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An Unreal Dream

In 1986 Michael Morton’s wife Christine is brutally murdered in front of their only child, and Michael is convicted of the crime.

Locked away in Texas prisons for a quarter century, he has years to ponder questions of justice and innocence, truth and fate.

Though he is virtually invisible to society, a team of dedicated attorneys spends years fighting for the right to test DNA evidence found at the murder scene.

Their discoveries ultimately reveal that the price of a wrongful conviction goes well beyond one man’s loss of freedom.

Full Episode: “Innocent Behind Bars” | Our America With Lisa Ling | The Oprah Winfrey Network

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23 sep. 2020

In America, we’re innocent until proven guilty. But when the system fails, how can an innocent person restart their life? Lisa explores the lives of men who were wrongly convicted, and one man on death row whose daughter is fighting for the truth. (Original air date: August 14, 2012)

1 Imprisoned: The Man at the Party. Jerome Morgan, wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years

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23 dec. 2019

Jerome Morgan was just 17 when a 1993 Sweet 16 party went terribly wrong, and he was falsely convicted of murder. He was sentenced to life without parole at the notorious Angola Prison, the largest maximum-security jail in the US. In 2001, a legal organisation called Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) took up Jerome’s case and discovered crucial police files that had not been presented in court. They proved that Jerome could not have committed the crime. Two key witnesses also came forward to change their testimonies, claiming that detectives had forced them falsely to identify Jerome as the killer.

Jerome Morgan found freedom after 20 years behind bars. This is his story in his own words, along with those of his friends and lawyers.

2 Wrongfully Imprisoned For Murder | Minutes With | UNILAD

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23 aug. 2020

This is part of a brand new series for this channel called “Minutes With…”.

In each episode we’ll sit down and talk to someone who has an interesting story to tell. In this episode we hear from Raphael Rowe, an innocent man wrongfully imprisoned for murder.

Raphael Rowe is on Twitter and Instagram: @areporter.

His autobiography ‘Notorious’ will be out this Autumn and Series 4 of ‘Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons’ is available on Netflix now.

3 Top 10 Reactions Of Innocent Prisoners Set Free

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25 mei 2019

Top 10 Reactions Of Innocent Prisoners Set Free! It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – being locked up for a crime that they didn’t commit. Imagine spending years behind bars knowing that you’re completely innocent of the heinous crime you’ve been accused of, but nobody listens to your pleas?

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4 Court Cam: Crowd Cheers for Wrongfully Convicted Man Found NOT Guilty (Season 1) | A&E

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18 mrt. 2020

Love Court Cam? Stay up to date on all of your favorite A&E shows at
After spending the majority of his life behind bars for a wrongful conviction, Daniel Villegas is found not guilty and the courtroom goes wild in this clip from Season 1, Episode 2 “Court Cam (#102)”. #CourtCam
From frightening outbursts to furious judges, “Court Cam” gives viewers an in-depth examination of some of the most stunning and emotional courtroom moments caught on camera. Hosted by Dan Abrams, each episode includes interviews with judges, witnesses, and victims who give a first-hand account of what really happened during these intense courtroom moments. This comprehensive look at how the action unfolds allows viewers to sit in the courtroom as they witness crazy courtroom moments from the most high-profile trials to minor court proceedings. 

A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality or groundbreaking documentary, A&E makes entertainment an art form. Visit us at for more info.

5 Making of The Thin Blue Line 1/2

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30 dec. 2011

Errol Morris talks about making his masterpiece ‘The Thin Blue Line’, the story of Randall Dale Adams, a man convicted and sentenced to die for a murder he did not commit. Adams’ case was reviewed and he was released from prison approximately a year after the film’s release.

6 Making of The Thin Blue Line 2/2

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30 dec. 2011

Errol Morris talks about making his masterpiece ‘The Thin Blue Line’, the story of Randall Dale Adams, a man convicted and sentenced to die for a murder he did not commit. Adams’ case was reviewed and he was released from prison approximately a year after the film’s release.

7 Aspiring Lawyer Who Spent 28 Years In Prison (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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29 mei 2021

New York, 1985. Alan Newton is designated by an eye witness and sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment for a violent crime. In his cell, he starts studying law to decipher his file and prove his innocence.

