A Destructive Society


Causing, or able to cause, damage:

The destructive power of nuclear weapons I worry about the destructive effect that violent movies may have on children.
Lack of trust is very destructive in a relationship.

Cambridge Dictionary

The phrase “A Destructive Society” can have various interpretations depending on the context and perspective. However, here are some possible key points that could be associated with the idea of a destructive society:

  1. Environmental degradation: A destructive society may engage in practices that harm the natural environment, such as pollution, deforestation, over-exploitation of resources, and climate change. These activities can have long-term negative consequences on ecosystems, biodiversity, and the overall health of the planet.

  2. Social inequality: A destructive society may exhibit significant disparities in wealth, power, and opportunities among its members. This can result in social injustice, marginalization, discrimination, and exclusion of certain groups based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. Such inequality can lead to social unrest, conflict, and division within the society.

  3. Violence and conflict: A destructive society may be characterized by high levels of violence, including interpersonal violence, organized crime, war, and other forms of armed conflict. This can result in loss of life, physical and psychological harm, and destruction of infrastructure and communities, leading to widespread suffering and instability.

  4. Lack of empathy and compassion: A destructive society may exhibit a general lack of empathy and compassion towards others, including human beings, animals, and the environment. This can result in exploitation, cruelty, and disregard for the welfare of others, leading to a culture of apathy, indifference, and selfishness.

  5. Short-term focus and unsustainable practices: A destructive society may prioritize short-term gains and immediate gratification over long-term sustainability and well-being. This can result in unsustainable practices such as overconsumption, overreliance on fossil fuels, and prioritizing economic growth at the expense of social and environmental considerations, leading to detrimental consequences in the long run.

  6. Lack of critical thinking and misinformation: A destructive society may exhibit a lack of critical thinking skills and be prone to misinformation, propaganda, and manipulation. This can result in decision-making based on biased or false information, leading to misguided policies, actions, and attitudes that can harm individuals, communities, and the society as a whole.

  7. Disconnect from values and ethics: A destructive society may have a disconnect from core values and ethics, such as integrity, compassion, and respect for others and the environment. This can result in unethical behavior, corruption, and a loss of moral compass, leading to erosion of trust, integrity, and social cohesion.

  8. Neglect of education and healthcare: A destructive society may neglect investments in education and healthcare, leading to inadequate access to quality education, healthcare services, and social support systems. This can result in a lack of opportunities, poor health outcomes, and cycles of poverty, leading to societal degradation and stagnation.

It’s important to note that the concept of a “destructive society” is subjective and can have different interpretations depending on one’s perspective and values. Some may argue that certain societies or aspects of societies exhibit destructive characteristics, while others may see positive aspects as well. It’s also important to recognize that societies can change and evolve over time, and efforts can be made to address and mitigate destructive tendencies and promote positive change.

Canada’s cultural genocide of Indigenous Peoples

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21 mrt. 2018

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission spoke to thousands of survivors and found that what took place in residential schools in Canada amounted cultural genocide of Indigenous Peoples. So what changes have been made since then?
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Canadian Indigenous group finds 751 unmarked graves

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A Canadian indigenous group says it found the unmarked graves of more than 700 people at a Catholic residential school in Saskatchewan this week. It’s the latest in several similar findings at the notorious schools across Canada. David Treuer is author of “The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee: Native America From 1890 to the Present” and a member of the Leech Lake Ojibwe. He spoke with CBSN’s Lana Zak about the impact on Indigenous communities in North America. 
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Marg Nielsen
They weren’t ʻhousingʻ those kids, they were confining them against the will of their parents.
Ramon Guzman
The word “Genocide” comes to mind. But, “ethnocide” is also applicable.
Anastasia Beaverhausen
The Pope’s silence is deafening.
The Canadian government should begin sanctions against the Catholic Church, immediately.
Andrea Sheehan
I watched several shows detailing how the “Christians” abducted and abused those children…. It really makes me sick to my stomach
Sheila Cassidy
I am so very sorry, that indigenous people suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church. I am Catholic and the same things happened, here in Ireland. It should never have happened anywhere in the world, If you don’t deal with your past, You cannot look to the future. Again, I’m so sorry the pain must be immense to those who were hurt, including the families they left behind. 😢
‘This Is Like A Native Holocaust!’
The catholic cult is probably the most frightening thing in this world

Canada: ‘This one unmarked grave is what genocide looks like’

