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Boeing’s Fatal Flaw (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

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In première gegaan op 15 sep. 2021

What did Boeing know about the potential for disaster with its 737 Max airplane — and when did the company know it? FRONTLINE and The New York Times investigate the crashes that killed 346 people.

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In October 2018, a Boeing 737 Max passenger jet crashed shortly after takeoff off the coast of Indonesia. Five months later, following an eerily similar flight pattern, another 737 Max 8 went down in Ethiopia. Everyone on board the flights died.

“Boeing’s Fatal Flaw,” a FRONTLINE documentary in collaboration with The New York Times, tells the inside story of what led up to the crashes — revealing how intense market pressure and failed oversight contributed to tragic deaths and a catastrophic crisis for one of the world’s most iconic industrial names.

“Boeing’s Fatal Flaw” premieres Sept. 14, 2021 on FRONTLINE:

And read The New York Times’ coverage:

“Boeing’s Fatal Flaw” is a FRONTLINE production with The New York Times and Left/Right Docs. The writer and director is Tom Jennings. The producers are Vanessa Fica and Kate McCormick. The reporters are David Gelles, James Glanz, Natalie Kitroeff and Jack Nicas. The senior producer is Frank Koughan. The executive producers for Left/Right Docs are Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver. The executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

FRONTLINE is produced at GBH in Boston and is broadcast nationwide on PBS. Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the Ford Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Abrams Foundation; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Park Foundation; and the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund with major support from Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation and additional support from Koo and Patricia Yuen.

Paweł Czerski
The system wasn’t designed to save people lives, but to save money by avoiding the process of the plane re-certification.
Eric Blair
When David Calhoun says “honestly” you know his next words are a lie, fabrication, or obfuscation.
“But what if that one single sensor fails, doesn’t everybody die?” BOEING: “…’re overthinking it. What’s for lunch?”
Herbert Lewis
It might just be me, but I think people hiding pertinent information for airplanes that can result in death need to face murder charges
coda creator
This is the American business mindset since the 1970s when Milton Friedman declared that business “has no social responsibility.” Since then, American quality of manufacturing and service has tanked as companies quashed labor unions and started the trend of making money by sacrificing quality of materials and workmanship — always with the excuse that it was necessary to remain competitive. But, no matter how underpaid or overworked employees are, no matter how many corners are cut, substandard materials employed, the “cost savings” never actually get passed along to the customers. Somehow, all that additional margin finds its way into the pockets of someone who orchestrated the “savings,” executives, and shareholders. A $2.5BN settlement on a $370BN sales run is nothing. Less than 5%? Because the US government is afraid of Boeing? Mark Forkner needs to be tarred and feathered for the frat-boy attitude he wore throughout the entire debacle. And Boeing execs need to be run out of Dodge. All of ‘em. The honor and reputation of America is in the hands of these and other global players who are, as we speak, engaged in the same kind of deceptive, manipulative BS that Boeing got caught doing. All because profit has become not only the most important factor of American business, but is very quickly becoming the ONLY one. Employees who qualify for government aid or insurance, or worse, those that don’t but just barely, contact employees, part-time, gig employees, and the intentional devaluation of American higher education all contribute to the massive profits of big business and the relentless growth of the American stock market. Yes, Boeing has a labor union. But none of the issues addressed in this film had anything to do with workmanship except as it may have been responsible in part for the over-cost and delays because Boeing is notoriously stingy with its workforce in terms of manpower and hours. I know a guy who’s worked at the Renton factory for almost 30 years and the way Boeing treats those guys is flat-out despicable. Like American Express and many other American behemoths, they lay off their workforce regularly to avoid expenses. During these layoffs (whose duration is unknown) employees take unemployment insurance because everyone in America knows that UI is sufficient to keep up your health insurance costs AND the mortgage, car payment, food, and expenses for the kids (not sure how much it is in Washington, but in AZ it’s $260 a week max). Meanwhile, Dennis Muilenburg still sits on a couple of boards and has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Not bad for a heartless, lying POS, huh? See, in keeping with the new American business mission statement, it’s all about setting yourself up at the expense of everyone who works for you, making obscene amounts of money that should be in the pockets of the men and women who actually build those aircraft. Clearly, the guys in charge of design and production, the “leadership” Boeing cited as having failed, isn’t interested in anything else. If a cartel leader killed 300+ people and took enormous amounts of money doing it, he’d land in prison and face civil forfeiture. But a CEO? He “retires” at 56 with a fortune and nothing but time to spend it. Something is wrong with this picture.
Rolyat Neek
The “safety” or their stock price was Boeing’s top priority clearly. And Mark Forkner should be in prison.
Ronald Tartaglia
Will Lyman the absolute best voice over artist of all time.
People are not people they are mere collateral when corporations are left to cut corners with no real government protections.
Dany Cesc
To this day, I understand how we allowed Boeing to get away with this. I know they got some traction on the news but now they are going about business as usual, still getting major contracts, etc.
Khalid Mohamed
Boeing is a representative of American service culture in general which is very lacking.
Joe Kozak
And lest we forget the issues with the Boeing Starliner’s software…
And right to the very end, after the new CEO blames the former CEO, he blames….yes….the pilots. And we all know what he would have said had the Times granted his request that it be off the record.
Sinovacy Sounds
The fact that Boeing is an American company, who are the “moral police of the world”, baffles me…..😢😢
Peter Bradshaw
As a teacher you learn the average student can’t be trusted to correct their own work. The same applies to financial reporting, pharmaceuticals and engineering. Regulatory capture is one heck of a thing.
Watch the documentary “The Corporation”. This is not at all surprising to me. Corporations always put their profits before safety and people. I hope many more people watch this. Thanks.
Bicot Mary
The CEO: “Safety is Boeing’s number 1 priority…” Me: Your company is very good at manufacturing BS than airplanes.




vuyiswa njari
If Boeing believes that foreign pilots aren’t skilled, experienced or just good enough to fly their planes…. They should keep their planes out of countries outside the USA!!!!




Mike Barn
Other huge companies do the same thing and aren’t held accountable and blame it on the mechanics themselves.




Thy Kingdom Come
The fact that we get free documentaries on YouTube by FRONTLINE PBS is truly a gift 👍




Profits over people, as always. And playing the blame game. Those pilots didn’t kill themselves and all those on the flights, Boeing did it.




So, Boeing and the FAA, the ones whom created these disasters, were tasked with fixing the issue? The fox is still garding the henhouse? If we couldn’t trust them to do their job correctly the first time why is anyone trusting them now?




The punishment to the highly compensated and responsible executives of Boeing Is to put them in the max and nose dive them from 5000ft high.




They should have put all the executives involved on a Max plane with a faulty angle of attack sensor — and let them experience how “easy” it is to correct.




Rose J-P
I feel so sad for the Ethiopian pilots. They did everything right and Boeing tried to blame them for a problem caused by Boeing.




Anthony Maslow
“Investigate deletion of MCAS nomenclature.” By the far the most damning, craven aspect of this whole documentary. They are essentially saying, “Let’s just stop talking about it or informing people, maybe?” 🤷‍♀️ The quintessence of corporate immorality.




Barry Barnes
Boeing pays off Republicans to get weak regulatory oversight.




