Sexual Assault

The action or an act of forcing an unconsenting person to engage in sexual activity; a rape; (Law) a crime involving forced sexual contact, variously defined as inclusive or exclusive of rape.

Oxford Dictionary

UN Sex Abuse Scandal (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

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29 dec. 2021

An investigation into sex abuse by United Nations peacekeepers in the world’s conflict zones. (Aired 2018)
Award-winning correspondent Ramita Navai (Iraq Uncovered) traces allegations from Congo to the Central African Republic, with firsthand accounts from survivors, witnesses and officials. Some survivors were as young as 10 when they say they were raped or exploited by UN peacekeepers who were supposed to protect them. The film explores the failures and constraints of the UN — which has the authority to fire people, but not prosecute them — and the role of member states in dealing with the problem.
I honestly even being a doctor can’t seem to wrap my mind around how anybody can do this to children and how can anyone ignore this. This is infuriating and saddening to see authorities not doing anything until it’s reported by the media. Stop calling these people peacekeepers, it’s disgusting.
Kuljeet Singh
I have a lot of respect for Frontline for bringing into light so many issues and conflicts of our time. Kudos to the team for going the extra step. 👏
Tim Star
It’s nice to see some actual journalism 👏
Franklin Clinton
This is truly heartbreaking. These countries need to adopt these resolutions to protect these people.
Global Warming
Nothing will change. This is disgusting for humans to allow this to occur and do nothing.
Shee Pa
Every UN officer is criminally accountable and responsible. He/she should be required to give dna samples upon signing up to be an officer so respective countries can track down and prosecute perpetrators. How hard is it in this day and age to put this requirement in place?
Jennifer Dominguez
Credit to award-winning correspondent Ramita Navai.
Rape should be punished with castration…globally!! Sick of these gross “men” getting away with this violence…All normal men should stand the hell up and say NO MORE…it is sickening
Jose Martinez
There should be more than just jail time for the soldiers responsible for these atrocities, there should also be sanctions and consequences for the countries who are responsible for these soldiers. These refugees have suffered enough being forced to leave their country due to violence or war, then to have to suffer further by those that are supposed to be tasked with protecting them and keeping them safe. That the UN is doing nothing to stop this is atrocious, and that the soldiers committing these vulgar and heinous actions suffer little in the way of accountability is laughable. More needs to be done to improve the protection of these vulnerable communities, but the refugees also need to be more proactive and demand something be done to prevent this from happening again. I know they’re in a perilous position, but that shouldn’t stop them from speaking up. They need to leave their fear of retribution and shame behind and stand as a community, it is the only way this will be dealt with and stopped. It needs to be thrown in the UN keeper’s faces that they will not be silenced. Journalists also need to keep up the pressure on the UN leaders to hold those accused accountable to the highest extent. It’s bullshit that the French government is just blowing these accusations off as a ploy for the refugees to get some money out of this. If they’re willing to stoop to this level then it must be taken to the highest level of those in the UN, it’s a shame that an organization put in place to keep those in need safe is itself taking advantage of the very people they’re tasked to protect. It’s a never-ending cycle of abuse at all levels of the UN bureaucracy and I’m afraid that will never change.
Meer tonen
Juan Valladares
The culture of impunity is totally unacceptable and disgusting.
Andra McDowell
Thanks Frontline for telling us this and all your documentaries are spot on. Terribly sad 😔.
Zzul Ma
Thank you for giving a voice to the victims
Di A.
What a great investigation by FRONTLINE! Kudos to everyone involved. Thank you for making this available to the public!
Geoffrey Geof
Very heartbreaking stories. These chaps need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
New Era Kingdom
Truly DISTURBING, and DISGUSTING! “ How could someone did that to someone else under the name of peace? “
Pauline Scholes
This is excellent Journalism. People be kicking themselves in a couple of weeks for refusing to invest in Stocks or Crypto.
The survivors are so brave for speaking out. Thank you for telling your story to the reporter in this piece. You are helping stop the future rapes of women (and possibly men) & children I hope.
Johnny Sechrist
Sad excuses for human beings.
fay menice
This is sad. Thank God for these true journalists. God Bless them 🙏🏼🌹
Deborah Ann Smith
Taking full advantage of the most vulnerable and this is what some aid workers did in Haiti! End of statement!
Uba D Tmar
Why does it take a journalist(s) to find out these cases, but not the UN and it’s representatives on the ground. What are they there for? This is such a shameful silence on the part of the United Nations that bring those troops in the conflict zones.
Conquer Understanding
Prayers for these young ladies. I know many American women who deal with the aftermath of rape from their childhood. It’s horrible and should be punishable by death.
Laura Lafauve
Those pieces of dirt. They had money and food to give these children and instead they gave them crumbs and took more than they were ever entitled to.
Marcus Rakyat
Thanks for highlighting this kind of unheard abuses by UN. This really great work by Ramita Navai and her team.
RADman 11
Sexual crimes committed under color of authority. Death penalty. If you knew about these crimes and failed to act … life.
