9/11 The beginning of closure

What The Twin Towers Meant To America

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11 sep. 2021

The Twin Towers were only part of the World Trade Center, consisting of 7 buildings total. Yet due to their incredible size, they became one of the most influential and culturally significant buildings in US history. This video goes over the Twin Towers’ role in the World Trade Centers, it’s development history, and how these factors worked together to give America a whole new meaning.
What comes to your mind when you think of America? The answer to this question will vary from generation to generation. For the Silent Generation, it was probably hot apple pie and rock and roll. For the baby boomers, it was experimentation and nonconformity. And for the adventurous and ambitiously growing yuppies of the early 1980s, it was the iconic New York towers. Known officially as the World Trade Centers, the Twin Towers were part of seven buildings within a complex located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. If you hadn’t already known, it may come as a surprise to you that these towers were only part of the World Trade Centers, as five other buildings were also working along with them, one of these a hotel. But due to their colossal size and being the original buildings, this term “World Trade Centers” was used interchangeably to describe these two mammoth structures, a clear indicator that their size alone was a huge component in making them so culturally significant. Built in 1973, they were the largest buildings in the world, and subsequently for the next two decades became a symbol for opportunity, a manifestation of the American Dream. Overseeing nearly all of New York city, The Twin Towers became something you almost could not escape from. They followed you everywhere, a rather optimistic metaphor for how prosperity in the United States was just inevitable. But why did the Twin Towers even exist in the first place? How did the World Trade Centers help shape America, and what was the magnitude of their presence? 
This video will focus on not what the Twin Towers became, but instead will focus on what they were. For a lot of the younger people watching, they might not even know what the World Trade Centers did, and that’s okay. With the passage of time comes the depreciation of knowledge for things that are now unfortunately only a part of the past, and the only way to keep their legacy living is to preserve their memory through artifact, historical record, and education. So, what did the World Trade Centers do? What where they used for? Well, they were the centers for trading across the entire world. Duh. Yes, that’s essentially what the Twin Towers were. They were office buildings. But what does that entail? I mean, that answer’s kind of boring, and apathetically leaves out a lot of important information. To really understand the magnitude of the World Trade Center’s cultural impact requires diving into its development history.

1 The tiny town that became a beacon of hope on 9/11 | 60 Minutes Australia

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2 The Looming Tower: Discussion with Lawrence Wright and Ali Soufan at the Foreign Fighters Forum

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19 nov. 2018

The Looming Tower: Discussion with Lawrence Wright and Ali Soufan at the ‘Forum on Returning Foreign Fighters: Policies and Actions to Address the Threat and Protect Vulnerable Communities’ held in Doha, Qatar, from 30-31 October 2018.
Organized by The Soufan Center, Georgetown University in Qatar, Qatar University, and the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies. More: https://foreignfightersandreturnees.com/
Erika Spence
Why does he keep referring to 9/10/11?
There were thousands and thousands celebrating the attacks on 9/11, so the fact they weren’t on bin laden’s official list of adherents is inconsequential. I’m still so grateful every day we ousted saddam. Meet us in iraq after school was a way kinder way to handle things than meet us Marlboro-country Afghanistan after school and the fact the insurgents showed up is evidence of success rather than failure. Our strategy has always been and still remains to normalize relations with the Middle East by consistently pushing for an Israeli Saudi hegemony. You don’t have to believe lies just because they print them, so people who cry no wmd iraq!” like the anthem of the butthurt deceived irritate me. It was such a transparent lie and the truth was just as clear. I was young, but I could see it so I only accept that from those who were infants and toddlers at the time. Right wrong neutral, it is an actual strategy.

3 Understanding the Bin Ladens

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2 mei 2008

The Bin Ladens rose from poverty to privilege; they loyally served the Saudi royal family for generations and became wealthy enough to live and invest in other countries, including the United States. Yet the family struggled to adapt simultaneously to Saudi Arabia’s puritanism and America’s myriad temptations. This became the context for Osama’s overwhelming determination to destroy the United States.
Steve Coll is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the national bestseller Ghost Wars.
jaye see
This conference was paid for by the Bin Laden family.
Gumnam Musafir
superb video thanks for sharing
But Barry got ‘im!
The text intro suggests binLaden was obssessed and motivated by his and his family conflict between western “temptations” and abiding by a life in the paradigm of “Saudi Arabia’s puritanism”. False. bin Laden was motivated to commit horrible terrorism because of US ‘security state’s’ actions&exploitation that made life miserable, deadly, bitter(e.g. daddy bush’s leaving US military bases in corrupt kings’ nations of the Arabic world)etc for the common Muslims post word war 2. 911 was blowback.
Isaac Leillhikar
Ben Laden said “the holllcaust would t have happened in the islamic world” and oh by the way, he supports Hamas and wants Israël to be destroyed, and worked with Hezbollah.

