An attempt to prevent the public from discovering information about a serious crime or mistake:

Allegations of a cover-up of the effects of pollution have been strongly denied.

Cambridge Dictionary

A full revelation of the underlying crime is not survivable.


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The expression “Cover-up” typically refers to a situation where attempts are made to hide or conceal something, often involving wrongful or illegal activities. Here are some key points related to the concept of a cover-up:

  1. Concealment: A cover-up involves hiding or concealing information, evidence, or actions that may be damaging, embarrassing, or incriminating.

  2. Wrongdoing: A cover-up typically relates to some form of wrongdoing, such as a crime, misconduct, or unethical behavior that is being hidden or obscured.

  3. Intent: A cover-up is usually carried out with the intention of avoiding detection, accountability, or consequences for the underlying actions or behaviors.

  4. Deception: A cover-up often involves deceit or dishonesty, such as lying, falsifying documents, or manipulating information to create a false impression or narrative.

  5. Investigation: A cover-up may be exposed through investigative efforts, such as media reporting, legal proceedings, or internal inquiries that uncover the truth and reveal the attempts to conceal it.

  6. Consequences: Cover-ups can have serious consequences, including legal, ethical, reputational, and social ramifications, if and when they are exposed.

  7. Ethics: Cover-ups are generally considered unethical and are widely condemned as they involve deception, dishonesty, and attempts to evade responsibility or accountability.

  8. Transparency: Transparency and openness in communication and actions are often seen as the antidote to cover-ups, as they promote accountability, integrity, and trustworthiness.

  9. Examples: Cover-ups can occur in various contexts, including politics, business, law enforcement, journalism, and personal relationships, and may involve issues such as corruption, fraud, abuse of power, scandals, or other forms of misconduct.

  10. Legal implications: Cover-ups may have legal implications, and individuals or organizations involved in a cover-up may face legal consequences, such as criminal charges, fines, or civil lawsuits, if their actions are exposed.

It’s important to note that a cover-up is typically seen as unethical and often has negative consequences when exposed, as it undermines trust, integrity, and accountability. It is generally considered better to be transparent and truthful in dealing with any issues or problems, rather than attempting to cover them up.

1 The priest’s confession: What the Catholic bishops knew – The Fifth Estate

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17 feb. 2020

In 2015, retired Catholic priest Paul-André Harvey from Quebec’s Chicoutimi diocese pleaded guilty to 39 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency. Most of his victims were girls between the ages of eight and 10. Harvey was sentenced to six years in prison.

But before Harvey died in prison, the defrocked priest did something extraordinary — he provided a confession for his victims to use in a class-action suit against the Catholic Church. He claimed that church officials were aware of his crimes for years. When complaints surfaced, Harvey says he was simply moved. Records show between 1963 and 2002, Harvey was moved to a new parish 12 times.

Now a class-action lawsuit with more than 100 claimants shines a spotlight on who knew what and raises difficult questions about how clergy abuse is prosecuted in Canada. The Fifth Estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête investigate Harvey’s story and ask why no charges have ever been brought against church superiors in Canada for covering up clergy abuse.

To read more:

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Wrongful actions are unfair or illegal:

She is claiming damages from the company for wrongful dismissal.
Wrongful arrest/imprisonment

Cambridge Dictionary

2 The Church: Code of Silence (Corrupt Priest Documentary) | Real Stories

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16 nov. 2019

Secret internal documents reveal how church officials have protected priests accused of pedophilia by moving them from country-to-country, sometimes as far away as to Africa. They call it ‘the geographical solution’. Even Pope Francis is implicated. When he was bishop of Buenos Aires, he tried to influence the Argentinean justice system in order to protect a convicted priest.
From Cameroon to Argentina, America to France and Italy, this investigation traces the transfers of pedophile priests.
Content licensed from Java Films. Any queries, please contact us at:

3 The Scandalous Truth Behind Pope Francis’ Inauguration | The Great Conclave | Parable

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6 mei 2022

This documentary features exclusive interviews with Vatican experts and journalists who, for the first time, tell the whole story of Pope Francis’s ascent to the papacy. The program explores criticism of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s silence on the “disappeared” and abductions during Argentina’s “dirty war”, but also reveals how he successfully navigated Argentina’s dark past to become the first Latin American pope.

4 The Vatican Insider | FULL DOCUMENTARY HD

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24 sep 2015

The Vatican controversial events told through the writings and the voice of a unsuspected deep throat. A docu-film with a cinematographic style which remains a clear and impartial evidence.
The latest Current TV production, the network of Al Gore, with the original music composed by Andrea Morricone.

