On someone’s watch

On someone’s watch

At a time when someone is in charge of a particular situation and responsible for what happens.

Happen on someone’s watch This happened on my watch. And I intend to resolve it.
The President exaggerated the number of jobs that were created on his watch.
You need to make sure that nobody gets hurt on your watch.
A lot of difficult problems occurred on Sarah’s watch.
People at the top often seemed to be excused from responsibility for things that happened on their watch.

Cambridge Dictionary

During a period when someone is in a position of power, and is therefore considered to be responsible for what happens

Mistakes were made on my watch, and accordingly I believe my decision to retire, while painful, is appropriate.


1 ‘Soul destroying’ toll of UK Post Office scandal


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2 Post Office used ‘unacceptable’ racist slur to describe Horizon scandal suspects

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27 mei 2023

As if wrongly prosecuting hundreds of people wasn’t enough – now the Post Office has been forced to apologise for using racist terms to describe postmasters caught up in the Horizon computer scandal.

A newly revealed internal document shows fraud investigators were asked to group people based on their racial features – using language the Post Office has now admitted was “unacceptable”.

18 dec 2021
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4 The Post Office and Fujitsu ‘REFUSED to Listen’

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6 feb 2024

The Post Office and Fujitsu ‘REFUSED to Listen’ to the pleas of desperate subpostmasters trying to make sense of what was happening to them as we analyse the Phase 4 Closing Statement of Hudgells, solicitors to some of the convicted subpostmasters, at the heart of the Post Office Scandal.

Unbelievable tales of how Post Office lawyers, not satisfied with guilty pleas to false accounting – of which they were not guilty – left them demanding theft charges on flimsy, or sometimes non-existent, evidence in a effort to make ‘recoveries’ easier and increase the chance that subpostmasters were sent to prison for the crimes they hadn’t committed.


5 Post Office Manager UNSURE why she’s at Post Office Inquiry!

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12 feb 2024

Post Office Manager Elaine Cottam UNSURE why she’s even at the Post Office Inquiry as we analyse her testimony where she’s asked directly if her signature has been FORGED on the witness statement she provided to court in the Post Office prosecution case against Julie Wolstenholme at her Cleveleys Post Office.

Elaine Cottam is adamant that she doesn’t understand her statement, didn’t write it and wouldn’t have obtained call logs after Jason Beer KC discovers not only discrepancies between the call logs and the witness statement but the curious omissions of call logs where Elaine Cottam HERSELF complained to the Horizon Helpdesk about bugs! Mistake or foul play?

6 Grim Reaper Prank – Halloween Edition

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31 okt 2017

Hey, Grim Reapers need to go grocery shopping too!