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1 Irish state apologises to mother and baby home victims

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13 jan. 2021

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin has apologised on behalf of the Irish state to the women and children who suffered abuse at so-called mother and baby homes.
Around 9,000 children died in the 18 institutions under investigation between 1922 and 1998.
Mary Wemigwase
May the survivors recover from the historical trauma they endured .
Austin Moore
This is shocking what happened to those human beings in those horrible homes of pure evil
Myrle The Peril
Too little, too late for my mother, who was sexually abused before having my sister taken away.. R.I.P. Mam. x
Brenda Sg1
Actions speak louder than words.
Anoni Mouse
About time God bless those creators Its never too late everyone to get your pain acknowledged wherever it was caused
Martin L
Start jailing those involved. RTE (our national broadcaster) wont leave there comments turned on
Sarah Wilson
Still keeping the records sealed though . This secretive nature is what allows abuse to flourish. The only people protected by that are the nuns/priests who should be convicted anyway. There are brothers and sisters who want to know what happened to their siblings, where their bodies are or if they survived but cannot look. Only the adopted can see their file, often redacted and difficult to get complete.
Craig Kelly
Saying sorry doesn’t fix years of wrong doing
Eleanor Crawford
Can’t believe I has taken this long to apologise to the victims of these homes, and no prosecutions of Fathers and priests alike who so cruelly treated these Innocent Mothers & Babies many of whom were sold for profit by the Catholic Church. Young girls imprisoned beat sexually abused by priests of the Catholic Church and cruelty by the Nuns was unforgivable. Another disgraceful black mark against the church and at the end of all the cruelty an apology years long after the perpetrators are gone and escape punishment.
Why is nobody behind bars for this?
Geina 44
This shows that there’s nothing wrong with apologies it only heals, if only elected politicians will once in a while apologise for doing the wrong thing, the world would be a better place
A lot of suffering has and will continue to be due to people trying to keep up an appearance of doing the right thing rather than actually doing the right thing.
Daragh O'Loughlin
This is so sad but I am irish and live and work Ireland to all my friends in the world no one is ever accountable for there actions in ireland and thats bad
Nathan Howard
This is a living breathing horror story, an apology is long overdue but it will never undo any damage caused. Will the church be taken to task now? If war criminals can be sentenced generations later surely some of the clergy can be held accountable for their actions
Mark Leonard
Absolutely ridiculous that they played the angelus after this, perfectly sums up what is wrong with our country.
Faithless Hound
Mr Martin proposes new laws on record keeping by institutions, but what about sending the Garda to search the premises of the religious orders for what they may still be concealing?
Shame on all political parties and all those who did nothing about the situation year on year.worst again was the sanctimonious nuns and priests who judged the people in their care and used them as slaves. Compensation should be paid by the religious organisation to the people who were slaves to the religious fraternity.
Deanna Smith
Apology is step #1. I was waiting to hear step #2 which, never came. Where are the plans to further foster change against the stigma on unmarried pregnant women?
Joe bird
At least he is apologizing, here in America they don’t apologize for nothing.
lainey mckenzie
My mum was in one in the 1960s..She had good support ..the nuns looked after her,but my grandfather signed her out just before I was born.
Joe Mc Nerney
Hopefully Irish people will now have the courage to leave the church.
Perfect timing it’s not like thers anything else going on at the moment
Lyndon ÒDaly
No apology will help the pain
Angela Ball
The Catholic Church has sooo much to answer for,,the trouble they’ve caused,to poor unmarried girls,and their babies.evil murderers,all in the name of religion.absolutely heartbreaking.also the rapes of young people boys as well as girls.all in the name of god.makes me proud to be an atheist.
Well at least people still have a heart
Free Box
Now give them all a million each
Marshmallows 44
Hmmm shame he can’t apologise to those who took their lives. Those who rely on alcohol and drugs to cope and the generational damage that’s been caused. 🤔
Naseem Hossen
Your apology is not enough
Microsoft Word
How is this breaking?
Anoni Mouse
An island of centuries of suffering my family left in 1860 A country that loves God and thus is a target of evil ones
tanya lowe
He is a liar I know, I am adopted they don’t give a damn. Never have never will.
Andrew Trip
How about disbandment of the institution that did this and a blasphemy trial for the perpetrators?
Isaiah 45.7 (KJV) 7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. Read full chapter Isaiah 45:7 in all English translations
Meer tonen
Phil Odowd
This Minister is a Disgrace
Mary Omally
Evil nuns.. I bet they had a proper burial though
Steve H
I am a American watching this video please enlighten me to what this is all about?
tanya lowe
I have been blocked and deleted comment wise from RTE and the BBC in the last 24 hours. Too many facts and too many questions asked and stated.
Bence Szonyi
What happened?
Lorna Denton
Why has it taken so long to discuss this? Had compensation been made?
Andrew Mitchell
Firing Squad !!! 😡🙏🏻
I Request To International Media Please Cover Tractor Parade OF Farmers 26 Januaryon In Delhi India MODI (Central) Government Buy most of indian News Channel They Never Show The Reality International Media Please Help Farmers And Show The Truth.
Meer tonen
Tim Oneill
Oh god what a fool
sophia NAQVI
Wow why r we hearing about this now????
Ellen Edgeworth
Col Allison
That would be an ecumenical matter.
Mark Purcell
Brooke Bowers
claudia xander
All dogma is evil.
Mike Somes
More sorry.
A fourforty
Shut the FRONT door
Jimmy Riddles
Not good enough.
Harry Smith
Just apologise be ok .no one jailed or sacked no problem joke
revenant sinnerman
It’s not right what happened but it’s pointless …why’s he apologizing …did he do it ..🤔
taresy6789pp Pang
It’s not good enough.
Western nations always the first to take these steps, women are treated worse in Africa and the middle east.
Now make the church pay.
Kerry Woolley
Dr Vernon Coleman has a new book out on the dangers of masks.
M Browne
under 17. is this govt cruelty.Repent and Surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ . Not anti Christ.
Lorna Denton
Shame some of these women didn’t leave Ireland and go to England in order to get help?