This has been going on FOREVER! They aren’t serious about stopping this.
I didn’t watch this yet, but did this cover Sri Lankan peacekeepers molesting kids in Haiti? It’s a part of Sri Lanka’s military history never spoken of. Most Sri Lankans dont even know their government simply paid the kids off to keep it hush hush. The UN didn’t put up much of a fight either. As a Sri Lankan, more pressure needs to be put on my government for this shit. Something to keep in mind the next time you consider Sri Lanka as a holiday destination, if the war crimes done during the end of our civil war weren’t enough.
Meer tonen
Now I understand why the United Nations high commission on human rights hasn’t done anything at the Mexican United States border. Disgusting. To translate that to woke new speak, “unacceptable”.
God bless the journalists for exposing these evil people.
These abusers should be caught, trialed and sentenced to death.
Gail Forbes
This is so sad and unfortunately part of a world wide masculine dominated culture that holds little respect or care for woman in general. This needs to change in order for these atrocities to end. I pray that we are at the beginning of this needed change! Thank you so much for bring these horrible abuses to light!😪🙏🏻❤
Ftm Rivas
I pray for justice. These children have such difficult lives and the UN makes their lives more challenging
Beatriz Azevedo
Great documentary! Thanks for highlighting such an important issue.
The rapists who left babies behind should be put in jail and fined (and need to provide for the future of their children). All victims should be compensated, the perpetrators should be put in jail, and the UN officials and member states’ officials in charge of the peacekeepers should be held accountable.
Joel Maateka
They’re not there because they care about anyone but are there because they get paid money.
Icing Cake
46:40 Bad publicity is the only thing that gets the UN to do anything and the same with member states. Citizens need to protest for prosecution.
Alina Mitchelson
This is horrible. A 10 year old? How could they be so cruel
Gabriela Jończyk
What happened there? 1) children were sexual exploited. 2) it was uncovered 3) lot of talking 4) many talk and zero actions 5) sexual exploitation still goes on but high official talks about it 6) victins are left behind
Meer tonen
Crystal marroquin
if you know and it’s within your power to do something and you don’t do it, you are an accomplice to the act. That means that all these people are the same as the people who committed the act. Or they have the same heart
nina d
so sad, so infuriating, and most terrible thing is that absolutely the same confessions about horrors of rape and abuse you could film in Bosnia.
Incredibly devastating
francisco varela
Still waiting… Why does the UN and the countries providing these so called peace keepers not prosecute these criminals and give meaningful support (counseling is good but no where near enough) to those abused?
simply being richie
This is heartbreaking💔
This Bushnell
This sort of abuse has been publicly available knowledge for decades
Paul Macleod
Now we have even more reasons not to give the UN or any of its offshoots any donations
Mr Owl
Raise the bar with polygraphed and well vetted peace keepers/officers.
Rabbit Punch
Terrible. I hope they rot in prison and become the victims.
Oscar Zamora
It is heartbreaking 💔 and sad.
Wow😿. Listening to Bordeaux speak subsequently makes me sick. Such an atrocity!
Mario Ramirez
For the interviewer to hold her emotions back and also give that man her terrifying look of disgust was something else to look at. That man still has no remorse for what he did and you can tell he wanted to smile while looking at her
CF Lalrindiki
This brakes my heart
Matias V.
If Penal Capital was issue on all the peace keepers upon sexual abuse on foreign lands , a sexual predator would think twice before signing up for those missions. The personal trauma this poor victims are living their destroyed lives cannot be repay with a bastard just put in jail for some dog years.
J Mc
The 1980s we had the same UN behaviors–I am sure it never stopped.
Ecuador Expat
Practical Occultist
If you think this is horrible just wait until someone puts a spotlight on them harvesting organs from the alive.
Dr. Caleb ROBBINS.
I’m greatly disturbed by the culture of an unwillingness toward any sort of accountability by the UN Peacekeepers themselves and those supposedly ‘ in charge ‘… this is clearly demonstrated by them & ‘ the quick talk’ about their sxl. Behaviour @ the beginning of their Tours of Duty. Goodness Me …. !! Poor men having to live without sex for ONE YEAR. Surely it is a matter of priority in an individual’s moral character. If they don’t believe they can go without sexual contact for the duration BEST THEY DON’T GO AT ALL… The attitudes aired in this documentary are TRULY ALARMING !!!!
It took the Congolese producer ONE DAY to find multiple victims. Both the UN & Member States need to be held accountable.
All of the perps mentioned are men. Perhaps this also tells the story of how the male dominated UN overseas missions might be better served with more women, not that women are perfect but they tend to have a less chance of offending in this area also having more women in leadership poistions tends to help prevent the code of silence that is an issue also.
Human beings’ sad excuses.
matthew 2779
Best journalism on 📺 today
Gerald Maxwell
