The Judgment of Solomon

The Judgment of Solomon

Judgement of Solomon: ​a judgement that is very hard to make

Oxford Dictionary

1 Solomon’s Famous Judgement

2 Top 15 King Solomon Quotes – king of Israel & a son of David

1 apr. 2016

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Top 15 King Solomon Quotes – king of Israel & a son of David also called Jedidiah
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3 Solomon and Sheba (1959) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

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6 apr. 2018

The original trailer in high definition of Solomon and Sheba directed by King Vidor and starring Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobrigida, George Sanders, Marisa Pavan, John Crawford and David Farrar.

4 Derrick Williams released after 18 years

Gepubliceerd op 4 apr. 2011

A Manatee County man who has spent the last 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit was released from prison.

5 Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 39 Years

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15 mei 2017

Ricky Jackson spent nearly 4 decades behind bars, but thanks to the work of the Ohio Innocence Project and Mark Godsey, he was exonerated. He shares his incredible story.

6  – Jimmy Bain Released From Prison

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31 okt. 2013

Plaese go to start at minute 3:00

A man who served 35 years in prison unjustly to receive $1.75 million in compensation.
A Florida man who was released in 2009 after 35 years in prison for a crime he did not commit will receive $1.75 million in compensation from the state, local media reported today.
James Bain, 55, was tried and sentenced in 1974 to life in prison for the kidnapping and rape of a nine-year-old boy, even though he claimed that on the day the crime was committed he was at home with his sister watching television, according to the Florida Innocence Project.

Hombre que estuvo 35 años en prisión injustamente recibirá US$1,75 millones de indemnización, Un hombre de Florida que fue liberado en 2009 después de estar 35 años en la cárcel por un delito que no cometió recibirá del estado 1,75 millones de dólares en compensación, informaron hoy medios locales. James Bain, de 55 años, fue juzgado y condenado en 1974 a cadena perpetua por el secuestro y violación de un niño de nueve años, pese a que afirmó que el día en que se cometió el delito estaba con su hermana en su casa viendo la televisión, según Proyecto Inocencia de Florida.
Jimmy Bain is released from prison after 35 years behind bars.
Only because of his skin color he had to suffer so much…
Kelly Clark
Why did your god let you be wrongfully convicted?
Kendra Browne
Wonderfully answered questions……keep being humble and giving thanks to God. I’m so happy for you and your family. Sorry you all went through this sad ordeal for 35 years but God is still good!
This is just a disaster.
In any case it would be better to leave the case open as a “cold case” rather than convicting somebody on very shaky evidence, if anything at all. Punishing somebody for decades or even life for something they did not commit is the biggest crimes of all. Thank you Innocence Project for giving them a voice and helping their exoneration. Prosecutors sentencing people to life term should be prosecuted and punished as well. Often, they do not even apologize after a successful exoneration which is really the tip of the iceberg. Just can’t believe that!

The released Jimmy, in video 5 above, after being addressed by the person in charge of the project, answered questions from the audience in an exceptionally gentle manner (from minute 3’15” in the video).

De vrijgelaten Jimmy,  in bovenstaande video 5, beantwoordt na het woord tot het publiek door de verantwoordelijke van het project, op een uitzonderlijk zachtmoedige wijze vragen van het publiek (vanaf minuut 3’15” in de video).

7 Wrongful Convictions Statistics – The Stuff of Nightmares – Episode # 2

Think LegalEase

The United States criminal justice system is not perfect. There are a number of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. This video covers a few of their stories and examines the statistics of wrongful convictions and exonerations. From compensating an exoneree to the average number of years spent in prison, please enjoy this animated informational video. P.S. DNA is not the only means by which individuals have been exonerated.

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8 – 5 Worst & Most Tragic Cases of Wrongful Conviction in History

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Gepubliceerd op 17 dec. 2016

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With the huge success of the Netflix original, Making a murderer, the world got a chance to see to the struggles and torment of a potentially wrongly convicted person, and although the case of Steven Avery is an extreme example…. There are an unfortunate amount of people who have been accused of horrendous crimes they did not commit, some of which are in fact executed, only to be posthumously exonerated through the use DNA testing or campaigns like the innocence project… Here are five people who were wrongly convicted for crimes they had absolutely no involvement in…..

9 – Top 10 Falsely Convicted People

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Gepubliceerd op 18 mei 2016

Everyone’s been accused of something they didn’t do – but not everyone spends time in prison for it.

10 – 10 Innocent People Wrongly Executed

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Gepubliceerd op 11 apr. 2016

You might not have committed the crime, but you can still face a death sentence. Sometimes the judge charges wrong person, other times no crime was committed at all. AllTime10s gives you 10 Innocent People Wrongly Executed.

11 – 10 Craziest Cases Of Wrongful Imprisonment

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12 Best Elevator Pranks – Best Of Just For Laughs Gags

9 dec. 2012

We knew our elevator pranks were appreciated, but didn’t realize they were so appreciated that some people are actually re-shooting our exact same scenarios. In this context, we give you volume one of the very best of our original elevator pranks!
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous  channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.