4 Original WTC Design Features (History Channel, 2002)

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20 dec. 2020

Segment taken from DVD “World Trade Center – A Modern Marvel” (History Channel, 2002). Time in: 02mn:12s.949ms / Time out: 13mn:13s.910ms.
Video has been deinterlaced with doubling the framerate, and video frame upscaled from 720×480 px to 1920×1440 px. Audio gain has been increased by 6.5 dB.
Everything they said about the twin tower, listening to it now that they’re gone…it’s just breaks your heart.
Kon Kidis
The pole vaulter commercial gave chills like someone falling from tower.
Soul Man
Frank DeMartini is a hero. He saved countless lives going up towards the site of the crash rescuing people from offices, busting through drywall, breaking down doors, and never once thinking about his own safety, just the safety of the people he knew were trapped.
Taylor Russell
6:30 mark ” I was stunned by the size and scale of the machinery , it was comparable to that of an aircraft carrier”
The man at 5:00 is known to have helped many people escape at or right below the impact zone. They tried to send him down with others but he wanted to keep going up rescuing people. A true hero 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joey K
They were such beautiful buildings. Beautiful in their stark simplicity.
Juan S
Crazy how all the machinery, steel and literally everything was pulverized
This footage is very surreal knowing everything we see here in the interiors of the buildings were completely crushed and turned to dust.
god, each time “Missing since 9/11/01” appears it gives me fucking chills because if they were never found, it means they were obliterated completely and that’s the most haunting shit
It’s mind boggling to think that nothing of what we see in this video exists any more. It’s all gone and not all that long after filming either.
Incredible video of Two amazing towers and people talking about them literally months before they were destroyed.
Daniel annett
Absolutely mind-blowing the origional WTC was just vast in scale it really was the economic heart of New York
John Paul
Beautiful buildings. God bless to the buildings and the amazing people who worked there. You could tell the Manager loved his job and was passionate about the whole complex. The Window Cleaner gentleman seemed like a legend, he said to the cameras “I get a 30 minute break every time” 😂❤️ Also, that is such a clever way to clean those windows, that robot system was amazing 🙌
Linda Lavino
I remember going to Gandma’s house for Christmas as a child in the late sixties & passing by the WTC as it was being built. My Dad told us it was going to be the tallest building in America. I never forgot that image or that conversation!❤
Ty Harry
Lost for 20 years today. Heres to all the people involved.
Bill Branch
My heart goes out to all that we’re affected by the events of that horrible day. Every year for 20 years I watch history channel all day and pray for all. It’s jus my way of honoring the wonderful people lost that day
The former WTC complex was so much better in ambition, quality and as a whole than the current towers
Tai Hung
It’s definitely a lost marble and it should still be here now
Daniel 13
I think people forget about how beautiful they really are, obviously after what happened, the first thing you think of is 9/11 when you see them again, such a shame. I was to young to remember them but they look amazing.
If The World Trade Center were still standing, they would’ve been upgraded with modern lights and look more beautiful than the Freedom tower.
Ian Warburton
1:11 Great footage of the floor trusses attached to bare metal. The lower chords apparently had dampeners at the end to reduce the sensation of the building swaying.
That man falling at the end is a Erie resemblance of that very day 😔
At 4:55 we see Frank De Martini, who is credited with saving over 50 lives on 9/11. He died when the North Tower collapsed at 10:28 AM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_De_Martini
Stephen Brewer
The window washer machine was way ahead of its time!
Jordan Atarah-Schumer
8:22 Roko Camaj. I remember watching a documentary that featured his son describing his zest and bright personality. He was in the south tower on 9/11 and called his wife to reassure her that he was fine. Sadly, he didn’t make it. What a life he lived among the towers. RIP Roko.
Seeing “missing since 9/11/01” pop up next to some of these people is really eerie. Knowing they had only about 8 more months of life on Earth
broken widget
You did an amazing job of this i was super impressed having seen this before its like watching a new video thanks and how you do this 😊
RIP you magnificent structures. In retrospect, they are the most beautiful, imposing and powerful pair of structures one could imagine. The twin Petronas Towers come close, but the fact the WTC pair were on diagonals and embodied NY bravado makes/made them better
What an interesting video. Thank you for posting! I wish I could have seen these marvelous buildings in real life 😥
I like these videos that show the WTC as it used to be before the attacks since I never had the chance to see it with my own eyes. I went to visit NYC back in 2007 when the place was still a construction site. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives that day.
Juan Way Trips
oof, that ad at 10:20 gave me chills thinking of all the people who jumped from the towers before they collapsed because they couldn’t escape.
Oliver Rea
Definitely hearing how they kept everything as safe as possible and had all its amazing services like it’s own police station and own city is crazy to know how it was going to wiped out. I never knew the scale of these buildings. It’s definitely crazy how much was in these buildings. The scale of these buildings going is unbelievable.
Gary Delemeester
I produced the pole vaulter commercial (for AT&T, for 1996 Olympics) footage used late in this documentary. I recall now later helping to get the documentary maker the footage.
El Scorcho
The towers at dusk were the most gorgeous sight
Love how dedicated foreigners are doing what ever jobs they can get.
9:17 you can the signature of the French tight rope/high wire walker Philippe Petit who crossed the towers with a wire the gap between the two towers !
D 95
Rest In Peace to the window washer in this video Roko Camaj 🕊
duuude it looks soo good. the quality is just amazing!
brenda betancourt
those two men, Frank de Martini 7:14 and Roko Camaj 8:49 died in the attacks of september 11, 2001
Franco Firpo
“It (WTC) was larger than the flight deck of an aircraft carrier” Oh my… That analogy didn’t age well.
Ricky Ibarra
Aww qué épocas 😍
1111 javantgarde
I’ve always found it amazing how WFC 2, 3, and 4 (buildings with pyramid and dome roofs) survived the event. They’re directly across the street and the original complex buildings that survived.
For me they represent a moment in time. And a symbol of the might of America. What stands there now is just a nice building. Nothing all that special looking or impressive. Feels like a compromise. It’s almost like when the originals fell it was a defeat. They fell and so did we. And we never really got back up. It just doesn’t feel like we got back up again. Nothing compares to the original. I’m not the only one who wishes we could have brought them back better than ever.
Why isnt video these days in this framerate? It looks so fliud and great
Ricky Raso
Man, I loved those buildings
Imagine telling the people in this video that in less than one year from when they recorded this that the entire complex would be obliterated.
If I recall correctly that instrumental that plays in the back at 1:402:00 was used several times for those 90210 promos between episodes.
Zaron Gaming
Looking down from near the top is already creepy but made even more so knowing that some of the people above the impact zone were forced to leap from there. Looking up from the ground you understand where they landed. 10:22 just emphasizes my point. God that had to be beyond hellish
Joel salinas solo
the twin towers were so beautiful and especially at night
Tommy Jessen
🇩🇰 R.I.P 🇩🇰😩 So Beautiful buildings
User not found
My freshman year of college was 2001 and i lived a block away at Pace University’s dorm tower, what a crazy day. I miss the old buildings. The new one is an eye sore.
Whoa. That window-washing shit was pretty rad! 😳
Extremely Heterosexual
10:06 “today the world trade center has become an icon for success” made me think they were still here for a second 😔
Ido Dekel
10:20 was a very upsetting image :/
World Trade Center was the best tower in New York there was a nice look it was a shame that the towers no longer exist always think of World Trade Center 9/11
Danny M
What a shame that they are no longer there.
Bharath Govinda
this breaks my heart!
I Hope Someone Would Rebuild The Tower and The Complex Again!. Such Beautiful Building😔
Extremely Heterosexual
10:32 even though it was recorded in early 2001 the way she talks about the WTC as if they’re gone is ominous considering the fact that in 8 months they’d be gone.
New Coz
It’s mental that just months after all the videos were recorded the towers were attached
Colin Darchuk
It’s crazy to think about some of the people in the video are dead like when he is showing the subway
This guy narrated everything from 1900-Dirty Jobs. Lol Ok, I’m not “that guy” but the pole vaulter should have been edited out. Knowing that others had to take that decision and still leaving it is disrespectful.
Blue McDaniel
I fuck with my guy Eric Darton. Good Energy.
This is some great video quality for 2002
4:03 Dude in the jacket and tie realizes he’s on camera and his fly is down.
Late 90’s/early 00’s TV was entertaining. Wtf happened?
Angel Ortuño Rubio
Thanks for sharing, great video. Never forget.