While the documentary seems to link UN Peacekeepers to peacekeepers from developed nations, the reality is that since the fall of the Soviet Union, the overwhelming majority of UN peacekeepers since then are from developing nations. MONUSCO the UN mission in the Congo in the 2000s for example ,the largest contingents were from Bangladesh, Egypt , India and Nepal. In fact, in the present era, UN peacekeepers from the West like Canada, the US, France and the UK usually only provide technical and air support. They usually do not engage in peacekeeping or direct combat as was the case before 1991. Some of the nations involved in peacekeeping ,especially if they happen to be from an adjacent nation are often the perpetrators of the worst atrocities on the local populace. That is why the likes of Uganda, Rwanda ,Chad and the CAR withdrew from the Congo and from participating in the UN mission there after engaging in mass rape and looting of Congo’s resources. The UN can easily convict those from the West, as was the case with the Frenchman, because they come from nations with robust judiciaries and rule of law. That will never happen when it comes to peacekeepers from developing nations, some of whom actively participate in peacekeeping in order to reduce their military budgets and thus outsource the salaries of some of their troops to the UN(Nepal, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi are experts at this) and some intentionally encourage their troops to enrich themselves while in other countries (like every army in Central Africa where most are paid around $40-$100 a month). Because the UN has become so dependent on developing nations for peacekeeping troops, it is often reluctant to charge them .This is partially due to the fact that ,as the documentary highlights, the UN has no criminal jurisdiction and will thus send them to stand trial in their home countries(where they will be automatically be set free or bribe their way free) and also due to the threat of the said nations refusing to participate in peacekeeping missions in future. Both reasons were also why the UN denied, for years, that it was responsible for the introduction of cholera in Haiti, where there had been no cholera cases for over a century, only for Nepalese UN peacekeepers to introduce it there and end up killing thousands. The UN knew Nepal would not easily collaborate on what that country claimed was a smear campaign against them, and the threat of Nepalese troops, who do peacekeeping all over the world, from the Golan in Syria to the Congo ,being withdrawn.
Meer tonen
Marcie Solis
Once again you did it ..but so sad that this children are been sexually exploited just because they are starving and this countries as well as the US are doing nothing.
Joey Gamio
My prayers to this kid’s girls that have been abusive an yet no answer
Royale De'noir
When the peace keepers can’t even be trusted to keep peace, but instead they destroy!
Amo Fate
I noticed UN sweeps it under the rug, the same way Catholic does. Saving there image is more important than getting justice for the victims.
Martin Prehjan
The UN can appoint as many head of peacekeeping as it wants! If no one is going to be imprisoned then no real change is going to take place! These soldiers commit these heinous acts because they know they can get away with it! It is an abuse of power, pure and simple! …the second time: “…cinque dollar!!!” Charming these peacekeepers are! This victims statement explains it all!
How the hell does this happen. Especially within the UN?!
operation umbrella
this topic is super old at least 30 years ago they were talking about it but it is still interesting to watch
Above, Beyond, and FOREVER
How can the u.n. army be able to continue to operate with all of the atrocities they commit world wide.
Andrew Forte
United Nations is supposed be this sterling symbol of global brotherhood and peace ☮🕊️. Well that reputation had been tarnished considerably. But this has been going on for quite sometime. Particularly in third world countries of poverty and destitution.
Steve Radich 1928
UN peace keepers used to come from Sarajevo for RR to my island on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, during the Croatian war for independence in the early 90’s. There was trouble every time they were here, which was easily taken care of, But I’m sure they will remember Dalmatians for the rest of their lives.
Disgruntled Bystander
It’s so easy to end this if they wanted.
Heho Mbiru
Listening to those UN officials dancing around the fact that a journalist can find victims in one day that they haven’t for years, loudly says to me – NOBODY CARES. If they did, there’d be action
These babies where already hurting they needed help.
Stefano Disperati
Head of UN mission: this is totally unacceptable, we have the strongest policies, written by people paid 800 USD per day, and we have PSEA training, budgeted for over 120,000 USD per mission per year. But thanks for letting us know: this is very unethical and unacceptable and we will pay some P4 position 200,000 USD a year and will open new budgets and we will pull all the money we can to make sure we get the highest quality policies, and we will make workshops in five star hotels in Geneva and Dubai, and we will not stop, we will spend every last dollar we can get from your country to ensure that this is unacceptable and I will personally take a 20 days retreat in Bangkok at 1200 USD per day accomodation to brainstorming the better solutions, and we will really never stop and tomorrow I will call Donors to pay more, more, more
Meer tonen
I love Frontline, and pbs. -America and our world’s people too. But how f*caking stupid do you have to be to not see that sending, shallowly brainwashed soldiers into positions of undue authority, against enemies of indeterminate origin, among victims of the worst of irresponsibilities, is going to lead to rapes, murders, plunders,etc? How f*caking stupid does this f*caking situation of humanity have to get before we learn to use our honesty, intelligence and blessings? Because we are on a very stupid downward spiral to extinction at present. I for one am not alright with that. wtf?
Jalen Lane
These peace keepers need to be under a prison.
Michael Dennis Tooley
This is why we haven’t had peace, so called champions of it lacking the character to reflect the message 🕯✌
Isabel Fonseca
Just check it
This is very nice Doc. At 42:00, can that be said fathered by the UN?