Ciara Ann
No offence to this joke of a taoiseach but most people in Ireland do not need this pathetic apology. A lot of people were given amazing grandparents as a result of the Catholic Churchs actions and they adored them. Most people would not want to know who these women were. He and Mary lou Mc Donald should be ashamed of themselves.
Sarah TTek
All in the name of religion. That invisable man in the sky who pray’s on the weak.
Vinnie J
Well, that doesn’t seem very pro-life.
News & Beats
Ooo now do it again

2 Ireland: The forgotten Angels of Tuam

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19 mrt. 2018

Our reporters returned to Ireland, where the remains of 800 children who died at the Tuam Mother and Baby home in County Galway were found in a mass grave. Our team met with survivors of the home, who told them of their pain and of rebuilding their stolen childhoods.
Imagine a world where you were separated by force from your mother, simply because you were born out of wedlock. A world where you were called a bastard and she a whore. A world where you were thrown into a facility run by nuns, where food was scarce and where you didn’t know what Christmas was. A world where “home” was synonymous with hell.
In the town of Tuam, Western Ireland, that world was a reality for tens of thousands of mothers and their babies, born between the 1920s and the 1960s.
In 2014, Catherine Corless, an amateur historian, revealed the result of her research: nearly 800 babies were denied proper burials and their bodies were located in the chambers of a sewage system, on the property of the former Mother and Baby home.
The investigation is still under way and its findings are due to be revealed in 2019. But many in Tuam blame the state and the Bon Secours Sisters, who ran the home at the time.
FRANCE 24’s Aurore Cloe Dupuis and Julie Dungelhoeff met with survivors of the home, who demand justice for those whom they call the forgotten Angels of Tuam.
►► Ireland’s missing babies cast light on dark history


Vanessa R. Perez
What made me cry was seeing how much he looks just like his birth-mother and how happy she was to reunited to her son.
Tina Lange-Barlow
So sad makes me cry for all the babies and children that were killed and the children who endured so much torture for being born out of wedlock
Charlotte Drew
Disgraceful how the woman and children were treated, why aren’t the church paying for the DNA tests and them getting a proper burials, how can the church take about being morally right when they did these horrific things…
Every Irish person looked down on unmarried mothers and illegitimate children. Their own family were too ashamed to protect them. The fathers of these babies just washed their hands off it. They are all equally guilty.
Killigrew Courtney
So terribly sad. Shameful. I would not refer to these women as nuns out of respect for those nuns who do walk in the path of light. These women, rather, did masquerade as nuns but were unholy, abusive individuals.
Hilda Jensen
I have to agree with Patrick. There’s something fundamentally wrong with punishing sin by treating someone with no responsibility for the situation (the child) like a sub-human, while letting one of the sinners (the father) go with no consequences what so ever. Not that I condone what happened to the mothers. – But at least it fit into that brutal logic. But that’s all the Abrahamic religions for you.
Blink Space Studio
i thought the famine days were dark until I heard about this. There was so much abuse of power in this country its hard to comprehend. Dont get me wrong I would never underestimate how scary the famine was but I actually have no words as to how damaging these places must have been to all these prisoners. Anything involving the catholic church seemed to come with a very dark evil side.
Angelique Oren
This is so heartbreaking! I feel so bad for all those babies, mothers and adults that made it. I think the Catholic church should purchase all the property back and identify all those children. Give those babies a proper burial and show some respect. They should turn the site to a memorial and pay compensation to the survivors!
It’s amazing that I’m only one generation away from this type of child labor and abuse. In America my father and his brother were put in Foster Care by an Orphanage during WW2. His brother was fostered out to a religious family that weren’t Catholic. They put him in a cage and forced him to peel potatoes all day. He was beat, fed in the cage, couldn’t speak to their children. He was discovered one day when the matron of the orphanage came to do a wellness check.
Louise Australia
Abortion was illegal but neglecting and murdering babies and children clearly wasn’t.
This is so heartbreaking, the gouvernment and the church need to confess and repair what they have done to those poor mothers and babies, give them the information they need to find lost siblings, take some responsability!
kitte Kat
research people are doing a wonderful job. God bless these little children. Imagine the awfulness for the little babies. Breaks my heart.
Mickie Gant
My heart breaks for all of you that have been devastated by this. You are always in my prayers.
Katy Mac
I just can not understand the pregnant girls families not standing by the girls also the father of the babies families. Shame on them, shame on the Catholic church. Bless those poor little children having to suffer this hypocrisy. Heartbreaking story!
john o'sullivan
964 skeletons were recovered from the Bon secours garden in Tuam. Over a period of 70 years or so.When you have an ancient organisation like the church I think there’s a lot to be said for mediating authories to inspect standards in these places. Even in faith schools today left to their own devices abuse can occur.
Jayne Carrie
I feel so sorry for the mother’s who thought their babies was adopted, wish they had the chance to make those people who treated the young women with respect, also wished they never did this! They made them work in those places, made them so ill. Heart breaking to know that more then 1000 babies /children lost their lives without anyone knowing
Mickie Gant
I was very lucky I had a child out of wedlock. It was 1967, I had supporting family and kept my son, who is 51 today.
We talk about Nazis and the attocities of the SS…but we forget our own history and attrocities as easily. Parents should educate their children not turning a blind eye. young irish are not tought about their country’s history…social class issues of the past..expotation of the poor and THIS…christian-class system…if you were a women of the lowest rank and got pregnant you were by yourself…turning to your church and community to be told you were discrace and give up your child to a ‘concentration’ house run by the church AND state.
kitty kit kat
Heartbreaking, felt so sad for those children who endured so much suffering
just another Saint
I know someone very close to me that was in one of these homes when she got pregnant in her teens unfortunately she miscarried at the home but she never mentioned it for years it was like it was all so secretive even to this day RIP little angel ❤x
Coty Bare
“And you would’ve made a beautiful mother”… what a sweet boy.
mary poppins
heartbreaking I hope all these people get justice and find peace in there hearts the ones who wronged will meet there maker one day
Amina Emerson
my grandfather was in one of these homes, he had no direct contact with his maternal family because he was born out of wedlock 🙁
Crystal Ferguson
May God Bless Kathryn Corless for the rest of her days. Thank you Kathryn for bringing this to light. God had a purpose for your life and I think you found it. I’m sure many will forever be grateful to you. 💕
Tj Finley
These babies didn’t die – they was murderd !
