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17 dec. 2021

On March 13, 2013 a conclave of cardinals chose the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio to succeed Josef Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) as pope. The new leader asked to be called Francis after the “little poor man” of Assisi. He longed, he said, for a poor Church — to serve the poor. Almost immediately the new pope set about reforming the Vatican, vowed to confront and root out child abuse in the Catholic Church, raised his voice in support of climate activists and sought dialogue with other religions. On December 17 the reformer will be 85-years-old.
DW-TV looks back on what this pope has achieved in the last eight years: the opposition he has met with, and where he appears to have failed. We interview people close to him, his supporters and critics among the clergy, and Main Street Catholics — with their hopes and expectations of the “little poor man” in the Vatican.
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1 Uncovered Abuse in the Catholic Church. Why Was it Ignored? | ‘Almost Famous’ by Op-Docs

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27 aug. 2021

Nearly 20 years ago, an investigation by The Boston Globe into sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests ignited a firestorm of scandal that has traveled around the world. For many Americans, these shocking revelations — especially of the related cover-ups by the church — came out of nowhere, almost like a bolt of lightning. But the sobering reality is that this bolt of lightning had been striking for at least 15 years.
In May 1985, Jason Berry, a Catholic journalist in Louisiana, wrote his first piece on child sexual abuse in the church, for the National Catholic Reporter and the Times of Acadiana. Mr. Berry called himself a “reluctant muckraker,” but his exposé on the Rev. Gilbert Gauthe would prove to be only the first in a series of exhaustive investigations over the years, including his 1992 book, “Lead Us Not Into Temptation.” Mr. Berry appeared on national television programs like “Donahue” and “Oprah,” arguing that child sexual abuse had become “the Watergate of the Catholic Church.” 
So why did it take another decade or more for this scandal to truly break? And when is a society willing to face facts that may already be sitting in plain sight? In Ben Proudfoot’s “The First Report,” Mr. Berry grapples with those questions and with what it means to spend years ringing an alarm bell that nobody is willing to hear.
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Ben Proudfoot
Hi, everyone. My name is Ben and I’m the director of this film. Thanks for watching and happy to answer any of your filmmaking questions!
Free Spirit
Religion does not inoculate you from being human, nor should it protect you from the consequences of your own behavior.
Luke Church
I can’t fathom how many people have witnessed or have been privy to these crimes and just stayed silent.
Jason Berry is a hero, the atrocities committed by lustful, selfish so called priest is frankly unforgivable. We will never know who these children would have been or become, so it’s like a death but worse. I marvel at the children who struggle with this nightmare, but somehow find a way through faith and an irrepressible will to move forward. We as a society must continue to stop pedophilia wherever it raises it’s ugly head. Jason Berry if you are reading this, I am sorry your daughter had to go so soon, she is whole and is with you always.
What a story. Excellent work NYT. Excellent work Mr. Berry.
Sheila M
This man is a courageous hero for many victims of big dark demonic priests
Fine Artist Kelli Jean Stretesky
It’s amazing how people see no problem with coverups and abandon victims.
Brittany Goodrich
Mr. Berry, even though your story didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time, thank you. Thank you for standing up and fighting for these kids all those years. You are what an investigative journalist should be: someone who tells the important stories because they’re important.
can u imagine the number of people who tried doing what hes done over thousands of years across the world, not including journalists.. i bet the church killed a lot of people for calling this out centuries ago
Flinty Custard
Top Vid : Jason Berry deserves a medal for services to humanity : The dislikes must be all Catholic Priests !!
How to become a Pedophile Protection Agency: 1) Require that priests be celibate, thus attracting males who never wanted to marry adult women in the first place. 2) Put the Church’s lucrative “reputation” ahead of the physical and emotional health of children.
Audrey Evans
Almost famous? I, for one, will NEVER forget Jason Berry and what a great journalist he is. Thanks for this film.
Max Covfefe
Whyyyy aren’t these priests in PRISON? WHY are they given legal immunity??
Rotten Robbie
The fact that we get free documentaries on YouTube by The New York Times is truly a gift. 👍
Danielle Shank
Instead of them going to the police they sent some priest to “ wellness retreats”. Then transfer them and the abuse would start all over again
J Lee
Benedict was the monster who looked like a monster. John Paul II was the monster who looked like a saint.
Terri Walsh
Jason Berry is a true Hero. Thank you, Sir. I wonder if Mr Berry has considered doing a story on the tens of thousands of stolen, abused, and killed Native American (and Canadian) children?
Mr. Jason Berry, thank you for speaking out against an ultra powerful institution when others refused to acknowledge victims.
Koyuki Panda
It’s not lost on me that the NYT, who also didn’t initially take this story, is just now spotlighting this man’s work….I feel so bad for him…
What a beautiful and remarkable man
Your work was not in vain, Mr Berry. It took 20 years, but you did it. You helped expose this rotten affair.
Julia Morales
Catholics want to continue to deny that a problem has ever existed.
Rich T
Jason Berry is the HERO who started the BALL ROLLING!!!
Get this man a medal. Yesterday.
Germany also veils a lot about the catholic church … those who send their descendants there consciously commit abuse !!!
Carolina Melara
How about all the priest and nuns that physically abuse sooo many children ????
Alex T
Nobody would stand up to protect the children? It doesn’t say much for this country. And now we’re leaving everyone in Afghanistan? Nothing changes.
That framing makes it sound as if it’s an anomaly for such things to be ignored, and deliberately hidden, when in fact it’s the norm.
This was a brilliant film. I have a child with special needs and I really felt it when he said he just wanted his little girl to live.
I grew up in a Catholic household. Not one anymore (that ended before I knew about the scandal) but it just wasn’t all that well publicized back in the day. Maybe the biggest flare-up that resulted from Mr. Berry’s efforts was Sinead O’Connor’s tearing of the Pope’s picture on SNL. I’ll always praise her bravery for doing so, but maybe it wasn’t the most media savvy thing to do at the time. What came across as senseless desecration to most viewers at the time probably caused said viewers to reject any facts that followed.
Tom Hools
Phil Donahue – the unsung hero.
Thank you for caring. For fighting. For saving countless children’s lives, when others weren’t listening to you.
Cedar, Sweetgrass & Sage
It still continues because people are afraid of speaking out and being kicked out of the Church. When excommunication is an option it’s easy to keep victims quiet. Utter b.s.
The Vatican City had the age of consent set at TWELVE YEARS OF AGE up until a few years ago, yet somehow hundreds of millions of followers have always blindly accepted this. The Vatican has been in the business of spiritual corruption for a millennia, and business is still booming.