1 Brown U Student Shares His Story Of Sexual Assault

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27 jan. 2015

It was Andrew’s sixth day of his freshman year at Brown University when he was assaulted by a male student in his dorm bathroom. When Andrew brought on-campus charges, his assailant was permanently expelled.

Unlike myriad students who report mishandled cases in the burgeoning national campaign against sexual assault, Andrew initially believed his case was handled appropriately.

But after further research from The Huffington Post revealed Andrew’s assailant had previously been found accountable for two other cases of sexual misconduct and not expelled, Andrew was devastated.

Andrew has decided to share his story in hopes that victims of assault — and specifically male victims — be taken more seriously.

“It’s time to include male survivors’ voices,” he said. “We are up against a system that’s not designed to help us.”

To read the full story visit:…

2 Reimagining masculinity; my journey as a male sexual assault survivor | Landon Wilcock | TEDxQueensU

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2 apr. 2018

As a survivor of sexual assault, Landon came to view his life as one broken into many pieces. He offers a unique perspective on how we can move forward as a society in dealing with not just male survivors but all victims of sexual assault.

Landon shares his story and explains the factors that prevented him from seeking help from anyone for months after the assault. Landon has had to learn how to view himself as a man, while rebuilding his own identity and masculinity. He details how breaking down his own identity from the ground up and finding his own version of manhood after a life changing experience has shaped who he is today.

Landon has been actively involved in sexual assault prevention advocacy. Recently he has been working with the Sexual Assault Center Kingston and two thesis film students on a new project to bring greater awareness to services for victims and survivors. In addition, he acts as a Peer Facilitator for the Queen’s Bystander Intervention Program, which works to educate students and university employees on preventing and intervening in situations of sexual assault and violence. Landon Wilcock is a fourth year student in Political Studies at Queen’s University. This past summer, he began his ongoing work at the Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP), and has previously worked in the Wealth Management and Energy industries.

Landon has been actively involved in numerous student associations at Queen’s University. He currently acts as the Chief Financial Officer for the not-for- profit organization Queen’s International Affairs Association, as well as serving as a Peer Facilitator for the Bystander
Intervention Program, which works to educate students and university employees on preventing and intervening in situations of sexual assault and violence.

In his free time, Landon enjoys writing, having contributed articles to both the Queen’s Observer and the Queen’s Journal. In his most recent article in the Journal, Landon detailed his own experience of sexual assault and post-trauma growth as a male survivor. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

3 ‘My neighbour is a rapist’ – BBC News

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17 jul. 2018
Vigilantes are burning rapists to death in the South African township of Diepsloot, near Johannesburg. But even that will not stop them. For BBC Africa Eye, crime reporter Golden Mtika exposes on camera the faces of the township’s terrifying sexual predators.

4 The Cut: Exploring FGM | Al Jazeera Correspondent

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5 okt. 2017

At least 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM), the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, also known as “cutting”.

It’s a practice most prevalent in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, but it also happens in Europe, the United States and Latin America. FGM is not linked to any particular religious faith; it’s practiced and carried out by members of different religions and cultures.

Considered an essential part of raising a girl and preparing her for womanhood and marriage by millions globally, FGM is typically performed between infancy and the age of 15.

It has no health benefits, but besides causing severe pain, FGM has serious immediate and long-term health consequences, including complications during childbirth. It can even lead to death.

FGM is banned in most countries, but it’s still legal in Somaliland, which – together with the rest of Somalia – has the highest rate of female genital mutilation in the world. Over 90 percent of girls in Somaliland are cut by traditional cutters, most of whom have no medical training.

“It was while making a web documentary for Al Jazeera about female genital mutilation that I realised how deeply rooted it is in many cultures, including my own,” says Fatma Naib, a journalist whose family are from Eritrea where FGM is common, but who grew up in Sweden where the practice is illegal.

So why does this dangerous, painful and sometimes deadly practice continue in so many countries? And what would it take to stop it?

Fatma Naib went on a personal journey – from Somaliland and Kenya to Sweden – to explore the traditions and controversies inherent to FGM.

5 Jerry Sandusky: Is there more to the story?

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9 feb. 2018

The Social Exchange Podcast is made possible, in part, through the support of Dr. Stanton Peele’s online “Life Process Program.”

