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12 jun. 2019

A province by province tour from east to west of the best tourism and natural attractions of Canada.

1 Canada apologizes for residential school system

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12 jun. 2008

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June 11, 2008 – Prime Minister Harper offered Canada’s aboriginal peoples an official apology for the government’s involvement in the Indian residential school system and its ongoing policy of forced assimilation. 
Opposition leaders also offered their apologies during a special sitting of the House of Commons. 
Aboriginal leaders were welcomed onto the House floor to respond to the apology.
Well it’s a first step i guess. You have to remenber that befor this all the prime ministers just kinda pretended it never happened. Now it’s time to actually do something.
Thank you Canada. I hope this will be a new start for our people.
Desvena f
some of these children died…… SOME OF THESE CHILDREN, YOU MEAN TENS OF THOUSANDs
Tracy O'keefe
He don’t sound sincere. But Canada did get an apology. I highly doubt the United States will EVER give one.
Dalen Cardinal
Whoo! They actually recognized aboriginals!! NATIVE PRIDE!!!!
Well, in America, I would say thank you! Now fulfill out treaty rights! haha
I thought canadians were good to natives, but i realized they were simiral with US
J a ke Mcwain
is it enough? not for the horrors my grandfather faced.
I will believe the apology when they institutionalize it by changing our national anthem to O CANADA MY HOME ON NATIVE LAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss Jack Layton.
Matt Madge
I wish governor McDonald could have been there to see the pain he has caused
Cassidy Villebrun-Buracas..I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my Heart. This is one of the best mails, I´ve had in my time as a computer owner, and I am not kidding. Fortunately, we have some dedicated people working in my country, but there are not too many of them. But thank you again! 🙂 Love from Copenhagen!
my favorite part is when he says ” the burdan of this is properly ours as a government and as a counrty there is no place in canada for the attidudes that inspired the indian residential school system to ever prevail again in canada” its an exilent quote on racism toward first naions people in canada
Sometimes an apology isn’t enough.
It is true. The church has never made an apology. I am a Native Greenlander, and in the 1950s, children were taken and sent to denmark, because Greenland was a colony of Denmark, and they wanted to do the same to those children, assimilate them. Many ended up drunk, unhappy and without a job or money to get back home. Denmark has never yet made any apologies..
I’m native and I think its a damn miracle that the government would acknowledge their error. I admire them for doing so. I do think that native people across Canada need to move on now. There’s no gain in living with the pain.
What I want to know is this: When will the US recognise, admit and apologize for what they did in these same disgraceful and grievious acts in its history
ET phone-home
@plugee Wow, you havent? Really starting the topic on Natives came up at around grade 7 and on, for me. We pretty much learned about all the Native tribes, And residential schools. The schools were a big topic. We watched at least two movies about them, and how drastic they were. Sadly it all depends in what province you come from. Seeing as they have the control on what we learn. Stereotypes? umm.. the traditional housing for them were tepees. Until they got assimilated into how “whites” live
Brittany S
@creeman007 You are a very smart man. Thank you. <3 I wish you well.
Sir Crillbone
I guess they got the ultimate victory royale sans default dancing for 10 hours and furries are not people if they want to dress as animals we can hunt them like animals
Desiree Jones
Does anyone know where I can find this video with a subtitles (french) or a translator …. merci x
I’m making videos about this right now. I have a couple of them up that explain the untold truth of the real effects of the Residential Schools and how we can overcome those limitations and become wealthy. Not rich, but wealthy. I’m currently traveling Canada delivering a message how we can empower ourselves and become self reliant – without any help from the government.
James RS
Then why are Indigenous people of Canada demanding another apology ?? Over $3.2 Billion has been paid out since 2007 as compensation to survivors of the Residential Schools ..
Ms Moca
I wonder who wrote it for him.
Everyone saying that Harpers apology wasn’t enough, that’s pretty much all he could do I mean what would you guys want him to do so people would accept his apology and it wasn’t his fault that residential schools were a thing the order was passed down from John A. MacDonald Harper was just following orders.
Melinda Henderson
@neilyoungboy Thank you, I respect you.
Gerald McDonald
Thanks for this. I did not want to hear the Apology, I had too much Pride in me. I heard it and cried. My mom and dad would have been proud. They taught me that the White People were superior and told us everything they learned over that the schools. I believed them and learned it until I saw with my own eyes that it is not true. It’s not enough for me the apology but it will do. I am happy to be an Aborigional today. Thanks! don’t erase this video.
Something of an empty gesture – when asked by native councils to provide platforms on indigenous policy last election, the Tories were the only party that didn’t even bother to send a reply. Honestly I think it was ultimately just a dressed-up PR stunt, has Harper genuinely done anything to advance healing or reconciliation since this? If he has it’s certainly been a much quieter story than the apology itself.
Xander Taylor
If Mr. Harper means what he says when he says there is no place in Canada for that type of behavior, then KICK THE CATHOLICS (and other offenders) OUT.
Hairee Stener
Mabey Obama will becuase in got in power today and know what it’s like to be from a minority that suffer’s discrimination.
The apology should be institutionalized into our society – Every time we sing our national anthem we shall apologize and never forget the wrongs we committed – O CANADA MY HOME ON NATIVE LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E.C Arnold
Yea…I’m still pissed.
David Harrison
i am English and dont know what to say apart from sorry . i have a large family in Canada. my cousin married the most stunning first nation lady and is so happy . i had no idea .
Brittany P
never once did they mention, murder, rape, medical experiments, killing of young unplanned births at the hands of the many priests and women involved and ultimately the unrecovered bodies that are still missing today.
I didnt think it was genuine myself when I saw it on t.v. cest la vie
hersel loft
It is my understanding that this pm knew nothing of the indigenous problem