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2 jun. 2021

Canada’s Prime Minister says that the discovery of remains of 215 children found at the site of a former so-called residential school is part of a larger tragedy. It’s been one week since the remains of 215 children were found near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in Canada.
Last week’s discovery is a reminder of the country’s brutal legacy of colonialism. While many were outraged, for indigenous communities, it came as no surprise. Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi has the latest.
Brandon Foster
North America is always pointing it’s finger, at other continents and cultures, while they sit on mass graves and flourished because of slave labor. Disgraceful
Why people acting like they surprised.. when we all know that’s the hand mark of the colonizer all over this planet.
Jesus the Lord fraud
Desi Rock Metal
It’s not enough to say sorry for killing children in the past when you’re supporting Israel to kill children only to say sorry sometimes in the future.
The catholic Church should be banned. Everything bad they are always committing it.
SkiWithG3st parallel journey
imagine if canada says it has the rights to defend itself
Elizabeth Godfrey
I’m Australian and we also mistreated and isolated our indigenous people – even separating the children from their families placing the children with white families for a “better” life. Shame on us. And as for the Catholic Church… I have absolutely NO understanding as to how anyone in their right mind can still remain loyal to this organisation. My heart breaks for these children and their families. RIP.

Canada Residential Schools scandal of unmarked graves

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12 jul. 2021

Over the past couple of months dozens of Churches have been vandalised, attacked and even burned to the ground. The assault on churches started after hundreds of unmarked graves were discovered in the grounds of three Church-run ‘Residential Schools’. The schools were government funded and run by the clergy and were tasked with assimilating indigenous children into Canadian society. Conditions were very hard and children died from various diseases and other causes at a far higher rate than in the general population. The discovery of their graves, a quarter of a century after the last school closed its doors, has shocked the nation.
Marion Marielouiseclaire
Why is Trudeau talking in the name of Canadians the Canadians did not do anything it is the church Trudeau should speak for the church not for the people people did not kill the children it is the church
Jackie Lloyd
Who was directing the church? Who funded the residencial schools
Akhtar Zaman
this piece would’ve been much better if there was no mathew moore in it, your questions are so weak. you should’ve talked about how queen Elizabeth used to pick up kids for her hunting parties.

1 The Murder of Kim Jong-un’s Brother | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

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2 mei 2021

After finding out that his brother, Kim Jong-nam, was working with the CIA Kim-Jong-Un had him assassinated while traveling through an airport in Malaysia.
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2 Why was Kim Jong-nam killed? BBC News

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2 mrt. 2017

His half brother is not the first member of the ruling dynasty to be killed, since Kim Jong-un became North Korea’s leader in 2011. Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports

3 Murder most brazen: the bizarre plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un’s half-brother | 7NEWS Spotlight

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Two beautiful women, one of the world’s deadliest poisons and a paranoid dictator with a plot to kill his rival. It’s a chilling story of espionage & intrigue worthy of a gripping spy novel. Steve Pennells reports on the audacious and very public airport assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s unsuspecting half-brother, and the accusations it was orchestrated by the Supreme Leader himself. This story originally aired in 2017.
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4 Kim Jong-Un executes defence chief with anti-aircraft guns

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13 mei 2015

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly ordered the execution of his defence minister, Hyon Yong-chol, with anti-aircraft guns – apparently for the heinous crime of falling asleep at an event attended by his leader.Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here: http://mailing.channel4.com/public/sn…

5 How North Korea Deals With American Prisoners | The New York Times

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27 jun. 2017.

At least 16 Americans have been arrested in North Korea since 1996. Each situation is unique, but there are common threads when it comes to how and when they take Americans into custody.

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President Trump recently banned people from traveling to North Korea. This is in wake of what happened to American tourist Otto Warmbier.

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How North Korea Deals With American Prisoners | The New York Times

6 De verdwijning van Jürgen Conings en de toestand van Defensie

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3 jun. 2021

In de Afspraak op Vrijdag van 28 mei heeft Ivan De Vadder Kamerfractieleider Melissa Depraetere (Vooruit) te gast, samen met journalist Isolde Van den Eynde (HLN) en professor internationale politiek Jonathan Holslag (VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussel). Ze hebben het over wat er is misgelopen bij defensie bij de opvolging van Jürgen Conings en over het debat rond vrije meningsuiting.

7 Manhunt For Rogue Belgium Soldier Jürgen Conings Continues

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21 mei 2021

It could well have been the biggest manhunt for a carrier soldier who is on the run for over two weeks now. He is feared to have drawn up a hit-list of 10 potential targets to kill. Armed with rocket launchers, machine guns and wearing a bullet proof jacket, the soldier has country’s top virologist and defene minister on his hit list. Three countries police and armed forces are hunting for him and the search running well over a fortnight. 46-year-old Belgiun Corporal Jurgen Conings, weapon instructor has been sought by police for over a fortnight and has been nicknamed the ‘Belgium Rambo’ by media.

