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The Story of Henry “Box” Brown: The Slave Magician Who Mailed Himself to Freedom In A Crate

Henry “Box” Brown was born into slavery in 1816. He and his family worked on a plantation in Louisa County, Virginia.

Hope for the best:

To hope that something will be successful or happen in the way you want, even if it seems unlikely:

I’ve repaired it as well as I can – we’ll just have to hope for the best.

Cambridge dictionary

The key points of “The Story of Henry “Box” Brown: The Slave Magician Who Mailed Himself to Freedom In A Crate” are as follows:

  1. Henry Brown, also known as “Box,” was a slave who was born into slavery in Louisa County, Virginia, in the early 19th century. He was owned by a man named John Barret.

  2. Henry Brown’s family was torn apart as he was sold multiple times, and he experienced the harsh realities of slavery, including separation from loved ones and cruel treatment.

  3. Determined to gain his freedom, Henry Brown devised a daring escape plan. He decided to mail himself to freedom in a wooden crate, with the help of a local abolitionist and a sympathetic white shoemaker.

  4. Henry Brown spent 27 hours inside a cramped wooden crate, which was labeled as “dry goods” and shipped by train, steamboat, and wagon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a free state.

  5. During the journey, Henry Brown endured extreme discomfort, including being upside down at times, lack of food and water, and the constant fear of discovery.

  6. Henry Brown’s crate arrived safely in Philadelphia on March 24, 1849. He was discovered by abolitionists and was eventually freed from the crate. His daring escape became widely known as the “Box Brown” or “Henry Box Brown” escape.

  7. Henry Brown settled in Philadelphia and became an active participant in the abolitionist movement, using his story to raise awareness about the horrors of slavery and advocating for the abolition of slavery.

  8. Henry Brown’s story gained widespread attention and became a symbol of the resilience and determination of enslaved individuals seeking freedom. He continued to share his story through lectures, writings, and public appearances, and his story has been preserved in various historical accounts, including his own autobiography, “Narrative of the Life of Henry Box Brown.”

  9. Henry Brown’s escape was a groundbreaking act of resistance against slavery, showcasing the lengths that enslaved individuals would go to gain their freedom and challenging the institution of slavery in the United States.

  10. Today, Henry “Box” Brown’s story is remembered as a significant chapter in American history, highlighting the brutality of slavery and the bravery of those who fought for freedom. His legacy continues to inspire and educate people about the horrors of slavery and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Unbelievable Story of The Slave Who Mailed Himself To Freedom

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The life of Henry “Box” Brown is so notable because he was an Antebellum-Era Virginia plantation slave who managed to mailed himself to freedom in a wooden box. The big question here is: how did he do it? Easy! He had the help of abolitionists on both ends of his journey. However, his story does not end there. What did Henry “Box” Brown do once he reached freedom? He spoke out against the institution of slavery, worked as a magician, and lived a very interesting life. Among other Henry “Box” Brown facts are his marriage to a white Englishwoman as well as the fact that Frederick Douglass didn’t like him.

1 This Is Bigger Than Magic! Magician Wows Everyone With Inspiring Act!| Britain’s Got Talent 2020

3 mei 2020

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2 Bryan Stevenson ’85 Speech to the Class of 2015

Gepubliceerd op 2 jun. 2015

After receiving an honorary degree at Harvard University’s Commencement on May 28, 2015, Bryan Stevenson ’85 stopped by the Harvard Law School diploma ceremony to talk to the Class of 2015.
Proximity will make the biggest difference in your ability to change the world
Along the same lines the narrative of justice told by a Harvard student.
Draft transcipt of the Speech to the Class of 2015 by Bryan Stevenson (video 2 above on this webpage)


Four quick things

You have now incredible opportunities to change the world

I hope you believe that you can change the world

I want to pass on to you, and they’re really simple

1 First is

If you want to make a difference get close to the issues and problems that most concern you
I believe proximity will make the biggest difference in the ability to change the world

I grew up in a community where black children could not go the public schools I started my education in a coloured school and lawyers came into my community and made them open up the public schools and because of that I got to go to high school in college and got to come to the Harvard Law School.

2 Second thing is

That I hope you’ll change the narrative

3 Third

I hope you stay hopeful

Hope is necessary
In justice prevails hope is the friend of justice

4 Fourth

I hope you will sometime do unfordable things

5 There is a different metric system

You’re beating the drum for justice
Do you know what you are doing
You keep beating the drum for justice
These are my medals of honour

6 Don’t be afraid

bang/ beat the drum (UK)

to speak enthusiastically about a belief or idea 
in order to persuade other people to support it too:

Labour are banging the drum for a united Europe.