If you, or someone you know, struggles with addiction– and if you think you’ll benefit from affordable online counseling (from the comfort of home)— then you may get tremendous value from Dr. Stanton Peele’s “Life Process Program.” Check it out.. see if it’s right for you:

* * * * * * * * * *
In this episode, author Mark Pendergrast joins Zach Rhoads to discuss his book about Jerry Sandusky. Is it possible that Sandusky is innocent? Zach is skeptical, but keenly aware that the author is far from fringe in the scientific community-

6 In The Dark: The Jerry Sandusky Story (Trailer)

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14 dec. 2011


7 Jerry Sandusky ‘Victim No. 1’ Aaron Fisher Interview 2012: Witness on Triggering Investigation

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19 okt. 2012

Penn State victim Aaron Fisher says officials at his high school stood in the way of justice.
“Why are you moving so fast now when you were moving so slowly when Aaron needed your help” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Personal PC
Dear God comfort and give that young man and all victims peace.
God bless you, Aaron. I’m sure we can’t fully appreciate your battle in taking on such powerful people, but you did, and I hope you make a ton of money on your book and live happily ever after.
I guess everything Aaron went through is enough to make any 18-year-old look 25.
Why would his mother allow him to go for a sleepover at Sandusky’s house in the first place? Didn’t she think that was a little wierd?
I happen to be a pretty good mathematician, and I’ve calculated that the odds of Sandusky being innocent on all counts are lower than the odds of Sandusky being an extraterrestrial alien(assuming something called the Drake equation.) Whether Paterno knew there was sexual abuse or not is more up in the air though.
Eventually , the proverbial saying rings true: “what a man is sowing, this he shall also reap.” Its a shame it took so long!!
Hugh Shakeshaft
Jerry’s doing his time, and from what I heard he already got turned out in prison.
John Chaser
My Grandpa hit my father with a belt, and he went too church everyday, and had crosses in almost every room. Check mate. -Science
Jerry Sandusky is in our Church’s Prayers. With the grace of God He will be free again to help rebuild the Second Mile Foundation.
Stephen Walker
Shame on you, ABCNews, for calling him “Penn State victim….” instead of “Sandusky victim”.
Everything I have read is that he is in isolation, and will most likely be protected wherever he ends up.
ris Den
im so happy justice is served to he victims…..
That principal is such a coward. Look at her running away. SMH
Jay Young
She was as wreckless as the mother of the Polanski “victim.” Only the mother in the Polanski matter herself had been an actress and was quite at least conversant with the sexual lives of the Hollywood powerful. Allowing one’s daughter to leave your custody in the hands of an older, worldy, man for a photo “shoot”? “Oh,” the mother screamed, “I didn’t know the gun was loaded and I am so sorry, my friend…” Yeah, rright!
If you are a true Christian Man then it is physically and mentally impossible for you to harm a child. -Jesus
Chuck Bass
I completely agree with you! It is even more ridiculous because people who work in the education system go through training about how to property handle situations like this. Even if for some reason Aaron was not telling the truth it is not up to her to investigate. It is her job to support the victim and pass it along to the authorities.

8 Sandusky Case: Victim 1 Speaks

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20 okt. 2012

Part 1: Meet the teen who took on the popular coach, helping convict him of sexual abuse.

9 Sandusky Victim 1: Lonely Fight for Justice


20 okt. 2012

Part 2: Aaron Fisher says school officials let him down.

10 Matthew Sandusky: “He Picked Me Out from a Camp of Hundreds of Other Children” | Oprah Prime | OWN

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18 jul. 2014

In 1977, former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky founded the children’s charity the Second Mile, an organization designed to nurture underprivileged and at-risk youths. In 2012, Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, and most of the victims who testified in the trial said they had met him through the Second Mile. (The organization, however, has never been charged with wrongdoing.) Another child who met Jerry Sandusky through the Second Mile was Matthew, whose single mother enrolled him in the camp to provide him with positive male role models. Matthew was eventually adopted by Jerry Sandusky, and revealed near the end of the 2012 trial that he had been sexually molested for years by his adoptive father. Watch as Matthew reflects on his initial meeting with Jerry Sandusky and explains how the grooming process began that first day. For more on #oprahprime, visit

“Oprah Prime” takes an in-depth look at some of the most important issues facing us today, including headline-making current events, through compelling interviews and thoughtful discussions with newsmakers, celebrities, luminaries and real-life families.

About OWN:
Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

11 Matthew Sandusky: “There Is No Reason for Me to Lie” | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network

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18 jul. 2014

In 2012, former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. After the trial, the school and a law firm identified 25 other men and Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son Matthew as credible victims, paying out $59.7 million in varied amounts. Some critics say Matthew came forward for the money. Find out why Matthew says he did not come forward for monetary reasons and why he says there’s no reason for him to lie about what happened to him. For more on #oprahprime, visit

About Oprah Prime:
Oprah Prime takes an in-depth look at some of the most important issues facing us today, including headline-making current events, through compelling interviews and thoughtful discussions with newsmakers, celebrities, luminaries and real-life families.