Solveig Nordwall
I’ve watched Spotlight 3 times so far, appalled every time. I researched your book on Amazon, based on that scene in the movie. After watching your take on this I cannot help but wonder how many children could have avoided being abused had your message been really acted upon at that time. I will never understand or forgive those in the church who enabled this. And, empty words I know, but I’m sorry for the loss of your loving daughter.
That last line, a biblical quote, applies to many things, alas.
Indrid Cold
I am crying as. I write this. A truly wonderful piece about horrific events, an orchestrated coverup, a remarkable man and his beautiful daughter. May she Rest In Peace and may all the victims find their own inner peace, we love you.
The abuse was never hidden. Just not looked at by people more interested in their own small lives than the big picture of our society. Ignored by people who would rather believe than fight for justice. So we never will have justice.
erica lynn
Thank you to all who have stood up to help the innocent children!! Blessings to you all!!
Mr. Proudfoot, you did it again. It is a big and sad story and a tough battle this man did. I know that you were born in Canada and that you probably have Native American origins according to your last name. It is true that Pope Francis has brought a new lease of life but with what is happening with the discovery of a hidden cemetery of Native American children behind the Catholic boarding schools here in Canada, I am disappointed with this Pope’s attitude who refuses to apologize to the Native Nations and we are far from seeing the end of these horrible discoveries. Sometimes I tell myself that the Catholic religion is one of the biggest sect in the world which is worth billions of dollars
irish anger
Thank you for putting a spotlight on this. 🍻🍀✌
Cat Lily
Thank you for getting the ball rolling, Mr Berry. It probably would have taken longer to come to light without you.
2:40 this is how it’s supposed to be. today, people have an argument and they read something from the bible and say “there we go, that’s what it said, that’s all there is, there is nothing more.” the bible, in these situations, ends the conversation. while in the days of Jesus it’s STARTED the conversation. they would have an argument, read from the scripture, and say “well what do you think it means? this is what i think because this, and that is the result. what about you?” it deeply saddens me that this form of reading is the unusual and not ordinary way of doing thing
Valerie Payne
Mr Berry, you are brave and courageous. I am so sorry you lost your daughter. A terrible tragedy but you kept fighting for other people’s children. Thank you, sir.
Marco Colo
Smh then they lock the victims of these priest up on Chris Hanson show
This will never get the attention it deserves. The worse part? These types of atrocities happen in higher numbers on the Native American reservations. My dad, aunts and uncles were all victims. I think the pedophile died serving the congregation, despite the complaints. They were only ardently Catholic because of the boarding schools Native Americans were forced into. I sometimes wonder how much fewer our mental health issues would be, if my grandmother was never forced into that school.
This shocks people that practitioners of mythology are about anything other than greed and power? Like other positions of power and influence, it is a nearly perfect cover for predators.
I remember watching that episode of Donahue. It was so upsetting to see the pain that young man was going thru and the fact that the church was in part if not wholly responsible for for that pain.
Why was it ignored? Tradition mostly…..
Doctor Shell
Mr. Berry, not everyone moved on from your work. I read your book in the 1990’s when I was de-converting from religion and it has stayed with me to this day. Thank you.
What a remarkable man. His tenacious and confronting work lead ultimately to the discovery of the truth. Society owes him a great thanks. No question he did right by putting family first. It was heartbreaking to learn of the loss of his sweet Ariel at the end of this outstanding piece. All the very best to Mr Berry. Big respect, good sir
Wait until you find out how vatican city was a huge money laundering safe haven
S. Davis
Spotlight gives me chills every time I watch it. I had no idea that was a real book that they showed
That is one of the best stories that I’ve ever witnessed.
The Spirit of Food.com since 1998
The fact that the works of Jason Berry are being encapsulated for our ‘reading’ in this video reminds us each how a little act can have lasting impact, expand and shift cultures toward a more perfect society. What acts are you engaged in today?
Johannes Tjendro
Amazing story. Grateful for this Catholic faith and so many people who love the Church and are willing to fight for her!
Nuria Tallberg
Such a powerful testimony of decency and justice. God has a special place for Ariel in heaven and she is so proud of you! Thank you for doing what was right.
What a guy. These days it’s not often that I’m in awe of humanity, perhaps there are some good Catholics after all.
These almost famous short films are so good.
Melanie Keeling
We owe so much to dedicated professionals.
Jennifer Amyx
So thankful for Mr.Barry’s work and so sorry for the loss of his beautiful daughter.
C Marq
👏👏👏👏👏👏Mr Berry for your dedication and efforts.
Michelangelo's afterDavid
The fact that many publications didn’t want Jason Berry’s story was so sad. Thank you for your investigative work Jason Berry. Those innocent children. Their childhood ruined.
Emi Popescu
Sometimes i try to imagine how this world would’ve looked like without any religion whatsoever.. No more humans hiding behind their invisible man-made gods..
Ivana Chokavich
This is incredibly moving. Thank you to everyone who spoke even when they weren’t heard. Thank you to everyone who kept speaking. And Thank You to everyone who listened instead of turning a blind eye.
Stanley Hood
Sometimes I feel like the Lone Ranger and wonder if any one cares. Everything I hear or see one of the world’s leaders I cringe and feel sad.
Thanks to Mr. Proudfoot and Mr. Berry. As an editor since 2007, I’ve seen too many book manuscripts that deal with child abuse. My heart feels as if it breaks on a daily basis.
When does humanity understand that the time of priesthood is over!?
Martin Braonain
A sad and difficult ending. You can sense the hurt and pain – a lot of suffering. A story worth telling.
Miguel Lagrimas
Religion is influence, one of the triad of power, it’s only meant to give some individuals a way to abuse others.
I was abused 1961, summer camp run by jesuits? Closed for years, because of abuse, reopened this summer, co-ed? Nothing could happen? AGAIN!
Heather Mefford
Healing requires transparency and accountability. I wonder if the Catholic Church will ever act in the best interests of its many victims? Doubtful and heartbreaking… 💔
Beth Ann Slusser
Thank you so much Jason! May God Bless your little girl! Thanks Ben for telling this most important story!
Caitlyn Lee
Heartbreaking all the way around.
Peter Nwokoye
This is what happens when an institution thinks it’s above the law. Great work, Mr. Berry.
Michelle Norris
1000’s of filmed former indictments on YouTube showing different ‘high’ members of the church/ clergy. The most common response to questions around why they kept paedophilia in the church so quiet, not reporting etc. is :- ”I can’t remember” 1000’s of times by all those giving their testimonies.
Patrick Connolly
With all these facts, and no congressional investigation?
Jeff Goddin
And Sinead O’Connor was vilified for shouting this from the hilltop.
Ga Mtn Girl
Oh my goodness. Well done.
Andrea Daerice
Excellent, He is a hero! Thank you for shining light on this important work.