De Belgische militair Jürgen Conings is nog steeds onvindbaar

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21 mei 2021 MAASMECHELEN

De voortvluchtige en zwaarbewapende militair Jurgen Conings is maandagavond twee uur in de buurt geweest van de woning van een Belgische viroloog.

Of het om de woning van de bekende viroloog Marc van Ranst gaat, wordt niet naar buiten gebracht.

De Belgische minister van Justitie maakte vrijdagmiddag bekend dat Conings zijn actie goed had voorbereid. “Het was geen impulsieve daad”, zegt minister Vincent Van Quickenborne. “Hij was goed voorbereid en was maandagavond op verkenning bij een mogelijk doelwit. Hij heeft doelbewust dingen gepland, inclusief een boobytrap in zijn auto. De man is heel gevaarlijk.” De minister wil niet bevestigen dat het doelwit Marc van Ranst is.

De Belgische politie zoekt al vier dagen, samen met het leger, naar de voortvluchtige militair. Hij zou zicht verstoppen in een groot natuurgebied, net over de grens bij Geleen. De militair nam raketwerpers, een machinegeweer en een kogelvrij vest mee uit de legerkazerne. Uit een afscheidsbrief leidden de hulpdiensten af dat hij mogelijk een aanslag wil plegen op Marc van Ranst.

Conings’ auto werd dinsdagavond gevonden aan de rand van een bos in Dilsen-Stokkem. In de wagen had hij een boobytrap geïnstalleerd. Voor zover bekend raakte niemand gewond door dit wapen.

Donderdag zochten 400 agenten en militairen in nationaal park Hoge Kempen. Ook de Nederlandse politie hielp mee. Snelweg A76 werd ter hoogte van knooppunt Kerensheide afgesloten in verband met de klopjacht.

Honderden agenten zoeken mogelijk gevaarlijke man

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Honderden agenten en militairen in België zijn al bijna een week op zoek naar een mogelijk gevaarlijke man. Het gaat om een militair die wapens bij zich heeft, en die misschien wel gaat gebruiken. Tot nu toe is hij spoorloos

Lichaam van vermiste militair Jürgen Conings gevonden

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In België is het lichaam van een vermiste militair gevonden. De politie was al wekenlang op zoek naar hem, omdat hij mogelijk gevaarlijke dingen wilde doen. De man verdween op 17 mei. Hij werkt bij het leger in België, verdween spoorloos en nam zware wapens mee. De man bedreigde Marc van Ranst, een Belgische wetenschapper die de regering advies geeft over de corona-maatregelen. De wetenschapper zit al langer dan een maand op een veilige, geheime plek. De burgemeester van de plaats Maaseik rook tijdens het mountainbiken in het bos een vreemde geur. Hij schakelde de politie in, en zij vonden het lichaam.