They have the heart of demons.
i am native warrior its not apology we want we want our land back from the government if the government don’t give our land back and our warriors will never give up my grandparents has been residential school they took warriors that time
@etellurian:s it possible for you to see the big picture here?most native north americans are not simply “canadian”,they cohabitate with non-natives on turtle island, which is attempting to genocide them even to this very day but they share “dual-citizenship”.they are not specifically american or canadian but northamerican natives. their land was parceled up&divided amongst the interlopers to whom they showed their greatest respect&hospitality towards. how were they thanked?Creator forgive them.
@etellurian:s it possible for you to see the big picture here?most native north americans are not simply “canadian”,they cohabitate with non-natives on turtle island, which is attempting to genocide them even to this very day but they share “dual-citizenship”.they are not specifically american or canadian but northamerican natives. their land was parceled up&divided amongst the interlopers to whom they showed their greatest respect&hospitality were they thanked?Creator forgive them.
Im proud To be Aboriginal! My parents and auntys and uncles are thee strongest ever Hiy HIy
Thankful we do now.
I love Canada, I wish this never happened to the Natives of Canada. It is something that makes me ashamed of being Canadian…but I still love Canada because the Natives are part of Canada. This Harper speech is so fake..I wish you could talk to a real Canadian who actually cares and isn’t looking for approval. I wish…I wish…I wish.
Here’s a bulletin for Canada et al. I for one am not interested in apologies. I am interested in results.
Shameless Toronto
Hi there, please check your messages– I have just contacted you regarding the possibility of using a clip of your footage for my music video, (i.e. a clip of Stephen Harper reading).  Thank you!
Leiah Mahler
My response may have been way over board but issues like these are what make the world such a bad place…
dakota f
They also drank blue milk and ate rotten food
well you didnt have to smoke it.
wayne johnson
the destruction of familys forcible removed from from their parents is a disgrace
I wasn’t really referring to you specifically. More the people who continue to blame Natives as though there existed in this way prior to having been faced with systemic discrimination. I appreciate your opinion on the matter.
Funny how we never learned about this in school…
Dene Pride
Now where is America’s apology to Natives of America for the past wrong doings?!? Funny how Blacks in America always talk about slavery and Black History yet you never see anything about Natives of America and their history….. No wonder Blacks who come to Canada feel out of place in Canada…and try to bring in Slave guilt from America to Canada…..just to push their own agenda… Its like they’re not even bothering to learn anything about Native history on Native land…..
He’s nothing but a goon himself…..I detest this man, he can take his apology and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.
Yanna Stengos
It’s important to accept&take ownership for the past&to keep teaching&talking about it to generations to come so they know. Im 20 now&had no idea &my parents didnt know either (they immigrated to canada when they were in theirs 20s). not a fan of harper but im still glad he made a national apology because i feel that more and more teachers and the public will admit the past existed and not claim the schools were to help the kids. Plus there’s more public evidence now than before.Just my thoughts
DALE thebelldiver
COMMON CORE is taking the place.  Then what; the governments will say; “OH WE ARE SORRY!”  BS.  STOP COMMON CORE by keeping your child at home. 
John Gotti
yeah true, they should get it right.
Could you say it with feeling, please?
@jumbalialover43 My friend who is also metis finds it insulting. I simply used it here so everyone knew what I was talking about. Not everyone in this place is familiar with the word “aboriginal”. I could have also called them native americans, native indians, etc. Most ppl in the world know what the word “indian” relates to. Although Some might mistake that for the ppl of the country india.
They raped our culture and said they civilized us!!
Dr. Ed Brown
Ahoo! I am deeply touched by the apology from the Canadian government to the Natives of Canada, also thankful. The apology has a tremendous impact that would make the Natives move on to mutual respect for all citizens. In addition, as a Navajo US history teacher, it would be great to have the US government to apologize to the Native Americans. The apology would heal so much pain and raise mutual respect for our US government.
To ‘apologize’ legally means “To hold blameless”. I still hold British corporation Dominion of Canada guilty of Genocide. Don’t need APPLE clowns like Phil Fontaine selling us out. He does not represent me. STOP selling us out all you APPLES!
smoke the tobacco and your hate will go away
@jaygreg1 it is the the governments fault! If you read Sections114-122 in the Indian Act, the government gave power and control to provinces and religious groups to create and run Residential School.
501st comment and 1000th sub, like a boss
Cassidy Villebrun-Buracas
I’m so sorry to hear the story of your people. I’m sorry the way they act with impunity and racist intent to be unabashed about the evils that were perpetrated by a colonial system. Be strong, and know your not alone. Never forgot, and never stop fighting for you voice to here. When time of trouble get you down, remember this: All tyrannies fall. Every tyrant falls.
danial prat
Okay Turkey, you’re next. When will you apologize for the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 instead of trying to cover it up all these years?
Alla Soiko
I was abused in the academy ocd odd bipolar depressed for enforcing human rights humanirarian criminal refugee law
Abcd Abcd
Dear watcher you are not required to Care so when you say I dont care or so What Harper does have to do with this You are not really adressing “Who is Not Adressing You”
Thomas Tanaka
@crackparty only on the rez
Markus M
What’s sad is that this is an apology to native Americans and first nation but they keep saying Indian.
The problems with apologies like these is that afterward the attitude from the government is so often: “We’ve apologized, it’s over. The case is closed. What more do you want?” The huge issue with that is the massive impact that residential schools still have today. The generational impact of generational schools is long-reaching and horrific, but the government doesn’t want to think about that. Recognizing wrongs done is a good start, but it’s nowhere near enough for the people still affected.
The only way this will end is when those in power are held accountable. And only then, can we begin to forge a new future together.