God I’m crying in the end. Thank you Sir for let the world know about this story. Thank you director and NYT to reminds us this event again. And hopefully all the victims out there find peace and heal their pain.
The editing of this video is fantastic, more content like this please!
Air Quotes
This man is totally right to be annoyed everyone ignored him and he was trying to do good.
A beautiful piece. Full of hope and faith despite the subject matter. Thank-you
Little L
I love how the video is edited! well made
M Light
If the purpose of a church is to further one’s faith in God, how could anyone allow interference with this single most important quality?
Olivia K Mani
Another Joseph Maskell. This never ends. Does it?
Deborah Westendorf
This is so horrendous! We are fine with the Catholic Church 😢
Christy E
Thank goodness for your willingness to speak up and take this darkness into the light.
F Bordewijk
I’m halfway through his book on money in the Catholic church. Racketeers.
Paul Jackson
Incredible. Brilliant. Thanks again NYT and Mr. Berry you are a legend 👍
Charles Canzater
Thank you sir for opening the door on this tragedy ! My own AME church started to work to get pedifiles exposed expelled and in many cases prosecuted !
Susan Hopkinson
This is a great little film – so many more stories like this to be told. The irony is that the NYT is expert at selectively ignoring alarm bells! From cheering us on to an immoral, illegal and fake war in Irak to ignoring the plight of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, the NYT will nonetheless be happy to swoop in for the glory once the story gets big enough.
Kanye West
New York Times, makings classics. It hasn’t even been 6 minutes
Excellent video, but the music is a bit overpowering, especially when they’re talking, and it doesn’t match the gravity of the subject. Distracting. Otherwise very nice.
James Mullaney
It isn’t only clergy sexual abuse. The Catholic Church is committing psychiatric abuses through its social services agency, Catholic Charities. Wherever vulnerable people can be found, I guess.
Fukai Kokoro
VERY well made. Very intriguing. Thank you.
LaToya Glover
Wow. That was amazing.
Cecilia Rossiter
Paul’s concept of “behaving in the world” and the patriarchy behind jesuit-ism are REASONS that these dark ages of victimization exist—contrary to the indications that these are good things. Sorry to point out the weakness of this opinion piece since this reporter’s work actually makes me cry with appreciation.
Jackie Vergara
What happen to the dark history of missions
Julie Mosher
Unfortunately, those years between your reporting and that of the Spotlight team allowed for even more pedophile priests to continue their pursuit of young children to victimize. How unfortunate that those years emboldened the Catholic Church knowing what was occuring and doing all they could to keep a secret. I was raised Catholic, but no longer consider myself one. This is the reason. I applaud you for all the efforts and time you dedicated . Best wishes to your family and sympathy for the loss of your daughter.
Marielle W
This was excellent.
Mr. Berry, – Bella Dodd planted soviets into the church. Some ranking clergy were aware of it but didn’t do anything because they didn’t know who it was and of course the church was too big to fall. Cardinal McCarrick is believed to be one of them and there are more in high ranks of the church. The abuse starts with the soviets saying ‘you will not recognize the church when we get done with it’.
Hannah Daygo
Jason Berry is a hero❤
Grlyfrom Jersee
Someone needs to investigate children and the elite.
Jason Berry is a saint.
Soren Olsen
what church is that at 15:35? It’s beautiful.
michelle stein-evers frankl
As a free lancer, unfortunately Mr Berry didn’t have have a major institution behind him. One thing: Mr Berry understood how to be respectful yet able to open the story. He was able to teach that next wave of folks HOW to talk to folks to gain their trust and harvest those painful but important stories, to get the justice they deserve.
Bobbie Robinson
And now it’s being ignored again. Maybe in another 30yrs some newspaper will bust them. God bless the victims and watch over the people trying to uncover this evil.
Janice Scott
Part of Revelation 18:4 and 5 says Get out of her for her sins have massed together clear up to the heaven, and God has called her acts of injustice to mind.
nplus1 syndrome
the power of suggestion with financial gain as a carrot on a stick. never any physical evidence or details of the alleged crime. guilty until proven innocent.sad
Hopper ☭
The reason it was ignored is because it threatens the structure of the church. It’s as simple as that. It threatens the church hierarchy. Pedophilia is a useful way to democratize and destroy a young child’s self esteem making them more pliable and easier to control later in life
I am catholic. And it saddens me deeply to see this report. 🙏 We need to build together better and brighter 🙏
Huri Think before
Cream keeps on top and the Zölibat stood in place. So the abuse and molesting is continuing right know
Please do one on teachers too.
Sv Harken
remember Sinead O’Connor… she gave up much of her career because no one was listening and she went live with it.
Yadi Rod
Loved the video great work!!! ❤️🕊💗🙏🦋🌈
I believe that it is probably best that whistleblowers don’t get famous. There is too much risk to their lives and they should be protected at all cost.
Maria Dominguez
The Pope, the church that the devil is pleased with. Yuck!
Pavl Rakopv
Your a good man Jason….
Patrice Dhanis
Yep we had a choir leader, a lay person who was very close to the priests that everyone suspected, but no one said anything. We all knew but were afraid to “lose our church” if we talked. I as an adult, left the church, and my children were raised in a different church. When I hear people say “why are people leaving the church”…I am amazed. The answer is there for all to see. LOOK!
Tara Von
The sad reality is that we hop from one news cycle to the other, with very little change taking place. It’s no surprise the media stopped covering such a heinous crime. It’s time to tax the churches. Religion is the root of all evil, I swear! 🙌🏼 Great video and reporting. Sorry for the loss of Ariel. She was beautiful. No parent should have to experience the loss of a child. It’s truly unfathomable.💔
Isis Blackfeather
You can’t compare Watergate to this in any way. Saying that makes you look very guilty of just wanting to break the next big story instead of actually caring about the actual situation, a situation that is still ongoing might I add. A remarkable feat.
SpilledSalt 486
Very well put together video. Such a tragedy and embarrassment to the Catholic Church.
D. Parks
Great video! One small complaint- the music was a little over the top and very loud.
Lingering Questions 5
I think one of the most Christian things ever done was to expose any priest or any other Catholic official who hurt children or who helped cover it up. I hope I would have done something to stop the abuse if I was there.
south pole
6:30 New York Times wanted to hide it.
Leslie Jaggers
Is that the church on st Charles by Audubon Park? Looks like I pass it on the daily.
Brooklyn Tigresa
Good story and i know my comment will get negative feedback. Yet this not only happens in Catholic churches but in many different religions around the world.
What makes me mad is they just move them around… they get moved to India orphanages… they are moved to hurt other children. #foxisland
Edmund Crowley
Hats off to Jason Barry! Sadly, even the good will of Pope Francis is not strong enough to bend the needed structural changes needed to reform the Church. The best of Vatican !! was buried deep within a radical fear blocking the sunlight of a rudimentry FAITH!!
David Bruce
