . Jamie didn’t get his just dews on this one
Kdollaz Zz
Dabsquad11 thegreat
I cant believe the sheriff remained the sheriff of that county until he retired in 2019…THAT WAS JUST LAST YEAR😳😳😳…I wonder how many more of us was put to death on account of him.😤
The Prosecutor called a witness a Snitch! Damn shame!
Tim Steffen
This reminds me of the movie The Fugitive with Harrison Ford the prosecutors in that movie were just as ignorant and stupid there like he was convicted in a court of law that’s all we need. Point blank end of story convicted. No evidence needed.
Bob Devine
How is it that there can be so much intentional obstruction to justice with those charged to uphold the law and everyone can see who these characters are and yet they are not held accountable for their actions? How can racially biased systems be torn down when there are little to no consequences for those who willfully thumb their noses at equal justice?
Elise Renée
The way he said could sleep just fine at night if the man was executed is just disgusting…what a horrible human being
Bastiaan Tendoornkaat
Always weird to see how in the 80’s and 90’s an 18 year old, looked like how a 40 year old looks nowadays!!!
Raenell Jones
I just saw the movie Just Mercy. Awesome actors and this story had me crying and then cheering in the theater.
Fatima Fernandes Vicente
What happened to the person who forced Ralph Myers to give a false accusation that got Walter Macmillan in the death row in the first place?
MONIQUE Franklin
I just watched Just Mercy over the weekend because it’s free for the month of June/2020 on most streaming platforms. I watched it on YouTube movies. It was such a good emotional movie. Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan did an amazing job. So glad Johnny D. was given his freedom. I hope he sued the state, county, and police department.
Destany Jackson
Before I watch the movie I need to know the background of the story!!
Bessie King
This attorney was threatening the man who recanted his story. He’s threaten him with retaliation from the police not the prisons
Wi Ca
They framed the man. Including both those dudes that was facing crimes.
Denine Jackson
Our justice system needs to be completely looked over and see what cases have been complete lies.
Nate Scherer
Ed Bradley’s code switching is fascinating.
Momma Bear
Excellent movie!
Ken Wiggins II
This same prosecutor will want just mercy on his judgment day…
Mohammed Kaleb
The reporter is an OG, he stepped in the path of that liar witness when he didn’t wanna talk anymore
Ervin Mcqueen
When you see this and you see Central Park 5 just Hits different I wonder it is really innocent until proven guilty 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Yo that interview guy is lit things got pretty good for you huh You got that $5,000 and he starts walking away who else peep the older gentleman in the back to smiling probably thinking to himself look at that damn fool
Charles Williams
How are U a snitch if U are telling the truth? The DA is crooked as they come! Wow 😯
I bet she was killed by a town favorite. Seems like a lot of home cooking in this case.
Jason C
The prosecutor makes my skin crawl.
Hopefully this innocent young lady be given REAL justice one day. God saw what happened that day.🥀😔✨🤎
Abigail Sanchez
The fact that this video has 886k views and only 10k likes says a lot.
Daisy Mckenzie
What’s funny is this wasn’t that long ago and its still happening. This is reason for protesting.
Joe Smith
Is he a “snitch” for the prosecution or a “whistleblower” against the prosecution, either way he looks like the posecution(criminals) is making him pay for it?!
Just Give him lie detector test. Now thats its available.
Lucy H
I watched this movie in school lol
Clif love
yeah, “he’s HOT”. on fire
Laquonda Morris
The way the DA is looking just at the interviewer tells it all he is evil and didn’t want the truth to come out. Smh
Lui Vilisoni
I hate watching things like this, knowing this is not a movie, and is real life 😔 terrible.
Hilcias Palacios
I am a senior with a clean record, I do not know which one scares me the most: or a corrupted law or the justice being unable to serve its purpose. The law is supposed to serve the justice. Not the opposite.
danesh j
“The jury heard the story and they believed it”. Nothing about the truth, just spinning the right story to get a jury to believe it.
United States of Injustice 👏👏
Shanika Brown
Hooks is lying. Dnt even remember his statement
Cody-s-mom _17
I can’t believe how they are all lying on him and that he should go to the electric chair he is innocent
Charles Longfield
Prosecutor is a stone cold lying , slick, southern punk.He reminds me of the warden in cool hand luke
sosaboy sosa
Alicia thank you for helping me😐 please if you could wash my clothes so I will have something to ware tomorrow please, gonna take another one of amoxicillian maybe it will help🙁
Tom Mack
Why do prosecutors have such a hard time admitting when they got it wrong?
lovelykisha renee
Every character that was portrayed is on point. I pray for all the innocent that is currently incarcerated. Let My People Go!!!!
Elaine Fitzgerald
Don’t know how these people sleep. There pure wicked
Jeff Machia
Anyone else wanna absolutely deck the district attorney?
Congrats to 60 Minutes for a very level investigation talking to all who would go on camera; bringing this injustice to the world It is incredible that Bryan Stevenson was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that McMillian did not commit the crime. The district attorney still with all the facts stated he would be OK with McMillian losing his life to save face for the government. Sadly this is not an isolated case. The innocence project; Bryan Stevenson and others have my gratitude and support for taking the time to assist and give a voice yo those who would not have one.