Brittany P
“Some of them died”.. yah try HALF that went.. And calling it a tragedy the government was involved in? I’m sorry but I define tragedy as something that happens that is horrific, that no one is at fault for, but in the end “tragic”circumstances are inflicted.


Don’t take money if you don’t want money. If Canada possessed time machines I’m sure they would have given the first nations another chance.


@bgibb101 Hmmm, interesting info…


Stephen Harper Hates Me And I hate him even more


i hope that someday all candians will actually realize the sort of things these people had to suffer in their lives. and even though it “seems” like they have it better than other candians. They went through alot before the government finally realized the suffering it had caused in the aboriginal ways. These schools did not instill any joy or love in them. but fear and trauma that they had to live with for the rest of their lives. They need to make a movie, maybe everyone will understand then


Jessica rose
funny how hes apologizing to us in 2008 and now he’s trying to take are treaties away in 2012.


Yanna Stengos
What I meant by responsibility (read my above post) is that Canada in general take responsibility. I also think (no matter how terrible the past may be) that Natives accept the help and apology. Accepting an apology DOESN’T mean your condoning the past. It’s a step to heal. Otherwise your holding all this hate and anguish deep inside which isn’t healthy and depression will never go away. I think it was disgusting and evil what happened at those schools! I don’t understand it at all.




@SKYSWEEPER11 And you say I’m on the crack? lol….


jusbaleh Durocher
We are not INDIAN we dont come from the othereside of the world WE ARE CALLED NATIVE AMERICAN K ALL G`S




@bgibb101 I normally ignore replies to my comment, but I would like to say that I am not Native American (or white for that matter). And “drinking habit” ? Really ? You know not every Native American person drinks right ? Some people like myself actually dislike the taste of alcohol.




Bardock M
Dark days they were. we really do need to make this right. we need to stop giving our money and resources away to Immigrants and start getting the people of this Nation healthy again.




We can apologize from of our hearts – and to be sure we do not forget what has happened we must change our National Anthem from O, Canada my home and Native Land – should start out with – O CANADA MY HOME ON NATIVE LAND – so every time we sing our anthem we pay homage to our First Nations – whom preserved this beautiful country like anyone would treat their Mother – our Mother Earth – be nice to her or else – Hell hath no fury like a Mother Earth Scorned – she is warning up pay attention


Alex Ip
the apology is not enough what we want is destruction of the residential school building ruins


The culture and heritage of the Natives would have never led to the substance abuse and other destruction of their family and community in the way that it has developed today. There was nothing less than a declared cultural genocide of the Natives by Canadian leaders themselves if you look into our “upstanding” Canadian history. Please don’t try to pretend like Natives were living destructive lifestyles before the “white man” came and decided they wanted the land. No I am not Native.


Harper: “lol my bad nothing I can do tho” First Nations: “we’re forced to accept since you can easily wipe us out”




layne miller
Steven is really sugar coating this. If he were accurate he would acknowlage the fact that those children were kiddnapped, not just “forcibly removed” and that not just “some” children died, as many as half of the children who entered residential school died there. HALF.


A public apology doesn’t change the sickens me what people will do to other people when they don’t really consider them “people”…if that makes sense


Venessa Pete
Now, why can’t the United States of America’s government apologize for the boarding schools of our country? They should take lesson from the Canadian’s leaders!


Mr. Prime Minister Harper said all of that with no emotion whatsoever, and why would he because that man is the man who is going to introduce Bill C-6 into Canadian Law and that is going to mean that none of you will be free anyway anymore. Welcome to the NWO Canadians, it will take the spirit of the brave to free ye all from this because the whiteman is far too thick to question another whiteman. I was waiting for Mr. harper to say that Canada was going to be given back to the Aboriginals?????


@KahPow84 I agree its hippocritical.


Sam Newhook
Haters gotta be haters


prabhkarn mander


Jaron Morin
the children who have died in the schools will never hear this apology. they died without justice, and those who have lived on and survived through all those years of sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse were payed thousands, but even then, all that money can’t take away all of that. as a native living in canada, i’ve come to learn of my history and why i don’t speak my own language. it seems they’ve managed to kill the indian in the children after all.

Meer tonen



At least Steven Harper has more conscience than his center-right counterparts in Australia. John Howard and conservative elements of the Liberal Party (the conservative party in Australia) along Keith Windschuttle still deny that Aborigines in Australia were subjected to genocide and try to minimize injustices like the residential schools and forced removals.


@chechthegoaliegurl I’m Indian and it doesn’t bother me. The Liberals could have done the same thing (apologize) when they were in power; yet they didn’t. I don’t agree with Harper on everything, but he did earn my respect. Take care.