I wonder how many of the people seen in this video .. the ones in the lift .. the train .. the escalator etc survived ?!
Kai’s World
10:21 it’s so Eerie to see that guy falling
Its just beautiful
Air-Force-One PTFS
They where so bueatifull wish they where still here
Genialny dokument. Dziękuję
rick beniers
this is part of a WTC documentary produced in January and February 2001(before 9/11), the original documentary is about 40 to 50 min long.
What makes this footage chilling is the good quality of it. Everything looks so lifelike, like it was filmed just yesterday. Crazy stuff.
Satyendra N Doni Banerjee
Built by ambitious, intelligent, clever heros and destroyed by pathetic, sociopathic cowards ! It 14 years to rebuild, no matter what, WTC will live on ! RIP to the 6 people who died in the 1993 bombing and to the 2,977 people who died on 9/11 !!!
A. Pseudonym
very cool, thanks for uploading
Jack Son
0:19 they actually look like they’re reaching into the clouds!
Bridget Gaskell
Does anyone know why they built two towers instead of just one?
10:23 … you may call it superstitious.
dan allen
The guy pole vaulting at the end is so reminding of 9/11
KC Poodles of PA
Who would have thought it would come down less than 8 months later with so many innocent souls. Does “missing since” mean they did not make it? 😢
Jackie G.
After what happened, I am scared of any tall building in NYC. I would rather stay safe on the ground at least I can run away from it
bro this video looks awesome
Do you not think it odd how good quality this footage is but yet all the apparent live network footage from 11/09/2001 appeared like it was all filmed using potatoes. HD cameras existed long prior to 2001 and the news networks were using them.
Outer colums makes it clostrofobic
I can’t imagine how many of the people we see here died in the towers on 9/11
Jaeden Miranda
Did anyone get chills at 10:22?🤨
HAHAHA and it took few donkeys with no demolition experience to take it all down.
Melanie Brantner
God bless the USA Never forget 🇺🇲
abderaman alzemouri
where can i foud the complete documentary in HD ?
Michael Swanson
They need to build a matching tower .
these people interviewed in 2001 look like from the 80s lol
Couldn’t the water thats pumped from the Hudson have been used to help put the fires out?
beby Rodrigues
Porfavor que las construyan otra vez
James Hull
Check out the story of Frank A.De Martini who appears at 4mins.53. Cool guy
Hazes Is koning
And still they didn’t extra stuff,to escape the horror dead if your trapped🥺🥺twenty years later,you would think they invent little parachutes,ziplines,and what more
10:20 really creepy shot
Jonathan Rojas Sanchez
10:17 My god scary to see that
Jesse Mag
How tragic. I miss the World Trade Center.
John Augsburger
Thanks so much
Libertas Capitur
Meer tonen
Sam I Am
They were so over built. Incredible
10:20 way to detailed😥
Gig Tee Vee
What a document 20yrs on…so much lost.
Julien B
1:13 “each floor, one hectar in size”. OMG this documentary is full of shit. FIY guys, 1 hectares is 100×100 meters. So tell me with a tower side of 63m and a middle area that can’t be used for offices obviously, how do you guys arrive at the conclusion 1 hectare per floor?
Ibrahim jalloh
I know that No Chance in Hell Man
Jack Miner
Never forget
Oh my god that pole vault ad is so uncomfortable
Would it have been possible to climb down the side of the building gripping the windows cleaning rails?
nemo pouncey
strange on the movies there destroyed? foreshadowing.
Willam Ferreira da rocha
Who would think 7 month later……
My YouTube
10:23 The falling man…..
Gabriel Miller
When these interviews were filmed I’d turned 1 around a week or so before ….. so unfortunately I’ve never known the twin towers (and the entire WTC in general) as icons of NYC but as what they are now …. appearance wise these building were much better than the current half completed complex … the south tower’s outdoor observation deck was absolutely stunning with all that open space (in my opinion better than the one in Empire State Building) … even the indoor one was more than adequate ….. as far as the North Tower goes although it didn’t have an observation deck it had something equally unique … the fabulous Windows on the world restaurant which putting it in a few words it was an absolutely stunning facility with great views and multiple venues …. much much better than the measly food section of the Freedom tower ….. in conclusion yes the original towers were much better in my opinion but for obvious reasons they couldn’t have been rebuilt… the current complex will have to do
Meer tonen
Rick Feng
11 minutes? That was it?!
member berries
The one world trade centre is ugly in comparison to the two towers, NY will never be the same since the loss.
One of the few American skyscrapers of the late 20th Century that was named after an “idea” as opposed to a corporation, bank, government institution or…you-know-who. I don’t think there was a whole lot of “world trade” that took place there after it was finished. The shipping broker businesses that were initially supposed to fill the building shrank considerably with the late 1960s introduction of container shipping…which more or less ended Manhattan as a port destination. Like it’s kindred tower, The Empire State Building, WTC took many years to turn a corner and rent up. It was all part of a long-view plan by Chase Manhattan Bank to “upgrade” that section of lower Manhattan — where CMB had just built their new headquarters — and keep the NYC “financial sector” in lower Manhattan. In that sense the WTC was a success.
Meer tonen
Richard Beman
It is a wonder if the “window washing machine” could possibly have saved some lives…
Shah Affiq
1:42 in 2001 people’s hair still looks like 90s
Tropical Thunder
Yo what was wrong with Eric Darton’s hair 💀
Wade David
And 9 months later…..
Narrow safety exit what we should know/ And this speach in the video is bla-bla
Trump actually favored rebuilding the original towers stronger than ever but many opposed it.
roderick fiske
Just two very tall coffins for an awful lot of destroyed people & what about the trigger plot discovered previously, who was responsible for that ?
Joey Scerbo
6:54 he looks like Frank Sinatra
Ibrahim jalloh
That is So Sad
Dj Husler
Where is the rest please?
asdd loll
jet fuel cannot melt steel beams
Brandon White
How many of these people died that were in this footage
Gamer hole
Оргинал Что Башня Близнецы в Камера Смотрим 360. S
A Seagull
I personally think the original twin towers looked better asthetically than the new One World Trade Center.
william haggard
Seeing there gone but they shall be back drops in film/TV Superman the movie & Escape from New York etc,.
John Skogman
Blonde guy must smoke alot.
20 years ago man
Push Vedula
Thought the PAPD was it’s police?
Ibrahim jalloh
No Gureentee For Sure He is Dead
W Hall
So I guess some of these people in this documentary are dead now
Nick Thomas
They talk of being ready for any emergency ….when the time came they where ready for none .They even tried to send people back to there offices telling them it was a false alarm.The construction was was third rate fire proofing barley done no support colloms .They even rewrote New York’s fire code just to construct it.They should never have been built.
Absolute Veteran
We should have rebuilt them, but 10 stories higher
Esteban Fuenzalida
THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS AN ICON SKYBUILDER ON NEW YORK CITY 🌃🌃🌃🌇🌇🌉🌉🌉🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽🗽🌉🌉🌉🌃🌃🌇🌇🌇🌇
10:19 damn, falling man ripped off this advertisment, get some original content.
Bad commercial @10:24 😞
Young Welsh
It was also a hotspot for gay people. There’s a film about it
Garrett Reyman
I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I never thought they were very good looking buildings. Would’ve still loved to have gone though. That rooftop observation deck would’ve been awesome.
Pareanoa Picard
Biggest tomb ever builted.
Teresa McGrath
They were designed to withstand hits from airliners apparently…
someone had a really bad monday and brought it to work that day huh?
Dan Tooine
When did they add the controlled demolitions?
Gabriel Guzman
I don’t understand why they didn’t remake both towers. It just tells me they were going to demolish them if 9/11 didn’t happen
Bodhisattva Mazzoncini
No planes. Not a single one.
Miles Tone
I don’t get why people believe it must be controlled demolition. On one of the amateur video’s you hear a close bystander say: “what if the structure can’t carry the weight once all the steel is melted away, and the whole building just comes crashing down?” Why even say that before it actually happens, if your theory gets to be debunked in hindsight? I trust the brain of an alert bystander more than a 1000 computer simulations. Also, you can clearly see the building collapsing from the top down. If it was a bomb it might as well be an airplane.
Héctor Morales
¿Quién puso los explosivos que denunciaron los bomberos en las torres gemelas? Por supuesto no fue Osama Bin Laden.
A bit hard to believe a acre wide building could be demolished by a passenger plane
Alexander Pytko
Everyone says all the great things these towers symbolized and yet when they were destroyed, the owners and people in charge of the property STUBBORNLY refused to rebuild them even though almost the whole country wanted that including the families of the victims lost that day. Rebuilding them would’ve symbolized that we can rebuild and it would’ve represented a wound healing. People can’t recognize the NYC skyline without them even I can’t. Those jerks said it was for the best not to rebuild them but really what they were saying in their heads was, “Too bad. We don’t care what you all want. It’s our property and we’ll build whatever the hell we want on it. NAH!”
Meade Music
Al Quaeda is the original cancel culture.