Janine Carlos
To blame the pilots are despicable. Their own emails and memos show they knew there was a problem but didn’t want to spend the time and money it would take to fix it.




Boeing lied, people died. – Former Boeing fan




Anthony maina
American ego- all foreign airlines, especially third world should forever boycott Boeing or make it their last choice purchase. As a matter of fact, the new CEOs comment should be deemed as racist.




This goes beyond 737 MAX. Other models are rushed out the door too.




xtscarface M
They compensated the airlines more than the victim’s families?…




Geoffrey Geof
I wouldn’t fly in that machine even if I was paid. The need to make profits over human life is very heartbreaking.




Curious World
‘Fox, meet hen-house.’ The interests of Boeing were highly influential in the FAA, whatever is said to the contrary. This wasn’t about bathroom size or paint. The design/operation changes in the engine and stabilizer, and the agreed decision not to train the pilots in the new MCAS software, were made to keep costs down and profits up. Tragically, these decisions cost lives.


Ricardo Campos
Proverbs 28.20 “the one hastening to get rich will not remain innocent”




That reporter definitely doesn’t understand what “shooting from the hip” means.




This guy Huerta and his perspective should never ever be appointed to any agency.. Screw “trust” Huerta… The ability for an airline manufacturer to make sure it is complying with the regulations is separate from the FAA doing its job of overseeing and certifying (or not) that the corporation is in compliance. The corp has its independance… Thats not the same as checking their work after…

Meer tonen





Barb Ginther
Still laying blame everybody but Boeing . I’d sue Boeing, FAA, NTSB, etc.




Stephanie Adams
Watch Boeing stock take a dive tomorrow. Why would anyone want to fly on one of these planes, after this level of deception? Criminal behavior.




Speedbird Lander
Absolute unnecessary tragedy. With the billions Boeing is making in military contracts, they decide to cut corners and gamble on peoples lives all in the name or profits. Disgraceful.




Shin Hye Hoon
Imagine if one of the Max 8 crash did occur in the USA.




This is what happens when beancounters take over engineering.




Amit Pharande
I’m frequent Flyer and these kind of Docs really gives me Scary Chills




Commie Tube
Key word in this whole documentary…STAKEHOLDERS!




Eva Langley
Capitalism at its best… BOEING… those plane should be removed from the fleets of every companies.




Bob Y
By installing the new fuel-efficient engines that were much larger in size , they had to mount them forward and up, essentially putting the fat kid on the teeter-totter. Now with the fat kid on the teeter-totter they basically use the mcas system to balance the load ( instead of using an aerospace engineer to fix a problem, they used a software engineer).




Everything with airlines safety is ‘ tombstone technology’… They change or fix things only after many innocent folks have died.




When trying to cut costs, you often end up cutting lives in the process.


Catch'n Cook
And yet not a single corporate officer in jail or hung




Michael Bushnell
Its even scarier how many politicians are the same or worse than the boeing higher ups. Their oaths mean nothing and have no consequences when broken. This all needs to change.




This is why some have taken the decision to avoid all Boeing planes.




So often, around the world, where regulators and business get too close, disasters happen and the public always ends up paying the price




Never take control away from a competent pilot




This is gonna be good,.,. there were too many (disastrous) “coincidences.”




Alpha Black
Airplanes to me is mankind’s greatest invention.The engineering behind it is just unimaginable of how something this big not only can fly but can stay at altitudes of 30 plus thousands feet. I will fire that entire board of staff, Boeing legacy and 346 people died because of greed.




Sir Davine
This hysteria on promoting fly by wire is the cause of it all. For every plane built a manual option has to be in place not fully computerized. How can a software just overrule a pilot. Btw I have a feeling Tesla will be next !




They may need a large and obvious “Basic Flight” switch that turns off all the nanny software as a backup safety protocol so that the crew can take back complete control of all plane’s flight control surfaces.


Simon Che de Boer
Was literally in the air on a 737 Max when the second one happens. Also completely freaked from flying. But line of work doesn’t allow many options.




Tnez Prints
“Hey guys buy this, its broken but here’s how you can manage the problems”… yeah, that only works with multi billion dollar corporations. Especially when it’s not rich white people dying. 👌👍


Dinesh kumar
The problem started the moment Boeing marketing decided to make a business out of cutting down training for pilots 🤬🤬


This is what happens when the regulators (FAA) are in bed with the regulated (Boeing). A failure of both government and private corporations.




Evelyn Kai
The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: “the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”.




Gregory Ambres
18:11 Doug Pasternak Bless his heart. I wish that these experts were aspiring comics. Their comments would have so much more impact.


Bruce Balfour
Doesn’t change issue but Airbus has had many similar design flaws that have killed people. One that comes to mind is the AirFrance jet leaving Africa crashed into the ocean when the pitot tube iced and the pilots were not trained for the known flaw




Todd W
Boeing has been a failing aerospace company since the 90’s. They have lost virtually every military competition since the B-52.


Christopher Gurin
Anyone remember the first Boeing “star liner “ launch? Seems Boeing shouldn’t do its own software development.


Regulatory capture is how the u.s. economy operates….honestly were just sitting ducks for another scandal like this to occur in another sector




It still amazes me how those machines can fly!




And Boeing still keeps trying to get the 737-MAX passed through to production.




its a poor design and should never have been approved by anyone with a conscience this cost cutting measure by Boeing caused the loss of many lives




Todd Bridges
Hogwash. Too many “pilots” not actually piloting. This is simply “evil corporation” theatre.


Boeing took a calculated risk: it was cheaper for them to kill all those people so they can get their name back in the spotlight, and then say “look — we fixed it, so just buy it”.


Big duke Six
Does anyone know why they don’t have a device surrounding the FDR or CvR that if and when it is submerged in water, it inflates and floats?


Joe Chuckles
I’m retired Boeing, and although I expected a crash or accident on another model, I was not surprised by this. Luckily I was already retired and had gotten rid of my stock. It’s really a shame, it was a top company to be a part of at one time.




Millard Brown
This is the result of greed. The people in charge at Boeing should have spent the rest of their life in a cage, They don’t give a shit about other peoples lives just how much money they can make. It’s sick how people will risk your life to make them richer.




Airplane crashes, finanancial crashes, and corporate malfeasance. Has regulatory capture changed at all in this country? Yes. It’s far worse than it’s ever been. That’s the story that needs to be told.




Sen Zen
Profits vs lives: Death by mismanagement and poor regulation.


The fact that Boeing refuses interviews to this day is really all you need to know. They outsourced everything, cut costs to the bone, and it completely wrecked their company. In case folks aren’t paying attention to how things are going, last year they tried to fly to the ISS…but got lost on the way. This year, they couldn’t even get the same vehicle off the ground. The 787 was a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Of course, nevermind that, the execs are all paying themselves record bonuses. Contractual loopholes make sure the company still gets paid in a lot of cases, especially when it’s coming from taxpayers. The whole thing is a scam and IDK why people still take boeing seriously lmao…




xtscarface M
They compensated the airlines more than the victim’s families?…




John Romeis
Saving a million per plane when you have 370 billion in orders makes 0 sense, how does anyone keep their job after this decision?




