Twisted Justice: How Bad Lawyers Harm Fairness

“Twisted Justice: How Certain Lawyers Harm Fairness”

Synonyms for Bad lawyer

31 other terms for bad lawyer

  • poor lawyer: slechte advocaat
  • prejudicial lawyer: bevooroordeelde advocaat
  • worst lawyer: slechtste advocaat
  • corrupt lawyer: corrupte advocaat
  • demonic lawyer: demonische advocaat
  • immoral lawyer: immorele advocaat
  • rotten lawyer: bedorven advocaat
  • vicious lawyer: gemeen advocaat
  • ill lawyer: zieke advocaat
  • terrible lawyer: vreselijke advocaat
  • black lawyer: zwarte advocaat
  • worst attorney: slechtste advocaat
  • unsuccessful lawyer: onsuccesvolle advocaat
  • bad agent: slechte advocaat
  • poor advocate: slechte pleitbezorger
  • villainous lawyer: schurkachtige advocaat
  • hapless lawyer: ongelukkige advocaat
  • dreadful legal practitioner: verschrikkelijke juridisch beoefenaar
  • inadequate counsel: ontoereikend advies
  • inefficient solicitor: inefficiënte advocaat
  • lousy legal representative: waardeloze juridisch vertegenwoordiger
  • incompetent attorney: incompetent advocaat
  • ineffective barrister: ineffectieve advocaat
  • unskilled attorney: onervaren advocaat
  • awful advocate: afschuwelijke pleitbezorger

The idea of a lawyer behaving in an extreme or unreasonable manner.
It clearly communicate the theme of lawyers behaving inappropriately.

“Justice or Psychopathy? When Lawyers Lose Their Way”
“The Dark Side of the Law: Lawyers Acting Like Psychopaths”
“Legal Lunacy: When Lawyers Go Off the Rails”
“Justice Unhinged: The Psychopathic Lawyer Phenomenon”
“When Justice Turns to Madness: Lawyers Behaving Badly”

The link between unbalanced legal behaviour and the risk of unsafe convictions.

“Justice Unhinged: The Psychopathic Lawyer Phenomenon and Unsafe Convictions”
“When Legal Madness Leads to Unsafe Convictions: The Psychopathic Lawyer”
“Unhinged Justice: How Psychopathic Lawyers Cause Unsafe Convictions”
“Unsafe Convictions: The Dark Reality of Psychopathic Lawyers”
“Justice or Psychopathy? Unsafe Convictions by Unhinged Lawyers”

The lawyer was a real disaster

Another person I wanted to talk to was Robert Jones‘s original defence attorney, Curklin Atkins, and as he never returned my calls I decided to visit his home.

After several minutes knocking on his front door, I noticed a movement in the car parked in the driveway. It appeared to be a head slowly being raised which disappeared again suddenly when I turned.

It was Atkins, so I walked over to talk to him through the car window.

“People can say whatever they want to say, they wasn’t in the heat of the battle,” he said, referring to people who have criticised his handling of the case.

The idea that it was his incompetence that led to Robert Jones spending 23 years in jail for crimes he did not commit, he dismissed as “impossible”.

“While people on the side are sitting back criticising and saying, ‘You could have did this, you could have did that, you could have investigated this, investigated that,’ they didn’t spend the time – they could have went down there and represented Robert Jones.”

Any other defence attorney might also have failed to find out that Lester Jones had already been convicted of Julie Stott’s murder, he said.

Robert Jones‘s original defence attorney, Curklin Atkins

How can someone be guilty of something they didn’t do?

A rush to justice sent 14-year-old George Stinney to death in 1944. It took 70 years to overturn his conviction in 2014.

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