5 The Al-Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West

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1 feb. 2012

The Al-Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West
This conversation, hosted by the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies Program, took place on January 31st, 2012 between Peter Bergen and the head of the New York Police Department Intelligence Division’s Analytic Unit, Mitchell D. Silber and includes an overview of his new book The Al-Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West.

6 Steve Coll Briefing – “After Osama: Where Do We Go From Abbottabad?”

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11 mei 2011

B Al-Bash
Coll is great reporter , I finished Ghost war and pouring over directorate s both page turner .
Interesting conversation with reporter, Steve Coll, fresh from Pakistan who has worked in the region since the early 90’s. New insights, especially about the ISI.
I understand that this working lunch is an american thing. We tried it once in our office in italy. It didnt work at all 😉 after 10 min eveyone was busy munching on pizzas and canolis

7 Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda: Lessons from the Abbottabad Documents

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1 jun. 2012

Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda:
Lessons from the Abbottabad Documents

The Navy SEAL team that ended Osama bin Laden’s life last May also grabbed a massive collection of digital and physical material from his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Seventeen of the documents the SEALs swept up that night were released earlier this month by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, which also produced a detailed report analyzing and contextualizing the writings by al-Qaeda’s most important leader and several of his top lieutenants. The New America Foundation is proud to host the lead author of that report, Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Ladin Sidelined?, for a discussion of the Abbottabad documents and what they tell us about the past and future of al-Qaeda.