Crystal Ferguson
How could any soul force a 4yr old to do farm work? Wow! 😯
James Hill
Makes my trip to Ireland next week feel bleak. I wish I knew earlier so I could have visited.
Just me
this was going on for years,not just in tuem but all over the country. this is only the tip of the iceberg
catherine Corless is a saint
Jessica Williams
There is no excuses what was done was evil regardless of the time it happened i n. Murder is murder, abuse is abuse and slavery is slavery it does not matter who’s hands it happens at…they where heartless and money hungry…
Diary of a Pin Up - Bette Foord
14.:05 “You would have made a beautiful mother” – just breaks my heart
Gayla Stahler
The Catholic Church need to admit this atrocity, and these families and grown children should be compensated! They need to face this head on✝✝✝
Zakia Mahmood
Can imagine all the children 😞
Tree Rose
Catherine, great woman
bing bong
How is it physically possible to be this evil wtf
There needs a Nurnburg style tribunal. Crimes against humanity. Bon Secours, Sisters of Mercy silent. Why is the Irish State acting? All Church property in Ireland must be expropriated and some portion for the victims.
Eugene McDonald
I’m truly upset by all of this about what happened in Ireland
John O'Brien
I am from Sean Ross Abbey Orphanage and sold to a family in the U.S.A.
Dub DonZ
People need to understand the grip that the Catholic Church had over Ireland back then, it controlled all aspects of daily life. People were terrified to speak out about any of these horrible atrocities..so that’s how they were able to get away with it for so long. Such tragic events 💔
jackie lewis
these babys need justice and descent burial ,i visited ireland last week for a week and this popped up and i stay in maam ,i visited the sight of these bays ,its so sad ,the church and goverment has blood on its hands and justice needs to been seen to be done ;0(
Kerri Ferguson
Thank you Catherine! The power of one!
Lisa Spikes
I question why children were dying of malnutrition while they were supposed to be taken care of by the Catholic Church, which is so rich. Unacceptable!
Its enough to punish the mother because they deemed her a sinner. but why punish an innocent child and why wasn’t the father deemed a sinner and punished. Such a hard time of hardship and poverty is no excuse for such behaviour by authorities. A bucket of soap and water cost nothing but instead the children were neglected and not respected by putting these innocents in mass graves as if they did not exist.
Karen Harrington
Many Blessings Appreciate Sharing ❤
Katrina Hagekyriakou
OMG How tragic – these people who follow the church do what they bloody well like with children in their care.
Martina Mcevoy
My god unforgivable ❤❤
Anselm Nye
Many cemeteries did not bother to record teh burials of those enterred in “pauper” graves. I am curious as to why the pictures of the Sisters shown in this documentary are not Bon Secours Sisters, the habit is entirely different. The Sisters shown are Sisters of teh Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary from Chigwell in Essex.
Radioactive Gum
What were those nuns doing? If there were too many children to take care of surly they could have found other means of getting some help. For shame.
Judy Tucker
This horrific practice was brought to the U.S. by Catholic Nuns. State-sponsored here as well. Many of these homes performed laundry services for the wealthy and these women and children were sent into a lifetime of servitude doing laundry 24/7 for their wealthy clients.
Breaks my heart
My deepest apologies to Sinead O’Connor. She tried to tell us.
Shikira pressley
The death of insurmountable innocence on the shoulders of Tuam in the pre-war years in no way going to lead to a balanced discussion on YB yet I am so mournful of those loses of life. However, catholisism post-war years a different matter entirely when birth control absoloutely should have been considered essential (avoiding abortion) whilst stabilizing individual family incomes that did not wholly depend upon child mortaility rates to achieve it.
Mary Light
All those responsible should be dragged out in the streets, flogged and either stoned or burned to death for what they did to those poor innocent children and babies >:-( Also the little ones gone, should be given proper rights & respect <3 Poor things..
Max Kim Lowe
The victims should sue the Irish Government and Vatican. Also they should change their Constitution to separate church and state.
den hemmelige pungrotte
give them a proper resting place, its not a hard decition
Sandy C
Irish government have closed the case dating back to 30 years. It’s all down to the church of Ireland. FF and FG I’m discusted to be Irish
Arcelia Cody
When Christian run the orphanages, they prayed to the loving father and ask him for his blessing. They raised and educated the children up very well to be an excellent individuals. They taught the children to read the BIBLE. Why the Catholic churches do these when they even have lots of money? WHY? WHY? AND WHY?
Nina Diaz
Is it weird that the name Tuam is said the same as tomb😞
Love Courtnee
I’ll never understand why Catholic churches are still standing to this day. So much pain and sorrow in buildings where you’re supposed to trust those powerful people. It’s absolutely disgusting.
Neither mother nor child should be punished! Bunch of doddering old fools in robes ruling and ruining peoples’ lives!
Tidge Stott
Jesus would never condon what the church and state have done.
Ry Cooder
I was born in a mother-baby home in Cork in 1953….adopted 8 weeks short of 3yrs old. The nuns must have been fantastic as I had great life there (my mom said I was very happy child…big smiles..big cavaties cuz I liked sweets. Rather than being “sold for profit” quickly it took one and a half years with constant letter writing (I have letters) and a mother to be who taught special ed and father to be who was a lawyer and two uncles who were priest…yet the process was still long. Thats my experience so lets not condemn the whole idea and put a negative spin on nuns. I wish girls in the US had such a system. A friend of mine on disability had very rough time when she got pregnant….naturally I helped support her cuz deadbeat guys fled…and I got criticized for helping. So thats my one pence comment.
Meer tonen
The last Magdalene Laundry (Sean McDermott St) closed down in ireland was in 1996.