Meer tonen
Charlie Mac
It’s amazing how when they convict someone black all of sudden the cop is lying the DA says I never said that but when the black man is innocent and they want a conviction all of sudden everything the cop say is the gospel lol
william harlan
Its gonna be sweet when sheriff tate goes in front of our creator “VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD”….
Lance R. Greene
INSANE FACT: I tell you a interesting lie, and you believe me. I tell you a boring truth, and you call me a liar.
Ricky Spanish
👮‍♂️ I’m proud of you for not lying for the prosecution 👏🏾👏🏾🤜🏻🤛🏽
Fertile Dirt
Can’t remember what he said in the statement. Lawyer up hahahahaha
Theo jahrich
Every witness involved in this case is a criminal damn!
Ney Passos
does anyone know if this laundry still works and how can i see it on google maps?
Marsha Rowaihy
The prosecutor disgust me😤 He’s narcissistic & in my opinion, evil. I pray this innocent 😇 man is Released-soon❤️👍
The DA was maddddd
Joe Lesoo
Wow just watching this movie now n like others have said the casting for this n acting is spot on..great movie.
C. Cho
How is a D.A. gonna come on national TV and say the prison has a way to deal snitches, when he’s snitching on the police 😂. Was that a threat?
We are fighting a lost battle globally and still are..protect yourself and CAM UP
Stoney M.
They were jealous because he was black and successful. He was country and they thought he was dumb. The guy played meyers got his mannerism down!
Bachu Miah
That southern prosecutor is a secret klansman ! I have the gift of discernment I can see a wolf in sheep’s clothing blind
Paul Thompkins
I think Ed Bradley was wanting Bill Hooks to try something. He was gonna lay him out!!
Jessica Collins
I just got done watching the movie I had to come and find this I was crying by the end of the movie this is scary and sad how they can take people years and live away for no reason just because they can
Carrie Ann Kouri
Thank God he was released.
Alablksnakelong Halfpintowhitecream
This ain’t nothing new in this country. It’s in the blood of devil’s.
Elaine Purvey
Now, he needs to get dealt with…Thanks for telling the truth.
soybean legs
lmaoooooo I bet Chapman felt like a clown when he hired ABI Investigators to investigate McMillian’s case for more evidence against him but found out he was completely innocent
D. Hasan
This is an absolute travesty! Imagine being imprisoned for years, possibly even being sentenced to death because of outright lies and corruption!! Shameful and disgraceful.
@13:03 so many brothers messing up with no good white women. It’s crazy
Brittney Robinson
Hooks breathing was real heavy once the reporter started pressing him. Noticed the guy in the blue button up laughing.
Eric Sanchez
I was 5 1/2 years old back in later 1992. Crazy 😳😳😳😳
I love to go back after watching a true story movie and see all the people in real life. My heart broke on Mr. Herberts part 😔. They watered down the DA in the movie though, right here he looks and sounds horrible.
Steven Darnell
Being born and raised in Alabama this the world we are greeted with from birth
Kyii Wade
I wish Ed was alive to see the truth
Jeremy Cummings
That new D.A. that’s handling the case now. Is A good ole boy as they come. Makes me absolutely sick
Ed is the man
Jim Johnson
So now what? This gentleman remains on death row?
How do these prosecutors live with themselves? What goes around, comes around and karma NEVER gets them.
Betty Nyakiba
Who is here after just mercy great movie
The Casting was straight outta real people…. Applause
Dave Parker
Spot on with the actors
G.A genaral
Damn, they never caught the real killer😰
Tanya Hazlehurst Dawkins
What is in the dark always comes to the light. That is what the Bible says
Masixole Lusasa
Stuff like this is why I will never set foot on American soil no thank you
Che Doggy
YAH’S people really have been cursed here in Egypt. Forgive us YAH for our sins and forsaking YOU. To YAH be all the power and glory….Hallelujah!!
Jersey Club
I think all black attorneys need to get together a make a difference! This movie made me 😢! This is crazy how witnesses are afraid to come forward or being threatened to make a statement!!!! 🤬🙏🏽
Tako Sha
Getting harder to finance the pleasure of locking people up, Amazing turnaround time Flip Flop Slop Law, Leaving race Trash exposed,
How can he call him a liar and a snitch in the same conversation
Nick Knepper
At 12:50 it really goes South
Harry Rivera
A.G.N Live
Damn it!!! He didn’t do it..and had no motive to do it…he had a good job, and his truck was down at the time. He was thrown under the bus just so that two inmate criminals can get a plea deal…&ticket to freedom.
VA Sheppard
Yeah see trying to protect or back up and protect themselves
Ms.Vicki Jay
Police officers should have to take a lie detector test in cases like these… should be able to trust the police but they lie alot
Jimmy Bogan
Ed Bradley wanted all the smoke lol
Harry Rivera
Cathy L.
I’m watching the movie now and It’s very touching
Eric Folie
May God bless you
And just think, Anthony Ray Hinton served 28 years and was proven innocent. He’s the one Ice Cube’s son played in the movie.
Randal favs
Prosecution teams never admit a mistake especially a high profile case
Zachary McFerren
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