Featured Speaker
Nelly Lahoud
Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Senior Associate, Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

Brian Fishman
Counterterrorism Research Fellow
New America Foundation


Terence Winters
Stalin was a great critic of the czars but was more brutal than them when he came to governance.
wheres my dry cleaning
Now please tell me how you figure the IRA killed two thousand civilians. Then I would like you to show me a link to were you get this knowledge that nobody else knows about LOL
Terence Winters
Eric hofers ” true believer” identifies some characteristics of fanatical people though western in orientation it’s still important. Also the ” mystics of islam ” book identifies a type who will stave in the boat all are in. Zawahiri still with an unlisted phone number ?
Brandon Smith
also stop checking your facts on Wikipedia HAHA you cant even find creditable research your facts are outdated by 16 years of extra casualties. make sure when you take that trip to the library you put your helmet on so you dont hurt yourself good sir…
Its no longer war when a country can’t fight back, that is when it becomes oppression and domination mo chara, Yes of course I have great respect for any man or woman who picked up a gun to remove the British from or land, see you will never understand the feeling of occupation by army, How would you like if the shoe was on the other foot and it was them dropping 500lb bombs on your houses and schools? Would you pick up a gun to defend your land ? what is the difference between them and you?
Brandon Smith
Actually sir i disagree, you term terrorist is a loosely used term. I see that your name is UnitedIrisMen so I feel you might have some positive feelings about the IRA. You call us terrorists but the IRA are just as guilty of killing innocent people as we, are as Al-Queda is. War is war my friend to be blinded by a fog of ignorance to the fact that innocent people die is foolish. War has casualties some unintended. No here in the US intends on hurting civilians but War is war.
Joe Morrissey
Bin Laden had no ego? Nonsense. People like Bin Laden do the things they do precisely because they are driven by ego. Their sole purpose is to be remembered as a historic figure, Everything else, politics, religion, etc. is merely smoke. This woman has no real understanding of human nature.
Brandon Smith
Well sir you obviously cant even have a constructive conversation, how about acting like an adult and providing facts. I’ve shown you that you are wrong that that is the civilian casualty count. You are letting your personal biases taint your argument and its quite sad. You know if you don’t go to an accredited university with the ability to do research on topics like this maybe you should try google 😉 I hear its the rage for uneducated youtube trolls
First off the the IRA were not terrorist, Ireland is Ireland and the English Army have no place in Ireland, You simply have no idea of what you are talking about, Yes the IRA did kill innocent people by mistake but you have no idea about the absolute horrendous conditions Irish people were made live in, in our own country. No civil rights because we are catholics mean while you have an English army shooting people for wanting equal rights as a protestant, I’d advise you look into Irish history.

8 Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Osama bin Laden: From 9/11 to Abbottabad, Peter Bergen

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5 nov. 2012

One of the few Westerners to interview Osama bin Laden, Peter Bergen, a CNN national security analyst, discussed his recent book, “Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Osama bin Laden: From 9/11 to Abbottabad,” at the Honorable T. Linus Hoban Memorial Forum at The University of Scranton. The lecture took place Thursday, Oct. 25, at 7 p.m. in the McIlhenny Ballroom of the DeNaples Center on campus. The lecture was sponsored by The Lackawanna Bar Association and The University of Scranton.
Jonathan Michael
Thank you for posting this, The University of Scranton.
Michael Larossa
Bergen is awesome. Love his insight. The man had a sitdown with bin laden

9 Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of al Qa’ida since 9/11

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14 mei 2012

Hunting in the Shadows:
The Pursuit of al Qa’ida since 9/11

This event was presented by the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies Program and was a conversation with Seth Jones about his new book, Hunting in the Shadows, which chronicles the efforts of the United States and its allies to find and stifle the shifting, multipronged threat posed by al-Qa’ida and its affiliates.

Featured Speaker
Seth G. Jones
Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation
Author, Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of al Qa’ida since 9/11

Brian Fishman
Counterterrorism Research Fellow
New America Foundation


Todd Clampffer
Awesome. Added to summer reading list. Thanks NAF/

10 Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda

16 apr. 2013

16 apr. 2013

Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda

On September 11, 2001, as Central Intelligence Agency analyst Philip Mudd rushed out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House, he could not anticipate how the terror unleashed that day would change the world of intelligence and his life as a CIA officer. Mudd, now a fellow with the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies Program, would later serve as deputy director of the CIA’s rapidly expanding Counterterrorist Center and then as senior intelligence adviser at the FBI.

Please join the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies for a conversation with Philip Mudd and Peter Bergen about Mudd’s new book, Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda, which provides a first-person account of his role in two organizations that changed dramatically after 9/11. The book also sheds light on the inner workings of the intelligence community during the global counterterror campaign.

Philip Mudd
Senior Research Fellow, National Security Studies Program, New America Foundation
Author, Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda

Peter Bergen
Director, National Security Studies Program, New America Foundation


phil Mudd, tha original box of rocks
He comes across as a bit of a dick…but he’s more than entitled to his opinions than me,,I just don’t agree with his,,,that’s life
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Lots of self deprecation! Why?
Craig D'Ooge
You mean “experienced’?
smokes prohibiteds cow cx
All are inwolve in mis use of Our Yerrotery Assia npt for Sell / ..
Very very dangerous man. Egomaniac who wielded immense power. And is for the most part, so wrong
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He is representing and being filmed for New America. Very aggressive and vodka tonic comments are not funny. These are serious subjects!

11 Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al-Qaeda

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20 sep. 2011

Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al-Qaeda
Friday, September 16, 2011 – 12:15pm – 1:45pm

On September 16th, the New America Foundation’s National Security Studies Program held a discussion with New York Times correspondents Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker on their groundbreaking new book, Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda.