Based on stories from the Innocence Network, a worldwide organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted, this four-part series explores the investigations and the human cost: the emotional impact experienced by those convicted and their families.


Real Stories Tapes: True Crime is a brand new podcast hosted by Emmy-nominated TV host and true-crime obsessive Stephanie Bauer (Searching For…). It takes some of the most popular true-crime documentaries on your Real Stories channel and transforms them into riveting audio, meaning you can enjoy them wherever you listen to your podcasts.… 

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8 – 17 Years in Prison: War Veteran Falsely Accused of Murder (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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15 mei 2021

In Brooklyn in 1988, a Vietnam veteran, Barry Gibbs, is convicted of murder after an eyewitness names him as a woman’s killer. The veteran does not understand the conviction or how he came to be involved in the case at all.

9 – 34 Years in Prison: Wrongly Convicted of Murder And Assault (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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22 mei 2021

Having already served 34 years for murder and sexual assault convictions, a man has a chance at freedom with DNA testing.
Based on stories from the innocence network, a worldwide organisation dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted, this four-part series explores the investigations and the human cost: the emotional impact experienced by those convicted and their families.
Real Stories Tapes: True Crime is a brand new podcast hosted by Emmy-nominated TV host and true-crime obsessive Stephanie Bauer (Searching For…). It takes some of the most popular true-crime documentaries on your Real Stories channel and transforms them into riveting audio, meaning you can enjoy them wherever you listen to your podcasts.
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10 A Former Chief of Police Exposes Police Culture: Corruption, Abuse, and Heroism (2001)

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31 jul. 2015

The blue wall of silence, also blue code and blue shield, are terms used in the United States to denote the unwritten rule that exists among police officers not to report on a colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes. About the book:…

If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the code, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer’s wrongdoing.

The code is considered to be police corruption and misconduct. Any officers who engaged in discriminatory arrests, physical or verbal harassment, and selective enforcement of the law are considered to be corrupt. Many officers who follow the code may participate in some of these acts during their career for personal matters or in order to protect or support fellow officers.[4] All of these are considered illegal offenses and are grounds for suspension or immediate dismissal. Officers who follow the code are unable to report fellow officers who participate in corruption due to the unwritten laws of their “police family.”

Police perjury or “testilying” (in United States police slang) is when an officer gives false testimony in court. Officers who do not lie in court may sometimes be threatened and ostracized by fellow police officers. In 1992, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Police Corruption (also known as the Mollen Commission) undertook a two-year investigation on perjury in law enforcement. They discovered that some officers falsified documents such as arrest reports, warrants and evidence for an illegal arrest or search. Some police officers also fabricated stories to a jury. The Commission found that the officers were not lying for greed but because they believed that they were imprisoning people who deserved it. Many prosecutors allowed police perjury to occur, as well.

Police culture or “cop culture,” as it is sometimes called by police officers, has resulted in a barrier against stopping corrupt officers. Police culture involves a set of values and rules that have evolved through the experiences of officers and which are affected by the environment in which they work. From the beginning of their career at their academies, police are brought into this “cop culture.”

While learning jobs and duties, recruits will also learn the values needed to make it to a high rank in their organization. Some words used to describe these values are as follows: a sense of mission, action, cynicism, pessimism, machismo, suspicion, conservatism, isolation and solidarity. The unique demands that are placed on police officers, such as the threat of danger, as well as scrutiny by the public, generate a tightly woven environment conducive to the development of feelings of loyalty.[7]

These values are claimed to lead to the code; isolation and solidarity leading to police officers sticking to their own kind, producing an us-against-them mentality. The us-against-them mentality that can result leads to officers backing each other up and staying loyal to one another; in some situations it leads to not “ratting” on fellow officers.[8]

A Los Angeles Times report about the “Facebook manifesto” of Christopher Dorner, who was killed during a police manhunt after he went on a several day shooting spree in February 2013 in Southern California, observes: “When he arrived at the LAPD, he wrote, he found it a nest of racists. In the Police Academy, he complained about another recruit’s use of a racial slur and was shunned. On patrol with the LAPD, he complained that his training officer had kicked a mentally ill man, and in response the department conspired to destroy him. He had dared, he said, to violate the Code of Silence.