@TheRevitGuru lolno.




Riley Vona


@pear5555 If a muslim come knocking on your door then offer him pork, if a muslim refuses to remove his hat then tell him that these are your rules and he must obey. Islam and christianity are in their ways and conduct the same religion…one is more open the other more cloaked, but both are spreading hatred and their goal is and have always been…CONTROL!!! Cudos to you for not giving in to them. May victory and peace one day return to your people. Greetings from Scandinavia.


@TheDraeStar — well obviously do not know much about either religion to make the assumption —


So melodramatic lol, but the fact that the last woman speaking is wearing a vest and the Canadian government is wearing suits… again… lol


fauzzy bear
its not closed the afftes of the school still remain


HA this is modern day shooting us would get you put in jail were you belong


Miles Potvin
Are you okay? The last Residential School in Canada closed in 1996. I’m thinking 1996 is less than a hundred years ago. A lot less in fact. Children were FORCED away from their families, home, and culture. They didn’t fucking choose that! This was reoccurring as well, it didn’t just happen once. This happened for generations. So don’t you say “some injustice happened, and “The sooner they lose this mentality and set out to change, the sooner their life will improve.”


Thomas Tanaka
@bgibb101 its true…..alot of corruption ….. if your not a relative of the chief… or friends …. you will always be on the bottom


we are as one


That “apology” was a joke. If the government of Canada is truely sorry for these acts; why have they stopped funding residential school survivor centres/programs that are designed to help these people? Why have they decided to stop funding S.I.S (Sisters In Spirit)? Why do they continuously ignore their needs on reserves? Why do they seem to cut funding for anything that actually helps Native people? It doesn’t make sense…don’t apologize for something if you don’t even mean it. Anyone agree?


Riley Vona


wayne johnson
mr harper this was done to our aborigines and it was nothing to be proud of


I hated this. I missed school to watch this. He doesn’t care. You care see it, everywhere. He doesn’t care, and the rest of the country doesn’t care. How can you rise above that? I’m dedicating my life to helping Aboriginal people in Canada.


@panicedpokemon72 Where’s this place you speak of where indians don’t have to pay taxes? because I’m indian and I’ve been paying taxes since my first job in 1999 @ 14 yrs old, so did my mother since 1973. And so has my father, who is white. Strange…….


Hiss leaf a like


JD PianoKeys
this was all a publicity stunt. I wonder if any of the suites even wrote their own speeches. Yes forgive, but a simple “sorry” does not account for what has been done and what STILL IS being done to all indigenous peoples, no matter what country.


sean mccomb
i hate to say it but… you ruined my father.


LOL you need to choose your battles .It’s one step at a time. MAYBE one day they’ll realize that there is no INDIAN language…. starting there they might have a clue that every nation is distinct….


The primeinister has no courge WTF !


Jeret H
no need to appologige at all. if you build a school…they wont come. ever heard that old saying.


Yeldarb Q
It is hard to believe that here are people who think i am crazy for thinking this genocide can happen. And the rest won’t bother to even read the headlines.




@TheRevitGuru 150,000 kids were sent to residential schools across Canada. Out of 150,000 only 50,000 kids remained. What does that tell you? Unlike today, I go to school and come back home. Whereas, my father didn’t.


Anna Woudstra
With less respect than usual, it were the blacks, whites and asians who forced them into reserves whilst taking over and destroying their very own land.


Barry Lang
My cousin was sexually abused by Her Dad. It happened for 6 Years. When She grew up She hated Him. The hate made her bitter and almost destroyed Her. She finally forgave Him …Only then did She find peace. The Native People need To never forget what happened. But They need to forgive. You can keep asking the government to pay a money handout cause that will never fix anything…..Forgive and find the peace




@StackedSugar Then why are these ppl complaining about them not paying taxes? shouldn’t that only be a burden on the band and not the government?


Hákon Sigurðarson
it wasnt just 100 years ago, the last federally governed residential school was closed in 1996. Those places were too brutal to have existed in canada or america at the time, yet they did, the aboriginal people deserve all the extra rights they get. if you dont like it, complain to the government, not people on youtube.




There are plenty of people here demanding that Natives take responsibility for themselves. I think it’s a quite difficult to repair the damage to they have faced. I suggest some of you take responsibility for your ignorance and stop getting all of your information from your 6th grade history text.


Cameron Davis
The worst thing white has done was introduce alcohol to native ppl


Robert Solu
Google+ sucks, please press the “send feedback” at the very bottom of the page and inform Google that they need to piss off.


In the US it was even worse, since about 40% of the Native American women were sterilized on “eugenics” grounds, and this continued into the 1970s. It was done by the federal government and the Public Health Service, but there have been no apologies for any of this.


A sad chapter in our history is you being elected.


SES Jack
Stephen harpers apology doesnt mean anything at least thats what i think he doesnt know whwat has happened and what did is pretty fucked up and most of our people now a days are fucked up because of that… abused got tested on and killed most killed them self because of those memories i cry when they tell there storys but i sit there and listen cause our children dont have to go through that it is our decision to pass on our culteral ways




Helena Van de Loo


Blastx CLoud
0 flucks given


Empty apology.Stephen, you can’t say your sorry and turn around and keep up the same shit as previous governments. You’re no different then any of them!




very true….the pope worships a false idol aswell, Eduard Khil is god…period….when we die you see the almighty Eduard Khil and his son the flying spaghetti monster who was boiled alive for our sins.