About OWN:
Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

12 Matthew Sandusky: How Jerry Sandusky Made Sure I Didn’t Tell | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network

Back to menu       IMPORTANT CONTENT

18 jul. 2014

In 2012, former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Halfway through the nine-day criminal trial, his adopted son Matthew revealed to police that he had been molested by Jerry Sandusky from the time he was a child. In high school, Matthew says, he tried to break off all contact with his adoptive father. After he and a friend accidentally set a barn on fire at age 16, Matthew says, Jerry Sandusky gave him an agonizing choice: Go to juvenile detention or move into his home. Watch as Matthew explains why he tried to commit suicide at 17, reveals how Jerry Sandusky continued to control his life and shares why he believes it took so long for a case to be brought against him. For more on #oprahprime, visit

13 Matthew Sandusky on Hearing Victim Testimony: “They Were Telling My Story” | Oprah Prime | OWN

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18 jul. 2014

Before the trial, Matthew had told authorities he had never been abused by his adoptive father. As he listened to testimony, he says he began to remember things that had happened to him. “My child self had protected my adult self. My child self was holding onto what had happened to me and had taken that from me. And so I didn’t have these memories of the sexual abuse or with him doing all of the things that he did,” he says. “They were telling my story. All of these things start coming back to you”. For more on #oprahprime, visit

14 Matthew Sandusky Addresses Jerry Sandusky’s Shower Incident with Victim 4 | Oprah Prime | OWN

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18 jul. 2014

Before the 2012 trial that convicted former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, his adopted son Matthew told authorities he had never been molested by his adoptive father. Four days into the trial, Matthew came clean with police about the abuse he suffered at Jerry Sandusky’s hands. Because of Matthew’s damaging revelations, Jerry Sandusky decided not to testify on his own behalf. Watch as Matthew reflects on the moment he first decided to speak his truth. For more on #oprahprime, visit

15 Did Anyone Suspect Abuse in the Sandusky Home? | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network

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16 jul. 2014

Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, is breaking his silence for the first time since his adoptive father’s 2012 conviction on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, sitting down exclusively with Oprah to tell his story. In an exclusive interview, Matthew shares his in-depth personal account of the grooming and manipulation he faced as a child in the Sandusky home. “At bedtime, his ritual began,” Matthew says in the above video. For more on #oprahprime, visit

16 Bob Costas and Jerry Sandusky “Sandusky Speaks” Rock Center with Brian Williams November 14 2011

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11 dec. 2015

Bob Costas and team won 2012 Emmy Award News and Documentary for “Outstanding Interview”
See earlier news of Nov 14, 2011 NBC:
Also see: “Maybe I tested boundaries.” – Jerry Sandusky, ca 2013

17 Matt Lauer interviews Dottie Sandusky

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30 nov. 2017

18 Besides Sandusky, who is most to blame?

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10 nov. 2011

Rob Parker and Skip Bayless discuss how much blame Joe Paterno for the Penn State scandal.
Watch more videos like this at

19 Sandusky: ‘I’m attracted to young people’

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3 dec. 2012

In an attempt to clarify his alleged attraction to young people, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky told the The New York Times, “If I say, ‘No, I’m not attracted to young boys,’ that’s not the truth, because I’m attracted to young people — boys, girls — I …” For more informaton please visit…

20 An Interview With Jerry Sandusky | The New York Times

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28 okt. 2013

On October 28, 2013, Penn State agreed to pay $59.7 million to 26 sexual abuse victims of the former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. But two years earlier, The Times’s Jo Becker interviewed Sandusky, just before he was found guilty on 45 counts of child sex abuse.
Read about the 2013 settlements here:
Read Jo Becker’s 2011 story here:

21 Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to Jail; Victims Speak Out

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10 okt. 2012

Former Penn State football coach to serve 30-60 years. For more:…

22 Jerry Sandusky Trial Gets Emotional: Victum One Testifies

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13 jun. 2012

Victim number one had jurors in tears as he testified about abuse he endured. For more, click here:…

23 Sandusky trial: Final accuser offers most graphic testimony

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15 jun. 2012

The final witness for the prosecution has a hard time even looking at Jerry Sandusky in the courtroom.

24 Local survivor of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse speaks out about life after being abused

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15 feb. 2017

Imagine that you’re in deep water and about to go down a third time, but the lifeguards are ignoring your cries for help.

25 Happy Valley Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Documentary HD

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26 Matt Millen breaks down when discussing Penn State

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8 nov. 2011

Former player Matt Millen’s conversation about the Penn State scandal on Sportscenter

27 How did the Penn State abuse get covered up for so long? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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13 jul. 2016

Colin and Jason discuss new information regarding Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.

28 Crime Watch Daily: New Sandusky Child-Abuse Accuser Steps Forward – Exclusive

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12 nov. 2015

In a Crime Watch Daily exclusive, another accuser of disgraced coach Jerry Sandusky comes forward to tell his story.
Check your local listings at

29 What did Penn State know about Sandusky? – E-mails revealed

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30 jun. 2012

CNN’s Susan Candiotti reports on e-mails between Penn State officials regarding Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse.

30 Jerry Sandusky Heckled By Prison Inmates

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26 jun. 2012

“Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky will appeal his convictions on numerous counts of child sexual abuse, a member of his defense team says. After a trial that featured emotional and often graphic testimony from eight of Sandusky’s victims, jurors late Friday convicted him of 45 of the 48 sexual abuse counts he faced, involving a total of 10 victims…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks, including a report that Sandusky is already being heckled by prison inmates.