Question; Do you think the abuse of children, inside the Catholic Church has been going on, since its inception? If yes, how can the church, adequately understand pain, in order to free you from it?
Marc3lina 1969
This abuse also happens in Latin America
Jackie Jennings
Hi Ben, how hard was it to come by the information for this film? I’m considering all of the effort that the Catholic Church (which I was baptized in 72 as an infant) went to cover up the offenses done by the priest? Also, is there any evidence where any Nuns are concerned? And third, is the style of your filmmaking more of a expose’ to just to bring awareness , or to give those with a story to tell a place in which to do so?
And yet the people condemning this are still catholics …
Thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
maybe torello
…a heirarchy indeed! The Catholic Church, throughout the centuries has perpetuated the abuse. In the 70s and 80s, PIME Priest Francis Richardi, was circulated around the Detroit Diocese parishes. I was quiet for so many years of his abuse. To this day, what resolution can I have with the Church. In the 90s, I mentioned to a co-worker about what Richardi did to me. I shared his profile of gaining the trust of those with large families. Life is stranger than fiction; when I finished speaking, the co-worker said I know of another person molested by F.R. Oh the irony. How does a victim ever come to resolution with the Catholic Church? I haven’t! The best I have come up with is remembering my faith is in God, not a man-made, man-run religion.
Katherine Broberg
As a Catholic this man is my hero.
Byron Williams
i was told, by my catholic girlfriend the catholic church encouraged homosexuality as a way to keep you from knocking up your sister.
The fact that this was ignore for so long breaks my heart to pieces! The damage was too great and nobody care for this children. All of this in the name of God! Despicable!💔
Bonnie Lassise
Priests are not alone. Check out the nuns
eusou brasileiro
You don’t have to be religious to be a decent person. Just stay away from churches. And of course don’t let your kids alone with a priest.
You must be very thankful to them because making that film and if after all you found about churches you going there yet, then you have poor sick personality sir.
Offcourse the pope comes off as having known nothing about all this this and the movie ends with praise ‘ It’s a start ‘ what a disgusting mouthpiece for the church, paved with the suffering of so many children. I can’t tolerate this another minute
Brian M
Barf! Yuck! Why did this take so long to get to press? Why did this awful stuff take so long to get punished?
Hopeful Traveler
Why was it ignored? Because the Catholic church has enough $$$$ to make sure it gets ignored.
Djinn Djinnie
Stop Making underserving people famous
Sejal Sai Bobba
Well this was a CARDINAL sin. ye… a dad joke.
Famous Nobody
The Catholic church is disgusting
Susie C
I grew up with the Catholic church. I wanted to be a nun. I’m ashamed to be Catholic now.
Livia Dix
I was in an orphanage, in 1948-49 run by catholic nuns. It was in another country, so when I heard that those Indian children were made to eat their vomits, I was taken aback, because it happened to me. I was 4 or 5 years old, but i still remember clearly.
It’s a false church.I’m surprised you’re still alive.
Earl of Mar
Kamala Harris should have prosecuted multiple Catholic priest’s, and she didn’t do it. She took the bribes instead
Tired of it
somebody please explain to me why ANYONE would cover for a pedophile. this is sick
why digging the past? when you clearly see islam bombing people in afghan
Jenny Smith
Catholic church had too much power. Parents would punish their children if they said anything bad about a priest. Its unbelievable!!
M R.
Well done. Shame that there are so many documentaries about Catholic pedophilia and nothing changes
Katherine McMillan
Jail time for abusers!!!
All the dead kids in unmarked graves at residential schools that are being discovered now in Canada, the US – how many of them were sexually abused by sick Catholic priests and nuns who ran those schools. Are the names of those priests and nuns even known or were they all destroyed?
Ralph Killoran
The religious abuses at the Canadian Residential Schools are coming to light with unmarked mass grave sites being discovered.
Peter Trevorah
Students reported abuse as it was happening in Christian Brothers schools of the 60’s and 70’s. Their parents did not believe them and often punished their kids for saying such things. They, too, should bear responsibility for this fundamental breach of duty. Many parents did know but chose church over children. Don’t let these failings be mere footnotes to the story. So often, they WERE the story.
animals around us tv
Your video is very interesting ❤️❤️❤️👍👍
Pretty Pixy
It was ignored because people with money have power and the church has lots of money! Plus they didn’t want to be seen as condoning it, because they were by just moving them around 😡
David Wilkie
Don’t only pick on Catholics, because they are one of the oldest institutional heirachical set-ups, they have both extremes of good and bad, just like the rest of humanity and for the same reason of pseudo random cycles of QM-TIME metastable re-evolution in vertical integration quantization.
Singerland 50
Wheres all of the catholic community at for this story? Why do yo hide?
1 0
All of us are smarter than one of us.
Jenny Smith
Priests and nuns have killed alot of people. Especially the innocent children
Han Solo Dolo
The church is worse than the people we are fighting overseas
alcoholics are always in denial
Regina Bullock
I’m so glad I watched this.This is pathetic yet so true .And sucks no one listened.Thankgod the Catholic Church will be gone soon .CAUSE SOMEONE HEARD OUR CRYS .God God God dod
Munaf Ghori
All in the name of religion and nothing for god.
Heather Beachgirl
I wonder how many more kids lives were ruined by these pedophiles because no one paid attention to the story for 15 years
Pdro Mdna
I am an atheist, a growing category among the American population. And I’m not usually passionate about my reasons for not believing. But this one manages to put me on the offensive: if these crimes had not been shown to the public and the civil law had not taken action, the Church would continue to hide these facts, protecting pedophile priests and bishops, moving them from parish to parish, bribing and paying for the silence of the victims. Popes, cardinals, bishops and priests, all fully aware of the atrocity, many of them personally tainted, would continue to celebrate the Eucharist and confession, receive our children in catechesis, retain our young people in spiritual retreats or in seminaries or in orphanages, and would continue to abuse while talking nonsense from the pulpit and without being accountable to anyone. I do not blame the faithful for continuing to believe despite the fact that the greatest exponents of faith, those who guard the “mysteries” of faith, those who live daily in contact with the “divine”, those who have become one with Christ “sacramentally”, are the living proof of the fraud of religion. I blame them for not requiring their wolves to be more transparent in the internal processes to correct the problem of sexual abuse within the clergy.
Stanley Hood
Ate these priest trying g to destroy peoples faith?
I hate when people use religion to abuse and hurt people, it goes against everything religion is supposed to be..
James Knott
This problem has been around for a long time and around the world. Forcing priests to be celebrate is the cause of this. Also, religion, all religion is delusion. Anyone forcing religion on a defenseless child should be charged with child abuse.
MV Rickles