P Lavallee
@honda12345678 there is NO amount of money that can make up for what has been done to FIRST NATIONS. Honda, you sit there at you computer with your smug bias opinions without compassion or empathy for what has been done. If it wasn’t for the constant attempt at assimilation…. Why couldn’t they have built schools on reserves rather than sending them hundreds of miles away? Grow up and quit whining about TAXES be thankful that’s all that’s being taken from you!!!


P Lavallee
@honda12345678 I don’t hate anyone, hate is a waste of energy! It’s true some people take advantage of “social services” but there are MANY that are working and paying taxes just like you. There has ALWAYS been a dominant race, why? Do you know your history? If this country is so free then why did the Europeans come here and claim to have found land when Natives were already here then tried to ASSIMILATE them to THEIR ways!!!


Kevin Murphy
you obviously never payed attention in history class. Its because of us white canadians they are like they way they are, we stole their children, which hence caused them to be the way they are!


There are lots of parallels between the Indian residential schools in Canada and the United States and the Stolen Generations in Australia.


Shammo Kadphy
and it hurt are family so much my dad didnt know how to be a parent so i was on my own for most of my teen life these schools really did hurt us. broke are family apart i never whent to these schools but i personal still feel the efect from the goverment and people o the street who piont and go indains are all drunks drugys maybe. you should think about what has happend to these ppl and why some of them are so broken inside pleasedont post rude and rasist things bease pretend it was your family


Josh martell
Toke the love put of us and put us down today kids don’t her they parents say I love you




Wishing that upon someone elses children doesn’t make you any better of a person.


I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if the same thing happened to you. Learning to think for yourself and “change your mentality” does not come naturally. It requires a lot of love and care from other people in your life. How can a person improve their mentality so easily when they were never cared for as a child, or even given the chance to learn to think for themselves? Mental illness is not something you can will yourself out of.


Brittany P
It is not enough, and I’m afraid it never will be. Only time will heal this dark period, not some phony and empty apology given so far. You wanna be sorry Canada, Put every part of your dirty dark disgusting secret into today’s social studies and history classes, until then, STFU!


Alexandra Defreitas
What’s that? a hat? crazy, funk, junk hat…lol jk thanks this is gunna help on my essay due tomorrow 🙂


continued.. of a American Indian Nation, a Tax which will be in effect for the next 500 years, so we can have a equal chance in this society to achieve our dreams, and aspirations. So we can practice political, economical, and international power. Rebuild a separate nation of our own Flag, our own National Language, Spirituality etc. It would only be fair, considering the Land the (Devil) took was ours anyways, and how we never welcomed the (Devil) and their invitation to stay on OUR land.


Shammo Kadphy
REMBER that we are talking about children here. What would you do if the police came to your house and took your 5 year old baby and took them far away where they would not tell you where your child whent half the kids died in these schoool alone and scarred. AND THEN you also become an adutlt and the same thing happend to you to your childern. my grampa and dad whent to these schools where 3 of my dads brother died as well as my grampas little baby sister who was only 5.


Colin Miller
Elementary School – Pre-K to 6th grade Junior Secondary School – 7th to 9th grade Senior Secondary School – 10th to 12th grade that is how the canadian school system should be, you can thank me later you can learn forgein langauges at 4th to 12th grade in Canada Accelerated math in junior and senior secondary school Business and Economy in senior secondary school Sex ed in 11th and 12th grade because the age of consent is 16 in Canada Beginners courses in 10th grade Advanced courses in 11th grade Graduate courses in 12th grade

Meer tonen



frankie feather
President Apology to Native Americans request by White Bison Don Coyhis Don Coyhis, President of White Bison gives an introduction on the 2009 Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness. This Journey will begin in Salem, OR on May 16, 20… link location at you tube


Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.


Honestly how much money would it take to make each and every native individual happy? I understand bad things have happened and some have a hard way of life. I was born here, my family never took anything from anyone. I want to eat then i work and get an education. You get free health care because people get up in the morning, work and provide funding. You can sit on your ass with your hand out and feel sorry for yourself of you can use your race to an advantage and live a full life. Grow up.


@pear5555 OR MAYBE YOUR GERMAN OR ISLAMIC–hahaa or maybe just UKRANIAN


hamza hayat
thier not idnians they are european they call em indian cuz they were going to india to get some rae spices but they ended up in canda and they thought it was india so when the first settlers came they thougt the natives are indian


in USA the schools were non-religious-the same tragedy happened- “erase ” the indian- save the “man”- I wrote an alpha-bet book to translate into all the mother tongues unfortunately children could not communicate w/the old ones.>too late—manifest destiny was the lie-Everyone should translate the Greek alphabet into their own language-D- catalyst- O-entire universe-G-gamma ray-[nuclear?] Webster-says= GOD= the greatest good/ Gamma- Omicron- Delta =THE WORD- =THEWORD/UNI=One/VERSE=WORD!=


Mike West
All because of catholics i don’t let my kids go to catholic church because I was physically abused in catholic school I was scared to go back to school I never went back to school and I was in grade 2 but I was forced to go back but the catholic school has been shut down I am glad it was shut down I wouldn’t let my kids go school there because I have learned from my experience from a catholic school




Leeshie Lauren
it was nothing other than genocide. he did not mention that 50,000 children died while in those schools. its not enough.








