The Shocking Truth about Justice

1 The case Liam Allan is a simple example that shows we are dealing with
‘justice is a jungle’ 

It is a wild and dangerous place.

Destructive like a predator towards its prey,

or pure arbitrariness like a dictator.

(As we see in the examples in point 2 on the homepage.)

You can’t imagine it, someone can lie through their teethfor no reason

to put the blame on someone about something that never happened

and where nothing is wrong – with evidence on file

in order to disrupt or destroy someone’s life overnight.

Such a thing is no longer justice.

The question that needs to be asked beforehand is:

what is actually going on here?

It is the enigma of faulty human behaviour
(like a predator or dictator),
on an ordinary human who has done no wrong.

What is the trigger that leads one to shatter the lives

of people who have done nothing wrong,

in the ten cases on the home page?

It is the hard question that applies to every particle of the entire website!

2 Opening the eyes for the evils of justice

To summarise

3 Raise Eyebrows – What’s the right thing to do?

Truth Be Told 

Juste pour rire – Régiment gai, gai, gai

28 nov. 2012

Ce régiment de l’armée est vraiment incroyable. Il fait un entraînement gai, gai, gai à l’extérieur en jouant à saute-mouton, se donnant de petites tapes sur les fesses et s’embrassant sur la bouche! Tout ça devant les spectateurs crampés, bien assis sur leur banc de parc.
Une présentation de la chaine vidéo YouTube officielle de Juste pour rire les gags. Bourrez-vous la face des meilleurs et plus drôls gags de caméra cachée jamais tournés.