Why were the sisters and nuns were never left the did many things to us girls….it was awful..I’m glad most of them are gone. My children will never go to a Catholic Church nor will my grand children. Believe me many they were worse than the priest …sick! She kept telling my mother it was a boy in a grade higher but no one ever even questioned him!!! I hope your daughter never got molested !!
Beth S
“… I was just so appalled… ” Seems like Catholics are really not that appalled at all, really, as were so many of us non-Catholics. We continue to be so, given that Catholic parents continue to raise their children as Catholics, willing to encounter the inevitable day when their children discover this modern-day atrocity and start asking really difficult questions. I mean, I just don’t get it. All that aside, if Catholics truly believe child abuse is over in their church, they’re still just as delusional as ever. Give it a few years and this story will repeat itself, only this time it will be the most vulnerable children in the poorest regions of the world, where Catholicism has the strongest grip. So then I guess it all will be just as easily dismissed. The Catholic church hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed its recruiting practices, hasn’t changed its patriarchal structure that demonizes women who are willing to preach the word, while simultaneously prohibiting marriage for its male clergy, and hiding god-knows-what in the interim. The church has just gotten better at hiding its dark side. Berry doesn’t need the church to feel closer to his daughter, he’s just been conditioned to think that. All church-goers have been. It’s really sad.
Smokey P
Love your work!!!
Travis M
I wanted to watch this, but the editing is too distracting and annoying.
Michele Kett
In countries where Catholicism is strong this behaviour was common. The Priest was sacrosanct. The church heirarchy are the ones who allowed this to go on so long. In Victoria Australia the Bishop who was responsible for moving Priests around when parishioners told what their children were experiencing ignored them. More children suffered, girls and boys. There were suicides but nothing changed. The now Archbishop was accused but the accusation was the wrong one. He ought to have been charged with neglect of duty to his parishioners. He was an ambitious bean counter and managed to get to Rome before it all came out. He, apart from a few months in jail before he was cleared of abuse, got off scot free. Sky News in Australia championed his cause, never given any thought to the fact of his complicity.
Gary Henzler
Don’t put your beliefs before people folks. My parents did it to me and it destroyed our family. I’ll be damned before I ever make the same mistake.
You Liked Your Own Comment
People are brainwashed into believing the church can do no wrong
My opinion. There is no lie like this one, never one more evil, more vile, more sinful. Talk about a millstone. This “church” should not exist, and no amount of charity or “good works” pays for this evil lying sin. This is worse that Watergate – thank goodness for Mr. Berry.
Trey Gibson
who can you trust
Tomas Bodling
Ending on a bibel qoute?…?
Türkler Bilsin
God didn’t order celibacy. In Kuran, the God says the later Christians invented this thing (Read Quran 57:27) and didn’t observe it for the original purpose of only pleasing God. People started to get corrupt and they started to abuse already what wasn’t prescribed by God in the first place. That’s the reason prophet Muhammad banned celibacy (Ruhbaniyya), and he condemned some of his companions who refused to get married to devote life only for worshipping god. He also condemned people from going into caves and live in solitary. The real worshipper is someone who has a family, who lives in the society and navigates through daily life struggles with his faith and regular prayers.
Saman Siddiquie
Pope Francis is no better.
You’ve answered your own question with the title
Kenny Hagan
Just kept plugging away until they listened.🏆
Set the catholic church aside and pick up and read your Bibles. We don’t need mans religious traditions and interpretations when we can read the Bible ourselves.
Tommy Veee
Church and religion… Too strong. Just another example of abuse of power and how ppl just can’t be trusted with too much power. It’s too intoxicating and alluring, too much for one person not to give in to their twisted desires.
I remember watching an hbo movie about a boy being abused by a priest and the end the movie stated how there was many instances of this going on in the church. I was so upset that no one was doing anything. I asked a friend who had been a choir boy and he told me everyone know this is going on. When it finally blew up, I wondered why now?? All I could think of was the stars were aligned some how to allow this to happen.
369 Rising
Why are the crimes of any white male ignored & covered up?
Joe M
Hi Ben, thank-you for your sacrifice to speak on behalf of those who got very little justice and are still fighting for it today. My sister worked for the archdiocese of Boston. After realizing what they were doing on the fringes of what she could see as a secretary, she stopped teaching Sunday school and eventually stopped going to church. While I had great Nuns and Jesuit teachers, the Brothers were brutal and sadistic. The fact the church hasn’t been dismantled under the RICO Act is a sad fact. And the fact we are now contending with a danger faction of fascist Christians in the US, makes a mockery of the divide of Church/State. As an agnostic, I have learned to put childish myths and bogeymen/demons in their place. And hope for a day when faith in Yahweh is put in the same box with Zeus and Hanuman.
Clara Mash
Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯
Dianna Holiday
The thought comes to mind of a saying that goes “A truth whose time has come”. Humans are funny this way. There are way showers, as you definitely are, Ben Proudfoot, but until the time comes, people are only listening half heartedly. The movie Spotlight – which deserves its Best Picture win – points that out. The manager of BH’s Spotlight passed in the story years before. Why did we finally have ears to hear in Y2K? It is a mystery that the human consciousness is only open to hard truths at certain times. I am very sorry for the loss of your sweet and precious loving daughter, Mr. Proudfoot. 🙏🏼❤️
Lara Hamilton
Let’s pretend that real investigative reporting is happening today by referring to it posthumously.
Timothy MacDonnell
And they hate the traditional Catholic mass. I’ll stick with the traditional Latin priests and not the Novus Ordo ones.
Melissa Harmon
Radical. Roots. First things. Human justice. For our boast is this. The testimony of our consciousness that we have behaved in the world to be decent. Inspirational, The soul of a human true to himself and community. For what joy is spiritualism, than believing in justice for every innocent soul on this corrupt Earth, and acting upon one’s beliefs of peace over chaos when one has the privilege to Breathe joy.
Sam Sung
The movie was good. Not #1comparded to others. Good.
Серж Шуляченко
Experts have recognized NATO’s defeat in Afghanistan as the biggest catastrophe since Dunkirk. Military experts argue that Jens Stoltenberg should be arrested and tried by a military tribunal. Biden, Boris Johnson and Merkel must kneel down and ask the Afghan people for forgiveness for the Taliban taking over Kabul. Biden, Boris Johnson and Merkel also failed to secure a safe evacuation.
Golden Eagle Aguila real
……………. With a European passport in hand before boarding any plane 🐷🛂 ✈️🐖🛫🐀❤️👏🦅 Aztec warrior
Nixon DID nothing wrong next to TRUMP!
The music is bloody awful and is too loud. And the shuffling papers sound effects are hideous. Way over produced. Only made it halfway through.
Toon Fest
Where is afgan blast.. Deadliest story? Biased nyt..
Bernadino Boru
The truth is “Antisemitic”