One method of preventing the code from penetrating the police force is exposure. Many states have taken measures in police academies to promote the exposure of the blue code. In most cities, before being admitted into the academy one must pass a criminal background check. Through additional background checks, polygraph testing, and psychological evaluations, certain departments are better able to select individuals who are less likely to condone wrongdoing. In these departments, police are exposed to a basic training curriculum that instructs on ethical behavior; this instruction is reinforced in seminars and classes annually in some cases.…


11 Wrongfully Convicted: The Thomas Haynesworth Story

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12 okt. 2017

This event took place on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 in the Robert R. Merhige, Jr. Moot Court Room at the University of Richmond School of Law.

The event was sponsored by the Richmond American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and the University of Richmond School of Law.

The event focused on the “engaging and extraordinary story of Thomas Haynesworth, a Richmond man who was wrongfully convicted for rapes that he did not commit. Mr. Haynesworth was arrested in 1984 at the age of 18 and spent 27 years in prison. After DNA cleared him of two of the crimes, he was released in 2011 on parole and hired to work in Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli’s office. On December 6, 2011, the Court of Appeals of Virginia granted Mr. Haynesworth’s two Writs of Actual Innocence Based on Non-Biological Evidence, fully exonerating him for his two remaining crimes. This was only the second time that the Court of Appeals has granted writs based on non-biological evidence.”

Panelists included

Mr. Thomas Haynesworth, Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, and Professor Mary Kelly Tate (Director of the Institute for Actual Innocence at Richmond Law).

The panel was moderated by Charisse Hines, Richmond ACS President.

Originally posted 2/2012; transferred to Richmond Law 8/2017 with 2,920 views

12 Freeing The Innocent: Fight For Justice, David & Me (Criminal Justice Documentary) | Real Stories

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26 mrt. 2020

When troubled teen Ray Klonsky began writing letters to prison inmate David McCallum, both of their lives changed forever. Hundreds of letters later, Ray graduated from university determined to set his wrongly convicted friend free.
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13 Falsely Accused: Ronald Dalton’s Struggle (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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14 sep. 2019

In 1988, Ronald Dalton’s wife was pronounced dead at a hospital after choking on cereal. A pathologist conducted an autopsy and concluded that she had been strangled. Dalton was found guilty of the 2nd degree murder of his wife and sentenced to life. He served 8.5 years waiting for an appeal. With a new lawyer, he won an appeal and was set free after experts agreed that she was not strangled.
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14 Exoneree Voices: The human toll of wrongful convictions

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1 okt. 2020

We need your help in raising awareness of the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions and the tremendous personal, social, and emotional costs of wrongful convictions for innocent people and their families.

On Wrongful Conviction Day, Oct. 2, as part of our day-long public education campaign, we want you to hear from those directly impacted. This Wrongful Conviction Day, we are debuting a new video created by New England exonerees to help explore and understand the human toll of these devastating tragedies.

15 Human Factors in Wrongful Convictions: Memory Malleability

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19 nov. 2018

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus discusses how memory is constructed and how it is susceptible to being manipulated by false information.
Christopher james James
I’ve been in that position n .20 years ago I wS seen burgling an old guys house .and stealing a TV dvd .the only problem I was painting some offices with a guy 10 miles away .i was found guilty by a kangaroo Court. The eye witness said. He saw me loading it into the back of my car . Well I think it was him he said . Well some 1 was putting some thing in the back of a car .dont exactly concrete proof .

16 Human factors of wrongful conviction: Eyewitness Identification

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19 nov. 2018

Dr. Jennifer Dysart explains how memory affects identification and how to prevent eyewitness misidentifications.

17 How reliable is eyewitness testimony?

30 jul. 2015

Eyewitness testimony — it’s often thought of as solid evidence in criminal cases, but researchers including Iowa State University’s Gary Wells have found that our memories aren’t as reliable as we think. Sometimes, we can even build false recollections about people we only think we saw.

Dr. Wells’ wesbite:

18 Watch Dream Killer 2015 Movie Online Free Yify TV

2 mei 2016

Stefan Berg

The more documentaries I see, specially from America, the more I learn about the system. That Jury system
SUCKS…. There where no chance this was beyond reasonable doubt. Not even close, even in the first trial.