@LittleGoil Why do “WE” the people you have so much hate towards have to build your schools. Native people want to do their own thing, why are we always stuck paying the bill. Last i checked this was the largest free country in the world. You can live anywhere you like. If you want schools then use the ones already provided. Why do we have to build your schools, build your homes, provide resources, and basically look after them like infants. You cant help people that cant help themselves.


stephanie vossler
the metis families who fought in the rebellion should be recognizeds as cananadas first soldiers who established  this land we call home.
Of course it’s not enough, when will it EVER be enough!?!? Everytime a step is taken more seems to be required, I think it’s time to reflect inwards and stop pointing fingers and teach forgiveness to your people. I did not have anything to do with this, it is sad I hate that it happened just as much as you do but there comes a time when we turn all our situations into positive results learn and grow instead of maintaining victim mentality
Factual Dosage
LoL .. what’s an empty whiskey bottle lying in a field? An Indian artifact. What’s a whiskey bottle lying in a field that actually has some whiskey left in it? A rare Indian artifact.
You can’t blame Harper for the Aboriginals treatment when it all started with the racial views of the English and French towards the natives. The Canadian government tries to continually amend the wrongs that have been done towards the natives.
His apology is ridiculous. I’d really like to know how he would have felt if his children had been taken away and put in such a school.

2 The Dark Side of Canada: Indigenous Trauma and Stolen Lives

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30 nov 2023

Celebrated for its politeness, diversity, and progressive values, but beneath this facade lies a dark chapter. Over a century witnessed the forced assimilation of at least 150,000 Indigenous children into residential schools filled with abuse. Thousands died, and the survivors, as well as their descendants, bear the trauma. This is Canada’s haunting past.

In today’s video we look at The Dark Side of Canada: Indigenous Trauma and Stolen Lives

Subscribe for dark side of, world history, and economy documentary. Inspired by Explained with Dom, MoodSide, and ReYOUniverse.

Inspired by The Dark Side of Japan: The Lost Generation

Inspired by The Dark Side of South Korea’s Incredible Economic Success

Inspired by The Dark Side of Vietnam

1 Cross Lake: “This Is Where I Live” – The Fifth Estate

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8 apr. 2017

Last winter, five young people killed themselves in the northern Indigenous community of Cross Lake, Manitoba. In the weeks that followed 140 more attempted suicide. Cross Lake declared a state of emergency. The Fifth Estate went to Cross Lake to find out why and spent nine months there, talking to people, filming — and giving young people their own cameras to tell their stories.

We arrived expecting darkness but we also found plenty of hope and struggle. Young people let us into their lives and opened up about their fears, their concerns about their parents, their desire to protect their siblings.

They shared their dreams about finding a new life — whether through sports, music or romance … and even by becoming young parents.

And we met the adults struggling to help them — a dedicated principal trying to keep her students safe and a determined Chief fighting for a better future for her people.

Come meet the people of Cross Lake and take a journey you won’t soon forget.


About the fifth estate : For four decades The Fifth Estate has been Canada’s premier investigative documentary program. Hosts Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay and Mark Kelley continue a tradition of provocative and fearless journalism. the fifth estate brings in-depth investigations that matter to Canadians – delivering a dazzling parade of political leaders, controversial characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.


Robert Mae
8500 people and no hospital! This is absolutely not acceptable. But – we have government funding (our money, by the way) heading overseas to other people living in poverty.
Linda Raymond
This is absolutely heartbreaking. Shame on Canadian government for not stepping up with help. Is Canada going to continue to treat our indigenous peoples like this forever?
iron_ horse
The young man in tears at the 11 min mark… are very brave speaking of such anguish on camera. I do believe you are much stronger than you know. Stay focussed, dream big, and always believe in yourself. Love from British Columbia.
Todd Bacon
It is things like this that make me embarrassed to be Canadian. Help the people in our country before the government sends billions of dollars to other countries and then say, “We don’t have anymore money to give.”
Jaxon H
This community is amazing, but Why not put trades in the schools? Teach them how to build houses and how to be a come medical assistance. Give them something to help better their community and lives.
Pascale Breton
10:30 that left me speechless when Vince cried his heart out about his friend and at the same moment rain and thunder starts “Vince your friend his still around you and heard your pain 😢” “Keep working hard on your dream I know for sure you will achieve your goal ❤”
Heinrich Muller
Welcome to the Rez… trying to undue the damage the “Indian Act” has done to 1st Nations Peoples is like shovelling water.

2 Treaties, reconciliation and Indigenous history in Canada

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Live gestreamd op 27 apr. 2017


Vous pouvez suivre la discussion en francais ici:…

How well do Canadians know Indigenous history? What role did treaties play in forming our country? Are the stories told through truth and reconciliation changing our understanding of Canadian history?

Join a live, interactive roundtable of Indigenous community leaders, educators and advocates.

Moderated by award-winning journalist Duncan McCue, host of Cross Country Checkup on CBC Radio.