Featured Speakers
Eric Schmitt
Author, Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda
New York Times Correspondent for terrorism and national security

Thom Shanker
Author, Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda
New York Times Correspondent for the Pentagon and national security

Peter Bergen
Director, National Security Studies Program
New America Foundation


John Holmes
One should research the Hegelian Principle.
TT O'Keefe
I wonder if these fools look at the ashes and dust of their schemings. They made a desert and called it peace.
Who Killed John O’neil?
Hali Berri
America lives on. God bless America and the people

12 One World Trade Center: Engineering an Icon

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30 okt. 2015

The story (in brief) of the reconstruction of One World Trade Center. Featuring the key players involved in this truly amazing project.
The Pacific Northwest Crew
I think the problem with building a twin is… it would be too hard to look at for most people.
The new tower looks like two towers leaning against each other.
Deann Manochio
My brother helped build this!!!🙏❤
Allen Marvets
I think its beautiful and lot of people are confused on the design, 8 sides to represent both world trade centers as 1, looks amazing
David Butler
Absolutely beautiful building, I so miss the World Trade Center though.
Niklas Enblom
I remember, shortly after September 11th, I already started seeing proposals for different designs for the new building in the newspapers. The shock of that awful day had, for me, just started to wear off. As time went on, I wasn’t so sure whether or not the new building should be called The World Trade Center or the The Freedom Tower. However, a couple of years ago, I was in Manhattan and I took the subway down to The World Trade Center. I came up from the station and I saw this giant sign that said World Trade Center. That was an awesome moment! I said to myself that The World Trade Center is back!!
97warlock ismyname
Theres some who feel they should have replaced the twin towers ………. while this seems to make sense, but think about it for moment. It will Not correct things, it will Not bring anyone back nor remove the horror that took place. People have severe anguish & anxiety & many lives were lost horribly. It was a terrible terrible day for everyone. …. To rebuild a replica would be to remind many of that Horrible day. This change in appearence,to me I think be for the better & let the horror lie in the past & move forward & honor the victims.
I think it looks amazing. That building is pretty much standing for the new world we live in today. It’s also a very proud looking building as well. 😊
Beautiful. Just beautiful. A testimony that American engineering is fully planted into the 21st century. 😍
I grew up in NY all my life and would look at the Twin Towers every time I went any across bridge especially the Verazzano and they were beautiful. After 9/11 when I would look in that direction it felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. They made the NY skyline, you knew when you were getting close to home because you could see them from miles away and this building has nothing on the Twins.
Gabor Horvath
It would be fantastic to work with a company who was responsible for building such a magnificent office tower in the heart of the financial district in New York. Just imagining how much could be learned from the experts at WSP gives me goosebumps.
i’ve been to the bottom of the building and just looked right up, mesmerizing experience. It’s a beautiful thing
One World Trade Center is a beautiful new building. It feels amazing living in NYC and seeing it everyday.
I think the design of the new One World Trade Center looks great, the other designs look pretty bad though especially the one that looks like a bunch of stacked boxes like someone was playing a game of Tetris and really sucked at it. Why can’t they just build two and have them both look the same as the new One World Trade Center? i think that would be great because again it would be twin towers but it wouldn’t look exactly the same because i think to just make them exactly the same wouldn’t be right either. It has to convey newness and hope for the future as well as remembrance and our ability to rebuild and i don’t feel the designs of the other ones fit that, they just look too different.
Flaco Fausto
I remember when I came to New York, my mom gave me a “tour”, and saw those beautiful towers I was ashamed to look up like a tourist, I was trying to pretend I’m real new Yorker lol, but it was imposible not to look up, freedom tower is beatiful and modern, but never gonna be so impressive like the World Trade Center
Charlie Ackerson
I loved the twins, and it feels empty without another. but I feel that once WTC 2 is complete and the construction is done I feel like it will be just as stunning
Robert Currie
As much as I love the new building, it is incomplete. As is the rest of the project. The “communications ring at the roof was supposed to enclosed. They, instead, left it incomplete. Also, another WTC building was supposed have a slanted top. The pointed lower end of the roof was supposed to aim directly at ground zero. It never happened.
the building is really beautiful, and somehow, at least it seems to me, it is a kind of tribute to the missing towers, because depending on how you look, it may seem like the towers in some way, and so new generations can get an idea of the effect that had those buildings so high in this same place, so I think the design is successful , and at the same time, innovative, because despite what happened, we must look forward, and although I also liked the twin towers, I think it is better to have built this building, and start a new chapter in the history of new york, architecturally speaking. Well, the environment of the building is magnificent, I think the area is one of the best in Manhattan.
I hope to visit NY soon and can’t wait to see 1WTC and the memorial.
Tarin B
Gorgeous they did a phenomenal job made me cry!!!!!!! I can’t wait to visit it someday God Bless America
Mad Dog Charm
Strictly talking about the buildings, the architect for the original towers hated the idea of all glass for several good reasons. In my view, it looks nice, not ugly, but it doesn’t look “New York” the way the old buildings did. They were clean but gritty, gothic but timelessly modern. They said something when looking at them that this building just doesn’t. Besides that, this building doesn’t really seem to match the surrounding architecture as well.
Worthy Cap
God bless the United States of America! I’m from Guatemala I worked in NY for 5 years those where the best days of my life American people are the best very kind and generous. USA is no doubt the best country in the world
So where is the Western hemisphere? 😂 Amazing building! Looks awesome
Honestly the old ones were just two rectangles but they were iconic. But if they could build a 2nd one of this,I’d be satisfied.
Benjamin Wallace
Omg I just realized my dad works for WSP I asked him He apparently helped design the heating ventilation air conditioning system He’s been with WSP since 2001
Matt Groters
Authors and builders, you did well. You did well. It’s beautiful, a statement of freedom and resilience that can scarcely be matched. I’ve been to the top, and heard the story of it’s birth. It’s an achievement for the ages and a gift to the future of New York and the USA.