And people wonder why Northern Ireland doesn’t want to secede to the Irish Catholic State.
i believe these children will be the warriors that come back when yahuah returns
John Early
Just finished listening to all segments of the BBC podcast on this subject. Having had Irish-born parents (R.I.P.) who emigrated to America doesn’t qualify me as an expert on the way things were, but I think this: “the temper (or: the spirit) of the times” was way different back then. Poverty was still rampant. That being so, The State slept with The Church, and their resulting progeny was An Evil. For better or indeed for worse, RC priests had become modern “chieftains. The nuns, ready or not for the task, had to take throwaway children who had been disowned, or were unacknowledged, by the mother and baby’s families. No excuses, but just stating that the mother’s and father’s families were just as much or more to blame as “Holy Mother Church” and the negligent State.
Meer tonen
Rachel Johnson
Maybe you can find diaries the nuns wrote, perhaps stories the cleaning people told, or a filing cabinet that used to be kept in there or something. They had to keep some record. And DNA testing the bodies, and a DNA company for the adopted out. My family on both sides had adopted people…Dugan on Mother’s side.
EW moon
I wonder if any of the nuns are still alive
Joyce Yagoda
Tell the Good Catholics, Jesus does not accept deceit. Satan does and they may need to explain the deceit in the afterlife
Angelbaby Hearron
The Catholic church should be ashamed of what they did to the children and Mothers. The government deserves to be ashamed too.
Just a mustard seed
The Catholic Church responds by saying “truth and reconciliation” is needed right now but how can this be when these evil priests and nuns didn’t offer their victims this get out of hell card All religions that is preaching anything other than The Almighty Father God, The Universal Creator the one true God. Are now cursed for their evil against the innocent’s deeds. In Jesus’s mighty name.
Lilly Battle
Here in Canada same happen with the aboriginal children by the catholic church .
Bryan Lint
What happen to men who got the women pregnant? Did they become outcasts, too?
Samantha Morris
As a Irish person I’m ashamed of my country
Mother and baby homes and Magdalene laundries stayed open until the 90s! The last laundry closed in 1996
E Oliver
Utterly shocking
Holy, catholic Ireland! Shame on all those nuns and government officials, hope they rot in hell for the cruelty and neglect they inflicted on poor innocent children. Religion is manipulative and controlling! RIP all those beautiful innocent souls.😪🙏
Kaci Condel
Shame on the parents. Your child that you left at the mercy of strangers. Shame on you.
larry landwer
God bless and keep Eire ..
Jacqui Kelly
So so sad…at least the truth is out in the light.
I am Irish and my grandmother who was born in 1920 and is now dead, said that when she was young priests used to go around the roads in Ireland on their bicycles looking for young couples and beat them with sticks. irish people were so frightened of the catholic church
Jean Sooter
My mother went to private boarding school that are parents paid for Catholic School she said the nuns were mean and would beat their hands with rulers and we’re not nice and this was in the United States my mother is 80 now but she told me about that
and we wonder why now so many are non believers
Lynn West
The pope has the power to do something about this. The question is will he? For the sake of his religion and for the sake of these children who are basically tortured to death and for the ones who survived the lifelong Tabu of being born and the torture that they went through he should
Angela Buyck
My aunts got pregnant by married dudes who said they was single sixties but grandpa did not turn them in my aunt wore a wedding ringlie
william steele
they didnt have the power they had perceived power because people had recourse to challenge them
I love in Ireland tuam/galway but I am moving to galway city
It’s so sad
Chuck O'Rourke
Genocides happened for white folk too. Sometimes we forget that there have been many nationalities who have suffered.
Paulette Jadowski
Suffer little children, those little children, innocent the catholic church has a lot to answer for. Mother’s treated like slaves, parted from their children treated like they were nothing.
Christian Petersen
Now that enough time has passed, and everybody is dead, we can finally talk about it. I wonder what people will say about us in 80 years, when we are all dead? Probably not good things.
I am just a mom doing the best I can
The last one was closed in 1992. So damn sad.
Arbie Labios
This story is something like the story of Butterbox babies… All of them are murdered and also buried in the backyard.
Tuam the shame of the Irish Catholic Church
This put people off going to the church every sunday, and with the children being abused aswell for years.
Pam H
Do things like this still happen now?
Bodella Gold
Get them to demolish that play ground . The children need to be heard had laid to rest
Kathy Buckley
Ireland was & is a horrific place to live & grow up in. Not the country …..just the people
Thomas noel Haynes
lost children of ireland
Sharon Cleary
Bon secours, they didn’t understand the meaning of the word….
Jeffrey Kroll
And just think, this was only one institution.
Michelle Dax
Let’s not forget the families who gave up those children.
Michu my cat 😘😸
This is so horrible what did humans do with religions? WHY!?!?!? 😭😭😭💔💔💔
I am just a mom doing the best I can
Several of these poor women were raped victims. Forced to leave and go away without their babies and austrisized from the community. The children were innocent souls traumatized and starved for nothing more then existing.
Jillian Sherrard
And we hated sinead o Connor…..
Angela Buyck
Men get to play then walk away while women’s to pay.
Elaine Higham
I wonder how many would want there children be reburied by the Catholic Church who so badly treated them In the first place, the Nuns should be totally ashamed of themselves, .
Naomi Hukes
It wasn’t enough to punish the mother either.
David Egan
Did that man find his sister? Did they do dna tests?
Aishath Jilwa
Why punish the mother only where the father?
Sick devils , some things don`t change !
Stefnie Hatzimichael
So sick of these Catholic churches and popes! People need real repentance and the real Jesus that’s Love NOT abuse and murder! Let the evil go down in Jesus Name!! Its an empty religion without the real Holy Spirit!
Isla Durrant
Malnutrition isn’t a “natural cause” of death… sometimes “sorry” isn’t good enough.
Terrible..that story of the man that First at the nuns then adopted only to get hit every day for no reason and forced to work on a farm every day was awful. What an abuse of power.. poor kids.
Wicked evil people. These poor little children didn’t even have a chance. They are with Jesus and He loves them.
Henna du plessis
Why did nobody do anything for the children of Tuam? Why did nobody do anything for the million children in German death camps? Why, why, why???? And, why is the Catholic Church always quiet???