Marc Lawson
Oh oh oh! I know what Boing’s fatal flaw is. Their planes keep falling out of the sky and causing fatalities.




jagg g.
Why in the World did that Reporter Jack Nica’s give up his Source like that? Unless, The Source said it was okay; too reveal, their name that was sloppy for a New York Time’s journalist’s.


Subversively Surreal
Boeing knew so well what ‘the problem’ was that they had trained pilots and copilots across the world, how to ‘outmaneuver’ (by taking manual control of the aircraft), the nosedive that their software threw the plane into during every takeoff. Ironically, Ralph Nader’s niece died on the Africa flight, see Democracy Now’s archives for an amazing conversation). MCAS is a problem? Delete MCAS nomenclature.




sunshine purple
That last line. Now I know why I hesitate fly.




David Vernon
Important to note that the delegation system at the faa is still in place. Safety continues to be sacrificed for profit. Why? Because bowing wasn’t fined out of existence.


Patricia Clark
If the reason for delegation was the FAA’s inability to distinguish between critical and non-critical systems why couldn’t the FAA retain certification authority but allow Boeing to make a case for dropping certification requirements on systems they could prove were not critical? I’m continually amazed at the poor judgment of people in positions of authority.


Calvin henio
This reminds me of the Challenger accident.




John Pope
Great content, overall. However, the sassy NYT reporter was annoying, and completely unable to hide her emotional biases. The tragic story deserved to be told with utmost journalistic professionalism and sobriety. Her emotional presentation distracted from otherwise solid reporting.




Melissa H
How to take one of the world’s greatest brands and ruin it. There’s no way I’d fly on a Boeing product.




May God have mercy on the souls of all of those who knowingly contributed to the loss of lives in this fiasco.




Road Dog
The CEO, test pilot and engineers not being in prison is unexcusable.




Why didn’t that Mark Forkner correct the record with the FAA about the expanded capabilities of MCAS? Seems like he should be held liable for that because he failed to do so.




It all boils down to greed and accountability, it’s really that simple.


And then there’s the McBoeing Starliner, which had software flaws that didn’t know the mission time or another regulating valve functions. The program is seriously delayed and is costing taxpayers billions in $ more than SpaceX. That there have no deaths is simply because no crewed launch has been approved as of 9/2021.


Yuki T
Boeing is not my first pick. I avoid it at all cost.




It is a huge mistake, i just feel for those passengers. You cannot leave a system like that working because you just open the door to Murphy.


This is the point people in the future are going to look back to as ONE of MANY signs our country failed. French Revolution 2 – The American Boogaloo.




My COMMENTS RE THIS DOC ARE SOMEWHAT PETTY. Nonetheless, I persist: Very awkward camera work on the interviews. People talking to the edge of the picture seems pointless, and people looking directly at the viewer I suppose is meant to set up some kind of a bond between us and them, but….comes across as just a weird affectation of the director/cinematographer’s. That’s my 2 cents (about all it’s worth)! OTHERWISE….well done!




Lazlo Holyfield
Boeing quit being run by engineers, but started being ran by MBA’s. Building the best product was no longer the goal, raising the stock price was. Through deregulation and allowing a lot of CEO’s pay be stock options, we have made this the only goal for most companies. Lastly, no lobby employee should be allowed to work in a regulation authority. Having that job makes you inheritably biased.




T Challa
The people at charge at Boeing need to be in prison, serving lengthy sentences. The fact they knew about a fatal flaw yet continued flying those planes also having the nerve to place the blame on dead pilots. Evil is too kind a word for these people.




If Frontline ever loses this VO artist they’re in trouble 😂 nothing short of iconic




5th Gen
Fact. As boing has many vendors for all types of things. The rogue MCAS software happens to come from India.


Bob Johnston
2.5 billion dollars. How many Boeing Executives were charged with murder?




alex carter
What have we learned? Capitalism kills. (And if you have a problem with this statement, I submit my proof: the US medical care system.)




Duc Jai
Yep, poor sociopaths end up dead or in prison and the rich ones end up becoming CEOs with a nice little private island in the Caribbean.




S Hz
I see really scary parallels to tech start up culture with this documentary..


To add insult to injury, the attorney who handled the class action lawsuit for the families of all who died in these airplane crashes was none other than Tom Girardi. Girardi embezzled all of the money won in the lawsuit which was meant to go to the families.


Michael Fell
Frontline always does an amazing job.




Reid Cushman
When the C-suite types start overruling the engineers it often ends up badly. This is a textbook example. Hopefully a case taught in both engineering and b-school classes.




Johnny Karate
TL,DW: Grift and corporate corruption, greed caused it all.




Boeing wasn’t wrong that lack of training caused the MCAS-related accidents. The problem is that they are the ones who prevented the pilots from getting the training they needed to identify and avoid the erroneous operation of the MCAS.




WTF!? The new CEO sounds way worse than the ex-ceo!




If FAA officials decide a system may compromise safety, the new rules dictate that they will need to conduct an investigation or an inspection to make their case before taking back control. If the officials raise concerns, ask for changes or otherwise miss certification deadlines, any disputes are automatically elevated by law to managers at the agency and the company.


William A Perrow
My stepson is a commercial airline pilot and instructor. He told me he knew the the 737 Max MCAS system at Boeing was inadequate for the 737 MAX.


Brian Azmy
I’ve got thousands of hours in propeller and jet aircraft as an army paratrooper and have only two flights in a civilian aircraft since I left the military. I will never again board a plane without a parachute. The civilian airlines maintenance is a joke and the logbooks have never been correct.


Robert McGarry
The fastest way to kill yourself in an airplane, is to have a stabilizer malfunction. Boeing: Hey, let’s put this new system and engine on this unbalanced airplane. Then use the software to fix the problem through the stabilizers. Seems legit…




Gregory Ambres
Think of how many people daily are flying. Think about their lives, and the lives of the pilots. SAFETY FIRST IN AVIATION.


Gregory Ambres
14:42 “Quickly. Cheap-ly (that isn’t even a word) and UNSAFE-LY (also not a word, but as a corporate model, MORTAL)


Ray H
Obviously this is pure greed out weighing the importance of peoples lives. Some people should have gone to prison for this injustice. Im so sorry for the those who were killed and their families. May you all have peace. I fear similar things could happen to people with these rushed to market mandated drugs.




Daniel Young


kaal gede
By the name of ‘reputation’ they always cover up the real mistakes


Sonny Jim
Nadia Milleron’s daughter was Samya Stumo. Samya’s great uncle is Ralph Nader.


Great documentary, but you missed an important beat. The pilot who flew the simulated crash flight reported that the MCAS was turned back on because the manual controls were simply impossible to move. The reasons for that are partly a matter of physics, that is, the weight of air on the control surfaces was great and increasing the more the plane dived towards the ground. This means that the manual system was never going to work in a crisis situation, and it would only ever need to be activated in a crisis situation. Engineers at Boeing must have known that this would likely be the case, and I would be willing to bet that Pasternak has documentation on it. So it would have been a good idea to include a bit of discussion of the physics of flight as part of the discussion in order that the viewer could more easily understand just why the manual backup was most likely never going to work. One other beat that could have stood a bit more discussion, is the sort of racist assumption that pilots in the third world are somehow inferior to US pilots. At that point in the movie, you might have brought back the pilot who flew the simulator to emphasize that the pilots were professional and did everything that they were supposed to do.