Michael Vukovic
WTC 1 looks pretty amazing, especially with the memorial right below. Probably couldn’t be better. … but the design I seen for WTC 2, after they changed it, was a joke I thought. The design they had the first time for WTC 2 was way better.
Edward McLaughlin
I was just looking forward to my first visit to NY when this whole lockdown set about us. Who knows when or if I’ll make it now; but if I do, the first thing I will do is go to see this wonderful building. Truly beautiful.
Andrew /\ H-TOWN
Love the building just wish they went with a twin tower design and built two side by side
Beautiful building,
Maria Hadjidemetriou
incredible video and story. Thank you all for giving us greatness.
It’s a beautiful building, I think they did a good job, my only issue with it is that antenna posing as a spire…
Legacy Jeet Kune Do
In order to be triumphant, they needed to build two replacement towers that were kitty corner from the previous ones and taller.
J— B—
I went and saw this tower 4 years ago. But it was so unreal to be there.. standing there.. knowing what happened in that exact location on 9/11/01. Chills beyond believe.
WTC 1 makes me proud to be a tourist in my home city
I) Same height for top floor as the previous towers II) The bottom part resemblance to the old towers Didn’t notice these two homages to the old towers before this video.
Meer tonen
M. Iqbal Syaputra
But the twin is always in my heart:(
It looks like two buildings morphed into one. It looks like one starting at the bottom but then the other one is morphed at the top. Hard to explain but that’s cool. Nothing will obviously never meet up to the twins but it’s still beautiful.
SD SoCal
It’s is beautiful building indeed, but I will always prefer it’s parents, as they were so iconic.
There is such an extreme level of symbolism in every aspect of both the Twins and becoming this One trade center, it is ridiculous. People just do not understand. I guess they cannot.
That new single tower looks rather lonely without a twin.
It’s a shame this video didn’t show more or the buildings interior.
Alexander Hamilton
i just hope that wtc 2 will be a twin. please make the right choice. we want two towers again, even if they aren’t exactly the same.
Gregory Drakes
I’m glad they decided to rebuild the World Trade Centre. Even though it’s much different from what was there before (which is usually the case when structures are rebuilt), it still looks great!
Stop Domestic Abuse
They make it sound so wonderful smh I’ll never go there! RIP to all Sept 11, 2001
Sylver Fox
It is amazing how they built the Freedom Tower to mimic both the north tower of the World Trade Center and the Washington monument.
Pavel Yurkevich
Thank you for everything!
I ascended the tower, it’s monumental and yes, my jaw dropped, a Phoenix.
Salomon Villafuerte Aguilera
Awww 🥰 proud to live in the USA 🇺🇸
the building is incredible, especially in person. But it doesn’t seem right.
Tom Sid
I remember driving to the jersey shore and stopped at a rest stop for food and I saw the construction of the trade center from accross the river. It was 2/3rds done
This video told me nothing about how the tower was “engineered”.
allen p.
I think they nailed it. Good job NY.
Samantha merkulov
The twin towers will always remain the original icons you can never replace them and it would not be smart to build them again
who else likes memes
It looks beautiful, but the twin towers are also very beautiful, and iconic. Even though I was born after 9/11, I still have an opinion that the twin towers should have been rebuilt. But not in the same place of course, because the footprints are to honour the victims of that day. They could have rebuilt them, but right next to the memorial.
Make the actual tallest building in the western hemisphere it would be impressive. Anyone can throw a giant spire on top and call it a day, hell multiple buildings in New York are taller.
Dorian McKoy
It would be cool if they made a twin but the first one is struggling to fill up so I don’t see a reason why we need one
The Sexy Skywalker
I wish they rebuilt an updated Twin Towers. maybe like this one but two of them. It feels incomplete as one also One WTC is not as beautiful as the original 🙁
You can’t call it an icon until it becomes one. It first has to deserve the status of an icon like the old towers did.
Tyler Vossler
God bless America 🇺🇸❤️
Christine Daae
Every time I see The Freedom Tower, I can’t help but to get a lump in my throat. It’s symbolic of what was once there, what is there now, and The Freedom Tower is a pillar of strength! It really is! God Bless New York City! And God Bless America!
James Wilson
Jennifer Anderson
Nothing beats the original 😭😭
Maverick 64
It is an amazing structure, for many reasons. No, it’s not like the originals, but then again it shouldn’t be.
My favorite building💙🤤
Bruce Macmillan
As skyscrapers go, I think this is an improvement over what was there before. But… I don’t particularly like modern architecture and tall buildings, so my appreciation of this new tower is limited.
vsboy 25
It’s a beautiful building
Glad to have been part of this project.
Screw this building I want the old ones back
Paul Mader
It does look awesome but there should be two
Jamie Windridge
One day I hope to visit from England, come pay respects, in memory of the British people who died that day. The relationship between America 🇺🇸 and England 🇬🇧 will remain strong. May God continue to comfort the families affected and first responders who helped that day. America we love you, prayers from me in England 🇬🇧. God bless America and England. 🙏🙏
Liam MacDonald
8:06 “This giant tallest tower in the western hemisphere.” CN Tower: Am I a joke to you?
Isaac Howard
Wish we had something like this in London
Glen Mccarthy
Looks like something you see springing up on the Dubai skyline, plus the industrial looking eyesore of a communications tower should have been shrouded in architectural cladding.
World Clasher
Why not build two it would be better and bring back the feel of the old twins
ygg drasil
No open air deck. That was what made the old twin towers amazing – a huge square open air platform over half a kilometre up in the air.
I would love this building if it weren’t for that giant-ass antenna on the roof. It’s so huge it ruins the proportions of the volume.
Miguel Rivera
It’s a beautiful site. Especially watching it from an airplane window from above. . It’s breath taking
Roger Trefren
It’s an 8 side mosk on most of it’s floor’s.
Esmeralda Hernandez
Idc about you boring people but I actually find this building so Beautiful because of how Clean & Crisp it is anddd that Detail of the pinched edges is sheeesh 🤩
David Butler
I always said, “built the buildings one story taller, 111 stories”, I Love the Freedom Tower but the fact of having 2 111 Story Buildings…. GOD Bless the UNITED STATES 🙏
The shock that an hour after the first building was hit there were no jets in the air and the Pentagon got hit….why wasn’t the capital protected?
arcanine 917
love the architectural beauty of wtc1. but instead of making it 1776 feet representing the year of our independence, they should have made it 2001 feet to represent the year that 9/11 took place as a form of remembrance. they also should have built two of them
Twins were such a unique idea. Will be forever missed