Anne Chester
Jesus said.. Do not forget the children of Gehenna
Patricia Fullerton
I wonder why the Irish still go to the Catholic Church in droves????
Liane Cornils
They are not forgotten.
Morris Wilburn
Evidently, the church went to hell to find nuns to run this place.
Angela Buyck
Make the church pay up I offer my DNA report
Rob White
Obviously from whst i hear of the catholic religion if the wedded mother isn,t having enough kids the “father , goes riund to give a helping hand. Msybe thats why he,s labeled “Father”!
Peter Franks
Disgusted Irishman living in Dublin, Sick to my stomach with this banana republic, the church had far too much to say here for far too long.
Maryam X
Why punish the child and why not punish the father? Don’t act like it’s about the sin, or you’d have done it the right way! Murderers!
Pretty Tse
Pat Aherne
Sorry to break it to you but the septic tank was built on top of a children’s graveyard between 1972 and 1982.
Bella Rose
what more can the catholic church hide behind??
Tom Folley
I believe nuns and priests are good people . These people were not nuns and priests these people were sickening . Who commited many evil crimes . I’m not saying I’m good but these nuns were monsters to these kids . They didn’t care about Christ by what we can hear from the people talking . The nuns used God as an excuse to torcher these mother and young souls . Shame on those who turned a blind eye . Something should’ve been done . Christ didn’t judge the adulterer , Jesus said whoever has never sinned may throw the first stone . Everyone has sinned so you can’t talk down on someone for their sins . Love the person hate the sin . These people used the Catholic Church to commit many abuses . It’s sickening to think these nuns abused inoccent kids then emotionally possibly physically attacked mothers . 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂️ It hurts me to think what these people did . But let’s not forget not all nuns are bad . Real and true nuns are loving spouses of Christ who are meant to live , serve and love . These nuns were people who commited evil crimes
Meer tonen
ventura sunflower
Patricia Crowell
The Catholic Church did have the power which they horribly abused, and they lost the power which they’ll never again regain. The world knows of this horrid abuse and will never surrender this type of power to the church again. Where did they even find these type of nuns or people?! Horrid creatures.
they got still the power, expropriate the Catholic church
Jonnan Johnson
What kinda of nun are they murderous.
Edd30t4 vw
More like 9000 babies and children.
margaret johnson
catholics prolife? noooooooooo.
Rose Ludvik
I don’t understand why the ppl that knew ,said nothing about it, they have to pay for keeping their mouth shut,
IrishPride 29
The church was horrible and thankfully it has lost its power, most people have left it here in Ireland and atheism has been growing rapidly since 2009
jesus rosary
The parents of these women should have kept them and the kids instead of throwing them out
Millicent Adams
This more than genocide
wonder woman
Sound like Jane eyre nuns
Angela Buyck
Christianity have been blaming women ense the beginning. Christianity been bad for Ireland since it came. Ireland return to tour roots. This was away of getting rid of the irish people.
Lynne Winchester
And people still make donations to the Church?
peter nolan
If it wasnt the church again
Beth Parker
Slavery. So the American slave trade was a side ways career move here.
Form where does this propaganda originate – from across the Irish Sea. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. No, I am not referring to France.
Fritula 6
You and l have much to answer for.
Edward Battle
Welp I surpose the good Lord either looked the other way or is he the reason for this type of fkery
Linda Clark
OMG. Terrible.
Margre Edholm
As if the nuns didn’t do any sins!!!!!!!! Shame shame them shame horrible nuns
Did they arrested anyone in this horrible genocide?
Copper Colored Libra
I don’t understand this kind of evil using the excuse of God.
Marcella Morales
whta the pope says about that?
Anything from the pope?
Heart TCar
Please read this little book .(Who is Esau-Edom ?)By Charles Weisman .it’s a very short book,but a lot of Information for our People.Yahweh Bless you all
hypocrisy of christianity
Bella Veritas
If Catholics really did this it would be a great sin against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, which are the same doctrines of Jesus Christ. Why don’ t you do some research before spitting out lies. Those who hate the Church, hate Christ and would crucify Him again today if they could.

3 Head of Ireland’s Catholic Church apologises to survivors of mother and baby homes – BBC News

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13 jan. 2021

The head of the Irish Catholic Church has unreservedly apologised to the survivors of church-run homes for unmarried women and their children.
It follows the publication of an inquiry into the homes, which also acted as orphanages and adoption centres. It reveals deprivation, appalling abuse and shocking levels of infant mortality. Around 9,000 infants died in the homes between the 1920s and 1990s.
Archbishop Eamon Martin said “the Church was clearly part of that culture in which people were frequently stigmatised, judged and rejected.”
Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Ireland correspondent Chris Page.
It’s hard to imagine such cruelty inflicted on innocent souls in the name of religion. What a hypocritical sick society!
I know of a young child’s experience in a children’s home in England. He often wet the bed. The Nuns would slap and humiliate the poor little soul each time it happened. Early seventies, I often wonder where he is today, or even if he reached adulthood.
Beware The Savage Jaw
The Catholic Church seem to be forever apologising.
Dom Skinner
I will never understand the Irish government’s stance beside this church. How many times must they harm your people before you demand wholesale reform?
Naseem Hossen
An apology isn’t enough
If it wasn’t for my mom I would have not been here we need to remember who got us here. We need to love our mother’s sisters wives grandma Aunty’s and any woman. And has for children it’s really sad to see this stats I’m overwhelmed with tears and emotion. But we can help in the smallest ways of just telling our loved ones I love you. I’ll keep praying for the woman and children who are treated badly because nobody deserves to be in those circumstances.