The Vatican Insider – 52’/2011
a documentary by Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi
cinematography Adriano Mestichella
editing Matteo Vescovi
original music composed by Andrea Morricone

5 Losing Faith: Abuse, Cover-Up and the Catholic Church with Fr. Thomas Doyle

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27 sep 2017

A former Vatican insider shares details of the sex-abuse epidemic. Having reached extraordinary heights in the Catholic Church and served in the Vatican


27 jul. 2012

A former Vatican insider shares details of the sex-abuse epidemic.
Having reached extraordinary heights in the Catholic Church and served in the Vatican embassy with the sexual abuse epidemic, Fr. Thomas Doyle turned away from the religious order in response to the spiraling and far-reaching cover-up. Privy to some of the most sensitive dealings of the church, Fr. Thomas provides us with a very rare perspective on the abuse, response and cultural framework that allowed it to happen and continues to minimize the impact on the victims.
Fr. Thomas names names as to who he feels are directly responsible, and shares with us how the sordid affair has changed his own spiritual relationship to the church.

Thomas Doyle was ordained a Dominican priest in 1970 in Dubuque, Iowa. He did graduate studies in philosophy, and theology at the Aquinas Institute of Philosophy and Theology and political science and Soviet Studies at the University of Wisconsin. He pursued further graduate work in Canon Law at the Gregorian University, Rome, Catholic University of America, the University of Ottawa and St. Paul’s University, Ottawa. He was awarded a Doctorate in Canon Law in 1978. In addition Father Doyle studied addictions therapy at the Naval School of Health Sciences and is a fully certified Alcohol, Drug and Addictions therapist. He holds MA degrees in philosophy, theology, administration, Canon Law and political science as well as his doctorate in Canon Law.
He has served as a consultant and expert witness on several hundred clergy abuse cases before the civil courts in nearly every State in the US as well as in Ireland, Israel and Canada. He has been involved with support groups for clergy sexual abuse victims and as a legal consultant for cases in Belgium, England, Mexico, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. He has appeared before eight State legislatures and has been a consultant and expert witness for several Grand Juries in the U.S.
He has written several books and articles on a variety of subjects related to Church law and practice. Included among these are one book and twelve articles on the clergy abuse crisis. He co-authored Sex, Priests and Secret Codes with Richard Sipe and Patrick Wall. Tom Doyle has lectured extensively throughout the U.S., in Canada and in Europe on the clergy abuse issue.

00:01 Welcome to Media Mayhem.
00:34 Introducing Fr. Thomas Doyle.
02:20 Is the church hierarchy set up to prevent victims from speaking out?
03:30 Was it intimidating to confront the church on sexual abuse?
05:29 The church dismisses the allegations as a media conspiracy and renounce Fr. Doyle’s work.
08:25 On Pope John Paul: “He could have done something, and he did nothing.”
10:51 Pope Benedict XVI, his complicity in the scandal, and what he should do.
13:37 Continued criminal trials against church leadership for allowing abuse.
16:32 Should have Archbishop Mahony been indicted?
20:21 Canon law and private documents.
21:27 The church defense of non-disclosure–“just following orders.”
23:23 Is there any correlation between gays in the priesthood and abuse?
25:47 The church’s response to his study on sexual abuse cases.
27:47 Why did so many predators gravitate to the church?
30:53 The Mayhem Round with Nick.
31:12 The Scottish government and same-sex marriage.
33:00 The Church’s response to losing parishioners and the ceremonial weight of the church.
36:59 Fr. Thomas’ take on being a military chaplain, and the additional “human care work” with the military.
39:52 “Do you still consider yourself Catholic?”
40:46 What the church hierarchy can do to make amends.
42:19 “Who should be prosecuted?”
44:45 The lingering effects of abuse on people.
46:11 Thank you and goodbye.

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🇮🇹 Catholic priests’ sex abuse victims dismiss pope’s action plan l Al Jazeera English

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22 feb. 2019

The head of the Catholic Church has angered survivors of clerical sexual abuse before a four-day conference to discuss the matter even begins. 
Pope Francis was due to meet victims on Wednesday – before the conference began. But he didn’t attend, sending bishops instead. Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from the Vatican City.

7 Pope France begins two-day visit to Ireland | Al Jazeera English


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21 aug. 2018

Survivors of sex abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic clergy are reacting to an apology letter from Pope Francis. 
The head of the Roman Catholic Church has vowed to spare no effort to root out sex abuse and attempts to conceal it. 
His critics say it is not enough and that the Church must go further to help bring justice. 
Al Jazeera’s Paul Chaderjian reports.

8 The Church: Code of Silence (Corrupt Priest Documentary) | Real Stories

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29 apr. 2022

When Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013, it sent shockwaves around the world. In this unflinching two-part mini-series, we find out why Benedict XVI exited the Vatican and discover the extraordinary conclave and election of Pope Francis. Including rare footage from inside Vatican City during the Conclave preparations, it features interviews with Cardinals who experienced these turbulent years first-hand.