When it’s this weak evidence, you must have a 2nd and if needed a 3rd Instance, High Court that take the
case ASAP, like their is in many countries. The family, friends etc should not have to do this by themselves
One trial with 1 judge and a unprofessional jury in murder cases like this with NO technical evidence and a
dreamer nailing you for a Murder is a JOKE. Ok do that first round if you will, but have pros coming in at the
2nd trial for all parts involved…. This is way to weak.

It do not even matter if he killed him or was guilty… The Evidence shows Nothing! …. It sucks! I feel sorry for
Innocent convicted people all over the world, especially those where it’s so far from reasonable doubt as it gets…
Why are the system so keen to convict people at any cost, no matter who did it.? .

In many cases it prevent the society from catching the REAL killer and he/she might go on and do more harm…
That is why Police always have to be open and go for a broader search and not draw any conclusions to early.
Confessions and Witnesses very often sucks as well. Especially convicted people who gets reduce sentences
for talking (lying in many cases)

Kathleen Zellner Rocks… We need more people like her. Honest people who want to make it right no matter
what. It still sucks that a system like Americas is so bad. You need to change the system.

19 Ryan Ferguson Presentation

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5 mrt. 2014

Ryan Ferguson Presentation
Good luck to you Ryan! A private investigator needs to take a look at Michael Boyd, (the other sports writer working late with Kent that night) he stated that he was there at the crime scene and evidence was found at the crime scene that belonged to Boyd. This investigation was botched from the get go! I hope your civil lawsuit goes well and go get um Ryan! Your a good man!
I only watched the Dateline program of this case (before you were released) and i couldn’t believe that you had been convicted, with ZERO evidence. I felt a pit in my stomach. I knew you were innocent. Thankyou to God and your amazing family for proving the TRUTH. I am so happy you are free from this disgusting injustice.
Donna Cabot
It’s very upsetting to live in the land of the free without freedom. A sad story with a great ending. Good on ya skipper for not giving up.
I just got the book and I love so much about how he has been fighting for justice AND health/wellness. I do wish he used his platform to discuss race and injustice within the incarceration system.

20 Joe D’Ambrosio: Blood & Water – Death Row Stories | Full Documentary | True Crime

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16 sep. 2018

The case of Joe D’Ambrosio, a Cleveland man sentenced to death for murder in 1989, and his decades long quest to prove his innocence.

Each episode of Death Row Stories will unravel a different capital murder case that has twists and turns worthy of a crime thriller.

All of these stories are true, and call into question the myriad of beliefs about the death penalty and the American justice system itself.

Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking), whose Oscar honor was awarded for her powerfully moving portrayal of the Louisiana-based Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean, who ministers to death row inmates and advocates for the abolition of capital punishment, will narrate each episode in the series.
Academy Award-winning directors Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) and Robert Redford (Ordinary People) will serve as Executive Producers.

21 The Most Painful Way To Become A Millionaire

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20 mrt. 2015

Political strategist, Cliff Schecter, explains the story of Ricky Jackson, who spent thirty nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The state of Ohio fast tracks a million dollars to Ricky Jackson as compensation wrongfully imprisoning him. Why we need a Bill of Rights for people in the justice system…
One million dollars is hardly enough to compensate 39 years of an innocent man’s life…
Dixon Francois Jr.
$2 Million is not even close for 39 years in prison, which is $140 a day. That formula is horrid. My formula is $2500 a day in prison. Around $35 million dollars should be the payout. I’m happy he’s out though.
Matthew Caligari
Should be given $1 million per year of his false imprisonment! TAX FREE!
I think this man was owed many more millions, all tax free, for what was done to him.
Many people work their whole lives to save that much. Some never achieve it and can never retire.
He must have a vague concept, of what 1,000,000$ was worth 40 years ago. Now that’s much less, the chance of spending it needlessly is even higher.
Defina J
There’s no doubt about it our Justice system SUCK’S, what a horrible injustice this man received ,all the money in the world can’t bring back his losses, he deserved every penny he has gotten and MORE  !!
I am under the impression those laws are legal bindings in which you agree not to sue. They are not there to help them out it is there to make sure they dont sue and cost the state more.
Little Traveller
A million is all he got? That is a travesty . Million should have just been a taster of what was to come
Jesse Francis
He’s going to be taxed on that.