Cambridge Dictionary

You’re beating the drum for justice

3 The Power of Logistics | Terry Esper | TEDxOhioStateUniversitySalon

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24 apr. 2019

For people in certain careers, it can be difficult to see the lasting effect or significance of their work. Terry Esper dives into his journey on how he made the connections between his ancestry, family, and his work in logistics, and how those connections changed the way he thought about his work. Terry describes his “lightbulb moment” and how he has gained a deeper satisfaction from his work due to the connections that he has made. Dr. Terry L. Esper is Associate Professor of Logistics at the Fisher College of Business of The Ohio State University. In addition to his full-time academic activities, Esper also serves as Co-Chair of the Academic Strategies Committee for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and is an Educational Advisor to the Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference. He has published several articles on issues associated with retail logistics and supply chain management strategy in leading academic and managerial outlets, including Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management and Journal of Retailing. In addition, he is a regular speaker at global conferences, where he builds on his research insights and accumulated experiences to engage in dialogue regarding trends and issues in logistics and supply chain management practice, and is a regular featured guest on a Sirius XM Radio show. Prior to his Doctoral studies in Marketing and Logistics at the University of Arkansas, Esper worked for Hallmark Cards as a Transportation Manager and was involved in transportation infrastructure research for the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
Fellipe viana vaz
It’ was fantastic, a mix of logistic, history and psychology
Phlip 903
Very powerful presentation! Some of this background I already knew, some I didn’t. I’ve been in transportation and logistics for 6.5 years. I’ve lately struggled with with wondering if this industry is for me… This presentation gives me a newfound sense/appreciation for what I do and also for what all participants directly and indirectly contribute to the field. I want to say thank you for all your commitment and passion to the field! Very sincerely.
Very well done. I’m proud to count this amazing human being as a friend. Keep it up, Dr. Esper!
This was the “talk” I desired as I switch career paths. Thank you!
People are used to using logistics for make to grow a company, to the product crosses borders or make known something from my country etc; Sometimes we ignore that logistics is to connect us, for communication between society, nations, between the world. The COVID-19 is an example, because medicines, equipment and even people are sent. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages; a disadvantage is that the human being stays at home because they receives everything at the door, but this action also reduces time, companies innovate their services, and in the case of the COVID-19, the sales aren’t longer face-to-face. On the other hand, I had no idea of ​​the discrimination a person could experience when is buying something, but now I will apply it and change my conception of what logistics is.
Natali Mazur
It was great speech!!! I am studying logistics at the moment in College and you have inspired me to try to make this world a better place with the help of my proffession! Thank you!
Sherronda Nance
Thank you, Terry! I am just coming across this youtube video, you did an incredible job on this teaching!!
Terese T DXT
Thank You Dr. Esper for this powerful and inspirational Talk. This made me definitely take the time to ” Make it Personal “!!
Amber LaGore
Thank you for sharing your lightbulb moment! This is extremely motivating.
cynthia wobyeb
Ooooh my God, I dream to be like this professor. Yes I have diploma in logistics and wish to be a master in it . how can I apply to this university, but finance is my problem, “education is made for the rich” I will not give up until I become, I love logistics with passion
Annibal Sodero
This was very powerful and inspirational. Thank you Dr. Terry Esper!
Suzanne Leigh
Completely new lens to look at logistics through. Thank you!
Marco Beltramini
Wow a very good presentation in my opinion. A lot of the people I know who work in logistics or supply chain management don’t really know how important their work is! Logistics has been a very important factor in our history. In this day and age anyway.
Your Night Owl Childcare
Great dialog, I enjoyed how you tide the history lesson into it.
Goodwill Marketing
It was amazing to learn about logistics so deeply
lmur johnson
This was a great well done presentation! Thanks 🙏🏽
Brendon Kelly
Been in logistics for 20 years. All modes. Ground, ocean, air, intermodal etc. Have loved every second of it.
Mohammad Abdullah Shah
Superb presentation. Great examples/stories that helped understand the real power of logistics.
As one who was bitten by the supply chain management bug 12 years ago as an MBA student, this was a damn-good talk.
Alexander Betaev
this is good philosophy when a person does something he/she needs to make it personal, otherwise result won’t be alive
Tatev Harutyunyan
It’s amazing, thank you!!!
Yang Lu
Wow what an awesome presentation. I didn’t realize that I would learn something by watching this video and not knowing that I have been in logistics all along. Would love to enroll into his class to learn more about logistics and supply chain management!
Angelo Matthew S. Narciso
This made me want to study logistics
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It’s a mindblow. It’s beautiful, logistics is my life.
Eva Burnz
this is a really inspiring, moving, insightful and enlightening presentation. Thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial, who would’ve thought that logistics could be so instrumental in a social context outside of business! My gratitude is extended to Dr Esper, Fisher College of Business of Ohio State University and Tedx.
Zaahid Abdul
Am currently a logistics student And it’s killing me 😂😱
Sacha Arthurton
There was some information that I didn’t even know when it came to the boycott When it comes down to logistics I have to do more research on Rufus Lewis
Anhad Arora
Absolutely Beautilful
Connecting your vocational purpose to your personal experience is critical in gaining a renewed sense of respect for what you do and what niche your work fulfills in society . Tying logistics and supply chain management to the dignity that anonymity brought to the African American was BRILLIANT. Proud to call Dr. Esper a friend, colleague and now a thought leader in this industry!!
Grace Kim
very inspirational, thank you
Phi Omicron
Outstanding Presentation 92!
Xavier Maximin
at first I was like meh me me me, at the end ahhh it all make sense lol and it’s “cool” good structure
very Interesting, thank you sir!
Corey Peters
Great job and powerful
Josh I
6:52 The guy farthest back on the left side needs to get off his phone, he’s missing a brilliant speech
Paul Stippich
I loved this video. Our purpose is so key and seeing how logistics can fit into the society and evoke feelings of dignity was a perspective shift. This really makes you want to dive deep into what else we do and what it can impact. I work in logistics and what I say that I do is deliver memories to the dinner table. Our company is in poultry and we are the hens on your table at Christmas or the chicken on your pizza or in your chicken salad. Delivering memories connects much more than if I said I ship chicken from A to B.
Do you recommend to study logistics management ?
Fellipe viana vaz
I really would like to share with my friends here in Brazil. I wish a portuguese subtitle asap
Cam'el Jones
Now you have me thinking Mr. Esper. Thank You!
Ali Qazilbash
You remind me of someone I could trust. Yes, You, my man…
Tanguy Bambier
It does still happen when you shop… Bad service and long waiting to be addressed and serves even if you buy more than good looking guys…
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Fantastic perspective
Patricia Maar
Of course!!. Very good, indeed.
this is my professor
Ronald Colin
Logistics wins wars
I tuned out once identity politics was incorporated.
Richard Delacruz
Connecting your vocational purpose to your personal experience is critical in gaining a renewed sense of respect for what you do and what niche your work fulfills in society . Tying logistics and supply chain management to the dignity that anonymity brought to the African American was brilliant. Proud to call Dr. Esper a friend, colleague and now a thought leader in this industry!!
Malcolm McGrath
Great talk. I run a cabinet shop in Toronto and do mostly kitchen renovations. People in the home renovation industry don’t think enough about logistics. Good logistics makes the difference between a home renovation being an exiting adventure for the client or soul destroying financial disaster. I read a book on spray painting a few years back, and the author said the efficiency of your paint operation will not depend on how fast you can spray but how quickly you can move things in and out of your paint booth. This applies to just about everything in construction.
CJ Duvall
Thank you Dr. Terry Esper for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
Mech D
I was looking for logistics
I was thinking if he could explain the logistics process. But he is talking about racism problems in America. But nice points here 11:00
Orkun Denizalp
Woow such a great expression. Before watch this video logistic was the thing that delivering product from a to b but now I see that delivering something to somebody is a key point to create better social environment which we always want to be in.
Tobi Adeleke
Think about providing the world with dignity and access to a better life! That connect between I, the job/career and the world; and giving everyone ease, life, joy, encouragement, satisfaction, a reason… to utilize or make use of the product, service… and enjoy what they get from it – satisfaction…
Mech D
This is so sexist. Not all shoppers are women. I like online shopping and I’m a man.
Prahlad NatusVincere Kunalan
came here to learn about logistics. got a lecture on slavery instead….mericans…
Buffalo Soulja
This has nothing to do with logistics