Meer tonen



Gregory Ambres
29:28 Baby I’ll tell you one thing: if I had the choice between putting my life in the hands of a human pilot, or a computer, I would choose the PILOT any day of the week!


Same old story: Profit before peoples lives. Profits at all cost, any costs without being responsible of the consequences. An investigation into the ‘Fukushima’ disaster runs along similar lines. Greed feeds corruption.




As a retired airline pilot with 27,000 hours on various Boeing’s including the B737 I would like to believe that put in the same scenario when I first noticed a major and irrational movement of the Stabiliser Trim I would have immediately de powered the electric Stab Trim and manually re trimmed prior to entering a high speed condition, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. This aside for Boeing to put a new system on a jet that has the ability to aggressively manipulate the flight controls and is predicated on a single sensor whilst not informing either the pilots or the airlines who operated them is in my view a criminal act and has damaged my view of Boeing irreparably.

Meer tonen





can can
Owning the biggest 737 max fleet in the world, China found the same issue occurred twice and luckily the pilots had successfully solved it in the air. That is why China aviation administration immediately grounded the 737 max after the second crash happened.




Gnu Emacs
Hindus outsourcing that’d the flaw firing AMERICANS replacing them with Hindus


The world needs Board-level, corporate ethics over the C-Suite. Mark Forkner, an Academy graduate, led the unethical / immoral corporate behavior. Our government, the ‘starved beast’, delegates to corporations desperately clawing for profits. Remember ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’ and the O-Ring culture of the space shuttle Challenger? People were betrayed again!


Mike Derby
Perfect example of why we need to stop trying to make things to high tech in my opinion!!! We have been doing just fine with the commercial planes that we have been flying for decades all over the world!!! And I feel the same with vehicles,that’s why a damn pickup truck runs damn near to $50,000 grand!!! Its ridiculous of the technology we have put into automobiles,again why did we start to need these ridiculous amounts of technology into vehicles!!!!????


ygg drasil
Boeing too busy watching stock prices to bother innovating or engineering, then they suddenly play catchup and several hundred people have to die for the privelege


Christophe Blanchi
Boeing has dropped the ball, denied, stalled, tried to cover up its design, engineering, and management failure. Its MCAS1.0 is nothing short of a negligence at all levels. All that because of the basic limitation of the 737: short landing gear that they cannot seem to increase in length. One thing is for sure, Boeing sucks at software design, development, and testing. Its Starliner software is another emblematic failures. Boeing is not taking software seriously enough and put investor concerns over passenger safety no matter what they say.


John Johnson
Boeing won’t accept responsibility for the crashes because their stock will go down. SMH


MCAS= May Crash Any Second. Also MCAS sounds almost similar with the word mecascas which the Amharic (Ethiopian language) word for plane crash.


Dan Thomas
Spirit Airlines is thinking about selling parachutes after take off.


Ga Mtn Girl
Fascinating. Such a must see.


Bill Young
If two American planes had gone down, under the same circumstances, the 737 Max would have been grounded sooner and for a longer period of time.




Chipi Kalonde
Frederick Taylor would be appalled with Boeing and the FAA.


So MCAS is still in those planes TODAY? 🙄




jagg g.
The Airbus Airplane has crashed too. I watched a episode about it Through National Geographic original Air Crash Investigation’s. It’s been a while but the issue affected two Air Bus Airplane’s I recollect.


Roya Lukas
Mark F was likely compensated very well for his work, especially minimizing simulator training. The executive committee and Board members should have been personally charged and fined for their lack of oversight.


Shaka Zulu
Can somebody tell me how I can get hold of the Narrators face…..His voice should earn him an Emmy award




If a mass murderer gets caught, that person rightly gets sent to jail. If a corporation commits two (!) mass murders, they can walk free. If American prisons aren’t getting filled up with Boeing execs, test pilots and engineers who are responsible for this and knowingly pushed that plane onto the market, then the judicial, regulatory and political system must be seriously corrupt.


David Powell
So the pilots were disparaged by a Boeing insider for “ignorance” and yet Boeing was trying to withhold from them details about the aircraft that they were to fly? Certain safety related “angle of attack sensors disagree” indicators were made optional rather than standard?


Well, will there finally be some criminal charges for these big and powerful companies?


Charlie Brown
The first step is admitting guilt…..Who knows how long it will take Boeing to do that??


A business solution to an engineering problem doesn’t end well. Boeing and Airbus should know that the reason we don’t fly commercial airplanes from Russia, China, and even Japan is a lack of transparency and check-and-balance, not airplanes.


It’s a miracle that many more accidents didn’t happen.


Eng Ahmednour
When personal gains and profit are worth more then human life, what a shame to FAA and Boeing.


Jun Kim
This documentary shows that once you’re on board and doors shut, your fate is sealed by Boeing’s gross negligence, greed and disregard as to human lives


Michael Britton
this company needs to be sued for the maximum amount.they put a system that caused catastrophic accidents and blamed pilots. Avoid flying Boeing its about money for Boeing


Russell St.Martin
Sounds eerily similar to the DuPont fiasco, doesn’t it? When liable for an avoidable tragedy first feign ignorance, then care, and finally, commitment. Once receiving your slap on the wrist due to your importance to industry (but not before everyone stops looking) resume the profit over all status quo. It might not be Boeing next time, but you bet it’ll be somebody. See you all again next time.




Mark McMahan
I’ll never forgive Boeing for blaming the pilots.


AOA redundancy was needed from the start. It was an option on 737 MAX.


Keerthi Kiran U C
As a student of journalism..these Investigative documentaries… Inspires me a lot to do more.. What I want to do in future…. I immense respect to those journalists at NY times.. For sewing out all these technical details bring out the facts and truth to us in simplest way




martin yfz450r
I have to say I’ve been watching for over a year on YouTube full documentaries and true stories on airline crashes and holy cow your planes are crashing constantly I will never fly again. After all these years you don’t have your crap together?


Ikaika Maleko
Sad, Boeing took shortcuts to save money, save time and outdo Airbus.


Sidharth Vijayan
Boeing’s safety standards were being compromised for years now. “The Boeing 787 : Broken Dreams” was an investigative documentary by Al Jazeera from seven years back that detailed a lot of the safety compromises Boeing management was making . It’s available in full on YouTube.




Chris Legg
When the 737 first started to fly there was a tendency on landing for the plane to drop to the right scaring many pilots nothing new with a Boeing As a matter of policy I wouldnt fly in a Boeing Aircraft for at least 5 years after introduction


PETER Tzimas
These criminals working at boeing need to be charged and go to jail for murder


Bill Foster
These guys couldn’t run a lemonade stand. Negligence causing deaths.


You can hang a dozen more AOA indicators on the fuselage, but if they aren’t callibrated correctly, you still crash.




Murder Inc. Hunting
As much as I enjoy frontline. The whole time Im thinking about ‘The Black White Supremacist’.


Justin Kort
Let’s abolish all regulations and let corporations do as they see fit ….🤦🏻


~4:20, it wasn’t supposed to keep people safe… don’t blatantly lie please we’re not stupid. It was to save costs from type rating.




