Unfit and Sheer Incompetent

Prosecutor in Liam Allan rape case

‘Sheer incompetence’ by police meant that texts about an alleged rape victim’s fantasies of violent and casual sex were kept secret and an innocent student was put on trial after two years on bail, a prosecutor revealed today.

Barrister Jerry Hayes claims the detective in charge told him sexual messages sent by the woman to Liam Allan and her friends were ‘too personal’ to share.

But in fact they ‘blew the case out of the window’ and police had failed to even look at them because of ‘sheer incompetence’, he said.

1 John Cleese | Talk Highlights | Oxford Union

24 jul. 2017


A household name in film and television, John Cleese has enjoyed a distinguished career in comedy. Known best for co-founding the comedy troupe Monty Python and for his role as Basil Fawlty in the BAFTA winning Fawlty Towers, he has been working in comedy for over 50 years 

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2 John Cleese about the Dutch

22 okt. 2014

Op 21 oktober was John Cleese bij ons te gast in College Tour in Carré. Bekijk het hele interview hier: https://www.npo.nl/college-tour-speci…
Dutch courage, Dutch auction, Dutch wife… John Cleese maakt je wegwijs in de krochten van de Engelse taal.

Auteurs ondertiteling (Engels)

3 College Tour: John Cleese

Twan Huys interviews John Cleese with the help from the audience in the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam.

4 College Tour – Harry Mulisch

8 sep 2013
College tour met als gast schrijver Harry Mulisch. Presentatie: Twan Huys.

5 Pregnant Little Girl – Just For Laughs Gags

27 jan. 2015


A pregnant little girl probably isn’t what you would expect to see while walking through the park. Well, unless you’re in a hidden camera prank.

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