The Biggest Miscarriage of Justice in British Legal History

Blind Justice: Britain's Biggest Miscarriage of Justice

A new ITV docu-drama titled ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ is shedding light on one of Britain’s most grievous miscarriages of justice.
Between 1999 and 2015,
hundreds of subpostmasters in the UK were wrongfully accused and convicted of theft, fraud, and false accounting, but
they were innocent.

It’s a David and Goliath story that’s been called the biggest miscarriage of justice in British history. Over nearly 20 years, the Post Office used its considerable resources to force local branches to take the rap for flaws in a £1bn IT system called Horizon.

David Davis MP on whether Paula Vennells misled the Government over the Post Office Scandal

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11 apr 2024

Sir David Davis MP appears on ITV News after Paula Vennells, former CEO of the Post Office, was accused on misleading the Government over the Horizon Scandal.

Message from the Chair of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry

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30 sep 2022
Ahead of public hearings resuming for Phase 2 of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry, Sir Wyn Williams delivers a video message, reflecting on the Human Impact phase, announcing that the initial Phase 2 timetable has been published and that the public can register interest in attending the hearings in person. He also announces that he will hold a further hearing on the processes for delivering compensation to those who are entitled to claim it on 8 December 2022.

The Post Office scandal, labeled possibly the largest miscarriage of justice in UK history, remains unresolved despite ongoing efforts. It involves hundreds of innocent individuals wrongly convicted of theft, fraud, and false accounting due to errors in the Horizon IT system. Introduced in 2000, Horizon flagged financial discrepancies that led to punitive actions against subpostmasters.

In all, 3,500 sub-postmasters were prosecuted, with 983 wrongful convictions of stealing money.

The Post Office, backed by its lawyers, failed to disclose critical system flaws, perpetuating a cover-up that devastated lives and livelihoods.

Legal proceedings exposed these failings, resulting in convictions being overturned, yet the scandal persists amid continued disclosure failures and delayed compensation efforts.

Post Office Scandal: The Full Story (So Far)

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Former Post Office Minister Paul Scully On Calls To Remove Paula Vennells’ CBE| Good Morning Britain

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9 jan 2024

Over 700 workers were wrongly convicted during the Horizon Post Office scandal. Now, a petition with over a million signatures is calling for Paula Vennells, former CEO of Post Office LTD, to be stripped of her CBE. This comes amongst additional calls for Post Office executives responsible for the scandal to be brought to justice.

GMB is joined by Former Post Office Minister, Paul Scully and Author, Nick Wallis who has written extensively about the scandal.

Broadcast on 09/01/24

Post Office Horizon Inquiry Paula Vennells & Jason Beer PART 6

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30 mei 2024

The first part of the day seems to always be the longest but I have cut over 15 minutes of waiting time, repetition, coughs, err, uh, erms etc over waffle etc

00:00 Intro PART 6 (second day of three)
00:20 Choosing 2nd Sight and reviewing cases
19:42 Mediation and planning to remove 2nd Sight
28:46 POL is frustrated with 2nd Sight
34:24 2nd Sight interim report just weeks away
39:49 reducing the scope of cases
48:31 Briefing of cancelled Lord Arbuthnot meeting
55:23 THUMBNAIL PART – I didn’t make the link
56:16 I Wasn’t trying to close anything down
56:34 A draft by her chief of staff to the board

Thank you all for keeping interested in the inquiry, I hope my
editing down helps, and that the SPM’s feel they get what they
want out of the inquiry which I think is been done brilliantly.

Post Office: Barrister warns scandal extends ‘greatly’ beyond Horizon

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23 apr 2024 #postoffice

A barrister representing sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses has told Sky News there is evidence of faults with some “third-party” services in Post Office branches.

Paul Marshall said problems with the systems, such as ATMs and lottery tickets, had been “overlooked”.

He said that “the scandal extends considerably beyond, greatly beyond, it might be said, the limited focus of bugs in Horizon”.

Post Office inquiry: investigator grilled on “pack of lies” accusation

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Post Office investigator grilled over Horizon scandal in Inquiry hearing

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‘Anything to say to her?’ Post Office investigator Stephen Bradshaw challenged over Horizon scandal

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Post Office Investigator denies behaving like a ‘mafia gangster’

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11 jan 2024

The public inquiry into the Post Office scandal returned for its first 2024 session after dominating Westminster discourse this week.

It heard from former investigator Stephen Bradshaw, who denied behaving like a “mafia gangster” towards victims.

Post Office investigator accused of ‘hounding’ former subpostmistress and using abusive language

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Post Office investigator denies “mafia” behaviour | Jeremy Vine

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12 jan 2024

The Post Office inquiry has started drawing attention following ITV’s landmark drama. Yesterday an investigator called Stephen Bradshaw took to the stand and was accused of aggressive behaviour.

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