Bruce Balfour
IIRC an US carrier had the mcas problem but was able to safety land the airplane….I honestly don’t remember if it was before or after simulator training and the software fix


Felix F
BEAN counters have no business in leading a engineering company. They just don’t have the IQ required plain and simple. They need to stick to excel sheets and PowerPoint.




Chino Anthrax
Hopefully these families got compensation for their losses..🙏


valev merisalu
Starting at 36:44 , this shit is hearth breaking


Godfrey Mombo
Boeing keen on profits, less keen on human life. A grave tragedy indeed.


Mark Trinidad
So Boeing rushed its development of a plane that would compete Airbus Neo and these are the results folks.


John Morrison
With 2 AOA sensors, why would you use only one? This was designed to fail. With two sensors, you can disable the system when they don’t agree. By using the sensors alternately, you guaranty that a failure will be a problem. This system eliminated the benefits of a redundant AOA sensor. This is beyond stupid. It was intentional.




David Powell
Runaway horizontal stabilizer trim-aren’t all pilots supposed to know(and how) to turn the electric to the system off and hand trim in case of that no matter what the cause? were confusing distractions going on in the cockpit because of the failed angle of attack input such as stall warning noises,stick shaking? Did the fear of stall cause the pilots to overspeed the airplane? Did that make the plane(s) impossible to hand trim? Were any indications available of the actual airspeed and can most pilots have some “seat of the pants” feel of airspeed if they have time in that type of aircraft?


Mr. Who Money
Amazing documentary again from frontline thank you


Mark Christian
Boeing, both the commercial and especially the military divisions, are astronomical disasters. From the top down in nearly every area-obviously the main one like engineering like we see here, communication between depts, organizationally, you name it. This company is an example what happens when you have friends in high places (Pentagon).


Abdisamad Hirsi
And at one point they said lion airline pilotes might have committed possible suicide. What a disgrace.


No Name
You can really see what kind of company Boeing is again with their Starliner space capsule. They took billions in American tax dollars and can’t even get it to launch. It’s now delayed indefinitely.




Euan Reid
Wow brutally kill 300 people and just lose your job…. That’s America for you.




Luk Smith
You know, the faa probably should have grounded the max, but flying is much much safer than driving…if a car was proven to cause many more deaths than normal, we do nothing about it. There isnt complete uniformity in the auto safety industry. I drive a vehicle that is 100x more dangerous to my life than flying…i dont upgrade to a safe suv that would only decrease that safety for me/family/friends to 50x. Im not evil for putting my family that drive with me in more harm. Its all perspective


Peter Hansen
This is what happens when the financial people gain control over a company, they focus only on what they care about: profit. Companies controlled by the engineers focus on product, less motivated by profits, resulting in far more innovative products than in the former setting. At some point the company run by the finance people, now used to making profits on an aging product line and desperate to continue the winning streak notice competition and need to renew their product line and they do it the way they best see fit: cheaply and quickly because this gives them the lowest operational costs and higher profits. The result is automatically a sub par product indicating the start of a long decline in the company that will never end until they are bought by another company.

Meer tonen



Vincent Huang
You can constantly feel the arrogance of the officials from Boeing.


Bryan E
14:06 Boeing had been in decline since the McDonnell Douglas merger


Thomaz Santana
This video looks like a crappy encoding of an interlaced source video.


Man WHY couldnt they habe put a simple cut off switch on the AOA sensor in the cockpit..


Roma Hicks
Undisclosed software was a factor in the crash of Scandinavian flight 751. Why manufactures think it is okay to include software that the pilot doesn’t know about or use, I am not sure. I feel it is partially a spillover of culture from Silicon Valley, that a user doesn’t need to know about the software that makes their toys work. NASA doesn’t send astronauts to space without them being familiar with every part of their craft, the same culture needs to exist in aerocraft.




Dennis Muilenburg ought to be in prison. CEOs clearly lack the ability to feel anything for others practically by what’s required to become one. If tragedies like this occur, the head of the operation should be penalized. They shouldn’t be able to just walk away after a public grilling, what a joke. We keep rewarding actions and decisions that put profit over people and this will continue to happen. Get rid of the CEO position in general or deal with what happens under their so-called leadership.


jay monty
The issue it seems is millennials are spending to much time doing drugs and not enough time doing work.


gayle mc
American Greed at its finest.




Ronnie Wall


Mannix Mannix
The plane or birds depends on the strength of their wings to fly, but Boeing no we can use stabilizers to balance the pitch in balances and use this engine because its fuel efficiency, the engine looks too heavy and too big to hang on the wings of that plane


K201 Mail
Classic “Regulatory Capture”. People “in developing counties” are fools for still buying Boeing aircraft” after such an insult




I REALLY HOPE that Forkner Scum is NO Longer Working in Aviation!!!!!!




trash hauler
That’s a little over a million dollars for each victim f*** that




Leslley Scotte
Boeing’s fatal flaws: greed and apathy.


Michael Lucas
I’ll click on this one & find out the truth tonight.




Angel Bank's Lopez
It’s all about making the board happy. Bring the unions back into Boeing. The plan CEO sounds just like the devil. 737 Max I will never be getting on that plane. The new America where you can’t afford a new home as middle class .


Chris Feng
If Boeing thinks other countries’ pilots can’t fly their fancy 737 max, perhaps stop trying to ask them to buy these? If it’s not Airbus, I’m taking the bus, indeed.


Joshua O
So it will be forever know as a Piece Of Garbage airplane, thanks for that news




L Wells
Deregulation makes it easy to cut corners without considering the human death toll.




Poeun Phoung
Just another crash under the rug. The past,current,and future of aviation policies will never change…trust me…just don’t be that “lucky” bastard when it happens again.


Bernadette Treual
Glad that the Chinese grounded the 737 Max first, independent from the US.


The Boeing 737 MAX Lawn Dart, KC-46 Frankentanker, Starliner to Nowhere are fine examples of suits designing aircraft and spacecraft. Overpriced, overpromised, late, and exceeding design limits. Time to get the engineers back into Boeing leadership!


What Boing did with the 737 Max is just plain criminal. period…


Shaka Zulu
50:04…… Listen again to what the BOENG CEO said…. “They recommended simulator MCAS training for “undeveloped countries” but Americans did not need such training


Two 737 airplanes crash in exactly the same way just 5 months apart. FAA: Probably just a coincidence, keep’em flying. 3 days later: On second thought, maybe we better see whats going on…




Tridip Das
The only way to make work place safer is to cut corporate leader salary for any accident; only then and then safety will be higher priority than profit


Damn, corporations only care about there bottom line & stock price


Gregory Ambres
Boeing is so full of bull that they should switch to bull-semen farming


Ronaldo Zidan
Boeing should be honest and admit the mistake on the engine of the 7** Max


Potentially many systems in an airplane or other vehicles , can kill you if it fails but the MCAS was not debugged thoroughly because the million dollar a plane for training deal , That’s what happens when a tech company decides to give control to the bin counters instead of the engineers.


dave dave
manufacturing practices all over the world, operates this way…. where, what and how is the story here?????


I will never fly on a Boeing 737 max. My heart goes to the people who lost their lives on a 737 max.








