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The two Boeing 737 Max crashes refer to two fatal crashes involving the Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which occurred in October 2018 and March 2019. The crashes resulted in the deaths of 346 people.

The first crash, Lion Air Flight 610, occurred on October 29, 2018, when a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. All 189 passengers and crew members on board were killed.

The second crash, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, occurred on March 10, 2019, when a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. All 157 passengers and crew members on board were killed.

The cause of the two crashes was found to be a software system known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), which was designed to prevent the aircraft from stalling. However, the system was found to have a “fatal flaw” that caused it to malfunction, sending the aircraft into a dive.

The flaw was linked to a faulty sensor that provided incorrect data to the MCAS system, causing it to activate repeatedly and push the aircraft’s nose down. Pilots were unable to override the system, leading to the crashes.

The crashes led to the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max aircraft worldwide and a significant financial and reputational loss for Boeing. The company faced lawsuits and regulatory investigations, and the incident raised questions about the safety of automated systems in aviation. Boeing has since worked to update the MCAS system and implement additional safety measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Two Boeing 737 Max Crashes and a ‘Fatal Flaw’ | “Boeing’s Fatal Flaw” | FRONTLINE

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14 sep. 2021

The deadly Boeing 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019 involved a software system, MCAS, that was supposed to keep people safe — but instead contributed to the tragic deaths of 346 people. Watch an excerpt from “Boeing’s Fatal Flaw,” a documentary from FRONTLINE and The New York Times premiering Sept. 14, 2021.


Malaysia Airlines (Full Episode) | Drain the Oceans

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With today’s technology, how can we lose a jetliner with 239 people on board? MH370: inside the longest, most costly search in aviation history.

MH370 refers to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which was a passenger flight that disappeared on March 8, 2014, while en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport in China. Despite extensive search efforts, the aircraft has not been located, and the disappearance remains one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Here are some key points about MH370:

  1. Disappearance: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared from radar screens about 40 minutes after takeoff, while flying over the South China Sea. The aircraft was carrying 239 passengers and crew members.

  2. Last Communication: The last communication from the flight was a routine sign-off with air traffic control. Shortly after, the aircraft’s transponder, which communicates its position to radar, was disabled.

  3. Change of Course: After the transponder was turned off, MH370 made a series of turns and changes in altitude, deviating from its planned flight path. It is believed that someone with knowledge of the aircraft intentionally altered its course.

  4. Search Efforts: A massive multinational search and rescue operation was launched in the days following the disappearance. The search initially focused on the South China Sea but was later expanded to the southern Indian Ocean after satellite data indicated that the aircraft had likely flown in that direction.

  5. Lack of Wreckage: Despite extensive search efforts, including the use of sonar and underwater submersibles, no wreckage from MH370 was found for over a year.

  6. Debris Discoveries: In subsequent years, several pieces of debris from the aircraft were discovered on remote islands in the Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa. These findings confirmed that the aircraft had crashed into the Indian Ocean.

  7. Official Investigation: The Malaysian government conducted an official investigation into the disappearance of MH370, known as the MH370 Safety Investigation Report. The report concluded that the aircraft’s diversion from its planned route was deliberate but did not conclusively identify the person or persons responsible.

  8. Theories: The disappearance of MH370 has led to numerous theories and speculations, including hijacking, pilot suicide, mechanical failure, and more. However, no theory has been definitively proven.

  9. Ongoing Search: Despite the suspension of the official search in 2018, there have been occasional efforts by private companies and independent investigators to locate the wreckage and provide answers to the families of the victims.

  10. Aviation Safety Improvements: The MH370 incident has prompted changes in aviation safety protocols, including increased tracking of aircraft, improvements in communication systems, and enhanced cockpit security measures.

MH370 Mystery: New ‘Barnacle’ Clues In Hunt For Missing Flight | The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

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4 sep 2023

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 remains one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. However, recent barnacle research on airplane wreckage found on an island has given scientists hope in reconstructing the drift paths of ocean debris.

These new findings, published in the American Geophysical Union Journal, utilize shell chemistry from barnacles to trace the unknown paths of crash debris. While the whereabouts of the missing plane remains unknown, this research could potentially shed light on the tragic event.