22 Proving the Innocence of Ricky Jackson

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3 jan. 2015

Cliff Schecter explains the vital work of the Ohio Innocence Project, the proving of the innocence of Ricky Jackson who spent thirty nine years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. How Cleveland Police based their work on a made up story of a twelve year old, debunking death penalty myths, helping rebuild Ricky Jackson’s life… From the 11/21/14 episode of The Majority Report.
S. Kay Skelly
A real live travesty of justice.  — they stole Ricky’s life!!!!!  Those who committed this deserve a slow and painful death — yeah, I’m angry. 
I thought false imprisonment was a crime , but on top that the cops and prosecutors that held up these fake charges for so long . They basically tortured this men for over 30 years on purpose !!!!!
Mike Edmondson
At least Ricky Jackson served to dissuade those who think about murdering someone, right?

23 Eddie Vernon – THE Exonerating Witness

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22 feb. 2020

James J. Sweeney was a dishonest Cleveland policeman. He became a dishonest Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. He was elected as a judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. Later, he was elected an appeals court judge. All of this happened while he hid his dark side. It has been concealed for decades, but is expose here. This video relates to the story of 3 young men who were sentenced to die in the electric chair for the murder of Harold Franks on May 19, 1975. They are Wiley Bridgeman, Ronnie Bridgeman (nka Kwame Ajamu) and Ricky Jackson. Asst. Pros. James J. Sweeney coerced 12 year old Eddie Vernon to lie, to commit perjury and to say that he saw the murder and to blame three innocent neighborhood boys for the murder. Eddie Vernon later recanted his story was on CNN/HLN Headline News’ Death Row Stories on June 2, 2019. It was called “The Boy’s Story.” This is the first video that Tom shot with Eddie Vernon on April 23: The most significant part is when Eddie talks about James J. Sweeney, at 16:00 – 18:00 and at 23:50. A second video was shot with Eddie Vernon on Friday, May 31, at the scene of the Franks murder:…
It is truly shocking to stand with Eddie on the street when he points out the 300 yards distance that he was from the scene of the murder when Franks was killed. This video is a great leap forward.
From the moment that the two bullets were recovered from the body of Harold Franks and the single bullet was recovered from the neck of Anna Robinson, and immediately subjected to ballistics analysis, and a report written and submitted to Asst. Prosecutor Sweeney, Sweeney knew that Eddie Vernon didn’t see a thing. He knew that his case depended upon forcing Eddie Vernon to lie, even if that meant that he had to coerce, threaten, and intimidate Eddie Vernon, subject him to name calling of the lowest common racial degradation, and caused the young boy to cry and fear for the freedom of his parents.
Eddie Vernon testified that he saw Ricky Jackson fire the bullets that killed Harold Franks. No other witness was able to provide such precise, eye witness, first hand evidence. James J. Sweeney was dependent upon that perjured testimony of the 12 year old eye witness. In fact, Eddie Vernon saw nothing. Nobody saw anything of value which would provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Most probably there were two separate shooters, two separate guns, and the ballistics results proved that. The ballistics tests and the results most probably had proven that. Sweeney had to insure that this information would never be revealed.
Strangely, within 71 days after the murder, all of the evidence recovered at the crime scene had vanished. No body was able to state what happened to the evidence. The 3 bullets were gone, the ballistics report was gone; the paper cup used to hold and throw acid into Harold Franks’ face had also vanished; and the laboratory report of the contents of that acid was also gone. All vanished and Sweeney tipped his hand by never inquiring before or during the 3 trials as to where they were? He knew!! He did not want anyone else to know. Those bullets could no longer be linked to any other murders that were occurring with the use of a .38 revolver, because the bullets could not be used to match with any other bullets. With the boys in prison and the same gun being used to kill more people, Sweeney had to prevent any ballistics match. Eddie testified that only Ricky fired the 3 shots. If the ballistics showed that the three .38 bullets recovered did not all come from the same gun, that would prove that Eddie did not see what he claimed to have witnessed. Sweeney had to engage in a cover-up. This video
helps to expose that. People are getting a view of Judge James J. Sweeney never seen before. Eddie Vernon was a 12 year old boy who was forced to lie to send 3 innocent boys to be sentenced to die in the electric chair. He finally was able to tell the truth and the grown men were exonerated and freed. Eddie tells Tom about how the corrupt cops and corrupt prosecutor James J. Sweeney forced him to lie 44 years ago.