J Birdsong
Looking at Boeing stock price today (ticker BA) with all the ‘good news’ of new sales pumping up the price; I don’t think I can forgive Boeing for this. Executives should be held personally responsible. I mean JAIL TIME.


Pedro Gomez
When cash is king and people’s lives ain’t shit 😡😡😡


We can thank Sara Nelson President of the Association of Flight Attendant Union! A flight attendant got the greedy trump Administration and FAA to finally ground this plane that saved our people lives! I wish teachers and journalists were as bold and intelligent!


These companies just make me angry they killed these people they knew planes were going to crash they need to pay big time


Natalie Kristoeff is absolutely insufferable.




Mugumya Paul the African NOMAD
1000yrs ago People were killed by Spears and in the modern century it’s Spears, guns, and even software joined the team of killers. What Next?. Lol


Larry Aniel
The all new and improved iceman rychard Richard kuklinsky


Jason Pfeilsticker
Another instance of corporate profits being more important than peoples lives….


Mo Cheeks
Blame the pilots. No one at Boeing takes responsibility, they move on with THEIR lives. No one is held accountable. Sounds very much like a certain political party. 😡




Leia G
let this be a lesson to all you tight wad corporations that put profit over people.


No Name
When booking a flight, check the planes model and make sure none are 737 max




Darius Slade
A sad reality. Profits and arrogance costs lives. Concern for others is too often an after thought. Thank you Frontline. Boeing…”you can guess my” feelings.


Computer Science must be held to the same standards any other Engineering. Traditional Engineering training does not currently prepare those in the traditional engineering disciplines for dealing with Computer Science & Engineering Integration issues. There is also a certain laxness in Computer Science their current practices, in and of them selves, are not up to the level of traditional engineering rigor. Boeing is the example and the 737-MAX a call for change. Boeing should have developed the required Software practices in house! There needs to be a regulatory apparatus developed for the proper integration of Best Computer Science Practices for Engineering. Pure software must be distinguished from engineered software.




The fact that Boeing is still operating is proof enough. The system is broken and corrupt




Daniel Clark
We have so many more serious issues that need investigating and, with all due respect and concern to those that lost their precious lives here, we spend so much time and investment on Boeing. They need to be exposed without a doubt. But there’s so much more that is far more serious going on in America. Like the level of ineptitude and danger of the Biden administration


phil scott
I resigned my position at Boeing Military Aircraft in 1989… in my letter of resignation to the president of the company at the time I stated that Airbus would be eating Boeings lunch if they kept up their good old boy management practices…. AirBus had 3% of the market at that time. The Boeing executives laughed in my face. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where a trend line goes. 6 years later, consulting for the US Dept of Energy at one of our nuclear weapons facilities (where the plutonium that went into Nagasaki was produced)…I observed a similar situation, with billions if not trillions of dollars in damages on the same glide path. See the movie ‘Silkwood’ for a dead accurate true story and accurate portrayal of this endemic degradation. Karen Silkwood was murdered on her way to testify about all that before the US Congress. I kept that in mind as I was called to testify. I had way more than a few ‘dead letter’ packages in place (about two inches thick including floppy discs) 1994/95. I told congress in my 2 hour deposition under oath, that when a nation forces its engineers to lie in order to keep their jobs and feed their families that it degrades the engineer, those around him, his family, the culture and nation. It ends badly. I had no clue about exactly how badly … now 25 years later Boeing is paying a limitless price and AirBus has in fact eaten their lunch…and the cowards are still lying. The 530 acre nuclear weapons site at Hanford Washington is now being torn down and remediated at an estimated cost of 1 trillion dollars, and 90 years to complete. . I was not involved when GE built the crappy reactors that went into Fukushima and are still poisoning the Pacific Ocean and will be doing that for the next 300 years… but a few of the 30 engineers who quit in protest at the time still are around. These have their integrity, on a scale of absolutes it is all one can hope for… without integrity there is nothing whatever worth while in life. What of the slime bags in management to saw to it that these 30 engineers were black listed and could not get a job anywhere? Mostly all passed away now. No longer laughing. If there is a hereafter, and ones character and vibe has anything to do with it… how do you think these end up? .. and what are your choices when morons and thugs are sent out to intimidate and threaten, or ruin your life? _____ . Integrity. It is absolutely, completely and utterly…. priceless, beyond words, priceless… in all aspects of life, and beyond life, and historically, and for ones children and their children… . and for the fish in the sea…. and the Antilope…and the blades of grass. . Priceless. Dedicated to Karen Silkwood and her father… Phil Scott

Meer tonen





“Boeing refused to be interviewed for this program”, well that tells us everything we need to know “Go Airbus Go!!!” 👏👏👏👏👏




Patrick Foteff
Boeing was a great company till wall street screwed it up. What a shame.


Korey V
When Mark Forkner is burning in hell I hope those people he helped kill are on his mind.


jak p
A race to the bottom with cheap offshore programming. You get what you pay for, $9 a hour programmers in India. Why wasn’t this covered is this story? Poor journalism.


SuperSix Delta
They lost me as soon as they said “New York Times”. I believe very little of what that publication tells me. Too politically motivated.




Their fatal flaw is funding the war in Afghanistan and Iraq


Adam kahn
this story is almost IDENTICAL to our opioid crisis right now….. drug makers said that Oxycontin wasn’t the problem, the individual user was the problem.


Baker Kawesa
Capitalism is awesome but it also kills. Greed is good until it isn’t. The lesson for foreign airlines is to always buy European aircraft.


Atit Desai
Capitalism gonna capitalism, I blame the FAA a lot in this, considering you’re the government fail safe. Ofcourse airplane companies shouldn’t dick around with flight safety for obvious reasons (hard to sell airplanes that only fly sometimes). What this whole mess is missing (and it sucks) is accountability. Someone who lost a loved one is not concerned with a CEO losing his job. Terrible situation all around. Great vid Frontline!




Anyone who wishes to comment here should first read at least a synopsis of the Indonesian accident report on Lion Air flight 610. The multiple failures by Lion Air in the maintenance & operation of this airplane are simply STUNNING. Obviously, a very low or non existent safety culture at this airline. As for the Ethiopian crash, after 2 1/2 yrs, they have never released a final accident report & have been very secretive about the maintenance & details regarding the crash of flight 302. What are they hiding?


Baraang Mosenki
Cutting corners is always more costly!


Nope Nope
put a lobbyist in charge of safety? sounds great…




Kieran O'Connor
Why is Frontline 2 years behind Aljazeera in making this documentary?




Travis Traveller
Cutting costs at the cost of human life is traditional American thing, don’t matter if it’s hamburger and fries cooked in transfats, Chinese dry wall, various FDA approved medical treatments or medicines, and all the way to slavery with free capital from stolen native lands. As we speak elected officials plot to further stagnate the need for liveable wages.


I would like to know who were the legislators that championed Delegation.


John Hetherington
The bearded clown does this documentary no service


Commie Tube
Nothing will happen to any of them because our leaders are on the take. Bread and circuses.


My friend Siraaji was killed in the Ethiopia 🇪🇹 crash. I find Boeing’s statements insulting. Am mad now.


Dougie Jones
From what I can remember this had something to do with a new feature but because they were trying to save money on training pilots weren’t aware of what was happening but I could be wrong




yea .. let the foxes guard the henhouse … what could possibly go wrong ? MCAS is not essential during take off so why is it even active at this point.


