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1 Pilots landed at the Wrong Airport!! Mentour Pilot explains

Gepubliceerd op 27 mrt. 2019

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Why do pilots some times land at the wrong airport, what drives these types of mistakes and are they dangerous?
In todays video I will be covering the wildly publicised BA flight which landed in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf and I will also discuss some more serious incidents, involving pilot mistakes that have happened during the last decade.
Short summary of the video Wrong Airport

What pilots can do that it doesn’t happen, that a plane land on a wrong airport?

All of the passengers on board were intented to fly London Düsseldorf

Very embrassing for the compagnies involved, quite funny.

Quite likely an individual misstake
Conformation bias

As a scientist always asks questions

There should be much more that shows it is incorrect

Visible approch landing, very dangerous, due to runway length which is much shorter.

Your brain is not confirming the appoches
Still, use whatever what clues you have, all the navigation aids: the instrumentation of the plane.

Pilots landed at the Wrong Airport!! Mentour Pilot explains

Hi everybody whenever come to mentor internet video podcast as always I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic today on the video guys aircraft landing at the wrong Airport. How does it happen is it dangerous and what pilots do to make sure what doesn’t happen stay tuned
Before I start this video I want to say a huge thank you and a big shout out to all of my patreon crew you guys know who you are you’re extremely important to channel my patron are helping me to preview my videos look for mistakes that I might have made me choosing thumbnails and also you know sometimes welcome to put on videos basically they’re involved in making sure thaét I deliver quality content on the channel if you guys are interested in joining my patreon crew well go down there’s a link here in the description of the video and once again a huge thank you to you guys share ways flight headed for Düsseldorf in Germany has landed in Edinburgh by mistake after the flight paperwork was submitted incorrectly the passengers only realized the arrow and the plane landed and the welcome to Edinburgh was made

So the reason that I’m making this video is because yesterday a wdl flight operated on behalf of British Airways took off from London City Airport and landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf right there was a huge shout on social obviously I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how this can happen whether or is dangerous did they have enough fuel things like that so what I will do in this video is I’m going to try to explain why this happened if that was dangerous of not and at the end I’m also going to talk about when this actually is very dangerous why pilots might choose to rely on the wrong Airport and what we can do to make sure that it doesn’t happen so make sure you stay tuned
So anyway yesterday this this wdl is a German airline with you on behalf of British Airways had a morning flight and they set everything up they asked for clearance so they got clearance to Edinburgh which they were expecting they might or might not have been roasted to fly actually down to Dusseldorf instead I don’t know exactly how their rosters look but in any case the flight guns they had the air traffic control clearance they had probably the briefing they all did in the crew room said Edinburgh okay so they
(Later reports indicated that Cabin-crew were also unaware) might or might not have done an initial PA that depends a little bit on whether or not they were on the time pressure maybe they had a slot to depart from London City maybe they did a very early PA or maybe since this being a German airline there was a little bit a accent that people were tired in the morning and didn’t really pay much attention right we don’t know exactly what happened here but in any case the crew flew the flight plan route it went into approach in an edible the land in Edinburgh and they made the welcome and PA to Edinburgh and that’ when all of the passengers started looking at each other’ like are you going to Edinburgh I’m going to Dusseldorf and they soon realized that all of the passengers on board were intended to fly from London City to Dusseldorf and not to Edinburgh which is a completely different direction completely different country everything now the question here obviously is how can this happen and the answer is that this is organizational error all right there’s probably been an mistake made either between British Airways and wdl or

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