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Bars and Melody


“What I wear is all I have
We lost our home, I’m livin’ from a bag”

Wat ik draag is alles wat ik heb
We zijn ons huis verloren, alles wat we hebben zit in een tas

“I wish I had an angel to stay by my side”

Some things in life really touch you!
It is something that makes almost every parent, adult, child and teenager relate to one another.

This is mainly through experience in one way or another, and from one extreme to another.

Well the following pair, who were discovered on Britain’s got talent and they have certainly touched me with their amazing song!

1 Bars & Melody – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

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Simon finally gets around to pushing his Golden Buzzer for a youthful musical duo. Bars & Melody combine cuteness and originality, charming our audience with their skills.

Simon surprises all at the end.

Bars & Melody – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act | Britain’s Got Talent 2014.

I listened to every word.

Duo Rap and original anti-bullying song surprise.

Their very first audition


Britain’s Got Talent S08E05 Bars & Melody Duo Rap an original anti-bullying song Simon surprise

Bars & Melody – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

2 Simon’s Golden Buzzer act Bars and Melody sing Missing You | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

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See more from Britain’s Got Talent at Teen rapper and singer Leondre and Charlie make Missing You their own. Have they done enough to shine in the Final?

These two kids are great. The little one writes some amazing lyrics for someone his age.

Bars and Melody are rapper Leondre Devries (Bars), age 13, and singer Charlie Lenehan (Melody), age 15.

The two boys met up after seeing each other’s performance which they’d shared on social media.

3 #trending #GotTalent #BritishGotTalent Britain’s Got Talent Season 8 Finals Bars & Melody Rap Duo

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26 dec 2019

4 Bars And Melody (BAM) BGT – I’ll Be Missing You (L

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Bars And Melody (Leondre who raps and Charlie who sings) performance on BGT Great job to the both of you! Everyone please keep voting for them! They are truly amazing! Hope you guys enjoy the video!(:

Bars And Melody Lyrics

4 Bars & Melody vs Richard Jones | Britain’s Got Talent World Cup 2018

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Rapping duo Bars & Melody take on BRILLIANT magician Richard Jones.

5 Charlie Lenehan (Bars & Melody) VOICE EVOLUTION 2013-2016

17 dec. 2016


6 Instant Accomplice – Angry Girlfriends Slash Sexy Cop’s Tires

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10 aug. 2013

In our Instant Accomplice gags, we recruit strangers to help them play a prank on their loved ones! A beautiful police officer walks by and flirts with random men. Their girlfriends are FURIOUS, and as revenge, they slash the tires of the police officer’s car. That’ll show her!
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