Jaelan Sibilly
I praise to them and family of all those who passed away
lily boone
So disgusting and horrific to treat a child that way! 😭
Deborah Gray
I remember reading a book on this absolutely horrific the things that went on 😢
Mary Bruton
The worst part is that men were not held accountable at all , they walked away.. free.
nacnah m
To know that so many PJ Harverty”s did not get a chance at life is heartbreaking… Shame
It’s the same thing they have been doing for years, my great uncle George and his younger brother were taken in by the Catholic Church in the 1920’s after the family could not afford to feed and cloth him, his father lost his job and could not afford to bring up 4 boys, they offered to ‘give him a better life’… Sounds great… But wasn’t, He ended up being sent to Australia at the age of 14 without the families knowledge or consent, he was sold on a dock side to the highest bidder, a farmer, who took him home and the next day told him to saddle up and ride round the farm following the fence, fixing the broken wire as he went, he was told to ride till sunset then he should see a shack, rest there for the night and carry on the next day till sunset again, it wasn’t a small farm, probably thousands of acres, That was his first day on the job, the first of many, he was at least treated well by the farmer and his wife, but it wasn’t something he signed up for, he was sold as a slave into that life, He told us the story on his return to the UK when he was around 60 years old, he wasn’t bitter about it as he knew it could have been much worse if he lived under the ‘protection’ of the church for much longer, some of his friends in the children’s home didn’t fare as well, The Catholic Church has so much to answer for… And he was one of the lucky ones, we later found out his younger brother ended up in Canada, never to be seen again My heart goes out to the mothers and children who ended up like this… They did nothing to deserve such a tragic end
Meer tonen
Shayan K
Cruel and heart breaking
nancy lee
Justice will never be felt by those victims!..will their souls ever rest in peace?
Robert Schofield
The BBC had to report this They could not repress it any longer I suspect the numbers are much, much larger Remember what the BBC do to children Hypocrisy of the first order
Meer tonen
2021 and the Catholic Church has yet to clean and keep its house in order!! BEYOND SHAME!!
Anna Lieff-Saxby
I ran away to Ireland in ’65 (don’t ask). When the Guards picked me up, I was held in a. nunnery until they could work out flying me home. I witnessed, first hand, the brutality of the nuns towards the girls in their power. I pity, from the depths of my heart, the young women and their children made to suffer at the hands of the supposedly religious.
Maria Major
They can never apologize for what they did
Carrot 4 Thought
It’s so sad. Please Pray for all children in the world that have to suffered from society.
Toxicwast20314 gg
A horrific cover up brought to you by the people who covered for Saville and his ilk for decades.
It being hidden for so long shows how powerful the Catholic Church was and their grip over people
Karen Harrington
Many Blessings Appreciate Sharing ❤
Jessi Wynn
How very sad.
Lil Monkey
The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for!!!
Taite Robinson
Unforgivable what the church done in those days. I can just imagine those old scraggy nuns just ruining their lives.
Emilie Esso
25 But because of the sin and because of the churches, know that the world will go from suffering to suffering. And it shall come to pass that a man will not be able to shake hands with his brother or his best friend for fear of being contaminated with the disease. People shall walk without touching one another. Schools will be closed and you will hear people say: “I’m afraid of taking the underground or the bus, I am afraid of being contaminated.” You see? The righteous one will say to the wicked one: “Go and show off your nudity on the beach!” and the wicked one will tell him: “I won’t!”. You see? [Kc.141v49] 26 Well, what does the Bible say? What does Matthew 24:22 say? The Bible says that if time was not shortened, no flesh would be saved, but when we see the work and the multiplication of churches, it seems that if the Lord tarries, every flesh will be saved. Do not be seduced to that point! And don’t look at me as a threat to your churches because of your interests but rather like a grace. [Kc.21v13] #PKPCHANNELTV
Meer tonen
Gregory Peck
Do the Irish ever remember the horrors and cruelty acts they did to the Jamaicans in the 18th century? Many of the remnants of elders left have vivid memories of information passed down of inhuman acts of injustice brought upon the enslaved Africans. Could it be the reason why so many Jamaicans were given Irish names ?
Mushahidur Rahman
An apology isn’t enough..not by a long shot
Daniel McGuigan
The dead have been raised. may they finally find restful peace alongside the souls of the faithful departed. I repent alongside those responsible. Thank you Heavenly father for this act of spiritual cleansing. Not noise of the 🎺
Dio Brando
May Allah give them peace.
Fiona Reddy
Evil always hides in places where they believe they wont be caught out
Sam Lancaster
Wouldn’t it have been the correct Christian path to plough in unreservedly apologising decades ago. Hundreds if not thousands of wicked people were complicit in perpetuating and covering up such brutality. However , Jesus Christ alone judges each and every one of us at the point of our own death. Perhaps this might give a jolt to those who live life only for self ?
Some people were saved a life in conservative Ireland. The horror! The horror!
Brendan Brendan h
What most people do not realise is that once the “CATHOLIC CHURCH” has you name on its books, by their law.. You can not leave. I DENOUNCE THE “CATHOLIC CHURCH” ITS TEACHINGS AND ITS POPE. An Irish man who has suffered at the hands of the catholics.
Kathy Miller
Brave Of You All to begin to face history instead of denying it.
Jv young
For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood by reason of the life that makes atonement.’ Leviticus 17:11
D Logan
It’s so easy to blame the church. But everybody was to blame to varying degrees. I don’t agree with a lot of the comments here not ascribing any blame to the families and the fathers.
Jaelan Sibilly
I hope the families have a good life and I’m sad and ashamed they woul bury them under their insted a proper death
hydrophobic whale
The Catholic Church is 2000 years old and it’s most shameful period of time was between the 1920s and 1990s in Ireland. It coincides with the formation of the Irish free state. There was no healthcare, education etc. so the church stepped in and ‘helped’ but really they just used their new power to impose an evil like no other. This is basically a history lesson but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nowadays the Catholic Church have no power here in Ireland whatsoever and have become a dwindling minority.
Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing Tahoe
This is about 40 years late. Thank the Gods this can never happen again.