31 Sexual Assault At Columbia

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15 jun. 2015

Columbia undergraduate students Zachary and Sarah share their experiences as survivors of sexual assault on a college campus, from attempting to get justice and reclaim their safety to dealing with what they see as the school administration’s missteps. Read the full article here:…

32 Sandusky accusers describe “ritual”

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14 jun. 2012

Three more alleged victims took the stand in the Sandusky trial and describe “rituals” of abuse

33 Sandusky Found Guilty in Sex Abuse Case

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23 jun. 2012

Jury finds former assistant Penn State football coach guilty on 45 counts.

34 Why I’m Defending Jerry Sandusky


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35 Exclusive Video: Sandusky Attorney Explains Why Joe Paterno Is Innocent

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23 jan. 2013

In this exclusive interview with,Joe Amendola,the attorney for Jerry Sandusky, explains in detail never before publicly aired why it was absurd for the media to “convict” Joe Paterno and Penn State of a cover up in the caase.

36 ‘Shock’ Continues Over Penn State Scandal, Paterno’s Scarred Legacy

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11 nov. 2011

Thursday was the first day of the post-Joe Paterno era at Penn State, after a whirlwind of events that stemmed from sexual abuse charges against a former football coach. Jeffrey Brown discusses the continuing fallout.

37 Penn State Sex Scandal Jerry Sandusky Full Interview with Bob Costas

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14 dec. 2011

Cinematic Demographic
This is top notch interviewing, our journalism professor just referred to this and it’s honestly blowing my mind.
And bottom of the barrel lawyering. Even Lionel Hutz wouldn’t let his client get interviewed like this. What a shit show this was. This lawyer should have been disbarred.
Terri Hinds
Crusty the Clown wouldn’t let a client be interviewed like this. Sandusky could’ve been convicted after the first answer.
Fred Flintstone
This interview should be required viewing for anyone doing forensic interviews. Just masterful work by Costas. He should be working for the FBI.
Dawson lucas
Never I ever want to hear from an older man with a young boy “we were just horsing around” That’s so heinous and disgusting
Alex Century
Bob Costas’ reactions are the best part of the interview.
Daniel Dougan
Bob Costas is the best journalist in the world of sports, bar none. Sandusky speaking to the media was dumb enough, but speaking to Bob Costas was even dumber. And it was Amendola’s IDEA!
Wynton McCurdy
This is literally the last high profile interview Bob Costas ever did.
Brian Johnson
I’m really surprised that Jerry Shitdusky hasn’t won an appeal for ineffective counsel being all lawyers will normally tell their client to shut up. Instead, he worked on getting him to talk as much as possible. If a person is innocent of these crimes, he would say “I have nothing to say except I know I didn’t do this” and end it there. This interview only made things worse for him, which is a good thing.

38 Empowering Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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39 Sexual Abuse and God’s Healing Power – Lisa’s Story

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2 dec. 2018

We recognize that all people have questions, but very few spaces exist to have open, honest, and respectful discourse around the deepest questions humans ask.

Join us for DIG & DELVE!

What is DIG & DELVE?

DIG & DELVE is an annual conference in Ottawa that is all about giving people a safe space to engage in discussion and explore deep issues that humans have been wrestling with for a long time.

One popular worldview promoted in our media is that it is foolish to believe in God. Influential writers disparage those interested in considering the relevance of faith to life.

Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence. – Richard Dawkins

At DIG & DELVE we hope to provide an open, honest and respectful environment where people can explore reasons why faith makes sense and why it is meaningful to give consideration to the life and teaching of Jesus. We hope to encourage curiosity and a healthy critical inquisitiveness. People coming from a spectrum of world-views, Christian and otherwise, are welcome.

At DIG & DELVE, we gather talented experts in their fields to come and share their opinions about deep issues human wrestle with and together we discuss some of the latest research around these questions.

Expect to be challenged. Join us at DIG & DELVE.

For more information go to

Thanks for watching

40 Understanding God’s Heart for the Abused | Sandals Church

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5 feb. 2018

It’s difficult to turn on the TV or scroll through social media without seeing another breaking news story about sexual assault and someone in a position of power. If your mind is full of questions and frustrations, ours is too.

In this sermon, we’re joining the conversation about God’s heart for the abused and how to get help when it feels like life is anything but good. If you know someone eager for answers about where God is in all of this, invite them to watch. Pastor Matt Brown will be facilitating an essential conversation about sexual abuse with his wife Tammy Brown and Sandals Church worship leader Christina Crowley.

Connect with us on social media: @sandalschurch
Watch live from anywhere:

41 Child Sex Abuse: Survivor Stories | UNILAD – Original Documentary

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18 aug. 2017

On average 75,000 males are sexually assaulted every year in the UK.

These survivors have waived their anonymity to shatter the silence around child sexual abuse.