24 North Korea:detained American student speaks

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1 mrt. 2016

Brian Todd reports on the tearful confession of an American student detained in North Korea.

25 What happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea? | DW Documentary

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27 nov. 2020

US student Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years in a North Korean labor camp in 2016. Warmbier was released the following year, but he died of brain damage shortly after his return to the United States. Was he really the victim of torture?

Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in 2016 after being convicted of attempting to steal a propaganda poster during a trip to Pyongyang. Just over a year on he was dead, having been sent home to the US in a vegetative state. US President Donald Trump tweeted that he had been “tortured beyond belief ” in North Korea. The US president blamed both the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the Obama administration for Warmbier’s death – and Trump appeared before the media with the student’s parents. This was at the peak of the North Korean missile crisis. Later, as relations between Trump and Kim Jong Un became warmer, the US president changed his tune. In 2019 Trump said that he believed that Kim did not know what happened to the US student much to the consternation of Warmbier’s parents.

What really happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea? Veteran foreign correspondent Klaus Scherer sets out to try to find out. In the documentary, Scherer interviews a number of people with knowledge of the case who have been largely unheard up to now. He shows that a US court investigating a liability case against North Korea brought by Warmbier’s parents also ignored important witnesses, who continue to cast doubt on the torture allegations. These include the coroner in Cincinnati who examined Warmbier’s body. She believes that the account given by North Korean doctors is credible. They claim that Warmbier had inadvertently been given too high a dose of sedatives by prison staff. This, the medics say was the cause of his state of unresponsive wakefulness. Could Trump’s initial torture charges simply have been motivated by political opportunism?


DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

26 Doctors describe Otto Warmbier’s “severe neurological injury”

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15 jun. 2017

U.S. student Otto Warmbier returned home from North Korean custody suffering from “severe neurological injury,” doctors say. They described his medical state as “unresponsive wakefulness.” Senior fellow at the Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations and Foreign Policy magazine contributor Isaac Stone Fish joins CBSN to discuss the latest.
CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. CBSN. Always On.

27 Hidden cameras expose Kim Jong-un’s clandestine weapon and drugs trade | 60 Minutes Australia

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30 mrt. 2021

Full Episodes: | Rogue One (2021)
Like a petulant child who doesn’t get its way, North Korea likes to throw tantrums. A few days ago the rogue state reminded the world how troublesome it is by launching several short-range missiles in the first weapons tests since President Joe Biden took office, sending a sharp message to the new US administration. But behind the aggression, dictator Kim Jong-un is in serious trouble as his regime teeters on bankruptcy. Tom Steinfort, one of the few western journalists to have reported from the hermit kingdom on multiple occasions, says North Korea desperately needs cash and is willing to do almost anything to get it, even selling weapons and drugs on the black market. Now though, these long-suspected crimes have been fully exposed by the unlikely combination of an extraordinary hidden-camera sting and a heartbroken family determined to get justice for their son, who travelled to North Korea for an adventure holiday but ended up imprisoned and tortured to death.

28 From North Korea, With Dread

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28 nov. 2017

When Nicholas Kristof traveled to the world’s most isolated country, he found a nation furious with Trump, and primed for nuclear war — in kindergartens, amusements parks and the halls of government.

29 She told her sister she was going to visit him one last time to say it was over

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5 feb. 2019

Nikki McPhatter did what millions of people do every day: looking for love, trying to find the right someone. But was her guy really who she thought he was?
This guy has 5 girls at one time and he kills a girl that broke up with him? Why would he care? You got 5 already.
Abby's TV
When my ex boyfriend and i broke up he wanted me to come get ny stuff, knowing him i wouldve been dead if i ever went for tge stuff i had…. i broke up by phone and told him to burn the stuff i had there…. thank God i was wise enough to not go there….. Thank you Jesus

30 Man Crushed by Cement Prank – Just For Laughs Gags

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23 mei 2011

Construction worker is lifting a huge, heavy block of cement when he accidentally drops it onto his partner, crushing him into a flattened pancake right in front of horrified prank victims. The worker tells prank victims not to worry; his solution is to get out of his truck and feeds the smushed man some water.
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.