Florence N'Gbebou
25 But because of the sin and because of the churches, know that the world will go from suffering to suffering. And it shall come to pass that a man will not be able to shake hands with his brother or his best friend for fear of being contaminated with the disease. People shall walk without touching one another. Schools will be closed and you will hear people say: “I’m afraid of taking the underground or the bus, I am afraid of being contaminated.” You see? The righteous one will say to the wicked one: “Go and show off your nudity on the beach!” and the wicked one will tell him: “I won’t!”. You see? [Kc.141v49] www.philippekacou.org
Meer tonen
Livie Shalom
What was so wrong with kids born out of wed lock how about our ancestors was there a Catholic Church in the early years this makes me mad treating children like it was their fault coming into the world Jesus hated religion and the pharisees for they loved rules more than God’s love this is what happens when rules are more important than the people so saddening 😢
Archbishop Eamon Martin allowed Fr Gary Donegan to hold a Mass explicitly dedicated to IRA men, an organisation the Church had always previously condemned.
The conditions in the homes were atrocious. It is shameful episode for Irish society as the families of the women and children in these homes did not or would not have supported them which is why they were in these homes. For most of the period they would have received no support from the state. Shame on all of us.
S. Andrew Chandler - Byrne
It’s to late for an apology. Save your apologies. The Catholic church reputation is so badly damaged it’s nearly finished. My Father is from the Republic of Ireland and a shamed.
starsky arsky
This is what happens if you give religious authorities power!!! How much damage has the Catholic church done in this country alone? Their leaders apologise again while they still harbour and protect child rapists! Imagine what their missionaries are doing in parts of poorer countries now?
Abraham Lincoln
Catholicism is sorry for its history The word of God is Holy But the history is horrific
Meer tonen
Joe Mc Nerney
Hopefully now thousands of Irish people will have the courage to leave the Catholic church
Sean Donaghy
There are two statements spoken by Christ that, in this context, should worry certain individuals, living and dead: “Suffer little children . . . to let them come onto me.” Matthew 19:14 ‘Better for him that a mill stone were hanged around his neck . . .’ Luke 17:2 Knowing the Catholic Church, it is likely that few (if any) such millstones have been so tied, now or in the past.
The people who committed these crimes are dead. The church people who are apologizing would have done the the same thing. They would cover the crimes to protect the Roman Catholic Church from embarrassment.
Austin Hilton
I think the 2020 pandemic has taught a lot of people the importance of multiple streams of income,unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security…no rich man or woman made it through salary,investing now will be wise
Paul Rillo
as regards the infants buried at tuam mother and babie home heres what should be done a crimescene tape placed all around the grounds and an external international policeforce called in someone like the FBI to process the crimescene
MS Min
I wondered why Ireland has a relatively small population considering they’re Catholic. Now I know it’s because they’re Catholic.
Mojo Jeinxs
What do we expect? Most Priests Bishops Cardinals and the Pope live in absolute luxury when faithful followers are surviving. Why would they care about unwed mothers and their children.
Vieta shroff oliver
So much abuse of the most horrific kind done by those who were supposed to be “better” than others! I don’t believe in an invisible god. Those people that abused are employed by churches of all faiths, what is their actual value system. What you sew you reap. No ifs or buts and no one’s blood will free you of your transgressions and slander. I’ve seen the movie Philomena which is exposes this heinous abuse.
64 Great civilizations and great men had their signs in the stars. And in our time, Alpha Ursa Minoris, which is Polaris, the North Star was a cepheid, meaning, a moving star, variable until 1993, but since 1994, the North Star has come to a standstill, stabilized in a strange way. Do you know why? It is because a prophet is manifested on the earth since 1993. Polaris is the star of prophets and I showed it in Kacou 138. 65 In ancient times, when there was no prophet, if you say that you have a divine mission as emperor, president, king, or other, then depending on your date of birth, magi or astrologers would look for the sign of it in the stars. And they could say, “Yes, we see your sign in the eagle, the crab or the snake constellation or other.” And depending on the star, its position and its constellation, one could know your mission on the earth. #ProphetKacouPhilippe #PKPCHANNELTV
Meer tonen
Anderson N'guessan
24 Before you, billions of men died in these religions. And after listening to me, if you die as a coward in Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism, your fate will be a thousand times more terrible at the last judgment. Your misfortune on the earth will have been to have heard me. And after hearing me, if you go to a temple, church or mosque again or if you continue to bang your forehead on the ground, you will go to hell. Everything I have been telling you since 2002 is from a divine mandate and even if you don’t understand what I am saying, stop banging your forehead on the ground and going to the mosque because you cannot ask God to guide you or enlighten you when you have already chosen your path. #prophetekacouphilippe
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Évangéliste Djédjé
13 Although I was the only prophet who announced the coronavirus since 2002 with the details, some have said, “You did not mention the name ‘coronavirus’”. Others said that the fulfilment of a prophecy does not make someone a true prophet. And you say, “A prophet does not call himself a prophet and does not force people to believe in him”. Be assured, I will not take a whip against you, but I promise you that one day, from your grave, you will see that I am a true prophet. 14 For money, you leave your homes before sunrise and you return after sunset. There is no place and time for God in your lives. What will you say to God at the last judgment? And how many Muslims have read at least Sahih al-Bukhari and al-Muslim? Out of a hundred, you won’t get two. To love God with all your heart, soul, and mind is a commandment of God. And if you love God, you will not be locked up in your belief, but you will seek God everywhere and He will allow you to find Him. But you are in the alienation of money and the religions. 15 And the disaster is that you are not seeking to get out of this alienation. When I quote the Bible, Christians do not ask me for the verses, but when I quote the Quran and the hadiths, Muslims ask me for the verses. Muslims do not know their own holy books. They know banknotes better than the pages of the Qur’an. Download the book of Prophet Kacou Philippe on Playstore or Appstore or  www.philippekacou.org/en
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Christophe Babo
4 The purification takes place only once and you receive a portion of the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of the Message and the guarantee of your redemption. You can receive it in the first stage, or in the second stage, or in the third stage. That is why at baptism the confession must be complete and the preacher must ask the necessary questions. Nobody must be forced to receive the baptism. And the baptism must be correct and sacred and administered by a God-fearing man who has kept himself from his wife for at least one day before the baptism. The Angel of April 24, 1993 is here, do not baptize and do not come to the pulpit if you are unworthy. #ProphetKacouPhilippe
Meer tonen
Florence N'Gbebou
25 But because of the sin and because of the churches, know that the world will go from suffering to suffering. And it shall come to pass that a man will not be able to shake hands with his brother or his best friend for fear of being contaminated with the disease. People shall walk without touching one another. Schools will be closed and you will hear people say: “I’m afraid of taking the underground or the bus, I am afraid of being contaminated.” You see? The righteous one will say to the wicked one: “Go and show off your nudity on the beach!” and the wicked one will tell him: “I won’t!”. You see? [Kc.141v49] www.philippekacou.org
Meer tonen
Apollo Creed
At least it wasn’t pedos this time, right BBC 😂
Francine koffi
8 When a prophet-messenger speaks, nobody is entitled to judge him. William Branham says that Baptists are lodges of Satan but this Baptist woman can stand there and prophesy and the prophet says that this time, it is God that spoke through her and God recognizes that, and the people that believes the prophet rejoices. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. 9 Now, concerning that woman, she had some powerful spiritual gifts, but some gifts according to 1 Corinthians 12, and the gifts of prophecy, there are three dispensations of them: the gift of prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 12, the prophetic ministry according to Ephesians 4:11 and finally the prophet-messenger always with the same Holy Spirit ministering through his three dispensations.  But notice that a gift of prophecy, no matter how great it is, cannot foretell the coming of a prophet-messenger on earth and why this prophet messenger will come on earth. A gift of prophecy cannot do that. You see? And that, the Branhamists do not know it. The Bible says that the Catholic church is the mother of the Protestant and evangelical churches, including missions, ministries and the so-called revealed churches. But with the emergence of Christianity, we have seen the appearance of a new race of churches, which does not simply twist or modify what a prophet messenger said, but which creates its own mysteries and interprets them. They are lesbian churches. And a Word seed could never do that, even on the way of error.