42 Joe Paterno Faces Growing Penn State Scandal

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9 nov. 2011

Ninth boy comes forward in sexual abuse case against Jerry Sandusky. For more, click here:…

43 Leaked Penn State Emails Unveil Joe Paterno’s Role in the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

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3 jul. 2012

From the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM: Recently leaked emails show just how much Penn State and Joe Paterno knew about the horrible crimes Jerry Sandusky committed…
Spanier is being brought up on charges. But to say Paterno didn’t have a hand it is pure ignorance.
It’s “stunning” that one assistant coach’s “first-hand”, “eye-witness” account, didn’t go to the police. Oh that’s right, Sandusky was already being investigated, from 1998 to 2001, oh and that’s right, the legal system failed underprivileged kids by letting Jerry walk. So Joe should have told police “Hey one of my guys thinks he saw something that might prove you guys messed up.” That sounds like something a judge wants to hear. Ever tell a Judge he’s wrong? It only ends up hurting you.
@evangore Thank you evangore. Please post a link to the photos when you have finished compiling them.
Lanskee Shuru
“….Class and race…”? The case is over—let all the bigshots, including Sam Seder, move on down the line.
gostate 2014
How Penn State avoided the death penalty is beyond me.
Class and race??? That had nothing to do with this It has to do with a storied program not wanting to get it’s hands dirty with hopes it would all go away
All of his victims were children from disadvantaged homes whom Sandusky, using his access to the university’s football program, had befriended and then repeatedly violated. Get your facts, straight, Jack.
Michael Loper
Joe Paterno and Sandusky are intwined and will never be spoken about indivually agine !
Pope Joe Paterno.
That’s nonsense. You can’t put any kinda sexuality label on a person that hasn’t even reached puberty.
Nothing is ignored
The truth is that they WERE poor. The fact is that he DID use them for his sick ends then discarded them. Would he have been able to continually do this if the kids had any support? Fuck no

44 ESPN First Take Penn State To Honor Joe Paterno Before Temple Game


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22 okt. 2016

Kevin Brooks
Joe Paterno, was and is the best ncaa ball coach for all time , I believe in my heart had nothing to do with the story.
Steven and Max put this situation in the BEST perspective possible
100% Agreed. He loved football more then he did kids. This man could have made a difference in protecting innocent boys. Instead he turned a blind eye & pretended everything was fine which enabled a pedophile. WTF is wrong w these ppl?!!
This is one of the few times….one of the very few times….that I actually agree with Stephen Smith.
Josh Iaconelli
Dallas cowboys fan
People can say what they want. Red flags should have gone off when Paterno was told Sandusky was in the shower with kids. Paterno should have told the administration he couldn’t bring kids to practice. Paterno new enough.
Leslie Olson
The assistant coach Stephen A was talking about was graduate assistant Mike McQueary. He was the one who saw Sandusky abusing victim 1 in the shower.
Vince Niederman
As a Navy Fan That Was So Stupid of What Happened To Penn State in 2011!
Leslie Olson
I usually hate Steven A., and his blustering, blabbering, screeching hot air, but my God, this time Steven hits this SPOT ON 100%! PREACH THAT SH*T STEVEN A! JoePa cared more about “The Brand” and protecting his own legacy than he did about protecting those who could not protect themselves! And look at his “legacy” now!
AL Rodriguez
Complete disgrace he did nothing to protect the abuse kids. He is not inheaven
The NCAA pussied out…give him his victories back and basically restore him to his glory…what was the point in penalizing him in the first place..the NCAA has no balls..
Johnathon McFarland
Might as well honor Sandusky while you’re at it.
TMC King
When molly said can you imagine being a parent of a victim after Paterno knew? Actually victim 1 was well after the alleged shower incident, and his mother blamed his high school, never once blamed Penn State.
These FOOLS keep using the word “inaction.” Paterno reported what was told to him to the head of security at Penn State and to Spanier, the responsible head of the university. This is what was required of him by law, and by university policy. Period.
Shady Grady
Penn State and it’s supporters are living in denial.
Theodore Bierbauer
Ok do your research AGAIN.
Ryan Kessler
does anyone else think Molly needs to shut and and let everyone else talk she’s only the host
why would penn state honor that despicable human being?
to play ignorance is idiotic to take away his wins is wrong but to sue them and to put them on probation is the right thing I hate the fact that the NCAA took that way
Kirk Boo
Lol, this virtue signaling doesn’t reflect facts. But why would ESPN need facts?
Tom Ace
Penn State shouldn’t have a football program.

45 Jerry Sandusky Live Coverage

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22 nov. 2019

Jerry Sandusky Live Coverage

46 EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Sandusky Interviewed From Prison About 1998 Episode & His Penn State Retirement

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47 Cute Girl Turns Into Paper Cutout Prank

12 mei 2011

A cute, lost girl asks people passing by for directions. Prank victims study the map and are about to direct the girl to where she needs to go, but when they look up the girl has transformed into a life-sized cardboard cut out! Creepy…
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.