MORE Tragic loss of Life due to the Corporatocrisy’s Greed💔💔🇺🇸🇺🇸💔




Abebe Ghebreselassie
The new Boeing CEO Comment about the Pilot comparison SHAME ON HIM!!!


w surfer
The 737 Max made a lot of money….. for Boeing Executives by the way of bonus and stock options.


Boeing created Covid to cover all this up. (Sarcasm)


Zaps Zapper
With Alarms , stick shakers, flashing lights, and audible warnings all going off at once, you have 10seconds to switch off a system you don’t even know exists because you are deliberately not told it exists, and then start cranking on a trim wheel, or you and your passengers die. The Ethiopian co pilot/1st officer got it right are but after 10 sec. I thought it was because no one at Boeing thought it through in the design process, but its worse than that, Boeing covered it up from the get go, and then with the FAA, let catastrophe happen TWICE. DISGUSTING And their B plan is “If they were American trained pilots it wouldn’t have happened.” CEO of Boeing


Alfie Blake
I hope I never have to fly again, to hell with it! I’m done. This is a disgrace, heads should role.


Ahmed Murad
See how corporate American greed cost life of innocent people; stop blaming our young; talented pilots; may there soul rest in peace; along with all the victims we Ethiopians are proud of our airline. I can imagine how ignorant and racist the new CEO is when he implies that “the crushes wouldn’t happen if the pilots had been a American pilots”! The lesson is Never trust corporate America


Money over Mankind… look what this world has come to! 🙃


Lisa Scahill
Dang it! I just booked a flight and the plane is Boeing 737😱


Donald E. Riley
A Pilot riding in the “Jump Seat” of a Max witnessed this kind of malfunction. He told the pilot what to do and a third tragedy was averted. I’m surprised this was missed in FL documentary. It was widely reported at the time.




Meat Popsicle
Follow the money. Always. Who benefits financially? Apply to politics, industry, information. Apply logic to current events, media propaganda mirrors corporate, mirrors political, think cv19. Question everything. Not allowed? That’s the place to dig.


jinjoo cho
If only American pilots could’ve handle the situation right, then Boeing should have not sold the plane all around the world. I found that many CEOs are only good at nonsense, and dumb excuses. Well I can be as dumb as they are, could I be a CEO to get paid as those ㅂㅅ?


Jay Kafcas
It’s obvious. The pilots were not informed of any software changes/modifications with a failing system INTENTIONALLY so in the end..the very end..they can throw the pilots under the bus. Can we trust anything anymore??? Sheesh!!

Meer tonen



Hugo Alejandro
Unbelievable.. pray for every family connected to this blatant *




Manuel Gonzalez
great documentary


As a longtime many decades viewer of PBS Frontline, I was eagerly awaiting this broadcast. At the 52 min mark, when the signoff music started playing, I had to look around and see if this was just a Part 1, or if there was a 2nd hour of the episode. So many details and further revelations that many other documentaries and even independent youtubers have covered are missing. Sugar coated report. If I was the New York Times contributing reporters and just saw this for the first time, I would be livid as PBS Frontline failed to mention so many more details. Just one example, that I think all viewers probably are well aware of, is how they found Boeing internal communications about how workers joked about ‘clowns’ and ‘monkeys.’ So, sadly now, PBS Frontline, is much like FAA and Boeing, and does not want to harm its sponsors, er, viewers like you, it seems. I will no longer watch Frontline with the same respect I did when I used to do class reports based on Frontline investigations back in college. Corporate America has infiltrated public broadcasting. Maybe Trump was right. Federal funds need to be withdrawn, with or without Sesame Street.

Meer tonen





Jessica X
This is what happens when a company doesn’t give two rats a** about their customers.




Ez Ze
This IS NOT Boeing’s problem but rather the airlines, themselves. Too cheap to get their pilots the proper training that Boeing readily provides to all it’s customers. Modern aircraft have very complex systems that if misunderstood, are useless and can be dangerous.


Randy Carriere
That Natalie chick is kinda sweet! Shame she works for NYT though.


Good old American greed, it takes place above all else.


Poet WP
If only we could see so justice, the people responsible at Boeing should go to prison for the rest of there life’s. This company should not be allowed to build airplanes anymore, clearly they can’t be trusted to do so safely. But in America money talks and bullshit walks. The corporations and supper wealthy almost never face justice for their atrocities. It’s disgustingly awful!


Javi Fonseca
Mark Forkner. Wait for the lawsuits to start after this week.


matthew 2779
Best journalist on tv today 😊




Mireille Lebeau
Boeing will pay US$2.5 billion to settle charge over 737 Max, Yep, So little for such a crime.


John Israel
I flew on one of these jets


Boeing has no competitor in the United States and only one major competitor abroad. This level of monopoly makes it possible for Boeing executives to forego making better, safer planes and instead put money into manipulating its share price. In 2020, after nearly 800 orders were cancelled, Boeing simply slashed prices on its 737 Max in order to sell them to discount airline Ryanair. The mismanagement of Boeing, and the struggle of its employees to stem the decline, is not simply the story of one company gone terribly wrong. It is the story of incentives for all publicly held corporations in the United States gone horribly wrong. And it is also the story of many in lower levels of the hierarchy inside the firm putting their jobs on the line in a struggle to retain a focus on quality. In many years up until 2018, the corporation obtained the bulk of its “free cash” flow from operations, yet the falling blue line in Figure 2 indicates that Boeing only puts between 10% and 20% of its cash back into new equipment for production operations—known as “capital expenditures.” With roughly 60% coming from operations, and only 15% going back into operations, Boeing’s cash flow statements reveal a slow erosion of manufacturing capacity, as the company spends less and less on capital equipment of any kind.

Meer tonen



Talk about putting profits 📈before saving lives


Bob Johnson
Boeing used to build safe airplanes first and profitable planes second. Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas who brought us the DC 10 crowdkiller, built by a company who only cared about profit and safety is not considered. After the merger, the CEO of McD became the CEO of Boeing and the McD business model became Boeing’s. Stonecipher ruined Boeing and turned Boeing into the profit first, safety last aviation whores they are today.


But yet Boeing is still allowed to manufacture, test and sell aircrafts. How do we know that this won’t happen again? Will they require airlines to notify customers if they are using this aircraft? I have lost faith in Boeing and I don’t think I will ever be able to trust this aircraft enough to get on it




Larry Aniel
I read an over 400 page book to pull this off military thriller based in Uganda Africa and Iran served time in an isolation cell 22 days saw momma on a televised call passed my phone account 40 dollars for a slice of bread and butter while cleaning out my cell we all laughed Aryan Brotherhood


This is not engineering, this is total bs!


I’ll never lose my love for Boeing. Ever. Just like I will never lose my love for Airbus or McDonnell Douglas. But Boeing dropped the ball BIG time.


A Google user
US pilots are not better than foreign pilots. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of foreign pilots have to come to the US for their ground school and simulator training. They’re not approved until they pass their check ride in the SIM, route training and route check ride before they’re cleared to fly on the line with passengers outside a training footprint. I find it disgusting to see the new CEO of Boeing suggesting that foreign pilots are less capable than American pilots. That’s racism 101.