Christine Negroni, author of “The Crash Detectives” and a former air accident investigator, explains that the challenge of finding missing planes lies in the vastness of the ocean and the limited tracking capabilities.

Unlike a rover on the moon, which can be easily located and monitored, airplanes rely on satellite technology for tracking. Prior to the MH370 incident, airlines would opt for satellite location updates every 15 or 30 minutes. However, since the tragedy, the frequency of tracking has increased. Negroni emphasizes that the difficulty lies in finding the black boxes, which are crucial for understanding the events leading to the plane’s disappearance.

‘HUGE’ MH370 breakthrough in search for missing plane | 7NEWS

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New tracking technology may have finally solved the mystery of missing flight MH-370. British aerospace engineer, Richard Godfrey has spent the last 9 months using technology known as ‘weak signal propagation’.. to calculate the plane’s final movements. He believes the wreckage is 1,900 kilometres west of Perth.. lying at a depth of 4-thousand metres.. allowing experts to hone in on a more specific underwater search. It’s been 7-and-a-half years since the Malaysia Airlines flight vanished.. with 239 people on board.

1 Exclusive access to MH370 wreckage the world has never seen | 60 Minutes Australia

Gepubliceerd op 3 mrt. 2019

It’s now five years since MH370 disappeared, but there have been no definitive answers about where the airliner is or what happened to it. The failure of the search has had an unbearable impact on the family and friends of the 239 people on board, who are presumed dead. But Danica Weeks, whose husband Paul was one of the passengers, refuses to give up. With Sarah Abo’s assistance, she has achieved what many think is impossible and arranged a face-to-face meeting with the Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad – the first time he has met with a relative of a passenger on MH370. The Perth mother-of-two has pleaded with him to continue searching for the plane. And as our story reveals, Dr Mahathir has been clearly touched by Danica Weeks’ determination, ordering his Minister of Transport to give 60 MINUTES world-first access to the secret vault where recovered parts of the plane’s wreckage are stored. It’s a degree of investigative transparency from Malaysia that is unheard of, and signals a major step forward.

2 MH370: het nooit opgeloste mysterie | NOS op 3


29 mei 2018

‘Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero.’ Daarna bleef het stil. Vandaag stopt de zoektocht naar MH370, één van de grootste mysteries uit de luchtvaartgeschiedenis.

3 MH370: The Situation Room – What really happened to the missing Boeing 777 | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 13 mei 2018

What happened to MH370? On a special edition of 60 MINUTES, Tara Brown investigates what is now the world’s most confounding aviation disaster. What happened to the Boeing 777 airliner carrying 239 passengers and crew that vanished on March 8, 2014?
 Well done

4 Is Malaysia Flight MH-370 In the Cambodian Jungle? – A Closer Look: Part I

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Gepubliceerd op 15 dec. 2018

Please understand:
This is part I of what will ultimately become a 3 or possibly 4 part series, with your help. In this series we will discuss, observe, and analyze a plethora of different pieces of information regarding the theory suggesting a possibility that Malaysia flight MH-370 may have found it’s final resting place in the jungles of Southeast Asia.
As stated and repeated in the video, neither the series creators or the contributors claim to possess any answers nor do they endorse or promote any theory or belief personally. The goal and intent of this series is to narrow down all of the different possibilities and eliminate any theory that is not relevant or useful. So, when we finish discussing this theory in part III, if there’s nothing to the theory that is worthwhile, we can cross it off the list, move onto the next one, and then cross it off the list as well. We will keep going though the popular theories until we’ve crossed them all off the list. The jungle theory is discussed here due to overwhelming requests from viewers and subscribers.
We are happy to look at the information and different theories presented to us, as part of these requests, but we (as The Unknown Observer) do not endorse or promote any specific theory or belief about MH-370 outside of the official narrative. This video is NOT monetized by us or anyone affiliated with us, but advertisements may appear on the video because of the numerous copyrighted materials used without permission.
The copyright owners of these materials do not agree with the statements or ideas presented in the video series either.
Our hearts go out to the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370, as well as to their friends and family members.

5 Book claims plane disappearance was mass murder-suicide

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Gepubliceerd op 14 mei 2018

A book by retired Canadian investigator Larry Vance claims the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 deliberately crashed into the Indian Ocean in an apparent pre-planned mass murder-suicide. It contradicts the theory of Australian air safety investigators, who believe the jet crashed into the water after it ran out of fuel, its pilots incapacitated.

6 Why experts believe MH370 was murder suicide | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 14 mei 2018
A panel of aviation experts forensically examine MH370’s final hours and explain why Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah has arisen as the most likely perpetrator in the aircraft’s disappearance.

To watch ‘MH370 – The Situation Room’ in full, head to:

For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

7 MH370: Special Investigation – Part one | 60 Minutes (2016)

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Gepubliceerd op 31 jul. 2016

It’s more than four years since MH370 disappeared off the face of the earth, and still we have no answers for the missing 239 passengers and crew who are presumed dead. Frustration at the lack of clues has led to significant reassessment, and as Ross Coulthart discovers, there’s now growing evidence that authorities have been ignoring more credible theories about what might have brought the jet down.

8 MH370: Special Investigation – Part two | 60 Minutes

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Gepubliceerd op 31 jul. 2016

Aviation experts frequently remind us that flying on modern jet planes is the safest form of transport. However those assertions are meaningless while the fate of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 remains unknown. It’s more than two years since the Boeing 777 disappeared off the face of the earth. An exhaustive and expensive search in the southern Indian Ocean has failed to turn up anything. It’s due to end soon, which has further distressed the grieving families of the 239 passengers and crew who are presumed dead. Frustration at the lack of clues has led to significant reassessment about MH370, and as Ross Coulthart discovers in this 60 Minutes investigation, there’s now growing evidence that authorities have been ignoring more credible theories about what might have brought the jet down.

9 Personal Lives of Pilots Could Provide Clues to Missing Malaysian Plane

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Gepubliceerd op 16 mrt. 2014

The investigation into Flight MH 370’s disappearance starts to focus on the lives of its crew.

10 A look into the lives of the missing MH370 pilots

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Gepubliceerd op 30 jul. 2015

CNN’s Randi Kaye digs into the backgrounds of MH370 pilots that were flying the Malaysian airlines flight when it disappeared.

11 Former pilot: I flew the missing plane

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Gepubliceerd op 18 mrt. 2014

A pilot who flew the missing plane explains to CNN’s Kyung Lah what he thinks happened to Flight 370.

12 Rogue Pilot Could Be Responsible For Missing Malaysian Plane

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Gepubliceerd op 15 mrt. 2014

Investigators start to narrow down the possibilities of what happened to Flight MH370.

13 MH370 Pilot’s friend: Something went wrong on that p…



Gepubliceerd op 10 apr. 2014

Sivarasa Rasiah speaks about his friendship with MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah, defending him against accusations.

14 The Mystery Of MH370 (Part 1/4) | CNA Insider

Gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing on 8 March 2014. The biggest mystery is how an aeroplane that has departed Kuala Lumpur in full perfect operational status can make some deviant turns and disappear. Channel NewsAsia speaks to the pilot’s sister in her first television interview, and examines what is known about the last hours of the flight.

15 The Mystery Of MH370 (Part 2/4) | CNA Special | Channel NewsAsia

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Gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2014

Four months have gone past since Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing. What has been done so far to locate the missing plane? Channel NewsAsia speaks to the pilot’s sister in her first television interview, and examines what is known about the last hours of the flight.

16 The Mystery Of MH370 (Part 3/4) | CNA Special | Channel NewsAsia

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Gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2014

Could Flight MH370 have been hijacked? Why was the transponder turned off? Available evidence points to deliberate, human action, but many conspiracy theories still remain. Channel NewsAsia speaks to the pilot’s sister in her first television interview, and examines what is known about the last hours of the flight.

17 The Mystery Of MH370 (Part 4/4) | CNA Insider

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Gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2014

The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has yielded nothing. No debris, no bodies, no black box. What’s next for the relatives of those missing, will they find closure to this traumatic episode? Channel NewsAsia speaks to the pilot’s sister in her first television interview, and examines what is known about the last hours of the flight.

18 History Documentary – Air Crash – MH370 The Plane That Vanished

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Gepubliceerd op 9 okt. 2016

History Documentary – Air Crash – MH370 The Plane That Vanished

19 Pilots report issues with Boeing jet automation | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

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Gepubliceerd op 17 mrt. 2019

Pilots have reported issues with Boeing’s plane automation system, with one pilot complaining the flight manual is “almost criminally insufficient.” Automation is introduced to save money and minimize human effort, but the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes is re-framing the discussion. The Weekly finds hundreds of incident reports showing the trouble pilots are having with automation on their planes. To read more:

20 Rogue Boeing 737 Max planes ‘with minds of their own’ | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 26 mei 2019


Liz Hayes investigates the disaster of Boeing’s 737 MAX jetliner. Why two supposedly state-of-the-art and safe planes crashed killing 346 people; why pilots now fear flying the 737 MAX; & whether Boeing could have averted the catastrophes.


Will the missing Malaysian airliner MH370 ever be found? | The Stream

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Heeft 14 uur geleden live gestreamd

On March 8, 2014, 239 passengers and crew members disappeared from radar on board a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Nine years on, why is the disappearance of MH370 still a mystery?

MH370’s fuselage and black box have never been recovered. Despite extensive searching, there are still no proven explanations amid a list of theories from aviation experts, pilots, scientists, journalists and even amateur internet sleuths using Google Earth. Some of the theories are explored in the new Netflix docuseries MH370: The Plane That Disappeared.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into a multi-nation search effort which ended in 2018. A new search by the US marine robotics company Ocean Infinity could potentially take place this year or next.

Families of MH370 passengers remain desperate for answers and have repeatedly called on authorities to renew their search, though the Malaysian government has said it would not restart another mission unless compelling new evidence was uncovered.

In this episode of The Stream, we’ll look at the mystery surrounding MH370.

MH370: New Theory Claims To Know Exactly Where It Is

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3 dec 2021

A new theory proposed by Richard Godfrey in late 2021 claims to know exactly where the vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is. MH370 vanished in 2014 and has not been found to date. Its disappearance remains one of the greatest aviation mysteries. All that investigators know so far is that it crashed somewhere off the coast of australia in the southern indian ocean.

21 It’s ‘common sense’ to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8: Transportation expert

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Gepubliceerd op 14 mrt. 2019

Jonathan Weaks, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association, and John Samuelsen, international president of the Transport Workers Union of America, join “Squawk Box” to discuss the FAA’s decision to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 following the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash.

22 The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice


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Gepubliceerd op 15 apr. 2019

This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company’s desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing’s efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here:…

23 How 737 MAX 8’s design history could have influenced the Ethiopian Airlines crash

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Gepubliceerd op 13 mrt. 2019

We look back at the history of the 737 MAX 8 for possible clues in the Ethiopian Airlines crash. Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News

24 The Economics That Made Boeing Build the 737 Max

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Gepubliceerd op 30 apr. 2019

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25 Entire Boeing 737 Max aircraft fleet grounded

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Gepubliceerd op 14 mrt. 2019

371 Boeing airliners are sitting idle on the tarmac tonight, after the aviation giant grounded its 737 MAX model. (Subscribe:
It follows the decision by the US Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily ban the jet from US airspace – joining more than 50 countries which had already done the same. Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash claimed 157 lives, including nine Britons. The American regulator had initially refused to ban the 737 MAX, but changed its mind after “new evidence” was found at the crash site in Ethiopia.

26 The FAA and Boeing’s Close Relationship Explained

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Gepubliceerd op 9 mei 2019

Is the Federal Aviation Administration too close to the industry it regulates? In the wake of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, The Wall Street Journal examines why the FAA is facing renewed scrutiny into its aircraft certification process.
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27 Boeing 737 Max 8 manual mentions MCAS only once

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Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2019

Since the recent crashes of two Boeing 737 Max, pilots say they were kept in the dark about the existence of a key software suspected of being connected to the tragedies. CBC News has obtained a copy of the 737 MAX flight crew manual – and what’s not in it raises troubling questions about the manufacturer’s lack of disclosure.

28 Boeing failed to report 737 Max alert system problem

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Gepubliceerd op 8 mei 2019

Boeing failed to tell the FAA and airlines that an alert system was not operational on all 737 Max, casting doubt on the procedures the company has followed for decades. CNN’s senior investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reports. #Boeing #CNN #News

29 Problems with Boeing 737 next generation with structural dangers reported SBS dateline Australia.

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Gepubliceerd op 12 jun. 2011

THIS IS FOR AUSTRALIAN VIEWERS only SBS news reporting of hazards with the 737 Boeing air crafts when made in 2002 reporting dangerous workmanship and not building to government standards and people who whistle blew got sacked. Boeing aircraft have safety issues not dealt with.

30 Boeing admits cockpit warning light on Max jets was to be standard but wasn’t activated

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Gepubliceerd op 30 apr. 2019

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg defended the safety systems of its 737 Max jets in his first comments to shareholders and reporters since two deadly crashes involving the best-selling plane. Those crashes killed 346 people and led to the worldwide grounding of the Max jets. A growing number of potential whistleblowers are raising safety concerns. Kris Van Cleave reports.

31 Boeing must show customers that they care about safety: Expert


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Gepubliceerd op 29 apr. 2019

Helio Fred Garcia, president of the Logos Consulting Group, and Carter Copeland, analyst at Melius Research, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss what they’re going to be watching from Boeing’s annual meeting for shareholders.

32 Boeing CEO on 737 Max software implementation: “We did not do it correctly”

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Gepubliceerd op 30 mei 2019

In an exclusive interview with incoming “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnell, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg acknowledged that the company incorrectly implemented the software on its 737 Max 8 jets that has been blamed for two deadly plane crashes in the past year.

33 MCAS is Born 737 max 8 – Prof Simon

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Gepubliceerd op 2 jun. 2019

I had always wondered how MCAS was born. The 737 max 8 aircraft must have been built without a software handling patch. It is a fascinating and potentially deadly story. Prof Simon relates the tale. Original research by the New York Times.

34 How safe is Boeing’s 737 Max 8 aircraft? | Inside Story

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Gepubliceerd op 13 mrt. 2019
Boeing calls its 737 the most popular jet aircraft of all time.

The US plane maker hoped its new 737 MAX 8 would bring in a new era of passenger safety.

However, two fatal crashes in five months are raising serious questions.

Aviation analysts have noted remarkable similarities between Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash, and one involving the same model of aircraft in Indonesia in October.

More countries are grounding the planes, and passengers are cancelling their trips.

But Boeing and US aviation regulators say there’s nothing to worry about.

So who’s right? And will Sunday’s crash affect confidence in modern air travel?

Presenter: James Bays


Kyle Bailey – Pilot and former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Representative.

Todd Curtis – Former Airline Safety Engineer at Boeing.

Matt Driskill – Editor, Asian Aviation Magazine.

At minute 11

They could switch on a monitor and see the whole flight profile

35 The Heat: Boeing 737 Max investigation Pt 2

Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2019

To discuss all of the recent controversies and issues surrounding the 737 Max and Boeing, tonight’s panel includes James Brauchle, a former U.S. Air Force navigator; Nawal Taneja, a professor emeritus of the Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University; Mark Weiss, the president of Weiss Consulting Group and a retired captain with American Airlines and Dan McClory, is the managing director and Head of China, Boustead Securities.

36 The MH370 mystery: Where is the missing plane? | 60 Minutes Australia

17 feb. 2020

Subscribe here: Full Episodes here | The real and raw human face of an international tragedy Three weeks ago, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from civilian radar. Something or someone caused two different location devices to be switched off. Minutes later, it disappeared from military radar. We now know that Flight MH370 flew for another 7 hours in the opposite direction from its scheduled destination and crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, 2500 kilometres from Perth. Was it terrorism or a suicidal pilot? Did its crew and passengers perish on board, turning it into a ‘ghost flight’ that flew unmanned into a vast ocean? Nothing about the flight makes sense — and nothing will bring comfort to those whose loved ones were on board. 60 Minutes speaks exclusively to the Australian families of the victims of Flight MH370, as they tell of the agony of not knowing what happened to their loved ones for 18 days. It’s the very real and raw human face of this international tragedy.
60 Minutes Australia (2014)

37 Impact on Boeing reputation after 737 Max scandal | 60 Minutes Australia

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Gepubliceerd op 7 mei 2019

Dominic Gates, journalist from The Seattle Times, says people’s faith in Boeing has been hit by the devastating crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. But despite the “terrible failings” of the aircraft’s flawed design, Gates says he would still fly on board a Boeing 737 Max once the system is fixed and the grounding lifted.

38 What’s WRONG with Boeing?! MAX update


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Gepubliceerd op 14 jun. 2019

The grounding of the Boeing 737MAX is still ongoing and now we learn of faulty parts being fitted to the Boeing 737MAX AND the Boeing 737NG. What is Wrong with Boeing?! In todays video I will give you an update of the MAX grounding as well as my view on the latest revelations regarding faulty Slat track parts. Stay tuned, they might surprise you!

39 Pilots landed at the Wrong Airport!! Mentour Pilot explains

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Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2019

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Why do pilots some times land at the wrong airport, what drives these types of mistakes and are they dangerous? In todays video I will be covering the wildly publicised BA flight which landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf and I will also discuss some more serious incidents, involving pilot mistakes that have happened during the last decade.

40 New Boeing 737 MAX flaw discovered

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Gepubliceerd op 27 jun. 2019

More problems for Boeing’s 737 MAX… Sources tell CNN a flaw has been detected in the plane’s computer system that could push the nose down.

41 Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner included in Justice Department investigation

Gepubliceerd op 29 jun. 2019

The Department of Justice is expanding its investigation into Boeing. According to the Seattle Times, investigators are now looking beyond the company’s 737 Max planes and to its 787 Dreamliners. The DOJ began investigating Boeing’s 737 Max following two deadly crashes in the past 12 months. Former National Transportation Safety Board member John Goglia joined CBSN to discuss.


42 Regulators identify new problem with Boeing 737 Max

Gepubliceerd op 27 jun. 2019

43 What’s Next For Boeing?

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Gepubliceerd op 6 jul. 2019

Two Boeing 737 Max planes recently crashed due to sensor problems. The company has been under scrutiny over their response to the incidents and how it was able to approve the plane. Despite worldwide grounding of the 737 Max, lawsuits, congressional hearings, and a criminal investigation, Boeing is in the process of re-earning the people’s trust.

44 Ralph Nader: Boeing has been mismanaged for years

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Gepubliceerd op 23 jul. 2019

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader joins CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” team to give his take on Boeing and why he says the company’s governance is compromised.

45 Boeing to Suspend 737 MAX, But Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader Wants a Total Recall of Deadly Planes

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16 dec. 2019

Executives at Boeing are reportedly considering ending production of the troubled 737 MAX passenger jet, which was grounded worldwide after two crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia that killed all 346 people on board. Last week, former Boeing manager Edward Pierson testified to the House Transportation Committee that he tried to warn executives about safety concerns four months before the first deadly crash, as well as before the second crash, but his warnings were ignored. We continue our conversation with Ralph Nader, longtime consumer advocate, corporate critic and three-time presidential candidate, whose great-niece Samya Stumo died on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 in March.

46 Will the MAX fly again?!

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20 dec. 2019

Will the grounded Boeing 737MAX ever fly again? Now that Boeing has announced that they will stop the MAX production-line, will they ever bother to open it up again? Should they? In todays video I will be explaining something that hasn’t gotten much attention or explanations in the media so far. The fact that the Boeing 737MAX is NOT an unstable aircraft. I feel that there is time for a bit of deeper understanding about where the REAL problems lie here and that everyone needs to understand those problems, before they can cast a judgement.
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about the video. You can comment on here in the comments field or Join my crew in the Mentour Aviation app, you will find the FREE download links below 👇

47 Whats wrong with Boeing?!

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31 jan. 2020

Use the link or the Coupon code “pilot” to get 70% OFF on NordVPN and a full month for FREE. Yesterday The Boeing
Company released its first annual loss in over two decades. The ongoing Boeing 737MAX debacle keeps haunting the company who was once the pride of American engineering industry. What has gone wrong? In this episode we will dive back into the history of Boeing to try and answer that very question. We will look at the merger with McDonnell Douglas and the move of headquraters from Seattle to Chicago. We will look at a leadership style that has gone from being driven by engineers to being driven by profits and share-holder returns. Stay tuned!

48 Technical design flaws blamed for Boeing 737 max crashes

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17 sep. 2020

Technical design flaws, faulty assumptions about pilot responses and management failures have been highlighted as factors that led to the crash of two Boeing 737 max aircrafts in 2018 and 2019 leading to the tragic death of 346 people.
The final report from the us house committee on transport and infrastructure heaps the blame squarely on the Boeing company and the federal aviation administration (FAA) who they say played instrumental and causative roles in the chain of errors that led to the crashes of lion air flight 610 in October 2018, and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 in march 2019.

49 Exclusive access inside MH17 investigation | 60 Minutes Australia


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11 apr. 2018

With the push of a button, in July 2014 somebody in eastern Ukraine launched a missile which brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. It killed 298 innocent people, including 38 Australian citizens and permanent residents. It is our greatest loss of life overseas since the Bali bombing. Whether it was a stupid mistake or an act of pure evil, investigators are determined to track down those responsible and bring them to justice. In fact they already know who they’re looking for, which is in big part because of the efforts of the Australian Federal Police. Almost 500 AFP officers have been involved in a joint international taskforce, and for the first time they take us inside the extraordinarily detailed investigation.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Howard Sacre, Alice Dalley

50 MH17 five years on: How do you carry on when your world ends? | Australian Story

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10 jun. 2019

Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin became a symbol for the senselessness of the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Anthony ‘Maz’ Maslin and his wife Marite ‘Rin’ Norris were faced with an unbearable loss when they lost their three children and their grandfather Nick Norris, died aboard the plane that was shot down over a Ukraine warzone. All 298 passengers and crew were killed in the incident. “Our world as we knew it was absolutely over in that moment and we just started to say, ‘when the world ended’ and that’s how we refer to it now,” says mum Rin Norris. The challenge of how to survive their loss was all-consuming for Maz and Rin. The couple were part of a strong and supportive community in Perth’s Scarborough district and a group of friends surrounded them, bringing in meals and making sure that they weren’t left alone. Friends formed a “web of love” to support the couple.
As the fifth anniversary of the MH17 tragedy approaches, Maz and Rin are telling their story for the first time. They want to thank the people who helped them and honour their kids and Nick. They hope their story of overcoming intense grief might be helpful for others.

Read more:

About Australian Story:
Putting the “real” back into reality television, Australian Story is an award-winning documentary series with no narrator and no agendas — just authentic stories told entirely in people’s own words. Take 30 minutes to immerse yourself in the life of an extraordinary Australian. They’re sometimes high profile, sometimes controversial, but always compelling. It’s television guaranteed to make you think and feel. New episodes are available every Monday

Minute 11:

51 MH17 Crash


13 okt. 2015

Film over het onderzoek van de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid naar de oorzaak van de crash met vlucht MH17 op 17 juli 2014 boven het oostelijk deel van Oekraïne en over het onderzoek naar het overvliegen van conflictgebieden. De film is gebaseerd op de onderzoeksrapporten van de Onderzoeksraad, die op 13 oktober 2015 zijn gepubliceerd.

Reconstructie: de onthullende telefoongesprekken van MH17-hoofdverdachte

11 apr. 2021

Een van de hoofdverdachten in het MH17-proces was urenlang niet op de hoogte van het feit dat de separatisten in Oost-Oekraïne een Boeing hadden neergehaald. Ze dachten eerst dat het ging om een ‘Soesjka’, een gevechtsvliegtuig. Dat blijkt uit afgeluisterde telefoongesprekken van één van de hoofdverdachten in het onderzoek, Sergej Doebinski. 
Deze audiotapes heeft Nieuwsuur in handen. In totaal gaat het om duizenden telefoongesprekken die Doebinski voerde in de maanden juli en augustus 2014: voor, tijdens en na de ramp met vlucht MH17. Het geeft een gedetailleerd beeld van de rauwe werkelijkheid van de oorlog in Oost-Oekraïne. 
Het onderlinge wantrouwen wordt zo groot, dat de MH17-verdachten elkaar de huid vol schelden en zich geen raad weten met het wapen dat vlucht MH17 neerschoot. 
Bekijk hieronder onze reconstructie op basis van de afgeluisterde gesprekken.
Lees hier een uitgebreide reconstructie aan de hand van de Doebinski-tapes:

Meer lezen over de audiotapes en de verantwoording van ons onderzoek? 

Gert-Jan Dennekamp ging de afgelopen jaren veel naar Oekraïne, op zoek naar de MH17-verdachten: en belde ook bij ze aan:

52 Boeing – what caused the 737 Max to crash? | DW Documentary

1 nov. 2020

In March 2019 a Boeing 737 MAX crashed shortly after takeoff in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board. What went wrong? Did Boeing hush up concerns about the safety of the aircraft? And what role did US aviation regulators play?

The crash involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 came just four months after a Boeing 737 Max had plunged into the sea in Indonesia killing all 189 passengers and crew. The aircraft was grounded following the second crash and remains so today. The shockwaves reverberated throughout the industry, raising questions about Boeing and the regulatory authorities.

Both tragedies have been blamed on faulty software – software that the pilots didn’t even know existed. The documentary shows that malfunctioning software was just a small part of the picture. Instead, it alleges widespread systemic failure and blames market forces for the fatal errors. Did Boeing care more about profit than safety? Could other models produced by the company turn out to be affected?

The makers of this investigative report show just how much the production structures of commercial aircraft have to change, if we are to avoid similar crashes in the future.


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53 Wat ging er mis met de Boeing 737 MAX?

24 feb. 2020

De 737 MAX, het gloednieuwe model van Boeing, staat wereldwijd al bijna een jaar aan de grond na twee ongelukken waarbij 346 mensen om het leven kwamen. Een van de nabestaanden is de Nederlandse Huguette Debets. De vader van haar drie jonge kinderen overleed bij de crash in Ethiopië.
Zembla volgt Huguette in haar juridische en persoonlijke strijd tegen Boeing en onderzoekt waarom deze ‘vliegende doodskisten’ zoals een Amerikaanse senator ze noemt, eigenlijk in het luchtruim werden toegelaten. Lees meer:…

54 Why The Boeing 737 Max Is Flying Again

8 dec. 2020

After two deadly crashes that killed 346 people and a worldwide grounding that lasted almost two years, the FAA is giving the Boeing 737 Max jets the green light to fly again. However, many are worried that the changes to the plane are not enough. Can the U.S. trust the revisions made to the jet and the software updates to the MCAS system?

55 Inside the murky world of the cruise ship industry | 60 Minutes Australia

21 mei 2020

They’re sold to us as floating pleasure domes – luxury hotels on the sea – where every day is perfect and the party never stops. But scratch the surface of the cruise ship industry and the truth isn’t so dazzling. Behind the pina coladas and the smiles lies a murky world of sexual assault, drugs and violence, even murder. Incredibly, one passenger goes missing overboard every two weeks. Now, you’d think the big cruise companies would be desperate to get their industry shipshape. You couldn’t be more wrong.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

56 The mysterious disappearances of cruise ship passengers

Gepubliceerd op 29 feb. 2012

Why do so many people go missing from cruise ships without proper investigation? Dateline meets some of the families searching for answers.
For more on Nick Lazaredes’ report, go to the SBS

57 – 5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances


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Gepubliceerd op 6 jun. 2017

5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances. 5 mysterious, creepy, and unexplained tales of missing cruise ship passengers.

58 – 250 people have disappeared from cruise ships in the last 10 years. What happened?

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Gepubliceerd op 3 dec. 2018

Twenty-three-million vacationers board massive cruise ships each year, but it’s not always a dream vacation.

59 Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino’s Fate – the fifth estate

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Gepubliceerd op 18 feb. 2015

More on the trial and sentencing of Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino.
For more on the fifth estate :

60 What are the crew areas like?! (On a cruise ship)

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Gepubliceerd op 20 mei 2016

So you wanna see what the crew areas look like?! I take you to see the crew gym, mess, bars, games rooms, etc.
Please excuse the lighting. I’m at sea so the waves mess with the focus 😉
As always if you have any questions or there’s anything you want to see, let me know!
Follow my journey on Instagram for in-port photos!
View my last video on crew cabins here:… 🙂

61 Painful & Botched Tattoo – Just For Laughs Gags

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25 okt. 2016

A street “tattoo artist” painfully fails at branding a young woman, while strangers walking by try comforting the best they can the suffering girl…
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec
Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.