The pot calls the kettle black

Nicholas haalde zijn schouders op. ‘Wie weet wat hij allemaal in zijn hoofd heeft. Gezien de ontelbare leugens die hij heeft verteld, kun je het nooit echt zeker weten.’ ‘Dat is als de pot die de ketel verwijt dat hij zwart ziet, nietwaar?’ grijnsde hij. ‘Misschien wel.’

— Jessica Sorensen

Something you say that means people should not criticize someone else for a fault that they have themselves:

Elliott accused me of being selfish. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Cambridge Dictionary

The key points of the expression “The pot calls the kettle black” are:

  1. Hypocrisy: The saying implies that someone is accusing another person of a fault or behavior that they themselves are guilty of. It points out the hypocrisy of the accuser, as they are no better than the person they are criticizing.

  2. Projection: The expression suggests that the accuser is projecting their own negative qualities or actions onto the other person. It reflects the psychological defense mechanism of attributing one’s own undesirable traits to others.

  3. Irony: The statement is often used in a humorous or ironic context to highlight the absurdity of the situation. It draws attention to the irony of someone making a critical judgment about someone else while ignoring their own faults.

  4. Pot and Kettle Metaphor: The analogy compares the pot and the kettle, both cooking utensils made of metal. When they are heated, they become blackened from soot and grime. The expression uses this similarity to illustrate how both parties in the situation share the same undesirable qualities.

Overall, “The pot calls the kettle black” is a simple yet effective way to point out hypocrisy and self-righteousness in a playful and straightforward manner. It is commonly used in conversations, debates, and discussions to challenge the credibility of the accuser.

Weird Shrinking Gift Box Gag

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17 mei 2011

Cute girl asks for some help moving a huge gift box onto the roof of her car, but as soon as prank victims look away, it has magically shrunk to a normal sized little gift box. Little do they know that the big box has secretly run off down the street!

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