8 Belgian sniper on the loose – who is Jurgen Conings?

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A manhunt has gripped Belgium over the past few weeks. The fugitive is Jurgen Conings, a heavily-armed 46 Year old army sniper who is described as far-right and believes the government is using the pandemic as a pretext to control and harm its citizens. In particular he singles out Belgium’s leading virologist – the controversial and provocative Marc Van Ranst – who is now under round the clock protection. While it’s easy to dismiss Conings as a lone-wolf conspiracy theorist – in actual fact, tens of thousands of Belgians have expressed their support for him online.
Dayanara josefina
This is Justice and what the military should do,
Graeme Jenkinson
Let’s hope this trend gathers momentum 👍
Hanora Brennan
Another TRUTH TELLER being hunted for his honour and integrity. Lock and load to protect him. Personal circumstances, my arse!!!
Shadi Javadi
Let’s pray for his safety….finally a real MAN, we need men like him in US and Canada 👌🏼🙏🏽
Excellent Pepper
Is this man unhinged or does he know something we don’t?
T Piz
The tip of the SPEAR I pray.
Barb Ginther
Common sense tells me, the Pfizer VP is correct. You take shots you don’t need, you can end up immune to treatment when you actually need it. It wasn’t documented at all, nor accurately. The test? I find too many positives. Deaths, omg. Anything and nothing causes deaths in nursing homes. Be real. Certainly, news, gov. info, separations, all put some in vulnerable situations where anything might thrive and be serious. Fyi, there is no good reason to believe the gov. or big pharma. Huge money involved, rushed studies, multiple vaccines? I mean, testing just to test. Being positive when not sick. Receiving treatments isolated, or, quarantined, all causing stress making target groups susceptible to anything. And, all this data was found. Abbotts test had issues, Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines had issues. Without documentation or documentation incorrect, nothing of value can be determined. And, experience suggests the messenger may well be the culprit. Homes?
Show the evidence of him threatening the virologist!! This way we can see for ourselves if this is a smear campaign or true.
Agnes Cassar
We need more men like him especially in Aus where our liberty is being taken away bit by bit
Test for antibodies first
Sam j
I thaught this news report was about a sniper on loose not a debate on whether children should have a vaccine or not?
Loving truth = far right. Loving propaganda and communism = Far left. Both are still hoping there is a just one truth. what a problem
L Mee
Not an extremist
Dayanara josefina
This is Justice and what the military should do, protect the people against criminal gouverments!
dirk Daniëls
the picture with the Orange Beret is of the land forces MP, while the blue uniform is of the Air Force, the White cord is of German origin, please check out where the decoration medals are refering too. High quality journal De Morgen just brought out the military file of JC, as just an ordinary soldier; with only a week long training in handling a belgian snipers gun.
betty boop
They arkancided him.
Sam Rowbotham
If all those in uniform stopped serving the evil that runs the world they could set everyone free. You have a choice protect the people or trample on them remembering what you do to us you do to your own children.
NOT your business
maby he is a 007 , becouse they cant find him
illougal nation
So the journalist is saying the military has an eye on there own soldiers. Ok go’s to show they don’t care about their soldiers. Maybe that’s why they call them Sol = salt or money and Dier = animal so animal for hire.
Lou Mata
It’s smelling a program. How can he disappear like that. This world of lies must disappear also.

9 Ryanair plane hijacked over Belarus – what now?

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24 jun. 2021

It’s now been one month since a Ryanair plane with 132 people on board was essentially hijacked over Belarus and forced to land at Minsk airport. The hijacking was ordered by Belarus’s leader – Alexander Lukashenko – who is sometimes referred to as Europe’s last dictator. Lukashenko’s agents forcibly removed and arrested journalist Roman Protosevich and his girlfriend, Sofia Sapega, before letting the plane continue its journey. It’s an astounding story which one European leader called an ‘unprecedented act of state terrorism’ that can not go unpunished.
Shabaka Mae Tchameni
Can’t wait to see how the EU will respond… 🍿👀
Excellent Pepper
You can not go hijacking planes man!

10 Belarus dictator Lukashenko ‘hijacks’ Ryanair plane to trap blogger, Europe, US, aviation in a tizzy

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25 mei 2021

In episode 754 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta takes a look at the Alexander Lukashenko-led Belarusian government’s interception of a Lithuania-bound Ryanair flight in order to arrest dissident journalist Roman Protasevich, and shares with you two articles providing additional details on the theory that Covid-19 originated from a laboratory.
Ayxan Aliyev
Being myself from the former soviet union I’m truly amazed by the scope of accuracy of this research. Everything that has been displayed in this video exactly reflects all of the facts and the whole truth

“A Destructive Society” is a broad term that can refer to many different aspects of a society that is harmful or damaging to its own well-being. However, some key points of a destructive society might include:

  1. Environmental degradation: A society that depletes its natural resources without any regard for the environment or future generations is a destructive society. This can lead to a loss of biodiversity, pollution, and climate change.

  2. Social inequality: A society that allows for extreme disparities in wealth, access to education, and opportunities is a destructive society. This can lead to social unrest, poverty, and violence.

  3. Political instability: A society that experiences frequent political turmoil, corruption, and authoritarianism is a destructive society. This can lead to a breakdown of democratic institutions, human rights abuses, and civil unrest.

  4. Consumerism: A society that prioritizes consumption and material possessions over human connections and community is a destructive society. This can lead to overconsumption, waste, and environmental destruction.

  5. Lack of empathy and compassion: A society that lacks empathy and compassion for its most vulnerable members, including the elderly, the disabled, and marginalized communities, is a destructive society. This can lead to social fragmentation and a breakdown of social cohesion.

Overall, a destructive society is one that prioritizes short-term gain over long-term sustainability and human well-being.

11 Stapling Wig Prank

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Old man’s hair keeps on falling off while he sleeps, so a construction worker volunteers to help secure his wig on using using an industrial stapler. The prank victims are horrified to witness the old man’s hairpiece being stapled to his head, but the elderly gentleman doesn’t even wake up.
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