Duncan McCue

3 Canada: Why Many Aboriginals Grow into Crime | DW Documentary (Crime documentary)

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20 nov. 2018

Spurgeon Root is a pastor in Regina in western Canada. It is a city notorious for its Aboriginal gang culture. At night, they come knocking at his door: drug dealers, street fighters and muggers hoping to find a way out of their life of crime.
The poverty and discrimination suffered by Canada’s Aboriginal peoples have given rise to a gang culture in the prairie city of Regina. The gangs are involved in drug dealing and prostitution far beyond the city limits. Even now they mainly recruit their members from teenagers from the Aboriginal communities. The young men are hoping to find respect, recognition and a substitute family – but experience a nightmare of violence, crime and drug dependency. Pastor Spurgeon Root, who heads an outreach ministry in Regina, sees the problem as a legacy of Canada’s colonial past. A Report by Alexandra von Nahmen.
DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

4 WE WILL BE FREE – Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (full movie)

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10 mei 2014


The indigenous people in Canada are survivors. Survivors of a long history of oppression. Their culture and language were once questioned by the new ‘owners’ of their world. This documentary is looking for the sources of suffering within the indigenous population of Winnipeg in Canada. Their stories tell about a long battle for the right to simply exist and about a machinery that was designed to erase their people from planet earth. Many generations of indigenous people have suffered this cultural genocide enforced by the canadian government. What we see today is the aftermath of this history of colonization and the first steps to pick up the pieces and heal. There is a long journey ahead but a start is made.

Titel We will be free
Running time 60 Min.
Year of production 2011
Location Winnipeg / Canada
Format Colour / PAL / HDV / 16:9
Languages English
Music John Trudell / Winnipeg’s Most
Subtitles available in German

5 Aboriginal Rights as Economic Rights: Whose land is Canada selling?: Lecture by Arthur Manuel

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6 jan. 2017

First Nations leader Arthur Manuel, author (with Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson) of “Unsettling Canada – A National Wake-Up Call,” talked about the role Aboriginal rights play in the political economy of Canada today in his lecture on November 24, 2016 entitled “Aboriginal Rights as Economic Rights: Whose land is Canada selling?”

6 Canadian History and the Indian Residential School System

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17 jul. 2014
20 minute history of Canada and the Indian Residential School system. To provide historical context and intended as a prequel to the video Murray Sinclair Truth and Reconciliation. Developed for School District 27 Grade 5/10 History curriculum.
Kaptin Kuntry
The Monarchy needs to be held accountable for their part as well as the Churches.
Upon Sunnah
This needs to be taught in schools. Need to raise awareness!
Aiden Bear
Finally the whole truth is coming out being a residential school survivor myself I feel for those children maybe you can Rest In Peace . They need to look at all of the surrounding grounds on other old school sites you will be surprised 😮 they will be finding more that’s. So sad all the children that never made it home
Edwin Cabrera
This is more than just a black mark on Canada, as a human being with a soul and a heart it makes me as a white person born in Canada heartbroken, that this barbaric inhumane treatment of mankind took place this was an evil act of mankind and even today the treatment of the true people of this land is sickening, as a Non- First Nation person I like to say that I am deeply sorry that this happened and even today in 2016 justice is non-existence.

7 The history of Canada explained in 10 minutes

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19 jan. 2019

The history of Canada explained in 10 minutes

Canadian history from the discovery of the Vikings to the French and English colonization until modern times. 

Tags: Canadian history documentary, Canadian history crash course, Canada history, history of Canada documentary, history Canada summarized, Canada, history, Canadian history, Canadian American history, animated history of Canada, canadian history in a nutshell, canadian history for kids, educational, Canada Indians, Canada great Britain, English Canada, Quebec, French Canada, French English Canada,

Many people(especially Canadians) have commented about the use of the word “Eskimo” on the map. It has a much more controversial historical context in Canadian history, compared to its usage in Alaska and the continental United States; that I did not know about. This appears to be significantly due to the fact that the Canadian government issued “Eskimo tags” which had a number instead of the bearer’s name that was used for official purposes. I would be interested to read anyone’s experiences or knowledge on this topic to give further context. The word Inuit simply means people, while the etymology of Eskimo is unconfirmed according to the below article. In my opinion, the word “Eskimo” is not inherently inappropriate-However given it’s historical context especially in Canada it harkens back to when it has been used in a bigoted context. I would be especially interested to read any opinions from any Inuit/indigenous Arctic people and thier opinions on the term. Below are two articles that someone has posted in the comments that you can read to get more context on this issue.
“The English and the French did not coexist peacefully.” That’s a great summary of 90% of Anglo-French relations
Welcome to Canada. Where many lives were once lost in the Beaver Wars, and a Department Store once owned half of our country’s territory.
Canadians still call it ‘The Seven Years’ War’. As do the Europeans. Literally only the USA refers to it as ‘The French and Indian War’.
Alexander Karayannis
“If some countries have too much history, WE, have too much…geography!…” Canadian PM Mackenzie King in 1936
Shannon Elizabeth
I love seeing all the nice comments from other people from different countries watching this to know more about Canada! Sometimes I feel this great country can be forgotten ( I am Canadian myself) and it is so refreshing to see people wanting to know more about it! Edit: Honestly, it’s amazing what one can learn about their own home in one year. Canada is no great country, it’s a country plagued in a hateful past and to this day full of discrimination and prejudice. We are on stolen land, buy from indigenous businesses and educate one another (don’t rely on the Canadian education system) on the actual Canada.
Krio Is awesome
How dare you show Wayne Gretzky on the rangers
Carbon Fourteen
It is not pronounced “New Found Land”. It is pronounced “New Finlind”
Carlos Vaccarezza
I’m American. We couldn’t have asked to have a better neighbor to our North.
Frances Petryshyn
I was so glad Quebec didn’t leave us..I remember staying up for the vote
Kate Brown
What about Samual de Champlain? He is pretty important in Canadian history. He’s the guy who founded Quebec City.
Hannah Bee
I’m from the Netherlands and my grandma lived through the second world war. She always told me about our liberation by the Canadians. It led to some of her siblings moving there and she and my mom visited them very often. They even tried to move there themselves. When I was nine, I first went there. A beautiful country, thank you so much for liberating us! Love from the Netherlands
Olivier Hamel
I’m a Quebecer, nowadays, most Quebecers don’t want te separate from Canada. I don’t either and I hope we stay this way.

