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Ex-Post Office company secretary questioned over Horizon scandal

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Post Office Scandal: what did top executive know?

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How are lawyers involved in the PO Scandal

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29 jun 2023

With the PO Inquiry about to enter Phases 4 and 5, where lawyers feature heavily, we explore the nature of the allegations they will likely face.

“Can’t Believe This Is True” | Will Mellor Shares His Experience Of Playing Horizon Scandal Victim

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8 jan 2024

The wrongful convictions of hundreds of subpostmasters due to faulty digital accounting software have been described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in UK history.

The scandal has recently come back into the spotlight following ITV’s four-part drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office.

Actor Will Mellor tells Ian Collins what his reaction was when he first read the script.

“I started reading it and just kept putting it down and going, I can’t believe this is true.”

Judge tells Post Office their cases were a ‘sham’

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9 feb 2024

Judge tells Post Office their cases were a ‘sham’ in an early acquittal of a subpostmaster accused of stealing money from her branch.

Despite Post Office assurances that all acquittals were reviewed, this certainly didn’t seem to happen in earlier cases and this likely led to more subpostmasters being pursued that otherwise may not have been.

Chances were missed to bring the Post Office Scandal to an end and instead subpostmasters are now having to relive it as some of the cases explored here from the case studies identified by the Post Office Inquiry have left innocent victims having to face their tormentors and relive their experience of this miscarriage of justice again.

UK Postal Scandal Revived By A TV Drama l Mr Bates vs The Post Office

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Angry Optician Slaps Clients, Target Practice, Cop Kicks Dog Prank

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