2 Ramsey Nasr leest Broeders van Liefde

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28 sep. 2010

11 sep. 2010

Sep 11, 2010, AFP. No congregation escaped Belgian sex abuse. “It’s the Church’s Dutroux,” referring to mid-1990s trauma in Belgium + arrest of serial rapist / child killer Marc Dutroux, serving life for six rapes and four murders. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/20…

Sept 10, 2010. Paedophilia expert unveils harrowing testimony and documents cases in almost every diocese. Some of the most damning evidence of systematic child abuse by the Roman Catholic clergy to come to light was unveiled today by Belgium’s leading authority on paedophilia, who published hundreds of pages of harrowing victim testimony detailing their traumas and suffering.
The explosive report by Peter Adriaenssens in the town of Louvain, east of Brussels, lists evidence of 476 instances of child abuse by priests and bishops going back 50 years.
Adriaenssens was appointed by the church last year to head an independent inquiry into the scandal. Since April, when Roger Vangheluwe, the bishop of Bruges, resigned after admitting persistently molesting a nephew, the Adriaenssens commission has been inundated with evidence, with hundreds of victims coming forward.
He has since documented cases of abuse occurring in almost every diocese in the country and in virtually every school run by the church. “We can say that no part of the country escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several [church] members,” said Adriaenssens.
“This is the church’s Dutroux dossier,” he added in reference to the notorious Belgian paedophile serial killer, Marc Dutroux, who kidnapped, tortured, abused and murdered six girls in 1995-6.
Speaking of the victims, Adriaenssens said that 13 had killed themselves, according to relatives, and another six had attempted suicide.
The 200-page report includes copious anonymous testimony from 124 of the victims “to honour their courage” in coming forward.
“There are days when I thank God for having the chance to speak,” testified one woman. “Four years of psychotherapy have taught me that silence kills. I have had enormous depressions, going as far as attempted suicide. At other times I think it would be wise to let sleeping dogs lie. But in the end I’ve chosen to speak … Since the resignation of the bishop of Bruges, I am living again in anxiety and fear. And I am far away. I’ve chosen to live far from my country, hoping that the past won’t rejoin me.” This testimony was from a woman abused in the 1980s, but most of the cases concerned young boys and teenagers, as well a documented case of a two-year-old boy being molested.
Another victim told of being repeatedly sexually molested by his parish priest for five years from the age of seven. “From being a violated child, I myself became, several years later, an abuser of adolescents and was sentenced to eight years in jail of which I served four and a half … The priest’s violations certainly strongly shaped my sexual identity and influenced my life choices.”
The evidence presented, said the daily newspaper Le Soir, was of “immense persistent suffering which neither the church, justice, nor society have been able to assuage … Adriaenssens has done what everyone else declined to do — listen to the victims, understand them, and give them the place they deserve.”
The abuse went back to the 1950s, was most common in the 60s and was tailing off by the 1980s, Adriaenssens said. Most of the victims were now middle-aged, but remained traumatised. Around half of the abusers had died.
The expert unveiled his report today because yesterday a Belgian court ruled that the material, seized by police in a highly controversial raid in June, was inadmissible in court because of the “disproportionate” police action and ordered it returned. In June they seized the commission’s files, raided the headquarters of the Belgian Catholic church, held cardinals and bishops for several hours, took their mobile phones, and carried away computers and documents.

They questioned Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who retired as head of the Belgian church and archbishop of Brussels in January. 2 weeks ago Belgian newspapers published tape recordings of Danneels seeking to hush up the case of Vangheluwe, the Bruges bishop. Vangheluwe’s nephew secretly recorded Danneels pressing him to keep quiet about his uncle at least until he retired next year. “I don’t think you’d do yourself or him a favour by shouting this from the rooftops,” the cardinal warned the victim, who replied angrily that his uncle had abused him for 13 years from the age of five. The recordings were made in April; the bishop resigned 2 weeks later, the most senior clergyman in the Catholic church to have quit after being exposed. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/…

9.10.2010. Sexual abuse of children reached all parts of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church + drove at least 13 victims to kill themselves. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/11/wor…

3 Misbruik in de katholieke kerk.mp4

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14 feb. 2011

4 Kardinaal Simonis: “wir haben es nicht gewusst.”

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24 mrt. 2010

Kardinaal Simonis was 38 jaar actief bisschop. In die periode zijn hem “tien gevallen ter oren gekomen” van seksueel misbruik binnen de roomskatholieke kerk. Tegen de daders deed hij indertijd geen aangifte. Deze gevallen werden intern afgedaan. Over de vele meldingen van misbruik die de afgelopen tijd naar buiten zijn gekomen zei hij: “wir haben es nicht gewusst.” Simonis sprak verder zijn afschuw uit over het misbruik. De kardinaal sluit zich ook aan bij de brief van de paus en hoopt op “heling en genezing van dit kwaad.”
Bekijk de gehele uitzending: http://bit.ly/aZQsG6

5 Belgian priest claims child abuse was ‘a game’


15 apr. 2011

The former Bishop of Bruges has told a French TV crew that the abuse of his 5 year old nephew was like ‘a game’ and admitted that he abused a second relative. Under Belgian law he cannot be charged because too much time has elapsed since the crime.

6 Sexual abuse and rape can be the making, not the breaking of you | Lydia Ward | TEDxLeamingtonSpa

27 feb. 2017

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a member on the Board of Trustees and an Ambassador for the charity Safeline.Org, Lydia hopes this emotional account of her personal journey can help to empower fellow survivors.

Lydia is the founder of Velvet Evolution, a marketer and a psychologist with particular expertise in assessing communication styles and building emotional resilience. Her 15-year global business career includes high profile roles in the food and health & beauty industries. As a confidence coach and mindfulness teacher, she helps clients define success, identify their stress triggers and execute a mindful plan for change.