Bruno Rafael
One WTC is amazing, imagine a twin freedom towers instead of that glass box ugly thing (wtc 2)…
AO Bane
To me it looks more like a Chicago landscape. I rarely look at it from my rooftop. It gives me no particular feeling. It’s just there.
Stephen W
If they didn’t put an air defense system on top of that tower, they failed miserably.
agnel dmello
I am gonna visit this one day😍😍
The twins were so much more beautiful
They should have built a twin.
Michael Piccirillo
After seeing what happened to the twin towers how could. Anyone be in that building & feel safe? I see a plane off in the distant I’m heading for the stairs downward.
Victa Beer
I’m still creeped out about the whole thing . Nice recovery NYC . Cheers
Nacho Croes
Absulutie beautiful building God bless New York and united state of america 🇺🇸 .
Alister Mcintyre
Beautiful building
Gregory Dahl
The fallout makes good cement ?
Emilio Rebenga
Beautiful, beautiful tower, but we could’ve also built another identical one right next to it.
Sloop John B
I love how huge the originals looked, their width paired with the height made them so intimidating. The new tower is beautiful as well, but it doesn’t have that same empowering feeling to it imo.
Aneudi Diaz
With all that money invested in the reconstruction of the One World Trade Center, they missed this one flaw of the building, which only happens during very cold winter days. Ice builds up on top floors of the facade, when it thaws, it shoots down at the angles to pedestrians below. When it gets bad, they yellow tape the area off, so no pedestrians are hit with fallen ice.
r.i.p. wtc, amazing tribute 1wtc
William Campenni
Beautiful building but it just doesn’t feel right
juan carlos martin
For me the NYC skyline is meant to have his Twins on it for always. Not that less memorable and les beauty Single tower.
Stewie Wonder
I loved Twin Towers, but I also fell in love with One WTC. Gives me chills anytime I visit the area.
Man it still looks like something there is missing just build a twin
Ta Ta
Went to New York and seen this building with my own eyes and tbh it didn’t look really tall at all…maybe because of the angles and stuff and there’s other tall building surrounding it.
Sherlock Ohms
I didn’t understand the bit where they said “we listened to the public”
Barb Wire
Better without asbestos which the towers had and added sprinklers which the towers DID NOT have. It is built next to the originals, not on the same site.
That is elegant design, no doubt
Fired Up Pranks
All these comments complaining about the freedom tower need to be thankful that it’s something instead of nothing. One arm is better than no arm. One leg is better than no leg. I love the freedom tower and I’m very thankful that they built something.
Sara Salem
Hope it’s asbestos-free this time!
Ahmad X
It’s a nice building
Dev Chauhan
many tall and megatall skyscrapers have been built but nothing’s more inspiring than this!!
Kinda wished they built a second one 🙂
Roman Tamarin
Beautiful building, but why are the windows different shades?
The Brash Piglet
In my opinion they should’ve built the “Twin Towers II” plan, which if you dont know was a plan that involved rebuilding a stronger and slightly taller version of the 1&2 WTCs…
Why does nobody care about this building. It’s so beautiful and tall
Ý :
G’d job!
AJ Green
Should’ve made this the tallest building in the world and really made a point!
I ll
if they rebuilt the original twins, imagine the reactions if the terrorists managed to pull off another one and it played out the same. This time alot of people would throw mean looks at the architects as well. They couldn’t risk that, so they built this concrete bunker.
Forza Horizon 4 || Highlights and Clips
I wish they just made the same thing it used to be
samuel bakker
It looks much smaller and less impressive than the original… 🙁
Conner Filla
This building is a perfect example of how simple architecture can still look so beautiful, and not like the designers procrastinated until the last second so they whip out something bland. The new World Trade Center, especially the OWTC, is a beautiful, shining icon of America’s resilience. I love how they came up with a design that is dominating, yet still humble. Definitely on my bucket list to visit one day.
Pete RK Brooks
It’d help heal the wound by building two of them just to say we’re back and better. I feel seeing one is a reminder of 9/11.
Dj Konfidon
Blood money! These contractors benefited a lot from the demise of the previous blogs. I wonder who their friends are in government🤔
As an engineer, I appreciate the work that went into this. Willis Tower in Chicago is taller. This just has an extra spire or antenna on top and doesn’t count since it is not habited.
evil elf
in my humble opinion,i would say overall they got this building right,having just one is a statement,and reminder,if they built 2 then it would be like trying to erase the memory of that dreadful day.i have visited the memorial,and was taken back by how quiet and almost serene the atmosphere was,i’ll never forget the day,i can only imagine the horrors that unfolded in the u.s.and the struggle to rebuild.r.i.p.
David Smith
It amazes me how someone like Bush could come up with a plan to create destruction on his own soil as an excuse to take out a foreigner so giving them rights to enter foreign countries to gain what?NOTHING.Call me a truther or whatever,but it doesn’t bring back the souls that were sacrificed in doing so.
I was there that day and it was the worst day of my life seeing that borrow and the worst day in every New Yorkers life. God bless the brave first responders who lost their lives saving others and God bless everyone who lost their life that day and may their families and friends find peace. #NeverForget
John Morrison
should have rebuilt it the way it was. except put in a concrete core and stairways on the corners of the building too too avoid dead ends
Nicky h225
It’s a good looking building
Just because its not a twin tower doesnt mean its not beautiful, look at it. Its facking gorgeous
KOLLUSION Transistor Funk - Topic
These architects don’t half talk some kak… Experiencial? Anyway, whatever it is, just don’t light any little fires nearby, as it will probably pop into dust.
It would be pity to see it being demolished again
I think they should have rebuilt the wtc instead of replace it imo. it’s a nice building but, it’s just not the same. I really like the simple one shape look of the original twin towers. They’re simple yet so beautiful! even if they just rebuilt one of the original towers as freedom tower, it would still be amazing. too bad we can’t have them back.
Lord Humongus
It will be much safer if Lucky Larry Silverstein doesn’t “pull it”.
If the developers really paid attention to the public, to New Yorkers when designing this whole project, they would know that everyone hates the new design of 2 WTC, really, no one likes it. So they should either stick to the first and original one, or come up with something better, something less boxy.
Farhan Swaggy
New york. The city synonyms with skyscrapers, the city that never sleeps. Btw who grew up in queens
I like the looks of this new building but I still wish they had just rebuilt the twin towers again.
Coding Vio
Man, let’s just hope that incident doesnt happen again
Tall, strong and humble… The face of America!