Meer tonen
big joe
Absolutely disgusting
Sai Lamou
Without the Catholic Church the world would be just perfect. No wars, no thousand children starving, no homeless people, NHS would be perfect and cures accessible to anyone, no Death penalty in some States ( USA among them), no global warming , no pollution…. Everything is perfect without the Catholic Church. A perfect world!!!!
Sax Glend
We need a real Christian church.⛪
Austin Moore
An a apologies from those who knows that it was totally rong for what happened is not enuff so why is it that those who were involved not brought up for justice let me say that those who acted in those horrible crimes against those human beings Justice For them how
The Reeds
These are the men who they say “we are the servants of God” but their heart is far away from God. !!
Can’t wait to see imams and rabbis apologising.
Suzanne Selyou
33 From generation to generation, the Truth has always been with only one living prophet messenger on the earth. He is the one who has the keys of the Kingdom; he is the one who is the way, the truth and the life in his time. And when you open the Bible, you see Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Ezekiel, and so on. They are names of prophets. The truth, it is with a living prophet messenger, and not in a church. But what are you doing therefore with the Bible which is in your hands? If not, is it really for Salvation that you go to church? And yet, if God saves a Baptist, a Pentecostal, a revival church member or assembly of gods, how can He condemn the Pharisees, Judas and Cain? www.philippekacou.org
Meer tonen
Mr James May
I can’t believe religion still exists today!!
Leonie Amon
Kc137:26 We cannot know God through fasts and prayers and through our piety in a religion. You cannot know God through a holy book or a rabbi, a pastor or an imam but through the living prophet messenger of your time. Judges 2 verse 8 to 10 says, “Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of Jehovah, died, a hundred and ten years old. And all that generation passed; and there arose another generation after them, which knew not Jehovah.”That generation did not know Jehovah while they had the scrolls of Moses and powerful priests filled with the holy spirit taught them. And this, Christians should know it and seek God according to Hosea 12:14, which says: “By a prophet, Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was Israel preserved”. #Prophetkacouphilippe
Meer tonen
Chantal Kadio
58 There is only one God in heaven and there must be only one prophet on the earth. For Salvation, the Christians say, “The blood of Jesus purifies us from all sins; we no longer need a prophet.” The Muslims say, “The blood of the sheep purifies us from all sins, we don’t need a prophet.” The Hinduists say, “The god Shiva takes upon himself all the sins of the world and purifies mankind from all sins, we don’t need a prophet.” But what does the living prophet of your time say? #ProphetKacouPhilippe
Meer tonen
Gary Whittaker
The Queen Mother’s cousin was locked up in a lunatic asylum and forgotten about!!! There’s a film called ‘The Magdalene Laundries’ that illustrates this.
A1 Dreams
These catholics have been doing so uninterrupted from the beginning.
Ascension Djaha
48 You have your religions, holy books and doctrines and that doesn’t bother you but raise your eyes, is there a constellation of stars for Asia, another for Europe, another for America and another for Africa? Is there a constellation of stars for blacks and another constellation for whites? Is there a constellation of stars for Buddhism, another for Hinduism and another for Judaism revolving around its leader or its holy book? If the churches or religions of the earth were constellations from God, they would all revolve around the only North Star of their time. And the North Star is not a holy book but a living prophet messenger. 49 And any holy book that does not tell you to revolve around the North Star, is a satanic book which must be burnt. There are many holy books. There is the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Veda, the Bhagavad-Gita but if a holy book or the doctrine of a religion does not correspond to the constellations of stars written by God’s own hands, telling you to revolve around the North Star, reject it today. Everything that you see in the sky at night, they are immutable scriptures from God’s own hands, scriptures that have never been revised. 50 Any religion or holy book that tells you that the star Thuban is still the North Star is a satanic religion or book. Any religion or doctrine or holy book that tells you that Charles Russell, Joseph Smith, Mahomet, Branham or Jesus of Nazareth is the last North Star is satanic. And you, the Muslim, when you say: “Mahomet is the last North Star”, the moon and the star above your mosque say that you are lying. You who turn to Mecca to pray or who go to Mecca to turn around the Kaaba, the moon and the star above your mosque say that you are lying. If Prophet Mahomet was on earth, would your North Star be the Mecca, the Kaaba or Mahomet? Did Allah reveal the Quran through Prophet Mahomet or through the Kaaba? Has the North Star ever been a stone? www.philippekacou.org/en
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Master Pieces
After almost 50 years? Save your money. Damn