Lydia is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and is now a supporter of Safeline.Org as a member on the Board of Trustees and an Ambassador for the charity. A recently approved foster carer, she acts on stage at The Priory Theatre Kenilworth in her spare time. Confidence is the belief “I can do this”. Lydia embraces this value in every aspect of her life; she wants to empower survivors and others to do and feel the same – each and every day.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

7 Roman Catholic church acknowledges sexual abuse by clergy, promises action

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28 jul. 2015

1. Wide of Belgian Archbishop Andre-Mutien Leonard arriving for news conference
2. Leonard sitting down
3. SOUNDBITE (French) Archbishop Andre-Mutien Leonard of Mechelen-Brussels
“Last Friday, Professor Adriaenssens published a certain number of victim stories. These stories, and the suffering they contain, are frightening. They bring us face to face with what never, never should have happened. They deserve our most profound listening and the greatest attention to this human drama which has occurred.”
4. Cutaway
5. SOUNDBITE (French) Archbishop Andre-Mutien Leonard of Mechelen-Brussels
“Personal attention for the victims is the first thing we have to re-establish. In the wake of Professor Adriaennsens’ report, we want to get involved and be completely at the disposal of the victims. We have to listen to their questions in order to re-establish their dignity and to help them heal the suffering they must have endured.”
6. Cutaway camera
7. SOUNDBITE (French) Archbishop Andre-Mutien Leonard of Mechelen-Brussels
“In his report, Professor Adriaenssens has drawn different conclusions from the commission’s work. He expresses heavy objections about the past approach to the abuse problem as much in the Catholic church as in society. He expresses propositions to improve that approach. We want to draw lessons from the mistakes of the past.”
8. Close up photos of victims
9. Two victims holding photos of themselves when they were children while talking to media
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Barbara Blaine, President of SNAP (The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests)
++soundbite begins on close up of photo of victim as a child, tilt up++
“The priest started to abuse me when I was turning thirteen and I was so frightened and I didn’t understand. I mean, it was really painful and confusing and heart-breaking because I thought that, I mean I had been taught to revere the priest and to look up to the priest and when, on this one occasion, when he started to touch me and kiss me and take my clothes off, take my hands and put them down his clothes, I mean it was so devastating, I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t speak out and so I can remember he said, ‘Stop shaking, I won’t hurt you.’ That’s what I remember.”
11. Wide of banner reading (Dutch) ‘Work group human rights in the church – 20 years fight’
12. SOUNDBITE (English) San Deurinck, Victim of priest abuse in Belgium
“Leonard has tried to cover up the story (of the abuse), to keep the victims quiet, and he has even tried to bring the price down. So, as a bishop he has done everything the bishops have done over many, many years. It is always possible, maybe by an intervention of the holy spirit he will see the light and do what he has to do and I hope he does, but I afraid he (won’t).”
13. Wide of church abuse victims in front of news conference venue
The Belgian Roman Catholic church on Monday acknowledged widespread sexual abuse over years by its clergy and promised to help victims heal and to punish the abusers.
Hundreds of sex abuse victims have come forward in Belgium with harrowing accounts of molestation by Catholic clergy that reportedly led to at least 13 suicides and affected children as young as two, a special commission said on Friday.
Professor Peter Adriaenssens, chairman of the commission, said the abuse in Belgium may have been even more rampant than the 200-page report suggests.
In response, Belgium’s Archbishop Andre-Mutien Leonard said on Monday that the stories “and the suffering they contain, are frightening.”
“They bring us face to face with what never, never should have happened. They deserve our most profound listening and the greatest attention to this human drama which has occurred,” he told reporters in Brussels.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you…
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

8 Belgian bishop quits after admitting abuse, presser

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24 jul. 2015

(23 Apr 2010) SHOTLIST
1. Wide of Brussels skyline
2. Town hall tower, church behind
3. Pan of Belgian newspaper headlines showing front page pictures of Archbishop of Bruges
4. Close of headline reading: (Flemish) ”Sex scandal in Bruges”
5. Close of headline reading: (French) ”A Belgian Bishop Resigns”
6. Close of Archbishop Roger Vangheluwe”s photograph in newspaper
7. Monsignor Andre-Joseph Leonard, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels arriving at press briefing
8. Close of journalist taking picture with cell phone
9. Wide of press conference and zoom on Archbishop Leonard
10. SOUNDBITE (French) Peter Rossel, Spokesperson for Bruges Diocese reading statement written by Roger Vangheluwe, Archbishop of Bruges:
“When I was not yet a bishop, and some times after, I sexually abused a young person from within my close entourage. This has marked the victim forever. During these last decades I have on numerous occasions recognised my fault towards him and his family and I asked for forgiveness.”
11. Cutaway of photographs
12. SOUNDBITE (Flemish) Monsignor Andre-Joseph Leonard, Head of the Catholic Church in Belgium:
“The Pope immediately accepted the resignation of the Bishop of Bruges, the Pope is at this moment making it public in Rome. The church underlines that in this matters there is no middle way. We hope in this way to be able to contribute to the recovery of the victim.”
13. Wide of press conference
14. SOUNDBITE (French) Peter Adriaenssens, President of the Church Commission on Sexual Misconduct:
“Let”s say that since the beginning of what happened in the Netherlands, etc, and the growing storm, we received twenty calls. But this commission did not start a few weeks ago, it started ten years back.”
15. Wide of speakers, zoom in of Archbishop Leonard”s ring
16. SOUNDBITE (Flemish) Monsignor Andre-Joseph Leonard, Head of the Belgian Church:
“It (the Church) needs clarity, humility, respect for the victims, and I would like to launch an appeal – which I will repeat in writing for my church and it will have repercussions in Belgium – that when someone had in his past this kind of thing, sexual abuse, this person should never agree to become a bishop or a priest. When someone is about to be ordained as a priest or to receive an Episcopal ordination and knows that he has skeletons in the closet of his past, his first duty is to refuse ordination.”
17. Wide of journalists around Archbishop Leonard
Belgium”s longest serving bishop resigned on Friday, saying he was “enormously sorry” for having sexually abused a young boy about 25 years ago.
The resignation of Roger Vangheluwe, 73, the Bishop of Bruges since 1984, was the first from Belgium since a child abuse scandal began testing the Catholic Church several months ago in Europe and the United States.
At a news conference, Peter Rossel, spokesperson for the Bruges Diocese read a statement written by Roger Vangheluwe, Archbishop from Bruges, in which Vangheluwe announced his resignation and admitted to sexual abuse.
“When I was not yet a bishop, and some time later, I abused a boy,” Vangheluwe said in the statement.
He did not attend the news conference, but said Pope Benedict XVI had accepted his resignation.
“This has marked the victim forever,” Vangheluwe”s statement said, adding that he repeatedly has asked the victim and his family for forgiveness.
“I am enormously sorry,” the statement said.
Vangheluwe had been due to retire next year.
The Head of the Belgian Church, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard confirmed that “the Pope immediately accepted the resignation of the Bishop of Bruges.”

