DNA Evidence

Microbiology Cell Gene DNA Molecule Man Medicine

Microbiology Cell Gene DNA Molecule Man Medicine

1 Post Conviction 2009 : DNA Exoneration

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2 okt. 2012

Part of the “Post-Conviction DNA Case Management Symposium” at the NFSTC – http://projects.nfstc.org/postconvict…

2 Dr Crippen – Miscarriage of Justice – Part 1

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Gepubliceerd op 23 aug. 2010

Dr Crippen – Miscarriage of Justice – Part 1

3 Dr Crippen – Miscarriage of justice – Part 2

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Gepubliceerd op 23 aug. 2010

Dr Crippen – Miscarriage of justice – Part 2

4 Getting it Right: Representation

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Gepubliceerd op 16 aug. 2011

Wrongful convictions are often caused by inadequate defense. University of Virginia law professor Brandon Garrett explains how bad lawyering can cause injustice.

5 Forensic Sciences and Miscarriages of Justice – Part 4 of (5)

Gepubliceerd op 18 aug. 2010

Miscarriages of justice have been linked to Police Forensic laboratories. unethical people can often claim scientific matches in a book of evidence that one might later discover to be untrue.
This indepth series is one of the more compelling and exciting look into criminal forensics. The ground breaking research that was conducted includes commentary from Witness Experts and the FBI that help uncover the myths about forensic science.
Miscarriage of Justice cases: Cameron Tom William and Michael Behn with commentary from the people who cracked these cases: Fire Investigator John Lentini and FBI Forensic Metallurgist William Tobin; and Sociology Professor Jacqueline Behn; and commentary from Barry Scheck Director innocent Project 
Further commenatry from Nancy Gertner US District Judge and Wayne Niemeyer GSR Analyst; and … Ronald Singer Crime Lab director and; Stephen Hill ATF Fire Reseacher and Stephen Avato ATF Fire Investigator .

6 Wrongly Accused Man Freed After 18 Years

Gepubliceerd op 21 aug. 2008

DNA and some University of Cincinnati students were behind his release.

7 From Death Row to Exoneration Thanks to DNA

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8 okt. 2018

Imagine being convicted of a crime for which you are not guilty—not some minor crime, but one of the most heinous crimes imaginable: the rape and murder of a young girl. At your sentencing hearing, the situation gets worse; you are sentenced to death. Now, this horrible crime will prematurely claim the life of two innocents: the young girl and you.

This is the situation that Kirk Bloodsworth faced in 1985: a death sentence for the rape and murder of 9-year-old Dawn Hamilton. Although Bloodsworth didn’t know it at the time, DNA testing would eventually prove his innocence and save his life.

In this interview, Kirk Bloodsworth, the first person in the United States to be freed by post-conviction DNA testing, recounts his story of how he was convicted of a brutal murder, and subsequently freed by DNA evidence.

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8 Kid Thief Gets Caught Stealing Money Prank