“It’s just sheer incompetence” according prosecutor Jerry Hayes



Lack of ability to do something successfully or as it should be done:

Management have demonstrated almost unbelievable incompetence in their handling of the dispute.
allegations/accusations of incompetence

Opposite competence

Cambridge Dictionary

A Student Wrongly Accused Of Rape – Liam Allan

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8 nov 2023
The collapsed trial of Liam Allan reveals a widespread problem in the legal system, which criminal defence lawyers have been warning about for some time. Liam was accused of rape and sexual assault, but his defense was that any sexual contact between himself and his former girlfriend was consensual. The Prosecution’s case relied heavily on the ex girlfriends account, which is a common situation in sexual assault allegations that often occur in private settings without any independent witnesses.

It took two years from Liam’s arrest for his trial to proceed in the Crown Court. Prior to the trial, his lawyers had repeatedly asked the Prosecution to disclose text and social media messages between Liam and his ex girlfriend from her phone. Despite clear guidelines on disclosure, the officer in charge of the case failed to hand over this potentially useful information to the defence team. It wasn’t until the trial started that this material was brought to the attention of the Prosecuting barrister, who ordered it to be handed over immediately. The messages cleared Liam of all charges. His ex girlfriend and accuser had messaged him asking for sexual contact and spoke of a desire for violent sex and rape fantasies. In other messages to friends, she stated that no crime had been committed.

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00:00 – Intro
04:44 – How did you get accused
13:56 – How did you prepare your defence
20:52 – Did anyone treat you differently
24:21 – Did you fear the possibility of being convicted
26:03 – Would you get a lesser sentence if you pleaded guilty
28:23 – Going to trial
38:43 – The lack of disclosing material
42:06 – Did the messages show why she accused you
43:59 – Was the accuser brought to justice
45:08 – Was the police incompetent or malicious
46:32 – Has there been any lessons learned by the public
51:50 – Dropped rape cases
58:03 – What action did you take against the police
1:01:17 – The impact on relationships
1:06:19 – Do you want to see the accuser to be prosecuted
1:08:30 – Outro

Video 1Falsely Accused of Rape: ‘My Two-Year Nightmare’ | This Morning

Gepubliceerd op 18 dec. 2017

Liam Allan was coming home from football in January 2016 when he was arrested by police on suspicion of rape.
Liam’s life was turned upside down, with him facing six charges of sexual harassment and six charges of rape, and looking at a minimum of ten years in jail if found guilty.
After spending almost two years on bail as a rape suspect, his ordeal came to end on 14th December 2017 when police failed to reveal critical evidence proving his innocence to the court was discovered, resulting in the case’s collapse.
Liam joins This Morning with his mum Lorraine to tell the story of his two-year nightmare.
Broadcast on 18/12/2017

“No one has ever asked me: did you actually do it” minute 5’45”

Video of 6’53” minutes. Important video.

Video 2 – Collapse of rape trial has cost two years of my life’ – Luke Allan


Gepubliceerd op 17 dec. 2017

Liam Allan was accused of rape. However, the case against him collapsed and was thrown out of court after it emerged that a detective had failed to hand over text messages on the accuser’s phone – seriously undermining the case.
The 22-year-old law student is now considering suing the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Video 3 – Met Police reviews all sex offence cases after two rape trials collapse

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Video 50 minutes

The prime minister in parlement

Video 4 – Rape trial collapses due to police withholding evidence exonerating the defendant 

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15 Dec 2017 Jerry Hayes on Liam Allan: ‘The system nearly failed’
Jackie Long, Social Affairs Editor and Presenter


to state officially that someone who has been blamed for something is not guilty
exonerate somebody from/of something

He was totally exonerated of any blame.

Longman Dictionary

5 – Debate: Anonymity for Those Accused of Rape? | Good Morning Britain

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6 – Liam Allan Rape Trial Collapse – Narita Bahra of 2 Hare Court appears on Sky News

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A lack to discloser, the test to discloser

7 – Should Sexual Assault Suspects Remain Anonymous? | Good Morning Britain

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8 – Senior barristers warn Liam Allan’s case is not ‘an isolated incident’ saying cops may be

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9 – Judge slams met police after Liam Allan cleared in rape trial

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10 – Wrongful Convictions Are The New Black

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11 – Top Criminal Lawyer Explains Police Disclosure in Rape Cases after Liam Allan Case – BBC Radio 4

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12 – Female lawyer who cleared Liam Allan of rape slams police

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13 – Liam Allen rape trial scandal – what have the police done and what questions need to be asked.

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14 – Judge slams police as rape trial of student

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15 – Student wrongly accused of r ape cleared by single text message

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