9 The Vatican: An Inside Look – “Upon this Rock” – A WRAL Documentary

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An inside look at the Vatican under the authority of Pope John Paul II. With host David Crabtree, WRAL cameras take you behind the scenes of the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, including a special look at the spectacular Sistine Chapel. You will meet people from around the world visiting Rome and hear their impressions of this holy city. (Originally aired Dec. 20, 1999.) Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to WRAL Doc for more content!

10 Football’s wall of silence l Al Jazeera Investigations

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15 feb. 2018

Former youth football coach Barry Bennell, one of the top talent spotters in Britain with ties to major clubs like Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra, spent his days coaching children and his nights abusing them.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit profiles six men, all victims of Bennell, and explores the long-term impact of his serial abuse.

Deborah Davies first reported on Barry Bennell’s crimes 20 years ago. She has befriended his victims and has a rare insight into their plight.

In a powerful and heartbreaking documentary, she describes how some have turned to substance abuse and even attempted suicide. More than a few have not survived, one likely victim being his most famous player, former Wales international and manager Gary Speed.

The investigation uncovers new evidence that, according to teammates, Speed was abused by Bennell.

The programme also reveals that high-profile clubs, as well as Britain’s Football Association, failed to protect children and in some cases failed to act on warnings.

After this film was made, Crewe Alexandra said that the Club was not aware of any sexual abuse by Bennell nor received any complaints about sexual abuse by him.

They say the police investigated the Club’s knowledge, including interviewing Hamilton Smith and found no evidence to corroborate that it was aware of Bennell’s offending.

Crewe’s statement can be found here:…


Truely heart breaking program, that led me to tears. The lack of empathy from the FA is unbelievable, they should be ashamed.
David Bower
This is such a deep problem that runs through society. High profile cases such as this one where paedophiles in positions of influence and trust have been using their power to be around and abuse children highlights this and has led to greater public awareness. The same cannot be said however of some of the institutions in society, the amount of covering up that was exposed in this case and still continues to this day is shocking.
W Leon
The clubs and the governing body are entirely to blame for this catastrophe.
james hughes
I was heartbroken when Gary Speed died. Even more so after watching this. Leeds Utd legend. So so cruel.
truly, soul crushing..
I would be in prison right now if someone did that to my child. I wouldn’t care about the law, I would get justice myself. Everyone says it’s probably a blessing in disguise why I can’t have children. I understand that now.
St. Cloud
much power and healing to these insanely brave men. I hope they sue for billions. not that money can fix this but it’s the least the clubs can do.
Who am I ?
Fascinating insightful but sad documentary
Tommy Kelly
If Manchester City can afford, to pay billions of pounds for these star players. Then they can now afford to compensate all of these men for the utter misery, and abuse these men had to suffer as boys because of their failure as an organisation to becone aware or prevent it. Money will never fix anything but its least they can do because of the hurt they suffered.
noreen tierney
Wow this is heart wrenching 💔
So powerful. I am watching this because I watched a modern day show on various premier leagues, yesterday, and I thought I detected some weird looks between the owner and manager towards various players. When watching the show, I noticed how the leaders seemed bonded with some players but avoided others, even by limiting their play time. As I looked at some expressions, I thought “I wonder if there is abuse, sexual grooming, involved in football?” On the show, I noticed certain looks and smiles from the owner and manager towards a few players on the show. And now, twenty hours later, I discovered this show. Now I think my thoughts were true. So horrid. But this type of silent “grooming” is especially common in music, acting, and, now I know, it’s even in sport.
Ray Finkel
Bennell and Neely greeted each other like “ long lost brothers” according to Jason dunford. Yet Adrian Goldberg and his followers aren’t interested in a story that’s not been investigated. Gordon Neely of rangers football club taking boys down to bennell and others in England yet nobody questions it. Souness has a meeting in a car with one boy before Neely was “sacked” yet nobody questions it.
Daz Pearce
heartbreaking – so sorry…
Maxamad Mcj
Al jazeera Amazing
Zephania Nthiga
Hurtful and disgusting! So sorry to all families affected…
Domine Wimbury
I feel sick 🤢🤮 I watched various players play on that Maine Road pitch 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 FFS City, ANSWER!!!
M Mess
Tooooooor! … Ball …
This had to be said by some news agency, but its interesting that a story about UAE backed Man City is promoted so heavily by the Qatari Al Jazeera. One wonders if Al Jazeera would run this story if the abuse had happened at PSG?
Lizi Hofer
What is it with British peoples’ teeth?
Mario Kart
Wonder what the British Nationalists think of this ????
Standpipe Stan
Football club should be held accountable disgusting
Agyar Hardjasudjana
This is disgusting in all level
Yeah, Right
I wonder if they’ll be making programs like this about Russell Brand in a few years time?

11 Vatican Secrets Unveiled: The Kidnapping of a Young Girl | Real Crime

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12 Dead Mouse Found in the Cheese Fondu Prank

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9 jul. 2018

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.


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