8 Lost in History – Treaty Making in Canada

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17 aug. 2020

Lost in History – a series examining the History of Indigenous Affairs in Canada
Treaty Making in Canada
For over 300 years, Indigenous Nations and the British and Canadian Crown have been negotiation and concluding agreements to establish trade and military alliances, normalize relations and allow for the expansion of settlers across Indigenous lands.
This video presents a high level overview of the treaty making process from the arrival of European settlers to the present day, as well as discuss the ongoing disagreements surrounding the spirit, the intent and the interpretation of Treaties in Canada.
Arnold Running Rabbit
Interested in the native perspective?, True Spirit And Intent Of Treaty 7, is a book I’d suggest
Sarah Robbins
Really great overview of Treaties in Canada. Thanks!
Maria Vandenbrand
I need to know what you mean by “indigenous people have been exploiting the mineral resources along the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Huron for a millennia.” Seems like your facts need to be checked.
Snow Devil
Treaties are agreements between two Sovereign Nations. Treaties also did not transfer ownership of land.
Yo is anybody here from maywood lol
NiimiiAnungKwe MaandaaKwe
I can hear the bias in your voice
Cheny Deniz
Since the invasion of europeans no peace for indigenous . Shameful Canada

9 History of Canada’s Indian Residential School

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29 mei 2014

Part 2 of 3 Central Okanagan School District presents Angela White and the Indian Residential School Survivors’ Society as a guest speaker on Canada’s Residential Schools. This second video covers the historical aspect of Residential Schools.
Aiden Bear
As a residential school survivor they need to check the surrounding grounds around st micheals school that was situated near duck lake Saskatchewan
Dylan Plosz
Funny how we never learned about these tragedies in school eh. This speaker did an excellent job in the presentation of these facts. Heart breaking what happened to that beautiful culture.
Aldona Keppler
Why Freemasons in Canada ( Pierre Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau) hate Brave People of first Nations?
yin yang
The government should burn for this!!!
Karen Otte
Well somebody carried in a few electric chairs some MK Ultra mind experiments was also done on them too and that could be what they’re trying to hide
Karen Otte
I have a clue my grandsons were taken right here in the United States by our government and when they tell you that it’s not your business where your grandkids are and you were a good mother and raise your children then you know your country is in deep trouble so I feel your pain
Karen Otte
The one with the deadly wound that healed that’s the Romans the Roman Catholic Church
hambug mongtanan
a generation of indians are phased-out so that the government can take control of the lands that we now call canada this is what the canada residential school is about.
Bev Lamorandiere
Where, was the love of the WHITE MANS GOD, for these innocent, precious , beautiful, children. Native people, understand. There was no such thing, as a man that could walk on water. Until the WHITE MAN , came over and handed you the bible, with one hand, and took your lands, with the other hand. Go back to your own beliefs.
Jacobe Ksor
I am Montagnard indigenous listen to you speech I understand what you mean we facing many problem by Vietnamese government today thanks for you video.
Karen Otte
A lot of them that survived they wiped out their memory with those electric chairs that’s MKUltra you need to check into MKUltra and find out who took those chairs today schools
Fritz Ruttimann
Very good presentation! Never give up and proceed to let the world know how bad and how inhuman all them innocent kids were treated and tortured by the Crown, the past governments and many of its servants. Some of them miss guided politicians, priests, sisters, and civil servants are still alive and got away unpunished.
Dj Moot
they were used and abused and yet not recognized as a person
Whenever I go to a foreign country, I am asked where I am going, how long I will stay, etc.
Leo Papineau
Sorry Justin. In case you were too young at the time ,your own father Pierre Rlliot was openly for integration…one nation…same institution ,same nation like many other nations in the world…like Mexico for instance.
Karen Otte
For all I know there still genocide the Indians
Karen Otte
No they were good at farming. They taught the white man how to farm they didn’t have Farms where they came from they were eating their dead date the Indian taught the white man how to farm don’t you know your history
Jesse Stewart
Wow little do I know.
Karen Otte
Well what should be done is the Indians that are left that will fill the government house should be ground and educated to run the government and it should be given back that day will never come and it’s unfortunate and it’s unfair and it’s going to cause the United States to get knocked down and it will only take 1 hour so let the chips fall how they may it’s coming and it’ll come fast
Cheny Deniz
Abolish Indian Act. Shameful
Melody Delgado
Well they lost !!!!!!

10 Stealing Other Customers’ Groceries Prank

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29 jan. 2016

Sometimes, when we’re just about to pay for our groceries, we realise we forgot to buy something… But why go back and look for it, when the customer behind you has exactly what you need?
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec