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1 Pilots landed at the Wrong Airport!! Mentour Pilot explains

Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2019

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Why do pilots some times land at the wrong airport, what drives these types of mistakes and are they dangerous?
In todays video I will be covering the wildly publicised BA flight which landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf and I will also discuss some more serious incidents, involving pilot mistakes that have happened during the last decade.
Short summary of the video Wrong Airport

What pilots can do that it doesn’t happen, that a plane land on a wrong airport?

All of the passengers on board were intented to fly London Düsseldorf

Very embrassing for the compagnies involved, quite funny.

Quite likely an individual misstake
Conformation bias

As a scientist always asks questions

There should be much more that shows it is incorrect

Visible approch landing, very dangerous, due to runway length which is much shorter.

Your brain is not confirming the appoches
Still, use whatever what clues you have, all the navigation aids: the instrumentation of the plane.

Pilots landed at the Wrong Airport!! Mentour Pilot explains

Hi everybody whenever come to mentor internet video podcast as always I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic today on the video guys aircraft landing at the wrong Airport. How does it happen is it dangerous and what pilots do to make sure what doesn’t happen stay tuned
Before I start this video I want to say a huge thank you and a big shout out to all of my patreon crew you guys know who you are you’re extremely important to channel my patron are helping me to preview my videos look for mistakes that I might have made me choosing thumbnails and also you know sometimes welcome to put on videos basically they’re involved in making sure thaét I deliver quality content on the channel if you guys are interested in joining my patreon crew well go down there’s a link here in the description of the video and once again a huge thank you to you guys share ways flight headed for Düsseldorf in Germany has landed in Edinburgh by mistake after the flight paperwork was submitted incorrectly the passengers only realized the arrow and the plane landed and the welcome to Edinburgh was made

So the reason that I’m making this video is because yesterday a wdl flight operated on behalf of British Airways took off from London City Airport and landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf right there was a huge shout on social obviously I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how this can happen whether or is dangerous did they have enough fuel things like that so what I will do in this video is I’m going to try to explain why this happened if that was dangerous of not and at the end I’m also going to talk about when this actually is very dangerous why pilots might choose to rely on the wrong Airport and what we can do to make sure that it doesn’t happen so make sure you stay tuned
So anyway yesterday this this wdl is a German airline with you on behalf of British Airways had a morning flight and they set everything up they asked for clearance so they got clearance to Edinburgh which they were expecting they might or might not have been roasted to fly actually down to Dusseldorf instead I don’t know exactly how their rosters look but in any case the flight guns they had the air traffic control clearance they had probably the briefing they all did in the crew room said Edinburgh okay so they
(Later reports indicated that Cabin-crew were also unaware) might or might not have done an initial PA that depends a little bit on whether or not they were on the time pressure maybe they had a slot to depart from London City maybe they did a very early PA or maybe since this being a German airline there was a little bit a accent that people were tired in the morning and didn’t really pay much attention right we don’t know exactly what happened here but in any case the crew flew the flight plan route it went into approach in an edible the land in Edinburgh and they made the welcome and PA to Edinburgh and that’ when all of the passengers started looking at each other’ like are you going to Edinburgh I’m going to Dusseldorf and they soon realized that all of the passengers on board were intended to fly from London City to Dusseldorf and not to Edinburgh which is a completely different direction completely different country everything now the question here obviously is how can this happen and the answer is that this is organizational error all right there’s probably been an mistake made either between British Airways and wdl or

2 Candid Camera Classic: Flight to Nowhere!

30 jan. 2016

In this mind-blower, Peter Funt welcomes airline passengers to Phoenix (but they’re really in Salt Lake City)! 
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Slovenian family discovers after cremation that their father is alive after all © 123RF

Mysterie met zendmast opgehelderd

Ethisch hacker Inti De Ceukelaire over Google Zwakke schakel in het systeem zijn de mensen

Net zo min als de foute bestemming van de vlucht, verwacht men zich er niet aan dat er gebeurt zoals beschreven in bovenstaande twee pdf-bestanden, een artikel uit het metrokrantje van 16 juli 2019 pagina 2 en 3 bovenaan en van de VRT-website dereactie.be.

Beluister op de website van de redactie de radio-uitzending van 12 minuten en 2 minuten nopens mensen bij Google als de zwakke schakel.

Het tweede artikel  nopens de Ethische hacker noemt het menselijk aspect de Achilleshiel.

3 Simon Cowell & BGT Epically Pranked By Rapping Rabbi

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9 feb. 2017

Simon Brodkin (Lee Nelson) sets up an epic prank for Britain’s Got Talent as he sets out to impress judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams with his rapping rabbi!
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FIFA President Sepp Blatter was preparing to give a press conference when comedian Simon Brodkin, who plays the character Lee Nelson, entered the room and threw cash at him.

5 Sepp Blatter Responds To FIFA Suspension

21 dec. 2015

The former FIFA President has told Sky News that his eight-year ban for misconduct “hurts” and reiterated he has never done anything wrong: http://trib.al/pQOadQB

6 Sepp Blatter Exposed – The Fall of FIFA

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6 okt. 2021

Documentary about Sepp Blatter and the FIFA corruption scandal which led to the most powerful man in world football coming under criminal investigation.
Produced and Directed by myself and a number of other PDs. Made by ITN Productions for Channel 5.

7 Sepp Blatter: The Rise and Fall

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16 mei 2018

“In football, you will never earn your living. That was prophecy”.

Sepp Blatter exclusively talks to Beyond the Game about his rise, his fall and life after FIFA. Find out what the Ex-FIFA President has to say about the man who took his job, Gianni Infantino as we take a tour of the Blatter’s hometown less than a month before the 2018 World Cup. And how did Qatar get the 2022 World Cup? The Swiss tells TRT World it has something to do with Nicholas Sarkozy, Michel Platini and political intervention.

Beyond The Game is a five times a week show that tells you everything you need to know about your favourite sports. We’ll be at the biggest events bringing you exclusive features and the best interviews.

It is your one stop shop for sport, Monday to Friday at 1630 GMT.

8 Qatar, Bribes and Platini: Why He Was Questioned and Why FIFA Likely WON’T Move the World Cup

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21 jun. 2019

9 FIFA Corruption Scandal plays out in U.S. courts

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11 jun. 2018

It’s a story that shook the world of sports in 2015. Executives from across the globe indicted for bribery, fraud and embezzlement in the FIFA Corruption Scandal. FIFA – the organization that runs world football – had been investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for years. Many of the allegations centered on bid bribes to host the games and vote-buying to obtain broadcasting rights to televise them. The corruption trial has been underway in New York and some of Latin America’s top football officials are being sentenced.

The 2022 World Cup is scheduled to be played in Qatar. It’s the first time an Arab nation will host the games. Despite the FIFA Corruption Scandal there have been no plans announced to alter the location for 2022.

Correspondent Dan Williams gives us the latest from New York.

10 FIFA World Cup 2002: One of the biggest scandals in football history – Oh My Goal

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25 jul. 2019

Nothing compares to football. Joy, pain and injustice: It’s one of few sports which makes its fans experience the full range of emotions. There are some football fans who deservedly felt injustice during the 2002 World Cup.
Italians, Spaniards, Turks, Belgians and Americans: they all spoke out against the tournament’s referees. The refereeing was surprisingly average, even bad. The co-hosts South Korea’s run to the semis came out of nowhere. Which led many people to say that the 2002 World Cup was rigged, but is this true?

11 Sepp Blatter (FULL) interview – BBC News

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24 aug. 2015

Outgoing Fifa president Sepp Blatter has told the BBC he is “clean” and “there is no corruption in football” amid criminal investigations at world football’s governing body. Blatter, president since 1998, will step down in February amid an inquiry into allegations of systematic bribery. The 79-year-old was elected for a fifth term in May but then stood down.

12 FIFA corruption: Jack Warner (FULL) interview – BBC News

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29 mei 2015

Former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner speaks to BBC

13 Sepp Blatter exclusive interview: Disgraced ex-FIFA boss on the World Cup, Putin and corruption

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20 jun. 2018

Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter talks to Channel 4 News about corruption in FIFA, his reception at the 2018 Russia World Cup – and his invitation from Vladimir Putin.

14 How England’s failed World Cup bid will affect regeneration

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Carl Dinnen reports on how England’s failed World Cup bid will affect regeneration.

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Keme Nzerem and Alex Thomson report on England losing FIFA World Cup 2018 bid.

16 FIFA’s Dirty Secrets part 1 29-11-2010 Reporter Andrew Jennings

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30 nov. 2010

Panorama investigates corruption allegations against some of the FIFA officials who will vote on England’s World Cup bid. Reporter Andrew Jennings exposes new evidence of bribery, and accuses some executives of taking kickbacks. He also uncovers the secret agreements that could guarantee FIFA a financial bonanza if England hosts the World Cup

17 Why did it take so long to crack down on corrupt FIFA?

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28 mei 2015

The world’s most popular sport is run by FIFA, a powerful group that rakes in billions of dollars. Today, authorities in both the U.S. and Switzerland launched probes into corruption and bribery within soccer’s international governing body. Gwen Ifill discusses the dramatic announcement with Matt Apuzzo of The New York Times and ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap.

18 BBC Panorama – FIFA’s Dirty Secrets – Part 1.mov

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19 dec. 2010

Investigative reporter Andrew Jennings investigates corruption within FIFA.

19 BBC Panorama – FIFA’s Dirty Secrets – Part 2.mov

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19 dec. 2010

Investigative reporter Andrew Jennings investigates corruption within FIFA.

20 Qatar 2022 CEO: We have been treated unfairly

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19 nov. 2019

The chief executive of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organizing committee Nasser Al Khater says the country has been surprised by the “severity” of the criticism it has received since winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup.

21 Qatar 2022 – WHY we all take part after all

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12 nov. 2021

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a controversial topic. Human rights, corruption and labor conditions are just three reasons why many are even calling for a boycott of the Qatar World Cup in 2022. So what now? Is a boycott still on the table or are we all going to watch it again? Can you miss out on the world’s biggest tournament? Time for a reality check…

Report: Sebastian Saam
Edit: Kirsten Jungclaus
Camera: Thomas Steimer

DW Kick Off! provides you with a unique glimpse into the game that has captivated millions of fans across the world. We explore football stories ranging from fan culture, great sporting moments, tactical analysis, and the politics behind the game. Subscribe and delve into the football world with DW Kick Off!

22 Former FIFA President Joseph “Sepp” Blatter: “I’m still around and FIFA doesn’t like it!”

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6 jul. 2018

What is it like to be kicked out of an executive position, to lose almost all your friends, and to be vilified by so many? Joseph “Sepp” Blatter knows all about it. For almost two decades as president of FIFA, football’s world governing body, Blatter not only rubbed shoulders with the rich and powerful, he also headed a highly lucrative business, one that racked up USD 2 billion in revenue per year. Suspended after being accused of wrongdoing, he is currently serving a six-year ban from participating in FIFA activities. In this week’s Executive Talk with Editor in Chief Urs Gredig, the 82-year-old Blatter speaks about the mistakes he made, how much he’s suffered from the allegations, and why being born prematurely has helped him become a lifelong fighter.

23 Sepp Blatter to resign: what caused him to go?

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2 jun. 2015

Fifa President Sepp Blatter says he is set to resign as the football governing body denies top official Jerome Valcke was involved in a $10m payment at the heart of a US bribery investigation

24 Roger Bennett on Blatter’s resignation and World Cup future

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3 jun. 2015

The next leader of world soccer will face a huge challenge to repair the sport’s reputation. Soccer analyst and co-host of “Men in Blazers” Roger Bennett joins “CBS This Morning” to weigh in on what the future holds for FIFA following the shocking resignation of President Sepp Blatter.

25 Fifa arrests: seven senior officials arrested

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27 mei 2015

US investigators are calling for the extradition of seven of world football’s most powerful figures to stand trial on multi-million pound corruption charges. Fifa has been plunged into crisis after today’s arrests in Switzerland.

26 – 7 FIFA officials arrested in bribery, fraud scandal

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28 mei 2015

The high-ranking officials were arrested in Switzerland Wednesday morning. The indictment alleges patterns of fraud and bribery over where events would be played and televised. Jim Axelrod reports.

27 Norwegian Football Federation President criticises Qatar’s human rights record at FIFA congress

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31 mrt. 2022

Norwegian Football Federation President Lise Klaveness has openly criticised Qatar’s human rights record and discussed the possibility of boycotting the tournament
Reacting to the comments, Hasan Al Thawadi, CEO of the Qatar World Cup stated that she should have “educated” herself before making the remarks.

28 Scandal at the Soccer World Cup (Corruption Documentary) | Real Stories

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4 jun. 2022

The sporting scandal of the century and the love story behind it.
A mixture of romantic comedy and investigative journalism, this film reveals how Qatar got to host the soccer World Cup, and how that brought down soccer’s world governing body, FIFA.

29 Simon Brodkin Pranks President Trump With Swastika Golf Balls! | Balls Of Steel | All 4

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22 feb. 2017

Simon Brodkin (Lee Nelson) set up a major prank for Donald Trump when he came to Scotland during his presidential campaign!

30 Tricked Faucets Prank

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3 mei 2011

The mischievous water fountain plays tricks on people by turning off and on randomly. JFL British Edition is a presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!