Henry “Box” Brown was a slave who was born in Louisa County, Virginia in the United States, in 1815. He was given his nickname “Box” due to his small stature. In 1848, Brown came up with an ingenious plan to escape slavery by having himself mailed to freedom in a wooden crate. Here are the key points of his story:

  1. Brown was married to a slave named Nancy, and they had three children together. However, they were separated when Brown was sold to a new owner.

  2. Brown became determined to escape slavery and began to plan his escape. He came up with the idea of mailing himself to freedom in a crate.

  3. Brown enlisted the help of a white abolitionist named Samuel Smith, who helped him arrange for a wooden crate to be built and shipped to Philadelphia.

  4. On March 23, 1849, Brown climbed into the crate, which was just 3 feet long, 2 feet 8 inches deep, and 2 feet wide. He was accompanied by a small supply of water and a few biscuits.

  5. Brown was shipped by train and boat to Philadelphia, where he arrived 27 hours later. He was met by members of the Underground Railroad, who helped him gain his freedom.

  6. Brown’s story became famous throughout the abolitionist movement, and he went on to become a public speaker and performer, using his experience as a slave and his daring escape to raise awareness about the horrors of slavery.

  7. Brown’s story also inspired other slaves to attempt escape in similar ways, although many of these attempts were unsuccessful.

Henry “Box” Brown’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination of those who fought against slavery in the United States, and it remains an important part of American history today.

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26 okt. 2012

Le touriste veut se faire prendre en photo à côté du beau canon. La victime le photographie pendant qu’il allume la mèche pour s’amuser. Mais le canon est encore chargé et le boulet part. Il fait un gros trou dans le mur de la jolie terrasse manquant de peu le serveur rendu sourd. Méchante décharge! 
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Tourist wants to have some pictures of himself shooting a museum cannon, so he asks prank victims to take a photo. As it turns out, the cannon is still in good enough working condition to shoot off a huge cannon ball into the wall, leaving a huge hole in and totally wrecking a building. 

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