9 Ex-bisschop Vangheluwe over pedofiele praktijken

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2 mei 2014

april 2011 – journalist Marc Geenen van het actuamagazine Vlaanderen Vandaag (VT4) heeft een exclusief gesprek met Roger Vangheluwe, de gewezen bisschop van Brugge, die voor het eerst praat over zijn pedofiele praktijken. ENKELE FRAGMENTEN UIT EEN LANG TV-INTERVIEW Vlaanderen Vandaag VT4.

10 Vlaanderen Vandaag – Interview met Roger Vangheluwe

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11 nov. 2011

In april van 2011 wist Marc Geenen Roger Vangheluwe, de gewezen bisschop van Brugge, te interviewen voor Vlaanderen Vandaag op VT4.
In het gesprek bekende hij onder meer dat hij een tweede neefje seksueel had misbruikt. Het spraakmakende interview was één van de hoogtepunten van Vlaanderen Vandaag.

11 Roger Vangheluwe wil geen pottenkijkers in klooster

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16 apr. 2011

Vangheluwe verblijft in het klooster van Magdala, in het Franse Ferté-Imbault. Het is het gebedshuis van de Monastieke Volgelingen van Jeruzalem. Vangheluwe wordt er begeleid door een psychiater. Ze vangen hem er met open armen op. Hij moet er wel niet weten van pottenkijkers. copyrights vtm http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/6916/Kinderm…

12 Studiogesprek met Adriaenssens

14 sep. 2010

20100910 – VTM – Studiogesprek met Adriaenssens aangaande rapport seksueel misbruik binnen de kerk.

13 Nietigverklaring inbeslagname 475 dossier bij Adriaenssens

4 jun. 2011

Op 13/08/2010 besliste de Kamer van Inbeschuldigingstelling van Brussel tot de nietigverklaring van de inbeslagname door onderzoeksrechter Wim De Troy op 24/06/2010 van de 475 meldingen van slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik aan de commissie Adriaenssens.

Op 27/08/2010 kreeg een VTM journalist inzage in dit vonnis en konden ze in prime-time als eerste dit nieuws bekend maken. In de studio gaf Peter Adriaenssens een reactie waarin hij zich ondermeer afvroeg door wie onderzoeksrechter De Troy ‘misleid’ was om deze inbeslagname te doen. Het was ondermeer Godelieve Halsberghe die door Danneels zou op de hoogte gesteld zijn van dossiers op een geheime bergplaats, nl. de crypte van kardinaal Mercier, verklaring die geleid heeft tot de inbeslagnames bij Adriaenssens, het Aartsbisdom en Danneels nadat in de cryptes niets was gevonden.

Op 22/12/2010 was het een anders samengestelde Kamer van Inbeschuldigingstelling die de inbeslagname van de dossiers bij de commissie Adriaenssens ongeldig verklaarde, op volledig dezelfde gronden als gebeurd was op 13/08/2010, en dit nadat nu ook de slachtoffers gehoord waren op een 2de KIB op 29/11/2010, iets waartoe het Hof van Cassatie op 12/10/2010 had besloten.

Over de geldigheid van de inbeslagname bij het Aartsbisdom en Danneels zal een nieuw samengestelde Kamer van Inbeschuldigingstelling voor de 3de maal moeten oordelen nadat op 03/09/2010 een eerste KIB de nietigverklaring uitsprak, op 22/12/2010 een 2de KIB de geldigverklaring besliste, die op haar beurt op 21/01/2011 op haar beurt door het Hof van Cassatie weer werd vernietigd.

14 Etienne Vermeersch in Actua TV.VOB


9 sep. 2010

Prof. Vermeersch reageert op de recente seksschandalen in de kerk. Hij vergelijkt (bisschop) Roger Vangheluwe met Priklopil, de ontvoerder van Natascha Kampusch, en heeft het over de ‘smerige handen’ waarmee de voormalige bisschop jarenlang elf- en twaalfjarigen heeft gevormd. Daarnaast evalueert Vermeersch ook de houding van kardinaal Danneels.

15 Etienne Vermeersch: over de katholieke kerk – (deel 5/8) “Een zoektocht naar waarheid”

17 jun. 2011

Prof. Etienne Vermeersch in gesprek met Dirk Verhofstadt. Dinsdag 22 maart 2011, opgenomen in het legendarische aud. E (Blandijnberg UGent), waar Vermeersch 40 jaar lang de cursus ‘Historisch overzicht van de wijsbegeerte’ gaf aan tienduizenden studenten. Producent opname: Tom Schoepen, © 2011. Regie: Benny Vandendriessche.

16 Prof Peter Adriaenssens

29 mei 2018

Vredeswake 12 – 27 mei 2018 Langemark

17 Sexual abuse survivor fights back against church | 60 Minutes Australia

3 jun. 2020

Don’t tell (2017) As a 12 year old Lyndal was sexually abused while she was a boarder at Toowoomba Prep; one of the Anglican Church’s elite private schools in Queensland. Her attacker always told her, ‘Don’t tell, no one will believe you,’ and as it turned out, he was right. The abuse went on for eight harrowing months before the predator’s evil was discovered. But that wasn’t the end of Lyndal’s suffering. Her attempts to get the help she desperately needed were ignored by the school and the church. Even approaches to the then Archbishop, Peter Hollingworth, led nowhere. He went on to become Australia’s Governor General, while Lyndal’s life spiralled out of control. After years of misery, one day she decided she’d had enough and what she did next saw the beginning of the end for the Governor-General. Lyndal’s inspirational battle has now been turned into a movie called Don’t Tell, but she’s never spoken publicly about her ordeal. Until now.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

18 Richard Carleton exposes cover up of paedophile priests | 60 Minutes Australia

26 feb. 2019

It’s hard to imagine a graver charge. It’s against one of the most powerful men in Australia, the man who is now the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. The accusation is simply this: That Dr George Pell attempted to bribe a distressed young man, who’d been sexually assaulted by a priest – and that Pell did this to cover up a potential scandal and to protect his church. And, as you’ll see, there’s more. Money offered to silence the family of two young girls, more tragic victims of a predator in the Catholic Church.
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

19 Gerald Troost – Wolf in schaapskleren


25 mei 2017

Gerald Troost – Wolf in schaapskleren

20 Puppy In Mailbox Prank – Just For Laughs Gags

5 apr. 2011

Most horrible woman wants some help to put the cutest little puppy in a mailbox in front of her horrified accomplices. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags channel. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date on our latest pranks!