Micus Liu
It’s really easy to become delusional in this day and age.


trash hauler
That’s a little over a million dollars for each victim f*** that


Peter Maclean
This is a story of hubris.


DL Vox
Sad Frontline music.


Is this voice over person that did StarFox 64????




cj dickson
This, the result of bean counters, along with the McDonnel-Douglas merger (take over?)… …Boeing had a great record prior, with both military & commercial aircraft………..Also, the FAA didn’t / wasn’t doing its job, to protect the public, not BOEING. And, the $$ saving (- union) move from Seattle to low wage S Carolina (?).




Joe Tesar
This is completely unacceptable. Being a Son of a retired Military pilot And a Commercial pilot as well. Who is to say even with all that experience If my Father could have saved lives if MCAS went haywire. I would love to say he could but why did Boeing / FAA take that risk to begin with ? For corporate greed ? To put so many people’s lives in jeopardy As well as my Fathers is unfathomable To me. But God will Judge you and your company . My Father deserved better. And so do all the families who lost loved ones . God bless all the lives lost. That settlement was crap. And what about the FAA ?

Meer tonen



Brenda Kipkemoi
I’m infuriated!!!!! Boeing management blamed the “inexperience” of the “foreign” pilots? Why? Because they were Ethiopian and Indonesian?! That statement by the Boeing CEO was callous and dare I say it “racist” at best! I cried with the Allied Pilots Association spokesman when he took over the flight simulation and realized that the young Ethiopian first officer got it right with the faulty MCAS system. Why didn’t the FAA act as the safety agency it is meant to be? Thank you NYT and Frontline for bringing the facts. Thank you Frontline for always brining thought-provoking documentaries that make us see the world for what it really is.




Cristian Sanchez
Great job of investigation thanks pbs


… and no one went to jail … … let alone being executed




Justice Carter


Leza O
Is there a way to find out if your flight is on a Boeing max?




0 0
Boeing had the worlds trust! They make rockets 🚀 and fighters ✈️ they are global. The pride of American 🇺🇸 engineers was aviation world wide from Boeing. They threw it all away. What a waste. I feel deceived as as an aviation enthusiast. They lost the race against Airbus. Not all pilots are equal, but these accidents were 100% system failures not pilot error! They did Everything right and their plane, the computer was diving towards the ground to their deaths! Shame on boeing and its Not the ceo, its culture! A ceo is a face, culture is heart mind and body! Of course no jail time for anyone. Neglect and bankers and ceos dont get jail!


Kenneth Ryan
Recertification by who? BOEING hired FAA personnel?


Michael Laviolette
You always need to be able to hand fly the aircraft (manual control). If you can not override, the plane is thinking for itself, never a good thing.




watched the trailer and I actually want to watch this one, I usually watch your documentaries out of curiosity, boredom, or background sound




Reg Smith
The music sounded like the FlightChannel. This has to be bad.🤦🏽‍♂️


Manfred von Richthofen
How incompetent do you have to be to take 2 years to fix a problem?


Mark Trinidad
FAA was very hesitant at first because Boeing is an American company. If it was an Airbus it would ban the plane immediately from flying.


NASA has made a lot of mistakes, but they would never let a design that would allow a function that could result in catastrophic failure depend on one sensor.


hunter bigguns
its gravity. you dont have to watch now.


Sinan Kaptan
If it’s not Boeing, I’m ahahahaha. Right.


Elizabeth Chong
How does Mark Forkner sleep at night? Where his greed and stupidity cost the lives of so many?




Kieran O'Connor
What about the problems with the 777?




Apocalypse Cow
Will anyone go to prison for this?


Money?! Planet Earth, Welcome!


R. V.
Exceptionalism? Based on what?!


Cut throat business in any industry kills


Wow.. usd500 milion to all families of victims. How little value their lives are… Eff off Boeing


Monk Last
That’s business.




5th Gen
From safest To Most dangerous Shame on you boing


michael hall
My brother flys the max 8 for United


Profits are the most important. Not safety. This proves that.


Boeing sucks, air bus is a superior company. Boeing has a long history of fuckery.




John Johnson
It all boils down to money.


Benedict Tiberius
Must have been Trump’s fault.


Susan A
Once again PBS documentary winner


Emily Clark
Boeing really makes me sick now!


Gregory Ambres
NATALIE KITOROEFF Girl ROCKS. If it were not for her, this report would have been WORTHLESS. Give her a managing editor position. RIGHT NOW. 💪🏆 Do it right now because if you don’t, I have a fleet of jets and helicopters and Rolls-Royce limousines that will take me directly to your New York offices and I will do it MYSELF.


Slovakian Parliamentary Rep Anton Hrnko for the Slovak Nationalist Party (SNS) lost his family (wife, daughter and son) on board of the Ethiopian Airlines flight. R.I.P. One funny thing to add even though there is nothing funny at all when there is a body toll of 300 in front of you would be the fact how the new Boeing CEO is laughing out on foreign pilots despite them being so invested in selling their plane to exactly those airlines in the developing world as was stated before! There is a baffeling thing to. They only paid 2,5 Billion USD for the criminal charge? 347 people are dead and 2,5 B is enough? Thats what they make with what – 10 planes? WTF? I thought the idea was to punish them!

Meer tonen



The computer replaced the human.. that’s where things went wrong




Kenneth Logan
Boeing is made in America. None of these crashes happen in America. It appears Boeing used foreign airlines as an experiment to see if the planes where safe. But the bottom line as usual. Greed ruled! The love of money over lives. This is why America is no longer the greatest country we have lost our way and have no heart.


Another absolute banger of a documentary from PBS.




Blake Robinson
Boeing: “no comment”




Pamela Porter
I was afraid that the US president wouldn’t ground these planes until x Americans were killed.




If it’s a Boeing I’m not going!


Larry Aniel
Decline demise oh the Russians planet


Meow Meow
Amazing the company can survive after this TO BIG TO FAIL M murder C Chaos/Collision A Aviation S System Or M ass C asualty A viation S ystem I would have think some of these Boeing executives would need full time security after this

Meer tonen



Tiger Tiger
The arrogance… go 🇺🇸 go ffs


Current version, COVID vaccine.


Lock Stock and Barrel
still… with 2 planes crash…. no one get jail term…. money talks!


This is the type of event that always comes to mind when I argue with people about how important it is that we have adequate government oversight over giant corporations, that for enough profit don’t mind letting a lot of people be killed by their product. And why corporate lobbyist should be outlawed! This is a critical flaw of free reign capitalism and I think it is beyond disgusting.




A Google user
Looking forward to this. Boeing really messed up on this one.




Otto Schmid
who is there? o fok it’s Mark Forkner calling pilots who want training stupid idiots.


Brockton Ma.
Companie$ never learn.


Orencio Deguzman
Its american… what do you expect?




Noah Powell
Per usual, all these lezies out here in force. Did Boeing have something to do with the wrongful deaths, absolutely. Is it the blame of African Airlines for not training their pilots, just as much. It is okay to blame more then one organization. Their airliners did not insure their pilots in all regions of the world were capable of handling the place, so sad.


mduduzi bhebhe
Was anyone arrested in Boeing?


kor por ation Greed Destroying the world


Loz H
big OOF